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Pins Police & Security R-Z Miscellaneous Records Brownies, Scouts, Pathfinders, etc. Scouts, etc. Sports Tokens Tools, Hardware, Automotive Toys Viewmaster Heritage Antiques is affiliated with Heritage Consulting and the Mountain Cree Band. We share the facility with the Heritage Consulting Research Center, the Mountain Cree Band Office, and the Mountain Cree/Buffalo Lake Museum. The Museum contains some 5000 native artifacts, some available for sale online, Native Art collection and a Militaria collection. The Mountain Cree also offer a Bed And Breakfast service and local historical/ cultural tours and other local services. For more information click on the box above. The stated prices are MAIL ORDER PRICES and include Sales Taxes. Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Shipping/Handling is included in orders over $100.00. Prices do not include duty to ship to foreign locations. Ordering and Shipping/Handling UP TO IN STORE
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------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ AAA BBB Belts (see Belts) Bib, lace; shirt front; white lace w pair central ruffles w yellow edging; neck elastic; hippie ('mod') culture; used by JF; Camrose 1965-67 $64.15/19 Bikini; pink on white print; fringed waist; NORDSTROM; New $14.40/19 Bloomers; white linen; elastic waist; Ex 2 $23.55/19 Blouse Afghan, green; clear bead embroidered yoke & slit side & cuffs $72.50/19 Beige; lace front & sleeves; Vintage; Made In Canada; KERED Sportswear; Cotton; Ex $72.50/19 AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS; red calico print; XXL; Ex $23.55/19 Black; perforated; CRUEL, 2008; XL; New $40.00/19 CAROLINE LITTLE SPORT; Crown Colony of Hong Kong; black, padded shoulders; abstract multi-color sequins to front; L; Ex $69.40/19 Crushed velvet; red; gold & rhinestone hems & collar; M; VG $23.55/19 DOROTHY PERKINS; Yellow w ruffed cape; 2017; XXL; New $23.55/19 Horizontal patterned black/white; JOE FRESH 2018; New; S $19.00/19 Leopard print; M $10.00/19 Maroon; knit openwork short sleeves; ARIAT, 2015; L; New $70.00/ Middle Eastern; blue tie-died; white embroidered yoke; JERUSALEM; Ex $72.50/19 Middle Eastern; green; 4 sunbursts embroidered to front, 2 on each sleeve. Matching embroidery to collar & & front, & at cuffs; M; Ex $105/19 Net/Crochet; Tea Green; FEELINGS; M; New $69.00/ Oriental, blush pink; floral embroidered satin panels, cuffs & hem; XL; Ex $40.00/19 Pink; white lace trim; perforated hem; CRUEL, 2015; XL; Nw$70.00/ Pink; diaphranous; hook waist; lace collar & front; M; Ex $20.00/19 Print, floral tie-dye; SEDUCTIONS; S/M; As New $15.00/19 Red; pleated; rhinestone collar & flowers $26.00/19 Red Cotton; Floral embroidery to R shoulder; THYME; XS $43.55/19 Red see-through; floral; TANJAY; s16; Ex $26.00/19 Red cotton/polly; white rick-rack edging collar, front, hem; Ex $24.00/19 Royal Blue, double-breasted, silver lace edging & sequin scatter around bottom; large $12.85/19 Snakeskin pattern; CALVIN KLEIN; XS $26.00/19 Yellow/black/blue floral print; SUZI SHEER; S/M; Ex $13.00/19 Yellow w gold-tone applique plates around collar; bead & sequin ornamented; India; M; Ex $39.60/19 Blouse, Scrub Desert Pink w geometric embroidered ribbon in shoulder seams & collar front; Ex $16.00/19 Body Stocking; pink leopard print; black faux fur trim at neck & ankles; sz Adult; Ex $24.70/19 Bodysuit see Jumpsuit BOOT remover cast bull head; BOTAS DON CHUY; Ex $50.00/19 wood; WESTERN BOOT FACTORY, EDMONTON; "Home of the World's Largest Boot $15.00/19 BOOTEES Ladies; open toed, wrap-around ancle; JBloom; 5-6; Ex $29.25/19 Ladies; wintr, beige; cone-studded sides; ALDO; 8; Ex $20.00/19 BOOTS black; BLACKWELL; 10; as new $40.00/19 Harley Davidson; youth; VG $66.55/19 Jet; black, leather; SHERIFF; 8M $45.00/19 white w silver; flat vibram soles; ONE KUI; Near New $44.00/19 Boots, dress, women's 3" heels; brown, zippered; leather; 7M $30.45/19 3" heels; red-brown; leather; MADE IN CANADA; 8 $44.00/19 Boots, Western (see Western) Boots, winter Harley Davidson; youth; VG $66.55/19 Men's; SOREL Shoe Pack; White $89.55/19 NIKE; quilted high-topped insulated faux fur edged; white & grey; s8; Ex $48.40/19 Women's, flat; black; JOCEY BARO TRAPS; faux leather; top-fold; side zippered; strap instep; s7; VG $29.25/19 Women's, flat; black; 16"; BARE TRAPS; s7M $30.45/19 Women's, 2.25 heel; brown, zippered; lined; Sz 10/40; Ed $29.25/19 Women's, 2.5" heel; brown, zippered; Sz 10; Ex $30.45/19 Women's, 2.5" heel; black, zippered; fux fur trim; s7M;Ex $44.00/19 Women's, 3" heel; black, zippered; Sz 10; Ex $48.40/19 Women's, 3" heel; leopard print, zippered; sz8; As New $48.40/19 Women's, 3.5" heel, stilleto; tan faux leather w fleece lining; rubber vibram soles; s8; As New $42.00/19 Women's, 3.75" heel, stilleto; 18" button side; s7; Ex $29.25/19 Women's, 4" heel, broad spiked, tan; zipper; Sz 10; Ex $29.25/19 Women's, ankle w fur ruff; black, lace & zipper; ELLE; Sz 9; Ex $29.25/19 Women's; thigh; stilletto; silver grey; Sz 10; Ex $65.35/19 Brassier, Novelty Native; Hand-made; black leather, deerhide; Fringe w basket beads & heart-shaped metal conch; 2000c; Ex $36.30/19 Red w gold pattern designs & sequin fringes; XL; Ex $16.00/19 Briefs Mossy Oak; XL (40-42); pck of 3; new/dead stock 2 $30.00/19ea
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ CCC Camisole, miscellaneous $21.95/19ea Camisole; black; diaphranouse w sequins; Ex $21.95/19 Camisole; blue, crushed; w yellow suns; COMERCIAL INTERNATIONAL polyester print; M/L $21.95/19 Camisole; dk red w 3-d floral waist; M; G $21.95/19 Camisole; dk. red w gold-tone beading & "rubies" yoke; LE CHATEAU; XS; Ex+ $26.40/19 Camisole, Snakeskin pattern; JOE FRESH 2018; XS; New $29.00/19 Camisole, white, HANES EXPRESSION, cotton, pair; sealed in original pck.; L $21.95/19 Camisole & Overjacket; scarlet; lace bordered; UP AND READY; New $47.90/19 Cap Afghanistan; Muslim; garrison-style; BANDA ACHE; black; Ex$38.85/19 African blue pillbox w yellow rope embroidery w mirrors; Ex $38.85/19 red pillbox w yellow rope embroidery w mirrors; Ex $38.85/19 Baseball (see also Sports) Aladdin; Genie; red w. neck flap $13.80/19 Alberta Government Career Development, 1988; Gov't of Alberta; as new $38.85/19 Opportunity Corps, High Level/Ft. Vermilion; 1987; as new $38.85/19 Apprenticeship (Alberta Manpower & Career Development, 1988); Gov't of Alberta; new $38.85/19 Alberta Arms & Cartrige Collectors Calgary Association Gun Show 2012; new 2 $36.05/19 Black cloth; hard cloth brim; BADGER DAYLIGHTING 2007c; Alberta; VG 2 $13.80/19 Black cloth; soft cloth brim; NORTHERN STORES 1990c dead stock; as new 4 $20.55/19 Black cloth; hard cloth brim; NORTHERN STORES 1990c dead stock; as new 2 $20.55/19 Black cloth; hard cloth brim; C.T.V. logo; 2002; new $13.80/19 BOSTON BRUINS; 1990's; Ex $23.55/19 Canadian Forces Base Suffield; black w crest (Canada's CANADA souvenir; rhinesone & trim; 2016; New $27.60/19 CANADA souvenir; black w red Maple Leaf; 2017; New $10.00/19 CANADA souvenir; red w multi-color maple leaf; MOLSON $10.00/19 CANADA souvenir; red w white & silver maple leaf; New $10.00/19 CANADIAN FORCES BASE SUFFIELD (Top Secret Biochemical Testing base); 1990's $25.25/19 CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS; red & black $25.25/19 COMPANY CAPS; NW Alta.; 1OO baseball & trucker caps from Northern Alta./B.C.; 1970's $1,140/19 Darth Vader head on front; black; 2001 $34.25/19 Davie Crocket 'Coonskin' cap; rabbit fur, striped tail; 1980c; Ex $79.85/19 Devonian Safety w crest; white; 2001 $20.55/19 DUCK DYNASTY; Camo $10.00/19 Gold studded front & brim on black; new $27.60/19 Goofy; running; 1990's $13.80/19 GREY CUP; EDMONTON 1997; black; STARTER; Ex $21.95/19 INDIAN PRIDE; 2010; new; all different 5 $21.95/19 JOHN DEERE; new $20.00/19 Kenworth; 25 YEARS IN CANADA in silver thread; 2001 $42.10/19 "Kiss Me I'm Irish"; gold lame; New $10.00/19 Matt's Manufacturing; 2001 $13.80/19 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan "Grasshopper Capital of Canada" $20.55/19 Montreal Expos; 2001; as new $25.25/19 Mountain Well Service w crest; 2001 $20.55/19 NHRA Championship Drag Racing; 2001 $25.25/19 Norjet w. maple leaf flag; 2001 $13.80/19 OD, HILFINGER H85; 2006 $13.80/19 Olympics, 1994 Lillehammer; grey wool baseball style; dk Brown peak & button; red maple leaf & Olympic ring crest sz 8; $42.10/19 Opportunity Corps program, High Level/Ft. Vermilion (AB); 1987; as new $38.85/19 Orthene Insecticide; 2001; as new $20.55/19 "PAINTBALL WARRIOR", duckhunter camo; 1980; New 450 $42.10/19ea Pocahontas; Military 'Ranger' style cap w silhouetes on side & Poca on to w animals; 2001 $25.25/19 Police, black w white embroidery $15.20/19 R. ANGUS 25th Anniversary; 1958-83; silver crest w silver oakleaves on brim; Ex $42.10/19 Royal Canadian Mounted Police, royal blue w embroid crest; 2001 $55.10/19 Superkid "Up Up Away! It's Superkid! kid on trampoline, yellow w white front; 2001 $13.80/19 Tasmanian Devil face on front & peak; red; 2001 $27.75/19 Z99 Rock FM; black; new; 2002 $36.75/19 Beanie Bentley High School(AB); 1970c; with pin-on buttons "Pather Power" and CGIT; 09/BE $55.10/19 Minnie Mouse; large plastic face w polka-dot ribbon 1994 $27.75/19 Chinese Fu Manchu cap; black, red lining, red tassles; 2001; S/M $23.55/19 Beret, Basque, wool, PARKHURST, red; 2001 $23.55/19 Beret, woman's; silver sequin covered; pre 2010 $23.55/19 Camo, Child's, C06M; Woodland, French style, stretch; 1982 obtained OF/83 CAL age 4; has history, pictures $42.10/19 obtained JF/83 CAL age 8; has history, pictures $42.10/19 Kepi confederate; 1950's repro. 1958, sold at Calgary Stampede. pressed felt w. vinyl-covered paper peak. Vinyl bound; stamped metal crossed rifles. w. history; F/G; rare $245/19 confederate; 1960 repro; leather; wrong crossed rifles (M1903 Springfield) $245/19 blue/black 1970's repro; sueded leather; crossed rifles badge; M $545/19 black leather; repro; skull badge; L $245/19 Peaked, Captain's; white w black band; vinyl covered peak 2 $17.15/19 NIAGARA FALLS CANADA, padded; VG+ $20.55/19 45-309 Peaked, Captain's; Mickey Mouse on fouled anchor badge; Ex$20.55/19 Peaked, Captain's; fouled anchors crossed under lifering badge; dk blue w yellow chinstrap; brass buttons w anchor; nylon lining; VG $20.55/19 Peaked, Captain's; Generic badge (Neptune's Crown in laurel wreath), black band, yellow cord chinstrap, brass buttons w anchor; nylon lining (some seam seperation); CANADA 1960c Blue 7 1/8 45-479 $25.35/19 White 7 1/8 $25.35/19 Peaked, leather, frontier; 1970 repro of 1860's Mountain- man; Old collections catalogue tag #195; Ex $1,820/19 Peaked, cloth; 'Greek Fisherman's', blue-grey; embroidered band on peak; black false chinstrap; sz 6 7/8 $24.70/19 Peaked, leather (imit.), frontier/biker 5 $36.65/19 Peaked, leather; 'Greek Fisherman's', black; embroidered band on peak; black false chinstrap; sz 6 7/8 $50.00/19 Winter, Olympics 1988, Calgary; white w. earflaps, Olympic rings & red 'snowflake' $64.15/19 Cape, thigh-length; white, crochet w diamond (XXXX) vertical lanes; hand openings; 2 white frog closures; Ex $69.40/19 Cape, thigh-length; white patterned upper blending to red; white puffball edged on sides; Ex $26.40/19 Cape/poncho, waist length; diaphranous; Teal/black/etc vertical geometric lanes; black fringe on sleeves; R CINCO RANCH, 2008; new $70.00/19 Cape/poncho, waist length; pale pink/off white horizontal geometric lanes; fringed base; CRAZY TRAIN, 2015; New $50.00/ Chaps, leather; gold-brown; black trim & fringe down outside; from /\6 Ranch (AB), 1950's when River of No Return w Marilyn Monroe was filmed at the location. size S/M $640/19 black w brown trim & fringe; boy's $170/19 brown, pigskin?, canvas inner; conch & spot decorated; working pair; S $170/19 brown rough bullhide, 2 silver conches, tall/slim; 1970's; VG $64.90/19 Black; biker; Ex $100/19 black, rough; hand-hammered silver conch; tall/slim; NN $125/19 Black suede; hand-hammered silver conch; L; Near New $130/19 Chemise (see Camisole; Dress; Halter Top) Children's Suspenders; The Real Ghost Busters w logo; 1988 $27.75/19 Clothing Tag; NIKEGOLF $0.50/19 COAT COCA COLA; red & black; SPORTSMASTER; XL; New $88.00/19 FADCY, quilted, white w black "floral" splotches; woman's; 2015; L; New/Old Stock $88.00/19 HARLEY DAVIDSON; Boy's; reversable; Ex $50.00/19 HURLEY X; brown w white, brown knitted sleeves, faux fur lined, hood; M; Ex $46.00/19 Indian; coarse-woven blanket-coat; 30" self-fringed; SW patterns in earth tones; 2 large patch pockets; 2 silver buttons w leather fringe; Fromhold Collection #3598; Sz XL; Ex $130/19 Leather, Black; removable liner; OASIS ORIGINALS; New $150/19 Leather, Black; long fringes; New $150/19 Leather, Black; long; CHEROKEE; M; Ex++ $100/19 Leather, Black; long; DANIER; M; Ex++ $100/19 Leather, Black; long; NORTH END; lined; L; Ex++ $100/19 Leather, Black; long; patches; M; Ex++ $100/19 Leather, brown; faux; belted; $45.00/19 Leather, brown suede; NORTHERN REFLECTIONS; S $75.00/19 OLD NAVY; red; cotton; XS; Ex $52.80/19 MAKSIS-S; tartan, red; fleece lined; 2017; New $45.00/19 MERONA; patterned