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Pins Police & Security R-Z Miscellaneous Records Brownies, Scouts, Pathfinders, etc. Scouts, etc. Sports Tokens Tools, Hardware, Automotive Toys Viewmaster Heritage Antiques is affiliated with Heritage Consulting and the Mountain Cree Band. We share the facility with the Heritage Consulting Research Center, the Mountain Cree Band Office, and the Mountain Cree/Buffalo Lake Museum. The Museum contains some 5000 native artifacts, some available for sale online, Native Art collection and a Militaria collection. The Mountain Cree also offer a Bed And Breakfast service and local historical/ cultural tours and other local services. For more information click on the box above. The stated prices are MAIL ORDER PRICES and include Sales Taxes. Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Shipping/Handling is included in orders over $100.00. Prices do not include duty to ship to foreign locations. Ordering and Shipping/Handling UP TO IN STORE Ordering and Shipping/Handling
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HHH ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| |------------------------------------------------------------------------| | No Sales Tax | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hair Band; plastic; bow; black; 2012c; new $6.05/19 Hair brush; pressed copper handle, clear plastic nylon bristle base nylon bristles; embroidered brocade backing under clear plastic; c. 1940; overall G/VG $64.75/19 Hair Clippers DIAMOND; BROWN'S CLIPPER CO.; 1950; New In Box $24.00/19 MARS #000; no box; 1960c; G- $10.00/19 SDRF 08; no box; missing spring; 1950s; F $6.00/19 Hair clips/curlers; aluminium; 1950/60; GOODY; set of 5 $14.95/19 Hair curler 8" spring clamp action; fire-heated; wood handles; pre 1930; Ex $64.75/19 Hair curler 10.5"; fire heated; rubber-covered handles; pre 1930; Ex $64.75/19 Hair curler 13" spring clamp action; electric; REVLON $12.10/19 Hair extentions, clip-in BRAID PLUS; 18"; c2010; New in Pack 3 $5.00/19 KIDS O'BRAIDS; 16"; c2010; New in Pack 3 $5.00/19 Hair Growth; SHEN MIN; new in box 10 $24.00/19ea Hair Pins; CAMIO; box of 1000 in original box; 1930s; Ex $45.00/19 HALLOWEEN (see also Clothes-Costumes) Hand Warmer, SEARS, Stainless steel, lighter fluid; Ex $64.75/19 Hand Warmer, COMPAC, Stainless steel, lighter fluid; Ex $64.75/19 Hand Warmers; pouch; GRABBER; pk of 2; NIP $16.00/19 HANDBAG HOLDER Table Hook w. enameled rosette top; blue; new on disp. $16.65/19
HANDBAGS (see also Purse) Alligator Hide (100%); 1930's; Ex $195/19 beige woven cloth bag; colored shell ornamentation; drawstring closure; vintage; VG+ $60.00/19 black vinyl imitation snakeskin; 9x13x1.5" satchel type; 3-compartment, gold-tone fittings; metal gold-tone handle w "snakeskin" grip under metal; Ex $125/19 black nylon 9x13x3.5"; shoulder straps, zippered; FRANKIE & JOHNNIE; patterned with rows of spaced & symbols; VG $16.65/19 black, beaded $100/19 black cloth clutch; embroidered w black & gold, sequins & shell; drawstring closure; vintage; VG+ $16.65/19 black, cloth; over-the-shoulder; small; beaded flap; VG $16.65/19 black, cloth; over-the-shoulder; large; CARLO G. Gucci knock-off; "snakeskin" closure & strap; chrome trim; braided leather strips; as new $57.00/19 black, cloth; pearl-button covered; Ex $24.00/19 black vinyl patchwork, gold lamee & snakeskin segments, black snakeskin segments, red patterned segments; patterned appliques, abstract gold bow to front cover; MADE IN KOREA 1960/70; Ex+ $57.00/19 black pressed vinyl, 5.5x7x1.5"; machine sewn edging; spot rivet edging , magnetic catch; false "western" buckle closure w rhinestone bordering. Chain handstrap; CHINA 11878, new $65.55/19 black vinyl shoulder; gem studded; large; G+ blue cloth shoulder; silver stylized fern-feather embroidery w silver spots; 10.5x13"; shoulder strap w silver grossgrain applique; As New $27.55/19 brown leather shoulder; fringed drops at side; PAYLESS $16.00/19 brown leather shoulder; 'snakeskin' & chrome metal trim; G $17.60/19 brown leatherette; shoulder; FIORELLI; 4 buckles; G $16.00/19 brown vinyl shoulder; D-FUSION; looped beads; VG $33.00/19 Buckskin, tan; 12x12 flat; shoulder strap; 10" fringe on flap; magnetic catch; laced edges; Ex $44.00/19 cloth, blue; 6.5x7.75"; w embroidered strips; Mexican; NN $13.20/19 cloth, black; 8x8"; lid w gold embroidery; central stylized floral on turquoise sequin background; rhinestone band; 3-pocket; shoulder strap; 2017; New $44.00/19 cloth, lt. brown; bead & rhinestone decorated; chain strap; ACCESSORIZE; 9"; As New $44.00/19 gold, small; shoulder; leatherette; as is $5.00/19 gold leather, diagonal strips; 6.5x10", outside pockets; zipper closure; thin shoulder strap; 1960c; Ex $16.65/19 gold beaded on gold cloth; 6x6.5"; zipper closure; 5 leaves/stem each side; braided gold bead strap; HONG KONG; VG $46.85/19 gold sequin-covered w 4 sequin & "pearl" flowers each side; 3 vertical red bead lanes; 5.5x7"; gold chain strap; Ex$100/19 grey w "G" logos (faux Guess); black & snakeskin vinyl flap; 9x10"; black nylon shoulder strap; as new Jute, shoulder; HIMALAYAN; as new $30.25/19 leather, brown, shaded; hand-tooled floral; MEXICAN; 8"; flap closure; peg closure; braided strap; 1960's; G/VG $33.00/19 leather, brown, shaded; hand-tooled floral; MEXICAN; 12"; 2 full-length outer pockets; 3 inner compartments & 2 full-length zipper pockets; zipper closure; saddle straps; some wear on outer edge; 1960's; G/VG $46.85/19 leather, brown, shaded; hand-tooled floral & horses; 9x6x3"; 5 inner compartments (2 zipper pockets); outside slash pocket; twist closure; shoulder straps; 1960's; as new $60.00/19 leather, brown, shoulder bag; "Possibles Bag/Haversack" style; 6x8x3.5"; red cloth back & flap; leather shoulder strap; about 1960s; Ex $16.65/19 Leather, brown, shoulder bag; "Possibles Bag"; rounded; laced; hand-tooled hand-painted small florals; peg closure; round shoulder-stra; 1960s; Ex $16.65/19 leather, red-brown; small; 4 buckles; Ex $16.65/19 lime-green (pale) vinyl; diagonal striped pattern of alternating bands of coarse weave cloth pattern & fine weave w parallel border bands & embroidered G.J. PRIMOT name in script; brass hinged mouth coverd w chestnut translucent plastic frame w integral snap closure. 7x9.5", no strap. 1950c; Ex $100/19 maroon cloth, flower embroidered w bead & sequin outlining on front; 5x9"; brass ball closure & mouth edge; small carrying strap; as new $64.75/19 mini-shopping bag style; red stroud; faced with black chain- link looped vertical bands, 6 black 7" tassels, black braided carry strap; Ex $51.35/19 round, 8"; brown velvet; floral embroidered face; KKK zipper; HONG KONG; Ex $24.55/19 Sabertache style; maroon cloth; faced with floral gold wire embroidered floral beadwork; zipper closure; 5.5x6.5" bag; Ex $64.75/19 Sabertache style; maroon cloth; faced with floral gold wire embroidered floral beadwork; zipper closure; 9x9.5" bag; Ex $64.75/19 shoulder, black, fringed, edge laced; CHILDREN'S PLACE; New $12.95/19 shoulder, brown; wood beads & silver sequins; Ex $32.00/19 shoulder, red & yellow folded plastic squares; Ex $24.00/19 shoulder, leather, pink; heavily finged $12.95/19 shoulder, leather (faux) black; gold & red embroidery bands w wood bead "bear soldier headdress"; Ex beadwork $32.00/19 shoulder, woodland camo; stud decorated LOVE on front $39.95/19 silver-blue cloth; 15x15"; heavy silver linear embroidery w rhinestones & sequins; silver chain tassles; MONI COUTURE; shoulder loops; as new $27.55/19 silver lame; 6x8"; snap closure; matching square bow on front; 1950's; Ex $39.95/19 snakeskin, imitation, vinyl; 9.25x13.5"; satchel type; 3-compartment, gold-tone fittings; metal gold-tone carrying handle; matching shoulderstrap; Ex $125/19 white cloth; imitation mini-pearl decorated; silver metal closure & clasp, shoulder strap rings; Ex $64.75/19 white Leatherette; 9x10"; white; w strap $17.60/19
Handcuffs, 1980's 2 $46.85/19 in original box 1 $46.85/19 Handcuff Pouch, RCMP, leather 2 $115/19 Handkerchief; tartan & lace; FRAE SCOTLAND; Ex; in original presentation box 2 $11.00/19 Handkerchiefs; 1 silk, 1 Irish linen $34.50/19 Handkerchiefs; VAN HEUSEN "Prince of a Man"; pk. of 3; cotton; in original gift box; c1969; Ex++ $34.50/19 Hanger, Accessory, velvet covered 2 $3.00/19 Hanger, Clothes Multi-shirts 2 $10.00/19 Hanger, Coat (see Heritage Antiques listing) Hanger, Coat Collapsable travel hangers, wire, 2; in suede case; Ex $79.85/19 Hanger, Coat, Bamboo, bentwood; 5 $5.00/19ea Hanger, Coat, Wood un-named Vintage 5 $7.25/19 "CN" Railway $28.55/19 "CP HOTELS" $28.55/19 "HAGEN'T FURS", TORONTO $57.00/19 "HOTEL MARKHAM, Bemidj, Minn" $57.00/19 Leather covered, black w brass spots $6.05/19 "Texteilhaus Heinrich Steingrobe, Ochtrup und Gronau kleidet Sie gut"; c1950; wood $34.50/19 "Ontario Laundry, Dry Cleaners, Calgary" 1956, wood (Cat. # 2360;) $57.00/19 another $57.00/19 1950's Art Nouveau; wood, 2" thick centre section w arms tapering to 1/2" rounded shoulder $57.00/19 "Page The Cleaner & Furrier Ltd."; wood, single bar $34.50/19 "Quinton Dye Works Limited; 1950's $34.50/19 "SKY HOST HOTELS, Los Angeles International Airport"; heavy wood w round pants rail $57.00/19 "The Wardrobe Cleaners & Dryers, Mashfield, Oregon" 1950's light wood w pants rail $46.85/19 Hanger, Door Sash Brass w Brass snowflake $15.00/19 Plastic; single 3 $2.00/19 Hanger; over door white; 7-hook; MAURICE 9 $8.00/19 white plastic; 8-hook 1 $8.00/19 chrome; 5-hook; MAURICE 5n $12.00/19 from W.W. ARCADE, Edmonton (since defunct) 1990 MAURICE; stainless steel w ball ends; 2016; New $12.00/19 Hanger, Pants clamp type, wood; w. hook as lever $15.25/19 Hanger, Picture; see Tools Hangers, panties, misc. 60 $1.00/19 Hanger, wall Cast; 3 horse-heads; as new $41.00/19 HARLEY-DAVIDSON (see also clothing) Belt, black imitation leather; new $32.20/19 Belt Buckle; HARLEY OWNER'S GROUP 24TH NATIONAL H.O.G. RALLY 2014 PALMERSTON NORTH NEW ZEALAND; Eagle &; New $66.55/19 Boots; youth; VG $66.55/19 Keychain; HARLEY DAVIDSON logo in clear plastic in thick auto-vinyl pendant; G 45-223 $7.05/19 Lanyard, loom Beaded; 33" 21-bead; white/red/black; HARLEY DAVIDSON $30.00/19 Model Motorcycle; 4"; die cast; MAESTRO; As New $15.60/19 5.75" Harley Davidson antique; hard plastic; Ex $20.00/19 Plush Toy; bulldog; 12" plush toy; jeans, leather boots & wristbands; Harley t-shirt; buckle w head bandana; as new $50.10/19 w leather biker cap; as new $50.10/19 Harmonica (see Music) Hat Box DOBBS FIFTH AVENUE; octagonal $51.35/19 LEGACY; octagonal; 10.5"; maroon cloth covered; Ex $51.35/19 STETSON cowboy hat, octagonal $51.35/19 round, cardboard; striped w red ribbon; 2015; new $8.00/19 round, cardboard; paisley; 8.5" $8.00/19 round, cardboard; 18"; carrying cord; Ex $46.60/19 round, trunkated, hinged w handle & clasp; 9.5"; faux black leatherette & velvet. VG+ $66.55/19 Hat Stand, wood block, laminated $160/19 Hatchet (see Axe) Tools Hats (see also Clothing Halloween Sports Airline Pilote; UNITED; child's $20.00/19 Mini Hat; CANADA novelty; 2018; new 3 $2.00/19 peaked; CANADA POST, Wm. Scully mfg.; Spring/fall; size 7; Ex. $160/19 Top Hat, green felt; 2012; XL; New $32.20/19 Headdress/Candle Stands Metal, 9.5"; 4 strap legs $6.00/19 Metal, 12"; 4 strap legs $6.00/19 Metal, 13"; 4 strap legs $6.00/19 wood, 16" 4 $2.00/19 Metal, 24" $5.00/19 Metal, 4' 2 $5.00/19 Headset (see Tools, Hardware, Automotive) Heater, 10,000 BTU w thermostat control; propane; 1970; in original box; EX Helmet (see Tools, Hardware, Automotive) (see Sports) (see Militaria, Helmets) Hemp sack-cloth; 4x6' marked Ninlan Linoleum, Made in Scotland; from PONOKA FURNITURE (AB); former linoelum wrapper $34.50/19 Hen On Nest (HON); stippled clear glass; 6.5"; Ex $17.60/19 Herbal Red Berries; dried; bag $12.10/19 Rosehips, dried, bag $12.10/19 Spruce Cones from the Sacred Grove at Palisades; 2/bag $12.10/19 Spruce Needles; bag $12.10/19 Tree Fungus; 4"; incense, mosquito repellant $6.05/19 High Level, Alberta collectables High Chair; wood; white w applique design on backrest 45-283 $235/19 Hip Flask, 1pt.; glass w. stainless upper & 2 stainless cups all in brown leather pouch with snap closure - canteen style; some white paint spots on edges - can be cleaned; VG+ $28.55/19 Hobby Horse Wood, 12.5" high at saddle; dk brown w platinum/silver mane & tail; solid 2" wood construction; probably c1950/60; some chips to painted edges; VG $200/19
Holstein Cheese knife; Holstein Cow handle $9.70/19 Ice Cream Scoop; Holstein steer eating ice cream cone; cute; as new $15.25/19 Milk bottle, round, w appliqued cows w reindeer horns & christmas wreaths; $13.00/20 Jar Pencils; CLUB MOO, holstein patterned ea. $1.45/19 Plush toy; Cow, Holstein; 13"; TOY FACTORY; Ex $12.60/19 Rocker; Holstein Calculator; STAPLES; stylized $8.00/19 Holstein Ceramics Mug; Holstein Cows; 5 $22.55/19 Mug, Soup; Holstein handles; 4" white & black, holstein grazing art. $10.75/19 Planter; 4.5"; reclining; TAIWAN; 1960's $34.25/19 Salt & Pepper; Holstein, 1 resting, 1 standing; Ex $34.25/19 Horn, Drinking, upright horn-shaped frosted glass on stem, 8" $115/19 Horn, Hunting; AFRICAN, 11"; highly polished steer horns; 4 black leather ornamental belts w contrasting lacing deco. & ibex fur. Ex++ $125/19 Horn, Hunting; CHINA; 9.5"; highly polished steer horn; noisemaker insert; cord suspension; Ex++ $29.05/19 Hors d'ouvre forks LITTLE FORKS; JAPAN c1960; gold & silver florals on handles; mint in orig pk. set of 12 $28.55/19 Another similar; gold head of wheat on handles; mint in orig. pk.; set of 12 $28.55/19 Hors d'ouvre Picks; Chinese characters; pck or 50; c2000 $20.00/19 Royal Guards Marching Band; 3"; c1949; VG $12.00/19 Horse, cast tin; 1976 DURHAM; Ex; little paint remaining, 1:32 $68.30/19 Horseshoes game, COOPER, 1980; vinyl horseshoes; complete in original box; some slight storage damage to box. $79.85/19 Hot Water Bottle; VICEROY, MADE IN CANADA, 1960's; red rubber; bamboo scene on front; near new $23.40/19 Hot Water Bottle; MADE IN CHINA, 2000c; red rubber; birds scene on front; $12.10/19 Hot Water Tank Stand; 1930s; cast iron $35.00/19 Hotel/Motel Memorabilia (see also Matchbooks; Soap; Dishes-Hotelware) Bottle Opener Canadian Pacific Hotels; flat plastic w. metal inset $15.25/19 Can/Bottle Openers; flat stamped w 2-pc plastic handle New Willigdon Hotel (AB) 3.5"; similar to above; 1960's $15.25/19 Royal Crown Hotel, Coronation (AB) 3.5"; plastic handle cover $11.45/19 Veteran Hotel, Compeer Hotel, Youngstown Hotel; 3.75" $11.45/19 Coffee Cups, Travel BEST WESTERN REWARD; Leduc, AB; 2018; S 2 $1.00/19ea Corkscrew; plastic tube set; w sheathed corkscrew Canadian Pacific Hotels $11.45/19 Rimrock Hotel, Banff (AB) $7.05/19 Doorknob hanger; "Do Not Disturb, Mom Sleeping" & "Do Not Disturb, Dad Sleeping"; brass plaque; Ed $16.50/19 Doorknob hanger "Please Disturb" & "Out for the night", BACARDI PartyByNight.com; red plastic w bat on gold- bordered disk. As new $11.45/19 Glasses, Plastic; TRAVELOGE; Stony Plain, AB, May 2013; Ex 2 $0.75/19 Mouthwash bottle; 1990 MARIETTA from SANDMAN INN (Edmonton, AB) 1x4" clear, ribbed; 1.25" black top; empty; VG $7.05/19 Napkin; COAST HOTELS; 2010c $1.00/19 Notepad, MICROTEL by WYNDHAM; Blackfalds, AB; 2015 $4.85/19 Notepad, SAWRIDGE INNS; 2013; $4.85/19 Old Maid card game; CHOICE HOTELS KID CARDS; in box; cards as new, box damaged (Comfort, Sleep, Clarion, Quality) $11.45/19 Lotion bottle; CROSSROADS HOTEL (Calgary, AB); squat beige plastic 1.3x2.5"; round white cap; empty; c1980s; VG $7.05/19 Shampoo bottle CROSSROADS HOTEL (Calgary, AB); squat beige plastic 1.3x2.5"; round white cap; empty; VG $7.05/19 TRAVELOGE Motel; ALBERTO BALSAM; 22.2 ml. plastic; empty; c2008; G $0.95/19 Hotplate, electric; see Electric Humidor; stainless; plum; Ex $4.85/19 HUMMEL figurines, catalogues 1969 HUMMEL figurines; Near New $115/19 1977 HUMMEL figurines; Near New $65.90/19 1984 HUMMEL figurines; Near New $41.05/19 1987 HUMMEL figurines; Near New $35.15/19 1988 HUMMEL figurines; Near New $29.25/19 1996 HUMMEL figurines; Near New $24.55/19 2000 HUMMEL figurines; Near New $23.85/19 HUMMEL Catalogue & Price List; 1980 $41.05/19
III ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ice Bucket aluminium, hammered; MADE IN INTAY; 1940's 45-431 4 $85.65/19 aluminium, pressed; MADE IN ITALY 1950c; VG $68.30/19 brass top, bottom, handle; black leather covered $68.30/19 silver stainless, globe; 8"; embossed with walking penguins; VG $59.90/19 Ice Cream glasses restaurant/Ice Cream parlor $15.25/19ea. ice cream 8 $77.85/19ea Cherry Red; 4.5" dia.; cherry red, lobed; set of 4; Ex $160/19 6-sided; inverted bell; hatched base $35.85/19ea sets of 4 $79.85/19 Depression Glass, fluted; $79.85/19 Depression Glass; 4.5" dia.; cherry red, lobed; set of 4; Ex $160/19 pressed glass of Greek stemmed bowl style; 6-sided; $35.85/19 pressed glass, 6-sided stem, 12-sided fluted bowl, lip slightly recurving; 2.6x3.25"; 1950's glass begining to blue $27.55/19 Float 5 $34.50/19 5"; 6-sided; fluted inverted cone 4 $34.50/19 5.5"; diamond-shaped cross-section w expanding lip; stippled sides, fluted front & back, panels running top to bottom; BORMIOL ROCCO (Italy) 1920's; rare; Ex+; have 5 5 $83.45/19ea 6"; 6-sided; fluted, inverted bell; hatched base 2 $33.10/19ea 6.25"; 6-sided; fluted, inverted bell; Cobalt Blue; Ex 4 $12.30/19ea 6.7x3.5" fluted, thick glass, depression; Ex 10 $48.45/19ea 7"; 6-sided; inverted cone, stippled base 10 $33.10/19ea 45-060 7"; expanding; fruit on stippled background; Ex 2 $33.10/19ea 6.25" fluted; depression glass; Ex $36.40/20 7.5" fluted; depression glass; Ex 2 $33.10/19 Sundae 2.75x3"; 1920's 4 $48.45/19 2.75x4.5; 1920's 1 $48.45/19 3x3.25"; 6-sided; fluted; tapered 4 $5.00/19 3x3.25"; 6-sided; fluted; inverted bell 4 $4.00/19 3x4.25"; 6-sided; fluted, inverted bell; stippled base $15.40/19 4"; 6-sided; fluted, inverted bell; Anchor-Hocking 3 $9.35/19ea 4"; 6-sided; fluted, inverted bell; Cobalt Blue; Ex 6 $9.35/19ea Ice Cream Mixer, tin 8" tapered; some wear discoloring & light rust; complete w. tin, cover, paddle; cover esp. worn $75.80/19 9" tapered; missing cover; even spotting & light rust $46.85/19 Ice Cream Pail ALPHA MILK CO., CALGARY 1970 c. (since defunct); 4L; 2 pails laced bottom to bottom (bottoms cut out) w lid laced on into wasp-waisted pail/small table/bongo drum; unique folk art; Ex $46.85/19 Ice Cream scoop cast pewter/pot metal 1-piece pewter, round handle $15.25/19 1-piece pewter, broad indented handle; TAIWAN 2 $15.25/19 black plastic handle; tin cap; JAPAN $15.25/19 red plastic handle; TAIWAN $15.25/19 yellow plastic handle; tin cap; JAPAN $15.25/19 2-piece spring-loaded plyer type; TAIWAN $28.55/19 cast, chrome scoop; ceramic handle of anthropomorphic Holstein steer eating ice cream cone; cute; as new $15.25/19 cast, chrome scoop; plastic handle; as new $15.25/19 wood handle, cast aluminium scoop; TAIWAN; Ex $28.55/19 Wood handle, thumb press; cup slightly dented; no paint on handle from washing $15.25/19 Ice Cream spoons, Float Ice Cream Float; JR, JAPAN, 1960's; set of 4 $17.15/19 Ice Cream spoons, Sundae BMF, prewar German $7.75/19 LUCKY WOOD, Japan, set of 2 $11.45/19 Ice Pail Silverplate on brass; VIKING; urn shaped w plastic inner, cast handles; w tongs & shot cup; mint $280/19 Identification Documents, Old Canadian $315/19ea eg: xxxudetxx xOCAN, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Vancouver V6K xxx c/c 4537-x329-74xx-xxxx Ex 03/xx Incense burners Apple, ceramic, gold w stars $5.00/19 Ceramic Church, winter; 6" $10.10/19 Josh-stick holder, wood, INDIA $10.10/19 Josh-stick holder, brass, INDIA $25.00/19 INDIAN CRAFTS, Ethnography & Costuming Bowl, West Coast carved whale figure; 5"; brown & red $12.10/19 Bracelet, beaded, 1.5 cm., snap closure; beaded strip on leather; seperated from vinyl backing; beads Ex $23.85/19 Bracelet, beads & sequins, 1.5"; on leather glued to metal strip; ca. 1990; Ex $24.55/19 Leather Vest Kit; GREY OWL 1962; in original pack Quilled Armbands Kit; GREY OWL 1963; in original pack $110/19 bowl, Haida (Northwest Coast), 4x11", boat-shaped; earthenware; low-relief Sea Monster design; handmade $22.90/19 Ink Bottles (see bottles) Insects Bug collection mounted & framed in shadow box; 19 rare bugs; Ex $255/19 REAL BUGS; D'AGOSTINI; COLLECT-A-CASE; large bugs in books; SNEAKY BUGS in 3-D; 2012 v.2 New $5.50/19 v.5 New $5.50/19 clear accetate block 2.5x4x7mm; in original case; $13.20/19ea 2 Lantern Bug 2 3 Polyphaga Cockroach 5 Man-faced Bug 3 7 Curcutionid Beetle 8 Japanese Emerald Beetle 9 Funnel-web Spider 2 10 Jeweled Flower Mantis 2 11 Kaempfar Cicada 13 Migratory Bird Locust 14 Giant Centipede 2 20 Red Palm Weevil Cricket Insect Killer DRAGON; NATIONAL DRUG & CHEMICAL Co., CANADA; 1930's in original box, sealed $32.00/19 Insoles CANADA Felt $6.60/19 KANUK Leather $9.80/19 KANUK Memory Foam $9.80/19 KANUK Odour Stoppers $6.60/19 Miscellaneous 4 $6.60/19 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER ashtray; cast iron, chromed; maple leaf with IH logo & name $37.25/19 IRISH Cap; "Kiss Me I'm Irish"; gold lame; New $10.00/19 Crown, green foam; sparkle, St. Patrick $8.00/19 Hat, Top Hat, green felt; 2012; XL; New 3 $32.20/19 Hat, Viking, Irish; green/yellow; yellow braids; Ex 2 $8.05/19 Princess tiara, green w sparkles, foam $5.35/19 Wig, green; St. Patrick's; NIP $12.00/19 IRON Electric CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC Hotpoint #F20 $130/19 see picture CANADIAN WESTINGHOUSE m1B32; works $57.00/19 CORONADO; works $57.00/19 DEYONCO 'OMEGA' # 420 travel Iron w folding handle. 1930's; Old HALEBRO power cord w built-in switch; Ex$175/19 GENERAL ELECTRIC 35; works $57.00/19 GIANT ELECTRIC, MONTREAL, m182; wood handle; 1920's; Ex$175/19 RENFREW (Canada); w plug $69.65/19 SONG FAR INDUSTRY SM-6622 Travel Iron w folding handle 1950's; Near Mint $175/19 with original box $195/19 SUNBEAM S-3 STEAM IRONMASTER; VG+ $175/19 Flatiron, TAYLOR-FORBES #3 GUELPH CANADA; G $57.00/19 see picture Flatiron handle, cast-iron base & shaped wood handle; VG/Ex$22.90/19 see picture Flatiron Handle; cast; square wood grip; rare; VG $45.00/19 Magic Steamer; plastic $28.55/19 Sadiron; cast iron; EMPIRE; 5.5"; Ex $55.00/19 Steam, gas; Bakelite handle; COLEMAN INSTANT-LITE; VG $96.00/19 Steam, gas; Bakelite cracked handle; COLEMAN INSTANT-LITE $48.40/19 Toy; tin; 1950 c.; steam style; 7"; tan; black bakelite handle & fixtures; no cord; body with some spotting but can be cleaned; very nice & not often seen; VG $115/19 Toy; EAGLE TOYS; 1930's/40's style toy iron, 6" long. black plastic handle, electrical cord, silver tin body (w considerable spotting, but can be cleaned); very nice & not often seen; VG $115/19 Travel Iron folding handle ABBOTT WIRE PRODUCTS (Taiwan) 1950c; NM in box $68.30/19 CHARLESCRAFT (Hong Kong) 1950c; Near Mint $68.30/19 no name; 1950 c.; Ex $57.00/19 DEYONCO OMEGA; 1950c; Near Mint $68.30/19 OMEGA, DEYONCO; 1950c; Near Mint $68.30/19 SONG FAR INDUSTRIES (Taiwan) 1950c; Near Mint $68.30/19 Iron Hanger; wall-mount, metal; new w. original tag $28.55/19 Iron Stand; BALLONOFF SILVER SHIELD IRON REST; tin; VG+ $41.35/19 Iron Stand; no makrings; came with GE iron; VG $41.35/19 Ironing Board; w orignal papers $140/19 Ironing Board, toy; tin, pink; 27" 45-518 $105/19 Ivory/Bone; Polar Bear Carvings, 2"; set of 3 $39.60/19
