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RRR ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Radio & Television Announcing course, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF BROADCASTING; correspondence; 18 LP records, lesson modules & excercises; 1965; J.F., Tees (AB); near mint in original box. $$$$.00/10 Radios 1931 Rolls Royce 2-seater car model; metal & plastic, battery op.; 1960c; Ex $$$.16/10 ADMIRAL m.5R1 Aeroscope; black plastic housing cracked; modified for earphone jack & switch; decal 90% intact; Fair; $$$.16/10 ALPHASONIC; Multi-Band (Am/CB/SW/FM/VHF); battery/ electric; may need work ? $$$.79/10 CORA CR-3700 SPORTS walkman; AM/FM; c.2003; needs bat.; $$.85/10 GENERAL ELECTRIC m. CT103; Musaphonic; plastic housing; all decals, etc. intact; F/G; $$$.38/10 LLOYD'S Surfer AM/FM walkman, c. 1980 sealed in orig. plastic display pack. Macleod's sales sticker, Mint $$$.46/09 LLOYD'S walkman, 1960's; 3x5 black w case (one owner, history to buyer) $$$.38/10 LLOYDS Dual Purpose; mod. 2S69E-82A; G/VG; $$$.18/10 MOTOROLA Twin Speaker; brown plastic housing; works; complete 1950's; Good; $$$.38/10 MTC AM/FM Cassette Walkman w earphones $$$.60/10 NIVICO Model 6H-3 Six Transistor battery radio MADE IN JAPAN 1955 c; Grey-green plastic housing; battery op; Ex $$$.46/09 PULSER (Canadian Tire) mod. TIL-2020 c. 1970/80. battery; no antenna, otherwise VG; $$$.02/09 PULSER (Canadian Tire) mod. TIL-4010 digital clock-radio; missing functions plate, otherwise VG; $$.91/10 REALISTIC walkman; 1989 blush pink; JF/89 HL (one owner, history to buyer) $$$.69/09 REALTONE m 2424 4-Band battery/electric; complete $$$.46/09 ZENITH m.31020317 solid state Kitchen radio 1950's; plastic housing, tan; missing front clear cover; works good; F/G $$$.60/10 ULTRONIC 222 AM/FM walkman headphone style; 1980's $$$.69/09 Railway (see also Tools CLASSIC STREETCARS; DESIRE ST. and SAN FRANCISCO MUNICIPAL RAILWAY; about 1:80 scale; in original box (box has wear & some tearing on corner; 45-288 $$$.18/10002 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Razor, Electric, miscellaneous, in box.; as is $$$.97/10ea Braun portable 120/220 Philips Ladyshave Philisphave portable Philishave Speedshaver Remington Cord-Cordless Remington Rollectric Schick Magna-Power Sunbeam Fastback 727 Sumbeam Rollmaster Convertible Razor, Electric Remington Foursome; in box, works $$$.69/09 Ronson Supertrim Mk II; works, no box $$$.69/09 Razor, Electric, case only; LADY SUNBEAM $$.33/10 Razor, Safety Twist top/screw head; all metal GILLETTE brass; 1910's or earlier; knurled base $$$.02/09 GILLETTE 1932 CANADA silver color; finish worn at top; b blade $$$.60/10 Twist base to open top; All metal gold color $$$.97/10 identical, silver color $$$.97/10 GILLETTE gold color; checked handle $$$.97/10 GILLETTE silver color; checked handle $$$.97/10 GILLETTE silver color; fluted handle $$$.97/10 GILLETTE 'Milord' All metal, twist base to open top; gold color; original metal case w 'aligator skin' cover; G/VG$$$.02/09 VALET "Auto Strop"; brass clamp-type se. c/w blade, original leather-covered metal case & brass blade case $$$.84/10 VALET "Auto Strop"; stainless clamp-type se.; hinged metal box w stamped dogtooth pattern lid $$$.97/10 Twist base to open top; plastic Handle GILLETTE adjustable; black plastic handle; 4.25" $$$.97/10 GILLETTE black handle, silver metal base band $$$.97/10 SCHICK black plastic handle; 4" $$$.97/10 Twist Band; Plastic Handle GILLETTE black handle, silver base band $$$.97/10 GILLETTE ENGLAND; tapered handle; shoulder band $$$.97/10 Single-Edged GILLETTE, lock-in head assembly $$.91/10 SCHICK slide-in head; model 132 $$.91/10 Razor, Straight Joseph Elliot's Best; horn grips $$$.27/09 Tower Brand, John Holler & Co., Germany; beige; chip to front corner $$$.18/10 Utica "The R.P.", Made in Germany; plastic handle (repaired)$$$.18/10 Wade & Butcher; horn grips; cardboard case (Fair/Poor) w envelope from De Laval milkers to W.S. Barberrce, Beaufield, Saskatchewan dated 1926; $$$.00/09 Razor Blade sharpener; "The Whetter", ROLLS RAZOR, 1927 $$$.25/10 Razor Blades GILLETTE 20 Blue Blades dispenser, blue; 1960c; from S of Content Bridge (AB) $$.33/10 DOUBLE EDGE blade dispenser, white; 1990's $$.77/10 Reader's Digest "Mystery Gift" brass key w Pegasus on original card; mint; 1986 $$.77/10 Record cleaning brush; SOUND SCENE 1.75x2.25x5" wood $$$.97/10 Record insert, 45rpm; plastic, yellow; pk of 3 45-090 $$.44/10 Recording Disk; WILCOX-GAY Recordio Disk; plastic recording on aluminium plate home recording; RARE $$$.97/10 Records (see Entertainment) Refrigerator Magnets Alberta Recycle Info Line $$.42/09 Cowboy boot, leather cutout w and tooled florals; 3" $$.42/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Resin Casts; 1950's Coasters; with embeded pictures, both LETHBRIDGE, ALBERTA 1950's; VG/Ex 01 scene of deer in front of montane rapids $$.91/10 02 scene of hill country lake in autumn colors $$.91/10 Egg Timer Hourglass in imbeded one side in sand frame 3x3.5" remainder in square w diamond inner; seeds in corners w butterfly & flowers within diamond; crack in front of hour glass (due to thin resin) insubstantial; VG $$.91/10 Maple Leaf napkin holder; translucent amber; 5"; 1950's; Ex $$$.97/10 Napkin Holder; brass wire frame on ball feet w 5" 8-petal flower sidepieces w leaf each side of base w silver metalflake one side, gold on other; 1950's; Ex $$$.97/10 Owl Napkin Holders 2.5x4x5.5"; 3-D; clear on white back; body highlights & eyes in transparent yellow; head & wing highlights in transpl. orange; black feet, pupils; on clear base; CANADA 1950's; Ex $$$.97/10 Napkin Holder, Strawberry Shortcake type figure in relief; 7.5"; 1950's; Ex $$$.97/10 Tivet (pot stand); 5.75" round; abalone shell on abalone sand; BETTY'S SHELLS, California; Ex $$$.97/10 Ricer (see Kitchen) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Roaster, clay; chicken; done in shape of chicken; 9x13"; natural & brown; nice piece; $$$.27/09 Roasting Pan Enamel, blue & white marbled; 14" 1920's; chipped but sound $$$.80/10 Enamel, white, 19"; G $$$.80/10 Rocking Chair, Miniature metal, black; 5"; frame, no cushion; souvenir of Hawaii $$.42/09 Rose Bowl "Crystal Ball" table ornament; bowl w rose, to be filled with water, black plastic base; 1950 3.75" dia Ex 45-298 $$$.78/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Royal Canadian Legion Beer Steins Strathcona # 150 (Edmonton) $$$.60/10 Rocky Mountain House #12$ 1867-1967 Canadian Cent. Canoe Race start comemorative $$$.24/10 Pins Lapel pin c1960's $$$.24/10 c1990 $$$.99/09 10 year membership; c. 1970's $$$.24/10 PONOKA 65 PLUS CLUB around legion pin $$$.09/09 Royal Canadian Legion on white map of Manitoba & NW Ontario w. "MAN.-N.W.ONT." Legion logo, buffalo & spruce trees on gold metal; .75X.75" $$$.60/10 Tokens $$ 1978 Royal Canadian Legion Br.$$$.20 Lac La Biche (AB); sealed in plastic container $$$.60/10 1978 Dominion Convention; Edmonton; in cello-pack $$$.97/10 1987 Dominion Convention; Edmonton; in cello-pack $$.91/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE (RCMP) Ashtray; souvenir of Red Deer (AB); 5.3x5.3" stretched octagonal w cigarette rests on 2 sides; mounted Mountie w lance in field; 1960c; Ex $$$.97/10 Pins Audit Verification Branch (LCC) 1$$$.57/09 St. Roch G.R.C.; .8"; silver St. Roch on Arctic ocean; black sky; Blue edge w text; silver edging; 1942 commemorative $$2.65/09 1992 Volunteer Appreciation; Red Deer City RCMP $$$.93/09 2005 WE REMEMBER 1.25" w mounted lancer & 4 hats, tribute to the 4 killed at Mayerthorpe $$$.93/09 Place Mat; Laminated; 12x17; RCMPolice crest 1 side, 1930c pic of RCMP with Blackfoot chiefs (PM-RCMP-13) seems to be a mesotint; suitable for framing; Ex+ $$.11/10 Plaque, recognition for program donations/support; 7x12"; inset blue felt with mounted crest & pewter RCMP horseman; no dedication plate; Ex 45-270 $$2.35/10 Salt & Pepper Shakers Glass barrel mug, 3.25", Souvenir of Canada w pics of RCMP, Totem pole & Indian Chief; wood handles $$$.18/10 Spoon, commemorative; w mounted RCMP oat top over legend R.C.M.P. CANADA; engraved MIETTE HOT SPRINGS (Alberta); JAPAN c1960 $$.66/10 Stein, beer; centennial; charging lancer in color on one side, 1879-1973 on other; beige, lightly crazed; Ex 4 $$$.60/10 Token, 1973 RCMP Centennial; 1 oz gold in plastic case; proof $$$$$$.00/10 Royal Commemoratives Balmoral Castle Shot Glass; gold rim; castle scene $$.33/10 45-259 Buckingham Palace; candy dish, triangular rounded; 4.75" ADDERLEY FLORAL BONE CHINA w applique of palace; Ex $$.33/10 Buckingham Palace; candy dish, square rounded; 5" w applique of palace; dated LONDON 1967; Ex 45-260 $$.66/10 Canadian 1977 $$ 1oz silver; Queen Elizabeth 25th Anniversary Commemorative sealed in holder & with presentation case. mint $$$.77/10 Charles & Diana wedding commemmorative 4 3/4" vase; Royal Worchester, Palissy; Charles & Di in heart-shaped garter surrounded by crest supporters; dated; mint; 45-264 $$$.77/10 matchbook w Charles & Diana pic; Ex 45-263 $$.00/10 mug; Charles & Diana cameos; Royal Grafton bone china, dated; mint; 45-265 $$$.24/10 mug; Charles & Diana cameos w Welsh dragon; Fenton China Co.; stretched garlic shape; mint 45-266 $$$.24/10 Elizabeth Coronation 1953 (see also Tokens) Cup & Saucer; Royal Crest & band of crown & orb on interior of cup & saucer; FOLEY; Ex $$$.24/10 Tin; RILEY'S TOFFEE; Guard's Parade scene on lid; 5.75x7.75" octagonal; Ex $$$.60/10 Magazine; Reader's Digest Jan 1994, "Diana, Princess of Charities" (formerly in posession of D'Arcy Lizotte, Ft. Vermilion, AB) $$.33/10 Magazine; ENQUIRER; Sept 1 1998; Di's Death, the French Government report $$$.18/10 King George & Elizabeth 1939 visit to Canada; Plate Cameos of KG & QE, pics of Margaret & Elizabeth. stamped 'Compliments of Ponoka U.F.A. Co-Op Assn., Ponoka, Alta.; made by Alfred Meakin; chipped on underside; star crack on underside with some showing on top; overall G; 45-267 $$$.77/10 Token 2" copper w. busts & Canada map; similar to British large penny; in c-pack $$$.60/10 Queen Elizabeth 45-261 Cloison, porcelain, 2" oval; of young queen $$$.97/10 Token (similar to British Large Penny) 1953 Queen Elizabeth corronation; 2" copper in c-pack $$$.60/10 QE & Prince Philip 1977 Silver Jubilee; tin tray; 12.5x17 w rose/shamrock thistle design, Elizabeth & Philip in seperage large central ovals surrounded by scrolled foliage with crowns over. Some minor scrapes, but VG $$$.27/09 Record SIBLIUS SYMPHONY 2 IN D MAJOR; Leopold Stokowski & NBC Symphony Orchestra; RCA w HALLMARK by Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother; near mint$$$.97/10 45-262 Windsor Castle, miniature plate; 2" w applice picture; Ex $$.11/10 Royal Copley Planter, Bird, 5x5.5"; yellow w reds; sitting on branch; 1 almost un-noticeable paint chip to beak; appears to be Royal Copley but unmarked except for remains of old Giftware import sticker $$$.02/09 Royal Windsor Planter 4.25x5x4.25" o/a w 3x3.3x1.5" pedestal base; upper long sides concave; cream yellow interior redish spray finish on eggshell white; Ex $$$.97/10 Ruby Glass (see Glassware) Rulers plastic A&W 4x20cm holograph w changing positions of lion & chimps in grassland $$.33/10 CANADIAN WESTERN NATURAL GAS COMPANY LIMITED; 16" w 1982 calendar on reverse $$.33/09 clear w. 2 scenic Canadian mountain pictures; 2"x12" w metric conversion tables; MADE IN SPAIN 1960's $$.33/10 draftman's/architect's 12" 3-sided ivory; 1960c; VG $$.91/10 12", school, w double ridge spine & 3 holes; red; 1965 (history to buyer) $$.33/10 Dairy Queen Stencil Ruler in original pack $$.42/09 office ruler, white; GETING TO KNOW METRIC; 1975c; Intherm Greg Lund Products, Ont. & Que. $$.33/10 PARKLAND SAVINGS "Be a Fat Cat"; 1990's; Ex $$.33/10 TELUS Canada; 2008; w 3 Mongoose; Ex $$.20/09 metal; 6" spring metal, white; L.E. YINGST CO. LTD. HAIL INSURANGE; 1960c; VG $$.33/10 wood 20 cm w metric terms on back; Canada Metric Commission from 1970's conversion to metric $$.91/10 SSS ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sacks, cotton; OGILVIE Miracle dog food; 100 lb.; G/VG; $$$.18/10 DAWES Vitamelk blue, 100 lb.; G/VG; $$$.18/10 DAWES Vitamelk orange; 100 lb.; G/VG; $$$.18/10 BURNS Lassie Dog Food, 50 lb.; G/VG; $$$.18/10 KING SIZE PHOTO SERVICE; 9x15; Ex $$$.69/09 LITTLE JOHN Oats, 6 lb.; G; $$$.60/10 Saddle & harness for toy horse or dog; 20" chest to rump; halter & reins; tan vinyl; saddle is triangular pad w 4 chrome rivets for strap attatchments; like new $$$.60/10 Safe, Hidden Wall Safe, electrical outlet style, 1960c; in original box; as new $$$.97/10 Sales plaque, cardboard, REVALATION PRODUCTS shoelaces w. 8 pr (2 gone) 72" shoelaces. 