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Search Heritage Antiques is affiliated with Heritage Consulting and the Mountain Cree Band. We share the facility with the Heritage Consulting Research Center, the Mountain Cree Band Office, and the Mountain Cree/Buffalo Lake Museum. The Museum contains some 5000 native artifacts, some available for sale online, Native Art collection and a Militaria collection. The Mountain Cree also offer a Bed And Breakfast service and local historical/ cultural tours and other local services. For more information click on the box above. The stated prices are MAIL ORDER PRICES and include Sales Taxes. Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Shipping/Handling is included in orders over $100.00. Prices do not include duty to ship to foreign locations. Ordering and Shipping/ Handling UP TO IN STORE Ordering and Shipping/Handling
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------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ AAA Apple Corer wood handle, bent sheet metal; 1950's/60's JAPAN $28.60/19 wood handle, bent sheet metal; 1950's/60's ENGLAND $28.60/19 BBB Basting brush; twisted wire handle; fibre brush, plastic cap 6" $11.65/19 Basting kit; KURADORI 2012; New in Box; Mint $14.30/19 Basting squirter; aluminium 45-271 $28.60/19 sealed in original celophane bag $31.15/19 Bottle Brush, nylon bristles, twisted wire handle, 13" EKCO w original plastic cover; may have been used $17.35/19 Bread Bag, plastic, YE OLDE BAKE SHOPPE (IGA) 1987 (purchased at Hudson's Bay Foods, Ft. Vermilion, AB) $6.20/19 Bread Box; metal, beige, rounded swivel cover; BRABANTIA 1950c; Ex $65.55/19 Bread Box; metal, tan; 6" height; w 3 tins w brown plastic lids; EKCO CANADA LTD.; 1950's $65.55/19 Bread Box; metal, stainless steel Bread Box; wood; roller-top door Bread Knife; wood frame w offset blade to cut slices; in box; with "From Gerald & Brenda X-mas 1983; Ex $8.10/19 Bread Tin BROWNE, CHILE; 4.5x12" corrugated; New 2 $6.00/19 Brush, bristle; wood; 11" $4.00/19 Brush, glassware; 10" black wood handle, twisted wire loop w black bristles & twisted wire/bristle circular tip; paint lightly worn; 1930's/40's; Ex $72.65/19 Bun Warmer; WEST BEND SERVING OVEN; aluminium 9.5" steamer; domed; As New $65.55/19 Bun Warmer, Electric (Wok?), aluminium, 10.5" CHICAGO ELECTRIC/SILEX 1940's; Ex+ $86.30/19 Butter Curler; plastic handle AI-DE-CHEF 1950's in original display card; Ex 45-073 $17.35/19 Butter Dish (see also Butter Dish) Glassware) CCC Cabbage Slicer; plastic, single fixed blade, FAMOS GERATE, German; 1960's; Ex $10.25/19 Cake decorator, aluminium; 5.75" w 3 different tips on original card; original instruction & receipe booklet; c1950; USA $28.60/19 Cake decorator, aluminium; 6"; one tip; Ex $15.00/19 Cake decorator, plastic; 7.5"; EMSA (German) in original box; 1960c; VG++ $28.60/19 CAKE DECORATOR; copper, 8.5"; 1960; Ex $30.35/19 Cake Pan Aluminium; square-impressed base; 10"; eX $8.00/19 Fluted tube pan (Upside-down cake), 10.25"; pressed aluminium; beige, avocado or red; Ex $48.60/19ea Cake spatula/Pie Knife/Pizza; copper sheet, lobate leaf shape w impressed main veins; 6.5" o/a; simple bent flatware handle $39.70/19 modern; black handle $3.00/19 silver plate; ONEIDA "Bridal Wreath"; G/VG $65.55/19 silver plate; J.A.ROGERS 19/10; Ex $16.65/19 teardrop sheet metal, short tang w "ivory"; PIE KNIRE;Ex$39.70/19 teardrop sheet metal, short tang w "trans"; LEONARD; Ex $39.70/19 teardrop sheet metal, short tang w wood handle; paint largely missing, otherwise Ex $39.70/19 Cake Tin, baking; 2.75x5.25"; scorched & well used; Ex 2 $7.50/19 3x7.25"; scorched & well used; Ex 2 $10.00/19 Can Opener corkscrew VAUGHAN, USA; riveted; some minor staining & discoloring $39.70/19 PLUM FLOWER; Hong Kong; 2 rivets, no corkscrew; some rusting $17.35/19 FISH, w. fish logo; 2 rivets, no corkscrew; 99% orig. finish $17.35/19 Tool Steel Tempered, Made in England; no corkscrew; chrome chipped on cutter $17.35/19 pry-cutter type bent metal lever w. opposing hook, pry-puncture lever GOOD COOK; pck of 2; 2017 $3.30/19 ratchet type wood handled; GRAEF & SCHMIDT RIVAL EXTRA; 1930's; In Fromhold family since new; $65.55/19 squeeze type; black plastic grips; c1955 $31.15/19 SWING-A-WAY; stainless; white plastic grips $6.00/19 Top-drive w twist handle. Wood handle & grip; 1950's $31.15/19 wood handle pry-cutter ANDROCK, 7.5" w bottle opener & boxcutter $65.55/19 DAISY CHURN RED TIP; 7"; boxcutter; Ex $65.55/19 hinged foot; 6"; Ex $65.55/19 plain, cast claw w riveted cutter $65.55/19 TOOLSTER 7.5" w bottle opener & boxcutter $65.55/19 Carving Set (see Knives, Carving) Casserole Server (see also Silver) Bentwood 3x7.75"; 3 globe feet; hand-painted apples & leaves; ear handles; 1960's; Ex $31.15/19 Casserole Server; 5.5x11" oval; PYREX glass dish w stamped