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Search Heritage Antiques is affiliated with Heritage Consulting and the Mountain Cree Band. We share the facility with the Heritage Consulting Research Center, the Mountain Cree Band Office, and the Mountain Cree/Buffalo Lake Museum. The Museum contains some 5000 native artifacts, some available for sale online, Native Art collection and a Militaria collection. The Mountain Cree also offer a Bed And Breakfast service and local historical/ cultural tours and other local services. For more information click on the box above. The stated prices are MAIL ORDER PRICES and include Sales Taxes. Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Shipping/Handling is included in orders over $100.00. Prices do not include duty to ship to foreign locations. Ordering and Shipping/ Handling UP TO IN STORE Ordering and Shipping/Handling
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------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jewelry (see also Collections) 1950's/60's colored plastic bracelets; 6 assorted $28.55/19 1960c West Coast Indian argylite brooch, 1.25x2.5 Thunderbird in presentation box $115/19 1960c West Coast Indian argylite raven plaque brooch 2x2". signed C. Easton $115/19 1960c West Coast Indian argylite necklace pendant w chain; Crooked face mask. 2x2 1/2" signed C. Easton $115/19 1960c West Coast Indian argylite beaver statuette in presentation box $115/19 1960c West Coast Indian argylite wolf totem-pole brooch 1.5x2.25"; .5x.5x2.5" $115/19 Anklet, macrame w disk beads; PANAMA JACK; NIP $7.00/19 Belly Dance Chain Belt, metal w round butterfly dangles $23.85/19 Berrett (see also Native Craft Beret, Beaded; clip; c1980; from Lac La Biche via Old Fort Museum $90.90/19 Rectangular; Lt. Blue Black 3 Circles white Lt. Blue Black Thunderbird Beret, clip, feather rosette, clip, red $24.00/19 Berret, Clip; feathered $18.00/19 Berrett, Plastic; brown; SOLO U.S.A.; 1950s; pr $11.00/19 Bracelet, brass sheet, 2" ovate; hammered hobnail dec. Ex $14.20/19 Bracelet, brass sheet backing circular large bead pattern; JOE FRESH; 2016; New $32.00/19 Bracelet, beaded, 1.5 cm., snap closure; beaded strip on leather; seperated from vinyl backing; beads Ex $23.85/19 Bracelet, beads & sequins, 1.5"; on leather glued to metal strip; ca. 1990; Ex $24.55/19 Bracelet, copper; case w low relief ferns; Ex $24.55/19 Bracelet, disks, 1.5" chromes; 1980c; Ex $24.55/19 Bracelet, Elephant Hair, traditional African, adjustable $98.80/19 Bracelet, gold-toned chainlinked; 1980s; G $6.00/19 Bracelet, gold-toned chainlinked w rhinestones & rhinestone cross; 2018; NIP $12.00/19 Bracelet, gold-toned chainlinked w rhinestones & enameled heart & butterfly; 2018; NIP $12.00/19 Bracelet, leather; 8 embossed 'Celtic' pattern panels; G $13.65/19 Bracelet, leather; square studs; new in pck $8.75/19 Bracelet, leather; skull & studs; new $8.75/19 Bracelet, Mother of Pearl disks; Ex $35.00/19 Bracelet, Peace symbols (5) w rhinestones; gold-tone; NIP $12.00/19 Bracelet, shell, mother-of pearl, colored, strung on elastic; various types; Ex $39.95/19 Bracelet, shell; white cut & polished 1/4" strung squares; Ex $39.95/19 Bracelet, shell; white cut 1x.25" partial shell; strung on elastic; Ex $39.95/19 Bracelet, silver; low-relief 4-leaf clover & oakleaf pattern around outside; Ex $39.95/19 Bracelet, silverwork, roped, middle eastern, w bell danglers; Ex $39.95/19 Brooch, 1"; gold-tone cherub in pink