1960 from store of John Pierce (last member of Turtle Mountain Iroquois) @ High Level (AB) frontier settlement. 1967 to Northern Echo (JF), first newspaper in the north. $$$.24/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Salt and Pepper A&W set, plastic $$.00/09 Beer Can, aluminium, cut to 3"; USA 1996 Olympic team sponsor; as new; $$$.69/09 Beets (red); 2.75"; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$.91/10 Black Memorabilia; 2 busts; 4"; m. brown; 1 w bowl on head, 1 w tall hairdo skewered by bone; no markings but obviously 1950's, probably Japan; Ex+ $$$.02/09 Brass Indian couple, cherubic; Ex. $$$.38/10 Budweiser glass beer bottle salt/pepper set, 4" 45-107 $$$.97/10 Canaries 3" huggies style; JAPAN 1960's; Ex $$$.02/09 Cast teapots & tray, nickle plated; 1.8" high; souvenir crests missing; MADE IN JAPAN 1950's; finish Ex+ $$.33/10 Ceramic Bakers; 3.25x2.25"; holding baking; Ex Bear, seated, with Acorn in grasp; 4.5"; JAPAN 1960's $$$.18/10002 Brownstone walkup; 2x2x4" ea.; 2-story; 1 w. 'Bank'; $$$.97/10 JAPAN 1960's; Ex+ $$$.97/10 Cabbage-leaf s/p to Magelica bowl $$$.97/10 Cactus; 3.5"; JAPAN 1960's; Ex++ $$$.97/10 Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR); type used only in Via Rail dining car; RARE 45-106 $$$.60/10 Candle in finger-pot; 3"; lt tan w x-mas colors; 1 only; w old collection #829 $$.33/10 Cats sitting; 2.5"; pr.; porcelain; w pink ribbon; 1950's; Ex $$$.18/10 Cats snuggeling; 6.25", pr. sitting up; white brown- point; hand-sprayed stars & leaves to front; JAPAN c1960; Ex+ $$$.97/10 Chicken, cartoon style, on nest w 2 s&p eggs, cracked w chicks peeking out; great character; Ex $$$.97/10 Chickens, roosting; ceramic; brwn; 2 sml pt chps; Japan c1960 $$$.18/10 Coffee-Pot shaped ceramic/earthenware; red w black handles & bands; 3.75" o/a; Sylvan Lake named; TAIWAN; originally not well finished; scuffs easily but easily restored by damp wipe; VG $$.91/10 Coffee-Pot shaped ceramic; yellwo w black handles & bands; 3.75" o/a; Royal Canadian Mounted Police/ Athabasca Alberta applique decal w mounted RCMP; Ex- $$$.18/10 Cook; ceramic; 4.5x2" o/a; cylindrical cook figure w floppy chef hat: salt shaker in hat, pepper in cook; JAPAN c1960; 2 neglegible chips not noticeable; VG $$$.69/09 Same; slight crack in crown $$$.97/10 Corn Cobs, 2.75" laying on sides; VG $$$.97/10 Corn cobs, anthropomorphic, 4.5" him & her; w face, rosy cheeks, hair, leaf arms, brown Mickey Mouse shoes; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.97/10 Corn Cobs 5" w black shoes; hair bun; leaves up sides & painted-on happy face; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.97/10 Corn Cobs; 6"; some paint wear to green leaves; JAPAN 1960's; WOOLCO stickers; VG $$$.97/10 Cows, Holstein, 1 resting, 1 standing; Ex $$$.97/10 Dog & hydrant; wiener dog 9.5" w s/p at opposite ends; hydrant toothpick holder; dog has been broken but well repaired; JAPAN 1970c $$$.69/09 Egg-shaped, 1/4 larger than life; royal blue; souvenir of Nashville w. guitar & notes in gold; JAPAN 1957c $$$.97/10 Golf Tee & Ball; 4" o/a; SRI LANKA; Ex+ $$$.18/10 Gramophone; lt brown w black horn; 1 only; Souvenir of Galveston; 1 only; w old catalogue #813; Ex $$.33/10 Huggie; Bear, 4.75; JAPAN c1952; outer only $$.33/10 Indian couple busts; marked Japan; X-Mint $$$.77/10 Indian designs; broad band around mid or large 4.25x2.6" eggshell white cylinder, sligtly tapered to top; Ex $$.91/10 Indian Kachina (Hopi); 4.5"; both different; JAPAN 1960c; both very attractive & Ex+ $$$.77/10 Manitoba crest, flag & flower on white cylindrical shakers, slightly waisted at top & bottom; 3x1.5"; JAPAN 1957c; VG $$$.18/10 Mice, pair in walnut-boat bed; set of 2; JAPAN 1950's $$$.18/10 "Mother", ceramic w. thoughtful appreciative greeting & flowers; JAPAN 1960's $$$.18/10 Oriental cats, standing; MADE IN JAPAN 1950c $$$.69/09 Owls, pair, yellow, set of 2; 1.5x2.25"; 1950c $$$.18/10 Pears w. eyes & 1 leaf; 2.6"; s/p & toothpick holder; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.18/10 Pineapples; 2.75"; yellow & green; w HAWAII on one ALOHA on other; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.18/10 Pot-belly pots, 2.5"; JAPAN 1960c; VG/Ex black $$.33/10 yellow $$.33/10 Pot-bellied stoves 3.5" glazed; JAPAN 1960c $$.33/10 4" yellow w black trim; JAPAN 1960c $$.91/10 Propane bottles, 3"; CO-OP/TEMPO 45-053 $$$.65/10 Sack form S & P with matching oil pitcher; brown glaze MADE IN JAPAN 1950c; Ex $$$.65/10 Stein; 4"; JAPAN; one only $$.42/09 Stove w coffee pot & tea kettle 2.5x4x3.75 brown glaze, 2 small chips $$$.18/10 Tomato; 2.5"; one only; no markings; 1960c; Ex $$.91/10 Turkey, TAIWAN, 1 only $$.33/10 Urn/Vase shaped 6" w silvered cap; beige glaze w applique fruit selections; slightly crazed $$.91/10 Washington; Washington Monument & companion piece w. gold W.; marked Made In Japan, Nippon $$$.18/10 Watering Cans, 2.2"; hand painted blue bands & flowers; no markings; 1940c; Ex $$$.97/10 Mushroom set; 5.25" stylized mushroom w little one attatched; grass on base, fluted stem w smiling face, small arms; tall exagerated cap w spots; almost phalic overall but tastefully done; JAPAN 1958c; Ex $$.91/10 Oil/Vinegar pitcher shaped ceramic 2.75" x 1.5" square; white glaze w some neglegible imperfections; hand-painted climbing floral in front & back; JAPAN 1955c; serial # NM4589 $$$.18/10 Coat Rack; metal footed umbrella stand w plastic coat tree; 2 hats for s/p; 1960's; Ex+ $$$.60/10 Coors glass beer bottle salt/pepper set, 4" 45-108 $$$.97/10 Glass Amber light bulbs; 3.75"; HONG KONG; Ex $$$.18/10 barrel mug, 3.25", Souvenir of Canada w pics of RCMP, Totem pole & Indian Chief; wood handles $$$.18/10 Classic spiral pressed 1950's shakers; red plastic dome caps discolored by sunlight. Great nostalgia $$$.18/10 Globular; pressed small diamond design 2.6" bottles; TRIANGLE; new in box; c1985 $$$.97/10 Globular; pressed small diamond design 1.6" bottles; oval STAR EP brass carrying tray w carrying stem; 1970's (see also matching sugar dispenser) $$.91/10 Globular; salt, pepper, jam/relish pressed glass small diamond design 2.5" bottles in stainless carry/serving rack w. figure-8 pierced fence. LEVCO pre 1980's; as new (see also matching sugar dispenser) $$$.97/10 Grape clusters; blackened cast caps; wrought iron stand w metal grapes & leaves twined; VG $$$.18/10 Mason Jars w handles; GOLDEN HARVEST; 3.5"; Horn Of Plenty low relief cloison; Ex $$$.97/10 Rectangular 1x1x2" w small pressed diamonds outer; silver plate caps & 2.5x3.5 pressed tray w rococco designs; Ex+ $$$.97/10 Square-cut, tapering to base; hand cut; 2" o/a; stainless domed caps; Ex $$.91/10 Milk Glass, roundish covered w raised pyramid pattern pessed diamonds; gilt domed caps; wood stand/napkin holder $$$.97/10 Milk Glass, 2.5" onion-shaped w 4 rows raised pyramid pattern pessed diamonds; gilt domed caps; MADE IN JAPAN 1950's $$$.97/10 Mug, tin; 2.75"; white w 2" blue band w ducks & flower wallpaper design around; pepper only $$.42/09 Pewter (see also silver) Coffee/Teapots; 2" ornate, chromed; tall w long spout; 2x5" ornate tray; JAPAN 1950's; missing appliqued souvenir crests on side, otherwise Ex+ $$.91/10 Peacocks, 8.75"; silver finish; light wear; Ex 45-117 $$$.35/10 Plastic Chef, rolly-polly; pepper only; HONG KONG 1960 Dutch Windmills; blue & white; 1972 HONG KONG; on beige oblong tray w TEXAS crest inset; missing windmill vanes; Ex $$.91/10 ESSO gas pump salt & pepper shakers from Neilburg, Saskatchewan; scuffed & 1 missing base plate; G; $$$.85/10 from Malden, Massechusets; scuffed; G+ 45-010 $$$.85/10 Hamburgers, plastic HONG KONG $$.91/10 Mr. Peanut, PLANTERS, beige, missing top of hat $$$.18/10 Mr. Peanut, PLANTERS, beige, complete; pr. 45-109 $$2.00/10 picnic table; 4.25" w s & p containers; 1950's; $$$.18/10 Pipes, imitation horn; 5.5"; w CANADA on side; HONG KONG 1960c; Ex $$$.97/10 Pot-belly Stoves, 4", black $$.91/10 Push-button rectangular set in original box; HONG KONG $$.33/09 Squared immitation 2.25" brown marble 'pails' w clear plastic tops 1950's; Ex $$.99/09 Trophies, cup; silver on black pedestals w brass Maple Leaf CANADA applique; 3.6"; HONG KONG 1959c; G/VG $$.33/09 TUPPERWARE, cream color; Calgary Tower/Space Needle style; G/VG $$.99/09 Silver Cream & Sugar; proofmarked 174 silver; pair; Ex $$$.04/09 Pawn-shaped on pedestal; 4"; Ex $$$.18/10 Pewter boy & girl 4" tall in 1890's style winter clothing; silvered finish about 20% worn on girl, with very dark patina to exposed areas; boy about 8%; otherwise Ex $$$.27/09 Peacocks, 8.75"; some wear, 1 head loose; Ex $$$.80/10 Pewter urns; 5"; ornate bas relief floral roccoco designs; tall domed caps; some wear to silver plate; Ex $$$.18/10 Stainless steel, can w. dome top; Alberta crest w. Lake Louise $$$.97/10 Tin; 1.75x3.75 column w expanding base, removeable dome top; soldered; some light scratches & speckles; VG/Ex $$$.18/10 Wood Barrel, 1.3" $$.33/10 Barrel, 2.2" w metal swivel top; Totem Pole appliq.; Souvenir of Maligne, Canada ?; 1950's/60's $$$.18/10 Barrel, domed top; mug-type handles; black; 2.8x1.75"; blue beadwork strip around middle w. Thunderbird & Dragonfly design; gold paper strips above & below; TAIWAN; VG $$.91/10 Finger-lamp shape; wood base 'tank', plastic 'chimney'; metal cap & finger ring; 1960c; Ex $$$.18/10 Tombstones, wood, 1.5x2.2.25"; Kelowna, B.C. $$.91/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SALT OF LEMON spot remover; sealed in original wooden container w label; WARNING: Poison; from 2 mi. S. of Content Bridge (AB) $$$.02/09 Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee (1905-1965) Glasses; w jubilee logos & RCMP logos in gold; VG+ ea.$$$.18/10 tumblers (2) whiskey Satchel (see also Doctor's Bags) Satchel, leather; black; 3-compartment; bronze colored fittings; leather handle, shoulder strap, 2 cinch belts; VG/Ex $$$.18/10 Satchel, soft leather; black; 1-compartment; bronze colored fittings; leather handle, shoulder strap, 2 cinch belts w snap removal fittings; VG/Ex $$$.18/10 Satchel, leather; oxblood color; 3-pocket, locking tab; removeable shoulder strap; leather handles; brass fixtures; BUGATTI; Ex $$$.02/09 Satchel, soft leather; tan; 1-pocket, buckle closure; red early firbreglass (1950c) buckle $$$.97/10 Satchel/Handbag, black vynil imitation snakeskin; 9x13x1.5" 3-compartment, gold-tone fittings; metal gold-tone handle w "snakeskin" grip under metal; Ex $$$.80/10 Sauerkraut/Milk crate, plastic, blue; M.A. HATT & SON $$$.69/09 Scale, postal; PELOUZE 1979; $$$.65/10 School binder, zippered, 1960's; leather, CHEERLEADER 68JB11 floral pattern; only lightly used; 1960's $$$.27/09 Scissors COON & CLARK 8" slimline; Sheffield; rust spots, will clean $$$.18/10 FULLER; 8" Kitchen shears w. nut cracker; shows consid. use 45-064 $$$.97/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scottish Ashtray Ship's wheel design w. map of scotland; Ex.; $$$.97/10 Beanbag; yellow tartan; gold-tone dish; 4"; 1950's; Ex $$$.18/10 Doll; 8" female; w tam-o-shanter, large gold plaid brooch; Female; in box; Mint $$$.80/10 Ceramic cannister; 3x4.25"; pheasant scene on side & sand- piper ? on other; JAMES NICHOLSON & SON, FORFAR; no lid, crazing to glaze $$$.18/10 Glass, plate 1.25x3.5"; pressed diamond & triangle design; straight sided w. sawtooth edge; Scotish thistle large in base; cracked; $$.42/09 Glass, Whiskey, Fraser clan logo 2@$$$.18/10ea Key Chain; Scottish piper, 2" figure; as new $$.11/10 Letter opener; Excalibur broadsword, 8"; brass guards, pommel, translucent chestnut brown grip; engraved Grant/McKay clan $$.99/09 Plaid Brooch; cast; 2.3x3"; stag head in 3-D emerging from crown, scroll "BYDAND" (Gordon Highlanders); Exceptional $$$$.00/09 Shawl, Light-woven cotton, 26x26" w self-fringe; blue w 7.5" blue/yellow/b/y/b/red/b/r/b/white/b/w tartan weave around sides; 1960's or earlier; cigarette burn to 1 quadrant, otherwise Ex $$$.02/09 Tray; tin; 3.75x9.75"; plaid; Zone 4 Tourist Council, Central Alberta, Canada (c.1950) Ex; $$$.18/10 Wooden Shield; 7x8"; MOWATT OF INGLISTON Clan Crest; carved wood garter w motto, tree & name on cloth tartan base on oak shield; Approved & signed by Lyon Office and Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs; Ex+ $$$.52/09 Scouts, Scouts, Cubs, Pathfinders, etc. Screen, Japanese, Miniature; 4-panel hinged; 16.5x11" o/a; black wood frame; printed cloth sochi w. geisha figures in in landscapes; carved base; Ex $$$.97/10 Sealers (see Jars) Sealer Lids BERNARDIN 'Wide Mouth Snap Lid' $$.42/09 Sealer