velveteen; taupe; rhinestone buttons; Ex $52.80/19 MICHAEL ANTONI black faux leather w faux fur ruff collar & on sleeves; full length; M; Ex $52.80/19 SESSIONS; winter; nylon; blue & red; L; as new $110/19 SIMON CHANG; Red; 13/14; Ex $48.00/19 Southwest coarse-woven Blanket Coat; SW patterns in earth tones; L; Ex $110/19 White wool w faux fur lining to hood & lapels; Sx L; Ex $50.05/19 Wool Stroud; Black/Blue; HANNAH, CANADA; 1960s; Ex $110/19 Wool Stroud; Blue; 1980c; leather dart shoulder inserts; Ex$50.05/19 COAT, Frock PARTY TIME; Chestnut w silver buttons; double-breasted; 2016; New/Old Stock $88.00/19 COAT, Trench Beige; cotton; JACOB; S; Ex $45.00/19 Red; cotton; SEDUCTION; suitable for conversion to Frock Coat; M $27.50/19 COATS, Vintage Denim; silver thread embroidery on collar; silver spot borderded; JAZZINO; suitable for conversion to Frock Coat; Ex $110/19 HUDSON'S BAY; blue stroud; double-breasted; lined; Ex $100/19 Leather, brown; fringed sleeves, yoke, hem; lined; shows honest wear. 1950c; G+ $110/19 Leather, rough; black; faux fur lined; CHEROKEE; M; Ex $48.00/19 Parka; NORTHERN LIFESTYLES; red w. silver Wolf applique; faux black fur trim; XL $250/19 Parka; Northern, green & white; appliques; faux fur ruff; shop made/no label; youth $250/19 Rabbit Fur, 1970's, OPERA (Montreal/NY); size 10; VG $105/19 Sheepskin, Men's; 1970c; size M; Ex $200/19 Sheepskin, Men's; 1970c; size L; Ex $200/19 COLLAR, faux fur w gold chains closure; 2013 $52.70/19 Collar Clip-On tips; metal; 1950s; on original card 2 $24.00/19 CORSETTE 6 $33.30/19 JUST SEXY LINGERIE; black & pink; L; New/Old Stock $46.99/19 COSTUMES (see also Halloween) BEETELJUICE; pants, black/white striped, stretchies $26.40/19 CHEWBACCA; jacket; F; small $26.75/19 Dress, princess; blue; girl; Ex $26.25/19 Dress, princess; yellow; cut-out skirt front; Adult $29.25/19 Dress, princess; hoop; white, lace; green ribbon; girl $26.75/19 EDMONTON OILERS; L; Ex $200/19 LADY GAGA swimsuit, gloves; RUBIE'S COSTUME CO.; 2009; Small; new $70.85/19 POP DIVA bodysuit, skirt, arm warmer; HOT TOPIC; 2009; L; new $88.55/19 PUNISHER T-shirt; 2015 new 5 $30.25/19 QUEEN OF WONDERLAND dress, crown, train; HOT TOPIC; 2009; XS; new $100/19 SANTA dress; child's; Ex $15.95/19 SEXY DEVIL; youth; 2010; new in pck $58.60/19 STAR TREK T-shirt, gold w black trim, gold rank ribbon on sleeve; as New w original tag; M $80.65/19 TEA PARTY HOSTESS dress, hat; HOT TOPIC; 2009; XS new $88.55/19 WITCH dress, hat; RITE AID CORP.; 2009; 8-10; new $17.70/19 COVERALLS CANADIAN; black; VG $45.00/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ DDD Disco body suit; sleeveless, bell-bottom; med. green; sequin yoke, belt, 3" stripe down leg & flare; 1982c $105/19 Dress (some of these ideal for Mongol re-enacments) Afghan, blue; girl's M/L; Ex $72.50/19 Afghan; dk blue floral patterned; w long rounded base, side open; red & broad gold lace bordered on all edges. girl's; M/L; Ex $72.50/19 Afghan; oxblood; gold print & gold beaded yoke; sheer outer netting; S/M; As New Afghan, green; embroidered bodice; girl's S/M; Ex $72.50/19 Afghan dress, petticoat & shawl; beaded yoke; buttons; appliqued cloth beaded diamonds; ribbon edging on hems; Adult; M/L; Ex $72.50/19 Afghan dress, yellow; girl's; bead & gem embroidered; M;Ex$72.50/19 Afghan blouse, pants both lined, large sheer shawl; wine; large bead-decorated collar, edging & overall; Adult; M/L; Ex $90.55/19 Afghan skirt & blouse, blue w silver wire embroidery; girl's M; Ex $72.50/19 Asian skirt & blouse; red w gold bead/sequin/gem/etc. embroidery; girl's 34; near mint $72.50/19 Asian, southeast; green sheer print w large florals, split front; lined; zipper, snap & hook closures; c1950's; L; Ex $160/19 Beige; lace collar; long sleee; HOLLY HILL/LEVIN; vintage $45.00/19 Beige w small black dots, lightly beaded skirt; D'AILLARD'S 1950/60; s12; Ex $90.55/19 Beige, pink skirt, lace arms & collar; girl's; HOMETOWN KIDS, KELOWNA; Ex $27.50/19 Black, Evening; shift; beaded shoulder wings; MICHAEL TYLER; XL; New/Old Stock $45.00/19 Black Velvet, ankle length; pearl & gilt buttons (plastic) down front; sleeves; large oval white collar trimmed w broad white lace edging. KIRA #163 (Canada) 1970's; size 12; new, dead stock $90.55/19 Black Velvet (Polyester), knee-length; dagged hem; silver sequin collar/bossom band; Ex $16.00/19 Black cotton (silk ?); front opening, closed w small black bakelite buttons & hooks; ankle length; sleeves; large squared white linen collar w broad lace edging. Padded shoulders; About size 14; about 1930's/40's; VG+ $105/19 Black Evening Dress; SEDUCTION; black plastic "onyx" yoke $32.00/19 Black gauze w large pink hand-painted flower buds & stems outlined in silver metalic thread; black quilted oriental-looking yoke w loop & button closure; long sleeved; Ex $105/19 Black knit; COCO & TASHI; L; New/Old Stock $40.00/19 Black polyester, spaghetti straps (1 needs repair); applique diagonal floral branch & red ribbons to front; MARIPOSA; M; Ex $72.50/19 Black polyester; knee-length; SEDUCTION; large "Onyx" gem shoulder & bossom straps; 2M; Ex $40.00/19 Black polyester; Knee-length; EVAN PICONE; "Onyx" studded collar; s12; New $79.99/19;$99/7 Black polyester; Knee-length; wood-beaded yoke; LADY DUTCH; M; as new $46.00/19 Black spandex dress/skirt; around-the-neck scarf. Ex $14.65/19 Black Velveteen; knee; BENETTON; 2016; S; new $110/19 Blue, knee-length; folds & ribbons; rhinestone bust; LE CHATEAU; S; Ex $40.30/19 Blue polyester, v-neck w collar, puffed shoulders; flared skirt; S; Ex $14.65/19 Black polyester, V-neck; sleeveless; belt w chrome buckle; CALVIN KLEIN; Sz 6; Dead Stock $48.40/19 Black; retro 1940's; acetate/rayon, collar w lace; JESSICA McCLINTOCK BRIDAL; Ex; Sz14 $40.30/19 Black & Tan see-through; VICABO; S10; New $40.30/19 Blue ruffed; RICKI'S; XS; Ex $22.00/19 blue, dk., lace w white padded bodice, black collar $42.40/19 Blush Pink sleeveless, knee length, ruffs down front; SEDUCTION; M; like new $40.30/19 Blush Pink sleeveless; polyester; M/L; dead stock $40.30/19 Bridesmaid, Beige; shift w emboridered coatee; ALL THAT JAZZ, CALIFORNIA; M; Ex $58.60/19 Bridesmaid, Beige; pleated waist, white lace upper & sleeves; M; Ex $58.60/19 Bridesmaid, beige w rhinestones on bodice; frilled shoulderstraps; cut-down front; M; Ex $58.60/19 Bridesmaid/Flower Girl; white; lace bodice; Girl's; Ex $16.45/19 Calico pattern, red polyester; Empire waist; Ex+ $40.30/19 Calico pattern, red cotton; floral; Tall; $40.30/19 Calico pattern, beige, yellow & green florals; Empire waist; c1950; Tall/slim; Ex+ $105/19 Cheetah print Crepe Cap Sleeved; FRENCH CONNECTION; Made in India; 2015 Dead Stock $170/19 Chemise; purple stretchy; gem, pearl & embroidered collar; SEDUCTION; Ex $30.25/19 Chemise; burgundy & white peticoat; empire waist w flower puffs; PERIDOT; M; VG $24.20/19 Chemise; Green w white lrace edging & borders; REVAMPED; 2015; M; New $29.20/19 Chemise; Green w lace top, split front; EASY SOLUTIONS, LA VIE EN ROSE; stretch; 2012; XL; dead stock $16.45/19 Chemise; Red w white lace edging; EASY SOLUTIONS, LA VIE EN ROSE; stretch; 2012; XL; dead stock $25.25/19 Chemise; Yellow; METROSTYLE; 2015; s12; New $29.20/19 Chestnut Brown; tube; knee-length; DIVIINE MODESTEE; ruffed satin ribbon at neck & hem; XL; Ex $40.00/19 Child's; blue/white/multi striped $8.00/19 Chinese; nylon ? (silk ?); yellow-gold w. small metalic gold thread flower pattern spaced about 5" apart; M $105/19 Chinese; nylon ?; red w gold fern & floral emboidery; M $105/19 Chorus Line; black lace-up torso, pink frill upper; SEDUCTIONS; S; Ex $29.25/19 Chorus Line; black & blue; nylons straps; Ex $29.25/19 Chorus Line; black & blue; strapless; laced bodice; crinolins; Ex $40.30/19 Chorus Line; black & blue; spaghetti straps; ribbon- laced bodice; frilly blue & green skirt; Ex $40.30/19 Chorus Line; dk. blue w dk. blue sequin skirting; gold sequin collar, sleeves & legs; gold sequin "garrison" cap; SE ASIAN; girl's; Ex++ $42.00/19 Chorus Line; mauve; cut skirt, otherwise Ex $2.90/19 Chorus Line; red; LA SENSA; S; as new $14.50/19 Chorus Line; red; Red Sonya ornamental sequin covered bustier w straps, waist belt; linen split skirt; Custom made; Ex $120/19 Chorus Line; red; sequin yoke & skirt; filigree sleeves $40.30/19 Chorus Line; red lace, black trim, garter straps; S Chorus Line; velvet; strap; seperate collar; Ex $40.30/19 Cowl, white, ancle-length; white brocade; sleeveless; frog closure; M $40.30/19 Crochet-netted, Green, strapless; cut high in front, trailing behind; 2014; New; L $47.90/19 Crochet-netted, red, sleeveless; RICKI'S; s10; Ex $47.90/19 crochet-netted; red; Knee-length; Ex $27.00/19 Disco Dress; Red Sequin covered; JOLIE; 12; Ex Flapper; black; bead decorated bodice; 6" fringes; SYLC CAMISA; S/M; as new $44.30/19 Flapper; yellow w god sequin fringes; PAZAPA; XXL; Ex $40.30/19 Flapper; straight sided; lt green w dk gr collar & pleated short skirt; cloth of brocade w gold thread sparkles. MARNIE/LONDON (Montreal). VG $155/19 Flapper; straight sided; hot pink pleated; button closure; LORIANN PETITES; polyester; 1960c; size 13; Ex $90.55/19 Flapper; straight sides; blue w black; Black chainette; Ex$40.30/19 Floral Print; Beige w cherry blossoms; knee-length; HAILEY MORGAN; s16; Near New $53.25/19 Floral Print; red/yellow/beige/etc; NORMAN NOREL; Chine 2010; dead stock; new $53.25/19 Floral Print; beige, yellow, green; elastic bodice; RIMA $43.50/19 Floral Print; blue & mylty; sheath; ancle length; Ex $32.00/19 Floral Print; green w blue; long sleeved $43.50/19 Formal; Black; knee-lentgh; ribbed; lace bodice; CLEO PETITES Formal; burgundy; ruffed; spaghetti straps; LE CHATEAU; 6 $43.50/19 Formal; Chestnut; knee-length; small sequin decorated; JOLIBEL PETITE; s14; dead stock; new $66.00/19 Formal; Flesh Pink; Knee-length; black-line hatched; LE CHATEAU, CANADA; black belt; S; Ex $66.00/19 Formal; Mustard; diaphranous outer; off-shoulder; RUBY BELLE; Ex $45.00/19 Formal; red; rippled; HM; s6; Ex $32.00/19 Formal; white; knee-length; strap; black midriff & branch/ leaf embroidery; JESSICA; Near New $40.00/19 Formal; yellow, rippled; sequined bodice; knee-length; strapless; NARIANNA; M; New $100.00/19;$175/7 Full-length sheath; fall green & brown; XL $30.80/19 Gingham; Yellow; ruffed collar; knee-length; H&m; sXS; Ex $40.30/19 Girl's; black velver bodice, red skirt & crinolin; GENUINE ROSE; s6; Ex $27.00/19 Girl's; black velver bodice, red skirt & peticoat; JONA MICHELLE; s6; Ex $27.00/19 Girl's; red; checkered bodice, mesh outer skirt w silver sparkles; MARMELATTA; 6; as new $40.00/19 Gold-beige satin; lace edged; tapered bellows sleeves; attached apron; button back w hidden YKK zipper, large bow in back waist; 1950/60; sM/Tall; Ex $90.55/19 Gold brocade net see-through; button closure; 1930's; abt. size 6; Ex $105/19 Gold-Orange; strap; pleated; knee-length; lined; Ex $40.00/19 Grey; shift; open arms; SUZISHIER; w belt; New $40.00/19 Grey-beige; lace empire waist; RARE EDITIONS; Ex $17.70/19 Gown, 'princess'; yellow, white lace front opening; gold edging sequins, bows; RUBIES; 1980c; 1 chest seam open; size 10; Ex $17.70/19 Gown, button-down front; Ivory tan; TOGETHER; s12; Ex $90.55/19 Gown, Black; ribbons on back cutout; ALGO; s21 $18.00/19 Gown, Black cotton; front opening, buttons; MARJORIE HAMILTON; broad gold ribbon collar & front edging;Ex $105/19 Gown, Black cotton; front opening, small black cloth buttons; JESSICA, SEARS; dead stock; sz16; Ex $105/19 Gown, Black velvet; puckered shoulders; diamond & pearl cloison; zipper back w large bow; NU-MODEl; s15; Ex $40.30/19 Gown, black; formal; poly; ADDITION-ELLE; s14W; New/Old Stock $50.00/19 Gown, black; formal; black embroidered florals w silver bead accents; black cloth belt w rhinestone buckle; diaphranous shawl; M; Ex $40.30/19 Gown, black; knee-length; polka dot skirt; ruffed bodice w 5 white pleated flowers on left side; diagonal hem; GUNNE SAX, USA; s3/4; Ex $30.00/19 Gown, black; poly; blue sparkle; spaghetti strap; Ex $40.30/19 Gown, black; poly; formal; JESSICA McCLINTOCK; black bows; stuffed skirt; s6; Ex $100/19 Gown, black, prom; knee-length; bodice embroidered in silver flames; 10; Ex $26.00/19 Gown, black; strapless; gossamer w rhinestone star scatter; COCO AVANTE; knee-length; crinolins; M; Ex $54.45/19 Gown, black; strapless; ankle-length; 2 white dags from breast to hem; M; Ex $54.45/19 Gown, black, strapless; ankle-lenght; white breast band; s2; Ex $54.45/19 Gown, black, strapless; ankle-length; white breast band; ADDITION-ELLE; as new $54.45/19 Gown, black, Vintage; lace top; LORI ANN, MONTREAL $54.45/19 Gown, blue, Prom; puckered; LE CHATEAU; M; dead stock $72.50/19 Gown, blue, cobalt, formal; BELLA FORMALS; L; Ex $105/19 Gown, blue, dk; strapless; knee-length; ADELYNE RAE LIT BOUTIQUE; XS; New $98.00/20 Gown, blue, orchid; formal; strapless; overlapped bodice sequined bust; HOUSE OF WU PRIVATE COLLECTION; sz 16; dead stock $175/19 Gown, blue, cerln; formal; GINNIS FASHION; strapless; sz6 $54.45/19 Gown, blue, royal; formal; cape, net bossom with embroidered & beaded floral; LIGHT IN THE BOX; s22W; New $100/19 Gown, blush pink; formal; JESSOCA McCLINTOCK/GUNNE SAX; folded bodice; silver