rhinestone ring $15.55/19 Brooch, 1.2" cast silvered openwork w 30 white & green (5 missing) rhinestones around rim; .6" center of transp. brown plastic w CANADA 1867 1969 & centennial maple leaf in gold $51.35/19 Brooch, 1.5" cowboy boot; Ex $14.20/19 Brooch, 1.75" battle axe; Ex $14.20/19 Brooch, 1.75" 4 graded tourmalines set in line in gold tone setting w chain cluster pendant on end $18.00/19 Brooch, 2"; gold new-year's baby w. danglers $8.45/19 Brooch, 2"; Aquamarine 6-point star centerpiece surrounded by horseshoe cluster of smaller gems in silver; FASHION JEWELRY; new in pouch $18.00/19 Brooch, 2.25" ruby set in 45 gold roped rays; 3D; Ex $45.00/19 Brooch, 2.5" silver filigree leaf set w 7 diamond-cut glass 'gems' of bluish cast; 1940's; $57.00/19 Brooch, 2.5" silver filigree leaf set w 19 diamond-cut glass 'gems' $11.45/19 Brooch, Christmas tree, white, 3-D; 1.25" $7.75/19 Brooch, Rudolph the Reindeer w flashing nose "Fashion Pin"; 3" gold tone. In original box; c1970's $11.45/19 45-381 Brooch, LEGEND OF THE CHRISTMAS ROSE; brass; in box $15.20/19 Brooch, red silk rose; 3" gold tone stem. In original box; "Aloha from Hawaii" c1970's $11.45/19 Brooch, Scottish Targe with red tartan ruff; Ex $10.65/19 Brooch, Scottish; Clan Cameron boar-head pin; cast; Ex $19.25/19 Brooch, Star, silver, w 1/4 moon & Austrian crystals; Ex $45.00/19 Choker Collar, Beadwork, wood; chevron; 2013; New $35.40/19 Cufflinks, oval, gold-tone; Cufflinks, oval, brass tone w rhinestone; vintage; pre 1950; VG $39.60/19 Cufflinks, rectangular, jade w silvered metal; 1950c; VG $46.85/19 Cufflinks; rectangular, chrome; beveled 2 sides; rhinestone in square setting in opposite corner; 1960c; VG $46.85/19 Cufflinks; CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE logo; issued only in 1967 (Centennial) to CIBC officers. gold color; JF/67, one owner $475/19 Cufflinks, embeded blue gems; HAGGAR/SEARS; 2016; nib $48.40/19 Ear Drops; Feathered 2 $18.00/19 Earrings, dangler; brass, cast; Mesoamerican mask $50.00/19 Earrings, dangler; w rhinestones & tassle $12.00/19 Earrings, dangler; silver crescent w 4 feather drops 4 $18.00/19 Earrings, dangler; STELLA & DOT; plastic oval gem 2 $12.00/19 Earrings, dangler; LIA SOPHIA; Oriental crescent, filigree; w brown "gemstones"; $58.00/19 Earring hanger; Teddy Bear, 4.5"; gilt electroplate; star eyes, bow tie; TORINO; Ex $11.45/19 Earrings, GEM STONES, ball studs; c2012; New in box 13 $18.10/19 Earrings, cowrie shells $18.10/19 Earrings, CANAL DE VIEUX naval greatcoat buttons with large gold fouled anchor shield w white enamel; clip-on; Ex $33.70/19 Gorgette, Beadwork; pearl, tuge, wood; Spades; 2013 $35.40/19 Gorgette, brass, brass chain; incised; 2015; #3856; New $29.25/19 Hair Clip; see Berrett Key Ring, Peace Stone; Ft. Vermilion, AB, Cree $100/19 Key Ring; Snowflake Obsidian pendant; 2018; NIB $10.00/19 Necklace, Buddhist Prayer Beads, chestnut; as new $25.00/19 Necklace, bead hank w large shell pendant $18.00/19 Necklace, bead hanks, looped; orange; Ex $38.00/19 Necklace, bead hanks, large loop; red; Ex $38.00/19 Necklace, bead strings with knot; red transp.; Ex $38.00/19 Necklace, bead strings w bead 'flower' pendant $38.00/19 Necklace, beads, flat braided 2"; JOE FRESH 2016; new $23.00/19 Necklace, beads, net beaded filigree suspended $23.00/19 Necklace, beads, 2 tubular strands w knot; Ex $38.00/19 Necklace, beads, twisted hank w teardrop pendant w turqoise & rhinestons; Ex $16.10/19 