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Kitchen sink Basket Strainer 2107C CHICAGO SPECIALTY; new in box $$$.75/09 Kitchen Miscellaneous (see also Can Openers; Bottle Openers; Tupperware) AAA Apple Corer wood handle, bent sheet metal; 1950's/60's JAPAN $$$.93/10 wood handle, bent sheet metal; 1950's/60's ENGLAND $$$.93/10 BBB Basting brush; twisted wire handle; fibre brush, plastic cap 6" $$.03/09 Basting squirter; aluminium 45-271 $$$.93/10 sealed in original celophane bag $$$.52/10 Bottle Brush, nylon bristles, twisted wire handle, 13" EKCO w original plastic cover; may have been used $$.06/10 Bread Bag, plastic, YE OLDE BAKE SHOPPE (IGA) 1987 (purchased at Hudson's Bay Foods, Ft. Vermilion, AB) $$.90/10 Bread Box; metal, beige, rounded swivel cover; BRABANTIA 1950c$$$.80/09 Bread Box; metal, tan; 6" height; w 3 tins w brown plastic lids; EKCO CANADA LTD.; 1950's $$$.80/09 Bread Box; metal, stainless steel Bread Box; wood; roller-top door Brush, glassware; 10" black wood handle, twisted wire loop w black bristles & twisted wire/bristle circular tip; paint lightly worn; 1930's/40's; Ex $$$.75/09 Bun Warmer; WEST BEND SERVING OVEN; aluminium 9.5" steamer; domed; As New $$$.80/09 Bun Warmer, Electric (Wok?), aluminium, 10.5" CHICAGO ELECTRIC/SILEX 1940's; Ex+ $$$.60/09 Butter Curler; plastic handle AI-DE-CHEF 1950's in original display card; Ex 45-073 $$.06/10 Butter Dish (see alsoGlassware) Stainless Steel, press-glass inner tray (slight chip); wood knob on lid; pressed low relief panels w vegetables on handles and knob; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.80/09 CCC Cake decorator, aluminium; 5.75" w 3 different tips on original card; original instruction & receipe booklet; c1950; USA $$$.93/10 Cake decorator, plastic; 7.5"; EMSA (German) in original box; 1960c; VG++ $$$.93/10 CAKE DECORATOR; copper, 8.5"; 1960; Ex $$$.16/10 Cake spatula; copper sheet, lobate leaf shape w impressed main veins; 6.5" o/a; simple bent flatware handle $$$.71/10 silver plate; ONEIDA "Bridal Wreath"; G/VG $$$.80/09 teardrop sheet metal, short tang w wood handle; paint largely missing, otherwise Ex $$$.71/10 Can Opener pry-cutter type; bent metal lever w. opposing hook, corkscrew VAUGHAN, USA; riveted; some minor staining & discoloring $$$.71/10 PLUM FLOWER; Hong Kong; 2 rivets, no corkscrew; some rusting $$.06/10 FISH, w. fish logo; 2 rivets, no corkscrew; 99% orig. finish $$.06/10 Tool Steel Tempered, Made in England; no corkscrew; chrome chipped on cutter $$.06/10 wood handle (plain), cast claw w riveted cutter $$$.80/09 squeeze type; black plastic grips; c1955 $$$.52/10 Top-drive w twist handle. Wood handle & grip; 1950's $$$.52/10 Carving Set (see Knives, Carving) Casserole Server (see also Silver Bentwood 3x7.75"; 3 globe feet; hand-painted apples & leaves; ear handles; 1960's; Ex $$$.52/10 Casserole Server; 9x4" w central openwork band; 3 stamped cylinder legs; stamped matching handles; copper lid w wood knob; $$$.75/09 Casserole Server/Fondu Stand/Pot Warmer; 8.25x3" w central openwork band; 3.75" grooved sheet metal S-curved legs joined by matching bars to central candle-holder; flared bakelite 'eared' handles; good