speckled; thin/tall, 5/6; Ex $66.00/19 Gown, Blush Pink; formal; FORHERANDFORHIM; $135/19 Gown, Bronze; formal; strap; pleated bust; Tall; Ex $105/19 Gown, Brown w red trim; diapharnous; white flower; ALFRED ANGELO; s6; Ex $40.00/19 Gown, Brown w rhinestone cleavage band; CLEO; 12; Ex $40.00/19 Gown, Burgundy; formal; beaded bodice; cape; REBECCA; S/Tall; Near New $61.60/19 Gown, Burgundy; LANDA; New/Old Stock $49.50/19 Gown, burgundy; formal; ruffed; LE CHATEAU; calf- length; L/XL $40.30/19 Gown, Burgundy; formal; strap; small rhinestone sprinkled bodice; LAURAPLUS; 24W; Ex $75.00/19 Gown, Burgundy; formal; 1 shoulder; ankle length; rhinestone cloison on shoulder strap; JOLIE; 12; Ex $48.75/19 Gown, Cappuchino Stone; brown trim; ROMANTIC BRIDAL; 14; New; dead stock $98.00/19 Gown, Chestnut br.; embroidered bossom, sash; bow w rhinestones on bossom; M/L; Ex $54.45/19 Gown, Chestnut red; dress & cape; diaphranous w floral background & beads; M/L; Ex $44.00/19 Gown, diaphranous, beige w white branch, leaf & flower embroidery, lace trim & edging; ALGO-ETTES, CANADA; Sz7; Ex $105/19 Gown, Dk. Red; pleated folds bodice; blue cloth belt; BEAUTIFUL MODEST; s16 $66.00/19 Gown, Eggplant; formal; strap w cape; polyester; PARTY TIME, Toronto; Dead Stock $240/20 Gown, Eggplant; formal; strap; pleats; bodice with bead sprinkles; ALFRED ANGELO; Dead Stock $105/19 Gown, flesh; gathered tummy, front-split skirt; REVAMPED; L; new $54.45/19 Gown, flesh; knee-length; white ruffed ribbon around chest; ALFRED ANGELO; S/M; Ex $40.00/19 Gown, green, formal; layered w diaphranous & petticoats; bead decorated; ZUM ZUM; 13; Exceptional $120/19 Gown, green; beaded bodice; AVANTI; s14; Near Mint $120/19 Gown, green, lt.; pleated bosom; shoulder strap w. flower; ALFRED ANGELO; Ex Gown, green, dk.; single-shoulder; ruffed strap & bodice; LE CHATEAU; M $72.50/19 Gown, Green, dk.; strapless; ribbed; floral bust; elastic back; knee-length; DAISY; S; Ex $44.00/19 Gown, green lucent; folded; knee-length; LOVE; 16; New $120/19 Gown, green lucent; folded; knee-length; LE CHATEAU; XL $54.45/19 Gown, green lucent; strapless, knee-length; bodice of embroidered & beaded florals; $40.30/19 Gown, green, pale; puffed sleeves; ankle-length; Ex $40.00/19 Gown, Lavender; strap; bead-covered bodice; Gown, Maroon; MANNEQUIN; s16; Ex $26.00/19 Gown, Maroon; Knee-length; KHERISA; fern print underlay; large bow & rhinestone clutch on bossom; M; Ex $40.30/19 Gown, Mauve; puffed shoulders, gathered waist, open back w straps & bows; Ex $90.55/19 Gown, Mauve; strapless; black floral beadwork & netting to breasts; LOVE; Ex $54.45/19 Gown, Orange; sleeveless, open front skirt; klondicke style; Ex++ $54.45/19 Gown, Pink; sleeveless; Empire waist; plain; PARTY TIME, TORONTO; 1960's; M; Ex $54.45/19 Gown, Pink; strapless; knee-length; pleated breast, black Empire waist belt; BARI JAY; M; as new $72.50/19 Gown, Pink, Flesh; strapless; knee-length; JAI BRIDAL; gem spot decorated; sz14; Ex $54.45/19 Gown, red; pleated bodice w empire waist, studded w rhinestones; FASHION CLASSIC GORGEOUS; 18; OldStock $80.00/19 Gown, red; knee-length; abstract rose blooms in red shades & white; Ripple folds; spaghetti strap; NOX; XS; Ex $54.45/19 Gown, red; knee-length; neck-strap; satin; RW&CO; as mew $66.00/19 Gown, red; knee-length; gold brocade bust; crinolin underskirt; neck strap; NU-MODE, Toronto; belt; 10-12; Near Mint $90.55/19 Gown, red; knee-length; strapless, ruffled; satin; +TEAU; as mew $22.00/19 Gown, red; thigh-length; red satin w sling breasts, strap; ribbon empire waist; dead stock $72.50/19 Gown, red; full-length; black ribbon; spaghetti strap $90.55/19 Gown, red; full-length; ADRIENNE VITTADINI; s12; Ex Gown, red; full-length; crushed velvet & black sequin; flared sheer sleeves; DISGUISE; $40.30/19 Gown, red; full-length; strapless; bodice folded, w silver-wire embroidery & silver sequins; tall/M; Ex $155/19 Gown, red; full-length; strap; ruffeled; beaded/embroidered /sequin bodice w rhinestone clasp; ALYCE DESIGNS; 10; As New $155/19 Gown, red; full-length; black velvet bodice & sleeves $40.00/19 Gown, red, oxblood, full-length; satinette, plain; T/M; Ex$40.00/19 Gown, red, rose, full-length; pleated; rhinestone cloison; BETSY & DAVID; 6 tall; As New $54.45/19 Gown, rose; strapless; keli bridal; $54.45/19 Gown, short; taupe blue; spagetti strap; all gathered in waves; LE CHATEAU; L; New/Old Stock $72.50/19 Gown, silver-green; strapless; pleated bodice; knee- length; RW&Co; 2; Ex $24.70/19 Gown, strap, short; red w orange; black outline flowers & white sectioned; L; Ex $72.50/19 Gown, strap; long; blush pink; silver bead encrusted bodice; back lace & zip; M; G+ $24.70/19 Gown, strapless; Taupe; satinette; pleated bossom; black waist strap w bow; BARI JAY; M; Ex 2 $40.00/19 Gown, strapless; Taupe; knee-length; satinette; pleated bossom & waist; ALFRED ANGELO; 4 Gown, Taupe; strapless; split frontal seam w white; bossom & front seam edged in fine floral beadwork; 2 pc w shawl; ASPEED; XL; As New $160/20 Gown, Taupe; puffed shoulders, pleated bodice, white lace collar; cumberbund; YKK zipper; Ex $90.55/19 Gown, Teal; knee-length; folded & rhinestone decorated bodice; LE CHATEAU; XL; New/Old Stock $80.00/19 Gown, White; silver sequin bodice; L; Ex $38.70/19 Gown, White, lace; OSX; Girls XL; Ex $26.00/19 Gown, White brocade; split lower front, edged w embroidery; L/tall; Ex $72.60/19 Gown; White; strapless; JESSICA; fern embroidered bossom; s6; Ex++ $80.00/19 Gown, Yellow brocade; strapless w seperate sleeves; NU MODE; s9/10; Ex $48.40/19 Gown, Yellow Ochre; strap; s5,8; Ex 2 $72.60/19 Gown, Yellow Ochre; strap; floral bading on bodice; XCITE; s0; Ex $92.80/19 Gowns, Formal; Dead Stock; New 11 $235/19 Gowns, Formal, 2-piece; Dead Stock; New 3 $335/19 Gown, formal; Burgundy; formal; strapless w rhinestones; lace outer; s8; as new $175/19 Gown, Formal, Yellow b black trim; diaphranous outer w black bead & sequin floral beadwork; ZAM ZAM by NIKI LIVAS; s13/14; Ex+++ $120/19 Gown, Formal; Wine, beaded bust; Strappless; ALFRED D'ANGELO; Dead Stock; Sz12; New $335/19 Green silk w gold sequin covering; blouse & skirt; silver sequin floral panel in front of both; Cree/Ojibway style; Ex; L $105/19 Granny Dress; red cotton print; lace neck & sleeves; EFLON zipper; 1950/60; S/M; Ex $90.55/19 Granny Dress: blue cotton print; lace neck, sleeves & 2 bands; matching headband/belt; YKK zipper; 1950/60; M; Ex $90.55/19 Granny Dress: Purple cotton print w red & green apple foliage pattern; purple bib front & collar; lace neck; JILLY; Q zipper; size 10; Ex $90.55/19 Granny Gown: Pale pink/beige; heavy lage collar/yoke; YKK zipper & button closure; size 14; Ex $90.55/19 Green; floral pattern; cotton; knee length; GLORIA GAUDETTE; XS; Ex $29.25/19 Hippie/Mod; ZAZI of London; c1964; red, large white collar w long tips; 7-button edging ea side; EFLON zipper closure neck back; Knee-length; short sleeved; M; Ex++ $155/19 Indo-Persian dress; orange; heavy metalic thread & bead embroidery on blue applique to front. exceptional; 1960's or earlier; probably upper caste. $195/19 Indo-persian blouse & skirt; burgundy; heavily embroidered w yellow/gold & red/gold thread, colored sequins & disks, pearl beads; size 10; Ex+ $105/19 Jumper; Beige w black lace & trim; ARDENE; S; Near New $44.00/19 Jumper; Black; embroidered yoke w beads & gems; M/L $44.00/19 Jumper; Blue, medium; fine mesh; bodice covered w sequin chevrons; MITTO; Ex $35.20/19 Jumper; Green w yellow edging; yellow stylized floral on upper R & lower L edges, SWEET JAMAICA, CASUAL GEAR; XL, Ex $14.65/19 Jumper; White w black flowers; empire waist; lined; SUZI SHIER; as new $26.40/19 Jumper; Yellow knit; COBUS; S; New/Old Stock $8.00/19 Jumper; Yellow w black floral print stripes; SEMEZ LA JOIE; XL; As New $16.00/19 Jumper, girl's; rose cord. w. small white floral prints; CHEROKEE 2013; new $15.95/19 Jumpsuit; Black; appliqued beaded floral patches on shoulders; Adult; VG $17.70/19 Kimono; rich red w mixed floral embroidery througout in same color; colorful back embroidery of pagoda, garden in front of lagoon & mountain scene; pre 1970 $160/19 Kimono; rich red w mixed gold landscape embroidery througout in; colorful back embroidery of pagoda, trees, travelers; padded; PEONY China; pre 1970;38 $160/19 Knit, open; black; w faux metalic jeweled collar; SUZI SHIER; S; Ex $35.20/19 Lace, strapless, drooped hem; ARIZONA; China 2010; new $53.25/19 Maroon w floral prints; GEORGE TRADITION; XS; dead stock $72.50/19 Maroon polyester, sleeveless; ruffed striped collar & hem; flared skirt; S; Ex $14.65/19 Mauve pleated skirt w waistband; DIXIN FASHION; S; dd stock$72.50/19 Mauve, ruffed neckline, lightly pleated skirt; D'AILLARD'S 1950/60; s12; Ex $90.55/19 Mauve & prints; off-the-shoulder; ruffled collar; elastic bodice; polyester; maternity; MOTHERHOOD; XL; Ex $26.40/19 Metalic Gold lace w fringe; thigh length; JESSICA; 12; Ex $44.00/19 Middle Eastern; 4 YEARS; green w floral bed embroidered; girl's; 28; New $32.00/19 Middle Eastern; green vertical striped diaphranous; beadwork patterns on front; ZOON COLLECTION; 234; Ex Middle East/North African dress & pants combination; orange w. orange & metalic gold embroidery all down front, along front hem & on accents; very nice; probably 1960's $105/19 Middle East/N. African/Indo-Persian dress & pants comb. w. turban wrap/scarf. slate green; lace, applique & beadwork to yoke, ends of sleeves & scafr; 1950/60's$160/19 Middle Eastern; orange & brown w gold embroidered stripes; gold wire floral column embroidery at bottom; M; Ex$105/19 Middle Eastern; red w black floral pattern; silver gold & blue metalflake sparkle; gold collar & slash; S/M; Ex $105/19 Mini; brown; printed leopard head w rhinestones; off-the shoulder, single sleeve; 3R STREETWEAR; S/M; as new $40.00/19 Mini; brown; ruffed; H&M; S; As New $44.00/19 Mini; pink; sleeveless; ruffed skirt; embroidred band around collar & sleeves; CRUEL, 2015; XL; New $59.95/ Minnie Mouse/Dot polkadot dress, white on red; white lace cuffs & hem; Girl's small; Ex $54.85/19 Minnie Mouse/Dot polkadot dress, white on red; white lace hem; Girl's small; Ex $54.85/19 Mu-Mu; blue w colorful floral print; Ex $28.00/19 Off-The Shoulder; Ultramarine blue; left sleeve w puffed shoulder; pleated chest spreading from silver beaded (tube beads) flower & leaf cluster at right waist. waist 30"; as new $105/19 Oriental; blush pink; knee-length; coiled cloth frog buttons; Ex $40.00/19 Oriental; blush pink; knee-length; white blossom prints around base; gold coiled cloth frog buttons; XL $46.00/19 peasant; elastic bodice; grey; 1980; new/dead stock $90.55/19 peasant; elastic bodice; yellow w striped; flared hem poly/spandex; FRECKLES; 2015; M; New $26.40/19 peasant; elastic bodice; red; spaghetti straps; HIBISCUS COLLECTION, HAWAII; as new $28.00/19 Pink, Flesh w white lace; gathered waist; 1950/60; M; Ex $90.55/19 Pink, Flesh, sheath w white lace back, drooping rear; LOVE 21; XL; Ex $44.00/19 Pink, dk., knee-length; w lt. pink floral pattern; formal; MAX C; 10; As new $32.00/19 Princess; yellow; cut-out skirt front; Adult $29.25/19 Print, summer; elastic top; short sleeve; UPCHIC; New $29.05/19 Print, summer; Mod print w Paisley print; poly; M; Ex $29.05/19 Purple knee-length diaphranous with glitter; strap; CHONG JA, USA; L $40.30/19 Purple knee-length, strap shoulders; jacket with Chinese embroidery; PERIWING; Ex $64.80/19 Purple knee-length, strapless; folds; tEEZEmE; s5; Ex $38.00/19 Red knee length; Made in Turkey; Ex $18.00/19 Red knee length; evening; Pleated Bodice; MORI LEE; s8; As New $40.00/19 Red Knee length; black snowflake print; crossed bossom; elastic waist; Ex $26.00/19 Red empire waisted, white lace bodice & sleeves; polyester; Star zipper; HOUSE OF NU-MODE, CANADA Sz 13; Ex $90.55/19 Red empire waisted, folds w. diamond cloche; GEORGE; L; Ex$40.00/19 Red w white lace @ waist, collar & cuffs; Vintage; ANNA LIISA, DENMARK; ankcle-length; 42; Ex $48.00/19 Red w black branch/leaf/flower pattern; evening; ruffs at bosom & down front; OBLIQUE; Sz 14; Ex $48.40/19 Royal Blue veleur w black lace netting skirting over- lay; DESIGNS NAYA, CANADA; Sz 6; Ex $90.55/19 Rose Pink "Lipstick"; sleeveless, ribbon belted; polyester; ENCHANTE; dead stock 2010; new; Sz8 $105/19 Rose Pink/Salmon strap; pleated; elastic back, knee-length; BIANCA AMOR/POETRY; sz8; 2015 dead stock; new $38.70/19 Sheath; sand tan; snap closures; stand-up collar; HM; 8; X$38.70/19 Shift; black/tan jaguar print; black hip-beld w pink flower; NEWBERRY; s16; Ex $31.90/19 Shift; Black; ankle-length; L; Ex $28.00/19 Shift; Black; thigh-length; spandex; suspended in front from haevy woven bead yoke; XS; Ex++ $48.00/19 Shift; Blue denim; metal snap buttons; embroidered pocket; CHEROKEE; girl's; Ex $12.00/19 Shift; Blush Pink; LE CHATEAU; XXS $24.00/19 Shift; Red; knee-length; SMART SET; s7; Ex $26.40/19 Spring; black w white floral print; off-shoulder, knee- length; cape; JOE FRESH 2018; 1X; New $39.00/19 Spring; blue; knee-length; white abstract aplique running florals; JOLIE; s4; Ex $20.00/19 Spring; cotton; tie-died stripes; red/yellow; girl's; Ex $12.00/19 Spring; multi-stripe/white; SUZY SHIER; L; Ex $28.00/19 