JJJ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jackets (see Clothing) Jade ring, 3" $64.75/19 Jars Jar, faceted, 4x5.25" w applique bugs; blown mold; Ex $12.00/19 Jar, Jam; ceramic, brown, 12 oz; w white lid, Apricot & blossom & lettering 'Apricot'; TOWLE, Japan; new in box; 1983 $34.50/19 Jar, McCABE WATER LEVEL INDICATOR; milk glass, 4x5.5mm; contents, lid; all G/VG $28.55/19 Jar, spice, BLUE RIBBON Steak Spice, 41g 1.5x2.25"; blue; plastic cap, lable all VG/Ex $7.75/19 Jar, WISPRIDE Cold Pack Cheese Food 1960c; earthware, 5.5x3" w wire snap closure; dk brown glaze, label, all near-mint $51.35/19 Jar Jewelry metal label holder, Gold-tone; VINTOLOGIE; New in Pack $7.70/19 Jello Mold Kitchen Ware) Jewelery (see Jewelery ) Jewelry Box; 2.75x3.25"; ceramic, hinged; w tribal design $24.00/19 Jewelry Box; 4" hexagonal; plastic; THAILAND 1990c $5.00/19 Jewelry Box; 4x5" oval; silver plate; cast w low-relief running fern pattern band on stipple band around side & edge of domed lid; Ex $64.75/19 Jewelry Box; rings or necklace; 2x3.25", cast, slightly curved; footed; rococco raised fern sides, lid w. raised floral spray; VG $68.30/19 Jewelry Box; 4.5x5" heart-shaped; gold-tone with high-relief floral & fern; tri-legged; convex glass cover; Ex $64.75/19 Jewelry Box 4.5x 6.5"; wood w. Canabis leaves design on lid; Good; should be re-varnished; $64.75/19 Jewelry Box 5x5x3"; cardboard w red cloth covering & beadwork on lid; VG $6.65/19 Jewelry Box 6x2.25"; octagonal; cardboard w nice floral decoupage & varnished covering in & out; inner compartemental tray $28.55/19 Jewelry Box 6.7x2.5"; octagonal; wood (scuffed); lotus shaped glass window on top w cut glass floral design; hinged lid; 4 compartment interior w nap-cloth lining; VG $28.55/19 Jewelry Box 8.25x3"; hexagonal; heavily laquered wood; black- brown w abstract flower art on lid; hand painted w eggshell inlay; as new $69.65/19 Jewelry Box 9x6"; imit. Moroccan leather bound, brown, w impressed gold-colored concentric borders w running vine w. leaves; same design in black on inner lining; rounded edges; brass throat & latch handle; 3 compartment w cream nap-cloth lining; VG+ $39.95/19 Jewelry Box 12.5x6.5"; wood; brown; single drawer $39.95/19 Jewelry Box; Oriental cart w calfskin covered domed lid; 10"; 1960's; previously owned by Rosemarie Parchelo, Calgry; 1970-80; to Native Collection #4281; Ex $36.00/19 Jewelry box, cedar $29.25/19 Jewelry Box, Ceramic; Christmas; 2.75x2.75x4"; handle; dog on top $6.00/19 Christmas; 3.5" hexagon; red; low relief holly on sides; santa scent on top; Ex $12.00/19 heart; 3.25x3.25" FLOWER OF THE MONTH collection, December; CADEAUX; AVON; New in Box $25.00/19 Jewelry box; enameled; 2"; gold bordered floral designs on blue w large flower on domed top; Oriental; as new $7.80/19 Jewelry Box; extruded plastic; 2.5x3.5"; Mr&Mrs Snowman $12.00/19 Jewelery box; lid only; 3x2"; cast; purple w pearl jewel center inset & gold tone low-relief fern borders; Ex $4.40/19 Jewelry Box, Glass 2.75x4x2" domed top; copper binding; handcrafted 1995 Lynn Bywaters; MEXICO VIA VERMONT; metalic Santa scene underlay in lid $20.00/19 Jewelry box, silver (see Jewelry case) Jewelery box; tin; bead & "jewels" encrusted; 4" $9.80/19 Jewelry Box; tin; 4x4x3"; gold-tone w openwork roses; glass lid; yellow cloth-lined bottom; Ex $22.90/19 Jewelry Box set; 4" octagonal, nesting; chestnut brown w hand-painted 'japaned' floral spray on top; JAPAN 1960c $14.95/19 Jewelry Box/Music Box; 4x6"; RCMP crest under glass on lid; varnished; Ex $27.95/19 Jewelry Box; Swiss House music box; handmade; Robert Trummer; 1993; Ex $75.80/19 Jewelry Cabinet; 5x11x14; oak; 4-drawer, glass & mirror lid; Ex $35.05/19 Jewelry Case; ring; cast metal, diamond patterned, enameled; inlaid glass 'diamonds'; handbag-shaped; 2"; As New $35.05/19 Jewelry Case; frosted leaded glass in soldered brass frame; 2x6"; 4 legs beveled glass lid w embeded flowers; Antique; Ex $115/19 Jewelry Case, silver plate on zinc; ELEGANCE; heartshaped; gold- color metal bow on upper l. side; red cloth lining (loose); 4.75x5x2.5"; HONG KONG $22.90/19 Jewelry Case, silver plate; heartshaped; gold-color metal bow on upper; red cloth inner; domed hinged lid; 2.75x3.25"; HONG KONG; Ex $42.85/19 Jewelry Case, silver plate; heartshaped; gold-color metal bow on upper; red cloth inner; domed hinged lid; 2.75x3.25"; HONG KONG; In Original Box; Mint $62.85/19 Jewelry HANG-ALL; 1990c; JF/90/FV; New In Box $24.00/19 Jewelry hang-all, 3 wrought iron bars on pedestal; Ex $16.00/19 Jewelry Holder; yellow cloth, feathers; crystal bow 45-037 $7.75/19 Ring Holder; stilletto shoe; G+ $6.05/19 Jewelry Necklace Display Stand; black velvet $10.00/19 Jewelry Organizer; display box; black velvet; 9.5x13.5; New 2 $8.00/19 Jewelry Stand, earrings; poodle; 5.5"; gold tone $5.00/19 Jeweler's Precision Screwdriver Set ARM HOBBY CORP.; 1990; in original display pack; Ex $74.55/19 John Deere see Farm Equipment Memorabilia Jug, Cookie jar; 6" $14.95/19 Jug, Water (see Dishes), 5) Jugs, Earthenware GENUINE CANADIAN RYE, 2.5"; Japan c1960 $14.95/19 EXCURSION TO CHICAGO; B.E. FRY'S advertisement; 4.5"; BEAUCE 2199 CANADA 45-289 $22.90/19 5.5" creamcan style $14.95/19 MILK; 6.75"; milkcan style; TAIWAN; Ex $20.00/19 Milk; 7"; milkcan style; Ex $20.00/19 Pickle, MEDALTA 13" no markings; cracked & poorly repaired $14.95/19 Jugs, Glass Juicer; pressed aluminium 8" $57.00/19
KKK ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Key BLACKFALDS GAS AND WASH $11.75/19 Dodge Caravan, 2004; set of 3 $50.00/19 House; CURTIS 45-186 $5.45/19 House, 465-27 Ave. N.W., Calgary; 1950; w tag; Cleveland/ JECO 45-185 $11.75/19 GALAXY MOTEL & RESTAURANT, ST. PAUL, ALBERTA; rm. 119 tag & key; 1980s $11.75/19 Key Chain/Key Fob/Key Ring AADAC (Alberta Alcohol & Drug Abuse Commission) white on transparent blue 2.25" tab; c1985 $11.45/19 Alberta Treasury Branches; gold on 2.25" blue tab c1980 $7.75/19 Alberta Treasury Branches 2.25" white plastic # 1 c.1985 $7.75/19 Baguio City, Philippines; 1.5x2.5" sta-brite bottle opener $11.45/19 BIS candy roll; 2" 45-137 $22.90/19 CANADA "bottlecap" Bottle Opener/Key Ring; 2017 $4.50/19 CANADA 2.25" leather tab w. 1.2" round metal pendant w Canadian flag under clear plastic $7.75/19 CAPRICORN cloison w mirror on reverse; metal; 1990s $15.00/19 Cartoon girl w teddy, tin on 1" disk; Hong Kong; locking clasp $7.75/19 Cowboy boot, 3.5", leather; metal buckle; as new $11.45/19 Dinosaur w wings, 2.5"; BURGER KING/NINTENDO 1999 $7.75/19 Dream catcher w metal feathers; 2017; NEW $7.75/19 Du Maurier orange plastic 1x1" dM cigarette pk. $11.45/19 Edmonton Homemade Pizza & figure in clear plastic 1.5x1.5" $7.75/19 Fire Engine, cast pewter, 2"; new $8.05/19 Fish, tin, 7-section articulated, gold electroplate, 2.7"; Ex $11.45/19 FOXY LADY; #1; metal $6.00/19 'French Fries'; 1.5" plastic pk. fries, orange/yellow c1980; locking clasp $11.45/19 Globe $6.00/19 HARLEY DAVIDSON logo in clear plastic in thick auto-vinyl pendant; G 45-223 $7.75/19 'Home is Where the Mortgage is' 1.75x3" plastic bell shape w slogan underneath Mansion; rear scratched w. SEIBOLD, could be removed $11.45/19 I'd Rather Be Golfing; 3" stabrite brass $7.75/19 Key finder, ECHO CHAIN; answers to a whistle; 1980's new in original box $11.45/19 KINDER MORGAN; 2017, for participation in 2018 Emergency Response Workshop, Jan., Edmonton; New in pack 7 $5.00/19 Light; Public Liquidation Warehouse, Blackfalds; 2010; new $11.45/19 M 2.25" leather tab w. 1.2" round metal pendant w silver M on blue disk; 1970's Made in Canada $7.75/19 M & W SALES, Edmonton (AB); Datsun; 1.2x2.6" varnished wood$11.45/19 MACHINETECH '81 'Your Key to Increased Productivity' 2.5" metal key $28.55/19 Miniature coke bottle w. coke inside $46.85/19 Miniature coke bottle w. removeable ballpoint pen $46.85/19 Miniature pan pipes $4.00/19 Moose; 2017; New $7.75/19 NA (Narcotics Anon.) 'Welcome', 'Just for Today' gold on white 2.25" plastic tab c1985 $11.45/19 OLYMPICS; 2010 VANCOUVER; New 2 $5.00/19 PARKS CANADA EXPLORER; key ring & tag; F $2.55/19 pen-knife keychain; Nu-Mart Stores, High Level (AB) 1968; G/VG $57.00/19 P/F $28.55/19 Report A Poacher (Alberta) $7.75/19 Rolling Stones; ring w 5 picture cards; 1983; French; on original cards 2 $12.00/19 Scottish piper, 2" figure; as new $15.25/19 SERVUS CREDIT UNION; loonie-release key; 2016; Blackfalds 3 $1.10/19 7-UP 6-pack, 1x1.5x.16" plastic miniatures; 1960c 45-211 $22.55/19 'So Many Men, So Little Time' 3" stainless steel $7.75/19 TINI-LITE flashlight keychain; 1980's new on original display card $11.45/19 TAMAGOTCHI flashlight keychain; c1990 $7.75/19 Tyrantosaurus claw, plastic, 2.5"; Tyrell Mus. JF80 45-212 $28.55/19 US 1981 dime in 1.25" clear round plastic disk; locking clasp $28.55/19 KEY HOLDER, novelty, tree slab w 3 hooks; MADE IN CANADA $7.75/19 KLIK Au'some Candy Dispensers Donkey Kong $7.75/19 Wolverine $7.75/19 Kitchen Ware) Knives, Collectable) Knives, Kitchen) Knives, Sport)
LLL ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lables DENNISON; FRAGILE; pk. 1950s; from Northern Echo, High Level, AB; 1968 $16.00/19 DENNISON No. 205; pk; 1950s; from Northern Echo, High Level, AB; 1968 $10.00/19 Ladle (see Kitchen Ware) Lamp, Coal-oil (see Lamp, Kerosene; Lanterns) Lamp, Clamp wire clamp; push switch; black bakelite fixture $15.25/19 Lamp, Hanging; chain suspension; large 1/2 orb shade; milk glass orb; 1960c; Ex $45.00/19 Lamp, Kerosene, Mini (see also Lanterns) Ceramic, Aladdin's lamp style w red roses & gold trim; JAPAN 1960c; no chimney; Ex+ $57.00/19 Ceramic, heart-shaped w "You're all Heart"; 1.75x3.4.5"; Hong Kong c 1980; as new $34.50/19 Ceramic coach w dismouting lady, 2 horses; 2x5x5.5"; JAPAN c1960; no chimney $57.00/19 finger-lamp, copper w. swivel base for wall mount; 3" no chimney; age stained; $34.50/19 Souvenir of Canada; glass, brown; w coat of arms, flag, RCMP; wood handle; matches salt/pepper set; c1970 $34.50/19 Lamp, Citronella Oil; 9.75"; outdoors, railway style storm lantern; white; w candle adaptor; 2006c; new in box $64.75/19 Lamp, headboard reading lamp, pressed metal; cowling w chrome strips; pink, as found in girl's bedrooms, early 1950's Ex $61.45/19 readint lamp, pressed metal; cowling; all pink as found in girl's bedrooms, early 1950's Ex $30.00/19 Lamp, Kerosene, Small green glass globular base; chimney; 8"o/a $46.85/19 finger lamps/hanging lamp w swivel base; no chimney; 4.5" high; brass; dark patina $34.50/19 no chimney; 4.5" high; yellow enameled $34.50/19 Lamp, Kerosene; medium; 8" w chimney; clear glass, flatened onion base octagonally faceted; about 1980; Ex $57.00/19 Farm-made from EXPORT tobacco tin w handle; wick assembly; chimney; etc.; 13"; Unique; $60.00/19 13" o/a; stein w shields; plastic lampshade $60.00/19 Vasoline Glass garlic bulb; 4"; candle/kerosene; PROVO CRAFT; TAIWAN 70's; lampshade frame for matching vasoline glass lampshade $34.50/19 Lamp, Kerosene, Large Amber-glass; 12", no chimney; pressed glass covered w ringed star pattern. Turnip shaped reservoir screwed to pedestal base w globe, all covered in same pattern; metal all black from age; Ex+ $145/19 Clear Glass; QUEEN ANN #2; 16" w chimney; sunburst base; Ex $68.00/19 Clear Glass; WHITE FLAME; 11"; 13 facets; pedestal; no chimney; Ex $68.00/19 LAMP, Kerosene; chimneys 6.5"; 2" base; pressed glass; globular w wide throat $34.00/19 8.5"; 2.6" base; globular midsection, top & bottom 1/3 frosted, center w white fern/foliage band; upper chimney browned $34.00/19 8.5"; 2.6" base; globular midsection, top & bottom 1/3 frosted, center w white fern/foliage band; upper chimney browned $34.00/19 12"; 2.9" base; slimline globular, bottom 3/4 frosted $34.00/19 LAMP, Table 1. Black Glass globe; 10"h $68.30/19 2. Bronze, cast c1890's; Chateau Montcalm, Quebec City; flanked by man & woman in 17th. century costume $565/19 3. Child's; Holland Mold c1960's; large ceramic base w. seated elf, frog, squirrel, bluebirds, butterfly, turtle, deer, accent rocks, mushrooms & flowers. 1 flower petal broken. Unique; VG $79.85/19 4. Japanese fishscale w copper fittings; unique, probably 1950's; needs some soldering to lamp socket mount $68.30/19 Art Deco; 1940's; 3-lobes each side from central; beige & brown; Ex $145/19 Brass pillar w frosted glass 1/2 globe w bead fringe; small bulb; vintage; Ex $69.15/19 Cast Iron branches pedestal w 2 tulip-bulb lights; 26"; Ex $165.00/19 Clear plastic w. gold-tone center; red lampshade w gold feather edging & ruby pendants; Ex $50.00/19 Clydesdale horse statuettes; $35.00/19 Covered Wagon, wood; 19"; 1950s; Ex $120/19 Globe, 8.5"; 1978; hand painted oriental-style landscape $69.15/19 Milk Glass; 1960c Expanding vase body on gold-tone base; gold floral aplique; Ex $69.15/19 Expanding vase body on gold-tone base; red floral aplique; Ex $69.15/19 Hobnail globe on pedestal on plate; Ex $69.15/19 Kerosene-style, double globe w floral applique; Ex 2 $69.15/19 Kerosene-style, plate base w ornate globe; Ex 2 $69.15/19 Kerosene-style, gold-painted tin base w ornate globe w floral applique; Ex $69.15/19 Pedestal; 14"; gold-tone; ceramic bulb; glass & metal half-dome shade; Ex $69.15/19 Pedestal w small globe w floral applique & 'candlestick' stem; Ex $69.15/19 Pitcher Plant; gold; 8"; 2005 2 $37.00/19 Reverse urn w spirals; 11" $69.15/19 Silver-black flattened globe base, 5"; w tubular lampshade w multi-color chevrons; 10.5"; Ex $20.00/19 Native CollN #4345; large chalkware 3-D statue of Indian figure & Tree trunk $145/19 Pedestal; column; plaster cast; 24" $25.00/19 Spinning Wheel & pedestal; 30"; wood $46.00/19 Spot, desk Desk; flexible; beige metal; $25.00/19 Desk/wall mounted; red metal shade $15.00/19 Desk/wall mounted; flexible; clamp; beige metal shade; Made In Canada; 1960s $30.00/19 Urn shape 2 $45.00/19 Urn shape; ornate handles; gold colored w floral applique; 12"; Ex $45.00/19 Lamp Harp plain; wood fillial $10.00/19 Lampshade Child's/Boy's; painted sailing ship, whales, birds & quasi-continents on grid; pr; $24.15/19 various old glass ceiling fixtures & drop shades cast pink glass, 3-point suspension 2 $53.65/19 cast glass, pink frosted; 8.5x5" single mount $27.00/19 cast glass, pink painted; 6"x3" single mount; pr $53.65/19 cloth; plain; single mount cliop $8.05/19 milk glass; 7.25x7.25" drum w dutch boy & girl scenes $105/19 Pagoda Roof; 11.5" tall; brown & beige; folded ribbon $38.00/19 2-tier; white w gold thread abstract; laced; '50s $24.00/19 red crenelated $8.05/19 truncated cone, glass fragment patched; Ex $12.00/19 white faux fur, small $15.00/19 Lanterns (see Sports), Camping Lantern, Candle, Tealight; Hurricane; NIB $8.00/19 Lantern, Candle, tin; square w pyramid roof; x-mas cutouts $8.05/19 Lantern, Candle, tin; classic; 4-sided glass; Ex $17.55/19 Lantern, Candle, tin; AMARUNA; 9.5"; 2015; new $17.55/19 Laundry Laundry set; small packakes Tide, Downy, bounce &c in original sealed pck.; c 2000; Ex $24.85/19 Laundry Basin; Galvanized; lid only $12.00/19 Laundry Hamper Collapsable; STAR WARS; 14x14x22.5"; net w pictures; NIB $16.00/19 Columnar; 9x22"; tin, black w white flowers front; 1930's $132.00/19 Upright; white; RUBBERMAID $10.00/19 Leather Dye; ESQUIRE, black, in original box $57.00/19 Ledger Board; 9x14" brown metal writing board for 2-hole ledger sheets; OFFICE SPECIALTY MFG. CORP. 1930's $41.30/19 Same; 1940's $41.30/19 Ledger Account sheets for above. set of 6 $11.45/19 Ledger Book; 7.5x12"; CASH; Mead; 150 pg; hard cover; Ex++ $41.30/19 Ledger Book; 8.25x11"; 1930s $41.30/19 Ledger Book; Farm Bookeeping; MNP; 2015 $9.70/19 Letter opener (see also swords, Miniature) Brass, 7"; KINDJAL, miniature, metal gold-tone knife & sheath w.inset rubies, struck with TURKIYE on blade; mint $18.55/19 Brass, 7"; sailing ship motif $14.15/19 Brass, 7"; ship's wheel motif $14.15/19 Brass, 7"; rooster motif $14.15/19 Brass, 7.25" sword & leather sheath; Ex $18.55/19 Clear plastic block handle w embeded ear of wheat; bottle cap lifter/can punch; 7" o/a; some light scuffing with matching letter opener $46.85/19 Dagger, brass, 8.5"; w small blade & scissors; brass livestock logo disk in mahagony handle; Ex $18.55/19 Excalibur broadsword, 8"; brass guards, pommel, translucent chestnut brown grip; Grant/McKay clan $18.55/19 Japanese Tanto/Trouse style letter opener/bottle opener, sawback; natural birch or poplar case $15.25/19 Hawaii; carved lavarock handle in statue w elaborate headdress; metal blade; 9" $64.75/19 Plastic; FULLER brush; traveling salesman; 7"; 1950c $8.90/19 Rapier; chrome; Santa Monica, California; Ex $7.00/19 Rhino, carved wood; African; 11.5"; horn broken $64.75/19 Stamped metal, 1940's Made in England; from CIBC (history to buyer) $51.35/19 Swords, fantasy; 11"; cast hilt; double-snake standard on black pedestal for holder; set of 4; Ex $88.00/19 Wood, carved; 9.2"; bulbous handle; Ex $34.00/19 Wood, carved; African; 12.5"; 2-tone lateral; face w headdress & brass wire neck; Ex $51.35/19 Wood, carved; 16"; appears African; long SE blade, bowie tip; oiled, polished, heartwood down center; coltsfoot grip for small hand. Ex $34.00/19 Lettering Guide 4.5x5"; 2 $2.00/19 BEROL RAPIDESIGN R-2965 Metric Microfont; 12" in original case; used 1967 @ Northern Echo, High Level (AB), first newspaer north of Peace River $51.35/19 Dairy Queen Stencil Ruler in original pack $7.75/19 FISITARS, 4 plastic templates; Taiwan; Near New $12.00/19 ZIPPO flat; marked & logo for several Processing Co.; sheath, all in original box; Ex $18.55/19 Letter Set; 10 sheets, envelopes & holder; 1968; sealed in Original Box $12.00/19 Letterhead Canada Cement (Portland Cement) Edmonton (AB), 4.5x5.5" in plastic on backing; c1980's; top R corner missing $7.75/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ License Plate Tags; 67 tags all consecutive 1964-92 complete set from Alberta, Canada; War Amps tags; all vehicles from one owner WF. All in Ex. condition. Unique $690/19 License Plate Tags; ALBERTA, CANADA; all believed from same person 1966 624909 2 $14.95/19 1972 RJ-34-58 $10.50/19 1977 serial 1904558 2 $10.50/19 1977 serial 1904560 $10.50/19 1978 serial 1956687 $10.50/19 1978 serial 1956703 $10.50/19 1978 serial 3956748 2 $10.50/19 1982 serial 821666393 2 $7.80/19 1982 serial 821666401 $7.80/19 Light Stip; Decorative