Lid, Glass IMPERIAL GEM $$.42/09 maple leaf low relief $$.33/10 Sealer Rings, 10 BERNARDIN rings in original bag; remains of old Macleod's sticker; As New condition $$.91/10 Seals Wooden seals sitting upright w hole for napkins; set of 4 $$$.18/10 Security Services Serving Plate (see Dishes) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sewing Darning Egg, wood, w handle; 6" o/a; VG $$$.18/10 Hooks, Eyes & Loops; 12 sets on original card NEWEY; G $$.33/10 Seam Ripper, Tupperware, 6.5", yellow $$.42/09 SEW NICE, Nice Kid sewing machine. Ex. in box $$$.38/10 Snap Fasteners, KLIKIT, 4 on original card; F/G $$.91/10 Thread Spool, wood ARTSYL 107, Canada $$$.97/10 J.P. Coats 40 $$.50/09 u/k 1.25" $$.42/09 Tiny Tailor SINGER M100A mending machine w original box $$$.02/09 Zipper 18 cm Jean; COSTUMAKERS w original tag $$.91/10 Sewing Kit Advertising packages Charleton Resorts, Banff & Jasper, Alberta 3 $$.42/09 Flag Inns 1 $$.42/09 The Fabric Centre 1982, Vernon, British Columbia $$.33/10 Brush & kit in handle; c1980; sealed in original displ. card$$$.18/10 Coin purse style complete w. scissors; new, unused; 1980 $$.91/10 HAPPY HOME 1965 needle book; original pk, but folded & considerable storage wear. 11 needles $$.91/10 Wall display; 4x10"; made with yardstick & displaying needles, threader, safety pins, buttons, thimble, thread, spools, tapemeasure, pins, etc. $$$.18/10 Plastic clothes brush w. opening lid; complete; as new c1980 $$.91/10 Sewing Tote; wood X-frame stretch rack w gold-chain retainer & 14x11.5x9.5" cloth pocket; natural beige water pattern base w large red/green/yellow sorghum & leaf pattern print; red liner w pockets; 1930c; Ex+ $$$.06/09 Shaker, Jigger Thermos, 10"; INDIA/Hudson's Bay Co. Shaving brush, chromed pewter; chrome poor otherwise VG $$.99/09 Shaving mug, about 1930's; medium & fine chestnut band around top w 3 fowers suspended; side pocket; Ex+ $$$.35/09 Shaving mug; OLD SPICE; jadeite; SHIP GRAND TURK SALEM 1786; Ex+$$$.31/10 Shirt (see Clothing) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shoe Horn Metal $$.42/09 tie rack plaque w. horseshoe & horsehead etch.; black 8.5" clothes brush & shoe horn w. brown horse heads; new in box; slight damage to box; 1950's $$$.60/10 CO-OP, plastic 4", lt. brown $$.42/09 ISECO Safety Shoes, plastic 4"; lt brown, chipped $$.42/09 THE BAY, plastic 4", dk. brown $$.42/09 WOOLCO, plastic 4", lt. brown $$.33/10 Shoe Laces BEE BRAND; 24"; 1 pr.; black; in original wrap; 1950's/60's $$.42/09 BEE BRAND; 27"; 1 pr.; brown; in original wrap; 1950's/60's $$.42/09 CORTICELLI; 18"; brown; in original wrap; 1950's/60's $$.42/09 CORTICELLI; 18"; 1 pr.; white; in original wrap; 1950's/60's $$.42/09 CORTICELLI; 63"; 1 pr. in original wrap; 1950's/60's $$.42/09 REVELATION; 72"; 8 pr. on original display card; 1950's/60's (history to buyer) $$$.24/10 STRIDE RITE; 24"; 1 pr. tan; in original wrap; 1950's/60's $$.42/09 TEX-STYLE; 18"; 1 pr.; brown; in original wrap; 1950's/60's $$.42/09 TEX-STYLE; 27"; 1 pr.; brown; in original wrap; 1950's/60's $$.42/09 Shoe Last, wood Shoe Shine Kit, 2x4.5x6" leather case, 2 wooden brushes, 2 cloths, 2 cans wax; 1950's 45-428 $$$.97/10 Shoe Keepers, Stretchers, Trees Pressed tin, adjustable; pr 2 $$$.18/10001 Pressed tin, adjustable; boot; pr $$$.97/09001 Wood w metal adjusting rods, wood heel $$$.97/09 Wood w metal adjusting rods, wood heel; ROCHESTER SHOE TREE CO. $$$.97/09 Wood & wire, tension; wood toe & base; pr $$$.18/10 same, one only, red $$.33/10 Shoes 1960's ankle-height cowboy/jet boots type w elastic wings; brown; sz 7; Good $$$.60/10 canvas, Canadian Army, 1942 desert; leather soles, mint; size 13 $$$$.00/09 Overshoes, rubber, Green, Canadian forces, ACTION, 4-loop closure, '84, sz 10 $$$.24/10 Overshoes, rubber, Black, ACTON (Canada) size 9; as new $$$.69/09 Overshoes, rubber, Black, metal clip buckles; CZECHOSLOVAKIA; near new; size 10 $$$.69/09 Overshoes, women's, rubber, black BRITISH RUBBER COMPANY 1958c; low-top, 2" heel w original box; some wear, one has age-folds from poor storage, but both Ex display; from S of Content Bridge (AB); sz 8.5 $$$.69/09 Stilletto, 4.5" 'Cinderella Slippers'; clear plastic w open toe; clear arch strap w 6 raised clear plastic diamonds; VOGUE 2000; S9; Ex $$$.00/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shopping Reminder novelty board 45-232 $$.21/10 Shot Glasses Sigma 7; Shirra, Walter (Wally); 1962 space flight; record of conversations w. Mercury Control (Lt. Col. John A. Powers) & U.S.S. KEARSARGE (Hebert Kaplow); One of first 7 astronauts; only one to fly in Mercury, Gemini & Apollo programs; died May 2007; Newspaper clipping & 2 pictures of death; record near mint; cover shelf worn $$$$.00/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Silverware (see also Trays) Beaker, 3.25"; special occasion; w 4 low relif stamped bows on cup & base $$$.10/09 Bowl, pedestal, 11" w. flared rim; OLD ENGLISH REPRODUCTIONS; E.P. on copper; scrolled fern, latice & floral motife to inside bottom; openwork whill & fern rim embossed all around w. raised 3-d grape vines & clusters. large sweeping handles in fern-leaf upper motif & pointed lower. 1930's; Ex $$$.02/09 Butter Knife, large; TORONTO SILVER PLATE CO.; $$.33/09 Cake Trowel, silver $$2.35/09 Candlesticks single, low pedestal $$.49/09 three branch rococco w gold-tone cups & bands; 8.5x11.5"; G/VG $$$.94/09 Casserole server & PYREX glass dish; 9" round; open lattice dish holder w 4 cast rococco legs, lid w cast rococco handle; VG+ $$2.60/09 Casserole server w/o glass dish; 2x8"; open lattice dish holder w 3 cast foot legs, sculpted bar handles; B.P.Co.; B.M.MOUNTS; VG+ $$$.25/09 Casserole server w/o glass dish; 2x8.5"; dish holder w pierced fleur-de-lys band & 4 cast foot legs, French Ivory bar handles on silver mounts; B.P.Co B.M.MOUNTS 935 1/ marked; VG+ $$$.25/09 Casserole server w/o glass dish; 2.75x7.5"; open lattice dish holder w 4 cast ball legs, sculpted bar handles; VG+ $$$.25/09 Casserole server w/o glass dish; 3x5.6x7.75" oval dish holder w open latticework & alternating stamped leaf bands; 4 cast foot legs, French Ivory bar handles on silver mounts (as above); 655 marked; VG+ $$$.25/09 Casserole server w/o glass dish; 3x8"; open lattice dish holder w 4 cast legs, cast handles; VG+ $$$.25/09 Casserole server w/o glass dish; 3x9.25"; open lattice dish holder w 3 cast rococco legs, handles; lid w cast rococco handle; VG+ $$$.71/10 Casserole server w/o glass dish; 3.5x10; open lattice ring, 3 pressed steel legs w ball terminal; for shallow bowl, 1.6"; MAYELL, England; E.P. on steel; Ex $$$.25/09 Casserole server w/o glass dish; 8.5x15"; open lattice dish holder w 4 cast rococco legs, handles; lid w cast rococco handle; VG+ $$$.71/10 Condiment Bowl; 5.25x2"; 4 cast barocque legs; barocque handles, spoon rest; REED & BARTON #20; no lid; Ex $$$.02/09 Condiment tray, cast baroque base w legs holding 2 pressed diamond-pattern oval glass bowls, covered by hinged shell lids w articulated stirrup handle; silverplate on steel, some chip & spotting; 4.25x6x7.25" $$$.60/10 Covered warming bowl, round, 5.5x12" deep dish; pressed steel; rococco border; cast rococco oval grip; EX $$$.71/10 Covered serving dish, oval, 9x11.5x3" $$$.30/09 Cream & Sugar; ROGERS 4336 3.25" diax 2.25"; cast scroll handles; foliage decorated belt; deep rich patina $$$.60/10 Cream & Sugar; PRIMROSE 750 EP on copper; garlic bulb style w rococco handles; Ex $$$.60/10 Dish, 6x1"; running 3/4" grape cluster, leaf, vine filigree around outside; SP/copper; wear about 20% $$.33/10 Dish, 6"; quartered w baroque design; openwork rim w roped edge; EP/copper; Ex $$.50/09 Dish, 8"; stamped Rococco edge & rim; patterned bottom; silver plate; HONG KONG; 1960's; VG $$.50/09 Dish, candy/fruit; 8", pedestal w folding carrying handle; openwork rim w raised pebbled edge; 1930's; Ex $$$.18/10 Gravy boat & dish; pressed sheet metal; cast double-curve handle; Ex $$$.60/10 Hors d'Ouvre Tassel Forks & Knives; set of 7; Ex $$$.24/09 Ice Pail; Silverplate on brass; VIKING; urn shaped w plastic inner, cast handles; w tongs & shot cup; mint $$$$.00/09 Jewelry Box; rings or necklace; 2x3.25", cast, slightly curved; footed; rococco raised fern sides, lid w. raised floral spray; VG $$$.02/09 Ladle, cast, silverplated $$$.00/09 Liquer dispenser; cast, grape cluster designs; pedestal plate stand w 8 glasses & central column for liqueur cup; Ex $$$$.00/09 Liquer glasses; Brass electroplate; set of 6 $$$.18/10 Napkin Holsers; cast zinc; openwork high relief flaming fern rising up w runners each side over stylized flower; 2 napkin holders 4x4" & 1 rack; Ex+ $$$.84/10 Salad Spoon; 9.75" $$$.18/10 Salad fork/spoon set; 9.5" $$$.84/10 Salad fork/spoon set; 10.5"; matching spaghetti scoop; heavy gauge; shell pattern end; Ex+ $$$.50/09 Salad tongs; Zinc electroplate; 10.5" $$2.21/09 Salad spoon/serving fork; 9.5"; 3 reed pattern handle; no maker; Ex+ $$$.94/09 Serving dish, 3x8"; w lid; low relief stamped stylized floral band; glat stamped handles w incised florals; 3 legs to match; lid to match w knob; ESSAY 42; 907 Silver; Ex $$$.71/10 Serving Tray, roast beef; 11.5x16.5"; heavy brass w silver plate; pressed rippled edge; 4 ornate cast block legs; Ex+ $$$.71/10 Tea Spoons; set of 6 w. enameled cloison of pink rose on white w gold trim in black stone setting; S.P. on steel; JAPAN 1950c.; in original red (cardboard) presentation box; Ex+ $$$.77/10 Tray 6x9.5" w low relief baroque foliage & floral pattern on bottom; CORONET 1684 silverplate on copper; Ex $$$.70/09 6x9.5" w low relief baroque foliage & floral pattern on bottom; PRIMROSE 1684 silverplate on copper; Ex $$$.70/09 6x10" stamped baroque w engraved fern work on bottom; UNIPIRON silverplate $$$.18/10 6.75x13" boat shaped; heavy stamped w stamped floral relief inside; raised roped edge w 4 leaf clusters; EP on copper; BP REPRODUCTION 2625; Ex $$$.69/09 7x12" w openwork large lobed edges; engraved grape clusters & foliage on bottom; WARREN PLATE; VG/Ex $$$.35/09 12.5" round; Bar Tray w raised brass slat sides; patterned; some discoloring; MARLBORO PLATE/ MORTON; VG/Ex $$$.36/10 13.75" round, cast EP on copper BIRKS REGENCY PLATE 1025; high-relief scalloped fern-leaf edging around shells; fern-engraved band; Ex++ $$$.36/10 Warming stand; 3 cast legs w fern pattern; candle rack; dish lid; open lattice dish holding ring; glass casserole dish; Ex 2 $$$.60/09 Warming stand; 3 cast legs w fern pattern; candle rack; dish lid; open lattice dish holding ring; no casserole dish; Ex $$$.71/10 Ski (see Sports) Skulls ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Longhorn Steer, 44" o/a; polished horns, 19" ea.; hand tooled leather joint sleeve; lovely drawing of eagle over mountain canyon. $$$$.00/09 Short-Faced Indian Dog (now extinct); age u/k $$$315.00/09 Slide Tray (see photography) Snack Trays (see also Dishes & Glassware) Candy Tray; aluminium; w. impressed pine cone design; spiral twisted carrying handle; original sticker on back $$$.60/10 (pan lid, butter dish, cake tray, candy dish, seving tray, dish & condiment set to match) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Snow Globes Carousel Unicorn on pole; plays music, needs battery45-345 $$$.25/10 Children with Santa $$$.25/10 101 Dalmatians Snowman figure 5.5" w pups inside $$.33/10 101 statue w puppies in 0 $$.33/10 Nativity scene 45-344 $$$.25/10 Raggedy-Ann figure in santa suit sitting w teddy bear45-346 $$$.25/10 Road runner & cactus, ARIZONA souvenir 45-348 $$.00/10 Rocking horse w presents, globe in a 'gift sack' base w Christmas garland; 3" 45-349 $$$.25/10 Santa riding on reindeer 45-348 $$$.25/10 2 children with snowman; 5x7cm $$$.25/10 Snowshoes (see Sports) Soap YARDLEY, Rose; in original box; 2 perfumed soaps; smaller one has been used; box scuffed $$.33/10 Soap figurines, about 4"; pck of 5 (girl, lamb, puppy, 2 pony); un-used but a bit age discolored $$$.60/10 Soap, Motel & Advertising $$.42/09ea Colgate; Jergens ('Facial Soap/Savon Pour Le Visage' black & white 1990 Marietta); Ivory (1.8x2.75") Lux (Dk & Lt. blue waves on end); Lux Beauty Soap w. 2 roses; Lux ('Skin care soap for the whole family' blue w gold lines); Motel Association of Alberta ('Thanks for being here!' on back, tourism logo on front); Motel 6 "The Economy Leader Nationwide" Palmolive (gold); Beauty Soap Palmolive DORE deodorant soap Sandman Hotels; Sweetheart 'French Milled Complexion Soap' (Dial 1991); The York Hotel (Swift Current, SK; Ivory); Travel Alberta/ Motel Association of Alberta (Mountain scene, Moraine L., 1970's); Traveler's Choice Soap Dish (see Bathroom) Soap