Spring; paisley; knee-length; GAP; L; Ex $28.00/19 Spring; pink skirt, beige bust & glack waistline w black rhinestone gems; TRIXXI; L; Ex $32.00/19 Spring; Red w pink/white floral print; elastic waist; JOE FRESH 2018; XL; New $39.00/19 Spring/Summer; sleeveless; black w white polka-dots; JULIAN TAYLOR; 14; Ex $25.00/19 Spring/summer; sleeveless; knee-length; white w bold multi-color floral print; brown waist belt; B. SMART; S14; Ex++ $40.00/19 Spring/Summer; sleeveless; yellow; XL; Ex $12.00/19 Summer; beige w purple floral print; shoulder frills; full-length; JOE FRESH 2018; New; S $39.00/19 Summer; beige "Cheetah Crepe"; knee-length; black spotted; FRENCH CONNECTION; New $80.00/19;$128R Summer; black; knee-length; white bodice; lace sleeves; fringed yoke; M; Ex $28.00/19 Summer; black; knee-length; elastic bodice; white stripes in skirt; CONNECTED; M; Ex $36.00/19 Summer; Black; Thigh-length; abstract floral; green belt KISMET; L $16.00/19 Summer; blue spandex; ruffed bossom; OASIS; S $24.00/19 Summer; blue & rainbow mix in stripes; Ex $15.00/19 Summer; brown diaphranous w white dots; Knee length; ruffed hem; DRESSBARN; 14; Ex $20.00/19 Summer; brown snakeskin print; elastic waist; COWGIRL JUSTICE, 2015; M; New $59.00/ Summer; burgundy; knee-length; openwork collar G:21; M; Ex $22.00/19 Summer; dk green back; yellow patterned front; WASSA; L; $50.00/19 Summer; drop-neck; open back; Yellow & blue w white fern & Ocelot print; M; As New $24.00/19 Summer; gold satinette; strap; w black circles; GEORGE; z16; As New; $24.00/19 Summer; green paisley-style print; knee-length; TESSUTO;8 $26.00/19 Summer; red; w pink diamond chain prints; PINK BLUSH $40.00/19 Summer; yellow w blue; knee-length; stretch; RIMA; As New $40.00/19 Taupe w small chevron lanes, gathered waist, ruffed fold collar; EATON, polyester; 1950's; s12; VG $90.55/19 Taupe w brocade collar trim; JERI ORIGINALS, INDIA; M; Ex $54.85/19 Taupe w silver beaded collar/yoke; small folds; RICKI'S; s4; Ex $40.30/19 Tube; denim; blue, black bodice; long-sleeve; ankle- length; button front; SKETCHES, CANADA; Ex $40.30/19 Velvet, crushed; pink w silver stylized florals; tube dress, button skirt, string panties; c1990's; Ex $90.55/19 Velvet, black; gown; diaphranous sleeves; DISGUISE; 14 $17.70/19 Velvet, black; gown; diaphranous sleeves; ALGO BOUTIQUE $71.40/19 Velvet, black; gown; full sleeves; green ruffed skirt, & rear bow w. "diamond" brooch; ALGO BOUTIQUE $71.40/19 Vintage, Black w floral print cape; LOS ANGELES WOMAN; Ex$105/19 Vintage, Black shift; black bead & sequin border around collar; acetate & rayon; padded shoulders; zipper; c1950s; s14; Ex $105/19 Vintage, Chintz; blue w large floral prints; stand-up ruffed collar; sheer; Ex $105/19 Vintage, Dressing Gown, maroon; quilted floral skirt; Ex $105/19 Vintage, Floral print, blue; pleated skirt; Ex $105/19 Vintage, lace overblouse, Beige, pleated skirt; M, Ex $105/19 Vintage, lace overdress; Beige; M; Ex $155/19 Vintage, Paisley, pink; pleated skirt; Ex $105/19 Vintage, Pink; cotton, sheath; lace at neck & sleeves $85.00/19 Vintage, print, orange; full skirt; Ex $105/19 Vintage, red cotton; white lace front panel; M/L; Ex $50.00/19 Vintage Skirt & dress; red cotton w small white polka dots; white lacebands on hem, collar & sleeves; M/L; Ex $50.00/19 Wedding; lace doily w trail; PARTY TIME FASHIONS, Toronto; sM; G $40.30/19 Wedding; lace; beige; bow in back; antique; Ex $170/19 Wedding; lace; beige; antique; Ex $170/19 Wedding; lace; beige; flared w long trail; tall; as new $800/19 Western LILIA GUILTY style 1818; 1950's USA; cotton; pale yellow; silver buttons to waist opening front; silver collar tips; front overlap yoke with silver sequin fern frond, leaves & culiques in pale green roped piping; silver spot & rhinestone highlights. Padded shoulders; Matching cloth belt w silver western buckle; Size 3/4; Ex $105/19 PANHANDLE SLIM style FF1100; 1960's USA; rayon/nylon; burgundy; silver buttons to waist opening front; multicolored block pattern with patterned triangular yoke, collar & waist; yoke & waist bordered with burgundy chainette fringe; black leatherette belt w silver western buckle & tip; Size 4; Ex $105/19 SAS'SA, USA; med blue; chrome spots & 5" fringe V- yoke on front, fringe on lower arms; laced neck opening; M; Ex $34.60/19 White, summer; Empire waist; crochet lace hem & collar; JOE FRESH 2018; New $29.00/19 Yellow; jaguar spotted; summer; crossed folded bodice; empire waist; Ex $35.20/19 Yellow; strap; stretch, NETWORK, China, 2010; dead stock; new; 16/40 $53.25/19 Yellow, knee-length w black belt stripe; XXI; S; new $40.30/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ EEE ELKS CLUB Elks Lodge 87, Edson, Alberta; H. Switzer, Secretary Fez, Jacket badge, Sash, Tie & shipping box; 1965 $110/19 EPEAULETS Faux Epeaulets, 2.75x3.75" red & white houndstooth pattern; pr. $11.00/19 FFF GGG Garter, lace, SASSY DESIGN; pr; NIP $5.00/19 Garter Dress Pale Blue w G-string; XL $42.00/19 Gloves, Dress White, silk, small, antique $29.00/19 White, antique, ruffed cuffs $29.00/19 Gloves, Elbow Beige; plain; antique $29.00/19 Black w. wrist buttons; 2013; as new $24.15/19 Pearl w. lace & pearl cuffs; M; 2013 as new $29.00/19 White; 2013; as new $24.15/19 White; pearl cuffs; 2013; as new 2 $24.15/19 Satin, elbow length; 2012; new in pck $13.65/19 Gothic (see also Dishes, Black) (see also Miscellaneous) Black Velvet, ankle length; perl & gilt buttons (plastic) down front; sleeves; large oval white collar trimmed w broad white lace edging. KIRA #163 (Canada) 1970's; size 12; new, dead stock $90.55/19 Black cotton (silk ?); front opening, closed w small black bakelite buttons & hooks; ankle length; sleeves; large squared white linen collar w broad lace edging. Padded shoulders; About size 14; about 1930's/40's; VG+ $105/19 Gown Off-The Shoulder; Ultramarine blue; left sleeve w puffed shoulder; pleated chest spreading from silver beaded (tube beads) flower & leaf cluster at right waist. waist 30"; as new $105/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ HHH Halter Top/Muscle Shirt (see also Camisole Black w. gold thread embroidery; elastic; M; Ex $16.50/19 Red/White/Pink; ruffed; elastic; WEST LOOP 2016; New $16.50/19 Red; white CANADA below mountain/forest logo; 2017 New $12.00/19 Harley Davidson (other Harley items) Boots; Harley Davidson; youth; VG $66.55/19 Cap; black; logo in rhinestones; Ex $20.00/19 Cap; black; name in spots; skull; Ex $20.00/19 Coat; HARLEY DAVIDSON; Boy's; reversable; Ex $50.00/19 Jacket; black; short sleeves; L; Ex $40.00/19 Jacket; pink; short sleeves; XS; Ex $40.00/19 Shirt, T; black; boy's; Ex $32.00/19 Shirt, T; black; BUILT FOR SPEED; Ex $32.00/19 Shirt, T; black; FOR LIFE; Ex $32.00/19 Shirt, T; black; GRIZZLY; Ex $32.00/19 Shirt, T; black; MUSTANG RANCH; Ex $32.00/19 Shirt, T; white; LIVE FREE; Ex $32.00/19 Shirt, T; white; GASOLINE ALLEY; Ex $32.00/19 Hat Box Round; 9"; cardboard; striped w floral lid; red ribbon; DOLLARAMA; 2016; New $8.00/19 Hats Disco; visors, patterned reflective silvered; 1985c; ex $11.90/19 Fascinator; black net ovals w black exotic bird feathers $40.50/19 Fur fillet; white; faux; knitted crown; TAIWAN 1990s $35.00/19 Ladies' Boater, 19th C. style, black net-woven w black band & ruffles at back; GEORGETTE; Ex $16.10/19 Boater, 1950's style, coiled straw woven; silk leaf cluster w sunflower on back; PETER GRIMM; Ex $16.10/19 Brimmed shallow skullcap w pearl band & bow; burgundy $48.40/19 Fascinator; skullcap; black velvet w silver sprinkles & sequins; silver mesh bow; 1930's $79.85/19 Faux fur pillbox w veil; Ex $16.10/19 Feather; 1950's; pink-orange; Ex $79.85/19 Pillbox; 1940's; Ex $22.00/19 Skullcap, pink tafeta cord wrap lanes w coth bow; PIKO, New York; Vintage; Ex $47.70/19 Summer; white,broad, low rounded crown, large bow; VG+ $35.65/19 Oriental Vietnamese palm frond; 16" $20.00/19 Outdoors TILLEY (w guarantee) Safari/Boonie; dk green w some fading $91.80/19 Slouch; woman's; coiled; beige; Ex $3.65/19 Sombrero; Velvet finish; Adult Size 10 $160/19 Youth size 11 $82.50/19 Child Size 8 $32.05/19 Sunshade, leather, hand-tooled florals; 1960's; Ex $26.60/19 Tam-O-Shanter; br. velveteen w goldtone crest & pheasant feathers; Ex $27.50/19 Top Hat, green felt; 2012; XL; New 2 $32.05/19 Touque; burgundy $5.00/19 Turban, hat; Sihk style; beige w gold trim & pearls; w crest w white fluffs; trail; 6 5/8; Ex+ $47.70/19 Western Cloth, lt beige; LANNING; braided leather hatband; feather cluster on right; 1970's property of Indian Princess (dtr. of Chief; d1994 IM80@LLB&FV); has history; Ex $350/19 Cloth; Zebra striped; $5.00/19 Felt, brown; LANNING COLT 45; s56; Ex $33.00/19 Felt, red w white braids; 2009; new 3 $4.00/19 Felt, dk br, WRANGLER 7 star; narrow leather hatband of sewn-in feathers w western buckle; high crown double indented, narrow top; brim lightly raked fore & aft; 6 7/8; 2001; dead stock; as new $280/19 Felt, m br.; SMITHBILT 3x; narrow hatband of sown-on chevron hemp braid in natural colors; hackle feather cluster, bronze buckle; high crown double indented, narrow top; brim lightly raked fore & aft; 6 7/8; 2001; dead stock as new $185/19 Felt, RED DEER ROYALS MARCHING BAND c1980's, red w Red Deer (AB) cloth badge to front; G/VG $64.90/19 Imitation Leather, suede; laced oranamentation; new $41.85/19 Leather, black; black laced ornamentation; as new/dead stock; $105/19 Pressed woven raffia/hemp; natural; hemp & laced leather hatband; feather cluster on left; high crown double indented, broad top; brim heavily raked fore & aft; ARTEL; Thompson's Men's Wear, Ponoka (AB); 2001; as new/dead stock; 7 1/8 $145/19 Pressed woven cotton; white; narrow black hatband; double indented crown, med. top; brim slightly raked; WESTERN SOUTHLAND; as new/dead stock; 7 1/4, 7 1/2 $69.40/19 Pressed plaited straw; beige/natural; vinylcote; narrow black hat band, calf roping pin on left; double indent crown, narrow top; RESISTOL W8167 NCHA L C 081; browband marked 'National Cutting Horse Association' & 'Ponoka Western Wear' (AB); as new/dead stock; 6 3/4 $105/19 Velveteen, Red, white faux-fur band; M/S; Ex $8.15/19 HEADBAND cloth, black; w. chrome spots & rhinestons; ARTCRAFT 2017; New in Pck $4.00/19 cloth, black; w. brass spot chevron decorations; SOPHI 2016; NEW $11.00/19 elastic; GOODY STAY PUT; New in Pack $6.00/19 HOODIES AEROPOSTALE; yellow; new; XS $53.25/19 Black w large white rubberized sculls; As New $18.00/19 CALGARY FLAMES; WAVES SPORTSWEAR; XL; New $48.00/19 CANADA Olympic; True North; HUDSON'S BAY CO; black; L $75.40/19 CANADA Olympic; 2010; HUDSON'S BAY CO; red; M $75.40/19 same; L $75.40/19 Embroidered French Terry Hoodie; Native Designs, LOVE; THRILL; new, dead stock $45.85/19 LEVI STRAUSS; red; M; dead stock $24.00/19 NBA print; white on black; as new; S $17.55/19 STREETWEAR SOCIETY; white w black coat of arms centered front & on shoulder; S; Ex $22.00/19 yellow; lined; M; Ex $17.55/19 White w black florals; reversable to stripes; Ex $17.55/19 III
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ JJJ Jackets Adventure/Outdoors MISTY MOUNTAIN; L; As New $130/19 SUNICE; XL; As New $48.00/19 WETSKINS; L; As New $130/19 Black, ALIA; chrome spot & gem decorated beside zipper; S/M; Ex $42.85/19 Black, quasi military; epeaulets; chrome spot decorated; JESS C; Men's; M/L; Ex $42.85/19 Blazer; white w blue pinstripes; double-breasted, gold- tone & pearl buttons; MEDALIST/TIP-TOP; Ex $38.50/19 Bomber; child's; brown leatherette, fake fur collar; AIR FORCE & 2 winged badges; JUL CASEY badge w USAF logo; elast. waist; ICZ; about size 3; 1985c; Odin Fromhold; Ft. Vermilion, AB; Ex+ $48.00/19 Cheetah Pattern; ONQUE CASUALS; S $18.00/19 Chef's Uniform; white 4 $24.00/19 CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS; red & black; REEBOK; XL; as new $110/19 Cotton; brown; beautiful raised woven desing; INCA COTTON, PERU; M; Ex+; CollN #4315 $65.00/19 Dress, cordueroy, grass green; TOMMY HILFINGER; XXL/46; Ex $38.50/19 EDMONTON OILERS; fleece; blue & orange; NHL; XL; Ex $110/19 Fall/Winter; pile lined; purple ext., fern-patterned; Ex $38.00/19 Faux Fur; White; FAIRWHALE; girl's; sM; New/Old Stock $88.00/19 Fleece; pink w Mossy Oak camo patches; ROCKY; M; Ex $19.80/19 Fleece; jaguar pattern; MILLERS; s18; Ex $16.00/19 Formal; burgundy red glitter w shamrock background, black lapels; PIERRE CARDIN; M; Near New $40.50/19 Green Velvet; white lace collar & hem; bead decorated collar band; YOUNG ESSENCE; 2017; New $100/19 Hunting, Woodlands Camo/Blaze Orange reversable; down- filled, quilted; heavy canvas outer; size M; pre2000; some wear but VG $87.90/19 Indian; coarse-woven blanket-coat; 30" self-fringed; SW patterns in earth tones; 2 large patch pockets; 2 silver buttons w leather fringe; Ex; Sz XL $120/19 INUVIK PETROLEUM SHOW; TOWN OF INUVIK; CORE; Red; XL; New $110/19 Jean; boy's; cloth motocross patch on back; As New $45.00/19 Jean; girl's; HORSE RACING PADDOCKS JEANS; M; Near New $30.00/19 Jean; girl's; FRILLI X; S; Ex $25.00/19 Jean; Lady's; GAP; M; Ex $30.00/19 Jean; Ladies; black; CONTRAST; s9; Ex $36.00/19 Jean; Ladies; black; printed; NUEVA CANADA; 14; Ex $30.00/19 Jean; Ladies; black; TANJAY; white floral stitchery; L; Ex $48.00/19 