holder w open laticework band, 4 ball feet & cast ear handles; Ex $71.10/19 Casserole Server; 9x4" w central openwork band; 3 stamped cylinder legs; stamped matching handles; copper lid w wood knob; $36.20/19 Casserole Server; 8.25x16" gold-tone wire frame; wood grips; 1950s $16.00/19 Casserole Server/Fondu Stand/Pot Warmer; 8.25x3" w central openwork band; 3.75" grooved sheet metal S-curved legs joined by matching bars to central candle-holder; flared bakelite 'eared' handles; good bronze color; VG+ $36.20/19 Cheese Cutter cast; 5" cutter w depth-adjustable roller; TAIWAN; Ex $39.70/19 red plastic handle 2 $28.60/19 wood handle; 10"; 10 blades; wire frame; paint chipped TOMADO, HOLLAND $39.70/19 Chopper; see Vegetable Chopper Cleaver all forged metal, stainless $35.75/19 "HANDI KLEEVER"; w bottle-opener, cork-puller & other built-in shapes; wood grip; VG $17.35/19 WI STAINLESS; wood handle; 11"; As New $17.35/19 Colander enameled pressed sheet metal; 9.5"; dk brown; VG+ 2 $39.70/19 pressed aluminium, 8.75"; formed sheet metal handles & legs; Ex $77.15/19 pressed aluminium, 10"; pressed & riveted handles; pedestal base; drain holes arranged in rosettes & star on bottom; RINGS (Hong Kong) 1940's; VG/Ex $77.15/19 pressed aluminium, 10"; pressed & bakelite handles; integral pedestal base; radiating drain holes; star on bottom; 1940's; VG/Ex $77.15/19 pressed aluminium, 10.75"; no handles; pressed base w 5 pressed 'knob' legs; drain holes arranged in arrowheads & star on bottom; no name 1940's; VG/Ex 3 $77.15/19 pressed aluminum; 11"; riveted wire handles; strap legs; star patterned drainage holes; star on bottom; 1940's; VG $65.55/19 pressed galvanized; 9.5"; riveted handles & legs; c1950's; VG+ $65.55/19 pressed stainless; 14"; Ex $10.00/19 Container, MICROWAVE COOKWARE; 9.5"; w lid; Ex $2.00/19 Corer (see Apple Corer) Cutters: Cheese Cutter brown horn handle $28.60/19 cast; 5" cutter w depth-adjustable roller; TAIWAN; Ex $39.70/19 red plastic handle $28.60/19 Corn Cutter; LEE'S Original; 17.5" wood tray w cutter bar; 1950c; as new in original plastic bag w printed cover & instructions on pack. Ex+ $65.55/19 Cookie Cutter JURASSIC PARK Jell-O/Cookie Cutter set in original pk; Ex $17.35/19 metal, round, 3pc 2"-3"; nicely made, bright $25.75/19 metal, round, 2pc 2-3"; nicely made, bright 45-340 $17.15/19 metal, 7pc; 1940's or earlier 45-341 $60.00/19 metal, 3pc; plastic handles $9.00/19 metal, stamped; miscellaneous $8.60/19ea plastic, Tupperware, 2 $11.65/19 roller w wooden handle; 6" wide $31.15/19 roller, plastic handle, interchangeable cutters; WIEL (Hong Kong) 1965c; in original box; $31.15/19 Lemon/Garlic cutter; cast pewter; W. German $31.15/19 Lemon/Garlic Press; cast aluminium; 8"; Ex 45-272 $33.00/19 Lemon Squeezer, plastic, JAY NORRIS 1967c; in original display pk. $17.35/19 Cuttlery; 30 pc. FRENCH HOME LAQUIOLE set; Irish Fisherman Folding lockblade Knife design; full tang; imitation ivory grips; Ex $125/19 Cuttlery; 29 pc. (missing 1 desert fork) SEARS JAPAN set; stamped; 1950c $260/19 Cuttlery; 20 pc.; CHINA; ceramic handles $22.00/19 Cuttlery; 6 dessert forks; BLONDO, AMSTERDAM; in original box; as new $28.60/19 Cuttlery Caddy/Drainer; red-brown plastic $5.00/19 Cuttlery Tray 5 $5.00/19 DDD Dicer; see Vegetable Chopper Dish Pan, Aluminum; bronze-tone; TING-TAI METALWARE, HONG KONG, 1970c; VG+ $66.00/19 Drying Rack Plastic pan $3.00/19 Plastic w tray; white; 2017; new $8.00/19 Wire, ornamental $24.00/19 Wire base; brown $5.00/19 Wire base; white; 2017; new $5.00/19 DONUT MAKE; POPEILL'S; plastic; 1950s; New in Box $36.00/19 Dough Blender; wood grip; EKCO; chrome $8.00/19 EEE ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Electric Bun Warmer (Wok?), aluminium, 10.5" CHICAGO ELECTRIC/ SILEX 1940's; Ex+ $86.30/19 Egg Beater coiled wire loop; wood handle; gold-tan enamel cracked & chipped around base $17.35/19 looped wire handle; coiled bell-shaped beater; 9" $17.35/19 wire; wrapped wire handles; as new; 10", 12" $17.35/19ea wire; miniature; wrapped wire handles 7", 5" $17.35/19ea Egg Poacher 7.5" aluminium pot, 4 egg spaces; VG/Ex $17.35/19 4"; single; wood knob on lid; VG 45-286 $12.55/19 Egg slicer; pressed aluminium; 1950s $10.00/19 Escargot tongs; stainless JAPAN (2) $11.65/19ea FFF Flatware (see also Silverware) Flatware, 1881 ROGERS A1 silverplate (knives of stainless steel); 23 pieces; VG/Ex $1,770/19 Flour Sifter, aluminium, pressed; FOLEY; 1940s $44.30/19 Flour Sifter, tin 2.75x3.5"; as new 2 $28.60/19 3.2x3.5; near new 2 $28.60/19 3.2x3.75"; FAIRGROUND; partial label remaining; near new$28.60/19 3.25x3.7"; Ex $28.60/19 3.5x3"; 250 g; ZENKER $28.60/19 3.5x3; w bent-wire shaker handle; Ex $42.60/19 3.75x5; near new $28.60/19 45-030 3.75x5.25"; ALCAN; w partial label; 1960's; VG $28.60/19 3.75x5.25"; Ex $28.60/19 3.75x5.45"; as new $30.85/19 4x5.25"; 4-cup; as new $33.00/19 4x5.25"; 4-cup; LEVCO, JAPAN; w original label (F/G); Ex+ $40.10/19 4.5x5.5"; 3-cup; GOOD COOK; rotary beater; Ex+ $40.10/19 5x5.5"; crank beater w wood knob; VG $40.10/19 5x5.5"; crank beater w wood knob; ANDROCK 3-screen; yellow w stylized vegetable artwork; VG $44.30/19 5x5.5"; Ex 2 $39.45/19 5x5.5"; orange w vegetable motifs; Ex $40.10/19 BROMWELL'S tin w. rotary beater style cam & wood-knob on crank 5 cup missing handle & rust-spotted $86.30/19 Good condition $105/19 3 cup; paint off wood knob; Ex $86.30/19 Fondu forks, 10.5", wood handles w colored plastic ends; 7 $28.60/19 Fondu pot, hamered aluminium, 8.25x3.1"; pigtail handles; stand w leaf terminals to 4 legs $72.65/19 Fondu Stand/Pot Warmer; 8.25x3" w central openwork band; 3.75" grooved sheet metal S-curved legs joined by matching bars to central candle-holder; flared bakelite 'eared' handles; good bronze color; VG+ $36.20/19 Food Decorator; REGAL 1993; in original pack $5.35/19 Food Glamorizer; KITCHEN MAGICIAN; 1950's; in original pack; pack worn, otherwise Ex $5.35/19 Fork, meat Forks set; 6 cast forks, imitation horn grips, black; in red covered hinged cardboard box (shows wear) w imitation velvet interior backing; 1940c; forks Ex+ $75.85/19 Forks, antique; 3-tyne; miscellaneous $24.70/19ea Forks, antique; 4-tyne, wood handles 5 $24.70/19ea French Bread Warmer, Electric; SALTON; 1950s; NIB $55.00/19 French Fries Press/Potato Chipper VILLA (England); aluminium body, red wood handle; Ex $48.95/19 same, no markings $48.95/19 Frying Pans Aluminium; 9.5"; nesting; wood handle; PORTUGAL; Ex $25.80/19 Stainless; 9.25"; hollow handle; w lid; CHINA; Ex $12.00/19 Stamped Sheet Metal, hollow handle; 6"; Ex $19.25/19 Stamped Sheet Metal, hollow handle; 7.75"; Ex $25.80/19 WEAR EVER; 10"; black bakelite grip & lid knob $48.95/19 GGG Garlic cutter/Lemon cutter; cast pewter; W. German $31.15/19 Garlic/Lemon Press; cast aluminium; 8"; Ex 45-272 $33.00/19 Garlic Press, cast pot metal JAPAN 1960c; 5.8" $31.15/19 TAIWAN 1970c; 5.6", slightly smaller dimensions overall; Ex $31.15/19 TAIWAN 1970c; 7" squared handles & crusher; reversable to perforator $31.15/19 USA? 7"; heavy cast $31.15/19 Garlic Press, stamped metal INOX 18/8 HONG KONG; stainless 7.25" $31.15/19 Grapefruit scoop; 8" wood handle $6.60/19 Grapefruit scraper; 6.5" galvanized tin $6.60/19 Graters, tin (see also Grinders) Arched tin; 4x9"; fine; "Perfect Grater" $48.95/19 Arched tin; 4x9"; fine; "Best Pat." in diamond; Canada $39.70/19 Arched tin; 4x9"; coarse; "Best Pat." in diamond; Canada$39.70/19 Box; tin, handle; 8.5"; GSW, Canada; VG $20.75/19 Box; tin, handle; 9"; BROMCO; VG $23.00/19 Grater/Potato peeler combo, 5", tapered end $28.60/19 Plastic edged, wood handle one end; arched; fine; 2x10" $39.70/19 Wire framed, handle one end; coarse grater/cutter; 4x9" USA $39.70/19 Wire framed, handle one end; coarse, FELS-NAPTHA SOAP; 4x9" $39.70/19 Wire framed, handle 2 ends, arched; coarse/fine/cutter; 4.5x10.5"; MARS; Ex $41.25/19 Wire framed, handle 2 ends, arched; fine; 4x9"; USA $39.70/19 Wire framed, handle 2 ends, boxed shape; coarse; 4.75x12 Ex $41.25/19 Wood handle; 9.75"; ANDROCK; paint worn off handle $17.35/19 Wood handle; 9.75"; BONNY, CANADA $17.35/19 Gravy Ladle, ceramic, oval - similar to Gravy Boat, with handle; 'No-Drip Gravy Seperator'; vegetables hand-painted interior; JAPAN 1960c; Ex 3 $31.15/19 Grease container; aluminim; w strainer; gold top; 4"; HONG KONG; 1950s; Ex $31.15/19 Grinder, Nut Hand-held, 7.5" pressed tin; clamp lid; side crank; MOULI GRATER; VG/Ex $48.95/19 Grinder, Nut; glass base, plastic upper ANDROCK, Made in Canada $48.95/19 HHH Hamburger Press; Wood 5.75" round; 1950's Avant Garde type chef figure painted on top $28.60/19 woman w apron painted on top $25.95/19 Handle, for CORNINGWARE pots; clamp-on removeable Bakelite w twist-loosen end 3 $39.70/19 Handle, for PYREX pots; clamp-on removeable Bent Wire $39.70/19 Glass $39.70/19 Hot Water Kettle Aluminium; bakelite handle & whistle spout tip; 1930; Ex$59.05/19 Copper, hammered; ceramic handles & knobs; whistle cap to spout; 7.75"; Ex 2 $59.05/19 SUPREME ALUMINIUM (Canada) 8"; black bakelite handle on top ; top dented; 1940c; overall F/G $28.60/19 SUPREME ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIES LTD. MADE IN CANADA 1467-7PT; hinged handle w. black bakelite grip & lid knob; 1940's; for kitchen wood stove; Ex $48.95/19 SUPREME ALUMINIUM (Canada) 1940c; 10"; black bakelite handle & lid knob; bottom rounded to fit in wood stove; Ex $59.05/19 Stainless; chromed plastic whistle; Postmodern 1950c; bent stainless steel rod handle, glass lid w loop ring handle; VG $28.60/19
III ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ice Cube Crusher, cast pot-metal; CRUSH-A-CUBE; Japan c1952; one tooth broken $28.60/19 Icing Set, aluminium w. plastic ends; CHIMO, on original display card $31.15/19 Icing Set; aluminium; TALA; 1950c; in original box; Ex $35.00/19 JJJ Jello mold Aluminium, round 6.5"x4" faceted Aluminium, fish, 5.5 cups, 8.5x12" arched; Ex $17.35/19 Holly leaves & berries; plastic; 4x7.5x12" $17.35/19 round 2.2x6.25", plastic w lid from PRESER'S Peach Parfait $11.65/19 Juicer aluminium press; WEAR EVER $125/19 amber glass; 5"; faceted sides; chip (neglegible) on edge; obvious wear to tip $65.55/19 glass, 5.5"; Ex $28.60/19 glass, 5x8", elongated to pouring spout $38.95/19 glass, 6.25"; one chip on rim 2 $28.60/19 milk glass, 5.5"; SUNKIST; finger-loop; Ex+ $240/19 pressed aluminium 8" $65.55/19 pressed aluminium 4" w 4" handle $48.95/19ea FOLEY (U.S.) Hong Kong Unmarked KKK Kettle, Hot water (see Hot Water Kettle) Kettle, brass, 6" dia; thick; amber glass handle; 3 legs;Ex$59.05/19 Kettle, Enamel; 15x7.25"; 1960's $48.95/19 Kitchen sink Basket Strainer 2107C CHICAGO SPECIALTY; new in box $120/19 Kitchen Miscellaneous (see also Can Openers; Bottle Openers; Tupperware) Knife sharpener; opposed carborundum disks in notched metal frame Plastic frame handle; TRAVCO SHARPIE; 1950s $31.15/19 Stainless steel handle $11.65/19 wooden handle (painted beige); ITALY; G/VG $31.15/19 tan handle; CHALLENGE (England); 1950s; Ex $31.15/19 older, red handle; ROTARY (England); 1940c $31.15/19 older, tan handle; SKYLINE (England); 1940c $31.15/19 older, darkly patinated wood; DUBL-A (USA); c1930s $39.70/19 red & white handle; SKYLINE (England) $25.95/19 Knives, Bread Germany $28.60/19 Japanese; black shaped plastic handle 15" o/a 1" blade w round tip $11.65/19 BURNS stainless; 12.5" o/a; fine serrated sawtooth cutting edge in 5 sections; 1/2 tang; wood grip w 2 brass rivets; VG 2 $23.00/19 $ CROWN, Sheffield, serrated; 1950's black plastic handle $17.35/19 EKCO serrated 2 $11.65/19 MARVO-LINE KARVERMATES (CANADA 1950's); dk. br. w butter- scotch handle; serrated blade; $17.35/19 see also carving knife to match MILLER'S ALLPURPOSE; CRAIG MFG., WINNIPEG (Canada) 1940c; 12.5"; 2pc lt tan plastic grip w name embossed; serrated blade; VG+ $31.15/19 MILLER'S ALLPURPOSE; CRAIG MFG., WINNIPEG (Canada) 1940c; 12.5"; 2pc lt tan plastic grip w name embossed; serrated blade; heat-deformed grip; VG+ $20.75/19 PREMIER, ENGLAND; finedly serrated blade; 1/2 tang; red-brown bakelite (?) 1-pc handle $17.35/19 U/K, Japan set similar to Wayne 1805/09 set; wood handles $17.35/19 WAYNE, Japan; wood (composite ?) handle 1805 MB serrated $11.65/19 1809 Bread Knife serrated $11.65/19 WAYNE, Japan; wood handle Micro-Edge $11.65/19 Knives, Butcher/Carving/Kitchen MARVO-LINE KARVERMATES (CANADA 1950's); dk. br. w butterscotch handle; serrated blade; meat fork w 1 broken tine $17.35/19 see also bread knife to match MARVO KARVERMATES (CANADA 1950s) redbrown bakelite handle $10.00/19 Knives, Butter Bamboo Handle; 7"; VG $5.00/19 Bone handle, 8"; art nouveau handles; 1920's carved (needs revitalizing); early; set of 6 $155/19 SHEFFIELD matched pair $31.15/19 A.H.BISBY matched pair $31.15/19 MUTUAL one only $17.35/19 Bone handle, 8.25" S. OLDALE; VG $17.35/19 Bone handle, 8.5" BRENTLEIGH CUTTLERY; VG $17.35/19 Bone handle, 8.7" PREMIER; broad blade, upswept point; VG/Ex $17.35/19 Ivory/Bone handle; Victorian; SWAYNLESS; 8"; set of 5; Ex $145/19 Ivory/Bone handle; Victorian; BRENTLEIGH; 9.2" VG/Ex $28.60/19 Ivory/Bone handle; Victorian; FIRTH BREARLEY; 9.2" VG/Ex 3$28.60/19 Ivory/Bone handle; Victorian; George BUTTLER; 9.75" VG/Ex $28.60/19 Ivory/Bone handle; Victorian; Frank COBB; 9.75"; heavy cast blade &; squared handle; BG/Ex 2 $28.60/19 Ivory/Bone handle; FIRTH Stainless; 9.2" VG/Ex 1 $17.35/19 Metal, One-piece electroplated; spotty patina & wear on edges & ends; set of 5 $39.70/19 Metal, two-piece; handles w nice Rococo design w spotty rusting & patina, should clean well; set of 4 $31.15/19 Butterscotch bakelite handle, dark stained; 9"; pre 1930's $28.60/19 Ochre bakelite handle; downturned expanding grip; concave sculpted end; STANLEY 1950c; set of 9$ Ex $86.30/19 Pearlite handle; STAINLESS STEEL 7.7" $17.35/19 Silver plate; large; TORONTO SILVER PLATE CO.; $17.35/19 Wood handle, small, 7" o/a; $11.65/19 Knives, Carving Stag handle; EL DORADO, DICKINSON; 14"; Ex $15.00/19 Knives, Carving, sets Knives, fork & red box; "DE LUXE CONTEMPO COLLECTION, Made in Canada; Black-brown bakelite handles; 2 carving knives, 6 steak knives to match; Ex, box G/VG $240/19 Ivory/Bone handled; knife & fork; HIRAM WILD MUTUAL, Sheffield; VG $48.95/19 Ivory/Bone handled; knife, fork, steel; M. BERNARD & CO. Sheffield; VG+ $72.00/19 JOHN YATES & SONS, SHEFFIELD; stag handled; carving knife, fork & steel in silver-gold fabric-covered wood box; VG $200/19 Knife & Fork (see also K05-058); Stainless Steel JAPAN 1950's; full tang