bronze color; VG+ $$$.75/09 Cheese Cutter cast; 5" cutter w depth-adjustable roller; TAIWAN; Ex $$$.71/10 red plastic handle $$$.93/10 wood handle; 10"; 10 blades; wire frame; paint chipped TOMADO, HOLLAND $$$.71/10 Chopper; see Vegetable Chopper Cleaver, "HANDI KLEEVER"; w bottle-opener, cork-puller & other built-in shapes; wood grip; VG $$.06/10 Colander enameled pressed sheet metal; 9.5"; dk brown; VG+ $$$.71/10 pressed aluminium, 8.75"; formed sheet metal handles & legs; Ex $$$.80/09 pressed aluminium, 10"; pressed & riveted handles; pedestal base; drain holes arranged in rosettes & star on bottom; RINGS (Hong Kong) 1940's; VG/Ex $$$.80/09 pressed aluminium, 10.75"; no handles; pressed base w 5 pressed 'knob' legs; drain holes arranged in arrowheads & star on bottom; no name 1940's; VG/Ex $$$.80/09 pressed galvanized; 9.5"; riveted handles & legs; c1950's; VG+ $$$.80/09 Corer (see Apple Corer) Cutters: Cheese Cutter cast; 5" cutter w depth-adjustable roller; TAIWAN; Ex $$$.71/10 red plastic handle $$$.93/10 Corn Cutter; LEE'S Original; 17.5" wood tray w cutter bar; 1950c; as new in original plastic bag w printed cover & instructions on pack. Ex+ $$$.80/09 Cookie Cutter JURASSIC PARK Jell-O/Cookie Cutter set in original pk; Ex $$.06/10 metal, round, 3pc 2"-3"; nicely made, bright $$$.71/10 metal, round, 2pc 2-3"; nicely made, bright 45-340 $$$.00/10 metal, 7pc; 1940's or earlier 45-341 $$$.00/10 metal, stamped; miscellaneous; $$.00/10ea plastic, Tupperware, 2 $$.03/09 roller w wooden handle; 6" wide $$$.52/10 roller, plastic handle, interchangeable cutters; WIEL (Hong Kong) 1965c; in original box; $$$.52/10 Lemon/Garlic cutter; cast pewter; W. German $$$.52/10 Lemon/Garlic Press; cast aluminium; 8"; Ex 45-272 $$$.40/10 Lemon Squeezer, plastic, JAY NORRIS 1967c; in original display pk. $$.06/10 Cuttlery; 29 pc. (missing 1 desert fork) SEARS JAPAN set; stamped; 1950c $$$9.00/09 DDD Dicer; see Vegetable Chopper EEE ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Electric Bun Warmer (Wok?), aluminium, 10.5" CHICAGO ELECTRIC/ SILEX 1940's; Ex+ $$$.60/09 Egg Beater coiled wire loop; wood handle; gold-tan enamel cracked & chipped around base $$.06/10 looped wire handle; coiled bell-shaped beater; 9" $$.06/10 wire; wrapped wire handles; as new; 10", 12" $$.06/10ea wire; miniature; wrapped wire handles 7", 5" $$.06/10ea Egg Poacher 7.5" aluminium pot, 4 egg spaces; VG/Ex $$.06/10 4"; single; wood knob on lid; VG 45-286 $$.84/10 Escargot tongs; stainless JAPAN (2) $$.03/09ea FFF
Flatware, silver; misc. $$.03/09ea Flour Sifter, tin 2.75x3.5"; as new $$$.93/10 3.2x3.5; near new $$$.93/10 3.2x3.75"; FAIRGROUND; partial label remaining; near new $$$.93/10 3.25x3.7"; Ex $$$.93/10 3.5x3"; 250 g; ZENKER $$$.93/10 3.5x3; w bent-wire shaker handle; Ex $$$.50/09 3.75x5; near new $$$.93/10 45-030 3.75x5.25"; ALCAN; w partial label; 1960's; VG $$$.93/10 3.75x5.45"; as new $$$.00/09 4x5.25"; 4-cup; as new $$$.40/10 4x5.25"; 4-cup; LEVCO, JAPAN; w original label (F/G); Ex+ $$$.00/09 4.5x5.5"; 3-cup; GOOD COOK; rotary beater; Ex+ $$$.00/09 5x5.5"; Ex 2 $$$.25/09 5x5.5"; orange w vegetable motifs; Ex $$$.00/09 BROMWELL'S tin w. rotary beater style cam & wood-knob on crank 5 cup missing handle & rust-spotted $$$.60/09 Good condition $$$.25/09 3 cup; paint off wood knob; Ex $$$.60/09 Fondu forks, 10.5", wood handles w colored plastic ends; 7 $$$.93/10 Fondu pot, hamered aluminium, 8.25x3.1"; pigtail handles; stand w leaf terminals to 4 legs $$$.75/09 Fondu Stand/Pot Warmer; 8.25x3" w central openwork band; 3.75" grooved sheet metal S-curved legs joined by matching bars to central candle-holder; flared bakelite 'eared' handles; good bronze color; VG+ $$$.75/09 Forks set; 6 cast forks, imitation horn grips, black; in red covered hinged cardboard box (shows wear) w imitation velvet interior backing; 1940c; forks Ex+ $$1.50/09 Forks, antique; 3-tyne; miscellaneous $$$.00/09+ea French Fries Press/Potato Chipper VILLA (England); aluminium body, red wood handle; Ex $$$.75/09 same, no markings $$$.75/09 Frying Pan; WEAR EVER; 10"; black bakelite grip & lid knob $$$.75/09 GGG Garlic cutter/Lemon cutter; cast pewter; W. German $$$.52/10 Garlic/Lemon Press; cast aluminium; 8"; Ex 45-272 $$$.40/10 Garlic Press, cast pot metal JAPAN 1960c; 5.8" $$$.52/10 TAIWAN 1970c; 5.6", slightly smaller dimensions overall; Ex $$$.52/10 TAIWAN 1970c; 7" squared handles & crusher; reversable to perforator $$$.52/10 Garlic Press, stamped metal INOX 18/8 HONG KONG; stainless 7.25" $$$.52/10 Graters, tin (see also Grinders) Arched tin; 4x9"; fine; "Perfect Grater" $$$.75/09 Arched tin; 4x9"; fine; "Best Pat." in diamond; Canada $$$.71/10 Arched tin; 4x9"; coarse; "Best Pat." in diamond; Canada $$$.71/10 Box; tin, handle; 8.5"; GSW, Canada; VG $$.75/09 Box; tin, handle; 9"; BROMCO; VG $$.80/08 Grater/Potato peeler combo, 5", tapered end $$$.93/10 Plastic edged, handle one end; coarse/fine/cutter; 1980's $$.06/10 Wire framed, handle one end; coarse grater/cutter; 4x9" USA $$$.71/10 Wire framed, handle one end; coarse, FELS-NAPTHA SOAP; 4x9" $$$.71/10 Wire framed, handle 2 ends, arched; coarse/fine/cutter; 4.5x10.5"; MARS; Ex $$$.50/09 Wire framed, handle 2 ends, arched; fine; 4x9"; USA $$$.71/10 Wire framed, handle 2 ends, boxed shape; coarse; 4.75x12 Ex $$$.50/09 Wood handle; 9.75"; ANDROCK; paint worn off handle $$.06/10 Gravy Ladle, ceramic, oval - similar to Gravy Boat, with handle; 'No-Drip Gravy Seperator'; vegetables hand-painted interior; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.52/10 Grinder, Nut Hand-held, 7.5" pressed tin; clamp lid; side crank; MOULI GRATER; VG/Ex $$$.75/09 Grinder, Nut; glass base, plastic upper ANDROCK, Made in Canada HHH Hamburger Press; Wood 5.75" round; 1950's Avant Garde type chef figure painted on top $$$.93/10 woman w apron painted on top $$$.10/10 Handle, for CORNINGWARE pots; clamp-on removeable Bakelite w twist-loosen end 3 $$$.71/10 Handle, for PYREX pots; clamp-on removeable Bent Wire $$$.71/10 Glass $$$.71/10 Hot Water Kettle SUPREME ALUMINIUM (Canada) 1940c; 8"; black bakelite handle on top; top dented; overall F/G $$$.93/10 SUPREME ALUMINIUM (Canada) 1940c; 10"; black bakelite handle & lid knob; bottom rounded to fit in wood stove; Ex $$$.00/09 Stainless; chromed plastic whistle; Postmodern 1950c; bent stainless steel rod handle, glass lid w loop ring handle; VG $$$.93/10 III ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ice Cube Crusher, cast pot-metal; CRUSH-A-CUBE; Japan c1952; one tooth broken $$$.93/10 Icing Set, aluminium w. plastic ends; CHIMO, on original display card $$$.52/10 JJJ Jello mold Aluminium, round 6.5"x4" faceted Holly leaves & berries; plastic; 4x7.5x12" $$.06/10 round 2.2x6.25", plastic w lid from PRESER'S Peach Parfait $$.03/09 Juicer amber glass; 5"; faceted sides; chip (neglegible) on edge; obvious wear to tip $$$.80/09 glass, 6.25"; one chip on rim $$$.93/10 glass, 5x8", elongated to pouring spout $$$.50/09 milk glass, 5.5"; SUNKIST; finger-loop; Ex+ $$$2.00/09 pressed aluminium 8" $$$.80/09 pressed aluminium 4" w 4" handle $$$.75/09ea FOLEY (U.S.) Hong Kong Unmarked KKK Knife sharpener; opposed carborundum disks in notched metal frame wooden handle (painted beige); ITALY; G/VG $$$.52/10 tan handle; CHALLENGE (England); 1950's; Ex $$$.52/10 older, red handle; ROTARY (England); 1940c $$$.52/10 older, tan handle; SKYLINE (England); 1940c $$$.52/10 older, darkly patinated wood; DUBL-A (USA); c1930's $$$.71/10 red & white handle; SKYLINE (England) $$$.10/10 Stainless steel handle $$.03/09 Knives, Bread Germany $$$.93/10 Japanese; black shaped plastic handle 15" o/a 1" blade w round tip $$.03/09 BURNS stainless; 12.5" o/a; fine serrated sawtooth cutting edge in 5 sections; 1/2 tang; wood grip w 2 brass rivets; VG 2 $$.75/09 $ CROWN, Sheffield, serrated; 1950's black plastic handle $$.06/10 EKCO serrated $$.03/09 MARVO-LINE KARVERMATES (CANADA 1950's); dk. br. w butter- scotch handle; serrated blade; $$.06/10 see also carving knife to match MILLER'S ALLPURPOSE; CRAIG MFG., WINNIPEG (Canada) 1940c; 12.5"; 2pc lt tan plastic grip w name embossed; VG+ $$$.52/10 PREMIER, ENGLAND; finedly serrated blade; 1/2 tang; red- brown bakelite (?) 1-pc handle $$.06/10 U/K, Japan set similar to Wayne 1805/09 set; wood handles $$.06/10 WAYNE, Japan; wood (composite ?) handle 1805 MB serrated $$.03/09 1809 Bread Knife serrated $$.03/09 WAYNE, Japan; wood handle Micro-Edge $$.03/09 Knives, Butcher/Carving/Kitchen (see Knives) MARVO-LINE KARVERMATES (CANADA 1950's); dk. br. w butterscotch handle; serrated blade; meat fork w 1 broken tine $$.06/10 see also bread knife to match Knives, Butter Bone handle, 8"; art nouveau handles; 1920's carved (needs revitalizing); early; set of 6 $$$.00/09 SHEFFIELD matched pair $$$.52/10 A.H.BISBY matched pair $$$.52/10 MUTUAL one only $$.06/10 Bone handle, 8.25" S. OLDALE; VG $$.06/10 Bone handle, 8.5" BRENTLEIGH CUTTLERY; VG $$.06/10 Bone handle, 8.7" PREMIER; broad blade, upswept point; VG/Ex$$.06/10 Ivory/Bone handle; Victorian; BRENTLEIGH; 9.2" VG/Ex $$$.93/10 Ivory/Bone handle; Victorian; FIRTH BREARLEY; 9.2" VG/Ex 3$$$.55/08 Ivory/Bone handle; Victorian; George BUTTLER; 9.75" VG/Ex $$$.93/10 Ivory/Bone handle; Victorian; Frank COBB; 9.75"; heavy cast blade &; squared handle; BG/Ex 2$$$.93/10 Ivory/Bone handle; FIRTH Stainless; 9.2" VG/Ex 1 $$.06/10 Metal, One-piece electroplated; spotty patina & wear on edges & ends; set of 5 $$$.71/10 Metal, two-piece; handles w nice Rococo design w spotty rusting & patina, should clean well; set of 4 $$$.52/10 