Ribbon; CHINA; 2008; new in pck. $13.30/19 Light Switch Plate (see Tools Lightbulb XENOPHOT HKX 6464 FCS 24v 159w Halogen photo optic lamp; OSRAM; new in pack $7.80/19 Lighters (see Cigarette Lighters) Lions Club glass ashtray, 3.5x3.5" w crest on base; slight chip; from LLB $34.50/19 glass tumbler w. crest; $11.45/19 stein, narrow tapered 3x6"; sticker w. Dick Jenkins $51.35/19 Cloth badge, Lions International logo 4 3/4 round; from Lac La Biche (AB) c. 1978; as new $64.75/19 Pins, metal (all c1980) Bonnyville (AB) in original plastic $115/19 Bonnyville-Lakeland 1980 Convention, Alberta 75th anniversary (AB) $115/19 Canmore (see Karen Saunders) Fort McMurray Tar Sands (AB) in original plastic $115/19 Hinton (AB) $115/19 Multiple District 37 Canada/USA $115/19 Nobleford (AB) $115/19 Oak Bay, Victoria (BC) $115/19 Smoky Lake (AB) $115/19 South Cooking Lake (AB) $115/19 Button, Wood Buffalo Frolics, Ft. Smith Lions Club 1979 $28.55/19 Vests Pacific Northwest/Alberta; vinyl patch; green on white evergreen on back; brown felt trim; felt fringes across chest. Ex/as new $68.30/19 Lac La Biche (AB); cloth patch; NW crest on back; blue felt trim; brown leather fringes on chest; flowers beaded on yoke; JF/78 LLB; 4yr Pres/VP (history to buyer) Ex $200/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Liquor Labels; primarily in Good (wrinkled, etc.) condition; none Mint; ea $7.75/19 set$175/19 Adams PRIVATE STOCK whisky 375 ml ALEXANDER KEITH'S INDIA PALE Ale 341 ml old label new label Alpine GENUINE COLD FILTERED beer 341 ml Andres MOODY BLUE wine Andres RICH Canadian port wine 750 ml Andres SANGRIA wine BABY DUCK wine 1.5 L BLACK DIAMOND rum 375 ml BLACK HORSE Beer; torn 341 ml BLACK ICE beer 341 ml BUDWEISER Beer 341 ml neck band CANADIAN CLUB 1.14 L CAPTAIN MORGAN Extra Light white rum 375 ml CARSTAIRS WHITE SEAL 1.75 L Chateau-Gai PRIVATE STOCK port; torn 750 ml DEWAR'S White Label 1.75 L DOS EQUIS XX Lager Especial beer 325 ml Favell's LONDON DOCK Rio Rhio; F/G 1.14 L FIVE THIRTY Special Reserve whisky 1.14 L Gilby LEMON GIN COLLINS 375 ml HEINEKEN LAGER BEER 355 ml HEINEKEN neck label HERMIT Canadian Port 750 ml JACK DANIEL'S TENNESEE SOUR 750 ml JAMES READY'S Lager beer neck label JOHNNIE WALKER Red Lable; torn 710 ml LABATT ICE BEER 341 ml LABATT'S BLUE 341 ml LABATT'S LITE beer 341 ml LAMB'S White Rum 1.75 L LAURENTIDE Ale 625 ml LOWENBRAU beer; torn 355 ml McEWAN'S STRONG McGuinness ANNE BONNY Rum 375 ml McGUINNESS Cherry Brandy McGUINNESS White Rum McGUINNESS White Rum neck band Meagher's 1878 Canadian Rye 375 ml MILLER beer 12 fl. oz. Molson CANADIAN beer 341 ml MOLSON DRY Special beer 341 ml MOLSON GOLDEN beer 341 ml MOLSON XXX Strong Beer 341 ml MONTEGO WHITE rum 375 ml MOOSEHEAD Beer; torn MOOSEHEAD'S Golden Light Beer 341 ml OLD CANADA whisky 1.14 L OLE Tequila 750 ml PACIFICO CLARA beer 355 ml Pierre SMIRNOV Vodka 375 ml neck lable 7 SEAS white rum 67 Canadian Port Wine 750 ml TEN PENNY Old Stock Ale neck label Walker's SPECIAL OLD Rye Whisky; torn 1.14 L WILDBERRY Vodka Cooler 341 ml WOOD'S Old Navy Rum 1.14 L Liquor Miscellaneous Cocktail ornament; Japanese umbrella; rice paper & wood, print on top; works; slightly worn; F/G $7.75/19 BAVARIAN ENZIAN LIQUOEUR earthenware jug, 7.5", hand painted floral bouquet; w earthenware demi-mug w ENZIAN &c; Ex $32.95/19 Pouring spout, bottle; w dutch wooden shoe $15.25/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Log/Firewood tray; brass; oval; 19" $15.00/19 London Bridge; piece of stone from bridge; 2x2x1.5", mounted w. small rooster ornament, Mint; $57.00/19 Luggage FLITE 69 3-pc. set: overnight, small & med.; red leather w beige leather bound edges, yellow stitching, brass catches (missing key); mirror in overnight case. VG $280/19 Luggage Tag; DON'T TOUCH; 2.5x4" blue plastic; 2010 nw in pk $7.80/19 Lunch Box/Kits Cloth tote; Spiderman; insulated; 2011; Ex; $19.35/19 Star Wars; RUX; 2015; Ex $19.35/19 India, lunch delivery kit; cylindrical w 4 partitions/ pots; carrying handle/lock; stainless $57.00/19 Metal, black, rounded lid; 1950's Leather handle $57.00/19 Plastic handle 45-206 $57.00/19 chrome handle $57.00/19 Metal, yellow, rounded lid $57.00/19 Metal, box style; 1970c hemp sack-cloth patterned; rust on bottom; named to Maarilyn Rudnyk, from Edmonton $17.70/19 Metal, box style; DOTS; VG $17.70/19 Metal, box style; DISNEY, "Frozen"; TIN BOX CO; VG $11.40/19 Metal, box style; LOST IN MUSIC; Justin Bieber et al $6.05/19 Metal, box style; STAR WARS, Kylo Ren; TIN BOX; 2015; New $12.00/19 Metal, box; WALKER'S SHORTBREAD, Scotland; 8.5x6.5x2.5" Ex $9.30/19 Plastic Alf $46.85/19 Flintstones "The Monster" drive-in; 1994; THERMOS $46.85/19 Lion King w. "Save 2.00" sticker $34.50/19 Muppet Babies $46.85/19 Star Wars Episode II; THERMOS $16.00/19 Plastic, small; "Disney's Cook'd Up Comics" WHIRLEY, USA $16.00/19 Lustre-ware (see also Dishes)
MMM ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Macdonald's (see McDonald's) Magazine Rack Brass; bent wire rectangular frame w hoop handle & central motif; perforated brass base & 4 applied brass Maple leafs; Art Nouveau; VG $145/19 Brass sheeting covered wood, w high-relief design; Ex 3 $130/19 1867-1967 Centennial maple leaf design made of gold-tone 1/4" bent wrought-iron or brass bar; Ex $260/19 Magazines (see also Sports) Magic (see also Fossils) Necklace pendant, Gemstone Cachet; gold-tone filigree, conical 2", w 5-point star ball supspension; 2014 new $26.60/19 Necklace; silver disk w Pentagram $6.00/19 Necklace; silver flying skull; c2014; new in pack $6.65/19 Metal ring puzzle $6.05/19 MAGNAJECTOR; 1950's; one owner; J. Fromhold (Chief of the Mountain Cree Band; obtained Calgary 1958; Ex $71.50/19 Magnet, Fridge, Ornamental Horsehead, 3-D, 3"; plastic/ceramic casting; brown; as new $5.25/19 Miscellaneous; pck of 12 $6.05/19 Magnet, Fridge; 2x3" bodies for over photo head shot; 8 $1.10/19ea Magnet, Fridge; Souvenier; 2.2x3.3"; Banff; flowers & Mt. Rundle picture; 2014; new $3.65/19 Banff; Canada's Rocky Mountains; CPR picture; 2.2x3.3"; new $3.65/19 Banff National Park; Mt. Rundle; 2014; Rundle Pict.; new $3.65/19 Fiji; $3.65/19 Magnet, Fridge; Souvenier; 2.5x3.5"; Banff Lake Louise; winter; hay ride; Ex $3.65/19 Magnifying Glass, LUMINEX 5x & 10x folding TECHNICIAN'S c1960 new in original box $46.85/19 Magnifying Glass, 4.75"; hand-held; black plastic $4.00/19 Make-up (see Cosmetics) Maniquin Full size; female 2 $200/19 Tailor dummy $130/19 Torso on stand $130/19 Torso, paper mache; vintage; VG $86.50/19 Torso wood box on stand, formerly with OLD FORT MUSEUM $145/19 Torso, cloth-covered $73.20/19 Torso, front half, female; reinforced 2 $86.50/19 Chest, male & female 2 $35.40/19 Map, road (see Road Maps) Map, wall, roll-up school wall map North America $340/19 Canada; tear in bottom $285/19 Map, wall; World Political map c1950; Mercator; 32x50" near mint $115/19 World Political map, laminated; equatorial; 28x40" $68.30/19 World Political map, vintage; Mercator; 28x39" framed $115/19 MASK (see also Halloween) Mask; carved gourd; appears Polynesian; shell inset eyes & teeth; large nose ring; black paint w white highlights; small feathers glued to forehead; only one we have seen $39.95/19 Mask, ceramic; wall hanger; 6"; TAIWAN; 1960s; As New $25.00/19 Mask, Jade; Mesoamerican; 7.5"; Mint $64.75/19 Mask, wood, African; 5x40"; black $64.75/19 Mask, wood, African; 5.5x9"; brown; w inlay; Ex $64.75/19 Mask, wood, African; 7x15"; colored; Ex/Mint $64.75/19 Mask, wood, African; 8x19"; brown; grass hair $64.75/19 Mask, wood, African; 7x23"; black; w lizard on top $64.75/19 Mask, wood, Aztec; 5x8"; brown $64.75/19 Mask, wood, Ghana; 10" round Zebra Mask w stand; Ex $64.75/19 Mask, wood, Rastafarian, black; 9x19.5" $64.75/19 Mask, wood, southeast Asian; 6x18" $64.75/19 Mask, wood, southeast Asian; Bali; round face with crest headdress; gold lame w red; round eyes, mirror & colored dots accents & lines; 8x10"; Ex $64.75/19 Mask, wood, southeast asian; 20"; mother of pearl & Chinese coin inlay; Ex $64.75/19 Mask/Shield & 2 24" swords, wood; black; 1984; FIJI; Ex $45.00/19 Matchbook Covers, Tribal designs; 1970's (Native collection #'s 1171-1187) $77.95/19 Matchbook Charles & Diana Frontier Town (Vermilion Lodge); Fort Vermilion, AB; owned/operated by J. Fromhold & family; c1980 $1.75/19 Matchbooks GENE'S TEXACO, High Level (AB); 1960's 45-113 $15.25/19 Matchbooks, packages of 10 (of 8+1 double) mainly northern Alberta & adjacent B.C. & NWT $8.20/19ea Matchbox SIFTO SALT, safety matches; c1970 $20.55/19 Matchbox Holder Plastic w printed flowers abstract to front; tan $8.00/19 Matchboxes (no matches) BEEFEATER STEAK HOUSE; c1970 Calgary $20.55/19 CLOCK OF FIVES RESTAURANT; c1970, Calgary $20.55/19 EDDY SESQUI STRIKE ANYWHERE; small box w used matches; c1950 $20.55/19 Matches, Waterproof; Safety Matches; COGHLANS; box of 47 c 1980; VG 1 $28.55/19 Matches, Windproof, in aluminium bottle; PAINS, England, Air/sea rescue supplies; 1940's 1 $34.50/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ McDonald's Memorabilia (see also Toys) Cardboard fries cup; 2016 $1.10/19 Medalion (see also Sports Karen Saunders) (see also Coins, Currency, Tokens) Alberta Novice Tournament of Champions; Hockey; 2nd; 1998 w neck ribbon $11.45/19 Alberta Shitoryu Itosu-Kai, Devon (AB), Nov 12 1988; Martial arts award w. neck ribbon $28.55/19 City of Red Deer Roller Hockey 1997 w neck ribbon $11.45/19 City of Red Deer Roller Hockey 1998 w neck ribbon $11.45/19 City of Red Deer Roller Hockey 1999 w neck ribbon $11.45/19 Drug Abuse Resistance Education, D.A.R.E. $11.45/19 Fort Vermilion (AB) MITE Tournament 1992; Hockey Award w neck ribbon; received by Odin Fromhold $46.85/19 King George & Elizabeth 1937 Coronation medal; potmetal; w. ribbon bow; Ex $140/19 LAKE BONAVISTA (Calgary) OLD TIMERS/MOTHER'S PIZZA (Now defunct) 1980's; pewter; 2.2" dia; Ex 45-188 $11.45/19 Manitoba School For The Deaf "For Merit" named to Kenneth Hanson 1938; Rifle Brigade cross suspended from scroll; Ex $140/19 Red Deer City Soccer 1994 w neck ribbon $11.45/19 Red Deer City Soccer Association 1996 w neck ribbon $11.45/19 Red Deer Minor Hockey Commission Dyn. Init. 1994-95 w neck ribbon; Indian Head medalion $11.45/19 Red Deer Minor Hockey Commission Dynamit Initiation 1995-96 w neck ribbon; Indian Head medalion $11.45/19 Red Deer Minor Hockey Commission Novice Tier 2 1996-97 w neck ribbon; Indian Head medalion $11.45/19 Red Deer Minor Hockey Commission Novice Tier 1 1997-98 w neck ribbon; Indian Head medalion $11.45/19 Red Deer Minor Hockey Commission Atom B Play-off Champions 1998-99 w neck ribbon; Indian Head medallion $11.45/19 Regina Civic Playgrounds; Sterling Silver; rose outline w Regina crest under King's Crown; Ex $140/19 St. Anne; cast w silver wash; VG $19.95/19 Swift Current (SK) Gun & Hobby Show 1983 $28.55/19 Torrington Novice Tournament 1997 $11.45/19 MEDALTA & Medicine Hat Ashtray HYCROFT; hat; Medicine Hat; lt. beige $64.75/19 HYCROFT; hat; no Med. Hat. logo; lt. brown $75.80/19 HYCROFT; hat; NORTHWEST NITRO-CHEMICAL; lt. beige; $64.75/19 Beanpot; Bowl-shaped; 6" base expanding to 9" rimmed throat; opposing 'ear' handles; glass lid; dk broen glaze w gold overtones; one slight chip to rim; appears to be MEDALTA $46.85/19 Beer Stein, REDCLIFF; orange-brown speckled glaze $275/19 Cup, HYCROFT; conical w faceted sides, 22k gold trim; skiier on blue background $28.55/19 Cups, HYCROFT 320-A; Autumn Oak leaf w 22k gold trim $28.55/19 slight crack $11.45/19 Cups, MEDALTA; 2.5" thick earthenware, off-white glaze (3) $57.00/19ea Demi-tasse saucer, Medicine Hat ?; 4.5" white glaze, no markings; Ex $7.75/19 Jug, Pickle Mug, MEDALTA POTTERIES $28.55/19 Plates, MEDICINE HAT; off-white glaze, plain; some crazed, some lightly chipped, some w/o marking (washed off) plates 9" (4) $34.50/19ea sandwich plates 6.8" (3) $11.45/19ea Plates, HYCROFT, Collector 9.75" plate, Wild Rose pattern, 22k gold rim worn; circular crazing; $68.30/19 9.5" collector plate; 'CFBPWC National Convention Edmonton July 1958' Alberta map, wild roses, wheat heads all in 22k gold; Ex $86.20/19 Game Birds; 9.7"; 22k gold bands, broad outer w narrow border & narrow inner pheasants rising; small hairline crack but otherwise Ex $69.65/19 near identical but older; gold 35% worn $68.30/19 Prairie chickens rising w dog in back; gold 25% worn, 1 small chip on side; older variety $68.30/19 Salt, Pepper & Jam jar; crockpot style; HIGH RIVER ALBERTA MEDICINE TREE COUNTRY applique; Ex++ $34.50/19 Sandwich Plate, MEDALTA; 7.1" earthenware; narrow brown band bordered by fine brown lines around rim; VG/Ex $28.55/19 Medical (see also bottles) (see also tins) Benylin Cough Syrup bottle in original box; Blackfalds 2017 $1.65/19 DAYQUILL Cold & Flu syrup bottle in orig. box; Blkfalds 2017$1.65/19 HELPS throat lozengens; NATIONAL LICORICE COMPANY; box $8.90/19 Inhaler; SYBMBICORT; in box; named to Joachim Fromhold by Dr. Theo Kemp; Blackfalds; AB; Nov 14, 2013 $9.70/19 NICORETTE lozengen dispenser; 2mg; Ex $1.10/19 Medical Trays; white enamel, black rim; 9x13x4" 45-069 2 $37.25/19 MEDICINE HAT glass, whiskey; Canadian Feederation of Mayors and Municipalities convention; dated 1952 $15.25/19 Melmac cream pitcher, med brown; RAINBOWARE $7.75/19 soup bowls, brown 5"; set of 3 $11.45/19 Memo/Notebook Birthday Book; 2014; NIP 2 $3.00/19 Pocket Memo, booklet; SELECTUM; pck of 4 $8.00/19 Pocket Memo, hardcover; SELECTUM 3 $5.00/19 Merry Go Round (see Carousel) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Microphone (see Tools, Hardware, Automotive) Microscope; Prepared Slides LUMEX G120 large Size 12 sheets all labled; Animals 250A; in original box c1950's; plus 3 small prepared slides; VG+ $34.50/19 Microscope, set; plastic case; TASCO; VG $35.40/19 Microscope, set; DELUXE 9008; Plastic carrying case; 48pc $85.00/19 MIDAS MUFFLER scarf; 7x65" yellow & black stripes; 5" yellow & black wool fringe; Midas name on ends; 1970's; VG $61.45/19 Milk Bottle, 1/3 Pint Diamond D; Ex $9.80/19 Milk Bottle, 1/3 Pint (England) A PRETTY PITCHER; LOTS OF MILK! w girl holding pitcher; MIDSOMER NORTON DAIRIES $15.20/19 OUR LITTLE JUMBO; MIGHTY GOOD w elephant logo $15.20/19 Milk Bottle 189 ml (England) FRANKY'S DAIRY; Christmas Eggnog; Ex $15.20/19 Milk Bottle Alpha Milk w original stopper $46.85/19 Aluminium vase, cast; 8.5"; $26.15/19 Avalon Dairies; 1L $22.90/19 Avalon Dairies 100 Anniversary; 2006 2 $28.55/19 Cerve; 1 l.; vintage; milk glass; French $46.85/19 D Dutchmen Dairy (Bashaw, AB); 1970's $22.90/19 D Dutchmen Dairy (Sicamous, BC); 1L $22.90/19 Dairy Supplies Ltd.; round $28.55/19 Hill's Dairy "Primrose Products" $105/19 Kootenay Meadows; 946 ml.; screw-top; STANOAC $27.35/19 Model Dairies (Calgary, AB) $115/19 NOCA $79.85/19 PAUL MASSON, California; round, 1 qt.; w plastic cap $28.55/19 plain $28.55/19 Plain; 1/2 L. $15.20/19 Plain; 946 ml; STANPAC; plastic cap $15.20/19 Round bottle, leaded glass $46.85/19 Round bottle, 1 pt., w PURE JERSEY MILK cap $39.95/19 Round bottle, 1 qt., w ALPHA cap; Ex $46.85/19 Round bottle, 1 qt., DIAMOND D; Ex 2 $39.95/19 Round bottle, 1 qt., CANADA; casting flaws; Ex $46.85/19 Round bottle, 1 qt., w NANAIMO CO-OP DAIRY CREAM cap $46.85/19 Round bottle, long-necked w pouring spout; hand-cast glass; low relief of man milking cow; captioned ABSOLUTELY PURE MILK and THE MILK PROTECTOR; Ex $145/19 Square bottle w round neck $46.85/19 STAN PAC; Square bottle w round neck; 1L; w red cap $15.20/19 Milk Bottle Cap PURE MILK AND CREAM $1.65/19 PURITY, Charlottetown, PEI $8.05/19 SPECIAL MILK 4.5% BUTTERFAT; Union Milk Co.; Ex 10 $2.20/19ea STANDARD; Union Milk Co. Ltd.; Ex 8 $2.20/19ea Milk Can, tin miniature (see also salt & pepper; toothpick holders) LINDT Chocolates; 6.5" w handles, lid; near mint $15.25/19 Milk Crate, plastic, misc. yellow, black, blue, red 250 $39.95/19ea ALPHA, lt. blue; 1970's (Red Deer, AB) $68.30/19 AGROPUR, black; 2007 $39.95/19 BEATRICE, dk blue $51.35/19 BEATRICE, lt blue $51.35/19 BEATRICE, pink $51.35/19 CO-OP, lt. blue; 1990's $51.35/19 DAIRY PRODUCERS, Lt. Green $51.35/19 DAIRYWORLD (Red Deer, AB); yellow; 1990's $51.35/19 ISLAND FARMS; pale green $51.35/19 M.A. HATT & SON Sauerkraut crate; blue $51.35/19 NATREL, red; 2006 $39.95/19 NATREL, dk. green; 2008 $39.95/19 N.A.D.P. (Northern Alberta Dairy Pool) 1970's; blue $68.30/19 PALM; red; 2000 $51.35/19 PARMALAT black $51.35/19 ROYAL OAK DAIRY; Royal Blue; 2008 $39.95/19 SEALTEST, DOMINION DAIRIES; red; 2000 $51.35/19 SEALTEST, DOMINION DAIRIES; green; 2000 $51.35/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Milk Glass (see also FIRE KING) Ashtray MIDTOWN MOTEL (Drayton Valley, AB); 3-sided 5x5x5x1.25"; Ex+ $15.25/19 Atomizer EXCLAMATION, milk glass; 15 ml $11.45/19 EXCLAMATION, milk glass; 30 ml $15.25/19 Wild Rose; JAY NORRIS; 1980's; milk glass; new in box $28.55/19 AVON 3.8" dish, straight walled w high-relief foliage & flowers $15.25/19 4.25" dish, straight walled w high-relief basket weave$22.90/19 Bowl, stemmed, 7"x5.5"; hexagonal stem; impressed diamond pattern bowl; missing lid; Ex $57.00/19 Cake Tray; stemmed 10.25"; 8 pie-shaped divisions; gold triangular dot design w fleur-de-lys inside border; Ex+$75.80/19 Candy dish, 3x7"; foot; looped openwork edge; redish patina; Ex+ $51.35/19 Candy dish, 3.5x7"; foot; looped openwork edge; redish patina; w glass frog; Ex+ $75.80/19 Candy dish, 5" FIREKING 1950 fruit nappie, swirl pattern w gold rim, on stamped openwork copper 3-legged base; Ex$39.95/19 Candy Dish, 5.5" dia, flower-petal outer w segmented rim, on gold-tone cast pewter/zink leaf-decorated pedestal. Ex.+ $51.35/19 Candy Dish; 5x7.5" oval, cone-covered exterior; frilled edges w transparent orange/green edge; orange glass handle; Mint $75.80/19 Candy Dish; 7x4.5x1.5", rounded edges; fruit cluster applique in middle; ERCOPA, FRANCE; Ex $51.35/19 Casserole dish; PYREX PYREX; 8.5"x3.5"; round; milk glass w brown abstract floral scrollwork both sides; eared handles, glass lid; lid w some minor chips to inner rim; Ex $75.80/19 GLASSBAKE J-2352 15; 12x8.5"; milk glass; oval, central divider; Ex $28.55/19 Cream Jar; 3.3" w brown outline European parade scene w covered bridge, maypole & country fair tents; plastic lid; Ex $15.25/19 45-542 Creamer; CORNINGWARE; chromed lid; matches other pcs.; Ex $30.40/19 Dish, Pear; 8"; inside w low-relief fruit, outside pressed with flowers & leaves designs; Ex $28.55/19 Dishes (see FIRE KING) Goblet 3.5x3.5" pressed diamond design, scalloped edge; BRODY, Ex $28.55/19 square 3.5x5.5" footed; raised grape pattern on stipple back; Ex $28.55/19 square 3.5x5.7"; raised grape pattern on stipple back; Ex $28.55/19 small 3.5x3.5" w fluted expanding pedestal base; cup w. raised rim & raised floral garlands draped on sides. Ex $15.25/19 Gravy Boat; J.A.J (England); 1950's; Ex $46.85/19 Head Vase $76.85/19 45-540 Jam Jar; CORNINGWARE; chromed lid; matches other pcs.; Ex $33.35/19 Jar, Hand Cream, milk glass 1.75x2.5"; discolored, no lid, some contents remaining; shows mold flaws $7.75/19 2.25x2.75" w lid (rust covered); from S. of Content Bridge (AB); VG+ $15.25/19 3x3" hand cream; no lid; no chips, two scuff marks; G $15.25/19 Jar, McCABE WATER LEVEL INDICATOR; 4x5.5mm; contents, lid; all G/VG $28.55/19 Jar, POND'S cream; 2.3x2.75x1.9" oval; From S. of Content Bridge (AB) $15.25/19 Juicer; 5.5"; SUNKIST; finger-loop; Ex+ $235/19 45-541 Ketchup Dispenser; CORNINGWARE; red top; match others; Ex $30.40/19 Mixing Bowl & pouring bowl, PYREX; 3-band; 1950's Postmodern; 3-band; set; VG+ $68.30/19 Mug/Stein, large; 1977 Alberta Summer Games, Red Deer (AB)$46.85/19 Mug, FIRE KING/Anchor Hocking; chestnut glaze w black edged top Red Deer High School Reunion 1977 w crest $15.25/19 Mug, FIRE KING, Canada Goose rising, in gold (worn) $15.25/19 Mugs, Foot Bowling pins & ball; gold leaf band; set of 2 $46.85/19 HUSKY TOWER (Calgary Tower) milk glass, footed; artist's rendition of tower & cityscape $28.55/19 MACLEODS, OYEN, ALTA. marked; gold rim; set of 4 $175/19 Pear-shaped; 8"; pressed glass w flowers on outside, apple, grapes, cherries inside; Ex $33.10/19 Pitcher & Basin, 5"; AVON; w purple stylized floral band; Ex $45.55/19 Salt & Pepper shakers; roundish covered w raised pyramid pattern pessed diamonds; gilt domed caps; wood stand/ napkin holder $34.50/19 Salt & Pepper, 2.5" onion-shaped w 4 rows raised pyramid pattern pessed diamonds; gilt domed caps; MADE IN JAPAN 1950's $34.50/19 Salt & Pepper; CORNINGWARE; 3.5" barrel-shaped, chromed angled lid; to match other pieces; pr.; Ex $25.75/19 Salt & Pepper; Milk Glass; 3.5" barrel-shaped, tan conical lid; pr.; Ex $25.75/19 Spice Jars; milk glass w blue dutch harbour town scene artist's rendition; 3 blue framed boxes w spice name in French, German, Dutch respectively; very nice. $7.75/19ea. Muscade Cannelle Curry Poultry Spice Paprika Meat Spice Stein, concave sides w bas relief tavern scene both sides 8 $46.85/19 45-539 Sugar Dispenser; CORNINGWARE; chromed lid; match oth.; Ex $30.40/19 $33.35/19 Vase, 4x7.5x4.75" expanding, fluted, BRODY $51.35/19 Vase, 4.5x4.5" cuspidor shaped w. 8 square raised landings around sides; Ex $46.85/19 Vase, 5x9.5" expanding cone; hobnail $52.20/19 Vase, 5.5x5" pedestal, expanding cup, octagonall, grape pattern low relief; Ex $51.35/19 Vase, 5.5x7" pedestal, expanding cup, fluted; square base $51.35/19 Vase, pedestal; 6.5x5.5"; octagonal sided; low-relief grape pattern; Ex $51.35/19