Necklace, Beadwork; victorian lady w large hat; 24"; VG $16.10/19 Necklace, braided w metal crescent drop & metal fringe, heart pendant w jewel & fan pendant w "shell" cutout; JULIETTE; 2016; New on card 2 $18.00/19 Necklace, braided w metal crescent drop & metal fringe, crescent pendant w fan pendant & "amber" pendant JULIETTE; 2016; New on card $18.00/19 Necklace, chain; w. metal & bead drop & metal fringe; JULIETTE; 2016; New on card 2 $18.00/19 Necklace, chain, linked; w wood, glass & metal beads $18.00/19 Necklace, black silver metal beads $18.00/19 Necklace, choker; woven beads; Ex $28.00/19 Necklace, choker; black nylon loops w metal/rhinestone/ amber pendant; New $18.00/19 Necklace, choker; strung brass beads w brass beads & ruby pendants; JULIETTE; 2016; new in pk $18.00/19 45-452 NECKLACE, Choker; cast silver flower & leaves panels w inset rhinestones & centreal 3 panels w clusters around Lapis Lazuli ovals $125/19 Necklace, Choker, silver chain, 3 rows graded blue beads; $18.00/19 Necklace; Choker; string cluster w supported shell disk on bead loops $18.00/19 Necklace; Choker; wood beads w supported incised gourd disk on bead loops $18.00/19 Necklace, loop; 4 silver metal woven tube loops with threaded rings; JULIETTE; 2016; New in pk $38.00/19 Necklace, Native Choker, silver tubes, balls & heishie; Ex $94.00/19 Pendant; 1980c.; as new $82.85/19 Arrowhead Buffalohead on disk Tomahawk Pendant; Turtle, articulated, silver, 4"; Ex $69.05/19 Pendant; eagle; chrome; new Pendant; Locket; 1960's; oval gold-tone; mother-of-pearl inset w 3-d cast metal centrepiece; as new in case $60.65/19 Pendant, beaded disk; 1970; OFM/82; Ex $87.65/19 Pendant, NAVAJO silver Water Bird; Native Amerian Church cat# 1069; 1950; Ex $485/19 Necklace, pendant, feathers; JULIETTE; 2016; new in pk $12.00/19 Necklace, pendant, shell w wood hairpipes; Ex $14.00/19 Necklace, pendant, PEACE STONE; 1988 Fort Vermilion, AB $100/19 Necklace, pendant, PEACE STONE; 1988 Fort Vermilion, AB $100/19 Necklace, pendant, PEACE STONE; 1988 Fort Vermilion, AB $100/19 Necklace, pendant, PEACE STONE; 1988 Fort Vermilion, AB $100/19 Necklace, pendant, PEACE STONE; 1988 Fort Vermilion, AB $100/19 Necklace, pendant, PEACE STONE; 1988 Fort Vermilion, AB $100/19 Necklace, pendant, PEACE STONE; 1988 Fort Vermilion, AB $100/19 Necklace, plastic; paisley print O disks suspended from thick gold-tone chain; Ex $12.00/19 Necklace, polished stone chips w ceramic disk pendant $18.00/19 Necklace; shells; Ex 2 $8.00/19 Necklace; silver-plate; double leaf-pattern necklace with leaf-cluster pendant; pebbled finish; chain & hook suspension; 1940's; Ex $69.65/19 Necklace; silver disk w Pentagram $6.00/19 Necklace; silver flying skull; c2014; new in pack $6.65/19 Necklace; gold woven chain w concentric metal rings around oval "crystal"; New $18.00/19 Necklace; gold-tone; hammered & soldered double-mail ring necklace w pendant of chinese coins & budhist dangles $57.00/19 Necklace, gold-tone half-moon gorget w disk pendant; ornate cast openwork w semi-precious stone centers. 1990s; As New $38.00/19 Necklace, gold-tone, crescent gorget with flame pattern $38.00/19 Necklace, gold-tone linked high-relief Yin/Yan patterns; 19.5"; Ex $34.50/19 Necklace; heishie, graded, triangular shell & horn pendant; 16"; 1990s; Ex $105/19 Necklace, hollow glass oval on turq. silk cord; water filled, w tropical fish, seashells & gold flake floats; some scuffing $34.50/19 Necklace; Tiger face with mane, 3-D cast, gold-tone with imbeded rhinestones & onyx eyes; 2013; new $46.60/19 Necklace, jade basket beads w carved jade arrowheads & beads $38.00/19