Leaves, pck; HIGHLAND GARDENS; 1960's back-to-the-earth type $$.91/10 Soapstone, .5x6.25" piece kidney-shaped polished, formerly base of a sculpture by Martha Ayaligak 1988 & so marked $$.91/10 Sock Sorters; JAY NORRIS 1980; in original pack $$.00/10 Space Program Shirra, Walter (Wally); SIGMA 7 1962 space flight; record of conversations w. Mercury Control (Lt. Col. John A. Powers) & U.S.S. KEARSARGE (Hebert Kaplow); One of first 7 astronauts; only one to fly in Mercury, Gemini & Apollo programs; died May 2007; Newspaper clipping & 2 pictures of death; record near mint; cover shelf worn $$$$.00/09 SPEEDO Loral Mini Poli-con round plastic box w hinged lid; 1.5" $$.42/09 Spice Bottles Cans EMPRESS Paprika; 1/2 white/red 1.75oz can $$.33/10 NEAL BROS (winnipeg); Spices; 1#; Label 80% intact; G $$$.60/10 Grinder, tin; 1/2 cylinder w spice pocket $$$.00/08 Jar, glass; BLUE RIBBON Poultry Seasoning; 1oz 1.5x4.5"; label all Ex $$.22/09 Jar, plastic, BLUE RIBBON Steak Spice, 41g 1.5x2.25"; blue; cap, label all VG/Ex $$.42/09 Jars; milk glass w blue dutch harbour town scene artist's rendition; 3 blue framed boxes w spice name in French, German, Dutch respectively; very nice. $$.22/09ea Muscade Cannelle Curry Poultry Spice Cannelle Paprika Meat Spice Rack wood shelves, 10 house-shaped ceramic containers, all different; Ex $$$.18/10005 wood tower, rotating; w rack for 14 glass bottles w imitation wood bulbous caps (2 missing, 1 cap cracked) $$$.97/10 Spoon, Collectable FORT VERMILION ALBERTA since 1788; Red River cart on plaque; Alberta's first bicentennial 1988; in orig. plastic pouch $$$.97/10 WESTBANK, B.C.; cast logging truck top; Ex $$.65/09 Spoons, horn cut from translucent horn; 7.75"; w thistle-bud pattern end; pr $$$.97/10 Spoon Stand Ceramic tower rising from deep saucer base; flared top notched for 4 spoons; surmounted by rooster in yellow, blue, black; some floral designs to tower; JAPAN 1960c; VG $$$.97/10 Sports Spot Remover Pad; 8 handi-pak (2 missing) in orig. plastic display box w Vickerson's IDA tag; DELAGAR M300; 1977 $$.33/10 Spritzer SODA KING SYPHON, polished aluminum (stainless steel?), w. glass bottle; scuffed, VG $$$.27/09 U/K, Blue aluminum; Made in Hungary; scuffed, VG $$$.02/09 Spurs; slip-on, chromed; 10-point star rowells $$$.97/10 boy's toys, metal pre 1960; chrome finis 99% intact rowells dull; boot chains; VG, Ex. for their age $$$.24/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Staff, African, Witch Doctor's, carved w. head & serpent along shaft in high relief; 37"; Ex. $$$$.00/09 Stamps Stamped Envelopes 1967 Lacombe (AB) Dec 21 $$.42/09 1967c Novitiate SSMJ, Mount Mary Immaculate, Ancaster, Ont. letter to V. Sloboda; sealed in plastic pouch $$$.97/10 early 1990's; lots of 10 mixed $$.33/10 Stamp carousel 6-place; cast base & column; ACHILLES $$$.79/10 8-place; cast base & column; ACHILLES; silver-grey matt $$$.97/10 8-place; cast base & column; ACHILLES; chromed $$$.97/10 Staples ALCO # 10; box of 1500; almost full; Ex $$.33/10 CLIPPER # 700 for ACE Clipper Plier # 702; Box of 5000 in original box; VG/Ex $$.91/10 BOSTICH STANDARD SBS19; WILLSON STATONERS; 1967c; Box of 5000 in original box; Ex $$$.18/10 4 pck #10 staples, part full; each pk. different; Ex; $$.33/10 STATUES ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Male bone carving; long robes, bearded & w brimmed hat. Crack on head, chip on sleeve; Mahagony stained; 12" $$$.18/10 2. Female bone carving in long robes, ornate headpiece, hanging sleeves on wood base; Mahagony stained; 12"; Malaysia; VG $$$.24/10 3. Indian, 16" ceramic, brown; classical 'Cigarstore Indian' figure; feather bonnet, hand shielding eyes, other hand holding cigars; done in simulated wood pattern; paint 90% but chipping; one chip (minor) on back; 1940's or earlier $$$.04/09 8. Cowboy standing holding branding iron; sandcast, unpainted; as new. 32" $$$$.00/09 5. Prospector's burro; ceramic c1993?; mint $$$.77/10 6. Indian woman w children & papoose dragging loaded travois; casting; mint $$$.46/09 7. Oriental male w. large conical hat, holding vase, Ceramic; 9"; 1967 near mint $$$.97/10 8. Oriental male w. large conical hat, seated, holding fan; Ceramic; 9"; 1967 near mint to match above $$$.97/10 9. Indian warrior w. spear, shield & wolf; "Mahikan Chimakan"; c1990; mint $$$.60/09 10.Indian maiden w. wolves "Mahikan Iskwew" $$$.60/09 Birds of Paradise, pair; solid cast plastic; 13" o/a ea. bronze colored; Exceptional; Ex+ $$$.77/10 Black woman carrying basket on head w goods & birds & bird in 1 hand; 15.5"; wood Ex $$$.60/09 Bust, ceramic; Indian in horned headdress (Ta Tanka Mani, "Walking Buffalo", Stoney Indian) bronze finish; 9.5" $$$.30/09 Eskimo soapstone carving; 7.75"; Eskimo man holding w dog & snowshoes & holding pup; WOLF SCULPTURES 1960's; as new $$$.35/09 Peacock carved in horn; 12.5x4.5"; glass eyes, wood base $$$.97/10 STAUTETTES Indian warrior w horned headdress w double trailer, spear & shield, necklace with cross; Blackfoot style; 5.5x7x12"; Fromhold Collection # 3631; c 2003; new in box $$$.80/09 Cowboy w folded arms, pistol & lariet w tight pants & boots; 5x7x14"; Commemorative James Gadsby, d.1939; Early settler in the Buffalo Lake (AB) area. Former member of the Jessie James Gang, married to Marie Rowand; Fromhold Collection #3632; c. 2003; new in box $$$.80/09 Cowboy holding saddle; 16"; c2003; new in box $$$.80/09 Statuettes, Postmodern/Art Nouveau, 2/2.5' torso figures, male & female frontal facing opposite directions, in ceramic in white w black heads (male in Elvis style hair). Pair, Ex $$$$.00/09 Last Supper Supper; Cupped hands holding Last Supper scene; Alabaster; 6"; Made in Greece; Ex 45-317 $$$.10/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stein (see Beer Stein) Stickers & Decals Alberta Energy & Natural Resources "Wildlife - A Living Heritage, 3" c1986 Alberta OPPORTUNITY CORPS Program (1975-91) "ALBERTA SAFE DRIVING AWARD" 2" red circle around white on green steering wheel $$.42/09 Assorted 1980's from Alberta (CA) 3/$$.22/09 BRNO Ceska Zbrojovka; brown 3.5" dia. w circle CZ logo $$.33/10 Bugs Bunny & Yosemity Sam 1990 $$.42/09 Canada, Let's Think About It; c1970 semi-psychedelic 3x4" $$$.18/10 Daisy "since 1886" white; 1.5x3.75" $$.33/10 DOC (Dominion of Canada) Party; 1980's western Canadian, 1980's, absorbed by Reform Party (now defunct) $$$.97/10 Drive Safe * The War Amps, 3" c. 1984 $$.42/09 Fischer Fire Extinguisher, High Level & Rainbow L., AB 1988 $$.42/09 Flintstones Movie Stickers sealed in original pk. Lawn Mower; POST cereal # 3 $$.42/09 Fred, Wilma; POST cereal # 9 $$.42/09 Ft. Vermilion Ranger Stn. (AB), Prevent Forest Fires 3.25x4" c1989 $$.42/09 GARFIELD glitter, 1978, set of 3 $$.33/10 Ghostbusters #8/16, JELLO, 1984 $$.33/10 Grande Prairie (AB)w. Trumpeter Swan, 3" $$.42/09 Hockey; Team logos, Western Conferecne/Pacific Division; 1994 Frosted Flakes cereal; Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Mighty Ducks, L.A. Kings, S.J. Sharks, Vancouver Canucks, NHL, Tony The Tiger $$.42/09 I Support Greenpeace (Toronto, CA) 3x5.5"; c1982 $$.42/09 In Case of Alarm Call 1-403-341-3962 RAM ALARMS; 1x2.5" 2/$$.22/09 Kool-Aid Free Stuff Wacky Warehouse pg. w stickers; 2, each different, sealed inoriginal pk. $$.42/09 Mossberg "Law Enforcement Shotguns" yellow 4" oval w blue Swedish flag, yellow cross & crowns $$.33/10 National Forest Week 1984 $$.42/09 NORTH AMERICAN FISHING CLUB OFFICIAL MEMBER 4x5.7" silver & blue triangular $$.42/09 RAM Electric ALARM SYSTEMS (Red Deer, AB); 2x5" $$.33/10 Savage Arms Corporation; white 3" dia w Indian head logo $$.33/10 Stars; DENNISON 100 assorted # 2 gummed stars #55147 still sealed in original pack $$.33/10 VP Racing Fuels 4x7" red oval w 5" tall VP in blue; white borders; mint $$$.97/10 Stilts, 6' hand-carved shafts from rough 2" stock; foot- rests of wood block. $$$.77/10 Stockings, nylons, black, seamed c. 1950; $$.33/10 Straight Pen wood, 1950c $$$.65/10 plastic 1950's school pen $$$.65/10 plastic 1960c art pen $$.91/10 Straight Pen art nibs/tips, pck of 4 $$.42/09 Straight Razor (see Razor, Straight) Straws, drinking; CAROUSEL Plastic Straws; box of 100 in original box. 1950's; $$.91/10 Stove, emergency, folding, galvanized; w ESBIT (Hexamine) Tablets; German 1960's; unused $$$.60/10 STUBBY pop; round 5.5" ashtray w shelf; EX $$$.97/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sugar Bowl (see Dishes) Sugar Dispensers Glass, tabletop, cafe, metal cone top; straight sided, w fluted glass $$$.18/10 Glass, tabletop, cafe, slightly tapered; pressed papyrus pillar design; MEASURING DEVICE CORP; w old red plastic (discolored) Tilt-A-Spoon top; 1920's $$$.84/10 Glass, tabletop, cafe, tapered; chromed cap w spring- loaded sliding cut-off; chrome metal handle; ANDROCK; 1950's; 5"; Ex $$$.65/10 Glass, tabletop, cafe, bulb vase-shaped; chromed cap w spring- loaded sliding cut-off; round red handle (similar to small screwdriver handles); DRIPOUT; 4.2"; as new $$.91/10 Glass, tabletop; bulb vase-shaped; pressed glass overall small diamond pattern; stainless lid w tube spout; HONG KONG; VG (see also matching S/P & condiments) $$$.18/10 Glass, tabletop, cafe, bulb vase-shaped; plastic cap & handle w spring-loaded sliding cut-off; $$$.65/10 Glass, tabletop, care; diamond bulb; chromed palstic cap & cup base; thumb-trigger operated bottom dispenser $$$.18/10 Suitcase, pressed leather; brown; bentwood straps 1/4 way from each end; metal-bound corners; 1950c; JF/78LLB $$$.00/09 Suitcase, pressed hardwood/paper; oxblood brown; 10.5x17x28" steamer type; 2 varnished wooden binding slats w chrome corners; lined, leather handle, 2 locks w. key; VG+, only scuffed on one edge. $$$.24/10 Suits (see Clothing) Summer Games (see Sports) Sundae glasses (see Ice Cream) Swim Goggles (see Sports) Swizzle Sticks Alain Hilton $$.33/10 Bahrain Hilton $$.33/10 Clear plastic shaft $$.18/09 Excelsior, Dubai $$.33/10 Havana Club Rum; Cuban Rums $$.33/10 Maggiano's, Little Italy $$.33/10 Naked Woman; 1950c 45-128 11 $$.00/10ea Tokyo Hilton $$.33/10 Vat 69 $$.33/10 Westbury Hotel, Toronto $$.33/10 Syrup Dispenser (see also Cream Dispenser, Hotel) Bear, plastic; 7" squeezable ARTB 1960's Canada; VG/Ex $$.91/10 TTT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tape, AMPEX, 17" reel; complete in box. $$$.60/10 Tape, Video, VHS, RCA T-120 'Premium'; new, sealed in box $$.33/10 Tape reel; 4"; plastic $$.33/10 Tape Recorder Cassette, portable REALISTIC CTR-62 new in box; c.1988 $$$.46/09 SANYO M-48M missing cassette cover; 1970's $$$.97/10 Cassette, Walkman; CURTIS Super Sound RS-37 c 1980 $$.91/10 Reel-to-Reel; ROBERTS 4-track; wood cabinet ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tapestries 19.5x44"; Ends fringed Elk (22") standing in forest scene. Background mainly blue, w white, black & brown. Ends fringed, but worn. 1960c; JF/65 (one owner, subarctic Alberta Cree; history to buyer) $$$.02/09 Dogteam on northern landscape w forest & sunset in back- ground; dominant white foreground w brown/orange forest/sky; blue 4" fringe; 1960's c; Ex $$$.02/09 Pheasant mating dance; forest spring scene; w much color; burgundy sky/background; green/brown/yellow forest foreground w river & pond; red 4" fringe; 1960's c; VG+ $$$.02/09 38x64" Tiger family frolicking; dk blue sky, green clearing in forest; trees & plants in foreground; oriental border around; rose pink fringe; 100% cotton, TURKEY 1980c Ex; $$$.24/10 48x76" Deer in winter hills scene; white & green ground & hills w some spruce; burgundy sky; orange sun & clouds; mauve fringe; 1970's JF/80 (history to buyer) VG/Ex $$$.70/09 68x82" pyle blanket; Loons on dk blue lake, grey-brown forest above w white treeline in middle, rising to white/grey band, to blue mountains/clouds & grey sky above. Colors reversed to dominant white on back; BIEDERLACK (W. Germany) Jackie Dinomann design; $$$6.00/09 Target (see Sports, Shooting) Taylor's Dressmaker's dummies Wire body; wood stand w 3 legs $$$$.00/09 Plastic, adjustable $$$.59/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tea Cozy (see Kitchen Ware) Tea Prizes (see Figurines, Wade, etc. Tea Set (see Dishes) Tea Strainer (see Kitchen Ware) Teapot (see also Dishes) Aluminium; bakelite handle, curved spout; 4.5x8"; cut thread spool for lid handle $$$.60/10 Aluminium; bakelite handle & lid knob, curved spout; 6x5.5" bulb shaped; low welief rococco floral pattern to body, stippled lower portion; WAN-BRAN (England) THE CARLETON; 8 cup $$$.60/10 Cast aluminium; 4 cup; egg-shape, stipple bands around top; bakelite handle & knob, arched spout; SONA WARE (Eng); Ex $$$.97/10 Ceramic 8-sided, JAPAN c1955; 5.25" hand painted w black/brown bush & flowering branch in gold line; VG $$$.21/09 8-sided, JAPAN c1955; 6.25" hand painted w black/brown bush & flowering branch in gold line; VG $$$.21/09004 round, similar to above; smaller; Japan c1955; hand painted w black/brown bush & flowering branch in gold line; slight chip to spout lip; VG $$$.60/10 small, bell-shaped w low-relief sailing ship on sides, roped handle & lid knob; overall hairline large 'crack' pattern exterior in white hairline - simulating repaired broken pot. dark brown glaze, handles & ships in lite flow brown; rarely seen; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$.91/10 beige domed; w copper insulated cover, spout tip slightly damaged/discolored; JAPAN 1960c; VG+ $$$.02/09 beige, squat, Art Nouveau postmodern; daffodil flowers on sides & lid; TOSCANY JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.60/10001 brass; 7.75" tapered; wood grip w cast handles; KIRMIKIL; shows use on wood fire; no lid; VG+ 45-234 $$$.50/10 white domed; w aluminium insulated cover, rubber spout cap (spout tip damaged); JAPAN 1960c; VG+ $$$.02/09 Daisy & floral covered low relief; 6.25" teapot (no lid) on hexagonal base; 6 matching cups & large 5" acorn-shaped saltshaker; JAPAN 1960s; Ex $$$.93/09 House, 4x4x6.5" white; TAIWAN 1960s; old WOOLWORTH CO. label; Near New $$$.93/09 SADLER Aladdin's Lamp; 5"h; faceted lower sides; light powder blush pink w gold outlines & accents; with creamer to match; pattern 7364 $$$.42/09003 Copper; Taiwan 1984 turned wood handle on copper; wood knob on lid, curved spout; 7" o/a. body 4x6"; VG $$$.84/10 turned wood handle on copper; wood knob on lid, curved spout; 8" o/a. body 5.5x7"; VG $$$.04/09 white ceramic handle & knob w blue designs; curved spout; 9" o/a. body 5x7; VG+ $$$.93/09 white hand painted wood handle & knob w blue designs; curved spout; oil paint flowers to 1 side; 9" o/a. body 6x7; VG+ $$$.93/09 Enamel; beige w. small blue & green flower print sides. bentwood handle, wood knob; 7x5"; 1 sm. chip; scorching to handle; 1950/60 $$$.18/10 PYREX, glass; 6 cup w lid $$$.69/09 SADLER # 2574, no lid, otherwise VG/Ex $$$.69/09 Telephone, rotary, desk, black $$$.00/09 Telephone, WINNIE THE POOH bust, 16"; red phone; Ex $$$.00/09 Telephone cards, prepaid, MTS MOBILITY (Manitoba Telephone System); $$$.00; pack of 25 unactivated in original pck. $$$$.00/09 Television STARLITE 8380 portable 4.5" black & white, 4-way power (AC/12v DC/car/rechargeable); c1980 new inbox $$$$.00/09 Tent (see Sports) Thermometer, boiling water; CHANEY TRU-TEMP; enclosed in hollow glass mantle; slide-on metal clip w wood flotation ball $$$.97/10 Thermometer, boiling water; TAYLOR; enclosed in hollow glass mantle; slide-on metal clip 45-268 $$$.97/10 Thermometer, meat; attatched to metal plate at top w. cooking temperatures; about 1950's $$.42/09 Thermometer, medical; in metal case; Apotheek Evers Roosendaal $$$.69/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thermos ALADDIN BEST BUY 10 oz.; 6.75"; plaid metal; Ex $$$.91/09 ALADDIN BEST BUY 32 oz.; #WM4060 wide mouth; green w black/white/green bars motif; VG++ $$$.60/10 ALADDIN 7 oz.; 7"; metal cased; white polka-dot on black w white bands; c/w cap; no plug; jacket discolored from age & exposure; some light rust. rusting to base minor; G$$$.65/10 ALADDIN 'QUALITY' # 16; 9.5"; metal cased 2-tone; some scuffing, fade & wear to metal; no cork or cap; G+ $$$.91/09 DINOSAURS thermos, ALADDIN; "Gotta love me, I'm the Baby" $$$.97/10 HOT-COLD-CHAMP, Korea; Stainless; handle; 2 qt.; Ex $$$.60/10 MICKEY & MINNIE MOUSE thermos, ALADDIN, 6.75" plastic; some damage on pic on one side; G $$$.94/09 STAR WARS EPISODE II; 6.5" THERMOS model 3700 for lunch kit; Ex+ $$$.10/10 THERMOS 8.5"; plastic; orange MODEL U2; 1960c; VG $$.66/10 THERMOS 9.75"; plastic; organge & beige; MODEL P-15; history to buyer; JF/64/MIR; Ex $$.33/09 THERMOS 12.5"; metal cased; black w white wood-grain pattern & red band w THERMOS; bottom 3" spray painted as worker's ownership field identification expedient $$$.60/10 THERMOS 24F 14" metal cased; red tartan pattern; no cap $$$.60/10 THERMOS # 250 dated 1916; ribbed metal exterior; all original; casing cracking from age on one side $$$.60/10 THERMOS, King Seeley, model 2466, 2 qt.; stainless steel, w. stopper, missing cap; suffed, VG overall $$$.60/10 THERMOS PINT SIZE Wide-mouth; red w yellow & black tartan design; complete $$$.97/10 THERMOS VACUMASTER # 31 c/w original box $$$.60/10 THERMOS MMM" AUTO POT; water heater w. cigarette-lighter plug-in; Rose Pink; Ex $$$.21/09 Auto Pot; water heater & coffee maker w. cigarette-lighter plug-in; clear, beige & brown; Ex 3 $$$.02/09 Thermos plugs, MOELLER Snap Tite; 1" $$.91/10 Thimbles porcelain, plain; HUTSHENROUTHER, Germany; JF01 45-160 $$.33/10 porcelain Top Hat "Lucky Irish"; JF04 45-134 $$.76/10 Tickets (see Coins Coupons & Paper) Tie Clip 1930's; gold-tone w hatched diamond band & central oval polished blood ruby; VG/Ex $$$.25/10 1930's; gold-tone w bends sinister each side & central diamond(?); VG/Ex 45-454 $$$.25/10 Tie rack plaque horseshoe & horsehead etch.; black 8.5" clothes brush & shoe horn w. brown horse heads; new in box; slight damage to box; 1950's $$$.60/10 8x12" w bas-relief flintlock pistols (Gio Battazanti & Lazari Cominazi) on canvasboard in frame w tie holders under- neath; c1957; small scuffmark $$$.60/10 Tie Slides, western 1967 Centennial; Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede; 1.75" brass arrowhead w raised lettering & Indian head in horned bonnet $$$.24/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tin Box, 1.25x2.5x3.5 lunchkit style $$.33/10ea DRINK COCA COLA - GO REFRESHED; red & white SUPERMAN flying over Metropolis Mickey Mouse; MICKEY, ALWAYS CLASSIC; seated Mickey Tin Box, 1.6x2.5x4.8" w lid; plain; Ex $$.50/09 Tins BOY SCOUTS CANADA 100 Anniversary 1907-2007; 6.5x7.25"; type 1; as new $$.85/09 type 2; as new $$.85/09 type 3; as new $$.85/09 BUTCHART GARDENS, Victoria, scene in color on lid; 6x4.5x1.25; red; 1867-1967 Canadian Centennial sticker on lid; BLUE BIRD CONFECTIONERY $$$.18/10 Christmas scene, low relief, horse-drawn sled crossing bridge w farmstead & hills; octagonal 3.5x9"; plastic; red base, white & hand-painted top; Ex 45-235 $$.78/10 Christmas candles & holly, red; 3.7x5" $$.00/09 Christmas candles & holly, red; 3.5x4.4" $$.00/09 Christmas; red w redbirds; 3.4x3.5" $$.00/09 Cigarette Box (European) type; .4x2.75x3.75"; snap-top $$.33/10ea COLO COLO cigaretts; Indianhead on shield JUVENTUS cigarette pack Mao Tse Tung NICOLAS CAGE WINDTALKERS movie poster 2 COCA COLA RACING FAMILY Popcorn; 9.9x11"; Home Depot; Bobby Lebonte; Stan ; etc.; HOUSTON HARVEST; Ex $$$.20/09 CURRIER & IVES, 4x10" 'Winter Evening'; Ex/Mint; $$$.60/10 'Ice Boat Race'; Fair $$.91/10 CURRIER & IVES, 9.9x11"; 'Central Park Winter 1862'; lid in only G condition otherwise VG/Ex $$$.10/10 EDGEWORTH PIPE TOBACCO; 2.25x3.25"; w tax stamp; all VG $$.78/10 FRENCH'S CHILI POWDER spice tin; about 88% good $$.00/09 HERBAL ORCHARD PEPPERMINT BREEZE; 3.3x3.3x6" $$.00/09 JAVA TOBACCO; 4.6x3x2.1"; silver grey; hinged lid; near mnt $$.00/09 LINDT Chocolates; Milk Can, 6.5" w handles, lid; near mint $$.91/10 LONDON scenes; Trafalgar, Buckingham, Tower, St. Paul's, Parliament; 1949c; 9.5x9x4"; Ex $$$.60/10 NESCAFE RICH; 4x9.5"; 200 cup 475g; as new $$.42/09 NESTLE QUALITY STREET chocolates; 2.5x7.5" w lid; octagon $$.42/09 PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:At World's End; Johnny Depp; 9x11"; 2007; as new $$.50/09 PLAYERS cigarette; some light rust & wear, should clean well$$$.97/10 RILEY'S TOFFEE; Guards Parade 1953 Elizabeth Coronation scene on lid; 5.75x7.75" octagonal; Ex $$$.60/10 Spice, no label, 1.4x2.2.75" w some spice remaining; old grocery price tag; $$.91/10 WONDER FRUIT CAKE; gold roccoco style gold & blue on red. minor spots on bottom & minor scratch, both neglegible $$$.60/10 ZIPPO lighter tins in original cardboard sales wrapper $$.33/10 Tins, plastic (Plastic pails) ALPHA Creamed Cottage Cheese, 1960's; somewhat scuffed & worn but sound; w lid; very good display piece; from S of Content Bridge, AB; VG $$$.97/10 Tins, Tobacco u/k 5.25x3.25" w lid shaped as ash tray; gold crincked finish 90% intact; lid discolored from use; remnants of tobacco tax stamp bands on both sides; base & interior clean & bright, some rust spotting to interior bottom; VG+ $$$.69/09 45-031 TURRET; G $$$.17/10 Tissue Dispenser (Kleenex, etc.); large; Brass mesh w. brass flower to front, top & sides; brass maple leaf to sides; Ex $$$.97/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Toaster Camp/Stovetop Toaster; for wood or gass stove round perforated plate 9" w. supports for 4 slices; 1930's $$$.97/10 Tin box, 5x9" w perforated hopper-shaped divided tray & grill over; suitable for 2 slices. $$$.97/10 Tokens Toothbrush Travel Case, tubular fluted 8.7"; silver plate on brass; 4 brass bands & brass ends; Ex $$$.46/09 Toothbrush holders (see Bathroom) Toothpick holders, ceramic barrels $$.42/09 blue $$.33/10 Antique Auto, ceramic, 2x2.5"; glazed; MADE IN JAPAN; Ex $$.91/10 Beaker; 2"; tan w bands of raised dogtooth pattern; Ex $$.42/09 brick cottage; blue $$.33/10 Calf, sitting, broad chested, cute; EDMONTON, ALTA on chest; JAPAN 1960's; Ex $$.91/10 Corn Cob, ceramic; 2"; Green; Ex $$.33/10 Crowing Rooster toothpick/candle holder, 3.5"; GIFTCRAFT JAPAN 1960's $$.91/10 Deer diorama; 2 deer standing looking out in front of large flower bell, 2.5"; fine plastic; HONG KONG 1950c; buck missing horn, otherwise Ex; tan & black $$$.18/10 Drum, Polynesian; 2x2.25"; brown w Polynesian style figure low relief; Ex $$.33/10 Elephant; 1.75x2.5"; brown; MADE IN JAPAN 1955c $$.33/10 Fish; glazed red eathenware; Ex $$.33/10 Indian w backpack holding toothpicks; hand-carved & painted, Smithers, (BC); feather in hair; 4.75" o/a; one of a kind $$.91/10 Milk Can, ceramic, 2.2"; gold rim, handles; JAPAN 1960's Robin in flowering brush $$.91/10 Violets (February); handpainted $$.91/10 Milk Can/teapot, ceramic, 3.25"; white w blue trim; "Home Sweet Home" applique; Ex $$.33/10 mug, glass, 1.9"; expanding lobed bottom; Ex $$.42/09 mug, Polynesian face style; brown; 2"; JAPAN 1960's; Ex $$.33/10 novelty; wood 'trunk'; souvenir of Banff (AB) $$.42/09 Paddlewheeler; 2.75"; blue; Ex $$.33/10 Rocking Chair; 2.25" lt tan; FAD CERAMICS; Ex $$.42/09 Santa Clause; 2.3"; hand painted; 1940's $$$.18/10 Treetrunk w squirrel, CANADA souvenir; 1960's JAPAN; Ex $$.33/10 Watering Can; 2"; white; large spout & handle; plastic; raised floral patterns; w original CARI sticker $$.42/09 Wood Bucket (ceramic); 1.75x2" reverse tapered; Ex $$.33/10 TOPO GIGO - the Mouse from Ed Sullivan - 10" puppet, Edgar Bergen, G/VG $$$$.00/10 Towel Mickey & Minnie fingertip towel, X-Mass; Minnie kissing Mickey in white heart; new/near mint $$.91/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trading Cards (see Cards, Collector) Travel Kits (See Grooming Kits) Trays (see also Dishes & Glassware) Tray, Aluminium, cast; plate style; 13,75"; raised roped edge; as new $$.66/10 Tray, Aluminium, photo-etched; CENTENNIAL OF CANADIAN CONFEDERATION w Provincial shields decreasing in size from Ontario & Quebec flanking Canada crest; Centennial Logo; 12.25x19 w chromed handles; some scuffing $$$.60/10 Tray, Aluminium, pressed Japanese scene; 11.5" w large impressed scene of trees, pagoda, seacoast, birds & hills; 1950's; some light scratching as to be expected $$$.60/10 Pine Cone Design; 1950's (pan lid, butter dish, cake tray, candy dish, seving tray, dish & condiment set to match) Candy Tray; w. impressed pine cone design; spiral twisted carrying handle; original sticker on back; 1950's $$$.60/10 Cake Tray, 13.5" w impressed pine cone design; upturned serrated rim; 1950's; $$$.69/09 Serving tray, 12" w impressed pine cone design; upturned serrated rim; 1950's; $$$.69/09 Serving tray, 15" w impressed pine cone design; upturned serrated rim; pressed bent squared aluminium handle w crimped edging; 1950's; $$$.25/10 Dish, 9" w. impressed pine cone design; upturned frilled serrated rim; 1950's; $$$.97/10 Flower design; 2-layer; square; 9x9"; carrying handle; serrated design; 1950's; Ex $$$.60/10 Serving tray, 15" w impressed flower design; upturned serrated rim; pressed bent aluminium rod handle w hamer punched edging; 1950's $$$.25/10 PROVINCIAL CRESTS OF CANADA; etched crests & Canada crest; 12x18"; upturned pressed rim; SILHOUETTE 1950's; original sticker on back $$$.02/09 Tray, Aluminium, hand forged ALFRED DAY; 