Milkshake Maker, Hamilton Beach Classic w. milkshake cup; ca. 1960; mint $285/19 Milkshake maker cup w handle, aluminium, STAFFORD (Canada); Ex$28.55/19 Minerals/Rocks Amethyst, 4" disk $115/19 Amolite Copper ore Halite $20.15/19 Iceland Spar Iceland Spar, polished Iron Pyrite ball, 1" $18.10/19 Iron Pyrite cube 2 Iron Pyrite lump Iron Pyrite sunburst Malachite Mica sheet $36.80/19 Miscellaneous Crystals Obsidian core Obsidian, polished Onyx Quartzite, white; boulder; 5lb $50.00/19 Polished stones, miscellaneous Quartzite Crystal, 1" Quartzite Crystal clusters, natural (Meeting Creek) Rhyolite, polished, 1.5" $22.55/19 Ruby Tektites 2 Mirror (see also Grooming) bar, 6x18" gold framed; "Please don't shoot the Piano Player, he's doing the best he can" on mirror in 1930's style. $28.55/19 camping (see Sports) Compact; 2.75x.5" chrome-tone metal; domed top w peacock openwork set with 2 "rubies & 8 "aquamarines"; 2008; new in pck. $22.90/19 Compact; 2.75x.5" chrome-tone metal; domed top w jaguar pattern under clear plastic faceted cover; 2013; new $22.90/19 Compact; 2.75x.5" chrome-tone metal; domed top w floral openwork set with 16 "gems"; 2008; new in pck. $22.90/19 Compact; 2.75x.5" gold-tone metal; floral top encrusted with 24 "rubies" central & 4 outer 'aquamarines'; 2008; new in pck. $22.90/19 Compact; 2.75x.5" gold-tone metal; domed top w floral openwork set with 16 "saphires"; 2008; new in pck. $22.90/19 Compact; 2.75x.5" gold-tone metal; domed top w 3 crowns openwork set with 12 'rubies'; 6 'emeralds'; 3 'turquois' & large central 'turquois'; 2008; new in pck.$22.90/19 Compact; 2.75x.5" gold-tone metal; domed top w peacock openwork set with 3 aquamarines, 8 diamond 'eyes, 15 ruby 'eyes'; 2008; new $22.90/19 Compact; 2.75x.5" gold-tone metal; concentric peacock feather pattern on black top; 2008; new in pck. $22.90/19 Compact; 2.75x.5" silver-tone metal; lid w photo of Chinese deity megalith statue; 2008; new in pck. $22.90/19 Compact; 2.75x.5" silver-tone metal; lid w photo of Chinese pagoda; 2008; new in pck. $22.90/19 Compact; 2.75x.5" silver-tone metal; lid w photo of Oriental multi-armed deity; 2008; new in pck. $22.90/19 Compact; 3x3.25"; black plastic; 2 mirrors; 1960c $18.00/19 Compact, mirror; 4" round; brass hinged case w renaisance pic front & back; Ex $34.50/19 hand, clear plastic, oval 4x6" mirror front & back; beveled glass, JEWELITE Pro-phy-lac-tic; 12" o/a; 1940's $51.35/19 hand; brushed metal; metal backing w center applique & linear ornamentation; tapered cast handle w flower terminal & papyrus & floral banded top; acorn shaped beveled glass, 4.5x5.5"; glass Ex.; 12.5" o/a; 1930's or earlier; some rust spotting to back, VG/Ex $260/19 hand, plastic, cream-colored 'pearlite' pattern; 11.5" o/a; oval 4.25" mirror w beveled edge; back fluted w hand- painted floral to middle; 1950's; VG $68.30/19 hand, girl's, plastic, rose pink; 4x8.5"; 1970's/80's; Ex. $11.45/19 hand/travel; 5.5" round; wire handle/stand; magnif. on reverse $15.25/19 Makeup set, toy, 8 pc. u/k origin; includes nice old 'turtleshell' plastic hand mirror; mirror scuffed $15.25/19 Makeup, 6" teardrop; 14" overall, embeded in plastic cat- figure; butterscotch-caramel color; red bow-tie; Ex $15.25/19 Makeup, 6" round; magnif. on reverse; table-top stand of 4" pink creamic poodle on pillow, gold trim; brass wire mount for mirror; some slight blemish to mirror finish; VG $57.00/19 Mirror & Brush set; stainless steel; octagonal handle, elongated octagonal upper; brush w 'Pure Monotil Bristles' mirror w beveled edges. Back of brush & mirror w impressed designs radiating from diamond w cross-hatched borders; mirror back overlaid w rose-colored clear plastic; ENGLAND; VG $79.85/19 round 2.25", metal backed w Holly Hobby type figure "New Life in Christ" $7.75/19 travelling, 5x7" oval, beveled glass, fair; back of leather -look cardboard, fair; metal mounting P/F; missing stand $57.00/19 Tabletop, round 6" transparent plastic frame; regular one side, enlarging on other; adjustable w collapsing 2- leg stand. 1950's; Ex $57.00/19 Wall 8x8" w Courier & Ives round winter scene; gold metal frame; Ex $37.25/19 12x48" beveled sheet $35.00/19 16x19" oval w plastic "rope" frame (broken) $17.00/19 17x24" w heavy bronze-tone metal frame; VG $22.00/19 19x24" w imitation (plastic) hemp rope-wrapped frame; VG $34.50/19 19x30" plain sheet 2 $35.00/19 19.5x28 w heavy wood frame; Prairie Rural 1950s $35.00/19 24x36" w large heavy gold-tone frame; Near New $66.00/19 26x26" w large formed plastic frame; gold tone; Near New $50.00/19 27x31" w large heavy gold-tone frame; Near New $66.00/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Model Kits Mortar & Pestle; 3" dia; marble; cup-shaped; set $57.00/19 Mosquito Trap novelty; 1990; in faded orig. display pack; Ex 45-536 $24.30/19 Moss Bag (see Native Collection Elephant in dress; large $36.00/19 Movie Projector (see Film Projector) Movie Reel & Can, pastic, 8mm; 5.25"; near new $12.55/19 Movie Reel tins; 16mm; 10.5"; EASTMAN KODAK 2 $57.00/19ea Movies (see Entertainment) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mug, plastic, PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS 1992 $46.85/19 Mugs (see also Dishes) Mugs, Headmug, mini, 2" bearded man $56.70/19 Mugs, Mini; 1.25x1.25"; Novelty; see also Sports Swearing skunk (red-brown skunk!) 45-133 $11.45/19 Mugs, Moustach (see Cups, Moustach) Mugs, plastic, miscellaneous Coca Cola, 'ALWAYS COCA COLA' bottle on red disc logo; 1998; THERMOS; Ex $11.45/19 CRAYOLA Infant mugs w conical top; Crayola on mug; in green yellow, blue or red $11.45/19ea 7-11 travel mug, expanding base; grey marbled finish; "oh Thank Heaven"/"7eleven Fresh Brew" logo; $7.75/19 Pepsi logo & 'comeback cup'; 1 L.; 1998 c 45-291 $11.45/19 Mugs, plastic, Warner Bros. Daffy Duck 1992 #45 $34.50/19 Daffy Duck 1992 #75 2 $34.50/19 Wiley Coyote 1992 #12 $46.85/19 Wiley Coyote 1992 #47 $46.85/19 Taz/Tasmanian Devil 1992 #44 2 $46.85/19 Yosemity Sam 1992 #36 $46.85/19 Yosemity Sam 1995 #71 2 $46.85/19 Mugs, Pewter (see Beer Stein) Mugs, Whistle $80.15/19 Multi Opener; Galvanized; for bottles, cans, etc. adjustable c. 1955 $34.50/19 Murano Glass Art (see Glass) Music Equipment, Miscellaneous Cymbal; BURSWOOD; 12" $15.00/19 Guitar Amplifier u/k; comparable to Marshall; 1970c $730/19 AQUARIUS 1002 ARC tube amp; 12W; 1970 c. $425/19 BEHRINGER V-Tone; 2009; 25W; new $230/19 GWL (George Wasburn Limited) G10 (see also guitar set above); 10W; new $80.85/19 FENDER M80; 300W; new $730/19 FENDER RUMBLE 15; 15W; new $140/19 used $120/19 HONEYTONE mini-amp, portable, 9v battery/converter; 2013; new in box $56.85/19 LINE 6 Stack; 450W; VG $1,200/19 MARSHALL 50FX; 60W; as new $730/19 PEAVEY BANDIT 112 TRANSTUBE $440/19 ROCKER RXT100 Bass Amp. 1212196; 8w; as new $140/19 TRAYNOR BASS MATE 10; 40W; used $100/19 Guitar Case Nylon soft case, black, generic 3 $16.00/19 Nylon soft case, black, ACADEMY $24.00/19 Nylon soft case, black, Beaver Creek $24.00/19 Nylon soft case, black, PROFILE $24.00/19 Nylon soft case, black, FENDER $66.55/19 Nylon soft case, black, VOYAGER; $46.60/19 Nylon soft case, black, VOYAGER; repaired $24.00/19 Hard case; acoustic; $46.60/19 Hard case; acoustic; Dreadnaught; 1970s; JF/CGY $60.00/19 Hard case; fits most Fender-style solid bodies $46.60/19 Guitar Cable 4 $10.00/19 Guitar finger picks; metal; set of 2; 1950's; JF/58; one owner; as new $14.65/19 Guitar Instant Replay; LINE 6 BACKTRACK+M; NIB $199/19 Guitar Stand; 2014; new 4 $32.20/19 Double $32.20/19 Iron bent wire $32.20/19 PROFILE foldable $32.20/19 PROFILE upright; New in Box 7 $20.00/19 7-place rack $130.00/19 Guitar Straps Nylon, black; 2 $6.00/19 Fender 2 $8.00/19 Marshall 2 $8.00/19 Paper Jamz $10.00/19 Guitar Strings; sets 8 $12.00/19 Guitar tuners, automatic GWL $20.00/19 Snark $20.00/19 Guitar tuners; plastic heads; 1960s 2 $10.00/19 Harmonica Holder HARP-ARM; 2015; NIB $25.95/19 High Hat stand w/o cymbals $35.40/19 High Hat stand cymbal holder; PEARL; new in pck $36.50/19 Microphones Microphone; 1960's, 1 stereo jack $32.20/19 Microphone; 2000c; ex 5 $26.60/19 Microphone; DYNAMIC; stereo jack; Ex 2 $26.60/19 Microphone; REALISTIC Condenser; 2 stereo jacks $39.95/19 Microphone clip 2 $15.00/19 FRAMEWORKS 2 $5.35/19 Microphone stand w mike holder; 2013; new $58.00/19 Microphone stand, boom; 2014; new 2 $59.90/19 Microphone stand w mike holder; FIRST ACT 2016; Nib $41.00/19 Music, Stand 2 $20.00/19 Black; heavy-duty; New $45.00/19 DIXON, folding; chrome; as new $33.00/19 folding, 2010; Ex $27.95/19 GMS; New $33.00/19 heavy-duty w tablet sheet ledge $51.25/19 SQUIRE STRATOCASTER ROCK BAND 3 guitar set; in box $58.10/19 Stomp Box: Cruch, Overdrive; MARSHALL; new in box 2 $72.60/19 Stomp Box: Flanger; YAMAHA; new $72.60/19 Stomp Box: Fender 0079606000; Z00M; new $65.90/19 Stomp Box: Footswitch; MARSHALL; new in box $65.90/19 Stomp Box: Overdrive; YAMAHA; new $72.60/19 Volume Pedal; ERNIE BALL VP Jr.; 2017; New $120.00/19 Music, Sheet (see Entertainment A SPOON FULL OF SUGAR, Mary Poppins; 1963; named to Alice Hunt $34.50/19 AMAZING GRACE; 1973 $34.50/19 ANGEL OF THE MORNING; 1967; w picture of Merrilee Rush $34.50/19 BLESS THIS HOUSE; 1932 $34.50/19 CHARIOTS OF FIRE; theme; 1981 $34.50/19 DA DOO RON RON; Phil Spector; jeff Barry $34.50/19 DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR; 1962 $34.50/19 GIBSON SYSTEM FOR HAWAIIAN GUITAR; 1937; loose-leaf booklet owned by JF since 1950; VG/Ex GONNA FIND ME A BLUEBIRD, 1957; w. picture of Marvin Rainwater; G $34.50/19 GREEN FIELDS; 1956; named to Alice Hunt $34.50/19 HARPER VALLEY P.T.A; 1967; w. picture of Jeannie C. Riley; Ex $34.50/19 HAPPY TALK, South Pacific; 1949; named to Alice Hunt $34.50/19 HAWAIIAN WAR CHANT; 1944; w. picture of Andy Iona; G $34.50/19 I LEFT MY HEART IN SAN FRANCISCO; pic. of Tony Bennet; 1954; named to Alice Hunt $34.50/19 IN THE MOOD; 1960 2 $34.50/19 INVISIBLE TEARS; 1964 $34.50/19 THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM, from MAN OF LA MANCHA; 1955; $34.50/19 KNOCK-KNOCK BLUES; 1964; Fromhold $34.50/19 LAVERNE; 1964; Fromhold $34.50/19 LORD KEEP ME CLOSE TO THEE; Ann Anderson $34.50/19 MAY YOU ALWAYS; 1958; named to Alice Hunt $34.50/19 POUPEE VALSANTE; 1944; Poldini $34.50/19 SHE'S MY LOVE; 1964; Fromhold $34.50/19 SOMEWHERE MY LOVE; from Dr. Zhivago; Ray Connif pic.; named to Alice Hunt $34.50/19 SONG OF THE ISLANDS; from film with Betty Grable; 1955 $34.50/19 SUGAR, SUGAR, The Archies; 1969; named to Stena Hunt $34.50/19 THE GREEN LEAVES OF SUMMER; Sheet Music from movie THE ALAMO; 1960; Ex $34.50/19 THE HORSEMAN; 1951; named to Jasmine $34.50/19 THE PINK PANTHER; 1963 $34.50/19 THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND; 1958; The Travelles pic.; named to Alice Hunt $34.50/19 YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND; 1971; pics. of Carole King; named to Delore's Music, Red Deer $34.50/19 A LITTLE SUITE FOR SNARE DRUM; 1958 $34.50/19 FIRST COMPETITION for drums; 1956 $34.50/19 Music, Song Words (see listing $1.75/19ea. Music, Song Words, mimiographed sheets, 8.5x11", both sides $3.60/19ea. Music Books (see Music Books)
Music Box Cherub; ceramic, unpainted; for setting on edge of shelf; has been cracked & decently repaired; 'Can't Help Falling In Love'; 6.5" $34.50/19 Children; 4 races, ethnic, standing together on half globe; 6" $75.80/19 Christmas at Bear cabin; 7" dia, fireplace, mama & papa bear in easy chairs; 2 bear children w x-mas tree rotate; 'Oh Holy Night'; VG/Ex 45-315 $75.80/19 Clown; ceramic; seated on globe, rotating on wood base. dated 1987; 'I'm Sitting On Top Of The World"; 8.5"; Ex $75.80/19 Country Cabin; 8" on base; damaged $30.00/19 Ferris Wheel; FISHER PRICE 1964 wood & plastic construction; 1 wheel strut broken; 1 corner worn off about 1.5; works good; G $64.75/19 Grand Piano; clear plastic & brass; 6"; BIRKS; 1984 date; dried roses enclosed; hidden chip; JAPAN made; 'Edelweis'; Ex $75.80/19 Swiss House jewelry box; handmade; Robert Trummer; 1993; X $75.80/19 Wood, Gold oriental impressed floral patterned; 4x6x8" w inner pop-up tray Interior finisehd in red cloth w mirror. VG+ $68.30/19 Music Lessons ROCK'N LEARN ADDITION RAP; books; cassettes; 1992 $20.40/19 Musical Instruments Afro waisted drum; Jamaica; 5" $20.40/19 Bongo Drums, 6.5" $52.90/19 Drum Pedal; TRAK; Ex $125.00/19 Drum Set; bass, floor tom, 14" tom; pedal $470/19 Drum Set; bass, floor tom, 2 tom, snare w stand; pedal $730/19 Drum, Drumsticks ROCKBAND $20.00/19 pr $15.00/19 Drum, Floor Tom; leg (1 only); GIBRALTAR $14.65/19 Drum, seat stand (no seat) $35.40/19 Drum, snare; LUDWIG ROCKERS, 14"; silver; Ex $170/19 Drum, Tomtom; 17"; Gold $45.00/19 Drum, Torque Key; EVANS $52.20/19 Eastern European mandolin, hand carved as flying duck $120/19 Guitar, Acoustic GEORGE McWILLIAMS HAWAIIAN GUITAR; 1950's; needs restoration $46.60/19 JAY JR; Ex $120/19 MARTIN 000-18; JF/71; 1960c; with case; Head plate plastic broken & refurbished; otherwise VG $970/19 VALLEY, western; HAUSER clone; red suburst; red scratch plate w gold vine & bird of paradise; Ex $115/19 Guitar, Electric, Bass CRATE, decorated with Heavy Metal bands stickers $230/19 SQUIRE/FENDER P-BASS, solid body; blue; VG+ $365/19 WASHBURN BANTAM; solid body; vintage; VG $240/19 Guitar, Electric, Solid-body ACADEMY 1 Stratocaster; solid body; Heavey Metal scratched into front; 2004; Ex 1 $265/19 ACADEMY 2 Stratocaster; Fender pickups; blk; 2004; Ex $230/19 ACADEMY 3 Stratocaster; parts 1 $165/19 ACADEMY 4 Stratocaster; blk; 2004; Ex 1 $180/19 ANJO, Telecaster; Ex 1 $180/19 BARRACUDA, Stratocaster; solid body; purple; parts 1 $165/19 BEHRINGER, pickup Strat; solid body; 2004; Ex 2 $230/19 DREAM-Z Superstrat; solid body; VG 1 $290/19 ELECA, stratocaster; solid body; black & white; very heavy wood (mahagony?); 2004; Ex 1 $180/19 EPIPHONE SPECIAL II; red w flames on body; Ex 1 $365/19 ESP LIMITED EDITION F-50; gold speckle; IR0R422316; 1999; Ex 1 $485/19 FIRST ACT RECKLESS ME423 Telecaster; w. GRAPH TEK graphite saddles & Ernie Ball Super Slinky st.; Ex1 $250/19 IBANEZ G10 2364; 1990s; solid body 1 $265/19 JACKSON (Charvel) SOLO Student Superstrat c.1985; black solid body; from transition from Charvel to Jackson brand; Ex 1 $470/19 JACKSON Warrior; black solid body; Ex 1 $335/19 KIRK HAMMETT (Metallica) Signature; black solid body Telecaster; with soft case; like new 1 $605/19 KRAMER FOCUS 111S; Stratocaster; metalflake silver; Ex $275/19 MEMPHIS Superstrat; red solid body; 1990's; G 1 $180/19 RENEGADE; Superstrat style; VG 1 $165/19 ROCKER Stratocaster; Ex 1 $180/19 ROCKER Music Tools, "Pink Lady"; RG80S; Telecaster; twin single-wound pickup; single (volume) control. Pink w white heart scratchplate; Classic 60s sound; Ex 1 $240/19 SAMICH GREG BENNET SIGNATURE SERIES, MALIBU; Super Strat style; VG+ 1 $165/19 SLAMMER BY HAMER; Ex 1 $180/19 SQUIRE Superstrat; Ex 1 $335/19 UNIVOX Les Paul; Ex 1 $430/19 WASHBURN GWL, GEORGE WASHBURN LIMITED (Strat); w. GWL case & GWL Amplifier; as new $430/19 WASHBURN, JACK LYON LPS607; Signature 739/5000; 1990s; Solid body; Ex $470/19 u/k, Stratocaster; red solid body; G 1 $180/19 u/k, 2-pickup, solid body; slide (early steel) JF/80; 1960 $720/19 Guitar, Steel (Hawaiian) HARMONY; mother-of-pearl finish; one owner JF/58; with case, 2 steel; 1956; Ex $1,180/19 Harmonica; TOYSMITH; NIB $7.50/19 Horsehair bow, oriental; primitive; Ex $11.00/19 Jamaican Banjo; wood; hand-made from gourd $51.35/19 Maraccas, pr.; Mexican, gourd w handle; 6.5" w hand-painted scene; royal blue $51.35/19 red $51.35/19 Maraccas; single; turned wood; 5.75"; plain; c2010; Ex $6.05/19 Miniature tuba; 5"; gold electroplate; in 2.5x5.5x3" display box; red velour lined; near mint $280/19 Novelty; "World's Smallest Wind Instrument"; cardboard matchbox, red/white w. notes, containing lima notes & lima bean 45-165 $11.45/19 Organ, Electric, Portable; POWER PLAY $45.00/19 Oude; 36" $66.00/19 Rattle; 8" wood w woven wicker 2" bulb; VG $16.50/19 Recorder, HANDEL SOPRANO; with case; named to Tom Ross; G $17.70/19 Tambourine; 8"; plastic; yellow $10.00/19 Tambourine; 7.5" crescent; hand-held; DOLLARAMA; 2015 $6.00/19 Ukelele, HARMONY; c1950; wood; VG+ $90.75/19 Wood Block; hand-held $13.30/19 Wood Block, drum-mount; 1960's JF/69/HL $19.95/19 Mustard & Ketchup dispensers (see Condiment Containers)
NNN ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nail Clippers Regular clippers in shaped leather case w belt loop chain; owned by J. Fromhold since 1956; VG- $8.00/19 Nail Polish (see Cosmetics) Napkin COAST HOTELS; 2010c $1.45/19 WESTERNER, Red Deer; 2013 $1.45/19 Napkin, Paper cocktail; royal blue; OCCASIONS; pck of 36; $2.20/19 Napkin Holders Brass Maple Leaf, cast, 3" w brass ring; Ex++ 10 $2.70/19ea Chalkware; large; w mushroom cluster; 1950's $34.50/19 Fern sprouts & flowers, early HONG KONG (1950c) cast plastic medium beige, fern leaves reaching up sides; very rare $68.30/19 Pastic Squared, beige; sunburst openwork design; 1950c $15.25/19 Triangular rack, clear; immitation pressed glass $15.25/19 Resin cast owls 2.5x4x5.5"; 3-D; clear on white back; body highlights & eyes in transparent yellow; head & wing highlights in transpl. orange; black feet, pupils; on clear base; CANADA 1950's; Ex $46.85/19 Resin Cast; brass wire frame on ball feet w 5" 8-petal flower sidepieces w leaf each side of base w silver metalflake one side, gold on other; 1950's; Ex $34.50/19 Resin Cast; Strawberry Shortcake type figure in relief; 7.5"; 1950's; Ex $46.85/19 Resin Cast Maple Leaf; translucent amber; 5"; 1950's; Ex $46.85/19 Silverplate; cast zinc; openwork high relief flaming fern rising up w runners each side over stylized flower; 2 napkin holders 4x4" & 1 rack; Ex+ $69.65/19 Silverplate; openwork high relief flaming fern rising up w runners each side over stylized flower; 5x4"; Ex+ 3 $69.65/19 Stainless bent laticework sheet metal; 1960c; Ex $10.00/19 Napkin Dispenser; upright box style w spring-loaded backing Plastic 1950c; mustard color sand color; ORCHID PAPER PRODUCTS, SAN FRANCISCO Stainless 1950's Napkin Rings African carving; napkin rings; animal on hoop; 4" o/a baboon, elephant, leopard, lion, lion 2,wild boar; set 3004 $130/19 Beaded, spiral; gold; PIER 1; New in original box $6.00/19 Plastic rings; green; set of 4, 2 hand decorated w poinsettia flower & leaves & edge bead; in orig. display pack 1960c $15.25/19 45-032 Porcelain, set of 4; in original box; as new $12.55/19 Wooden fish (Neemo-like) standing on head; 6" blue, yellow, black; colorful; hand made; set of 4; as new $15.25/19 8' tray to match $11.45/19 Wooden oval rings; 6; carved hardwood; 2.5" w inset brass dots . to :::; late 1940's; in original box; Ex+ $39.95/19 Wooden seals sitting upright w hole for napkins; set of 4 $28.55/19 Wooden Watermelon Slices; set of 6 $5.00/19 Napkin Set Light tan w embroidered flower; set of 4; 1960c; Ex $16.00/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ NATIVE CRAFTS/INDIANCRAFT, Ethnography & Costuming see also VASE: INDIAN WARE Ashtray Ceramic Indian head; 4.75x6"; w headband & feather drops; side view; McMASTER K5 (Canada) 1950's; in Blue Mountain style; Ex $120/19 Cast & chromed; 4"; Indian scene cast inside; Idaho plaque $28.75/19 Badges Hopi Kachina (angwushahai-i) 1975; CollN #40 $565/19 Belt Buckle, beaded; 3x4.25"; LLB/77>OFM/80>; 2933; Beaded, clip; GO/88; in pk. as new $1,460/19 Belt Buckle, beaded; 3x4.5"; probably 2010; Cree, Hobbema; orange w dk blue diamond; new $340/19 Bowl, Haida (Northwest Coast), 4x11", boat-shaped; earthenware; low-relief Sea Monster design; handmade $22.90/19 Brass plate; 5"; engraved AZTEC Sun Disk; enameled $42.85/19 Brooch 1950's/60's colored plastic bracelets; 6 assorted $28.55/19 1960c West Coast Indian argylite brooch, 1.25x2.5 Thunderbird in presentation box $115/19 1960c West Coast Indian argylite raven plaque brooch 2x2". signed C. Easton $115/19 1960c West Coast Indian argylite necklace pendant w chain; Crooked face mask. 2x2 1/2" signed C. Easton $115/19 1960c West Coast Indian argylite beaver statuette 1.5x2.25"; in presentation box $115/19 1960c West Coast Indian argylite wolf totem-pole brooch .5x.5x2.5" $115/19 Scottish Targe with red tartan ruff; Ex $10.65/19 CHOKER, 1" wood hairpipes; 3 strand; leather spacers; bead