Necklace, shell, 21.5" o/a; 1.2" brass wire cone & hook ends, 7 strands oval sheet brass beads 3", 14 strands 5mm rounded shell disk beads color of old ivory; Ex. $690/19 Necklace, Jade, 3/16x2.25x2.1" slice carved in openwork scrolls around edge over engaved butterscotch colored disk decorated w 6 incised circles; disk incised with a free-rotating disk carved w chinese characters both sides; on braided & knotted silk cord $255/19 Necklace, Jade, 3/16x2.2x1.25" translucent grey-green pendant, heavily carved in floral bas relief w a squirrel both sides; on plain braided silk cord $255/19 Necklace, Jade; Prayer Beads; 30 brown/butterscotch .5x.6" tube beads engraved w face ending in round bead w Buddah pendant; plain braided silk cord $255/19 Necklace, Jade; dk brown 5/16x2" disk carved as 2 scaled fish (alligators ?) facing each other w open carved mouths & heads. 1" free rotating voluted disk suspended in lower 3/4. Braided & knotted 2-tone silk cord mounting disk on 2 translucent jade beads $255/19 Navajo silverwork necklaces Necklace, wire choker $5.00/19 Necklace, wood & wood bark beads, 14"; w 1" wool-sheathed wood beads $18.00/19 Necklace, wood beads, 4 stands, brass fluted beads, brass ring suspension $24.55/19 Necklace, wood pony beads collar; black/green; FASHION JEWELRY; 2013; new $36.35/19 Necklace, wood pony beads, pearl beads & tube beads on lace backing; FASHION JEWELRY; 2013; new $36.35/19 Necklace, bracelet & earring set, pearl (imitation) 1930's/40's 3-strand w size-graded 'pearls' (1 strand broken on necklace but pearls included). screw earrings w pearl drop; Boxed; VG $115/19 45-455 Necklace & Earrings; SS w hematite 1/2 pearl; in box $105/19 Necklace & Earrings; rhinestones & rubies; 2013; new in b $54.45/19 Necklace & Earrings; rhinestones; 2016; new in pck. $54.45/19 Necklace & Earrings; FIFTH AVENUE COLLECTION; in gift box; Gold tone & rhinestones; Mint $54.45/19 Necklace & Earrings; floral; vintage; Cast white bakelite $54.45/19 Necklace pendant; galic cross, stainless; $18.00/19 Necklace pendant, Gemstone Cachet; gold-tone filigree, conical 2", w 5-point star ball supspension; 2014 new $26.60/19 Necklace pendant, Maltese Cross, 2"; gold tone, F/G $7.25/19 Necklace pendant, polished chalcedony; New/Ex $14.65/19 Necklace pendant, cast openwork; "From Our House to Your House; 2x2.75"; $16.50/19 Necklace Pendant, cast, square hobnail $5.00/19 PARK LANE; FREM THE RED CARPET; faceted 1cm white plastic Beads, multi-strand; brass bead inset, shell flowers & inset; all in seperate sili bags. Bracelet $18.00/19 Earrings $12.00/19 Necklace $45.00/19 Pentant; gemstone flower on filigree disk; DESIGNS BY ME $12.00/19 Pendant; Tutenkamun mask; metal $0.00/19 Price Guide; COSTUME JEWELERY; Avon; Miller; 1994; pb.; VG$19.80/19 Ring, Dragon Head $30.00/19 Ring, Turquoise & Silver; NAVAJO; 1960; Ex $170/19 Ring; Turquoise & Silver w bearpaw $12.00/19 Ring; Turquoise & Silver w Inuksuk $12.00/19 Rings; Miscellaneous 45 $18.00/19 Rings; Skull; Stainless; 2016; New 45 $30.00/19 Tiara; faux pearls, diamond, silver; 2012; new in pck $53.65/19 Jewelry & Cosmetic Box w Gold Bow; white; plastic; gold rim; hinged lid; 2"x2.5" dia; mint in box $28.55/19 Return to Master Directory

Box 718, Mirror, Alberta, Canada, TOM OJO
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