7x12" w 1/2" raised sides; incised fruit & leaves cluster; 'ear' handles w impressed leaves; patterned hammer marks on bottom; VG $$$.60/10 WENDEL AUGUST FORGE; 6x11.5"; clipped corners; raised cherry blossoms and boughs; patterned hammer marks on bottom; VG $$$.02/09 Tray, Aluminium; Novelty; 12" round; CURLING CAPERS; w 5 curling cartoons; gold-tone finish; MADE IN JAPAN 1950s; Ex $$$.97/10ea Tray, Aluminium; Souvenir w. 5 photo-engraved pictures; 12" round; 1950's; $$$.97/10ea Banff National Park Calgary Columbia Icefields (AB) Consort Duchess Red Deer (#1, hospital) Red Deer (#2, water tower) Hughenden Jasper National Park Lac La Biche Lacombe Banff/Waterton/Vermilion N.P. Redcliff Sulphur Mountain Gondola Lift, Banff National Park Three Hills Waterton Barkerville (BC) Butchart Gardens (BC) Ft. St. John (BC) Ft. Nelson (BC) Glass House (Boswell, BC) Mile 392, Alaska Highway Summit (BC) Rogers Pass (BC; gold-tone) Prince George (BC) Vernon/Kelowna (BC) Vernon (BC) Victoria (BC) Inuvik (NWT) Nova Scotia (NS) St. Walburg (SK) Prince Edward Island (PEI) Whitehorse (YK) Grand Canyon (O'Neill's Butte)(USA) Wild Animals of Canada Superstition Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona Tray, aluminium; World's Fair (Expo) 1967 Montreal Aluminium tray, VG $$$.97/10 Aluminium tray (shows wear, G) $$$.18/10 Tray, Brass; Bar Tray, 13" round w raised brass slat sides; leather on wood base; VG/Ex $$$.80/10 Ice bucket to match $$$.02/09 Tray, cake (see Cake Trays) Tray, chrome; bar tray; ELEGANCE; patterned rim, floral etched deck, openwork rail rim; Ex++ $$$.80/10 Tray, CURRIER & IVES "The American Homestead - Summer" 1868; 11.6x14.25" pressed tin w raised edge & lip; gold painted back; early date, pre 1960's; VG/Ex 4 $$$.27/09003 see picture nailhole & slight damage to top edge. $$$.80/09 Tray, early pressed fiberglass 1950's "Alcohol Proof" Made in Japan; 9x12" cover a Renoir picture $$$$.00/09 see picture Tray, fibre, pressed; dished, 9.75x14" rectangular; plastic- coated top; plastic rim; integral grip; applique petit- point pic of church & mountains; JAPAN ? 1950's; VG+ $$$.48/09001 Tray, fibre, pressed; dished, 12x18 oval; plastic-coated top; plastic rim & wrapped integral grip; hand-painted design w sparkle outlines & highlights; MADE IN JAPAN 1950's; back w black varnish, scuffed as to be expected for age red w 2 vases in white &c w gold sparkle $$$.48/09 red w applique vase & roses $$$.48/09 Tray, fibre, pressed; dished, 13.5 round; plastic-coated top; gold plastic rim; wrapped integral grip; large applique floral; MADE IN JAPAN 1950's; back w black varnish, brown front, scuffed as to be expected for age $$$.48/09 Tray, fruit, ceramic; large palm-leaf shape, 10x14"; ISLAND WORCESTER, Jamaica $$$.97/10 Tray, glass 5.5x8.25" rounded rectangular; applique red roses; 1950's; VG+ $$$.97/10 5.25x13.5" boat shaped w rounded edges; applique flowers w frosted base; 1950's; VG+ $$$.97/10 9x11" w curved edges; & applique (painted ?) flowers; 1950's (see pic) $$$.97/10 Tray, metal, 7.25x10.5"; photo-etched map of Barbados; Ex. $$$.97/10 Tray, metal; stainless; stamped; 7.5x11 octagonal; very ornate w raised lip, 'apostrophe' stamped border; body incised w floral scrollwork around cartouche; 3 borders: arches, florals & geometric band. HONG KONG; near mint $$$.18/10 Tray, Pepsi (see Pepsi) Trays, Plastic 1867-1967 Centennial & Expo '67; 14" round, plastic, cream color; mounted RCMP central framed w crest on top; flanked by Canada, US, Expo & Centennial flags; expo crest; VG+ $$$.60/10 Trays, plastic Souvenirs of Italy; 10.5x15cm; shallow bowl w Italian scenes of internationally famous sights. $$.66/09ea. Michaelangelo's "David" (Florence) Boticelli's "Birth of Venus" (Florence) The Duomo Bascillica (Florence) Mary Magdalene & Jesus (Death of Jesus) Tray, plastic; Souvenir of Knott's Berry Farm & Ghost Town (Cal); 10.5x15cm; shallow bowl $$.66/09 Tray, plastic; 5.25x5.25" British Columbia crest w photo of dogwood flowers; MB 1960c; near mint $$$.65/10 Tray, plastic; JAPAN c1950; glossy dk. brown cast with low relief large flowers & leaves on fine "gauge" decorated backing w gold & green finish; convex sides with narrow side rim & broad end rim with open grip 10x16"; lightly scuffed $$$.94/09 bowl to match Trays, plastic; JAPAN c1960; 1.25" upright rim, plastic gold capped; open grip plastic cord-wrapped. Oriental; 1.25x10x10"; black, oriental scene, white & gold Herons flying past pine needles; plastic gold rim; some light scuffing $$$.18/10 Oriental; 1.25x11x17"; black/brown; gold artwork of 3 ducks rising from lake in front of bare trees & moutain peaks; Ex++ $$$.94/09 Christmas set; 1.25x10x10" & 1.25x6x10"; white w christmas tree & landscape; hand painted ?; some light scuffing $$$.97/10 Carnation blooms, red w silver & white; 1.25x6x10"; some light scuffing $$.33/09 Tray, potmetal; nickle plated; rounded w pointed corners, oval base; 4.75x7.25"; deep dish w horizontal rim w low-relief roccocco floral & wheat sheaf design; low relief floral spray on 4 inner sides; low-relief Japanes landscape on bottom w chariot; Ex++ $$$.25/10 Tray, pressed steel, 13x21" hotelware, rolled edges, scrolled pressed edging, engraved geometric fern & floral, raindrop relief edges; heavy cast handles w floral, scroll, fern & ray motif; VG $$$.02/09 Tray, resin, cast, wood grain, 6.25x10.5" w high-relief 3-D stag & deer in forest setting; MULTI PRODUCTS 1940's. $$$.20/09 Tray, resin, cast, wood grain, 7.75x11.25" w 3-D floral spay & radiating rays on front, floral & leaves on back & raised fern edging. Imitation carved wood; MULTI PRODUCTS, 1944; Ex+ $$$.20/09 Tray, resin, cast, wood grain, 9x13" w 3-D leaves & grape clusters from handles Imitation carved wood; MULTI PRODUCTS, 1958; G $$$.20/09 Tray, silver 5.5x10" rectangular stamped w baroque floral border & engraved fern covered bottom; UNI EP IRON; Ex $$$.18/10 6x9.5" w low relief baroque foliage & floral pattern on bottom; CORONET 1684 silverplate on copper; Ex $$$.70/09 6x10" stamped baroque w engraved fern work on bottom; UNIPIRON silverplate $$$.18/10 6.7x12.5" electroplate on copper; oval pressed flatware w simple baroque openwork design on ends; VG $$$.69/09 9.5" cookie tray w handle; low relief baroque work w border of fretted openwork; VIKING electroplate; openwork handle of heart shape w. back-to-back tiger heads; VG $$$.60/10 12.5" round; Bar Tray w raised brass slat sides; patterned; some discoloring; MARLBORO PLATE/ MORTON; VG/Ex $$$.36/10 Tray, Serving; glass, round 11", bent bamboo 'ladder'sides (joints invisible) glass interior flooring; woven bamboo base, 5 casters to match $$$.97/10 patterned ricepaper base w pressed foliage & butterflies; 6 casters to match $$$.69/09 patterned ricepaper & woven bamboo base w interwoven bamboo circles & star; 6 casters to match; c/w original box (G-); overall Ex $$$.69/09 Tray, Snack (See Snack Trays) Tray, Stainless; 9.25x14" truncated oval; flat imitation carved wood handles w nice bas relief leaf pattern; KROMEX 1950's; Ex $$$.18/10 Tray, Stainless, chromed; 6x18"; truncated oval; flat bow- style stabrite brass handles; KROMEX 1950's; Ex $$$.97/10 Tray, tin Bar, round, 14", high rimmed; THE LADIES HOME JOURNAL MAY 1909 cover print; some scuffing; gold tone; VG+ $$$.69/09 plaid; 3.75x9.75"; Zone 4 Tourist Council, Central Alberta, Canada (c.1950) Ex $$$.18/10 CASTLES OF NORTHUMBRIA; 6.5x8"; 4 pics; G/VG $$$.97/10 Christmas, round 13", high rimmed; MARJORIN BASTIN design, cardinal sittingon holly; VG $$.66/10 CITY OF WINNIPEG; 13"; Permit # 1067; 5 city scenes; c1960/70; G/VG $$$.18/10 COCA COLA 10.6x13"; 1972 repro of 1916 WWI Girl Advertising tray; lightly scuffed giving true character; VG $$$.09/09 10.75x13"; 1973 repro of 1926 "Golfing Couple" tray; VG/Ex $$$.09/09 10.75x13.5"; 1981 REGINA PLANT OPENING; orange; VG+ $$$.24/10 12.5x15"; 1982 "Kim Christmas"; lightly scuffed VG/Ex $$$.09/09 13.75x17"; 1977 repro of 1938 calendar illustrated by Bradshaw Crandall; lightly scuffed giving true character; VG/Ex 3 $$$.24/10 CURRIER & IVES; "The American Homestead - Summer"; oval 11.5x14.5" w raised gold-tone edged lip; gold-tone back; nailhole & slight damage to top edge. $$$.80/09 GENERAL TIRE; round, 12"; 1927 Stutz Blackhawk Speedster photo; Ex 45-066 $$$.60/10 NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA; 13X15.5" tray w raised edge; color photo of both falls from air; 1970c; HONG KONG; Ex. $$$.60/10 OLD TIMERS; 11" round; pics of 6 1902-1904 automobiles (Studebaker, Cadillac, Ford, Overland, Dodge, Buick) on black. JAPAN 1960c; Scuffed, but VG $$$.97/10 PEPSI COLA; 11.6x14.5"; turn of century Belle w bar in background, feathered hat, beside table w pepsi & glass on tray, raising glass. FABCRAFT probably 1960's repro.; Ex. some light paint speckles easily removed $$$.84/10 QUEEN ELIZABETH & Prince Philip 1977 Silver Jubilee; 12.5x17 w rose/shamrock thistle design, Elizabeth & Philip in seperate large central ovals surrounded by scrolled foliage with crowns over. Some minor scrapes, but VG $$$.27/09 PEGGY'S COVE, 12.5x16"; ultramarine blue, gold back; view of harbour; some slight scratches; 1950's; BG/Ex $$$.24/10 ROCKY MOUNTAIN PARKLAND PARADISE (Banff-Jasper-Wells Gray- Waterton) 10x15"; blue; silver back; central map flanked by 6 pictures; 2 Mounties in uniform; HONG KONG 1950c; Ex+ $$$.24/10 ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE; 12.5"; Musical Ride circle presenting lances; dk blue rim; 1950c; VG/EX $$$.24/10 RCMP Souvenir of Canada; 11" dia.; Mountie on horse in front of lake; gold-color rim w. red maple leafs; stamped OSOYOOS, BC; 1950c; VG/EX $$$.24/10 SPRINGER SPANIEL, 12.5x15.5", broad convex rim; large pic of dog standing in shrubbery & fence; 1950's ?; Ex $$$.24/10 UNIVERSIDAD '83; Edmonton, alberta; 11" $$.91/10 Wildlife; James L. Artic prints; 11"; 1950's; black rim & back; nail hole near top for suspension duck in fore rising from slough; Sylvan Lake, Canada $$.33/10 pheasant in fore rising; sloughs & woodlands in back $$.33/10 Trays, tin, souvenir, 13" round, HONG KONG 1959c; central picture within ring of pictures; VG or better $$$.97/10ea Arizona Banff Inuvik Tray, wood carved; see Fromhold Collection 3550 carved, 19x14"; baroque styling with ornate convex sides & ear handles; engraved & hammer-engraved pattern to mimic semi-oriental brassware & so painted; bottom with roller-engraved linear squares triangle pattern; unique; ; dates to 1800's?; $$$.60/09 rail edge, 11", bamboo; w. butterflies & ferns under glass; w. 4 matching coasters w. butterflies under glass; TAIWAN $$$.60/10 presswood 'Haskelite' 7.75x14" lithograph scene of 3 swans rising from bullrushes; CORONET c1950; set of 4; near mint$$$.21/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tupperware Cookie Cutters, 2 $$.42/09 Hang-it-All hangers 4/$$.22/09 Order-In hangers; orange 4.1" o/a; w mini ruler & envelope slitter $$.42/09 Seam Ripper, 6.5", yellow $$.42/09 Slide fasteners for power cords, etc. 4/$$.22/09 Typewriter, IBM SELECTRIC; heads $$$.97/10ea Courier 12 Typewriter, Remington Rand, model Remington Jr. portable Made in Canada c. 1910's; leather handle, copper & brass fittings; wood case, black leather covered; w ribbon & spool; VG $$$$.00/09 Typewriter, F.C. SMITH & CORONA, Corona Standard; Portable; Made in Canada c 1920's, sold in Edmonton (AB); bakelite handle, copper fittings; wood case, black leather covered; w ribbon & spool; VG $$$$.00/09 Typewriter brush for cleaning letter heads. 