offset on outside LH of wood grip, impressed w. roses & leaves on stippled background; knife 13" w long tapered bowie form; VG+ $48.95/19 Knife, Fork, Sharpener; in wood presentation box; souvenier of PONOKA (AB); Near New $48.95/19 Knife, Fork, Sharpener; butterscotch grips; DURACUT, M. BERNARD & Co.; red Moroccan Leather presentation case; G+ $48.95/19 Knives, butterscotch grips (1 downturned & 1 rounded 064/ 065) w matching knife sharpener; JOHN PALMER 1950c $72.65/19 Knives, pair; case (fair/good); GH MARVO CARVERMATES $72.65/19 Knives, pair; horn handled; CUTRAU, CANADA; Stainless $48.95/19 Carving knife, bread knife, Meat Fork; black plastic handle; gold-tone ferule; GH CANADA on backing; Ex $20.00/19 Carving knife, bread knife, Meat Fork, imitation black staghorn handle, Chromium plated fork, folding "Y" stand; silver plate ferrule; OLD FORCE; 1930's $86.30/19 45-548 Carving set: knife, bread knife, carving fork; black bakelike imitation horn grips; 1920's $86.30/19 SOUTHERN & RICHARDSON; staghorn; knife, fork; Ex $48.95/19 WESTENHOLME knife, fork, sharpener & case; England; G $200/19 Knives, Cheese Bone Handle ZENITH; Ex $28.60/19 Cast high relief metal; 1930c; VG+ $14.00/19 Holstein Cow handle $9.70/19 Wood Handle, horsehead; shop made; vintage $9.70/19 Knives, Cheese/Butter spreaders Military handles; set of 3 $26.00/19 Vegetable handles; set of 4 (Beet, Carrot, Asparagus, Corn) $31.15/19 Knives, (Collectable) Knives, (Collectable, Native) Knives, Steak black bakelite rounded handles, gold plated ferrule; GR CUTTLERY; set of 6 in brown 'alligator skin' leatherette hard fold-up case snap closure 1.25x4.25x10.5" w yellow nap-cloth lining; EHP 1950s; VG $120/19 Brown "antique bone" handles; BURNS PAN-AMEX, NIAGRA FALLS CANADA; set of 6 in brown "alligator skin' leatherette hard fuld-up case snap closure 1.25x4.25x10.5" w red plastic lininh; 1950s; Near New$120/19 Knives, fork & red box; "DE LUXE CONTMEPO COLLECTION, Made in Canada; Black-brown bakelite handles; 2 carving knives, 6 steak knives to match; Ex, box G/VG $240/19 butterscotch (light) plastic handles; CUTRON; set of 9Ex$86.30/19 CP Air (Canadian Pacific); silver plate $28.60/19 genuine deerhorn handle $17.35/19 ivory 2-pc grip w 2 brass rivets & brass bolster; 9"; JAPAN 1950's; VG $17.35/19 orange/brown bakelite handles; conical coming to a point (deer-horn shape; CSC Sheffield; 1940's/50's; set of 5 in case; $95.00/19 orange/brown bakelite handles; (deer-horn shape; GH Sheffield; 1940's/50's; set of 4 $65.55/19 plastic deerhorn handle, black & ivory; broad .75x5.75" blade; some staining to ferrule; 2.5" Bowie tip; JAPAN 1951c; pair; Ex $31.15/19 plastic deerhorn handle, black w orange pommel; to match carving knife 061 $28.60/19 plastic deerhorn handle, orange w black; copper pommel cap; 1950's; set of 3 $65.55/19 set; 2 carving w dk. br. fibre handles, 3 steak w matching dk. br. bakelite handles; gold plate ferrule; GLO-HILL (Canada); Ex $105/19 wood handle; SAMURAI; set of 6 in original box; c1980 JAPAN; as new $95.00/19 wood handle; FOR EVER; set of 12 in original box; MADE IN JAPAN, c1970; gift set from J.I.CASE CANADA, T.C. (Terry) HOFF, Metisko; Case Power & Equipment, Provost, Alberta; Ex $195/19 Knives, Wedding set; cake knife & spatula; pearlite handles; engraved blade; COX $15.00/19
LLL Ladle aluminium cup w bent wire & wood handle; 1930's; VG $48.75/19 bent-wire; brass; 9.25" o/a; 2.5" scoop 4 $8.75/19 cast aluminium, 3x7"; Germany $39.70/19 cast aluminium, 3x11"; M. in Germany $39.70/19 cast aluminium 4.5" bowl, riveted handle round bar handle w end flattened & hook for hanging. some wear on part of handle. $31.15/19 cast aluminium; WILESCO, Germany; c1912-1919; Ex $48.75/19 cast pewter WESTMARK PICO BELLO 16/2; Ex $48.75/19 cast, silverplated $80.80/19 plastic handle, black; MADE IN ENGLAND $4.40/19 plastic handle, white; 1970s; JAPAN $4.40/19 pressed aluminium; 8oz measuring cup; CHEMAGRO; 9" handle $39.70/19 pressed aluminium; 10oz measuring cup; 9.75" handle $41.25/19 with Zellers (now defunct) label $41.25/19 pressed iron/steel; 2.5x13.5" 2 $41.25/19 pressed iron/steel; 2.75x15"; strainer spoon $41.25/19 pressed iron/steel; 3.5x14"; 6 oz.; JAPAN; Ex $41.25/19 pressed iron/steel; 4x15.5"; 8 oz.; CASSIDY'S SS; KOREA; Ex $41.25/19 pressed stainless; 3.6x14.75"; 6 oz; VOLLRATH, KOREA; Ex$41.25/19 stainless Steel; 1.75x10.5"; 1 oz; CB JAPAN; Ex $31.15/19 Stainless steel; 11"; wood grip; FLINT; ex $6.00/19 Ladle/spoon rest, PONDEROSA RANCH, Nevada; 9" ceramic w line sketch of ranchhouse, hills & mountains; Ex $31.15/19 crossed fork & spoon above; picture of beets; hand- painted; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $31.15/19 Apple pic.; 8"; $2.60/19 Asparagus Cluster; 7.25"; CERAMICS OF JAPAN KNOBLER; $8.60/19 Grape Cluster; 8.5"; JAPAN/ZELLERS $16.00/19 Melmac w