seperators; c2010; dead stock #4156 $22.00/19 CHOKER, 1.5" hairpipe; antique wood 4 strand; wood spacers w silver bead seperators; rafia lacing; obtained 2007 @ red deer; #3693, as #3611 $315/19 Chokers, miscellaneous; red plastipipe; Cree 1980 $240/19 Coin purse; Vintage; leather & lace; Indian head & designs; as new $26.95/19 Disk, MAYA, ceramic cast, 5.75"; sitting bearer carrying tribute, glyph border; Ex $42.85/19 Doll in cradleboard, handmade; 10x6"; Ex++ $96.00/19 Drums Chinese, wood, red, 5x11 double sided; brass tacks; dragon motifs on drumheads; stamped Made In China' for export purposes $63.10/19 Finger Drum; 4.75" Indian; single skin; eagle painted on skin; VG+; Col. # 3713 $25.75/19 Peruvian; double skin on calabash body; body incised & painted with figures; handmade; Near New; Col. # 3714 $25.75/19 Greeting Cards; 1980; OFM/82; in pack $60.65/19 Souvenir of Canada; 4.5x5"; rubberized top/bottom; pressboard body w. Indian scenes; wool lacing; red fluff feather $45.50/19 Souvenir of Canada; 4.5x5"; rubberized top/bottom; pressboard imit. birchbark body; Cree Indian (Iroqrafts) c1980; near mint w original tag $45.50/19 Earrings, beaded, looped; 1980; Jean Quinn, Saddle Lake $97.00/19 Earrings, "Breath of God" fluffs; Jean Quinn, Saddle Lake Cree; 1980 $60.65/19 Red "Breath of Life" Yellow "New Beginnings" Earrings, silver, NAVAJO silverwork; 1960; Ex $180/19 Educational Kit: ROOTS AND WINGS; Human Resources Development Canada 1995; stay in school kit; Video cassette, Cassette tape, 5 cards & booklets, 3 activity cards, leather, 2 feathers; storage box; as new unopened; MPCS/95 Cat#3418 $145/19 Hair Ties, "Breath of God" fluffs; 1980 $60.65/19 Red "Breath of Life" Yellow "New Beginnings" Hairband, metal w immitation pearsl, girl's $8.05/19 Hairbands, beaded, on plastic band; from Old Fort Museum 1983; as new $60.65/19 INUKSHUK; 4.75"; brown extruded plastic; Ex $13.00/19 Key Rings; lace, basket beads, metal conch; pre 1999 Heart; 5"; #401 $20.20/19 Conch, star, 2; 8"; #450 $23.00/19 Conch, oval, gold, 2; 9"; #500 $26.95/19 Conch, star, 3; 10"; #550 $28.05/19 Key Ring, Peace Stone; Ft. Vermilion, AB, Cree $100/19 Maya Zodiac disk; 4.5"; ceramic; Ex $28.55/19 Mug, ceramic; 3"; Central American; Ex $5.00/19 Necklace Choker, silver tubes, balls & heishie; Ex $94.00/19 Pendant; 1980c.; as new $82.85/19 Arrowhead Buffalohead on disk Tomahawk Pendant; Turtle, articulated, silver, 4"; Ex $69.05/19 Pendant; eagle; chrome; new Pendant; Locket; 1960's; oval gold-tone; mother-of-pearl inset w 3-d cast metal centrepiece; in case; as new $60.65/19 Pendant, beaded disk; 1970; OFM/82; Ex $87.65/19 Pendant, NAVAJO silver Water Bird; Native Amerian Church cat# 1069; 1950; Ex $485/19 Shell disk beads; 28" in case; from Old Fort Museum 1983; ILM/84; as new $52.20/19 Thong, plastic beads & bearclaw; Jennifer Mountain 1982, Salmon Arm BC; Ex $20.20/19 Thong, plastic beads & grizzly claw; Jennifer Mountain 1982, Salmon Arm BC; Ex $26.95/19 Thong, plastic beads & wolf tooth; Jennifer Mountain 1982, Salmon Arm BC; Ex $51.35/19 Necklace, loom Beaded (see also CollN 4251-4256) 24" 15-bead; Yellow w Black; FAITH, HOPE, LOVE; $20.00/19 24" 15-bead; Gold/Red/Black; BLOOD BOSS $20.00/19 24" 15-bead; Black/red/white; INDIAN OUTLAW $20.00/19 33" 21-bead; white/red/black; HARLEY DAVIDSON $30.00/19 34" 15-bead; Black/red/white; INDIAN OUTLAW $25.00/19 Pipe Stems, wood 5 $53.25/19 Polar Bear Carvings, Ivory/Bone; 2"; set of 3 $39.60/19 Purse (see also Handbag) Purse, beaded Butterfly on orange, transparent beads; Change purse $32.20/19 Orange/yellow; 4x6"; pouch w rope neck thong; 1930's; Ex $100/19 Vertical Mountain pattern black/brown/peal; beaded wrist strap; ALDO, India; Ex $54.45/19 White; 6x8.5" w linear white tube bead decoration; string shoulder strap; 1970's ca.; Ex $54.45/19 Ring, Turquoise & Silver; NAVAJO; 1960; Ex $170/19 Sandpaintings, Navajo, on 3x6 particleboard Moon, w feathers $51.35/19 Yebichai figure $51.35/19 String Ties; miscellaneous $17.15/19 Teaspoons, Native themes (see Native Collection) Tomahawk, toy, wood; OFM/82; as new $26.95/19 Toothpick Holder; figurine; wood; woman with backpack; hand carved & painted; 3.5"; #301; Ex. $16.30/19 Totem Pole, carved 4.75"; brown streaked Pearlite; RIBAIX PEARLIET CANADA, c1960's; as new $34.00/19 Vase, 9.6"; Native; pear-shaped w flared neck; black; cutout to belly with dream-catcher; neck collar with beads 7 feather drops. c2000; Ex+ $32.20/19 Vase, Southwest Wedding Vase w 2 profiles; Ex $24.00/19 Wall Hanging; 3x12" woven orange hemp strip w soapstone attatchments; 1" strip top & bottom w carved maple leaf spray; 3 2.7" disks w carved (top-bottom) mountain goat, ducks in mountains & buffalo scenes; AL WOLF handmade; Canada; probably 1960's $52.20/19 Wall Hanging; 9x37"; woven orange hemp strip w black printed totem pole, Haida "Legend of the Moon"; Hand Printed; 1960's $52.20/19 Wall Hanging; 9x37"; woven brown hemp strip w black printed Haida sea predators theme; Hand Printed; 1960's$52.20/19 Wall Hanging; 12x36"; woven orange hemp strip w black printed west coast owl & border design; Hand Printed; 1960's $75.00/19 Necklace (see Jewelry) Needlepoint (see Art) New Kids On The Block (see Entertainment) Newspapers (see also Pamplets) CENTRAL ALBERTA PARKLAND NEW, 1977, Nov. 16; Red Deer, AB; recovered from Otto Paulson homestead on Meeting Cr., AB $11.75/19 Hay River TAPWE Toronto Star; Sat. Apr 10, 1993; section 2; $11.45/19 SEATTLE TIMES; April 8, 1962; World's Fair Souvenir Edition; 180 pg.; complete; Ex $110/19 HIGH LEVEL ECHO, 1974; Ft. Vermilion bridge opening; Golfers in Manning $11.45/19 NORTHERN ECHO (High Level), 1969; Inventory Sheets, 18.5x14"; w NORTHERN ECHO header $7.60/19 WEEKLY NEWS; Oct 1994; Face of Satan; Billy Graham: The Devil Is Real $10.00/19 Nice Butt panties; to shape the derriere; new $51.35/19 NICORETTE lozengen dispenser; 2mg; Ex $1.10/19 Night Light (see also Solar Lights) Donald Duck in bed $16.00/19 Captain America; MARVEL; 2011; new in pack $6.00/19 Clear plastic "crystal" $5.90/19 Color-changing 2 $5.90/19 FROZEN; DISNEY (q.v.) Iron Man; MARVEL; 2011; new in pack $5.90/19 Princess Night Light 3 $8.00/19 TRANSALTA UTILITIES night light; 1960c $46.85/19 Wall light 10 $5.90/19 Winnie The Poo $6.00/19 Winnie The Poo with Piglet $16.00/19 NORMAN ROCKWELL MUGS w copies of artwork (see dishes) PLATES w copies of artwork (see dishes) PRINTS (see Art, prints Nose Clipper, rotary; in original box; as new 45-081 2 $26.95/19 Note Holder; Elefant, ceramic, 6" w brass spiral coil down back; black w gold & pink; pen-holder tail; JAPAN c1960; Ex $57.00/19 Notebook, ACTION INDUSTIES; red; 2.5x4"; 2000; DOLLARAMA $3.00/19 Notebook, black "alligator" finish covers; 4x6.5"; 1960s $4.50/19 Notebook, HILROY; 3x5"; 1980s; old WOODWARDS sticker $3.00/19 Notebook, NU-RING; 3.25x6"; 1980s $3.00/19 Notepad, plain, newsprint; 3x5"; 1970c $3.00/19 Notepad, sandal-shaped; gold $3.00/19 Notepad, BLUELINE; lined; c2010 $2.00/19 Notepad, BONNIE MEANEY realtor, Blackfalds; 2010 $4.85/19 Notepad; DAYS INN; 2017; from South Edmonton $5.00/19 Notepad, DRG CLINGERS 2x3" pad $3.00/19 Notepad, ED KATCHUR, Maxwell Realty; 2015 $3.65/19 Notepad, GORDON PHILLIPS, Maxwell Realty; 2015 $3.65/19 Notepad, HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS; 2018 $4.85/19 Notepad; KINDER MORGAN, TRANS MOUNTAIN; 2016 $8.75/19 Notepad, MICROTEL by WYNDHAM; Blackfalds, AB; 2015 $4.85/19 Notepad, POST-IT; 2.75"x2.75"; lightbulb w INNOVATE! $5.35/19 Notepad, POST-IT; 1.5x2"; 12 pads brick $36.00/19 Notepad, SAWRIDGE INNS; 2013; $4.85/19 Notepad, TRANSMOUNTAIN; 2013 $4.85/19 Notepad, WHITE WOLF INN, Hinton, AB; 2018 $4.85/19 Novelty KEY HOLDER, tree slab w 3 hooks; MADE IN CANADA $7.75/19 Mug; 1/2; "You Asked For Half a Cup of Coffee"; 1960s; OLD WEST MUSEUM, CHAMBERLAIN, S.D.; $10.00/19 Mugs, Mini; 1.25x1.25"; see also Sports Swearing skunk (red-brown skunk!) 45-133 $11.45/19 Midlife Crisis Last Curl Box; cast barber pole etc. in original box; 1999c; age 40 & 50 2 $12.10/19 45-536 Mosquito Trap; 1990; in faded orig. display pack; Ex $24.30/19 "World's Smallest Wind Instrument"; cardboard matchbox, red/ white w. notes, containing lima notes & lima bean 16 $11.45/19 NUT CRACKER; cast brass in bag. $28.55/19 brass walnut; 4.5"; cast $20.00/19 NUT TRAY & Cracker holder; carved tree trunk segment; 7"; 1950s; Ex $15.00/19
OOO ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Office (see also Ledger) Accounting book BLUELINE 5206; 6 col.; Ex $5.50/19 Cheque Book Cover; singles $6.00/19 doubles $8.00/19 Container, "Back To School" $3.00/19 Correspondence Set; Ex $10.00/19 Desktop Organizer; plastic; HONG KONG; 1950s $32.00/19 Dividers, Subject; 5; misc $2.20/19ea Envelopes; card; misc. $0.11/19ea Envelopes; craft; 4.5x10" $0.22/19ea File Folder Fasteners; self-adhesive; box of 100 $8.00/19 File Folder Holders, 2-hole; 1940s $8.00/19 Glue Stick; LEPAGE BOND FAST 1; 20g $2.00/19 Glue Stick; ROSS STIK; 9.9g; Ex $2.00/19 Goosequill writing set in box; new $35.00/19 Guest Checks 3 $2.00/19 Index Cards, 3x5" Clear Tabs; $1.00/19/20 Numbered; REXEL SWINGLINE; pk.; 2000; new 5 $5.00/19 Invoice Booke; OFFICE WORKS 2005 from GRANNY'S LOONIE BIN, Blackfalds, AB; new 2 $10.00/19 Letter Sorter; metal mesh; DESKTECH 2012; w price sticker from Granny's Loonie Bin (Blackfalds, AB); Nw $12.00/19 Letter Sorter; plastic; 7 stations; Ex $4.00/19 Letter Tray, stacking, black 2 $2.00/19ea Lettering Guide, 4 plastic templates; FISITARS, Taiwan; NN$12.00/19 Notebook; RITE IN THE RAIN, All-Weather; 2012; as new $8.75/19 Notebook; sun disk applique; pressed paper; 5x4"; VG $8.75/19 Notepad; DAYS INN; 2017; from South Edmonton $5.00/19 Notepad; KINDER MORGAN, TRANS MOUNTAIN; 2016 $8.75/19 Office Blotter Accessory set, barrel; c1970; from Northern Echo, High Level, AB; as new $62.00/19 Paper, lined, 3-ring; new 11 $2.50/19 Paper, printer Menu; DECO; 20 sheets; in original pack $4.00/19 Paper Clip holder; tube, magnetic; leatherette, black 60c $16.00/19 Paper Clips, box ACCO #1 (72372); Whiteourt Stationery (AB) sales tag $6.50/19 ACCO WORLD BRAND #1; 1970c; Ex $6.50/19 CANADIAN BLANK BOOK, MONTREAL; LIQUOR BRIGHT #1 $6.50/19 CANADIAN PAPER CLIP #1; 1970c; Ex $6.50/19 ESPALANDE Liqor Bright #1; 1960c $6.50/19 GEM # 3; MADE IN CANADA; 1960c $6.50/19 LIEGE Liquor Bright #3 $6.50/19 Liege Master Clips; MADE IN CANADA; 1960c $6.50/19 SELECTUM $6.50/19 Pen, Straight; Nibs, pck of 6 $6.50/19 Pen, Straight; Nibs, pck of 4 $4.00/19 Pen Holder; PENGUIN in top hat, 5"; 1960c; from Northern Echo, High Level, AB; w/o pen; as new $62.00/19 Pocket/Purse office; calculator, DS LCD 199 $7.50/19 Pocket/Purse office; calculator, pen holder box, velvet finish; new in pck. 2013 $8.75/19 Printer Ink; Lexmark 23 & 24; pck. unopened $22.20/19 Report Cover; 3D MAGIC; skull; New $8.00/19 Sales Book; 1960c; from John Pierce, last member of the Turtle Mountain Mohawk band; High Level; 1967; to Northern Echo, High Level, AB $8.00/19 Stamp Dispenser; rolls; plastic; 1980s $7.00/19 Staple puller; brass claw; PINE HILLS $5.50/19 Staples Typewriter correcting ribbon dispenser; KO-REC TYPE; 1980s $7.00/19 Oil & Vinegar Bottle, Oil/Vinegar ?; 2.5x4.6" garlic bulb shape w broadened base; fluted, stoppered, marked TOS; 1930's 2 $46.85/19 Bottle, Oil/Vinegar; 5" ovate; turtleshell pattern w oval escutchon front & back; angular handle; stopperd; pre 1950 $46.85/19 Bottle, Oil/Vinegar; 5" tapered; 1950's; w glass buttons $15.25/19 Bottle, Oil/Vinegar; classic square glass bottle w long neck, 6" o/a; rounded corners; hand-blown into a mold; metal cap; Ex $46.85/19 Bottle, Oil/Vinegar; classic square glass bottle w long neck, 6" o/a; VAN PACK; metal cap, orange/ochre stylized birds on front; Ex $15.25/19 Bottle, Oil/Vinegar; classic square glass bottle w long neck, 6" o/a; GEMCO; metal cap; Ex $15.25/19 Bottle, Oil/Vinegar; 2.25x8" w. stopper; vase shaped pressed glass w large diamond pattern; beginning to show some purple $28.55/19 Bottle, Oil/Vinegar; 2.25x7.5" w. stopper; hexagonal pressed glass w diamond pattern; Ex $28.55/19 Bottle, Oil/Vinegar; 2.25x7.5" w. stopper; hexagonal pressed glass w sunburst pattern; Ex $28.55/19 Bottle, Oil/Vinegar; 2.25x7.5" w. stopper; hexagonal pressed glass w diamond pattern; band of small diamonds across top; matching salt & pepper available; Ex 3 $28.55/19 Bottle, Oil/Vinegar, octagonal, long-necked, Hand-blown in mold; w cork; $46.85/19 Bottle, Oil & Vinegar dressing, glass; garlic bulb shape w fluted broadened base; fluted; 3.5x4"; no stoppers; pair $46.85/19 Bottle, Oil & Vinegar dressing, glass 3.25x7.25"; GOOD SEASONS, 1950's; facetted (10) sides narrowing to scalloped neck measuring marks on side; $15.25/19 1930's $52.20/19 Bottle, Oil & Vinegar dressing; CORNINGWARE; milk glass, chromed lid; to match other pieces; Ex $17.15/19 Jugs; 6x2" urn-shaped w handle & spout; bottom wood w upper brown ceramic w houndstooth bands; 1950's; Ex $18.55/19 Jugs; 6x2" urn-shaped w handle & spout; bottom wood w upper brown ceramic w houndstooth bands; w matching salt & pepper shakers; JAPAN 1950's; Ex $27.55/19 Jugs, large; 8x3.5x3.25 w pronounced shoulders rising to small neck w handle & pronounced spout; ornate front & back; finished in lustreware glaze; front highlighted w. violet/ blue edging, gold linework & fruit-dish pic.; spout & handle highlighted w gold trim; Ex (see near-matching candy dish) $86.20/19 Urns, earthenware; 3.w5x4.75"; beige glaze; lettering in script; Japan 1957c; pr. $11.45/19 Oil Company memorabilia (see Automotive) Oil Sands display LEDUC #1 with display of vials $14.00/19 Olympics (see Sports) Origami; MYTHICAL CREATURES ORIGAMI gift set $13.00/19 Ornamnet, feathered bird 5.5"; MASCO, HONG KONG; 1960's $4.00/19 Ornament, hanging Feathers, plastic, gold; 7.5" 2 $4.00/19 "Golden Bow" 4.5" cast plastic; large bow w 2 streamers; CANADA 1970c; in origina pk. unopened $11.45/19 Ornament, Heart, lace; 8.5"; Ex $4.00/19 Ornament, Hedgehog, glass paperweight, 4.5x4.3.5" solid clear, small dk. blue glass globular eyes, clear green leaf on rt side, clear green round 'pillow' w leaf (apple ? looks somewhat like curling rock) w slight blemish on head. $68.30/19 Ornament, Mirror-box 1.25x2.3x3"; mirror front w oval window, mirror background & plastic 'ice' pattern sides; 2 amber transparent plastic fawns inside w palm tree & sand islands backdrop. 1950's $28.55/19 Ornament; Wooden antique bus; 5"; Ex $5.50/19 Owls Resin cast Napkin Holders; 2.5x4x5.5"; 3-D; clear on white back; body highlights & eyes in transparent yellow; head & wing highlights in transpl. orange; black feet, pupils; on clear base; CANADA 1950's; Ex $46.85/19 Lac La Biche (AB) souvenir $1; Pow Wow & Blue Feather Fish Derby Assc. 1977 Great Horned Owl, Provincial Bird of Alberta; JF/77; uncirculated $130/19 Condiment set; ceramic; s&p, napkin holder, jam pot w lid; JAPAN c1960; Ex $63.10/19 Condiment set; s&p, cream & sugar, toothpick holder; JAPAN c1960; Ex $68.20/19 Salt & Pepper; yellow, set of 2; 1.5x2.25"; 1950c $30.40/19
PPP ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pack (see Sports, Camping) Pack, Ruck; FROZEN; DISNEY 2015; New $20.00/19 Pack, fanny; black velvet; heavily embroidered in thick textured gold & silver thread, with beads & metal sequins; 12" high relief oriental dragon; Ex $51.25/19 Padlock ASOLA, Germany, no key; 2.5" o/a $11.45/19 CORBIN 2X3" stamped metal w cast hasp; plated finish shows wear; needs (flat) key; VG+ $16.00/19 MASTER #37 laminated metal strips; squared hasp with cast block spacer; with key $31.40/19 MASTER #55 pressed metal, no key $11.45/19 MASTER #80 pressed metal, no key $11.45/19 Miniature, .8", round; pressed tin; flat key; 1950s $11.45/19 SABRE 85mm w key $11.45/19 SLAYMAKER Combination u/k $4.00/19 Pail, cloth; 6"; CADPAD camo; Ex $12.00/19 Pail, enamel; 10"; white; Ex $25.00/19 Pail, Plastic, container (see also Tins, plastic) Pail, Plastic, large; commemorative popcorn container from the opening day of the movie SLEEPY HOLLOW; Red Deer (AB) $28.55/19 Pail, tin; 6.25"; w 3-D tin floral appliques $8.00/19 Paint Pallate, Artist's, plastic $5.00/19 Paintbrushes ARTISTE 2016c; pck of 12 mixed; new in pck $8.00/19 ELMER'S 2013c; pck of 30 small; new in pck $8.00/19 Pamphlets (see also Newspapers) Pan, Aluminium Serving dish 9.4" w 'notched' handles $57.00/19 lid, 10" to fit 9.5" pan; impressed pine cone designs (6) $57.00/19 (pan lid, butter dish, cake tray, candy dish, seving tray, dish & condiment set to match) Pan, Bread 3.5x6.25x10.5" tin $11.45/19 Pant Press, plastic, $11.45/19 Pant Stretchers, metal $11.45/19 Papal Commemoratives Teaspoons, Silver Papal Visit, Alberta; 1984 Papal Visit, Canada; 1984 Paper Clips, box (see Office) Paper Cup Dispenser; FIBRACAN; 1970s; from CNR office at Mirror, AB $12.00/19 Paper Cutter; plywood; home-made; metal edge & 8.5" cutter $30.00/19 Paper Punch, 3-hole; red plastic frame w hinged metal 3-hole punch cover; mounting brackets for attatchment to 3-hole binder rings; TRIDENT McGILL; 1970c; VG $28.55/19 Papers, Miscellaneous Letterhead OLD FORT MUSEUM, Salmon Arm (BC); 1983 w Indian Craft supplies price list. Background info available $7.75/19 ROCKY MOUNTAIN OUTFITTERS, Calgary (AB); 1974c w mountain scene. as new. Background info available $7.75/19 TRANS MOUNTAIN Pipeline; 2017; $1.40/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Paperweight Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, 1967 Centennial; clear plastic block w black backing w gold logo & lettering; Ex 3 $93.00/19 Conch; plastic water-filled; NFI 1990; in orig box $4.55/19 Cone; plastic water-filled; NFI 1990; in orig box $4.55/19 Crystal Baby; plastic water-filled w 'gold coins'; NFI 1990; in orig box $4.55/19 Crystal pine cone in lucite cube $15.25/19 Lizard, cloth; 6"; green w silver spots; as new $5.00/19 Olmec Head in pastic 2x2x1.75" cube; MEXICO $15.25/19 Sailboat in plastic water-filled pyramid; NFI 1990; in original box $4.55/19 Seal; plastic water-filled; NFI 1990; in orig box $4.55/19 Streetcar, Los Angeles, "Desire" in facetted Lucite cube $51.35/19 Paperweight, Glass Angel Fish, glass, clear, yellow/black striped inner; 4"; Ex $28.55/19 Angel Fish, glass, clear, cobalt blue fire inner; 4.5"; Ex $28.55/19 Apple, glass, clear; w suspended air bubbles; 2"; stem & vestigial leaves; small chip on side neglegible; 45-098$28.55/19 egg-shaped, 4x3.25" w dk. blue tube-flowers; CHINA $28.55/19 Elephant; white/blue; 2"; body & head $28.55/19 flattened round, 1.8" w white evergreen-forest like pattern on black base $68.30/19 round, slightly flattended; 8 white 'flower buds' w bubble in center; 2x2.5" 45-099 $97.00/19 truncated pyramid, 2x2.5x3.25" w canada goose rising from beach w seashells; near mint 45-0 $130/19 Hedgehog, glass, 4.5x4.3.5" solid clear, small dk. blue glass globular eyes, clear green leaf on rt side, clear green round 'pillow' w leaf (apple ? looks somewhat like curling rock) w slight blemish on head. $68.30/19 Pear, glass, clear; w suspended air bubbles in lower half; 3"; stem & vestigial leaves; $27.55/19 3/4 round, 1.8" seahorse & imit. seascape; GROVEHOUSE, CANADA; Ex $28.55/19 Tomato, glass; Ex 45-101 $28.55/19 Toucan, glass; 5.25"; hand blown; black w red beak & feet, white chest; Ex++ 45-100 $79.85/19 Party Novelties (see also Birthday; Snack Trays) Balloon, CURIOS GEORGE print; 18"; in original pck. $3.95/19 Balloon Party Pack; 15 balloons & pump; 2014; in pack $6.00/19 Banner; Maple Leaf Pennant, 10'; Red & White; DOLLARAMA Bob The Builder Crayons, pk of 4 in plastic pk.; 2004 10 $1.20/19ea Pillow, blow-up; 2004 $4.85/19 Party cups; 2004; pck of 8; new in pack $7.25/19 Party gifts, coloring books; 2004; pck of 11 $4.85/19 Party invitations; 2004; new in pack $4.85/19 Party tablecloth; 2004; new in pack $7.25/19 Stickers; 2002; new in pack $4.85/19 2012c; in orig. pck. $6.65/19 Chandelier, tinsel, gold; 1950s; formerly from the Northern Echo, High Level, AB; 1965 12", waterfall; in original box $28.00/19 27", waterfall; "Santa Land"; in original wrap 2 $28.00/19 Crepe Paper streamers PARTYTIME; 100'; 1980c w Robinson's tag (defunct since 1990); sealed in original bag; white $11.45/19 DENNISON; 2 rolls 30' ea; 1985c; sealed in original bag; dk. red 4 $11.45/19 white, 1 roll $4.00/19 Garland; Martial Arts; BEACH PRODUCTS; New in pk. $3.95/19 Happy Birthday streamer; joined cuttouts in metalic colors; TOY SALES 1980's; unopened in original pk.; mint $15.25/19 Happy Birthday streamers; multi-colored on silver 5" backing; 1970's $7.75/19 Invitations, JUSTIN BIEBER; pk.; 2010; new in pk. $8.75/19 Kazoo, tin; bottom red enamel, top; gold tone, faded & some spotting; works good; $46.85/19 Party Hats Mini Hat; CANADA novelty; 2018; new 3 $2.00/19 miscellaneous 24 $0.40/19ea Pack of 6; COLOR FANTASTIC; in original pack $4.40/19 Poker Chips Pressed