Butterscotch bakelite handle, dark stained; 9"; pre 1930's$$$.93/10 Ochre bakelite handle; downturned expanding grip; concave sculpted end; STANLEY 1950c; set of 9$ Ex $$$.60/09 Pearlite handle; STAINLESS STEEL 7.7" $$.06/10 Silver plate; large; TORONTO SILVER PLATE CO.; $$.06/10 Wood handle, small, 7" o/a; $$.03/09 Knives, Carving, sets Knives, fork & red box; "DE LUXE CONTMEPO COLLECTION, Made in Canada; Black-brown bakelite handles; 2 carving knives, 6 steak knives to match; Ex, box G/VG $$$$.00/09 Ivory/Bone handled; knife & fork; HIRAM WILD MUTUAL, Sheffield; VG $$$.75/09 JOHN YATES & SONS, SHEFFIELD; stag handled; carving knife, fork & steel in silver-gold fabric-covered wood box; VG $$$.50/09 knives, butterscotch grips (1 downturned & 1 rounded 064/ 065) w matching knife sharpener; JOHN PALMER 1950c $$$.75/09 Carving knife, bread knife, Meat Fork, imitation black staghorn handle, Chromium plated fork, folding "Y" stand; silver plate ferrule; OLD FORCE; 1930's $$$.60/09 Knife & Fork (see also K05-058); Stainless Steel JAPAN 1950's; full tang offset on outside LH of wood grip, impressed w. roses & leaves on stippled background; knife 13" w long tapered bowie form; VG+ $$$.75/09 Knives, Cheese Bone Handle ZENITH; Ex $$$.93/10 Knives, Cheese/Butter spreaders Vegetable handles; set of 4 (Beet, Carrot, Asparagus, Corn)$$$.52/10 Knives, Steak black bakelite rounded handles, gold plated ferrule; GR CUTTLERY; set of 6 in brown 'alligator skin' leatherette hard fold-up case snap closure 1.25x4.25x10.5" w yellow nap-cloth lining; EHP; VG $$$.25/09 Knives, fork & red box; "DE LUXE CONTMEPO COLLECTION, Made in Canada; Black-brown bakelite handles; 2 carving knives, 6 steak knives to match; Ex, box G/VG $$$$.00/09 butterscotch (light) plastic handles; CUTRON; set of 9$ Ex $$$.60/09 CP Air (Canadian Pacific); silver plate $$$.93/10 genuine deerhorn handle $$.06/10 ivory 2-pc grip w 2 brass rivets & brass bolster; 9"; JAPAN 1950's; VG $$.06/10 orange/brown bakelite handles; conical coming to a point (deer-horn shape; CSC Sheffield; 1940's/50's; set of 5 in case; $$$.00/09 orange/brown bakelite handles; (deer-horn shape; GH Sheffield; 1940's/50's; set of 4 $$$.80/09 plastic deerhorn handle, black & ivory; broad .75x5.75" blade; some staining to ferrule; 2.5" Bowie tip; JAPAN 1951c; pair; Ex $$$.52/10 plastic deerhorn handle, black w orange pommel; to match carving knife 061 $$$.93/10 plastic deerhorn handle, orange w black; copper pommel cap; 1950's; set of 3 $$$.80/09 set; 2 carving w dk. br. fibre handles, 3 steak w matching dk. br. bakelite handles; gold plate ferrule; GLO-HILL (Canada); Ex $$$.25/09 wood handle; SAMURAI; set of 6 in original box; c1980 JAPAN; as new $$$.00/09 wood handle; FOR EVER; set of 12 in original box; MADE IN JAPAN, c1970; gift set from J.I.CASE CANADA, T.C. (Terry) HOFF, Metisko; Case Power & Equipment, Provost, Alberta; Ex $$$.50/09 LLL Ladle bent-wire; brass; 9.25" o/a; 2.5" scoop 4 $$.30/09 cast aluminium, 3"x11"; M. in Germany $$$.71/10 cast aluminium 4 1/2" bowl, riveted handle round bar handle w end flattened & hook for hanging. some wear on part of handle. $$$.52/10 cast, silverplated $$$.00/09 pressed aluminium; 8oz measuring cup; CHEMAGRO; 9" handle $$$.71/10 pressed aluminium; 10oz measuring cup; 9.75" handle $$$.50/09 pressed iron/steel; 2.5x13.5" 2 $$$.50/09 pressed iron/steel; 2.75x15"; strainer spoon $$$.50/09 Ladle/spoon rest, PONDEROSA RANCH, Nevada; 9" ceramic w line sketch of ranchhouse, hills & mountains; Ex $$$.52/10 Ladle/spoon rest; crosses fork & spoon above; picture of beets; hand-painted; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.52/10 MMM