BREAKUP Camo pattern $2.60/19 Lemon/Garlic cutter; cast pewter; W. German $31.15/19 Lemon/Garlic Press; cast aluminium; 8"; Ex 45-272 $33.00/19 Lemon Squeezer glass, DIAMOND D; 4.5"; chipped $5.00/19 plastic, JAY NORRIS 1967c; in original display pk. $17.35/19 Loaf Pans; Microwave & Conventional Oven; reuseable; set of 4; BETTY CROCKER/NORDICWARE; in original pack; Ex $12.85/19 MMM Marinade Injector; SHORE LUNCH; 2014; new in pck $5.90/19 Masher Tool; JOKAI, 2017; NIP $12.00/20 Measuring Cups AMWAY; 1.5x2" 3/$6.20/19 Pressed Aluminium; 1/4, 1/3, 1/2; latter slightly dented on base $28.60/19 Pressed Aluminium; 1/2, 1, 1 1/2; 2; VG+ $39.70/19 set, 3 pc. 1/4, 1/2, 1 cup ceramic; high relief grape cluster w leaves both sides; hobnail border top & bottom; white glaze; small with hairline crack; others all VG with some crazing $39.70/19 PYREX glass; 1 cup; slight chip to base; VG $16.40/19 PYREX glass; 2 cups; 100 Aniversary 1915-2015 $10.00/19 PYREX glass; 4 cups 2 $25.00/19 TUPPERWARE; 1/3 - 1 CUP stacking; white $5.00/19 Measuring Set NORDICWARE KIDS, cup & spoon (whale & diver), plastic 2013; new on card $8.10/19 Measuring Spoons Aluminium, pressed; scoops; 2pc; 7" o/a in color, 1 gold tsp, red tblsp. $11.65/19 Plastic, white; 1.25ml/1/4 tsp-15ml/1 tblsp; 4pc $11.65/19 Metal, pressed; 1ml-15ml; 5" o/a, Korea; 4 pc $11.65/19 similar; Hong Kong; 3pc $11.65/19 Metal, pressed, stainless; rectangular cup; 1/2-1 tsp; 4 pc EPIC, JAPAN 1960c $10.35/19 Metal scoop, bent rod handle; 1/4 cup; SKYLINE, England $17.35/19 Meat Tenderizer, cast pewter; CHINA; Ex 45-273 $39.70/19 Meat Tenderizer, metal hatchet/hammer head on wood handle; VG 2 $68.40/19 Meat Tenderizer, cast iron; tenderizer w pick; Ex $26.55/19 Meat Tenderizer, hardwood, dk varnish; 11" as new $17.35/19 dk varnish; 11"; country craft hand decorated; as new $17.35/19 faded; 11" $17.35/19 faded; metal cap one end; some splitting; shaped handle & head $39.70/19 handmade 13.5", small thong on handle; 2.5x2.5x3" head w hand-cut teeth; varnished, Ex $39.70/19 Meatball Press; cast potmetal; Taiwan 2 $31.15/19 Mixer; HIGH SPEED BEATER, 1940's c.; pressed metal disk drive, hand crank w wood knob; flatiron frame & mixers, wood handle; VG/Ex $45.85/19 MOULI JOULIENNE set, complete; in original pie-shaped box $120/19 MOULI JOULIENNE only; Ex $28.60/19 NNN Noodle Cutter, roller, wood handle $25.95/19 OOO Onion Slicing Guide; wood grip w tines $6.90/19 Orange Peeler; IDEX; plastic handle w curved metal arm $10.35/19 Oven Bag; LOOK; in original pack $4.30/19 PPP Paddle, Wood, Grooved; Ex $17.70/19 Pan, Sauce see Pots Patterns Patty Tins, boat-shaped; NUTBROWN, England 1950's; 6 in original display pack; pack F/G; tins Ex 45-067 $6.90/19 Peeler (see Orange Peeler, Potato Peeler, Vegetable Peeler) Pie Cutter; circular plexiglass w segment blades; plexiglass handle w rubber grips; Ex $8.00/19 Pitcher, aluminium, stamped, urn-shaped; 8"; repaired $15.95/19 Pizza Cutter; wood handle, natural varnished $28.60/19 varnish worn off $23.00/19 Pot, enamel, lt. brown; 2qt; w lid; VG++ $31.15/19 Pot Holders round 6", knitted, X-mas, red & green on white; pair $28.60/19 Pot Stand (Trivet) Earthenware; 5.75x8" rounded ends; fruit & cheese impressed decotations; 1980s; as new $15.00/19 Glass, round, 7.7"; Ex; $48.95/19 MELAMINE; cutting board $3.00/19 Metal, cast pot metal in the shape of bamboo grill; chrome; 7.25x7.25" expandable $31.15/19 Metal, cast iron, black, 8.5"; fouled anchor over wheel; white ceramic inset w. schooner Bluenose $48.95/19 Metal, cast iron, yellow; 5x9" w curlique handle; ceramic tile centre, yellow w white edge; large multi-colored child-like flower motif. $48.95/19 Ratan, woven 6.5" ornate loopwork ; 1960s; JF/72/CGY $11.65/19 7x7"; natural color $11.65/19 7" round; 2 bands of ornate loopwork $11.65/19 Resin cast; 5.75" round; abalone shell on abalone sand; BETTY'S SHELLS, California; Ex $48.95/19 Resin cast; 7.75x7.75"; grains in 5 partitions w wood slat dividers; VG $48.95/19 Sheet metal 6.75x6.75" w open scrollwork edging & inner tile showing KING ARTHUR'S ROUND TABLE, WINCHESTER. Ex. $27.15/19 (matching wall plaque available) Shell; 9.25"; VG $12.00/19 Tile, 4.25x4.25"; green w. floral print; c1951; can be used as a wall plaque $17.35/19 Tile, 4.25x4.25"; blue w white border & flower wallpaper print; set of 4 ea. w seperate animal foregound; Duck, Chicken, pig, cow in white $65.55/19 Tin on cork; lunch still life scene; 6.5x6.5"; VG $6.00/19 Wood, laminated in altern. dk/lt wood; 1x6.2x6.2" turned handle; also used as cutting board; rubber legs; electric element scorch mark on top $31.15/19 Potato masher (see also Masher) Bent wire "ulu" style; ANDROCK; wooden grip $12.00/19 Bent wire "ulu" style; ANDROCK; plastic grip, red/wht. $12.00/19 heavy bent wire, big wood handle, enamel all worn off; VG+ $39.70/19 heavy