paper w impressed Fleur-de-Lys; 1930's; 100; Ex $34.50/19 "Official Mister 29" RYCO stock #500; pk of 100 blue/red/ white in original box w old WOOLCO 441 tag 2 $15.25/19 Complete set in original marbled plastic shaped container tray; Ex $28.55/19 Pom-Poms; PARTY WARES; pck of 25; in original pck. $8.00/19 Rattle, pressed metal; TAIWAN; yellow w clown face $37.95/19 Serpentine Streamers; AMSCAN; 36 throws; in orig. pck. $8.00/19 Sirens (blow-in); pk of 2: 1 IMPERIAL SUPER SIREN (Taiwan) .8x1.8" orange; 1 unmarked slightly smaller red $7.75/19 Trumpets & blowouts (4 ea) SAINSBURY'S 1980's; unopened in orig. pck.; mint $7.75/19 Pathfinders (see Scouts, etc.) Patio Lights Luau Garden Torches, Kerosene; 2 aluminium pots; PATIO PRODUCTS 5AS 1950's; unused in original box with S. KRESSGE sticker; missing sectional pole stakes; Ex+ $27.55/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pen, Ballpoint Advertising assorted $6.80/19ea Manning Hotel, Manning (AB); 1980's $11.45/19 Torrington Guns Show 2017 10th Anniversary $2.20/19 Girl's; abstract neon blue 'splash' on black; blush pink feather; pink suction stand; JF/91 FV (history to buyer) $11.45/19 HANNAH MONTANA collector; 2009; new in pack $4.30/19 Multiplications Table in rotating cylinder; 1950's $15.25/19 Praying Hands & Serenity Prayer, 1980's Pocket clip-on, brass hands $11.45/19 Telephone stick-on $11.45/19 SERVUS Credit Union; Blackfalds (AB) 2016; named to Teresa Wigmore; new $3.65/19 Speedball Artist set; 5 nibs in box; ROTRING $57.00/19 Speedball Artist set # 5 complete in box $57.00/19 Straight, plastic c1970 $11.45/19 VENUS w rubber fingergrips; c1950's $28.55/19 Pen, fountain ECLIPSE HOODED KNIGHT, reservoir $28.55/19 EVER-READY, cartrige; green w chorme cap 1958 (history to buyer) $51.35/19 WATERMAN'S, lever filling $28.55/19 Pen Stand; ashtray (glass) mounted on Maple Leaf 9" cuttout, leatherette finish w gold edging; felt base; mounted RCMP profile in woodland/lake scene under ashtray, w THUNDER BAY ONTARIO; VG++ $56.00/19 Pencil, Mechanical PIERRE CARDIN in case w spare leads; VG $11.00/19 Pencil case, wood, coffin shaped $6.25/19 leather, tubular; BRAVE, Disney/Pixar; $3.65/19 SPIDERMAN, plastic STAR WARS; New in Pack $5.00/19 Pencil sharpener, cast metal Biplane; 3"; cast, pencil sharpener; HONG KONG $28.55/19 Canon; 5;2"; cast, horse-drawn type; spring activated $28.55/19 Cello; 5.5"; cast, pencil sharpener; HONG KONG $28.55/19 Fan; 3"; cast; HONG KONG; turns $28.55/19 Gattling Gun, 3"; cast; CHINA $14.15/19 Globe, metal; 1.75"; c1960's; Ex $28.55/19 Gramaphone; cast, pencil sharpener; $15.25/19 Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA.; 2,2x.75", gold-tone $7.75/19 Liberty Bell; 3"; cast, pencil sharpener; HONG KONG; rings$28.55/19 Old touring car; 3"; CHINA $15.25/19 Pistol, precussion; cast brass; 3.25"; been in family since 1962; near mint; history to purchaser $34.50/19 Remington Typewriter, antique; pencil sharpener;3" 45-448 $28.55/19 Slot Machine; 2.5"; GOLDEN EAGLE, CHINA $15.25/19 Pencil sharpener, plastic 1 slot ROUND; pink $1.00/19 2 slot; pink $1.00/19 Pencils Advertising; 2 different $11.45/19 EAGLE, pck of 10; 1960's (history to buyer) $68.30/19 CLUB MOO, holstein patterned ea. $1.45/19 ENGLISH ROSE COTTAGE; 2012; ea. $1.45/19 STAPLES; box of 72 $87.10/19 Pencil, Mechanical Leads, LISTO (Vancouver), # 162 black; in original box $22.90/19 Pendant (see also Jewelry, Key Chains) Angel Fish, Glass, dk blue, white, clear; 2.25" $11.45/19 Apple core, plastic, 1.4"; missing loop; worn; c1970's $7.75/19 Arrowhead, metal, triangular (Avonlea/Washita type), 1.25", worn $18.55/19 Bear, Polar, black plastic; NORTHERN SUN, GEMINI, CANADA 2.25" $11.45/19 Chinese; 40"; blood-red macrame arch, suspended woven wicker disk w mounted miniature shoes; 2 firecracker bells w 17" red tassels; Ex $34.50/19 Chinese; 44"; ultramarine blue macrame butterfly, suspended enamel disk w storks; macrame butterfly; 2 firecracker bells w 17" blue tassels; Ex $34.50/19 Hollow glass oval on turq. silk cord; water filled, w tropical fish, seashells & gold flake floats; some scuff $34.50/19 Pennant, pressed felt "BEEF IS BEST"; 18x29"'; yellow; 1990s $8.00/19 CALGARY STAMPEDE pennant; 30"; 1975 $22.00/19 Kennedy Space Centre; VAB-Space Shuttle $11.45/19 Maple Leaf Pennant, 10'; Red & White; DOLLARAMA 2012c; in orig. pck. $6.65/19 Ottawa Senators; 29"; white; 1991; Near New $22.00/19 Ottawa Senators; 29"; red; Near New $22.00/19 PEANUTS Pennant; HOME RUN KING; 13x27" $12.00/19 Pencils see Office Pens see Office ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pepper Grinder; wine bottle shape; 10.5" 45-201 $20.00/19 Pepper Grinder; pear shape; wood; 5"; 45-052 $31.20/19 Pepsi Advertising sign, metal, 3-D; classic; 4.5x13.5"; "MORE BOUNCE TO THE OUNCE" w old-style Pepsi bottle cutout spring-attatched to front; as new in box $45.55/19 Automobile, die cast 1:72 PEPSI Porshe; white w logo on hood; G+ $7.25/19 PEPSI SUV; white w logo on hood; G+ $7.25/19 PEPSI van; white w logo on sides & red pinto bottom; G+ $15.25/19 Bottle, 10 oz stubby bottle; spiral flutes, round ball Pepsi logo in bas relief. 'Do Not Refill'; Eng. & Fr. $51.35/19 Crate, wood $145/19 dishes playset; CHILTON; 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 soup dishes w confetti & streamer decoration motif $28.55/19 Gasoline Pump, 1950's, die cast; 2005; new in pack $29.25/19 mugs, large plastic; Pepsi logo & 'comeback cup' 45-291 $11.45/19 PEPSI delivery truck; BUDDY L; 3"; blue; metal cab; oversized PEPSI case on back, missing 1 bottle; Ex $15.25/19 PEPSI COLA 1920c Tank Truck coin bank; 1:32; white; GOLDEN WHEEL DIE CASTING 1993; orig. box shelf worn; truck mint$48.40/19 semi-trailer TONKA 1979 metal, 12"; paint chipped along edges, scuffing; semi tractor may not be from original set, but of matching series, chipped as above; small cracks to winshield, chrome worn; all sound & G+ $280/19 6-pack tote bag, insulated; blue w PEPSI can design & Col. Saunders (KFC) on cover $34.50/19 Tray, oval; 14.5x11"; bar scene; woman in pearl-decorated dress & plumed hat toasting by table w pepsi bottle & glass; bar in background; undated probably 1960's. $69.65/19 some light paint speckles (can be cleaned) $69.65/19 Perfume (see also AVON) Atomizer EXCLAMATION, milk glass; 15 ml $11.45/19 EXCLAMATION, milk glass; 30 ml $15.25/19 TWEED Lentheric w. pouch $11.45/19 Wild Rose; JAY NORRIS; 1980's; milk glass; new in box $28.55/19 BLUE INTENSE; after shave, cologne & shower gel; set; 2018; NIB $8.00/19 Bottle, Crystal Glass; cut sunburst; 6" o/a; $55.00/19 Bottle, PRINCE MATCHABELLI cream; partial full $13.30/19 Brut For Men medalion on chain $7.75/19 EXQUISITE; set of 5; 2017; NIB $8.00/19 PALETTE DES GRANDS PARFUMS; pck. of 14 mini-bottles; PARIS; in original box; Ex $77.45/19 Samplers; ESTEE LAUDER 5 $1.10/19ea Vial, 1.6"; 3/4 full; u/k $7.75/19 Vial, ANNIVERSARY CLOCK, BENJAMIN ANSEHL; 1/4 fl.oz. full; in small 'rotating ball' clock w cover 45-281 $34.50/19 Yves Saint Laurent OPIUM 7.5 ml.; full, in original box $28.55/19 Personal Development CD A BIG LITTLE LIFE; 2009; sealed in case $12.10/19 THE SECREDT OF LOST THINGS; 2007; sealed in case $12.10/19 DVD GREAT COURSES Argumentation part 1; 2005 $15.40/19 Argumentation part 2; 2005 $15.40/19 Building Great Sentences; Course Guidebook; 2008 $15.40/19 Building Great Sentences part 1; 2008 $15.40/19 Building Great Sentences part 2; 2008 $15.40/19 21 Keys for High Performance Teaching and Learning; Pacific Institute; w leather folder; $12.10/19 Pet Bandana; Halloween; RUBIE'S; new on display $19.35/19 Pet Boots; Mukluks, faux leather & fur; 2.5"; PAW PATROL; ALC; s3; Ex $5.00/19 Pet I.D. Tag; LITTLEGIFTS; 2009; new in pck $6.05/19 Pet Remote Trainer dog collars & instruction booklets; missing sender; G $6.05/19 Pet Rock; 3.5" ladybug; given to JF by Candy C. 1972; as new $28.55/19 2.25" ladybug; pink on black; as new $12.55/19 Pet Toy fish, cloth, on rod; PETSTORE $8.00/19 mouse, cloth; 2.5" $1.65/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pewter Airplane Miniatures (Danbury Mint) Boeing 707; 7.5" 1:247 $54.45/19 Concorde 7.5" 1:306 $54.45/19 Douglas DC3 7" 1:157 $54.45/19 F-15 1:146 $54.45/19 Flying Fortress 8" 1:156 $54.45/19 Pan Am Clipper 7" 1:189 $54.45/19 Piper Cub 6.5" 1:63 $54.45/19 Sopwith Camel 7" 1:52 $63.80/19 Space Shuttle 5" 1:293 $54.45/19 USS Enterprise; Raycliffe Pewter; 1991 $37.70/19 Wright Brothers' Flyer 7" 1:69 $63.80/19 Butter Dish; eound w glass insert; Ex $71.00/19 Chess Set; 15 pieces of a cast pewter set (most pieces for one player) to 3.3" tall $75.95/19 Cherub praying; cast pewter on round 1.5" base that opens to a small box; large crysal in halo; 2.25" o/a $63.30/19 Egyptian candle holder; 3 pewter figures tripod suspending glass potpourri dish; 2012; new $63.80/19 Flask, Pewter; COMOY'S 3oz; Sheffield; front decorated with floral punctate engraving; squashed from carrying in pocket; 19th Century; VG $37.70/19 Goblet; cast; 4.5"; SE Asian scenes in relief; Ex $37.70/19 Picture Frame rose flowers & petals; 8x10"; Mint $75.95/19 Light Oak; 8.5x11.5"; Mint $22.00/19 Plaque, recognition for program donations/support; 7x12"; inset blue felt with mounted crest & pewter RCMP horseman; no dedication plate; Ex 45-270 $91.00/19 45-477 Pewter boots, RCMP; spurs & hat, 4"; "City of Regina" $50.55/19 Salt & Pepper Coffee/Teapots; 2" ornate, chromed; tall w long spout; 2x5" ornate tray; JAPAN 1950's; missing appliqued souvenir crests on side, otherwise Ex+ $14.80/19 Quails, nesting; silver tone; light wear; VG $23.85/19 Peacocks, 8.75"; silver finish; light wear; Ex 45-117 $115/19 Water Jugs; 3"; plain; $14.80/19
PEZ dispensers Ant, Ex $28.55/19 Bat $6.80/19 Batman, Ex $28.55/19 Beagle Boy $51.35/19 Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story; Ex $28.55/19 C3P0 $28.55/19 Cars #96 $15.25/19 Curious George; Ex $28.55/19 Daisy Duck, Ex $28.55/19 Darth Vader, Ex 2 $28.55/19 Despicable Me; Ex $6.00/19 Detroit Red Wings $10.00/19 Dinosaur, Ex $28.55/19 Donald Duck, Ex $28.55/19 Donkey, from Shreck movies; Ex $6.80/19 Easter Bunny, c2006; Ex $2.60/19 Fonzie Bear $28.55/19 Garfield, Ex $28.55/19 Garfield, broken feet $15.25/19 Garfield w nighcap; Made in Slovenia; Ex $28.55/19 Gargamel; Ex $28.55/19 General Grieveous; Star Wars; $5.35/19 Homer Simpson $15.25/19 Inspector Clouseau $15.25/19 Ironman; 2009; Ex 2 $6.45/19 Marvin The Martian w spaceship; electric; 1998; Ex $28.55/19 Mickey, Ex $28.55/19 Mickey; Made in Hungary; Ex $28.55/19 Mickey, broken feet $15.25/19 Miss Piggy; Made in Austria; Ex $14.50/19 Nemo $15.25/19 Planes; DISNEY; D7; Ex $6.80/19 Pluto made in Slovenia; Ex. $28.55/19 R2D2; 1997; Ex $28.55/19 Ratatoulie; Ex/as new $14.50/19 Santaclause; Ex $14.50/19 Snidley Whiplash; Ex/As New $14.50/19 Snowman $6.00/19 Snowman, OTTO; FROZEN; Ex 2 $6.45/19 Storm Trooper, Star Wars; Ex $28.55/19 Tigger; Ex $28.55/19 Tommy $6.00/19 Witch $6.00/19 Wonder Woman; Ex $28.55/19 Yosemity Sam, Ex $28.55/19 Pharmeuceticals SALT OF LEMON spot remover; sealed in original wooden container w label; Warning: POISON; from 2 mi. S. of Content Bridge (AB) $67.80/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Photographs Photo, Air Calgary, Aerial Mosaic, 1995; framed, 8.5x11; Ex $30.25/19 Rocky Mountain Foothills; Calgary-Elbow R.-Ghost R.; 12.5x21.5"; framed; Ex $66.55/19 Photo, pornography; 1940's 3 $5.00/19ea Photograph Beautiful winter pine forest scene; on translucent plastic w shining silver backing & pebbled silver border. 4x6.4" $28.55/19 Photos, 8 1/2x11", framed; $115/19 ea. Red Deer (AB) 1936 Aerial view 1920's c. Gaetz Park (Fleming) 1919 c. Railyard w crowds greeting returning soldiers 1920 c. Gaetz Co. warehouse/store (Fleming) 1915 Red Deer Cadet Band 45-490 $53.65/19 1919 c. Officers @ armory 1922 unveiling of WWI memorial by Lord Bing of Vimy; parade in background 1920 agricultural show by armory ? (Fleming) 1920's Greenhouse & garage 1930's set; Bloemenland, Holland; 3x4"; 10 color pics & paper package cover. Ex $160/19 Photo Albums Bear on Rocking Horse; DF ALBUMS; pink; 4.75x7"; Ex $7.25/19 CHRISTMAS MEMORIES; 2004; hc.; Ex $20.00/19 Flip-Up; #808; for 3.5x3.5" pics; leatherette; SPRINGFIELD 1980s $12.00/19 GRAD PICS; 3-ring binder; HALLMARK; as new $12.00/19 Horseheads (4) embossed on beige lether; 10x13"; Ex $26.80/19 Minnie, Mickey & Goofy in galla dress; coil bound, 10x11.5 vinyl covered; as new $34.50/19 45-544 Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, Pluto & Donald pressing hands into cement slab; coil bound, 10x11.5 vinyl covered; as new $34.50/19 Red 6x6" 10 pg. acid-free protectors; 2010; new in pack $7.25/19 Royal Canadian Mounted Police souvenir of Ponoka, AB; 7x8.5"; 1950's; Ex $26.80/19 Victorian, COLOUR LIBRARY BOOKS; cutouts $14.65/19 Victorian Memories; WAVERLY; cutours $14.65/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Photography Bag, Camera; padded compartments; CULLMANN; shoulder straps; Ex $38.50/19 Bag, Camera; padded; SLR; CASE LOGIC; black; belt; New $13.20/19 Camera case, 4x7x7"; nylon, black; SAMSONITE; New $13.20/19 Camera case, 3.5x4.75x5.5" box camera; GENOS (Germany) 1940s/ 50s; brown leather covered pressed paper; hand strap; G/VG $46.85/19 Camera case, 5x6.5x10"; brown leather; carrying strap KOREA; 1980-current by J. Fromhold (history to buyer) Camera case, 8x7.5x11.5"; SANKYO; black leather covered pressed paper; hand grip; used 1970-current by J. Fromhold (history to buyer) CAMERA LENS Case, telephoto; 8"; black leather with shoulder strap; 1950c; Ex $24.55/19 Cameras ADOXAR VARIO 120mm bellows w KOBOLD flash & bulbs $130/19 AGFA camera w flash in original box; neoprene camera holder; w papers; c/w test bulb; given to JF as a going -away present before moving to Canada 1954; has been in family since; history to purchaser; near mint. $580/19 AGFAMATIC 2000 Pocket; VG $75.80/19 ANNY, Japanese, 35 mm. fixed lense; w. case; VG/Ex $455/19 ANSCO 'Shur-Flash' box camera; VG+ $130/19 BESSA VOIGTLANDER-COMPUR BRAUNSHWEIG fold-up bellow camera; c1900; w. leather case marked GRIMM-KAMIERAS, WARSZAWA; has been in family since 1947; history to purchaser; Ex+ $580/19 BROWNIE Hawkeye Flash; box, black plastic; VG $115/19 BROWNIE REFLEX Synchro (Canadian Kodak); needs cleaning; Ex $130/19 FLEXSHOT CA140 (Japan) 35mm. w telephoto & wide-angle lens; flash; plastic; ex $68.30/19 HI-SPEED E-Z LOAD 126; salvaged 1988 from flooding at Keg River (AB); needs cleaning; F $57.00/19 IMPERIAL Six-Twenty; box camera, black plastic, Ex $130/19 KELLOGS SUGAR POPS CEREAL Prize; SNAP, CRACKLE & POP applique cover; sealed in origina pk.; near mint $12.55/19 KODAK COLORBURST 100 $170/19 KODAK Ekctalite 10 $46.85/19 KODAK EK4 Instant Camera $170/19 KODAK EK6 Instant Camera w cartrige $170/19 KODAK EK6 w. lined leatherette case, film & flash; in original box; box F; others Ex $335/19 KODAK Instamatic 124 $46.85/19 KODAK Instamatic X15 $46.85/19 KODAK M2 Instamatic Super 8 movie camera; 1960's; has history with it (collection #3137) $105/19 MAGIMATIC 210 POCKET CAMERA; IMPERIAL; in original box $57.00/19 MICRO 110 w. film, unused, as new $57.00/19 NIKON 35mm in case; 50mm removeable lense $455/19 POLAROID camera; used by the Northern Echo 1968; first Newspaper north of Peace River $120/19 POLAROID COLORBURST 250 $60.00/19 POLAROID JOYCAM; 1999 w booklet $60.00/19 POLAROID ONE STEP LAND CAMERA w. Q-LIGHT, original instr. booklet & case; Ex 2 $68.30/19 POLAROID 160 LAND CAMERA; flash attachment, battery, light meter, wink-light 250 attachment, case (damaged), papers; $120/19 POLAROID SX-70 LAND CAMERA ALPHA EXECUTIVE w. flash bar, 2 film cartriges (film may be no good), film cartridge box, & large FIDELITY brown leather velvet camera & film case; Ex $235/19 POLAROID THE HANDLE; $60.00/19 PRAKTICA SUPER 5L 1000; 35mm; 2.8/50 mm removeable lense; carrying case. One owner; JF/70 (history to buyer); As New $500/19 REMAC PC-305 35mm; plastic; w leatherette case; named to Bethany Cave, Australia; Ex $68.30/19 TOUCHSTONE MM500 Deluxe I; 35 mm. fixed 50 mm lense; $335/19 TOWER Flash 120 box camera; black metal. W. Germany; handle damaged $145/19 TOWER Hide-Away, grey plastic $34.50/19 ZENIT, Russian, 35 mm. w Pentax lense; c. 1970; w leather case; 1 owner since purchase, JF/70 Calgary; Ex $1,430/19 ZENIT, instruction booklet; 1 owner since purchase, JF/70 Calgary; Ex $50.00/19 YASHIKA EZS ZOOM; SLR $68.30/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Camera Cleaning pick; MADE IN SWEDEN; tin; 1960s $11.00/19 Camera flash EVEREADY PHOTOFLASH #412 Transistor Radio Battery; "B"; NATIONAL CARBON CO. CANADA 1950's; has been in family since purchase; Ex+ $34.00/19 GE; Flipflash II, in original package; unused $15.25/19 HONEYWELL Strobonar 100 packed in original styrofoam in original box w instruction booklet; as new $68.30/19 OSRAM VACUBLITZ XP; box only; GERMANY 1954; history to purchaser $28.55/19 ROXY folding dish w leatherette case $34.50/19 SYLVANIA AG1B flashbulbs in orignal box; 7 remaining $7.75/19 SYLVANIA FLASHBAR; 9 flashes (1 used) 2 $15.25/19 SYLVANIA Flipflash II, GE, in original sales card; unused$15.25/19 SYLVANIA Flipglash Super 10; 10 bulbs in Orig. Pk. $15.25/19 WESTINGHOUSE AG1B flashbulbs in original box; 11 bulbs $11.45/19 WESTINGHOUSE # 5 flashbulbs in original box; 6 bulbs $28.55/19 1 bulb only $7.75/19 Camera lenses; FOR KOWA; wide angle & telephoto in leather case in original box; Mint $370/19 Camera Lense; zoom 90 mm.; CARSON-POLARIS screw type w case & shoulder strap; $600/19 Camera Lense, .5x EUMAKRO $275/19 Camera Lense, 2x EUMAKRO $275/19 Camera Lense, 28 mm. NIKON NIKKOR-H.C AUTO $275/19 Camera Lense, 28 mm. OPTICAM telephoto; 1:2.8; screw $275/19 Camera Lense, 35 mm. PENTACON 1.8/50; screw type $275/19 Camera Lense, 35 mm. OPTICAM screw type $275/19 Camera Lense, 55 mm. VIVITAR SKYLIGHT SUPER ALBINA AUTO 2 $275/19 Camera Remote cable; 35 mm; $50.00/19 Film box, cardboard 2 $2.00/19 NO NAME film $2.00/19 PRESIDENT'S CHOICE film Film Dispenser, 35 mm; pocket/belt; plastic, PACE 1977 w orig box; Ex $15.25/19 Film canister, tube, aluminium; 1970c $15.25/19 Film canister, tube, plastic; 1970s $2.00/19 Film Processing Mailer; KODAK; 1970s $5.00/19 Flash Bulbs (see Camera, Flash) Instruction Booklets ZENIT, instructin booklet; 1 owner since purchase, JF/70 Calgary; Ex $50.00/19 Sheet of notes on J. Fromhold stationery; JF/70 $6.00/19 Lense adaptor Ring $20.00/19 Lense Brush, blower, UN; 1970 $10.00/19 Lense Filters; 35 mm; yellow; blue; magenta; polarize 6 $50.00/19ea Lense Filters, 52 mm., polarized, in case 2 $38.50/19 Lense Shroud $20.00/19 Slide Frames GOLDE, 35 mm. metal double frame; SNAP-IT; 15 in original box; 1950's; Ex $14.00/19 Slide storage box; metal, SMITH-VICTOR; 7x14"; 300 slides; slightly scuffed; c1970 $51.35/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slide Tray/Carousel AIREQUIPT metal slide trays for 2x2" slides; 1950's; 3 $34.50/19 HANIMEX rotary; ca 1990; SEARS sticker; new in box $34.50/19 KODAK; 140 capacity; As New in Box $34.50/19 MERIT 'Precision' for Bell & Howell, TDC, Keystone & Viewlex projectors; 30 slides, 7" on orig box $34.50/19 UNIVERSAL-FOURTY (Canada) black w clear lids 8 $28.55/19 cream w yellow lids; WOOLCO stickers 2 $28.55/19 YANKEE m 55-58; 1960c; 30 slides, 7" in orig box $34.50/19 Slide Viewer, battery; WOOLCREST; in original box (box F/G)$34.50/19 Slide Viewer, desktop cone; CENEI; in original box; $12.00/19 Slide Viewer, pocket; IMPERIAL, folding, individual, Ex $11.45/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pickle server; amber glass w silverplate "lantern" holder & tong; eagle lid grip; 4-leaf clover & ribbon lantern handle; high-relief rose & leaves pattern glass $1,120/19 Picnic Dishes, plastic, pressed; square, red; pk. of 12; 2016; Nw$13.20/19 Set of 4; plastic; plates, sandwich plates, cups, cuttlery$13.20/19 Picture (see art) Picture Frames Brass cutaway florals; 9.5x11.5" $18.55/19 Brass cutaway florals; 10.5x12" $18.55/19 Brass w leatherette border; 11x13; glass cracked $15.00/19 Document holder; 8x11"; glass 6 $6.00/19 Document holder; 10x12.5"; plastic frame $10.00/19 Family*Friends*Life; 13x17.5"; no glass $10.00/19 Glass & backing; Ex $12.00/19 Glass & backing; Art Nouveau 1930s; Ex $30.00/19 Glass & backing; 12x15.75"; damaged $12.00/19 leather on pressed board; 5x7"; lucite 'glass'; c1930's; Ex $18.55/19 pewter, cast; rose flowers & petals; 8x10"; Mint $75.95/19 plastic; 3.75x5"; brown $5.00/19 plastic; 8x8" black 2 $10.00/19 plastic, cast golf duffer landscape 3D; 4x6 picture; Ex $16.00/19 3-pic; gold-tone w molded floral border; 7.5x9.75" $10.00/19 plastic, clear 1977; 3x4", 1.75" window; "7th Birthday"; blue puffed plastic front w. sun & clouds; Ex+ $11.45/19 1940's stippled border; .9x7x9.5" scroll top & bottom & corners; NU-DELL PLASTICS; old Metropolitain Stores sticker (probably from Edmonton, AB); stand or hang; orig backing card; glass front; pastic shows aging; pair (1 slightly cracked) $57.00/19 Plastic, extruded; 13.5x16"; gold-tone; molded; glass $22.00/19 Plastic, extruded; 19x23" oval; imitation rope-wraped $11.00/19 Plastic, table-top, 2.6x3"; heavy cast silver frame, brass Santa bear, x-mas trees; new $11.45/19 Pressboard border w gold-tone 3-D edging $5.00/19 Pressboard matt; 11x14"; white $3.00/19 tin, gold/silver tone; 1.75x2.5" $5.00/19 tin; plain; 4x10"; 3 pics $12.10/19 tin, gold-tone; 5x7" w/o glass or parts 2 $2.00/19 tin, gold, plain; 5x7" w baroque embossed plastic inset w oval window, gold one side beige obverse; 1950's or earlier $15.25/19 tin; gold-tone; 8x11"; w glass; plain $13.00/19 tin; gold-tone; 8x11"; w glass; ornate $14.00/19 tin; imitation wood; 8x11"; w glass; plain $13.00/19 tin; gold-tone; 12x16"; glass; THE COLLECTION; multi - space; Ex $20.00/19 wood; .75x17x21; gold tone; molded; glass; $22.00/19 wood; 5x8.25" w WELCOME basket scene background $11.45/19 wood; 8x11"; w/o glass $6.00/19 wood; 12x15' sculpted; w/o glass $20.00/19 wood; 12x15' shadow box w/o glass; paper finished $10.00/19 wood; 13x19"; molded; glass; 2 $22.00/19 wood; 13.5x16"; molded; glass 2 $22.00/19 wood; 14x17"; molded; glass $25.00/19 wood; 17x21"; molded; no-glare glass $30.00/19 wood; 18x21"; 4" frame; 1950s; glass $41.25/19 wood; 18.5x23; molded; glass $46.00/19 wood; 18.5x23"; molded; glass $41.25/19 wood; 19x23"; molded; glass $41.25/19 wood; 21x24.5; molded; no glass $23.00/19 wood; 22.5x26.5; molded; gold accent; no glass $26.00/19