Measuring Cups AMWAY; 1.5x2" 3/$$.90/10 Pressed Aluminium; 1/4, 1/3, 1/2; latter slightly dented on base $$$.93/10 set, 3 pc. 1/4, 1/2, 1 cup ceramic; high relief grape cluster w leaves both sides; hobnail border top & bottom; white glaze; small with hairline crack; others all VG with some crazing $$$.71/10 PYREX glass; 1 cup; slight chip to base; VG $$.05/09 Measuring Spoons Aluminium, pressed; scoops; 2pc; 7" o/a in color, 1 gold tsp, red tblsp. $$.03/09 Plastic, white; 1.25ml/1/4 tsp-15ml/1 tblsp; 4pc $$.03/09 Metal, pressed; 1ml-15ml; 5" o/a, Korea; 4 pc $$.03/09 similar; Hong Kong; 3pc $$.03/09 Metal, pressed, stainless; rectangular cup; 1/2-1 tsp; 4 pc EPIC, JAPAN 1960c $$.40/09 Metal scoop, bent rod handle; 1/4 cup; SKYLINE, England $$.06/10 Meat Tenderizer, cast pewter; CHINA; Ex 45-273 $$$.71/10 Meat Tenderizer, metal hatchet/hammer head on wood handle; VG 2 $$9.25/09 Meat Tenderizer, hardwood, dk varnish; 11" as new $$.06/10 faded; metal cap one end; some splitting; shaped handle & head $$$.71/10 handmade 13.5", small thong on handle; 2.5x2.5x3" head w hand-cut teeth; varnished, Ex $$$.71/10 Meatball Press; cast potmetal; Taiwan $$$.52/10 Mixer; HIGH SPEED BEATER, 1940's c.; pressed metal disk drive, hand crank w wood knob; flatiron frame & mixers, wood handle; VG/Ex $$9.00/09 MOULI JOULIENNE set, complete; in original pie-shaped box $$$.25/09 MOULI JOULIENNE only; Ex $$$.93/10 NNN Noodle Cutter, roller, wood handle $$$.10/10 OOO Orange Peeler; IDEX; plastic handle w curved metal arm $$.40/09 PPP Patty Tins, boat-shaped; NUTBROWN, England 1950's; 6 in original display pack; pack F/G; tins Ex 45-067 $$.22/10 Peeler (see Potato Peeler, Vegetable Peeler) Pizza Cutter; wood handle, natural varnished $$$.93/10 varnish worn off $$.75/09 Pot Holders round 6", knitted, X-mas, red & green on white; pair $$$.93/10 Pot Stand (Trivet) Glass, round, 7.7"; Ex; $$$.75/09 Metal, cast pot metal in the shape of bamboo grill; chrome; 7.25x7.25" expandable $$$.52/10 Metal, cast iron, black, 8.5"; fouled anchor over wheel; white ceramic inset w. schooner Bluenose $$$.75/09 Metal, cast iron, yellow; 5x9" w curlique handle; ceramic tile centre, yellow w white edge; large multi-colored child-like flower motif. $$$.75/09 Ratan, woven 7x7"; natural color $$.03/09 7" round; 2 bands of ornate loopwork $$.03/09 Resin cast; 5.75" round; abalone shell on abalone sand; BETTY'S SHELLS, California; Ex $$$.75/09 Sheet metal 6.75x6.75" w open scrollwork edging & inner tile showing KING ARTHUR'S ROUND TABLE, WINCHESTER. Ex.