Jean; lady's; blue; CITY BLUES; Ex $26.60/19 Jean; lady's; MAC & JAC; s6; Ex $40.00/19 Jean; Lady's; blue; NORTHERN REFLECTIONS; M; Ex $40.00/19 Jean; Ladies; blue; STONE; stud decorated; M; Ex $45.00/19 Jean; Ladies; blue; RICKI'S; L; Ex $40.00/19 Jean; Ladies; blue; zippered; NAKEDBLUE; L; Ex $40.00/19 Jean; Ladies; blue; 29; ex $40.00/19 Jean; Ladies; blue; leopard collar & cuffs; ED; L; Ex $40.00/19 Jean; Lady's; blue; long; floral embroidery on front; M; Ex$48.00/19 Jean; Lady's; blue; B.U.M.; horn buttons; XL $48.00/19 Jean; Ladies; blue; CITY GIRL/NANCY BOLEN; applique cloth florals; small metal beads; S; Ex $48.00/19 Jean; Ladies; blue; POINT ZERO; M/L; Ex $48.00/19 Jean; Lady's; Blue; OLD NAVY; M; Near New $48.00/19 Jean; Lady's; Maroon; LOVE YOUR HERITAGE on inside; S; Ex $46.00/19 Jean; Ladies; Red; quasi military; LOVE & LEGEND; brass buttons; short; 14; as new $48.00/19 Jean; Men's; black; LEVI STRAUS; M/L; Ex $46.00/19 Jean; Men's; blue; ARMOUR JEANS; double-breasted; M; Ex $48.00/19 Jean; Men's; blue; LEVI STRAUS; L; Ex $45.00/19 Jean; Men's; blue; WRANGLER; sleeves cut out; L; VG $48.00/19 Jean; Men's; blue; HANY; rick-rack, spot & rhinestone; Ex $48.00/19 Knit, black; faux leather & snakeskin yoke; I.B. DIFUSSION, M; Ex $28.00/19 Knit, blue; faux fur collar; HYGARD; 3X; Ex $28.00/19 Lace, beige; cotton; CHICO'S; L; Ex $36.75/19 Ladies, cotton; snakeskin pattern; TRIBAL; 10; as new $39.60/19 Ladies, cotton, black w brass stud dec. collar & front; TANJAY; 12; as new $39.60/19 Ladies, cotton, white w black flower & leaf print; JANZEN CASUALS; XL; as new $39.60/19 Ladies, black; Faux leather; L/13; Ex $28.00/19 Ladies, orange, pleated, TANJAY; s12P; Ex $26.00/19 Lady's; red crushed poly w applique florals; ATTITUDE; S $48.00/19 Lady's Twill, floral embroidery; unbound seams; PAPARAZI; WHERE THERE IS LOVE THERE IS LIFE on inside; S; Ex $48.00/19 Leather; zippered pile lined; BANTAMAC OF CANADA; 40; VG $36.75/19 Leather; black; FADED GLORY, China; XL; Ex $36.75/19 Leather; black; body-fitting; zippered; MAX SUDIO; S; Ex $45.00/19 Leather; black; body-fitting; zippered; sleeveless; ARDENE; M; Ex $45.00/19 Leather; black, body-fitting; double-breasted; stud- decorated collar & lapels; BOY MEETS GIRL; girl's L; Ex$36.75/19 Leather; black; body-fitting; double-breasted; GEM; M; Ex $60.00/19 Leather; black, body-fitting; long fringed sleeves & back; S; Ex $71.50/19 Leather, Black; DENVER HAYES; Ex $71.50/19 Leather, Black; GUILLAUME; white lacing; hook closure. L; $100/19 Leather, Black; WOODWARDS; M $80.00/19 Leather, Black; 9.5" fringe on back; double-breasted zipper closure; OLD MILL, Canada; s40; Ex $100/19 Leather, Black; 10" fringe on yoke, shoulder seam, lower sleeve; silver lotus spot decor. on yoke back & lower sleeves; shoulder strip w bone hairpipe & silver basket bead deco.; braided leather edging to collar, yoke, shouler strips & lower sleeve panels. SOFAR CROUISER; Fromhold Collection #4043; szM $150/19 Leather; Black; suede; CHEROKEE; pile lined; M $90.00/19 Leather, black; faux; SEDUCTION; s12; Ex $45.00/19 Leather, black; faux; SWS OUTERWEAR; zipper; L; Ex $38.00/19 Leather, black; faux; SWS STREETWEAR; double br.; XL; Ex $40.00/19 Leather, black; faux; TANJAY; zipper; 14; Ex $40.00/19 Leather, black suede; 9" fringe on yoke; metal conches; WEAR ON EARTH; M $125/19 Leather, blue; faux; ZARA; 2017; XS; New $45.00/19 Leather, brown; pigskin; STTKE CO.; M; Ex $80.00/19 Leather, red; faux; XXI; S; Ex Leather, tan; OHERA CANADA; 9/10; Ex $80.00/19 Leather, tan, pigskin; ATMOSPHERE; S; New $100/19 Leather, white; 9." fringe on back & front; double-breasted snap closure; IMPROMPTU, Canada; s8; Ex $100/19 Leopard print w dk. br. back & sleeves; TAN JAY; ladies, has pants to match; L $36.75/19 Lumberjack; RQQBA; w hood; red-brown; 2016; XXL; Nw/old stock $36.75/19 Military style, Girl's, Khaki, double-breasted w hook closure; khaki; M; VG $15.95/19 Military style, women's; OG; 7 stabrite button closure; JONESNEWYORK ESSENTIALS; poly; s4; as new $39.60/19 Military style, women's; khaki suede; faux pouldron w 2 rows bronze musketball-style buttons; CONVICTION; M $39.60/19 Military style, women's; Woodland camo w black leather sleeves; studded shoulders; FOREVER 21; M; as new $60.00/19 Men's tweed sports; polyester/wool; brown velveteen shoulder cape insets; PIONEER WEAR; sz 40; as new $40.30/19 'Motorcycle', Vinyl; 1990; black, zippered, 2 pockets, snap- down collar & epeaulets; waist belt; NEW FACE; sz 14; OF/90 FV w history; Ex+ $105/19 Native beige & black; SW style embroidery patches; bone buttons; Women's; PARSLEY & SAGE; L; Ex $52.80/19 brown polar fleece printed with SW style geometric designs; R&R; XL/46; Ex $52.80/19 Navy Pea Jacket; Edwardian double-breasted style; black plastic buttons w high-relief fouled anchor on striped base w roped edges. No markings; somewhat threadbare (similar to another in our collection since 1950's). u/k naval but certainly 1960's Hippie ("Mod") article $195/19 OLYMPIC/CANADA; Hudson's Bay Company National Partner; S; New $110/19 Patch; cordueroy; w embroidery; BLUENONTES; M; Ex $48.00/19 Red Cotton; COLDWATER CREEK; white embroidered florals; XS $40.00/19 Red wool serge; CONRAD C.; s14; Ex $28.00/19 Red wool serge; TALIE; double-breasted 4 large black buttons; M $38.00/19 Safety; PRO GRADE; black w reflective stripes; Ex $45.00/19 Sheepskin, faux; prints to outside; NIKKY $42.00/19 Shooting, Khaki; Safari style; leather shoulder patches; linen; SPORTS CLOTHING; size M; as new $105/19 Smoking; burgundy silk/nylon w large oriental floral embroidery; 2 large globe buttons each side; ECTCETERA; s10; as new $75.40/19 Smoking; gold satinette w arabesque design in green/white/ blue 3" circlettes; 2 hip pockets, 1 breast pocket; black satin cuffs, pocket edges & lapelles; ROCHESTER Mister Ease 1960c; M; as new condition; JF/65; has history $280/19 Sports white w blue pinstripe; double-breasted w brass & pearl buttons; MEDALIST/TIP TOP; M; Ex Stadium/Letter/School/Varsity blue wool w blue/yellow striped knitted cuffs, waist & shoulder; stand-up cadet collar; yellow snap buttons; yellow piping on shoulder & sleeve seams & pockets. size S/M; Ex $105/19 COCA COLA w red stroud, white leather sleeves & trim; CANADA SPORTSWEAR; ENJOY COCA COLA front & back; s M; VG+ $160/19 dk. green w beige leather sleeves; patched ABA CLASS OF 99 CHUCK EBLOVES J DA BOMB SOLID; sL; Ex $38.50/19 green wool w green/yellow striped knitted collar, cuffs & waist; yellow snap buttons; lined, w 2 inner pockets; purchased JF/1962 Ponoka (AB); has history; s M/L; Ex $195/19 PINE POINT MINES LTD, NWT (town closed down c1980) yellow & white lettering & polar bear logo on front; green wool, wool collar & cuffs; snap cuffs; rare; VG+ $160/19 RED DEER CHIEFS Hockey team; black leather; Large $69.40/19 Medium $69.40/19 REVMASTERS Hot Rod Association; BENTLEY 1957; CHEVY; DAN; black w white leather sleeves; NEW WEST; XL; as new $195/19 UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA GOLDEN BEARS HOCKEY; 1974-75; green wool w black leather sleeves; embroidered crest & lettering; rare; L; VG/Ex $185/19 Waistcoat; Black; 2 Silver buttons, braided leather drops; embroidered lapels; GREAT WESTERN GARMENTS, CANADA; M $52.80/19 Western, Youth's; faux leather, fringed hem & yoke; zipper missing; LONN-JAC (Canada); 1950's; s12; VG $160/19 Western; Ladies; short waist; tan leather yoke spot dec. in front, laced back; tan leather cuffs, laced; dk. brown cloth sleeves & body; 2013; as new $125/19 Western; Ladies; Leather; dk brown lacing on hems; DALYMS; L $66.00/19 Western; Ladies stone-washed jean jacket w 10" white leather fringe in front & rear seams w 2 antique metal conch. pointed front & rear; 2 slash waist pockets; leather laced sleeves & rear. 3 snap closures; HAVOC; M; VG $42.10/19 Western; Ladies'; Cotton, white; lace sleeves; lace yoke w chainette fringe; stand-up collar; metal buttons; PANHANDLE SLIM; M; Ex $42.10/19 Western; Ladies'; Leather, suede; yoke w 4" fringe front, back, shoulder, cuffs, hem, pockets; dk. brown; button closure; S/M; Ex $185/19 Western; Ladies'; Leather, suede; triangular yoke w 6" fringe front, back & shoulder; black-brown; snap closures; JOO-KAY c1960; s18; Ex $215/19 Western; Ladies'; leather, lt brown; 8" fringe; waist- length; PIONEER WEAR c1980; S; Ex $125/19 Western; Men's; Leather, suede; triangular yoke w 9" fringe front, back & shoulder; dk. brown; snap closures; PCFL (CANADA) c1960; XL; Ex $215/19 Western; Men's; Blazer; grey & brown; wool; CUTTER BILL; PARAGON CLOTHING, CANADA; L; Ex $38.50/19 White; ARSON; S; G- $20.00/19 White; WIND RIVER; M $24.00/19 White Flannel; embroidered winter/christmas scenes; NORTHERN REFLECTIONS; XL; As new $24.00/19 Windbreaker; RUSTLERS HOCKEY; black & yellow; M; Ex $25.00/19 Windbreaker; WERTHER SPIRITS; yellow & black; S; Ex Windbreaker/Raincoat; Black; EDZERZA; West Coast Eagle wing design on sleeves; XL; Ex $35.00/19 Windbreaker/Raincoat; Green; ADVENTURE WEAR; M; Ex $25.00/19 Winter, Women's, waist; white w faux fur ruffs; RICKIS; M $60.50/19 Woman's, beige; NORTHERN REFLECTIONS; butterfly embroidered$60.50/19 panels up front; M; as new Woman's, black; large floreal black gemstone bordering hem & sleeves; sM; Ex $27.50/19 Woman's, dk gr w 3 black button front; 2 hip pockets; lapels; CASUALAIRE Sportswear (Montreal) style 3600; 1970c; size 8; dead stock, as new c/w tags $105/19 World Summer Games 2001, Edmonton; Canada Jacket; red w. white stripes on sleeve w CANADA; some fraying in back waist seam $55.10/19 Jersey; CANADA; white; KOBE; XL $35.00/19 Jersey; CANADA Hockey Team; red; NIKE; Youth $45.00/19 Jersey; orange; large; R&R RACING TEAM; nylon; as new $25.00/19 Jersey; ECKVILLE #17; XL; Ex $16.00/19 Jersey; EDMONTON OILERS; white; large; #9 CORSON; A/C; as new $175/19 Jersey; EDMONTON OILERS; large; #44 PRONGER (most Olympic games, 21+) $175/19 Jersey: SCOTIABANK HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA; Red; ALPHA; M; as new$42.85/19 KKK LLL Lederhosen; suspenders; grey-green leather; chest strap w plastic "ivory" stag escutchon; Ex $32.05/19 Leotards PHANTHOM SILKS 2001 NAVY YEAR ROUND WEIGHT; in original sales pack; near new $17.15/19 XYM FASHION LEGGINGS; jaguar spotted; in original pk.; New $17.15/19 Lingerie Avon Private World Lingerie Wash, full, 200ml $13.80/19 Brazier, MISS GENT, grey cotton w white elast; sz 16; dead stock; Made in Turkey; new w. lable $27.75/19 G-string, black lace $20.55/19 Nice Butt panties; to shape the derriere; 1990; new $42.10/19 Teddy; red w skirt; V-front w broad lace edging; PINK LADY; new, s small $55.10/19 LIONS CLUB Lion's Club, Pacific Northwest/Alberta; vinyl patch; green on white evergreen on back; brown felt trim; felt fringes across chest. Ex/as new $55.10/19 Lion's Club; Lac La Biche (AB); cloth patch; NW crest on back; blue felt trim; brown leather fringes on chest; flowers beaded on yoke; JF/78 LLB; 4yr Pres/VP; has history; Ex $160/19 MMM Martial Arts Uniform; white CHENEY'S KARATE STUDION; KICK BOXING; M; Ex $40.50/19 Moccasins Commercial; Cree style; 4-diamond on vamp; pile lined; rabbit fur ruff; used; s12 $58.95/19 DETAIL; commercial 2017; ladies; blue w rabbit ruff; Nw $110/19 MOUNTAIN RIDGE/GIANT TIGER; 2017 commercial; leather;7 N $55.10/19 NNN NIGHTGOWN Cotton; off-white; Ex $20.00/19 Cotton; full-length; white w blue vertical pattern; ruffed neck; & cape edging & hem; UNDERCOVER WEAR; M $20.00/19 Flannel, yellow/beige w blue calico florals; Ex $40.30/19 Flannel, silver & white; GEORGE CLASSICS; XL; new; dead stock $40.30/19 OOO Overcoat, linen, black; SUTHERLAND; Edelweis embroidered logo; belt tie closure; epeaulets; s38; VG $26.00/19 Overcoat; faux leather; black; ROXY; S $56.00/19 Overcoat, Rain Slicker, 50" Police type; vulcanized, black, metal 'overshoe' type closure. 