bent wire, wood handle, enamel worn; VG 2 $17.35/19 heavy ricer type; bent sheet stainless steel; COOK-PAL; YOSHIKAWA-MONOPRO, JAPAN 1960c; Ex $45.85/19 Ricer type; 3.25" antique; pressed steel; some old black paint still visible; rust spot on handle; UNIVERSAL POTATO MASHER $86.30/19 Ricer type; 3.75" antique; pressed steel; red paint $86.30/19 Potato Baking Rack, wire rack w 8 uprights; about 1930's $65.55/19 Potato peeler shop-made; sheet iron w dowel handle; hand-formed cutter $18.50/19 purple plastic handle in eggplant shape w green leaf cap$17.35/19 Pots (see also enameled pots, teapots) aluminium; 4x1.75" $4.00/19 aluminium; 6x5.6" nesting; w lid $5.50/19 aluminium; 6.5" w lid; ALUMINIUM/WEAREVER $23.00/19 CANADIANA saucepot; cast; 5.5"; w lid $23.00/19 DURALUM 8.75"; steamer; hammered aluminium; bakelite handles; 1950's Postmodern; ITALY; Ex $86.30/19 DURO ALUMINIUM WATERLESS COOKER; with booklet; 1950c; Ex $120.00/19 PRESTO COOKER; cast; 1945; 8" $72.65/19 1945 NATIONAL PRESTO COOKER Receipe Book $39.70/19 PYREX greenware glass; 5" & 6" w lids; set $30.00/19 Saucepan, 4.75"; CHEF BOY, Hong Kong; spun aluminim w wood handle; Ex $14.50/19 Saucepan, 7"; MIPPO; lid; bakelite handle & knob; Ex $23.00/19 Saucepan, 7.25"; lid; bakelite handles; ITALY; VG $23.00/19 Stainless; 1/2 qt; Ex $5.00/19 Stainless; CAP CANADA; 1 qt; Ex $10.00/19 Steamer, spun aluminium; 9.5" pot & lid; bakelite knob & handle; low relief leaf band; steaming tray; 1930's; VG $95.00/19 Steamer, hammered aluminium; 10" pot & lid; bakelite knob & handle; steaming tray; 1930's; VG $95.00/19 T-FAL ARMARAL 2 qt w lid; Ex $22.00/19 3 qt w lid; Ex $35.00/19 WEAR EVER steamer/coffee maker; 6" two-pot stacking set; w lid $56.60/19 WEAR EVER #712; 7"; SUPREME ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIES; vg $22.00/19 WEAR EVER #982; 5.5"; 2 $26.40/19 WEAR EVER #4001; 7"; 1 qt. w lid 3 $28.45/19 WEAR EVER 8.5"; 5 qt. w. lid 2 $56.60/19 WEAR EVER 12.5"; 5 qt. w. lid $83.00/19 Probe Mate, for storage of Microwave probe; new on card $17.35/19 QQQ RRR Rack Puller, wood; North Columbia Trading pattended 1905 $105/19 Receipe Box, Betty Crocker; yellow hard plastic; 6x8.5; Ex $28.60/19 Ricer, cone type; 7x8" w bent stainless steel rod handle & rod e-legged stand $65.55/19 Ricer pounder, wood $20.75/19 Ricer, squeeze press type 4" as new $65.55/19 WEAR EVER cast aluminium $65.55/19 Roast Holder Aluminium; New in Box; with old WOODWARDS lable & price (.75c). $20.00/19 Aluminium; no box $15.00/19 Plastic; DOLLARAMA; 2017 $3.00/19 Rolling Pin, marble; VG/Ex $65.55/19 Rolling Pin, wood, ornamental; 15.5" m brown w hand painted floral decoration $17.35/19 SSS 12.09.03 Salad Cover, 15" wire mesh dome w. floral raffia embroidery & edge embroidery 1950's; X/mint 2 $77.15/19 Salad Spoons Amber plastic w bas relief floral motif on stem; shows wear & use; c1952 $17.35/19 Amber plastic; 12"; c1952; Ex $17.35/19 Bamboo, pressed, to match bowls $11.65/19 Cast & polished aluminium; 11" w high relief grape cluster, stem & leaf $34.40/19 Stainless steel fork & spoon; 8.25" of massives styling; JAPAN 1950's $65.55/19 Wood, hand carved; BARIBOCRAFT $34.40/19 Wood, hand carved; Giraffe; African; Ironwood; VG $13.30/19 Wood, hand carved; country craft hand deco.; pheasant $17.35/19 Salad Tongs Silver, scissors style; embossed with fern & floral motifs; spatula bottom, openwork clamp upper $72.65/19 Stainless steel fork & spoon; 9.5"; spring loaded thumb- lever operated tongs; VINERS (Hong Kong) 1960's $31.15/19 Scissors: FULLER; 8" Kitchen shears w. nut cracker; shows consid. use; 45-064 $34.40/19 Scraper; wood grip; flexible metal T; MADE IN CANADA; vintage; Ex $14.50/19 Serving Fork; large 1.5x8.25" cast aluminium; Ex $16.40/19 Sink Basket Strainer 2107C CHICAGO SPECIALTY; new in box $120/19 Spaghetti Tongs, plastic; white $3.30/19 Spatula A&J; wood handle $7.70/19 AMERICAN MAID; wood handle $7.70/19 ANDROCK (Canada) spatula set into squared wooden handle & fixed w nail. 12" $28.60/19 Barbeque spatula with large wood handle with HEINZ logo; 1960c $28.45/19 Plastic, beige; 1980s; Canadian made $4.40/19 plastic handle, white; 1970s; JAPAN $4.40/19 Pressed stainless flatware, 9"; GLEN PETERSEN CONST. $17.35/19 Wood; flat; angled face; $14.65/19 Spiral Slicer; ACME/KRAZEE-DAZE; c1940; in original box $14.20/19 Spoon Stand (see also Ladle/Spoon Rest) Ceramic tower rising from deep saucer base; flared top notched for 4 spoons; surmounted by rooster in yellow, blue, black; some floral designs to tower; JAPAN 1960c; VG $39.70/19 Spoons Ice Cream Float; JR, JAPAN, 1960's; set of 4 $17.15/19 Tablespoon; MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN; rich patina; Ex $28.45/19 Tea Spoons, silver; set of 6 w. enameled cloison of pink rose on white w gold trim in black stone setting; S.P. on steel; JAPAN 1950c.; in