5.25" round brush w upright shaped handle; black enameled $$$.97/10 Typewiter ribbon for above; original in box $$$.60/10 UUU United Empire Loyalists 1784-1984 Bicenetennial commemorative plate w coat of arms; 9"; gold rimmed; rare; Ex $$$.20/09 VVV ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ V-Master cigarette maker in box; $$$$.00/09 VASE Amber glass, onion-bulb style, 8.75x2.75" fluted sides & crenelated top amber blends to pale frosted upper. VG $$$.18/10 Aluminium Milk Bottle, cast; 8.5"; $$$.09/09004 Blue On White; 4x3.5" globular (stretched downwards) w 3/16" neck; hand painted blue stylized cherry blossoms, leaves, branches & trunk over grass tufts; border around neck; unmarked but typical of Japan work; probably 1960c $$$.97/10 BLUE MOUNTAIN long-neck 'onion bulb'; 11" unusual lt green slip on reddish base $$$.18/10 BLUE MOUNTAIN Urn-shaped; 8" w opposing flared mouth, 2 rococco handles; finished in Blue Mountain style slip; red/orange earthenware; Ex $$$.97/10 BLUE MOUNTAIN Classic Greek Urn-shaped; 9.5" w flared mouth & opposing handle; finished in Blue Mountain style slip, red/orange over dk. brown/chestnut; red/ orange earthenware; Ex $$$.18/10004 BLUE MOUNTAIN 3MP; oval expanding ribbed 2-leaf pitcher shape on pedestal; 11.5" Blue Mountain style slip blue-grey over black; Ex++ 45-926 $$$.18/10 BLUE WILLOW 4.5x4.5" globular (stretched downwards) w 3/8" neck; MASON'S/TWININGS; Ex $$$.84/10 Brass; urn, 14" w flared crenelated throat; enameled chestnut brown w natural brass bands & brass foliage w hammer- incised highlights; INDIA 1960's or earlier; VG $$$.24/10 Chalkware; deer sitting in front of tree trunk; 7.5x7"; painted in gloss browns; probably 1930's or earlier; undamaged but slight chips to paint as to be expected; Ex $$$.42/09 Crystal Glass ANNA HUTTE 6-sided flared 'beaker', 16 cm.; pressed '3 star'pattern w floral designs; 3 sides accented in red paint; in original box; near mint $$$.27/09 Depression Glass; 6"; 2" base flaring to 2.25"; fluted w band of small pressed diamonds around middle; 1 slight chip on base (neglegible); Ex $$$.24/10 Glass, pressed, canoe shaped 6", orange; florets & islands $$$.97/09 Glass, milky, large 'brandy glass' shape, no stem, w integral bulbed base; floral decorated $$$.02/09 Glass, oblong, 1950's; coated pale green, impressed fluting spirals up side Glass, oblong, 1950's; coated pale yellow, impressed fluting spirals up side Glass, 3-legged; curled blown glass legs; brandy snifter shaped; 6.75x7.25" o/a; etched w floral & leaf designs around outside; silver rim on edge; $$$.46/09 Glass, 9" urn w expanding throat; white coated interior; 6" flower outlined in gold; gold rim; Ex+ $$$.02/09 Glass, yellow frosted finish; squashed bulb form; 4x5.5" $$$.18/10 Green glass, beaker shaped, 6.25x4.3"; large bas-relief grape clusters hanging from vine & leaves; stippled background; 8-sided; VG $$$.60/10 HOOSIER GLASS; 6"; long-neck expanding; swirl pattern; Ex $$$.10/10 Milk Glass, 4x7.5x4.75" expanding, fluted, BRODY $$$.69/09 Oriental Urn shape 6" o/a w 'oriental hat' lid; off-white w pink flowering Bonzai branches; gold band trim; JAPAN 1950c; Ex $$$.24/10 Oriental, cylinder; 5x2"; lt tuq. w blue phoenix & dragon designs; clear glaze; Ex $$$.20/09 Peach Lustre (Fire King); expanding ridged; VG+ $$$.18/10001 Ruby Glass; 8" long-necked rising from bulb base; flared crinolated mouth; floral applique to bulb flattened bulb 2 $$$.21/09 urn-shaped bulb $$$.21/09 small hand-thrown 'primitive' earthenware 3.5x3.5" w narrow 1.5" neck; brown/black burned glaze w rough finish $$.91/10 Stemmed glass style ceramic; 3.5x4.5" brown; SORRENTO metal grill pattern; BRODY N-318; Ex $$$.18/10 TONG-AH CHINESE RESTAURANT, Zeist, SW; 8"; bulb w long-neck; cream color; Blue & gold Herons flying over moon & twisted pine, accented in gold; TAIWAN; near new $$.91/10 Tulip flower shape; 4"; depression glass; 6 pointed fluted petals; Ex+ $$$.69/09 Urn-shaped; 5"; MADE IN JAPAN 1950c; cream white bottom 2/3 grading into midnight blue; white hand-made sand-painting oriental dragon wrapped around body; Ex $$$.84/10 Urn-shaped; 8" w opposing flared mouth, 2 rococco handles; finished in Blue Mountain style slip; red/orange earthen- ware; Ex $$$.97/10 Urn-shaped 15" w shoulders & long neck; marked F.W. WOOLWORTH and MADE IN TAIWAN; 1960's; Woolworth since defunct; small chip to base; $$$.97/10 Wedgewood style greek urn, 6"; pink w. cream horse w men; some crazing $$$.18/10 1. KNIGHT'S CERAMICS (Red Deer, AB); 9.5" urn shape w beige upper/black lower w raised blue floral & stippled finish mint $$$.80/10 2. KNIGHT'S CERAMICS (Red Deer, AB); 9.25" urn shape beige w raised yellow floral; mint $$$.84/10 3. Urn-shaped 10.5x15.5" Robin's Egg blue glaze; collar; no markings; classic proportions; very nice; mint $$$.59/09 4. Urn-shaped; 9x19.5" (narrow); WEST GERMAN w serial #553-52; glazed candy-apple red w light speckle; varigated black slip on collar & blending to black on bottom 1/4; very nice; mint $$$$.00/09 45-200 5. Hand made & painted by little old lady; 1973; Spruce Hen (grouse) raised design; brown flecked/water glaze; very well made; from Estate; oval 9.75x7.5x5"; mint! $$$.84/10 6. KNIGHT'S CERAMICS (Red Deer, AB); 11.5x6" semi-urn shape; lt blue w yellow & green floral; mint $$$.86/09 7. GERMAN redware w serial # 199-50; narrow black striped red bands w patterned red/beige bands, patterned lip; 12x'"; HOHR; mint $$$.24/10 8. Lotus Bulb on stand; handmade, turquoise w large speckled 'antiquing'; 11.5x8.25"; planter type; Mint $$$.18/09 1. Urn 5" black glaze w golden peackocks & trim Ex $$$.18/10 2. Urn w stopper neck; 6"; blue/turq w grape clusters; colored sand stippled finish; PORTUGAL; Ex+ $$$.02/09 3. Octagonal 6"; black glaze w grass blades & blooms; NAGOYA JAPAN c1960; Ex $$$.18/10 4. Pitcher, porcelain 5.5" w porcelain flowers; some petals broken; as is $$.33/10 5. Urn 6.25" blue frosted glass w swirls impressed on inside; Ex $$$.97/10 6. Long-necked, flaring from globular; 6" satin glass; floral spray on front; gold rim; Ex $$$.18/10 7. Long-necked, flaring from globular; 7.75" satin glass; floral bouquet on front; Ex $$$.18/10 8. Urn 7" satin glass, straight sided, flared neck; large ochre flowers w green/white spray; JAPAN c1960; gold rim $$$.77/10 9. Urn 8" satin glass, flared neck; parrot w berries on a branch; gold rim; JAPAN c1960 $$$.16/10 10. Beaker 10x4.5" ceramic; BRENTLEIGH (Eng); large lt blue cherry (?) blossoms on branches; some crazing to glaze $$$.16/10 11. Urn 10" oriental; turq glaze w low relief non-repeating hand-painted floral bloom wallpaper. white glaxed interior & edges; flared neck; Ex+ $$$.84/10 12. Urn 8" Southwest Deco; rough plaster w high relief roped handles, cowskull on rope & desert/cactus base motif; Ex $$$.02/09 13. Urn 6.5" beige glaze, lightly crazed w gold & colored painted florals w clouds & butterflies; 1980 date written on base $$$.60/10 14. Long-necked, 8" flaring from truncated globular; swirled glass $$.91/10 15. Urn 12.5" amber glass; bas relief grape clusters, fruit & leaves; ITALY $$$.70/09 Vase, Miniature; blue pagoda; MADE IN JAPAN 1950c; JF01; EX Vaseline Glass Vent cover, hot air; from old Gus Clarke house, HBCo factor, house given to him as retirement gift in 1919; Ft. Vermilion (AB) (see history) $$$.97/10 Vest (see Clothing) Vibrator, Massage, personal, heavy metal w electric cord & speed dial; chrome; NIAGARA; MONACH MASSAGE EQUIPMENT; 1950c; Ex $$$.79/10 Vinegar (see Oil & Vinegar) Viewmaster (see Entertainment) WWW ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Walkie-Talkie CANDLE JWT 801 4 transistor; 1980 c in original box $$$.24/10 HSIU KAO 'Gakken' (Sears) GT-2030F; 1986; w belt clip; as new$$$.24/10 MERC RADIO TW-411 1975c; 4 transistor; in original box; as new; 1 only $$$.60/10 NASTA 'G.I. JOE' M#SS7 'Power/Tronic' 1982; as new $$$.60/10 Walking Stick Ball-headed knobkerry; double spiral carved along shaft & fire-blackened; varnished; rubber tipped; near new $$$.97/09 Dragon-headeed, Chinese; traditional styling; spot eyes & marble in mouth; caramel enameled dragon painted & lightly etched on shaft; as new $$$.09/09 Staff, African, Witch Doctor's, carved w. head & serpent along shaft in high relief; 37"; Ex. $$$$.00/09 Wall Hanging (see also Plaque) heart, 4x5; wire heart, raffia wrapped, pink; w radial lines to top, white lace edged; silk flower centrepiece & ribbon very nice; age u/k $$.42/09 Indiancraft; 3x12" woven orange hemp strip w soapstone attatchments; 1" strip top & bottom w carved maple leaf spray; 3 2.7" disks w carved (top-bottom) mountain goat, ducks in mountains & buffalo scenes; AL WOLF handmade; Canada; probably 1960's $$$.69/09 Wall Pocket, metal, 3-pocket w Key hooks; c1950; beige w gold fogged edges; kitchen motif applique to front of pockets & top. $$$.69/09 Wallet, Trucker; JEMCOR; 9.25", 5 pocket; 13" chain; 1980; as new $$$.97/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Washbasin & Pitcher; 5.5" octagon basin, 4.25" pitcher; JAPAN c1960; Blue Mountain style glazed; Ex++ Washbasin & Pitcher; 4.5" basin, 4" pitcher; JAPAN c1960; pink flower boquet; Ex++ Watch, Pocket, U.S. Bicentennial; gold tone w. chain; wind-up; raised double eagles on one side, foliage on other; Made in China; Mint in Box; (cat # 3197) $$$$.00/09 Watch, Wrist ASTROSONIC, ladies; beige face w LED display; beige leather strap $$$.18/10 CURTIS, ladies; Art Nouveau massive gold-tone frame & band handles; timex leather band; battery; VG+ $$$.18/10 MICRONTA 63-8504 5-function, Water Resistant, Fashion; Yellow plastic strap; LCD Quartz (one of the first); from Radio Shack (now defunct) Grande Prairie; c1988; sealed in original display card 45-303 4 $$$.18/10 atch, Fashion; MICRONTA Digital/LED (one of the first) 1985; from Radio Shack (now defunct) Grande Prairie; in original display card; Ex $$.00 PROTECTION Quartz LED, black plastic, boy's, water resistant to 200m $$.91/10 SHIVAS 200M SPORT; shock resistant; rubber watchstrap; needs battery $$$.60/10 SPORTS quartz LED; green w yellow rubber straps $$.91/10 TIMEX man's rectangular; c1965; needs cleaning; has 1950's leather watch strap of laced moroccan leather, near new $$$$.00/09 TIMEX EXPEDITION digital; water protected to 100m; nylon & leather strap $$$$.00/09 Watch Fob, plastic (glass?) w metal rim for pocket watch; watch long gone, some corrosion $$.33/10 Watch strap; metal link, gold-tone, 12mm swivel; 9 mm band; SPEIDEL, new in box $$$.18/10 Watering Can, ceramic; 3.6"; HAND PAINTED strawberry w leaves front, leaves rear; TAKAHASHI JAPAN 1960's; Ex $$$.10/10 Wear Ever press, aluminium; Ex. $$$.80/10 Wear Ever glasses, aluminium; 4 $$$.10/09ea Wedgewood ashtray; COAT OF ARMS OF CANADA; 4.5"; as new $$$.60/10 plate, 4.3"; white sheep center; raised leaf border; as new $$$.18/10 Wedgewood Jasperware ashtray 4.25" $$$.10/10 Wedgewood style greek urn, 6"; pink w. cream horse w men; some crazing $$$.18/10 cannister, 5.5" o/a; barrel-shaped, w lid, blue w white Greek figures & trees in bas relief; hand painted; white glaze interior; 1976 dated $$$.18/10 glasses, tumblers, 1950's; brown insulation applique with greek figures & trees in white; white border above w roccoco scroll & lamps; set of 2; ex $$$.97/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Western (see also Royal Canadian Mounted Police) (Clothing)-Vests, Hats (Art: Western (Books) (Native & Historical) (Toys: Cap Guns, Holsters, Western) (Tools Horse Tack) Ashtray Ceramic; rounded square w 4 pointed cigarette rests; hand-painted horsehead pair; gold edged; set of 2 mirror-image; ESD JAPAN 25477, c1960; Ex++ $$$.94/09pr Pottery, horseshoe; 8x6.5"; brown glaze w diffuse cream centre; Blue Mountain style; c1957; Japan $$$.97/10 Belt, Ammo; western w woven patter, borders, brass buckle; VIKING handmade in Mexico c 1970 1 $$$.86/09 Belt, black 1.25" layered vinyl; 2 pc. simple beadwork; U buckle; 2 $$.91/10 Belt, black 1.5" saddle leather; very nice impressed diamond & flower motife, bordered; lovely large cast horseshoe buckle, belt retainer & belt tip w floral & fern designs; 3 .75" cast 'silver' spots to match; 3 genuine bone 1" choker beads showing age discolor, w silvered 1/4" plastic beads at each end. new, dead stock.; 34 $$$.46/09 Belt Buckle, Horsehead in horseshoe on pressed steel 2x3.25" $$.33/10 Bottles, Beer Long-neck (old); $$$.18/10 Calgary Export (Horseshoe & Buffalo) Label Good $$$.97/10 VG $$$.60/10 "Malt Beer (Old lable) $$$.60/10 Bottles, pop; Horseshoe & Buffalo/Calgary Brewery $$$.60/10 Buffalo Skull, ceramic, 3.5"; unglazed; painted; /08@RdD; probably commercial $$.50/09 Button, pin-on, 1.75"; Calgary Stampede "I participated in the "84" Sampede Parade; drawing of cowboy swinging lariet $$$.18/10 Chaps, leather; gold-brown; black trim & fringe down outisde; from /\6 Ranch (AB), 1950's when River of No Return w Marilyn Monroe was filmed at the location. size S/M $$$$.00/09 Coaster, ceramic; 3.4"; simulated printed leather look w low-relief cowboy boots, spurs, horseshoes & stitched rim; as new $$.10/09 Collectibulls, rodeo bucking bulls, PBR BREYE, posed, about 1:30 scale; 2007; new in box BLACKBERRY WINE $$$.70/09 CLAYTON'S PET $$$.70/09 HAMMER 2 $$$.70/09 LITTLE YELLOW JACKET $$$.70/09 MUDSLINGER $$$.70/09 NIGHTLIFE $$$.70/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dress, vintage LILIA GUILTY style 1818; 1950's USA; cotton; pale yellow; silver buttons to waist opening front; silver collar tips; front overlap yoke with silver sequin fern frond, leaves & culiques in pale green roped piping; silver spot & rhinestone highlights. Padded shoulders; Matching cloth belt w silver western buckle; Size 3/4; Ex $$$.26/09005 PANHANDLE SLIM style FF1100; 1960's