Picture Stand 5x7" UNIE; $5.00/19 5x7" MARIAN'S $5.00/19 Pill Box; 2.25" gold-tone; rose decoupage on lid; Ex $11.45/19 Pill tube, wood; plain w several pills $11.45/19 Pill tube, wood; onion-dome cap, incised & painted designs, varnished; BULGARIA $15.25/19 Pillow: See also R&B Inventory sheets Pillow, embroidered wall hanging, 5x10"; braided twine & plastic ribbon suspension; probably 1930's $46.85/19 Pillow; Throw; brown & tan w floral/fern pattern $46.85/19 Pillow; Throw; MONTREAL CANADIENS torso/sweater; Ex $20.00/20 Pillow; Throw cushion; brown; 14x14" $10.00/19 Pillow Cover 16x16" Oriental design in gold/yellow brocade on burgundy silk; central low-relief elephant surrounded by ring of crude cut & polished glass gems; Ex; $46.85/19 31x36" Oriental design in gold/yellow brocade on blue 'night clouds silk background w brocade bordered teal 'bubbles' of 2-8" foreground containing embroidered (blue, gold, rose) flowers, partriges & (gold) calligraphy. Gold- yellow twist 1.5" fringe; blue silk backing. Small ciga- rette burn to front, small fading spots to back & begin- ning to show stretch marks, but o/a VG+ $130/19 Pins Pipe (see also Native & Historical for peace pipes) Corn Cob, 4"; slightly used; VG $51.35/19 Corn Cob, 3"; unused, but hole in bottom $51.35/19 Deer Horn, large; w skrimshaw scene of dog in front of stone fence & house; tin cap; dated 1806; plain hickory stem; minor cracking $660/19 KAYWOODIE LA ROCHE France knurled briar; ivory inlay w Club$51.35/19 German (?); antique Meerschaum; rich brown deep ceramic bowl 2.5x7mm w bright stamped tin cap & tin-edged mouth. stem sweeps up in fluted shell pattern at accute angle & capped w ornamental bright tin. 5" red willow (?) stem w 1.5 cm bakelite cap & 3.5 cm neck & mouthpiece $485/19 German (?); antique ceramic bowl & elbow; large cream- colored bowl w. metal cap & elk scene; base stem & elbow painted green; 4.5" willow stem w cap & bakelite mouthpiece; Ex $565/19 German (?); antique carved burl bow & elbow; large bowl w metal cap; S wood & horn stem; Ex $485/19 Clay, North American trade pip; 5" o/a tip of stem broken; marked SCOTLAND & McDOUGALL; King's Crown one side of bowl, head on other. Victorian ?; VG $280/19 Cuban; carved wooden head; Ex $40.00/19 Indian Head, head only; 2.5" o/a; carved wood; w long hair, feather bonnet; tips of 2 feathers broken. c1900 $200/19 MACKENZIE VANGURD Briar; 741 $51.35/19 Pipe rest burwood; shoe in horseshoe, 4" o/a; BURWOOD; orig label $51.35/19 veramic fluted dish, 3" $28.55/19 dashboard, metal, magnetic or stick-on $28.55/19 Pistol (see also Toys) PAPERMATIC capless automatic pistol; DCMT; cast; $28.55/19 THE GAT; pellet air pistol; T.J. HARRINGTON; England; cast metal; as new $45.00/19 Pitchers (see also Dishes) aluminium, stamped; SUPREME ALUMINIUM WEAR, CANADA; fluted sides; strap handle; 1930's; VG $57.00/19 Brass, 5.5"; bulbar long-necked; enameled w appliqued brass lillies; Indian 1960's; Ex $28.15/19 Brass, 13"; ornate classical style; pedestal base w 4 feet; cast; w high relief; Ex++ $110/19 Brass; middle/central Asian origin, handmade, with some crude workmanship; octagonal; exagerated spout; large bulbous lid; ca. 1950's; made partially for the tourist/export trade; sometimes identified as Islamic ritual vessles $115/19 Brass; middle/central Asian origin, handmade, with some crude workmanship; exagerated spout; large bulbous semi- onion shaped lid; some silver remaining on lid, some paint remaining on body. Of obvious age and not made for the tourist/export trade; sometimes identified as Islamic ritual vessles $250/19 Brass; middle/central Asian; 23"; handmade; highly ornated chase low relif work; bulbar w long neck, spout & handle; flip top $246/19 BRITA water filter w filer; new $16.50/19 tin, shop-made, soldered; 5x5.5" conical base w wire-rolled bottom edge; 5.5" broad flaring throat w rolled edge; tin strap handle w rolled edge; Ex+++ $64.75/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Place Mats Acrylic; 10" round; floral themes; PIMPERNEL, Edmonton; as new in original box $43.55/19 Cloth, 16"; Tomato shaped, red, doubled & lined; puffy; 4pc $46.85/19 Cork backed (1930s/40s)(see also Coasters) 5.5x7.5x.25" Scottish highlands photos; Set of 6 $46.85/19 Ashness Bridge Autumn Calm Ullswater Wastwater Windermere and Langdale Pikes Ullswater Friar's Crag and Causey Pike 6.75x8.75x.25" Scottish highlands photos; Set of 2 $11.45/19 Ullswater Elterwater and Langdale Pikes 7.5x8.5x.20" British photos; Gold bordered; set of 3 $15.25/19 King's Bath, Bath Roman Wall Bourton on the Water 7.75x9.5x.25" Scottish highlands photo; Windermere and Langdale Pikes $7.75/19 Table Setting; Scottish highlands photos; 6 place mats 8.5x11.5"; 6 coasters $90.00/19 Laminated; 12x17; Royal Canadian Mounted Police crest 1 side, 1930c pic of RCMP with Blackfoot chiefs (PM-RCMP-13) seems to be a mesotint; suitable for framing; Ex+ $15.25/19 Lamintaed; 12x17; Niagara Falls; 1950's; painted falls by Carolyn on reverse; Ex+ $15.25/19ea summer scene winter scene Table Setting; 6 coasters, napkins & place mats; 2010 c.; new in pk $17.55/19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Plant Hanger; clear plastic ring & strings; DANKAR 1950's; in original display card $7.75/19 Planter, countertop Antique Automobile; e.5x6.5x4"; c1960 $35.20/19 Art Nouveau, 9.5" boat-shaped w ends slewed right; symetrical raised & stepped side; dk. br/blk glaze w cream accents stained along top edge; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $28.55/19 Bambi on scroll wall; SHAFFORD, JAPAN 1960c; Ex $28.55/19 Basket on weigh scale; JAPAN 1960s; Ex $14.40/19 Bent boat-shaped; 9.5"; Blue Mountain; Ex $28.55/19 Bible w Lord's Prayer; 5"; JAPAN 1960s $28.55/19 Bird, 5x5.5"; yellow w reds; sitting on branch; 1 almost un- noticeable paint chip to beak; appears to be Royal Copley but unmarked except for remains of old Giftware import sticker $68.30/19 Black head held in hand; ceramic w copper helmet & rings; 9" o/a; Ex+ $75.80/19 Blue Willow Dachshund, 3-pc. arc (Condiment server?); JAPAN 1960c; Ex $75.80/19 Boat-shaped; Lustreware; 8" w curled swan-neck handles all on hollow pedestal; sides arched in middle in 'organic' style over bas relief rose flower & petals; lustre w violet/blue spray highlighting on edges, flower & base; green leaves. Very nice $28.55/19 Boat-shaped; Lustreware; 13"; expanding scalloped rays from oval base to lobbed rim; 2 roses w petals on front; lustre violet/blue w gold spray highlighting on edges; green leaves; 2 slight chips; JAPAN 1960c $28.55/19 Boat-shaped; 14"; rounded ends & side bulges; fluted grass pattern checkered on ends; lt. green w dk. green flow slip on upper; BRODY (?) #7052; 1950's; Ex 45-078 $50.55/19 Boot, 'Mother Hubbard' style 4.5x5"; gold (worn on high spots), picture of the Armoury at Woodstock (ONT) over instep; VG $28.55/19 BRODY SORRENTO N-322 rectangular 3.5x7" on pedestal; ceramic, square rattan-weave motif; Ex $28.55/19 Dog, happy puppy barking; opening in back & mouth; curled tail as handle; Hand painted; JAPAN 1950c; Cherry blossom logo; Near Mint $46.85/19 Dog, Beagle, "GET WELL SOON"; 6"; RUBEN'S, MADE IN JAPAN; 1960 c; Ex $28.55/19 Donkey pulling cart; 5" o/a; Japan c. 1960 $28.55/19 Duck, 8"; ceramic; natural; glazed; 1960c $46.85/19 Duck, 11.5", glass w brown overpaint; F.T.D. MADE IN JAPAN 1960's; Ex $46.85/19 Duck w. duckling; 6.5"; white w yellow; 1950's; Ex $46.85/19 Dutch girl; 7"; JAPAN c. 1960; Ex $46.85/19 Geisha; 8.25"; white glaze; incense burner; BENIHANA OF TOKYO 1960c; Ex $14.95/19 Girl with Tub; gold glaze; BRAZIL $11.45/19 Goat, Gamboling Kid; 1940s $28.55/19 Holstein; 4.5"; reclining; TAIWAN; 1960's $34.25/19 McCoy, boat shaped, stemmed, striated, caramel; 1950c; Ex $46.85/19 Mother Goose type figure w headscarf; 7"; JAPAN c1960; Ex $46.85/19 Oriental planter & vase; pale blue butterfly & flower motif; VG $46.85/19 OTAGIRI 2-story house with balustrade & round tower 1980 $46.85/19 "Pretty Face"; 4x4"; girl in front of seashell; Ex $46.85/19 Royal Windsor; 4.25x5x4.25" o/a w 3x3.3x1.5" pedestal base; upper long sides concave; cream yellow interior redish spray finish on eggshell white; Ex $46.85/19 Sarcophacus, mini, 9", sandstone; Ex $28.55/19 Seed-pot scoop w curled stem; 13"; Blue Mountain style red/orange to black/brown; pedestal base; Ex $28.55/19 SEQUOIA, 4.5x3.5"; BRODY #245; Ex $28.55/19 Sheep pulling cart; RELPO; baby blue w yellow & green floral; 8" o/a; crack in cart/bowl $7.75/19 Shoe, Baby; 4" o/a gold braid lacing; applique children on swing both sides, floral w butterflies on toe; JAPAN c. 1960 $46.85/19 square 4x4x3" w insloping walls; remeniscent of South American temple platforms; "window" indentations on 2 sides; dk/lt green slip glaze reminiscent of treetops seen from helicopter; pr $28.55/19 Stagecoach; 6"; 1960s; Hand Painted; SHAFFORD 4118 $46.85/19 swan, earthwear (red); black w colored slip to wings; 7"; JAPAN 1960's; $41.65/19 swan, Lustreware, w neck curved down to front & flowers on side; JAPAN 1960's $41.65/19 swan, Lustreware, wings pointed up; large flower on left front; air-brushed wings & tail; 6" JAPAN 1950'S; Ex $41.65/19 swan, w neck curved down front; flower encrusted & gold edged; 4"; JAPAN 1960's; Ex $28.55/19 swan, Lustreware, head looking forward; small flowers on left side; 5"; re-glued head; JAPAN 1950's; Ex $28.55/19 swan, Lustreware, head curved down; small flowers on left side; 5"; companion to above; JAPAN 1950's; Ex $41.65/19 swan, Lustreware, large; head curved down; 3 flowers on left front; 9"; JAPAN 1950's; Ex $57.00/19 swan, w neck curved down front; 6"; imitation & real crazing; no markings but probably JAPAN 1950's; Ex $28.55/19 swan, w rose flower on left front; 3.5"; MADE IN JAPAN 1960's; Ex $28.55/19 swan, 10"; u/k date, 1970s; Ex $28.55/19 Train engine; 5"; pink, blue, yell. & white; Cherub & bird on one side; quilted pattern to cab & back; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $28.55/19 Trough 1.75x2.6x3.3" ceramic; baby blue w gold stippling round upper half; JAPAN 1960c $11.45/19 Turkey planter/watering can; ceramic, white; 8" w handle in back; Ex $34.50/19 Turtle 7"; ceramic; sand brown; JBL CANADA; 1960c; Ex $14.75/19 Walrus, 4x6" o/a; planter/ashtray; chip on fluke $46.85/19 Wheelbarrow, 2.25x6x3" gold edged & accented, covered w small hand-painted multi-colored flowers & small central red floral applique to each side; JAPAN 1962c; near mint $46.85/19 Wishing well, 3x4x5" ceramic, glazed, w. shingle roof, water bucket, yellow flowers. KIC JAPAN 1960c $28.55/19 Wooden well; 6.5x10"; sltats w press; Ex $28.55/19 Zebra, stylized on wheeled platform; 6.25x6.5"; yellow hooves; PRINCESS; 1950's; Ex $46.85/19 Planter, stand-alone Lotus Bulb on stand; handmade, turquoise w large speckled 'antiquing'; 11.5x8.25"; planter type; Mint $115/19 see picture, Vase 4 Tin, planter; 3.5x10" $9.90/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Plaque, sign; AMOUNT PURCHASED; stippled brass; moustach shaped w turned up ends & rococco end foot mount; shell crest; & budded fern accents on moustach tips $205/19 Plaque, plate; Thank you to KAL TIRE from city police 2004 $4.00/19 Plaque, wall Awards; STREET ROD & MACHINE CHAMPIONSHIP, CSRA Canadian Street Rod Association, 3rd. Annual International Motorama Speed Sport Promotions West, Ltd. and Land Speed Sports April 1980 Vancouver' 8x10 aluminium plate printed with above, logo & borders mounted on 10x12" wood base; slightly scuffed; Best Sedan $57.00/19 Best Pre-49 Open $57.00/19 Best Street Machine $57.00/19 "BELIEVE"; 13.5"; wood; 2010; New $5.00/19 Brass; Aztec Sun Disk, pressed; 11"; center surrounded by ornamental rim $29.05/19 Ceramic Gingerbread figures; him 9.5" 'icing' decorated w pants, suspenders, hat, collar; her 8" 'icing' decorated w apron, hair, head-scarf $15.25/19 Goose; 12.5" ring, immit. valence style, blush pink w. white 5" goose w rose pink bow sitting on rim $57.00/19 Chalkware "God Bless Our Home" 5x6.25" scroll borders, cottage & trees w inset disk w RCMP on horse, "Miette Hot Springs"; lt. brown; JAPAN c 1959; rare $68.30/19 "Mother" 4.75x7"; scroll top & bottom; Mother in relief, scroll inset w poem on gold leaf; inset disk w RCMP on horse, "Jasper, Canada"; lt brown; JAPAN c1959; rare $68.30/19 7" round w. 2 high-relief daisies, stems & leaves; yellow green & brown; 1930's; from S of Content Bridge (AB); VG/Ex $68.30/19 Sun disk; smiling face w flaring flames & rays; 8"; silver painted; 2000c; VG $3.95/19 Copper "Bless This House"; 8x11" pressed copper $25.00/19 Courier & Ives; 8x8" metal brass-colored frames; blue ground w round 1/8" silver-edged print; set of 4 $235/19 "A Home in the Wilderness" $68.30/19 "The Old Homestead in Winter" 2 $68.30/19 "The Farmer's Home - Winter" $130/19 KING ARTHUR'S ROUND TABLE, THE GREAT HALL, WINCHESTER CASTLE; round 4.5" oak base w 3.5" round tile sowing table from above; named to Berg family; Ex $27.55/19 (matching pot stand available) Slate, Caernarfon Castle, silkscreen on 6.25" disk; white on black. Made in Wales; very nice; as new/mint $68.30/19 Plaster Cast (see Chalkware) Plastic diamond, 9x7" green w 3.5x2.5" sunken picture oval w print of mushrooms; c1950's $15.25/19 Last Supper; 12x20"; 1950s; over copper; frame; Ex $39.00/19 rect. open scrollwork, black; central oval w NASHVILLE, TENN, MUSIC CITY, U.S.A., guitars on music bar in gold $15.25/19 round, 3.3" gold frame; flowers mounted on black velvet under clear domed cellulite; brown velveteen hanging strap w. golden D-ring suspension; 1950/60s; pair $15.25/19 Pressboard, 3.5x4.5" beveled w. religious sayings & plstic sheet art print; 1950's or earlier mountain lake w waterfall & "He Faileth Not" $11.45/19 Castle, lake, swans, briedge & cross & forest, "Keep Looking Up"; stamped Emonton, Alberta on back $11.45/19 Souvenir of Peace River w photo of 'The Cairn of Twelve Foot Davis' & jucntion of Peace & Smoky Rivers in back ground. 5x10" w recessed convex sides; thermometer on one side, mini totem pole on other; tan pressed paper on silver pressed paper on particleboard. Story of 12- Foot Davis on back. 1950's; VG+ 45-305 $46.85/19 Tie Rack; 8x12" w bas-relief flintlock pistols (Gio Battazanti & Lazari Cominazi) on canvasboard in frame w tie holders underneath; c1957; small scuffmark $57.00/19 wood AUSTRALIA; souvenir of Sydney; 7.5x9.2"; "Harbour Bridge & Opera House"; lettering in gold plastic; plastic 3-D of bridge & opera house on painted wave background. $15.25/19 3.5x4.25" six-sided beveled solid wood w. full-size plastic 3-D mushroom grove & ladybug; Ex $11.45/19 6" round; hand-carved; sun mask w. radiating lines; silver on red all over dk. brown; Indonesian $28.55/19 5x11 oval pressboard; picture of Heidelberg castle from river; pictures of foliage on sides & 3D shore for foreground, 3D piech trees in fore. 1950s $34.50/19 9x11 souvenir of Banff; cast plastic 3-d gold-tone mountain sheep ram in front of pine trees; A&F CANADA; Ex $34.50/19 9x13 cast goldtone potmetal horseheads; 1950s $110/19 11.75x15.5" plastic goldtone bear in woods; 1950s $40.00/19 Diagonal cut branch, 3.5x6.25" w decoupage deer family around tree (museum posed ?), ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE, ALBERTA souvenir 1960c; some enameled bark flaked off 15.25/19 SASKATCHEWAN MILITARY COLLECTOR'S CLUB, REGINA SHOW 1984 4.5x5.5" w mounted label & souvenir $1 coin; Ex++ $120/19 Planisphere; MILLER; 10.5"; plastic; in pouch; 2014 $15.00/19 Plaster Casts (see also Plaques, Wall; chalkware)
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (see Chalkware) Plate Hangers, spring 3 $5.00/19 Plate Rack, wood Plate Stand/Picture Stand metal, gold tone, hinged; as new $5.50/19 metal, tripod, blackk; as new $5.50/19 metal, twisted, gold tone; As new $5.50/19 metal, wire; black; wall mountable; As New $10.00/19 plastic, hinged, assorted sizes 11 $3.30/19 Plates (see Dishes) (see Glassware) Plates, Aluminium 5.00" meat pie; BAKE KING & EKOLOY; set of 8; Ex $21.40/19 8.75" pie plate; EKOLOY CANADA; VG 2 $11.45/19 9.25" crimped & stepped rim; SUPREME WARE MS CANADA 2709; some residual blackening from use on open fire $12.55/19 9.5" pie plate $11.45/19 10.5" LIVE TIME WARE 2711 CANADA; crimped & stepped rim; some residual blackening from use on open fire $15.25/19 11" SUPREME ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIES 1940c; VG 2 $15.25/19 Plates, Brass Hammered Brass w incised flowers & patterns; silvered ferns & lotus; Made in India c1950s $20.00/19 Sta-Brite brass; 8" 8-sided; 6.5" ceramic plate inset. w autumn maple leafs & 'Maple Leaf Canada' in script $57.00/19 Plates, Collector miscellaneous painted pictures; Franklin etc. 13 $15.25/19 ALASKA souvenir; 4.2"; totem pole, dogsteam & Elias Range; gold rim; MADE IN JAPAN 1950's; Ex $15.25/19 Alberta Coat of Arms; AALCO 1982; 8.5"; gold edged; mint $46.85/19 Alberta; Mount Rundle painting on blue; 6.5"; NC; mint $46.85/19 Austrian; St. Anton, Arlberg; 7 1/2"; w. crests of Vorarlberg, Tirol, Salzburg, Karnten, Steirmark, Oberosterreich, NiederOsterreich, Burgenland, Wien. $64.75/19 AVON, western scene, DOUGLAS STEVEN, 4"; Ex $13.30/19 Bird, canaries on branches; folk art w multi-colored leaves around border; 8"; named to Kreiper Roks, PA. 1995; Ex $10.00/19 Bird, yellow & blue & flowers; round wood frame; 10" dia.; in Greek; 1991; Ex $51.35/19 Birds, red w blue wings in flowers; JAPAN 1960's; some chips to bottom edge; neglegible; VG $51.35/19 Bird, "Loon With Young"; M. G. Loates; Canadian Wildlife Federation 5570; 8.5"; As new $15.25/19 Calgary, Canada, Centennial 1875-1975; WEDGEDOOD; 10.25", Calgary crest; 6-lobed edge w beaver, wild rose & Canada flag all in brown; centennial logo on back $75.80/19 Canada Art China; 22k gold edges "St. Peter's Anglican Church, Slave Lake, Alberta 1933- 1974; pic of church; scalloped edges; 9.5"; Ex/Mnt$68.30/19 "Sunnybrook United Church, Red Deer, Alberta"; sketch of church; gold leaf rim; 9.25"; Ex+ $57.00/19 "The Old Fort Rocky Mountain House" pict of the old stone fireplaces; 6" fluted $51.35/19 "The Old Log Church' 1904 St. John's Minster, Lloydminster, Canada" pict of old church; 9.25"; x$51.35/19 "BETHEL UNION CHURCH - LESLIEVILLE (AB)1908-1983; 75 Anniv.; HOMER LAUGKILN CANADA; 24k gold rim $57.00/19 Canada souvenir ashtray w. flag & "Canada" in bottom; flared rim w cigarette-rests all around; 6"; GEORGIAN CHINA, Made in USA; 22K gold edging $15.25/19 Canada crest on blue; plastic 5.25x5.25" melmac type; 1950's; MB, Italy $15.25/19 Canada Coat of Arms (DOMINION OF CANADA) w provincial crests around rim; 10.5"; c1922 (pre Newfoundland, NWT, Yukon); JOSIAH WEREWOOD & SONS, ENGLAND; Cast 95% Zinc; mountain scene w. deer in foreground; ornamental rim & border, WILDWECHSEL, W. Germany $130/19 Christmas; 5.5", hand painted; 2010c; new in box $16.65/19 Christmas; 8.5"; Three Wise Men; MADE IN JAPAN; 1950's; in box; Ex $16.65/19 Currier & Ives; 4", gold bordered rim; JAPAN 1960c "Homestead In Spring"; as new $16.65/19 Currier & Ives; 7.25", gold bordered rim; JAPAN 1960c "Autumn in New England"; Mint $115/19 "Summer in the Country"; Mint $115/19 "The Homestead in Winter"; Mint $115/19 "The Season of Blossoms"; Mint 2 $115/19 Currier & Ives; 7.6"; pearlite w gold flowers & trim; JAPAN 1960's "Spring"; Mint $125/19 Currier & Ives; 8.25" blue, gold bordered rim; MADE IN JAPAN, 1950's "The Farmer's Home - Winter"; Mint 2 $125/19 Enameled copper; asiatic scene w. floral border; $64.75/19 Forest Scenes; 6"; hand painted; JAPAN 1950c; all different; Ex 6 $34.50/19 GIBSON, China; Stoneware w applique Cowboys steer wrestl2 $5.00/19ea GOEBEL, Germany; 1984 Farm Girl; 7.5"; Ex $24.00/19 Greenland seascape; plastic 5.25x5.25" melmac type; 1950's; OTTENSTEN GREENLAND SOUVENIR $34.50/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ HYCROFT 9.5" collector plate; 'CFBPWC National Convention Edmonton July 1958' Alberta map, wild roses, wheat heads all in 22k gold; Ex $69.65/19 Game Birds; 9.7"; 22k gold bands, broad outer w narrow border & narrow inner pheasants rising; small hairline crack but otherwise Ex $69.65/19 near identical but older; gold 35% worn $68.30/19 Prairie chickens rising w dog in back; gold 25% worn, 1 small chip on side; older variety $68.30/19 IMARI Hand decorated; entire plate done in some hybred JAPANES/Persian style; central bamboo grove/floral/clouds scene w hatched/cloud border, surounded by 6 panels of 2 repeating themes; o/a blue & red-brown dominant colors; gold border; 6.6"; JAPAN; near mint in original box $64.75/19 IMARI Hand Decorated; 5.5"; entire plate done in some hybred JAPANES/Persian style; central floral branch surounded by 6 panels of 2 repeating themes; o/a green & red dominant colors; gold border (worn); JAPAN; VG $46.85/19 IMARI Hand decorated; painted in Persian style; rooster & chicken in corners in field of stylized ferns & florals; browns & greens on beige; 8.25" square w clipped concave corners, sloped 1.2" high rim; Ex $64.75/19 IMARI Chinese Export bowl; 8", hand painted; 4 external panels, border; intertior & out; Ex $860/19 JAPAN; 11"; Mt. Fuji & swamp; golden phoenix; minimalist hand-painted; heavy tray/plate; 1950c; Ex $68.30/19 Jasper Park, Canada; 7.75", fluted swirl rim; silver aurora edge trim; hand painted Jasper the Bear in front of mountain scene; JAPAN 1960c $15.25/19 KNOWLES CHINA 'Garden Cottages of Englane' series; 8 plates & display rack; 1991; with Certificates; near mint $220/19 KURT BROWNING; 32/1500; 10"; Signed $23.00/19 LAKE LOUISE, Banff National Park; 8"; SIGNAL BROTHERS N17-LL; MADE IN JAPAN; blue finish, gold rim; identical in style to Currier & Ives plates $21.40/19 Leaf plate; 4.75"; hand-painted gold edging & gold branches w applique flower bouquet; BERKSHIRE, MADE IN JAPAN; 1950's; As new $34.50/19 Manitoba Centennial 1870; Copper plate 11" w. 6" ceramic center w logo THE SPIRIT OF '70; VG $28.55/19 MOUNT ROBSON PARK 1913-1988; 75th. ann. 9.5", gold rim; artist's sketch of mountain; Ex $12.80/19 MOUNT RUSHMORE; 8.5"; Ex $68.30/19 NO MATTER WHERE I SERVE MY GUESTS IT SEEMS THEY LIKE MY KITCHEN BEST; old-time kitchen done in needlepoint style. 