1950c. VG $105/19 Overcoat, Raincoat, tall, female; black; cape & hood; Ex $36.65/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ PPP Pajamas Bottoms $11.00/19 COCA COLA; red w white; Ex; s46 $26.40/19 Fleece; Zebra striped; Ex; M $16.00/19 GRANDMA PANTS; DRAKE BULLDOG; black w logo; S; new/old $34.95/19 GRANDMA PANTS; MINNESTOTA/MANKATO; black w bull; 2017; S; new/old stock $34.95/19 MICKEY MOUSE; white; DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE; red fleece; DISNEY $26.40/19 ONLY SLEEP IN PINK; white; lips & KISS THIS Sets Leopard Stripe; fleece; GEORGE; S; Ex Red satin w gold ribbon border; VAL-MODE LINGERIE; L; Ex $28.00/19 Red satin w floral; SILK & SATIN; L $28.00/19 Red satin w oriental print on front; S $28.00/19 Star Wars; boy's; VG $17.00/19 Panties (see also briefs; underwear) Panties, new $5.50/19 Panties, recycled $3.30/19 Panties, NIKE; spandex; snakeskin patterned; New $20.00/19 Panties, UOMO; spandex; New $20.00/19 Pants, Cargo/Safari; black; 33; as new $57.05/19 5.11 TACTICAL, black; 35/39 $78.00/19 PERU CALPULA; L; lightweight; New $36.30/19 WRANGLER, Black; 38/30 2 $78.00/19 Pants, Cold Weather FXR MOUNTAIN; insulated; black Pants, dress; men's $100/19 BRITCHES; Tan; 246; new/dead stock $80.00/19 DAKOTA; Navy; s40; new/dead stock $44.00/19 DAY's; Black; s36; new/dead stock $48.50/19;$78/7 HUDSON ROOM; black; s36; new/dead stock $40.50/19;$70/7 JONES OF NEW YORK; charcoal; s30; new/deat stock $48.00/19;$135/7 MR. LEGGS; charcoal; s40; new/dead stock $40.50/19;$70/7 SEARS PROTOCOL; pinstripe; s32; new/dead stock $35.00/19;$60/7 SNAKE EYES DRY-18; lt. tan; s32; new/dead stock $44.00/19;$50/7 WRANGLER; black; s40; used $11.00/19 Pants, dress; women's ALFRED SUNG PURE; white; Cotton; s18; New/dead stock $30.00/19 ALFRED SUNG SLIM; Indigo; 2; new/dead stock $35.00/19 ALLISON DALEY; green, pinstripe; poly; s12; dead stock $39.60/19 BLACK BULL; black; 34; New $100/ ELLEN TRACY; black; cotton; 6; New $39.60/19 ELLEN TRACY; white; cotton; 14/34 $25.00/19 FRANK LYMAN, CANADA; cream; lined; 2010; s10; new/dead stock; $225/19 GAP ORIGINAL; white; Flare; s32; New $35.00/19 LAUREN JEFFRIES, CANADA; black; s16; dead stock $39.60/19 MICHELSTUDIO; Black; 18; Ex $25.00/19 MEXX; black; s32; Ex MODERN SUZY SHIER; Black; 3-4; New $20.00/19 NINE WEST; White; 14; New $40.00/19 OPTION; Bronze; 8/28; As New $35.00/19 OUTLINE; cordueroy; burgundy; 38x32; Ex $25.00/19 REITMAN'S; black; 2; New $45.00/20 REITMAN'S; khaki w pinstripe; 14+; New $45.00/19 RICKI'S; grey; 14; New/Old Stock $40.00/19 RICKI'S SIGNATURE; 14short; New $40.00/19 SIMON CHANG; brown; 18; New/Dead Stock $45.00/19;$75/7 STUDIO LONDON; khaki; 12; New/Dead Stock $40.00/19 TANJAY; tan; 34; New/Old Stock $25.00/19 Pants, Hot Pants Black; HM; s14; 2018; New $40.00/19 Black; OLD NAVY; s4; Ex $14.00/19 Blue Denim; BRODY; s31; as new $16.00/19 Blue Denim, washed; 725 ORIGINALS; s7; Ex $14.00/19 Blue Denim, white lace edged; WAREHOUSE ONE; 28"; Ex $16.00/19 Blue Denim, REQUEST; rhinestones; 11/30; Ex $ Orange; BANANA REPUBLIC; 8; Ex $15.00/19 Pink Denim; WAREHOUSE ONE; M; Ex $15.00/19 Yellow; GAPKids; s14; Ex $15.00/19 Pants, Jeans AZURA COLLECTION; white; 6R; dead stock $30.00/19 BEXLEY's; black; twill; women's; 42; Old Stock $35.00/19 BEXLEY's; olive; women's; s38; New/Old Stock $25.00/19 CARHARTT Carpenter's Jeans; Navy; s46; New/Old Stock $59.00/19 CALVIN KLEIN; Red; Cotton; 34x30; Ex $40.00/19 CLUB MONACO; tan; cotton; 34; VG $25.00/19 DENVER HAYES; khaki; 42x20; VG $20.00/19 DITTO'S Low Rise; beige w parrot prints; 30; as new $25.00/19 FC JEANS; skinny; gold-tone; new $25.00/19 GAP 1969; red; 32R; new $25.00/19 G21; red; girl's; s11; Ex $16.00/19 GEORGE JEGGING; purple w black spotted pattern; skin tight; M; As new $20.00/19 GEORGE PLUS; blue; women's; s16W; dead stock $18.00/19 GOGOWEAR; 26; New $25.00/19 JOCKEY; black w black embroidery; 6; Ex $25.00/19 KENNETHCOLE REACTION; white w zebra stripes; s30/8; Nw $25.00/19 LASENSA GIRL; striped bell-bottom; girl's; sXL $20.00/19 LIVEX, olive; girl's; s28; New/Old Stock 2 $20.00/19 MAISON JULES; leather look; skinny; 4/27; New $49.00/19;$70/7 MATERIAL GIRL; rose pink w black spotted pattern; skinny; 5; as new $20.00/19 OLD NAVY; Pixie Foil Print; Gold Lame; 14; near Mint $49.00/19 RALPH LAUREN; snakeskin look; skinny; 14; Ex $25.00/19 725 ORIGINALS; brown; skinny; s9 $40.00/19 Pants, Jeans, Denim ALL IN; 14; As New $38.00/19 AVALON/TEX; white; 26; dead stock $30.00/19 BACCINI; blue w silver spots; s2; Ex $28.00/19 Black; rhinestone decotated "Queen"; L $33.00/19 BLAKELY FIT; dull red; 36; Ex $28.60/19 BLANCHEPORTE; yellow; BIANCA AMOUR; 40; New $40.00/19 BUFFALO; skin-tight; white w floral camouflage over- print; 28; Ex $28.00/19 BUFFALO DAVID BITTON; black stone washed; chrome spot decorated pockets; 27; Ex $40.00/19 CALVIN KLEIN black velvet; boot cut; s28; Dead Stock $78.00/19 CREST; blue; emerald rhinestones; s16; Ex $28.00/19 CRUEL GIRL; blue; embroidered cross; 15/34T; Ex $28.00/19 CULTURE JEANS; w pointy cross on pockets; 42/32; Ex $33.00/19 DENVER HAYES; khaki; 42x20; Ex+ $33.00/19 DENVER HAYES; blue; 42x32; Ex $28.00/19 DENVER HAYES; white; 32; As New $33.00/19 DOLLHOUSE CRAZY SEXY COOL; snakeskin pattern; 11; Ex $28.00/19 EDDIE BAUER; blue; s14; New $59.50/19 ELEMENT DENIM; black; Cotton; butterfly embroidery on pockets; s11; New/Old Stock $49.00/19;$62/7 ESPRIT; faux leather; black; skinny; 28/34; Old Stock $35.00/19 GEORGE; Blue; 18P; Embroidered; New $33.00/19 GEORGE; Black; 16P; New $17.00/19 GEORGE; white; 18; As New $20.00/19 GLORIA VANDERBILT; black; 12/M; Ex $33.00/19 GUESS PREMIUM DAREDEVIL; blue; rhinestone decorated;3O $33.00/19 GW ONE PREMIUM; rhinestone decorated; s28R $33.00/19 GWG KINGS; GEORGE W GROOVY; 2016; Child's; New $35.00/19 INDUSTRY SUPPLY; black; 31/34; Ex $28.00/19 KATE REVOLUTION; s29; Ex $20.00/19 L.A. IDOL; rhinestone deco.; s11; Ex $45.00/19 L.A. IDOL; rhinestone deco.; s3:29/34; Ex $45.00/19 LEE; ONE TRUE FIT; 15/16; M $45.00/19 LEE RIDERS; spot deco pockets; s28; Ex+ $78.00/19 LEVI STRAUSS; faded, as new $78.00/19 LIUCE'S; distressed; spot & rhinestone decorated; s31 $33.00/19 LIZ CLABIBORNE AUDRA; white; s12; as new $33.00/19 MAURICE'S PREMIUM; blue; speckled rhinestone band; 18 $45.00/19 NEVADA; white; embroidered pockets; wide leg; 13/14; Ex NOVA SOVER; blue; 33; Ex $33.00/19 OLD NAVY ULTRA BLUE; s18R; New $33.00/19 OLD NAVY SKINNY; black; 16Regular; New $33.00/19 109 BY CYC; black; wide leg; s15/16; as new $33.00/19 OPTIONELLE; black; s16; as new $33.00/19 PENMAN'S Classic Fit; black; 6x31; new $45.00/19 PETROF, KATIE-SS; decorated; s31/32 $45.00/19 PREMIUM; rhinestone decorated; s20 R; $33.00/19 PREMIUM; embroidery decorated; Skinny; s30 R; As New $45.00/19 REITMANS; blue; stone washed; s16+/36; new/dead stock2 $45.00/19 REITMANS; red; s13; new/dead stock $45.00/19 REVOLUTION; black; s34; new/dead stock $48.00/19;$70/7 RICH GIRL; rhinestone & spot decorated; s15/32; Ex $33.00/19 RJ JEANS; black; Flare leg; s30; Dead Stock/New $45.00/19;$54/7 ROCK 47; rhinestone decorated; 26/36 $33.00/19 ROOTS CANADA; Red; s25; Ex $33.00/19 ROYALTY; embroidered & rhinestone; s8; New $48.00/19 SANTANA; red; 12x32; As New $33.00/19 SANTANA; dk red; 8x32L; As New $33.00/19 SIENNA; white w pink roses; 14; Ex $33.00/19 SUKO; rhinestone decorated; sz6 $33.00/19 STIX; Skinny Fit; 8/26 $33.00/19 TEX/MAX AZIRA; Cotton; 2016; 27; Dead Stock/New 3 $33.00/19 TRUE RELIGION; 31; as new $78.00/19 2016 DENIM; black velvet; straight leg; 38; Dead Stock $79.00/19 UK2LA; stone washed; skinny Jeans; s7; as new $33.00/19 WAREHOUSE ONE; 18+Reg; As new $33.00/19 WAREHOUSE ONE; 29Reg; As new $33.00/19 WATCH L.A. PREMIUM; gold embroidered pockets; 38; Ex $33.00/19 WESTPORT; spot decorated; s18W; Ex $33.00/19 WHITE HOUSE; BLACK MARKET BLANC; black; obsidian gems on pockets; 12; Ex $28.00/19 WRANGLER; faded, as new 34X32" $78.00/19 40x32" $78.00/19 WRANGLER Pro Rodeo; 28x38"; New $78.00/19 WRANGLER Rock 47; 12; rhinestone pockets $78.00/19 WRANGLER Rock 47 Low Rise; 30"; stone washed $78.00/19 WRANGLER; Black; embroidered pocket; 14/36; As New $78.00/19 WRANGLER; Tan; s40; Dead Stock/New $78.00/19 WRANGLER; white; as new $78.00/19 Pants, leather; black; CANADA; s28; As New $50.00/19 leather; black; GAP; s10; As New $60.00/19 leather; black; M; As New $60.00/19 Pants, leopard print w dk. br. back & sleeves; LBZ; Ladies, has jacket to match; w5 $36.75/19 Pants, loafer, black/white leopard print; PRESTIGE; new; S $15.95/19 Pants, loafers; flared leg; brown w stretchy belt; S; 2016; new $21.80/19 Pants, loafers; straight-leg; burgundy w sunburst & floral upper & lower; 26; Ex $15.95/19 Pants, loafers; crushed velvet; rose pink; straight leg; IJAK IT'S JUST A KISS; M; Ex $15.95/19 Pants, maternity; TOMORROW'S MOTHERS; black; S; Old Stock $42.00/19 Pants, scrubs; green; $5.00/19 green; CANADA, INC.; M $15.00/19 red; no name; L; G- $10.00/19 red; DENVER HAYES; M $15.00/19 red; LIFE; M $15.00/19 red; WHITE CROSS; XL $15.00/19 Pants, skin-tight stretchies black w white snowflake patterns; LA SENZA; M $15.95/19 black, white w multi-color geometric patterns; NEW MIX; New; S/ML $18.00/19 blue/black floral prints; SWEETLEGS; Ex $15.95/19 brown/green houndstooth/triangles; S $15.95/19 dk. green w floral print; S/M; New/Old Stock $15.95/19 Egyptian pattern horizontal bands on white; Ex $15.95/19 green/yellow Paisley print; Ex $15.95/19 green/yellow Paisley print on black; SILVER; Ex $15.95/19 horizontal bands on white; U.S.A.; Ex $15.95/19 multi Paisley print on blue; BIANCA AMOR; 2016; New 2 $15.95/19 multi zigzag & bead print; bluish; M $15.95/19 subursts on black print on blue; Ex $15.95/19 Southwest pattern horizontal bands on white; Ex $15.95/19 STEREO yellow; BIANCA AMOUR; 2016; New $15.95/19 UPCHIC yellow; BIANCA AMOUR; 2016; New $15.95/19 white w paint-splatter design; S/M; New/Old Stock 2 $15.95/19 Pants, skin-tight stretchies, nylon; yellow w blue psychedeic florals; 2013; New 2 $26.40/19 Pants, skin-tight stretchies, nylon; BOBBIE BROOKS, KENYA; 2013; red cordueroy; L; New $26.40/19 zebra print; L; New $26.40/19 Pants, skin-tight stretchies, leopard print; ARDENE; Reindeer pattern; XS $15.95/19 FINE; Lap pattern; L $15.95/19 FRUIT OF THE LOOM; 2016; S; new $21.80/19 LA SENZA; M; Ex $15.95/19 Pants, Skinny-Jeans; ALWAYS SKINNY; yellow w white dots; 30; Ex $20.00/19 BEL&BO; tan; 40; new $51.70/19 GEORGE JEGGING; brown reptile camo; 26; as new $26.00/19 C-MODE; white; brocade waist, back pockets, front; black stretchie waist; szS; new $51.70/19 ESPRIT; dk. tan; S; new $51.70/19 URBAN STAR; Leopard; s10; New Pants, slacks AZURA; brown; 6R; dead stock CLASSIQUE; white; s15; New/Dead Stock $40.00/19 western; Ladies; s14; dead stock $73.20/19 Pants, stretch black; TUFF ATHLETICS; M $20.00/19 blue denim; ROBERT KITCHEN; 4; New/Old Stock $75.00/19;$150/7 Pants, uniform; COCA COLA; RIVERSIDE; Coca Cola label above rear pocket; new; 32 $110/19 Pants, Mountaineering, wool, 3/4 ALPINE JOE; grey-green; pre 1990's; size 32 VG/Ex $120/19 BLACKS OF GREENOCK; lt green; pre 1990's; size 34; VG $120/19 Pants, safari, black w cargo pockets WIND RIVER; 2XLx32; Ex $57.05/19 Pants, safari, khaki w cargo pockets BC CLOTHING; Lx32; Ex $57.05/19 CACHE CREEK size 38 $55.10/19 DENVER HAYES; 34x32; Ex $57.05/19 WARDROBE ESSENTIALS size 30 $42.10/19 Pants, western, men's WRANGLER, tan; 40x30; 2014; new $31.90/19 Pants, white; poly; CLEO PETITES; 2016; s16; New/Dead Stock $64.90/19 Pantsuit Blue Rayon w applique multi-colored insets on cape, black embroidered seams, appliqued studs & gems; blue chainette fringed cape. MARCIE COLLECTION, MEXICO; dead stock original 33012; SzM; Ex $535/19 Grey woven; ROSS EVAN-PIONE; s18; New $139/19 Lt. Blue; BONNIE BLAIR; embroidered western/mexican theme & silver studs on jacket; M; Ex $30.80/19 Lt. Brown; TANJAY, CANADA; s18; As New $40.00/19 Pantsuit, lounging black w colored vertical strips; CANADA; M; Ex $48.00/19 blue; ORLY; string embroidered seams; s8: Ex $48.00/19 flesh pink; OXMO; S/M $48.00/19 Pantyhose Dolci Calze; LANE CRASFORD; M; NIP/dead stock $27.55/19 Parka; AMISK ORIGINAL CREE INDIAN (Beaver Lake Band, Lac La Biche, AB) 1976; green duffle, applique Indian scenes on front & back, lined; wolfpelt ruff. Mina Fromhold 1976 one owner, As new/mint condition, never worn. $1,140/19 Parka; NORTHERN LIFESTYLES; red w. silver Wolf applique; faux black fur trim; XL $150/19 Petticoat, Tear Drop; Lycra spandex, Diamond netting, Tear- drop Lace; CHARADES 2012;c; Black; Sz Plus; nw in pk. $30.55/19 Poncho; see Cape Pullover fleece; white/pink $4.00/19 fleece; white; IDENTITY; L; New/Old Stock $29.00/19 knit; red; CANADA 2010 Olympics; HUDSON'S BAY CO; Ex $75.40/19 Tube; brown-grey knit; ARDENE; NEW; XS $15.00/19 QQQ RRR Raincoat, Jacket, WHITE MOUNTAIN; Raincoat, Overcoat, tall, female; black; cape & hood; Ex $36.65/19 Robe; bath; white/pink; S $16.00/19 Robe; Oriental; Cherry Blossoms; pink; "silk"; SINGAPORE; XL $36.00/19 SSS ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sash; Metis style fingerwoven; large; multicolor; Ex $27.50/19 Sash; Metis style striped multicolor, large; Ex $15.00/19 Scarf (see also sash) Blue w fringed ends, chrome beads & large gemston cloche pendant; 2010; Ex $25.30/19 Diaphranous, miscellaneous 2 $8.80/19 CANADA OLYMPIC HOCKEY LOGO; knit, red; SOGO; New $24.97/19 Fuzzy Leopard pattern $8.80/19 Gold Silk w horse; 20x20" $12.00/19 MIDAS MUFFLER scarf; 7x65" yellow & black stripes; 5" yellow & black wool fringe; Midas name on ends; 1970's; VG $57.05/19 O/S blue camo; new $8.00/19 Red Silk Floral; 36x36" $24.00/19 SOCCER SCARF; BRAZIL; woven national flag; 2018; NIPk $20.00/19 SOCCER SCARF; GERMANY; woven national flag; 2018; NIPk $20.00/19 TRUE NORTH; 20x96"; yellow & green; open knit $27.60/19 Serape Striped red/green/yellow/etc; S/M; Ex $27.50/19 White, OLD NAVY; broad Southwest pattern at bottom; Ex $33.00/19 Shawls Dark Rayon, black w dk. yellow flowers; 4x4'; SILVER SENSE, BALI; fringed; As New $30.25/19 Light fabric, blue; 24"x5' w embroidered & spot stylized flower & corcheted fringe; Ex $30.25/19 Light fabric, mauve, 6' w 12" self-fringe with silver beads; 2013; Ex $6.65/19 Light sheer fabric; oriental; orange w gold ribbon border; 54x88"; Ex $30.25/19 Light-woven cotton, 26x26" w self-fringe; blue w 7.5" blue/ yellow/b/y/b/red/b/r/b/white/b/w tartan weave around sides; 1960's or earlier; cigarette burn to 1 quadrant, otherwise Ex $51.70/19 Mini-Shawl; green w gold "coin" rows; New $18.65/19 Mini-Shawl/bandana; 32" doubled & cut to fit over the shoulder; edge-cut to large fringe done up w 3 basket beads