USA; rayon/nylon; burgundy; silver buttons to waist opening front; multicolored block pattern with patterned triangular yoke, collar & waist; yoke & waist bordered with burgundy chainette fringe; black leatherette belt w silver western buckle & tip; Size 4; Ex $$$.26/09005 Hat Cloth, lt beige; LANNING; braided leather hatband; feather cluster on right; 1970's property of Indian Princess (d1994) (history to buyer) Ex $$$$.00/09 Felt, 1950's, grey, Calgary (AB), JF/56; has brass US Cavalry bugle to front; one owner, became Indian chief; (history to buyer)(cat. # 196); VG/Ex $$$$.00/09 Felt, dk br, WRANGLER 7 star; narrow leather hatband of sewn-in feathers w western buckle; high crown double indented, narrow top; brim lightly raked fore & aft; 6 7/8; dead stock as new $$$$.00/09 Felt, m br.; SMITHBILT 3x; narrow hatband of sown-on chevron hemp braid in natural colors; hackle feather cluster, bronze buckle; high crown double indented, narrow top; brim lightly raked fore & aft; 6 7/8; dead stock as new $$$.53/09 Leather, black; black laced ornamentation; as new/dead stock; $$$.02/09 Pressed woven raffia/hemp; natural; hemp & laced leather hatband; feather cluster on left; high crown double indented, broad top; brim heavily raked fore & aft; ARTEL; Thompson's Men's Wear, Ponoka (AB); as new/ dead stock; 7 1/8 $$$.70/09 Pressed woven cotton; white; narrow black hatband; double indented crown, med. top; brim slightly raked; WESTERN SOUTHLAND; as new/dead stock; 7 1/4, 7 1/2 $$$.84/10 Pressed plaited straw; beige/natural; vinylcote; narrow black hat band, calf roping pin on left; double indent crown, narrow top; RESISTOL W8167 NCHA L C 081; browband marked 'National Cutting Horse Association' & 'Ponoka Western Wear' (AB); as new/dead stock; 6 3/4 $$$.77/10 Holsters H10 (see also Toys-Pistol Holsters) Belgian .32 rim, 1870c; H10B; poor $$$.84/10 Plain, brown, suitable for Shiloh pellet pistol; c1980; mint $$$.77/10 Black Sheep #4206 revolver w thumb snap; c1980; ornate; Daisy 1990c, mint $$$$.00/09 Gunslinger; black leather, belt & holster; gilt buckle; hanging holster; fits 1851 Colt; Ex $$$$.00/09 Gunslinger; black leather, belt & holster; chrome buckle; bullet pouch; chrome spots; hanging holster; Ex $$$$.00/09 hand-made, laced; w. nude figure; thumb snap; VG $$$.46/09 home-made; Cavalry style; dk. brown hide, white leather lace. flap JF/78, Cree Indian $$$.24/10 Horse, cast tin; 1976 DURHAM; Ex; little paint remaining, 1:32 $$$.02/09 (Photographs) Magnet, Fridge, Ornamental, Horsehead, 3-D, 3"; plastic/ ceramic casting; brown; as new $$.20/09 Mug, Cowboy Boot, glass, 6.6"; LIBBEY'S OF CANADA $$$.60/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pencil Holder; ceramic; clapboard nailed to treetrunk imit. w buffalo skull mounted & cowboy boots in front $$$.18/10000 Pins Indian Sun Bonnet, front view .8x1" metal $$$.18/10 longhorn cow w. white forehead .75x.9" metal $$$.18/10 PONOKA, ALBERTA under brass cowboy on bucking horse 3/4" on original card $$$.97/10 Pipe rest, burwood; shoe in horseshoe, 4" o/a; BURWOOD; orig label $$$.69/09 Pistol, Pellet, CROSSMAN Shiloh, 1960's w. box, styrofoam cradle & oiler; gun in VG/X condition; box faded, some tears & ends missing, viewing window intact. $$$$.00/09 Pistol, 1851 Colt Army replica, non-firing; walnut grips; legal but no longer allowed into Canada; near mint; No FAC or Reg. req'd $$$$.00/09 Plaque, "God Bless Our Home" 5x6.25" scroll borders, cottage & trees w inset disk w RCMP on horse, "Miette Hot Springs"; Japan c 1959; rare $$$.02/09 Prints, framed (see also Native & Historical) Charles Russell Leanin' Tree Refrigerator Magnet; Cowboy boot, leather cutout w and tooled florals; 3" $$.42/09 Saddle & harness for toy horse or dog; 20" chest to rump; halter & reins; tan vinyl; saddle is triangular pad w 4 chrome rivets for strap attatchments; like new $$$.60/10 Shawls Mini-Shawl/bandana; doubled & cut to fit over the shoulder; edge-cut to large fringe done up w 3 basket beads each; gold-colored conch in back w matching fringe; done in SW style multi-color print, red pre- dominant w lt blue & black edge; fashion & pow/wow; very nice; as new $$$.18/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shirt 1950's, beige, brocade, pearl snap buttons; Calgary (AB), boy's 13 (history to buyer) Ex+ $$$$.00/09 Bib-front red cotton; reversable red/black bib; S/M VG $$$.24/10 Shot glasses; western character sketches "Never Drink Water", "Sidewinder", "If You Drink Don't Drive", "One for the Road"; set $$$.02/09 Spurs slip-on, chromed; 10-point star rowells $$$.97/10 boy's toys, metal pre 1960; chrome finis 99% intact rowells dull; boot chains; VG, Ex. for their age $$$.24/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Statue Bust, ceramic; Indian in horned headdress (Ta Tanka Mani, "Walking Buffalo", Stoney Indian) bronze finish; 9.5" $$$.30/09 Cowboy standing holding branding iron; sandcast, unpainted; as new. $$$$.00/09 Tie rack plaque w. horseshoe & horsehead etch.; black 8.5" clothes brush & shoe horn w. brown horse heads; new in box; slight damage to box; 1950's $$$.60/10 Tie Rack, 8x12" w bas-relief flintlock pistols (Gio Battazanti & Lazari Cominazi) on canvasboard in frame w tie holders underneath; c1957; small scuffmark $$$.60/10 Tie Slide; 1967 Centennial; Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede; 1.75" brass arrowhead w raised lettering & Indian head in horned bonnet $$$.24/10 Tie, String yellow; 1975 CANADA GAMES, ALBERTA logo; Ex $$$.35/09 Vest Calfskin, black & white hair; hand sewn, lined, brown leather binding, leather lace ties. this type popular in the 1950's, usually Indian made (see also Aboriginal collection # 171); size S/M $$$$.00/09 leather, suede; brown/tan; machine-stitched seams; 12.5" cut fringe around bottom; 12 silver spots down each front; lace tie; size M/L $$$.27/09 leather, suede, dk brown; pyle lined; western cut; pockets, snap closures; inside pocket; size XL; Ex $$$.80/10 Whip, bullwhip Black braided leather, 5'; F/G $$$.02/09 Brown braided leather, 8'; wood handle on iron shaft; G/VG$$$.18/10 Whip, Carriage Black braided leather, 5'; 1980c; as new; OF/89 (history to buyer) $$$.18/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Whistle plastic imitation tree-branch w. small perched bird 5" $$.33/10 plastic, survival; white w REPORT A POACHER logo (Gov. of Alberta) c2000; as new 1 $$.66/10 Boatswain, metal 2 $$.33/10 Boatswain's, British, brass, traditional 1 $$$.77/10 Wilderness Signal, metal, COGHLANS c1990 1 $$.42/09 w lanyard, sealed in original display card 2 $$.33/10 Whip, bullwhip Black braided leather, 5'; F/G $$$.18/10 Brown braided leather, 8'; wood handle on iron shaft; G/VG $$$.18/10 Whip, Carriage Black braided leather 5'; 1980c; OF/89 (one owner, northern Alberta; history to buyer) as new $$$.18/10 Whip, Dog Team, ornamented, Cree Indian from Jean D'Or community Wick, 1/2" x 65" $$$.31/10 Wicker Basket; see Basket Windup Key, 3.25" 45-089 $$$.18/10 Wineskins, leather w. plastic liners & caps Large 3 L; made in Spain $$$.97/10 Large 1 L $$$.18/10 World Famous Small 1/4 L $$.33/10 World Famous Smaller $$.33/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wood African effigy; male figure w crossed arms; 8"; w massive penis mounted on spring; Ex $$$.97/10 African effigy; bust; head & neck, 14"; GHANA carved in village of FOASE; these given as a tribute to brave hunters who kill wild animals; Ex $$$.24/10 African bowl; carved, dugout; 11.7x5.3x1.75"; dark patina; good ethnographic piece; Ex $$$.97/10 African carving; napkin rings; animal on hoop; 4" o/a $$$.65/10ea baboon 2 eland 3 elephant giraffe leopard lion 2 wild boar Basket, 11"; wood splints; BASKETVALLE VERMONT; w handle; VG+ $$$.64/09 Bowl, 6"; powder blue; painted inside w 2 dk blue flowers w green stems/leaves; dk blue trim on edge; Ex $$.33/10 Bowl, Nut, 9x11.5x2.5" Maple Leaf; nicely sculpted & finished; some minor scratches $$$.18/10 Bowl, Salad; turned teakwood; bowl 4x10", 4 dishes 2x5.75"; vertical sided $$$.24/10 Bowl, Salad; turned wood; bowl 4x13", 4 dishes 1.75x5.75"; rounded sides w oval incission decoration NORICRAFT Canada $$$.24/10 Bowl, soup; 5.5"; wood pail style; lathe turned; Ex 2 $$.30/09 Box (see Crate) Central American wood carving; 11" Stella figurine of Maya style warrior; Ex $$$.60/10 Crate (see Crate) Duck, 6"; jewelry box; enameled; black & teal; beautifully finished; THAILAND 1990's?; as new $$$.31/10 Dutch Shoes original; pair; size12 in natural rough finish; as new $$$.46/09 original; front overpainted w. broad white stripe & red Maple Leaf; soles show signs of considerable use as a shoe; about size 12 one only $$$.69/09 probably decorator; whitewashed inside & out; front decorated in alternate diagonals of blue stripes & red hearts. unworn, about size 9; one only $$$.97/10 Pouring spout, bottle; w dutch wooden shoe $$.91/10 Egg Cup; 2.75" ethnic girl w braids; blue stylized torso; some wear to paint, minor $$.33/10 Mortar & Pestel Napkin holders Fish (Neemo-like) standing on head; 6" blue, yellow, black; colorful; hand made; set of 4; as new $$.91/10 8' tray to match $$.33/10 Seals sitting upright w hole for napkins; set of 4 $$$.18/10 Oriental girl w turning head, stylized body; 5"; some wear to paint (minor) $$.33/10 Oriental man sitting holding pipe & leaning on basket; carved wood, 7" $$$.69/09 Plaque,Diagonal cut branch, 3.5x6.25" w decoupage deer family around tree (museum posed ?), ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE, ALBERTA souvenir 1960c; some enameled bark flaked off $$.91/10 Rolling Pin, ornamental; 15.5" m brown w hand painted floral decoration $$.42/09 Sailing ship model, 3-mast full rigged. from PM, (Beaver Lake Cree First Nation) suicide 1982 (coll #3518) $$$.74/09 Spoon/Fork set; carved, Polynesian; 36.5"; 1950's $$$.24/10 Statuette; Black woman carrying basket on head w goods & birds & bird in 1 hand; 15.5"; Ex $$$.60/09 Toaster Tongs; novelty; 7"; functional; w printed name; Ex $$.33/10 Tray, carved, 19x14"; baroque styling with ornate convex sides & ear handles; engraved & hammer-engraved pattern to mimic semi-oriental brassware & so painted; bottom with roller-engraved linear squares triangle pattern; unique; dates to 1800's?; $$$.60/09 Tulip Patch cutouts; heart base, 3 tulips, 2 leaves & Goose overseer 6x7.5" $$.33/10 Turtle, 12"; Ex $$$.20/09000 Violin, miniature 11.8"; hand-crafted; VG/Ex $$$.60/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ World's Fair (Expo) 1934 Chicago World's Fair; cast & silvered pewter ashtray w fair scenes in low relief & for city scenes; needs cleaning $$$.18/10 1934 Chicago World's Fair; cast & silvered pewter ashtray w city scenes in low relief; 3.5x6.5" truncated oval w shelf edges; silver partially worn off; N. SHURE CO. 34A29; MADE IN JAPAN $$$.18/10 1967 Montreal Aluminium tray, VG $$$.97/10 Aluminium tray (shows wear, G) $$$.18/10 Ashtray, EXPO 67, round 7.75", glass, dk. red, rippled edges; prints of 6 pavilions on rim around central logos; HOLKE ART $$$.07/09 cup $$$.97/10 shot glass; Expo '67 Montreal; Man and His World logo on frosting $$.33/10 1986 Vancouver Beer Stein; Vancouver w picture; 9" $$$.97/10 Bottle Opener; EXPO 86 geodesic dome; plastic, clear, flat; scuffed & worn $$.49/09 Coasters Cast Brass 1986 World Expo, Vancouver, 3", Canada $$.33/10 Pressed brass, 1986 World Expo, Vancouver; 2.75"; engaved w. dogwood flower; (2) $$.33/10ea Cup & Saucer w logo $$$.97/10 Mug; white w blue expo scene "Expo 86/Vancouver Canada" $$$.18/10 travel mug; blue $$.79/09 Pin: "THE WORLD EXPOSITION * VANCOUVER CANADA" disk w. world's fair logo in white on blue in centre; 1986 $$$.18/10 Plate, 8.5"; pavilion logo in gold; EXPO 86 in blue, Vancouver Canada; yellow/orange/red sunset over mts. Ex. $$$.69/09 Poster, EXPO 86 TAKES SHAPE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA; 21.5x30" on foamboard; Ex $$$.35/10 Shot Glass Moscow Restaurant; tall tankard style $$.91/10 blue logo on white $$.91/10 blue logo on mug-style glass $$.91/10 Spaceman Ernie keychain; official EXPO CORP; 2"; w British Columbia shield on back; scuffed $$.91/10 XXX YYY Yardstick CO-OP BUILDING MATERIALS; metric one side $$$.65/10 RV DEPOT/CRUISE CANADA/CRUISE AMERICA; inches only, blue $$$.31/10 REVELSTOKE LUMBER/CANFOR/OLYMPIC/Z-BRICK; metric one side $$$.65/10 SOLEY'S HARDWARE & FURNITURE, LACOMBE; SHERWIN WILLIAMS $$$.00/10 Yardstick Holder & Yardstick Red cloth pocket w stars, white backing & lace edging w TRUE VALUE HARDWARE yardstick, inches & metrick $$$.00/10 ZZZ Return to Master Directory

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