8"; gold rim; as new $15.25/19 NORMAN ROCKWELL print; Norman Rockwell Museum 1984; 6"; "For A Good Boy"; Near New $28.55/19 "Memories"; Near New $28.55/19 NORMAN ROCKWELL print; "Tender Loving Care"; BRADFORD EXCHANGE; 8.5"; 1988; Near New $28.55/19 NORMAN ROCKWELL print; Norman Rockwell Museum American Family Series II, "Giving Thanks"; Plate #9676; mounted in wood frame; 1980; Ex $52.00/19 NORMAN ROCKWELL print; KNOWLES/ROCKWELL SOCIETY; 8.5"; 1980; "The Ship Builder"; Near New $34.50/19 NORMAN ROCKWELL print; KNOWLES/ROCKWELL SOCIETY; 8.5"; 1989 "Mother's Day"; Near New $34.50/19 Olympics; 1988 Calgary; 8.5", gold rim; Calgary snowflake logo over Olympic rings over CALGARY '88; 1979; Ex $34.50/19 Painted; country scene; pastel; ELITE Hand Painted; squared 8.5"; probably Made In Japan 1950's; Ex $64.75/19 Painting; 8.25"; oil painting of mountain, forest & lake scene; Ex $51.35/19 Pewter, cast; 7.25"; Oriental scenes; gilt Herons in marsh $60.50/19 Samurai in combat; dragon on border $60.50/19 Pewter, cast; 9"; foliate edging w raised borders; alehouse scene $60.50/19 bird in tree $60.50/19 reaping grain $60.50/19 woman on horse with boy & dog $60.50/19 St. MARY'S LAKE (Montana); Demi-tasse saucer only; 4.5" ENCO; hand Painted; MADE IN JAPAN 1950s; Ex $50.00/19 South African, Hand painted copies of Bushmen pictographs; 7" palate-shaped; tan glazed; some crazing; set of 2 $72.00/19 Taipei Taiwan, Republic of China 6" plate; pick of Chinese wall & gate w 3 tourists; bordered with gold rim & blue dragons around edge $11.45/19 "THE SECRET LOVER" painting applique on frosted glass plate, 9.75"; Ex $68.30/19 Totem Pole, rail & bushes, hand painted; 3.25"; JAPAN c1952 (see also demi-tasse) $51.35/19 Wedding; 10" filigree w applique wedding scene; Ex $15.00/19 Wild Animals of Canada; 4" gold rim; 9 animals; JAPAN c1960 $28.55/19 Windsor Castle; 2.2"; England c1957 $15.25/19 Winter scenem hand painted; 6.5"; stream, bridge, 2 houses, trees, mountains; MADE IN JAPAN 1950c; Ex $46.85/19 Plates, copper Pressed 10.5" openwork rim; Ex $30.00/19 Plates, enamel (see Enamelware) Plates, Pewter, cast Dish $130/19 4.75" $46.85/19 7.25"; Oriental scenes; gilt Herons in marsh $60.50/19 Samurai in combat; dragon on border $60.50/19 9"; foliate edging w raised borders; alehouse scene $60.50/19 bird in tree $60.50/19 reaping grain $60.50/19 woman on horse with boy & dog $60.50/19 Plates, Plastic; HEFTY; square; red; pk of 12; 2016; NIP $4.00/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pocket Protector; JOHNSON CONTROLS; blue plastic $4.00/19 Poker, stove, metal; 20"; $40.00/19 Poker Chips; "Official Mister 29" RYCO stock #500; pk of 100 blue/red/white in original box w old WOOLCO 441 tag 2 $15.25/19 Police Poncho Vinyl; BLUE PENGUIN; yellow; 2016; new in pack 2 $5.50/19 Vinyl; CANADA; clear; souvenir w maple leafes; 2016 ni pck $5.50/19 Pool & Spa Test Kit; RAINBOW LIFEGUARD; blue plastic case 3.3x5"; instructions & lables, test/measuring flasks & caps; no chemicals 1980's $34.50/19 Pop Bottles (see Bottles, Pop) Pop Crates (see Crates, Pop) Pop Cups; travel PEPSI TWIST 'N GO; 2000c; 5 $3.00/19 7-11 SUPER BIG GULP; 2000c 2 $2.00/19 Popcorn Popper; aluminium; w turning handles 2 $26.40/19 Porcelain Rose on cast base, 4x4" Argento 1000; Italy; some light chipping (not noticeable) on petal edges, 1 petal chipped. $28.55/19 Postal Sack; plastic weave; BROOKLYN, NY; large; Ex $15.00/19 Postal Shipping Tags (see Paper Postal Stamps Canada 1998; $0.52, UNICEF Christmas; 2 on orig. back; mint$5.25/19 Canada 2002; $1.25, Iroquois mask; booklet of 6; mint $17.15/19 Postcards (see also Postcards) 250 miscellaneous in bag, unsorted; $28.55/19ea Beautiful winter pine forest scene; on translucent plastic w shining silver backing & pebbled silver border. 4x6.4"$28.55/19 BEAR'S SKIN ART TATTOO & PIERCING STUDIO, Edmonton; 2005 $2.00/19 DANCE OF THE SEA SPRITES; VALENTINE's; dated 1941; named to E.G. Mather, Aspen Beach, AB; from Winnipeg, MB $28.55/19 51 Humerous Cartoon postcards all different; all c. 1957; all most Peteley Studio; 3.5x5.5"; unused & as new but some showing faint sign of paper darkening; has Collection # on back of some (2363-2397). Purchased JF/65 HL (history to buyer) Lot Price: $1,430/19 Frank Slide; 1990c; M.A. Prokop; Calfary $28.55/19 National Museum of Canada; Regiments of the Canadian Army Canadian War Museum series (1950's) colored drawings of uniforms 15 Rifleman, Service Dress; Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, 1885; Ex/NM $51.35/19 21 Officer, Canadian Artillery, 1895; 3rd (Montreal) Battery, Mounted Duties; Ex/NM $51.35/19 1910c Los Angeles; Ostrich Wagon; $26.60/19 Political/Union cartoon 1962 Caption "Now with Bill C-124 it's Legal" under cowboys robbing PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada); 3.5x5.5"; JF/62; as new $28.55/19 Political/Union cartoon; "Collective Bargaining is a basic right. Rive it Back"; 1962; cartoon of cowboy dudes with sacks of money denying 6% wage increase to PSAC/AFPC. mailing address on back to Ed Broadbent, Leader of the N.D.P. (New Democratic Party); 3.5x5.5"; as new $28.55/19 1960's ACME STUDIO, Chicago; pic of jewelry made from animal claws & teeth; 3.5x5.5"; JF/67; as new $28.55/19 Vancouver; "Night view from Grouse Mountain" V-19, S-55 Rolly Ford Photo; Natural Color Reproductions; 1960c $28.55/19 Posters (see also Advertisement) Entertainment) Military Alberta Department of Advanced Education 1989 Entrepreneur; 3 styles, all different; about 24x35" 16 $14.95/19ea BRUCE LEE cloth banner, 28x36"; w Yin/Yan symbol; as new $26.15/19 Campaign poster for Carl Austin & Angela Mueller, first Socialist municipal election campaign @ Edmonton (AB, Can) 1973; (see Carl Austin history @ Heritage Databank) $34.50/19 EXPO 86 TAKES SHAPE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA; 21.5x30" on foamboard; Ex $91.00/19 Fantasy: Sword of Valens confronts Darkness II; 18x28" 2 "Tale of the Swords of the Ancients" scroll; Mint $51.35/19 Football; Edmonton Eskimos, John Avery #20; current; mint $11.45/19 GUNS N'ROSES: APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION; Edmonton Sun Saturday June 30, 2018 cover page; not framed $15.00/19 "Haul Ass" 24x32"; 1988c; classic; VG $28.55/19 Jenny McCarthy # 3100, 24x32"; 1994; VG+ $28.55/19 KANANASKIS COUNTRY (Kananaskis Provincial Park, AB) Ecology/ Environmental posters; 24x36"; set of 11 different $170/19 Lexi Morgan; 18x24"; VG+ $28.55/19 Movie Poster DESPARATE JOURNEY, movie poster; 1942 w. Errol Flynn, Ronald Reagan, Raymond Massey; 1942; B/W 10x14" (2 uniforms from said movie also available seperately) VG $97.00/19 REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE 11x13"; in color; framed in wood; Ex $24.00/19 11x17"; in color; in plastic sleeve; Ex $36.90/19 RIVER PHOENIX woman with chains; 12x17" $12.00/19 TWILIGHT; JAMES; 9.5x13"; creased from being in DVD case (as sold); slight damage $14.95/19 Movie Posters; 11 different; about 24x35" $14.95/19ea Men In Black PINK; 24x32"; 2000; VG+ $28.55/19 SEVEN MUSIC FEST; JENSEN LAKES, ELLE KING, BANNERS, DELHI 2 DUBLIN, KANE INCONITO, MARTIN KERR; Saturday July 7th 2018, Mission Hill, St. Albert; back cover of the Edmonton Sun $5.00/19 THE THREE STOOGES photo; 22x28" on particleboard $91.00/19 POSTERS, tin, antique, 8x120"; some fading & rust around edges; 1950's CLASSIC SKIRT UP (like Monroe) $20.00/19 POSTERS, tin 11.3x16.6"; framed CLASSIC POPEYE SINCE 1929 w Popeye classic pose; as new $64.75/19 EASY RIDING; 5 classic motorcycles w biker chicks; as new $64.75/19 HEAVEN & EARTH movie $64.75/19 P. DROUET GRANDS VINS DE CHAMPAGNE classic advertisement (reproduction); as new $64.75/19 POSTERS, tin, antique, 12x15"; some fading & rust around edges; 1950's CRACKER JACK showing some of the included prizes $94.00/19 NIBLET'S CORN GOLDEN BONANZA; $94.00/19 REWARD'S DINER; classic Art Nouveau diner $94.00/19 TOPS DINER; classic 1950's styling $94.00/19 I LOVE LUCY; A PRODUCTIVE WORKPLACE IS A HAPPY WORKPLACE; Lucy working in diner $94.00/19 Pot; Chinese 2000 year-old Duck Egg container; 24x24; dragon decorated; Ex $400/19 Pot; Eathenware; COFFEE FUND; 5"; w cork stopper $11.00/19 Pot Stand/Hot Water Tank Stand; 1930s; cast iron $35.00/19 Potato Masher (see Kitchen Ware) Potpourri holder; ceramic; basket of roses; 4"; JAPAN 1960s $27.00/19 Potpourri jar w lid Brass openwork w cast lid w roses; Ex $39.20/19 Cast pewter openwork humingbirds & flowers; Ex $39.20/19 Potpourri lid, cast pewter openwork fern & flowers w 2 cherubs on top w quiver & arrows; Ex $31.20/19 cast brass openwork; floral basked; Ex $31.20/19 Pots (see also enameled pots, teapots) (Pots) Tin, planter; 3.5x10" $9.90/19 Pottery; see also Vase) Pottery; ARM POTTERY; KLASSEN, Saskatoon; Urn; brown slip; 7.25"; As New $25.00/19 Pottery; earthenware flower cluster plaque; pre2000; G $4.00/19 Pottery; earthenware; fruit bowl; HOMESTEAD; BOB'S POTTERY $40.00/19 Potty chair, wood, folding; beige; no pot; animal decals 1 $51.35/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pouch, Belt DAISY BB's; leather, 1959c; stitching has deteriorated 1 $46.85/19 GOLD after-shave 3x4.25", zipper & key ring 1 $15.25/19 Girl Guides belt pouch 2 $15.25/19 NERF REBELLE; black w belt, nylon; Ex $11.00/19 ROOTS digital camera/phone; 2016 $6.60/19 Vinyl 1x2.25x6" microphone/phone; 1960's; loop hanger 1 $15.25/19 Pouch, candy, drawstring closure; BOHHH BUNNY; 6"; cloth $1.40/19 Pouch, cloth Blue, cloth; shoulder; 5x6"; white flora print; As New $10.00/19 mr.&mrs. $1.00/19 Gummy Rats; 2015 $2.00/19 7x10" black $2.00/19 Oriental/Afghan; black w gold embroidery; 3.5x6.75"; flap closure; shoulder/neck strap; As New $12.00/19 Pouch, flip-phone; gold & black leopard pattern; New $12.00/19 Pouch, insulated; SMIRNOFF VODKA; 7x8x10" $11.00/19 Pouch, plastic, storage 2" pk of 72 $4.00/19 Prints (see Art, Prints) Program, Calgary Stampede Indian Village Punch Bowl (see also Glassware) Set; 18 pc.; INDIANA GLASS "Princess"; clear, grape pattern; unused, as new in box; $200/19 Set; 14 pc.; pressed Amber Glass; starburst pattern; good heavy glass; Ex $140/19 Punch Ladle; blue plastic $7.25/19 PUPPET East Indian man; 18.5"; w. bagpipe; Ex $12.10/19 East Indian woman; 18.5"; Ex $12.10/19 PURSE (see also Billfold, Handbag) black; gold lace on flap; 4.5x10"; New black; bead-covered 5.25 x 7.5" arced bottom; w expanding gold tube-bead rays pointing downwards. 1930's $105/19 black; bead-covered 5x7" rectangular w tube-bead diamonds; ca 1960; Ex $49.00/19 Black; bead & sequin covered; 5x9"; clutch w gold strap; 1950's; Ex $49.00/19 Black; bead & sequin covered; 3.5x7"; clutch w gold stra; BIJOUX TERNER, CHINA $49.00/19 Black, beaded; central floral; bronze sequins; wood beads, etc; 5.5x9"; As New $24.00/19 Black, cloth; butterfly prints; 5x7"; clutch; zipper $10.00/19 Black, faux leather; 1.25x5.5x7" horseshoe clasp; stud decorated; chain carrying strap; 2011; New 2 $60.00/19 black & gold tapestry; 5x6"; gazebo in park; chain susp; x$100/19 Black fur, rabbit; 8x11"; shoulder straps; UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON; G- $13.20/19 Blue, cloth; shoulder; 5x6"; white flora print; As New $10.00/19 blush pink, hardcover, plastic; space for notepad/chequebook, Credit/ID cards; bills, pen; 1x4x6.5" $7.75/19 Cloth Jewel Wallet; MELE, Hong Kong 1977c; new in pack $17.55/19 Cloth ticket pouch; gold sequin & embroidered sunburst from gem decorated; 5x6"; string shoulder strap; 2017 New $40.00/19 Cloth, shoulder; 9.5x11"; embroidered & bead butterfly; Ex $12.00/19 Clutch, black velvet; beaded peacock design; Near Mint $45.00/19 Clutch, gold brocade w beaded borders & designs; Near Mint $45.00/19 Clutch, leatherette; CVP CLASSIC; w coin purse & key fob; $17.55/19 Clutch, silver metalic sequin style; Ex $17.55/19 Clutch, silver grey, barrel, w beaded floral on lid; Ex $22.00/19 Clutch, small; hand-tooled & painted leather w flowers; w mirror; VG+ $22.00/19 Clutch, 3x8"; gold sequins; 2015; New $4.00/19 Clutch, 4.5x7.5" leather, laced; Charles Russell print to front; Ex $22.00/19 Clutch, 4x9"; snakeskin pattern; LA DIVA; $22.00/19 Clutch, large; red & silver sequins, beads & bead fringe; CHINA 2010c; as new $59.90/19 Clutch, snakeskin patches 4x8; Ex $22.00/19 Coin purse see Purse, change; Purse, Coin Denim; girl's jean w embroidered flower, lace hem, pink belt & strap; Ex $12.00/19 Floral gold wire-embroidered with jewels on black velvet; clutch, with roped gold/black shoulder strap; N.Mint $160/19 FOUNTAIN TIRE SAFE-T-TIRE CD/DVD carrier; black & white tire shaped $11.45/19 Gold beaded; alternate parallel & chevron lanes; 6x5"; metal throat pink pearl edged; metal handstrap; 1950's $49.00/19 Gold Lame 4.5x9.3" w gold sparkles on front; snap closure w integral chain handle; 1950's; VG $46.85/19 Gold Lame 4.75x9.5"; snap closure w integral chain handle; JOHN HORT, handmade in CANADA; Ex $46.85/19 Gold Lame cloth 5.25x9.5"; snap closure w integral chain handle; HONG KONG 1960's; VG+ $46.85/19 Gold Sequin & beads, oval 7"; snap closure w integral chain handle; HONG KONG 1960's; G+ $46.85/19 Gold silk 5.5x10" w lt green beaded outline X across front centered shell disk, arms centered w bead-outlined cowry shells bordered by bead-outlined sequins; w shells & sequins in four corners of arms; short narrow shoulder strap w bead zig-zag along length; Ex $100/19 Gold silk 6" w gold spots, leaves & floral spot radials; round bottom; short gold chain handstrap; HONG KONG; as new $46.85/19 Gold brocade embroidered; 6.25x3.5; snap closure; gold metal band top one side; Ex $34.50/19 Gold embroidered w beads & bead fringe; 7x9"; braided shoulder strap; Ex+++ $34.50/19 Gold sequined; 5.5x4.25"; 1920's Flapper; snap closure; missing shoulder strap; from Mrs. Wilfred Johnston, Bentley, AB; VG $100/19 GUESS, black leather shoulder; stud & rhinestone decor. as new $100/19 LADY GAGA; rotary dial on Calypso Red leatherette; Ex $29.05/19 Leather, black; shoulder; 11x13"; 8" fringe; 2017; New $100/19 Leather (faux) w silver studs & buckles, flat base; G++ $18.00/19 Leather patches, half-round, 7", gooseneck latch; handle; VG $9.30/19 Orange Leatherete; black, straps, pocket covers (w 'diamonds'); 2015 as new $59.90/19 Orange/yellow beaded; 4x6"; pouch w rope neck thong; snap button closure; 1930's; Ex $100/19 Oriental; red silk w gold embroidery; folding; 8x11"; tie closure; 3 zip pockets; $15.00/19 Oriental; red silk w gold embroidery; imitation robe front w frogs & collar; 8.5x8.5"; Ex $46.85/19 Sheepskin; fur inside & edged; brown; medium; G+ shoulder Black crochet over silver buttons; 7.5x10"; Ex $25.30/19 Cloth, black; bead & sequin front; VG $25.30/19 Cloth, dk. br.; sequin & chain-stitch embroidered; VG $25.30/19 GG...ING, gold leather corners, base & trim; belt w silver fittings diamond studded; Ex $54.45/19 Leather, black; w faux snakeskin base & support straps; silver buckles & accents. KATHY VAN ZEELAND; Ex. $54.45/19 Leather, m. brown, 1.5x6.5x7.5; shoulder strap; 1960s 2 $51.35/19 Leather, dk. beige; 6.5x6.5", oval, buckled flap; 1960's$34.50/19 Lt. Blue, 14x15"; silver wire, sequin & gemstone beaded front, silver metal fringes on edges; COUTURE; Ex $27.55/19 Oriental, bag; red w gold embroidery; 6.25x8; Ex $25.30/19 Woven; white & red; COSTA RICA ethnic; 12x12; Ex $25.30/19 Silver Lame 5x10"; snap closure w integral chain handle; some wear to corners; 1950's; VG $46.85/19 silver sequin covered w flower, stem & leaves in clear arced beadwork; 5x6.5" oval; Ex 1 $34.50/19 silver sequin covered w transparent green beads, central silver tube bead & sequing lattice, edged w green beaded leaves & stem & flower on top. 5.25x6" oval, chain suspension; 1930's; old collection tag inside; B/09 VG $46.85/19 silver spot, metal (chain mail style) clutch purse; ALDO; China; Ex $14.65/19 tooled leather 4x7.5"; large fern pattern; brown laced edging; 6 compartment; snap closure; initials GGE; Ex $46.85/19 yellow-gold w metalic thread, 5x8.5; snap closure w integral chain handle; HONG KONG 1950's handmade; Ex $46.85/19 Purse, Change Clutch, small, girl's; ANGEL; purple faux leather, Ex; $6.65/19 Clutch, small; pearl-beaded; vintage; VG $27.95/19 Clutch, small; hand-tooled & painted leather w flowers; w mirror; VG+ $22.00/19 Clutch, beaded; Butterfly on orange, transparent beads $32.20/19 Clutch, beaded; silver bead dangle covered; Ex $48.40/19 Clutch, 4x7.5"; cloth w SE Indian patterns; New $16.00/19 Clutch, 4.5x6"; sequin covered, blue/silver; 2017; New 2 $6.00/19 Orange/yellow; 4x6"; pouch w rope neck thong; 1930's; Ex $100/19 Oriental; red silk w gold embroidery; 3.25x7"; brass click closure; Ex $10.00/19 Oriental; red silk w gold embroidery; 4.5x5.5"; brass click closure; Ex $10.00/19 Mexican, oval, laced, hand-tooled; 3" $11.45/19 Mexican shoe, hand painted leather, 4.25" $11.45/19 Purse, Coin Beaded, fully; tube beads; metal fixtures; as new $26.95/19 FROZEN; woven candy wrapper strips; 4x5"; 2017; NEW $4.00/19 Native Craft; Vintage; leather & lace; Indian head & designs; as new $26.95/19 Metalic discs, click snap; As new $9.30/19 Moroccan Leather, white; Vintage; gold arabesque band; gold metal hinge & clip; Ex $46.85/19 Sequin covered, blue; w key ring; DOLLARAMA; 2017; New $5.00/19 Sequin covered, red; w key ring; DOLLARAMA; 2017; New $5.00/19
Puzzle; bent-wire c.1969; 5 different; some rust $11.45/19 Puzzle, Jig Saw; (see also Toys, Games) Alberta Career Development Career Hotline Information promotion c1986; Jigsaw; made in Grimshaw, AB $15.25/19 Egersdorf, Germany; MILTON BRADLEY GRAND C4870 7500 series $46.85/19 House of Parliament, Canada; DOMINION H337, 1000+ pc $15.25/19 Mount Rundle, Banff (AB); WADDINGTONS 125-8 750 pc; 1981$28.55/19 Orient Express: Florence; HASBRO 2001; 1000 pc; $15.50/19 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Poster $34.50/19 QQQ Quilt; Rocking Horse; 4x6' $60.00/19
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