each; gold-colored conch in back w matching fringe; done in SW style multi-color print, red predominant w lt blue & black edge; fashion & pow/wow; very nice; #4123; as new $215/19 Mini-Shawl/bandana; 32" triangular hand-cut to fit over the shoulder; red with regular Indian geometric designs; broad yellow border; fashion & pow/wow; very nice; #4271; see also #3565, 3566, 4123; as new $27.75/19 PONOKA STAMPEDE/FORTIS ALBERTA 2012; pink; Ex $12.00/19 Red diafranous; embroidered; RIMA UNITALA/PARADISUS CANCUN RESORT MEXICO; New $345/19 Shirt form, cardboard; 2012 $3.20/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Shirts Afghani; burgundy velveteen; gold thread embroidery & yoke w peal & sequin decoration; S; dead stock $13.20/19 Afghani; lt. brown; side slit; black fern embroidery around collar & slits; PERFECT FIT; Ex $35.00/19 Blouse; crushed velvet; red; gold & rhinestone hems & collar; M; VG $23.55/19 Camouflage Pinetree; RAVENWEAR; M; dead stock $105/19 Woodlands; BURNSIDE, S; dead stock $24.20/19 Dress BELLISIMO; Oxblood; 15 1/2; Ex $7.50/19 GIORGIO BRUTINI; yellow; 15 1/2; Ex LANDMARK; lt.tan; XXL; New/old stock $16.00/19 LE CHATEAU; red; Men's; XL; as new $28.00/19 PENNINGTON, short sleeve; yellow; 24 $7.50/19 PERRY ELLIS; Sandbar; men's; L; New $30.00/19 SERGIO LOUIS, yellow; M; Ex $16.00/19 SUSLO COUTURE; maroon w checks; L/slim; as new $20.00/19 Hawaiian 'Aloha' bright red w white palm trees, outrigger boats & seascapes w black accenting; S/M $105/19 bright red & yellow featuring Anime character; FREEFALL; XL; Ex $105/19 burgundy w. large green/white flowers $105/19 classical 'Aloha' shirt; SUNDECK; med. red w large blue/white/green leaves; small $145/19 HORACE SMALL SENTRY; black; w epeaulets; 17; New Mod, 1960's gold satinette, Nehru collar, silver/black buttons, black w. silver embroidered trim; AK-JAC; JF/65 w history; Med; Ex+ $445/19 Hippie pullover; purple w abstract flowery prints; flared sleeves; Ex $40.00/19 Paisley print, short sleeve; lt. green w. blue/white/ red paisley & flowers $105/19 Paisley print, long sleeve; multi on dk.blue; snap onyx buttons, white cuffs; white pleated front full-length panels; white stand-up collar w bow- tie tips; worn hole R elbow; 1960's mod; JF/06; M $105/19 High tapered collar, large folded cuffs; for cuff links only; perma-press; size 15 1/2; Known history. formerly owned by JF/64, rock band member (R.I.P.; Bull Moose; White Trash); history to buyer. All near identical Blue, VALDEZ; some wear on cuff fold; Ex $145/19 Green, FORSYTH TACOMA; Ex $145/19 Flesh Pink; PERMANENT PRESS; Ex $145/19 Muscle (see also Halter Top) Red; white CANADA w mountains & spruce; M; New $12.00/19 Red; CALGARY FLAMES logo; AAA; as new $26.00/19 Paisley Print, long sleve; red-brown on white; BASIC EDITIONS, BANGLADESH; s2X; as New $35.20/19 Plad; JINGO; Cotton; red; boy's; M; as new $35.20/19 Short-sleeve SPIDERMAN; red; 2002; L; As New $12.00/19 Sports, short-sleeve CALGARY FLAMES; black; & red; logo in red & yellow; NHL; XL; Ex $26.00/19 Sports Jersey BMX; RED DEER BMX, 2014; new/dead stock 4 $17.55/19 CCM; red; M; $15.00/19 CALGARY FLAMES HOCKEY CLUB in black gothic letters edged in white; flaming C; on red shirt; 2003c; L; VG/Ex $42.85/19 CALGARY FLAMES, T-shirt, red w flaming horsehead; as new; XL; VG/Ex $42.85/19 CALGARY FLAMES HOCKEY CLUB; white; flaming C crest sewn on front; on red shirt; 2003c; XL; VG $38.45/19 $42.85/19 CALGARY STAMPEDERS #11; red; M; near new $195/19 CHICAGO BULLS; #16 THOMPSON; red; L; Ex $42.85/19 CHICAGO REDWINGS # 19; red; M $38.45/19 EDMONTON OILERS; embroidered patches; MIGHTY MAC; L $50.00/19 ESPANA; C&S; National Soccer Team; red; #7; XXL $20.00/19 MICKEY MOUSE; S; Ex $24.00/19 TEAM CANADA; MOLSON CANADIAN; Hockey; red/white w red/black maple leaf & white hockey skater; XL $76.90/19 Toronto Blue Jays, c1993; Black w logo; Boys M, G/VG $69.40/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ T-SHIRTS 1969 white w Indian head iron-on in front; un-used/as new condition but some light spot stains around shoulders JF/69; (#2539); VG/Ex $220/19 1978 Metis Association of Alberta, Annual Assembly; Athabasca, Alta.; yellow w red river cart design; color lightly faded JF/78; (#2541); VG+ $220/19 1988 AC/DC WORLD TOUR; black; Ex $76.90/19 1991 AIRWAYS CLUB: I SURVIVED THE 24-HOUR WIND-UP TOURNAMENT; $24.00/19 2011 1st ANNUAL NATIONS OF JASPER ASSEMBLY; rare; less than 50 made; New $76.90/19 2013 SASKATCHEWAN ROUGH RIDERS GREY CUP; New $30.00/19 2013 KISS tour; black; L; Ex $30.00/19 2014 STAR; canary yellow; XL; new 3 $17.55/19 2015 STANLEY CUP FINAL; TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING; M; Ex $23.00/19 2017 CYPRESS HILL IV; M, L; New 2 $23.00/19 2017 EH?; white maple leaf on red; GILDAN; XL; New $12.95/19 2017 HOCKEY CANADA; black; WALMART; L; New $12.00/19 2017 STORMTECH; black; L; New/old stock $16.00/19 AC/DC WORLD TOUR '88; black; Ex $76.90/19 ANGRY BIRD: FLIRTY; BIANCA AMOR 2016; New $16.00/19 ARIZONA CARDINALS; women's jersey; XL; dead stock $45.00/19 BEAR; FRUIT OF THE LOOM/RUSHING RIVER; black; XL; Ex $ BEYBLADE; BLADEBREAKERS, LET ER RIP; yellow with large griffin transfer in red; 1999c; XL; as new $42.85/19 BRING YOUR GAME; red; youth; S; new $8.00/19 CALGARY FLAMES HOCKEY CLUB in black gothic letters edged in white; flaming C; on red shirt; 2003c; L; VG/Ex $42.85/19 CALGARY FLAMES, red w flaming C; GILDAN ULTRA-COTTON; as new; L; VG/Ex 3 $42.85/19 CALGARY FLAMES, red w flaming C; OLD TIME HOCKEY; L; New $42.85/19 CALGARY FLAMES, red w flaming horsehead; as new; XL; VG/Ex $42.85/19 CALGARY STAMPEDERS #11; red; M; near new $195/19 CAMP CHIEF HECTOR; YMCA; large Thunderbird logo on back; 1990's; black; M; as new $76.90/19 CANADA; 2018; red w white $16.00/19 CANADA COAST TO COAST 1967; white on red; JOE FRESH $12.00/19 CANADA OLYMPIC HOCKEY LOGO; red; MOLSON CANADIAN; New $15.00/19 CANADA 150; red; S/M; As New $15.00/19 CAPTAIN CANUK; new $13.00/19 CHARLOTTE RUSSE; Black w mstalic epeaulets; 2016; New $12.00/19 CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS, red; REEBOK; S; Ex $16.00/19 Christmas; white snowflakes/snowmen on red; JAMMERS $12.00/19 COCA COLA logo; white on red; 2000c; as new $42.85/19 DODGE HARD DRIVE CHALLENGER R/T; 2006; Ex $23.00/19 DUCK DYNASTY; black I'll Split it 3 Ways: 50-50; Ex $17.70/19 EDMONTON ESKIMOS; green & gold; child's Sz 4; as new $17.70/19 EDMONTON OILERS; #4 HALL; PRO EDGE; 2017; New 3 $28.00/19 EDMONTON OILERS; MY NHL; 2017; New $17.70/19 EDMONTON OILERS; black; large; #44, PRONGER (most Olympic games, 21+) 45-312 $69.40/19 EVOLUTION; black w red ribbon chest strap; overhang rear flap; M; As New $20.00/19 FACE THE MUSIC; Yellow; L $17.70/19 FLORIDA PANTHERS; ARVIDSSON #33; ADIDAS; Yellow; M $28.00/19 FRUIT OF THE LOOM; red; L; as new $17.70/19 GEORGE; green/black tie-died camouflage; L $12.00/19 GREEN LANTERN; 2016; M $30.25/19 HAWAII FIVE-O; L; VG $23.00/19 HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA; red; FRUIT OF THE LOOM; L; Ex $12.00/19 HOME DEPOT/TONY STEWART Racing; orange; XL; new $23.00/19 I LOVE CANADA; black; S/M; New $16.00/19 I'M NOT PERFECT, BUT I'M CANADIAN; Rose; M; new $16.00/19 IMPERIOUS; white w black blotches; Angel; XL $16.00/19 "IT BEGINS WITH ME"; FRUIT OF THE LOOM; Cotton; '10;N $16.00/19 JASON ALDEAN; 2011 Tour; black; S; Ex $23.00/19 JOHN DEERE; Black; M $23.00/19 JOHN DEERE; Green; M; L $23.00/19 JOHN DEERE; Yellow; M; Ex $23.00/19 KEITH URBAN; 2005 Tour; black; S; as new $23.00/19 KISS 2013 tour; black; L; Ex $30.00/19 KISS ME; red; V-neck; 2018; L; New 2 $16.00/19 KOKANEE beer Ranger shirt; grey w Ranger's head in black; 2008; sealed in original pack $42.85/19 MONTRAL CANADIANS; Subban # 76; T-Shirt; red; REEBOK; L; As New $48.00/19 MONTREAL CANADIENS; Weber #6; T-Shirt, red; REEBOK; S; As New $42.85/19 MONTREAL EXPOS; red w Expos logo on upper right; CCM; Med; VG $42.85/19 MOSSY OAK; M; New/dead stock; pk of 2 2 $28.00/19 MOSSY OAK; L; New/dead stock; pk of 2 2 $28.00/19 NHL HERITAGE CLASSIC, CALGARY 2011; REEBOK; black; XL $20.00/19 NATIONS OF JASPER 2011 Assembly (First/formative; rare)50.00/19 NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE; Black; L; Ex $23.00/19 PUNISHER; 2016; new 5 $30.25/19 RIVER CREE PLAYERS CLUB; white; L $23.00/19 ROCKI'N RED DEER/Kipp Scott; New; GILDAN; Cotton;XL 5 $17.70/19 Royal Canadian Mounted Police; licensed product, large Musical Ride figure & horse on front w CANADA; red; 2000c; L-XL; near new $51.70/19 STAFF: COVERED WAGON SALOON; Black; Ex $16.00/19 STAMPEDERS; runningh horse on red; CORNISH 9; REEBOK; XL; As New $53.85/19 STAR WARS: Darth Vader w black sequins; 2017; L; New2 $29.00/19 STAR WARS: Darth Vader w silver sequins; 2017; S; New $29.00/19 STAR WARS: Boba Fett; 2017; M; New $29.00/19 STAR WARS: Stormtrooper; black; M; Ex $23.00/19 STAR WARS: compostite scene; white; 2017; M; New $23.00/19 SUPPORT OUR TROOPS; red; 2015; M; New 2 $23.00/19 TEAM CANADA; HUDSON'S BAY 2010; M/L; Ex $23.00/19 TEAM CANADA; MOLSON CANADIAN; Red & white; M $23.00/19 TEXAS ROADHOUSE; black; GILDAN; XL; Ex $23.00/19 THE BEATLES; black; 2013; M; Ex $23.00/19 THE HUNGER GAMES; black; 2017; L; New $29.00/19 THE FLASH; DC COMICS ORIGINALS; L; New $29.00/19 TOP ELIMINATOR 2013; black; L $17.55/19 Toronto Blue Jays, c1993; Black w logo; Boys M, G/VG $69.40/19 TOUR OF DUTY FIRES 1995; commemorative of Saskatchewan's 9 major fires of the year on back, front TO BOLDLY GO.. with charicature of dozer operator and burning forest; FRUIT OF THE LOOM; XL; near new $76.90/19 UFC FIGHT CLUB; Blue; NEXT LEVEL; XL; VG $16.00/19 VENOM; Original; blue on black; 1995 $42.85/19 VENOM; Original; red on black; MARVEL $23.00/19 Wolf Head; Black; cotton; MICHAEL; M; Ex $23.00/19 Wrestlemania V, 1989; Hulk Hogan; Boys, VG/Ex $55.10/19 YMCA CAMP CHIEF HECTOR; Thunderbird shield logo on back; 1990's; black; M; VG #3571 $76.90/19 Western 1950's, beige, brocade, pearl snap buttons; JF@Calgary (AB), boy's 13; with history; Ex+ $760/19 Bib-front blue & tan; striped & dagged bib; cotton; OPEN RANGE; M; Ex $50.00/19 Bib-front red cotton; PANHANDLE SLIM; XXL $60.00/19 Bib-front red cotton; reversable red/black bib; S/M VG$115/19 Black w floral embroidered yoke; cotton; ROCK 47 BY WRANGLER, 2015; XL; New $80.00/ Black & Beige; Cotton; ROPER; M; New $50.00/19 Black, brown collar & embroidred shoulder stripes; MID-WEST GARMENTS; VG $25.00/19 Blood red w floral yoke; L; VG $25.00/19 Blue w Yellow vertical stripes; M $25.00/19 Blue w Southwest printed patterns; Cotton; short- sleeved; ROPER; Ex $25.00/19 Blue w Southwest striped bodice; Cotton; WRANGLER; M; Ex $50.00/19 Brown w tan speckled floral spray; Cotton; ULTRA 20X; XXL; As new $50.00/19 Brown w black linear paisley print; rhinestones on pockets & collar; Cotton; PANHANDLE SLIM ROUGH STOCK 2015; 1X; New $90.00/ Brown checked; cotton; PANHANDLE, 2015; S; New $70.00/ Brown cordueroy; cotton; PANHANDLE SLIM ROUGH STOCK, 2015; XXL; New $70.00/ Brown "night camo" pattern w floral embroidred yoke & southwest geometric embroidered around collar & front closure; Cotton; PANHANDLE SLIM ROUGH STOCK 2015; XL; New $90.00/ Hand-appliqued gold oakleaf & rose bands; gold & red boots, hats, heads etc.; LAURA ROGERS ORIGINALS $90.55/19 Mauve/Purple; Paisley collar & cuffs; SOULSTAR; S; Ex $50.00/19 Mustard w black front yoke & cuffs; cotton; GEPETTO; M; As New $50.00/19 Pink fleece; "tie-die" w epeaulets; CRUEL, 2015; XL; New $70.00/ White, Men's; short-sleeve; ROPER, 2008; S; New $50.00/19 White, Men's; black "tribal" designs 1 side; MUSE FATH COLLECTION VOGUE; 3XL; New $35.00/19 White wrap-around w wmbroidered florals up front; STETSON, 2015; L; New $100/ WRANGLER; 2016; new 2 $50.00/19 Yellow w polynesian print; snaps; Ex $40.00/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SHOES misc.; from Mina Fromhold 4 $22.00/19 1960's ankle-height cowboy/jet boots type w elastic wings; brown; sz 7; Good $62.90/19 canvas, Canadian Army, 1942 desert; leather soles, mint; size 13 $400/19 Girl's 'Cinderella Slippers'; blush pink w open toe; clear arch strap w silver butterfly; WKW 1999; Ex $7.30/19 Half-boots, infant, 5-button, leather; 1890's; sz 3; Ex $180/19 High Heels, 4"; cork; sandal; beaded vamp; SPRING FEDERA; 39; Ex $16.50/19 Loafer's; Men's; black; 8; VG $16.50/19 Overshoes, rubber, Green, Canadian forces, ACTION, 4-loop closure, '84, sz 10 $115/19 Overshoes, rubber, Black, ACTON (Canada) size 9; as new $52.20/19 Overshoes, rubber, Black, metal clip buckles; CZECHOSLOVAKIA; near new; size 10 $52.20/19 Overshoes, women's, rubber, black BRITISH RUBBER COMPANY 1958c; low-top, 2" heel w original box; some wear, one has age-folds from poor storage, but both Ex display; from S of Content Bridge (AB); sz 8.5 $52.20/19 Platform, risers; silver glitter; GOMAX; Sz8; Ex $47.15/19 Platform, 4"; KISS ARMY DEMONIA w silver star applique; Near New $60.50/19 Platform, 6"; strap; black suede brass spot florals; S9; x$58.10/19 Runners; from Mina Fromhold; new 4 $38.50/19 Sandals, AMANDA, gold lame with gold spots; 8; Ex $38.65/19 Sandals, DEXFLEX; black silver w gems on straps; 9w; Ex Sandals, MONTEGO GAY CLUB; gold lame; 8.5; As new $38.65/19 Sandals, BLUE BOX, high-topped w macrame front; 38; Ex $16.95/19 Sandals, GODDESS