$$$.50/09 (matching wall plaque available) Tile, 4.25x4.25"; green w. floral print; c1951; can be used as a wall plaque $$.06/10 Tile, 4.25x4.25"; blue w white border & flower wallpaper print; set of 4 ea. w seperate animal foregound; Duck, Chicken, pig, cow in white $$$.80/09 Wood, laminated in altern. dk/lt wood; 1x6.2x6.2" turned handle; also used as cutting board; rubber legs; electric element scorch mark on top $$$.52/10 Potato masher heavy bent wire, big wood handle, enamel all worn off; VG+$$$.71/10 heavy bent wire, wood handle, enamel worn; VG $$.06/10 heavy ricer type; bent sheet stainless steel; COOK-PAL; YOSHIKAWA-MONOPRO, JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.00/09 Ricer type; 3.25" antique; pressed steel; some old black paint still visible; rust spot on handle; UNIVERSAL POTATO MASHER $$$.60/09 Potato Baking Rack, wire rack w 8 uprights; about 1930's $$$.80/09 Potato peeler, purple plastic handle in eggplant shape w green leaf cap. $$.06/10 Pots (see also enameled pots, teapots) CANADIANA saucepot; cast; 5.5"; w lid $$.75/09 DURALUM 8.75"; steamer; hammered aluminium; bakelite handles; 1950's Postmodern; ITALY; Ex $$$.60/09 PRESTO COOKER; cast; 1945; 8" $$$.75/09 1945 NATIONAL PRESTO COOKER Receipe Book $$$.71/10 WEAR EVER #4001; 7" w lid $$$.00/09 Probe Mate, for storage of Microwave probe; new on card $$.06/10 QQQ RRR Rack Puller, wood; North Columbia Trading pattended 1905 $$$.25/09 Receipe Box, Betty Crocker; yellow hard plastic; 6x8.5; Ex $$$.93/10 Ricer, cone type; 7x8" w bent stainless steel rod handle & rod e-legged stand $$$.80/09 Ricer, squeeze press type 4" as new $$$.80/09 WEAR EVER cast aluminium $$$.80/09 Rolling Pin, marble; VG/Ex $$$.80/09 Rolling Pin, wood, ornamental; 15.5" m brown w hand painted floral decoration $$.06/10 SSS 12.09.03 Salad Cover, 15" wire mesh dome w. floral raffia embroidery & edge embroidery 1950's; X/mint 2 $$$.25/09 Salad Spoons Amber plastic w bas relief floral motif on stem; shows wear & use; c1952 $$.06/10 Amber plastic; 12"; c1952; Ex $$.06/10 Bamboo, pressed, to match bowls $$.03/09 Cast & polished aluminium; 11" w high relief grape cluster, stem & leaf $$$.50/09 Stainless steel fork & spoon; 8.25" of massives styling; JAPAN 1950's $$$.80/09 Salad Tongs Silver, scissors style; embossed with fern & floral motifs; spatula bottom, openwork clamp upper $$$.75/09 Stainless steel fork & spoon; 9.5"; spring loaded thumb- lever operated tongs; VINERS (Hong Kong) 1960's $$$.52/10 Scissors: FULLER; 8" Kitchen shears w. nut cracker; shows consid. use; 45-064 $$$.97/10 Serving Fork; large 1.5x8.25" cast aluminium; Ex $$.05/09 Spatula Barbeque spatula with large wood handle with HEINZ logo; 1960c $$$.00/09 Pressed stainless flatware, 9"; GLEN PETERSEN CONST. $$.06/10 ANDROCK (Canada) spatula set into squared wooden handle & fixed w nail. 12" $$$.93/10 Spoon Stand Ceramic tower rising from deep saucer base; flared top notched for 4 spoons; surmounted by rooster in yellow, blue, black; some floral designs to tower; JAPAN 1960c; VG $$$.71/10 Spoons Tablespoon; MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN; rich patina; Ex $$$.00/09 Tea Spoons, silver; set of 6 w. enameled cloison of pink rose on white w gold trim in black stone setting; S.P. on steel; JAPAN 1950c.; in original red (cardboard) presentation box; Ex+ $$4.50/09 Spout Maker; clamp