original red (cardboard) presentation box; Ex+ $155/19 Tea Spoons; set of 4; w cast grape-cluster handles; silver plated; CHINA; in original box; Mint $26.40/19 Spoon, stirring, 10" hand-carved, flat; JF/98; used; Ex $16.55/19 Spoon, stirring, 15" natural wood burl; hand carved; Ex $14.65/19 Spoon, stirring; 15.5" cast aluminium $23.45/19 Spoon; wood $2.20/19 Spout Maker; clamp style for making spouts on cans. Similar to garlic press; slides over rim & pierces top; squeeze to make spout; KEYES-DAVIS "Spouto"; VG/Ex $48.95/19 Steamer, DURALUM 8.75"; steamer; hammered aluminium; bakelite handles; 1950's Postmodern; ITALY; Ex $86.30/19 Steamer, hammered aluminium; 10" pot & lid; bakelite knob & handle; steaming tray; 1930's; VG $95.00/19 Steamer insert, stainless, for wok; w. folding petals $31.15/19 parts; dismanteled $6.00/19 Stir set, 4" ceramic tops (carrot, celery), wood fork & scraper $17.35/19 Stove-Top burner covers; set of 4 HOME ESSENTIALS 1997; new in original package $16.55/19 1990 JF/90/FV; new in pack $16.55/19 Strainer 1-piece brass wire coiled handle & bowl; 5.5" o/a $48.95/19 1-piece wire coiled handle & bowl; 9.5" o/a $48.95/19 Strainer, aluminium w bakelite handle; 5.75" bowl slightly dented as to be expected; cast joint; bakelite handle w small crack; supporting hook for haning on pot edge, 1930's or earlier; rarely found today; VG o/a $77.15/19 45-230 Strainer, nesting; aluminium w folding wire handle; 7x3" $38.15/19 Strainer; pot; 3 qt; w pierced base, steel wire & solid bakelite grip; crank masher; FOOD MILL, FOLEY MFG. CO., MPLS., MINN; missing masher retaining nut; VG+ $38.15/19 Strainer, stainless; 9" crescent w lip to fit over pot mouth; 2-pc bakelite handle w 1 slight crack; 1940's $65.55/19 Strainer, stainless; 9" crescent w lip to fit over pot mouth; 1-pc bakelite handle; 1940's $65.55/19 Strainer, tea; metal; bent wire handle w. inset plastic red plastic $17.35/19 yellow, pale $17.35/19 Strainer, wire 8.5" dia.; Enameled wood handle; Ex 45-222 $40.85/19 6" dia.; wood handle; 1920's; Ex $38.15/19 Strawberry Huller; CLASSIC KITCHEN 1966c; new on original display card 45-076 $6.20/19 Sun-Rype juice box pouring handle $17.35/19 TTT Taco Press, Cast Iron; SULTANA; Made in Mexico; VG/Ex $130/19 Tea egg large, aluminium 2 $28.60/19 scissor, mesh globe, spring loaded; HONG KONG; rare $48.95/19 small, as new $28.60/19 small, rich patina $28.60/19 small, w. chained cup; rich patina $28.60/19 small mesh globe $39.70/19 Tea steamer; egg-shaped tongs; stainless; made in England $17.35/19 Tea Strainer Bathtub style, pressed stainlesss $17.35/19 Brass wire, 9" $10.75/19 1-piece brass wire coiled handle & bowl; 5.5" o/a $48.95/19 1-piece wire coiled handle & bowl; 9.5" o/a $48.95/19 Cup, stainless; for setting on top of cup & pouring water; handle & lid $31.15/19 Thermometer, meat; attatched to metal plate at top w. cooking temperatures; about 1950's $11.65/19 Toaster; side-opening $33.00/19 Toaster; Darth Vader head; As New; 2016 $140/19 Toaster Stamper; plastic; c1960 rising sun w 'CHEERS'; white, magnetic; GRAND PRIX; as new in orig pck. 45-075 $17.35/19 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY in heart; ALLIED; as new in orig. pk. $17.35/19 Toaster Tongs; wood, novelty; 7"; functional; w printed name; Ex $17.35/19 Tongs, angle; metal wire; CHINA; New $2.20/19 Tongs, Toaster; wood, novelty; 7"; functional; printed name; Ex $17.35/19 Tongs, Wood scissors, 11"; scorched on tips $39.70/19 Tortilla Press; cast; SULTANA, MEXICO $90.00/19 Trivet (see Pot Stand) UUU ULU chopper; 6.5" stainless steel blade; white plastic arc handle; COPCO; Ex+ $17.35/19 ULU chopper; 5" metal blade in wood handle; plain $12.00/19 ULU chopper; 4" stainless steel blade; black handle SAMMONS PRESTON PATTERSON; new $60.50/19 Utensil holder; Chef, ceramic; 12"; JAPAN 1960c; some slight cracks & chips - neglegible; Ex $155/19 Utensil set; plastic; orange; ladle, spoon, sieve spoon $3.00/19 VVV Vegetable Choppers (see also knives) Glass bowl w spring-return hand-powered chopping blades. ANDROCK; 10"; white plastic top $48.95/19 ANDROCK; 9"; sand tan plastic top $48.95/19 ANDROCK; 8.5"; m. brown plastic top; wood chopping block $48.95/19 GEMCO; 8"; beige plastic top; $48.95/19 HOME & GIFT; 9.5"; beige; as new $5.50/20 ZYLISS; 9.75"; white; plastic; as new $5.50/20 Vegetable Peeler & scorer; wood handle w cylinder bent metal; A&J in diamond logo (USA); thick paint, apparently repainted several times now only 60%; some light rust spots; other VG $31.15/19 WWW Wood Spoons Commercial 14"; shows use $17.35/19 11" split wood 'ladder' handle; 1960c; Ex 45-275 $17.35/19 Hand Made ? 10" bentwood; scorching to tip; Great character $17.35/19 14" rectangular handle; may be unused $17.35/19 Return to Master Directory

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