style for making spouts on cans. Similar to garlic press; slides over rim & pierces top; squeeze to make spout; KEYES-DAVIS "Spouto"; VG/Ex $$$.75/09 Steamer insert, stainless, for wok; w. folding petals $$$.52/10 Stir set, 4" ceramic tops (carrot, celery), wood fork & scraper$$.06/10 Strainer 1-piece coiled handle & bowl; 9.5" o/a $$$.75/09 Strainer, aluminium w bakelite handle; 5.75" bowl slightly dented as to be expected; cast joint; bakelite handle w small crack; supporting hook for haning on pot edge, 1930's or earlier; rarely found today; VG o/a $$$.80/09 45-230 Strainer, nesting; aluminium w folding wire handle; 7x3" $$$.60/10 Strainer; pot; 3 qt; w pierced base, steel wire & solid bakelite grip; crank masher; FOOD MILL, FOLEY MFG. CO., MPLS., MINN; missing masher retaining nut; VG+ $$$.60/10 Strainer, stainless; 9" crescent w lip to fit over pot mouth; 2-pc bakelite handle w 1 slight crack; 1940's $$$.80/09 Strainer, tea; metal; bent wire handle w. inset plastic red plastic $$.06/10 yellow, pale $$.06/10 Strainer, wire 8.5" dia.; Enameled wood handle; Ex 45-222 $$$.00/10 6" dia.; wood handle; 1920's; Ex $$$.60/10 Strawberry Huller; CLASSIC KITCHEN 1966c; new on original display card 45-076 $$.90/10 Sun-Rype juice box pouring handle $$.06/10 TTT Taco Press, Cast Iron; SULTANA; Made in Mexico; VG/Ex $$$.58/08 Tea egg large, aluminium $$$.93/10 scissor, mesh globe, spring loaded; HONG KONG; rare $$$.75/09 small, as new $$$.93/10 small, rich patina $$$.93/10 small, w. chained cup; rich patina $$$.93/10 small mesh globe $$$.71/10 Tea steamer; egg-shaped tongs; stainless; made in England $$.06/10 Tea Strainer Cup, stainless; for setting on top of cup & pouring water; handle & lid $$$.52/10 Thermometer, meat; attatched to metal plate at top w. cooking temperatures; about 1950's $$.03/09 Toaster Stamper; plastic; c1960 rising sun w 'CHEERS'; white, magnetic; GRAND PRIX; as new in orig pck. 45-075 $$.06/10 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY in heart; ALLIED; as new in orig. pck. $$.06/10 Toaster Tongs; wood, novelty; 7"; functional; w printed name; Ex $$.06/10 Tongs, Toaster; wood, novelty; 7"; functional; printed name; Ex $$.06/10 Tongs, Wood scissors, 11"; scorched on tips $$$.71/10 UUU ULU chopper; 6.5" stainless steel blade; white plastic arc handle; COPCO; Ex+ $$.06/10 Utensil holder; Chef, ceramic; 12"; JAPAN 1960c; some slight cracks & chips - neglegible; Ex $$$.50/09 VVV Vegetable Choppers (see also knives) Glass bowl w spring-return hand-powered chopping blades. ANDROCK; 10"; white plastic top $$$.75/09 ANDROCK; 9"; sand tan plastic top $$$.75/09 ANDROCK; 8.5"; m. brown plastic top; wood chopping block$$$.75/09 Vegetable Peeler & scorer; wood handle w cylinder bent metal; A&J in diamond logo (USA); thick paint, apparently repainted several times now only 60%; some light rust spots; other VG $$$.52/10 WWW Wood Spoons Commercial 14"; shows use $$.06/10 11" split wood 'ladder' handle; 1960c; Ex 45-275 $$.06/10 Hand Made ? 10" bentwood; scorching to tip; Great character $$.06/10 14" rectangular handle; may be unused $$.06/10 Return to Master Directory
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