SANDALS, gold, ankle laces; CALIFORNIA COSTUMES; c2012; new in pack $38.65/19 Sandals, clogs, plastic, blue, New $6.60/19 Slippers; infant; pile; imitation white shoes; New $11.45/19 Slippers; pile; from RIVER CREE MARIOTT HOTEL; July 16, 2015; JF/15; New in pack $11.45/19 Slippers; faux wool dk brown w faux dk.br. fur cuff; rubber soles; used; s9; good $8.00/19 Slippers; silver glitter; s10; G $12.00/19 Stilletto, 2" black/white; sandals; plastic flowers; JESSICA; 8.5; Ex $30.25/19 Stilletto, 2" silver; strap; FIONI; 7W $17.60/19 Stilletto, 2.25" black vinyl; pointed; EXPRESSION $17.60/19 Stilletto, 2.5" black vinyl; EXPRESSION; 10M $30.25/19 Stilletto, 2.5" red, pointed; w crux coins dangles; MAXRED; s9; Ex+ $38.65/19 Stilletto, 3" black cloth rippled; 725 ORIGINAL; 9; Ex $47.15/19 Stilletto, 3" black lace on gold; black bow; open toe; FIONI; 11; Ex $47.15/19 Stilletto, 3" black sandals w gold accent; JESSICA; 6; Ex $47.15/19 Stilletto, 3" black vinyl bootee; GEORGE; 10; VG $30.25/19 Stilletto, 3" black vinyl w wold & white; JOE FRESH; 6; Ex$30.25/19 Sitlletto, 3" blue leather; fringed; LE CHATEAU; 7; Ex $30.25/19 Stilletto, 3" gold lame; open toe; EXPRESSION; 10M; $30.25/19 Stilletto, 3.25" black strap; NINA; 8.5 $30.25/19 Stilletto, 3.5" beige vinyl; GEORGE; $19.80/19 Stilletto, 3.5" gold lame speckle; A.Co.; 8; Ex $30.25/19 Stilletto, 3.5" gold lame stressed; ENZO ANGIOLINI; Ex $30.25/19 Stilletto, 3.5" red open toed; MARK FISHER; 10M; Near New $30.25/19 Stilletto, 3.5" silver open toed; 725 ORIGINALS; $41.15/19 Stilletto, 3.5" silver open toed, 2 broad straps; GEORGE; s9 $17.60/19 Stilletto, 3.5" silver open toed, barred; LE CHATEAU; 7; Near New $41.15/19 Stilletto, 3.5" silver sparkle open toed straps; ALDO; s8.5 $30.25/19 Stilletto, 3.5" "snakeskin" open toed; MADDEN GIRL; 6.5;Ex$41.15/19 Stilletto, 3.5" yellow pointed; NINE WEST; 6.5; Near New $41.15/19 Stilletto, 4" sandals; gold; CHINESE LAUNDRY; Winner's sticker @$39.99/2014; Ex $41.15/19 Stilletto, 4"; black, tan & metal; BUCCO; 7.5; VG++ $19.80/19 Stilletto, 4"; blue suede leather open toed; ALDO; 39; Ex $54.45/19 Stilletto, 4"; CALL IT SPRING; silver speckle; 9 $19.80/19 Stilletto, 4" 'Cinderella Slippers'; clear plastic w open toe; 3 black arch strap; JANIE $47.15/19 Stilletto; 4"; black vinyl; rhinestone bow; DOLLHOUSE; 8 $24.00/19 Stilletto; 4"; gold lame; LE CHATEAU; 9 $30.25/19 Stilletto; 4"; green vinyl; WORTHINGTON; 7.5M; Near New $41.15/19 Stilletto; 4"; Oxblood Red; SPRING; s39; new $54.45/19 Stilletto; 4"; silver scale; SPRING; s38; new $54.45/19 Stilletto; 4"; snakeskin sandal on black; ARTURO CHIANG; Near New; s8.5 $79.75/19 Stilletto; 4"; headlines; SPRING; 35; Ex $30.25/19 Stilletto, 4" zebra stripe; 9:21; s8; VG $22.00/19 Stilletto; 4.25" silver lame speckled; strap; STYLE & CO; damaged Stilletto; 4.25" snakeskin; NINE WEST; 7M; Ex $30.25/19 Stilletto; 4.25" platform; black snakeskin strap; cork; ROBERTO VIANNI; s8; Ex $30.25/19 Stilletto, 'Cinderella Slippers'; clear plastic w open toe; clear arches, gold tone; Ex $47.15/19 Stilletto, 'Cinderella Slippers'; clear plastic w open toe; clear arches, 6TH STREET WEST; turquoise tone; Ex $47.15/19 Stilletto, 4.5" 'Cinderella Slippers'; clear plastic w open toe; clear arch strap w 6 raised clear plastic diamonds; VOGUE 2000; S9; Ex $47.15/19 Stilletto, 4.5" BEAUTY HEEL "Celina"; 3 horizontal straps; silver & black; s8; near new $38.65/19 Stilletto, 4.5" black w rhinestone coverage; A.CO; 9; Ex $22.00/19 Stilletto, 4.5" black leather w chrome spot deco. A.CO;10 $30.00/19 Stilletto, 4.5" brown strap, cork sole; ROBERTO VANNI; 9 $22.00/19 Stilletto, 4.5" PARIS HILTON; silver green w black bow $54.45/19 Stilletto, 4.5" SEDUCE-422; red & black plsc; s8; New $54.45/19 Stilletto, 4.5" Silver lame speckle; DIVA LOUNGE; 7; Ex $30.25/19 Stilletto, 4.5" Snakeskin; open toe; ROBERTO VIANNI; 36 Ex$30.25/19 Stilletto, 4.5" Snakeskin & gems; open toe; ANNE MICHELLE SEDUCE-44; sz8; Ex $30.25/19 Stilletto, 4.5" A.co; silver speckle; s10/40; Ex $30.25/19 Stilletto, 4.5" brown/black snakeskin; 725 ORIGINAL; 9; nw$22.00/19 Stilletto, 4.5" buckskin w fringes; LE CHATEAU; 6.5; Ex $32.00/19 Stilletto, 4.5" zebra stripe; ANNE MICHELLE; 7.5; N New $41.15/19 Stilletto, 4.5" silver glitter; LE CHATEAU; 9M; N New Stilletto, 4.75"; silver lame; strap; studs; SPRING; 36; $30.25/19 Stilletto, 5"; ALDO; open toed, black satin; black gems on heel; s37; near new $20.00/19 Stilletto, 5"; CLUB COUTURE; new 4 $80.85/19 Stilletto, 5"; CLUB COUTURE; black 4577; s8; new $80.85/19 Stilletto, 5"; LE CHATEAU; Snakeskin; s8; near new $47.15/19 Stilletto, 5"; TOO FAST; skeleton bird; s8; near new $52.20/19 Stilletto, 5"; PRO-MISE; silver speckle; open toe; Ex $48.40/19 Stilletto, 5"; ROBERTO VIANNI; red cloth block sole; 40M $19.80/19 Stilletto, 5"; SHOEDAZZEL; platform; gold speckle; 7; NN $38.65/19 Stilletto, 5.5"; SHOE REPUBLIC; platform; gold speckle; open toe; s6; Near New $38.65/19 Stilletto; 5.5"; STEVE MADDEN; black, strap, open toed w copper straps; 8.5M; Ex $30.25/19 Wedge; 2.5" beige strips; ROBERTO VIANNI; 40M $19.80/19 Wedge; 2.5" silver, strap w gems; DEXFLEX; 9W $24.00/19 Wedge; 3"; black plastic w chrome rondel; FIONI; 11; Ex $30.25/19 Wedge; 3.25" black plastic w gold tips & heels; NEXT; 6 $47.15/19 Wedge; 4.5" mustard yellow; cloth flower; BUCCO; 8; VG $22.00/19 Wedge; 4.5" floral printed cloth; BRASH; 9; VG $22.00/19 Shorts Camo; Woodlands, 3-Color; OLD NAVY; s16; VG $10.00/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SKIRTS Ankle-length; beige w black leather waist; I.N.C.; s8; Ex $27.00/19 Ankle-length; black; linen; embroidered vertical bands w MALCOM & CO; s14; Ex $36.00/19 Ankle-length; black; elastic; poly; ELAN $10.00/19 Ankle-length; black w white floral vertical runners; elastic waist; ZANZEA; new/old stock $48.00/19 Ankle-length; black; denim; LUCIEN DAUNOIS; s44 Ankle-length; brown cordueroy; TRIBAL; s12; Ex $32.00/19 Ankle-length; camouflage; woodland; BILLABONG; New $48.00/19 Ankle-length; orange diaphranous netting w embroidered bands at waist and hem; Middle-Eastern; Ex $14.50/19 Ankle-length; burgundy crushed velvet w sparklers; Ex $20.00/19 Calf-length; brown; linear embroidery; Algonkian style double-loop white embroidery around hem; CLEO PETITES; 10/28; Ex $28.00/19 Calf-length; leatherette; LOVE & LEGEND; s14; Ex $18.00/19 full; 42"; black; MARJORIE #2691 (Canada); size 14 $42.10/19 full; black veleur & velvet bands; sequin & bead sunburst decorated band; JESSICA; s36/16P; Ex $22.00/19 full; black; cordueroy; ASHLEY II/JC PENNY; s18; new $47.00/19 Knee-length; Beige; pockets; NORTHERN REFLECTIONS; XL; Ex $27.60/19 Knee-length; Beige chintz w ric-rac; cotton; OLD NAVY; dead stock; 2010; new; Sz14 $64.80/19 Knee-length; beige w open crochet exterior; FRENCH CONNECTION 2013; new; Sz6 $205/19 Knee-length; black pinstripe; RICKI'S; 18; new/dead stock $40.00/19 Knee-length; black; ruffed; XXL $24.00/19 Knee-length; blue; denim NICOLE BENISTI POINT ZERO; s18; $20.00/19 Knee-length; blue; denim ORLY; embroidred pockets; s8 $24.00/19 Knee-length; blue; denim VEREKPOX; s2; Ex $24.00/19 Knee-length; brown chintz; ORLEY SPORT; s4; New $90.00/19 Knee-length; brown cotton; peasant style; bead cluster scattered florals; JESSICA SPORT; s26; Ex $40.00/19 Knee-length; brown w floral embroidery; SUZI SHIER; L $16.50/19 Knee-length; Green; embroidered florals w bead accents; NVG-ARD COLLECTION; S12; Ex $38.00/19 knee-length; Maroon w floral pring; FRENCH CONNECTION; dead stock; 2010; new; Sz8 $160/19 Knee-length; Pink; denim; LIMITED EDITION; s30/10 $16.50/19 Knee-length; Red; white birds & flowers; ERIC+LANI; 7; X $25.00/19 Knee-length; red leopard; LANEBRYANT; s18; new, dead stock 2016; $49.95/19 Knee-length; tan w emboidered floral side; AE SPORT&CO; s16; Ex $16.00/19 Knee-length; white, ruffed front; bead belt dangle; HUMMING; dead stock; 2014; SzL $47.70/19 Knee-length; white; RICKI'S; sz10 $22.00/19 Knee-length; white on black; XXL; new/dead stock $15.00/19 Knee-length; white black leaf pattern; REITMANS; s15; Ex $16.00/19 Knee-length; white paisley on black; DANIELRAINN; M $15.00/19 Knee-length; yellow; TRIBAL; s6 $10.00/19 Knee-length; Yellow Paisley; GAP; 6R; Ex $25.00/19 Leather, fringed, suede; overlapping $100.00/19 Mexican/SW/Western; red-yellow-green w embroidered ribbon bands; cotton/poly; DORIS UNIFORMS, CALGARY; Ex $33.00/19 Mini; 10"; blue denim; STREETWEAR SOCIETY; S $15.00/19 Mini; 12"; plaid w embroidered band; OLD NAVY; XS $10.00/19 mini; 12"; cream; OLD NAVY; 4.5" waistband w 7 bands of orange sequins on looped embroidery; flared lower; 32" waist; s4; New/dead stock $42.10/19 mini; 12"; pink; REQUEST; 31"; Ex $20.00/19 mini; 13.5"; blue denim; SMART SET; s5; Ex $16.00/19 Mini; 14"; blue denim; BLUENOTES; 34w; Ex $24.00/19 Mini; 14"; blue denim; LONDON JEAN; shell deco.; s0; Ex $17.00/19 Mini; 14"; red lace; LADY DUTCH; M; As New $24.00/19 Mini; 15"; blue denim; lace front, floral pockets; stone washed; ZANA-DI; s13; Ex $17.00/19 mini; 15"; blue denim; GAP 1969; $17.00/19 Mini; 15"; brown sheer w small blue/white blossom over- print; elastic waist; as new $20.00/19 western; denim; black w conch & fringe laces & silver bead; S7-8; Ex $68.40/19 white, ankle length; MAGGIE BARNES; 5X; New $26.40/19 wool, grey, 17" JOE FRESH; dead stock; $49/14 new; Sz 4 $41.05/19 Skirt, Peasant; elastic bossom SW pattern print; green, yellow & rainbow arch; ZURA COLLECTION; M/L; as new $26.00/19 Slacks see Pants Slip, full, miscellaneous, white, beige $19.80/19 spaghetti strap; White; $19.80/19 Slip, half, white, beige $9.90/19 Slippers; faux fur w sequin linear design on instep. G $7.10/19 Slippers; faux fur, zebra; COCOONS; 2017; New $8.00/19 Socks; new; pr 2 $4.00/19 Socks; child's;COMFY TOES; wolf face; 2017; NIP $4.00/19 Socks, Infant; PLANET SOX; New in pck $4.00/19 Spats; green-grey; 4 green snap-button closures; old collections catalogue number; Ex $105/19 Spats; green-grey; 4 green snap-button closures; Ex 2 $105/19 Stole, Altar Boy $30.25/19 Suits, Men's 1960's, charcoal; DUPUIS, Montreal; Small (about boys 18); with history, photos; JF/64; Ex $370/19 1960's blue pinstripe; 3-pc. virgin wool; HENLEY/TIP TOP; small; VG $280/19 1960's grey tweed w. bell-bottom pants; EDWIN SCOTT; size 40; G+ $280/19 1970's lt. brown herringbone; LEISHMAN'S/TIPTOP; VG; S$280/19 Brown; Jacket, pants, vest, tie; SEARS; M; Ex $280/19 NOIRE FORMAL; s33; as new $100/19 Western; CIRCLE S; s34; As New $137/19 Suits, Women's ARCH NOUVEAU by HILTON HOLLIS; jacket & skirt; 14;nw$1,570/19 BENEE by LORIAN; beige lace blouse & skirt; Vintage; 14; Ex $80.00/19 Sweater CALGARY FLAMES; red; S $48.00/19 Christmas; black w white reindeer, snowflakes, etc.; M $24.00/19 Christmas; knit; black w white snowfkates; rolled collar; L $48.00/19 Christmas; knit; black w white snowfkates; LOVE21; L $48.00/19 JOE FRESH Lapp-style white on red; 2017; L; New $19.00/19 KNITCREST; Baby sweater; 1950s; in original box $35.00/19 Superman logo appliqued; blue; DC; 14; As New $24.00/19 Sweatpants; CALGARY FLAMES; XL; G+++ $40.70/19 Sweatshirt; CALGARY FLAMES; XL; REEBOK FACE OFF; XL; Ex 2 $45.00/19 Sweatshirt; CANADA hockey; NHL MIGHTY MAGS; boy's $12.00/19 Swim Trunks COORS; black & red, long leg; NTD; L; New $22.20/19 Blue; Imperial Eagle Crest w skulls; REQUEST; 10/12; VG $17.00/19 GEORGE; BLUE; L; New RALPH LAUREN; Blue; 2017; L; New $45.00/19 Red; flames; SK; S/M $10.00/19 Red; skull; 725 ORIGINALS; M $10.00/19 Swimsuit, girl's; floral (yellow); yellow sequin straps & upper border edging; GEORGE; 14; Ex $19.35/19 Swimsuit, miscellaneous; used $11.00/19 TTT Tank Top (see Camisole; Halter Top) Tie Slides, western 1967 Centennial; Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede; 1.75" brass arrowhead w raised lettering & Indian head in horned bonnet $115/19 Ties Bead embroidered stars, flowers, zigzag; red-brown $14.65/19 Brown w ducks; 2010; new in pck. $14.65/19 Woven, Ukrainian lion & tower crest, multi color, 2 $14.65/19 Ties, Bolo/Western ALBERTA RESOURCES RAILWAY; 1969 Grande Prairie/Alberta Resources Railway Last Spike western string tie $50.00/19 Rising eagle w gemstone body;gold; Ex $12.00/19 yellow; 1975 CANADA GAMES, ALBERTA logo; TAIWAN; Ex $43.35/19 Touque, Olympics; 1988 Calgary; white w red snowflake & Olympic logo Ex/Mint; $64.15/19 lightly stained $34.25/19 Touque, THE PUNISHER; logo on front; VG $34.25/19 Touque, WINNIPEG JETS; Ex $23.00/19 Track Suit (3419,3420) WILD WEST; sweatshirt w 'Indian' design on front & "Indian Country"; Lt Grey w black hood; Pants w designs & "WILD WEST Country" on left leg; black; 1986c dead stock; Boy's L; as new $120/19 UUU Undershirt/Muscleshirt AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, MARVEL; L; New $16.00/19 Underwear Shorts Girl's; black w white Southwest patterns; OLD NAVY; s10 $10.00/19 Playboy briefs; 2012; New $4.85/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ VVV Vests Afghan; girl's; blue floral print; gold embroidred ribbon $38.50/19 borders; brass bells on hem; Ex black, faux leather; 6" fringe at hem; cut pattern bodice; hook closure; BOUTIQUE XXI; S/M $20.00/19 Calfskin, black & white hair; hand sewn, lined, brown leather binding, leather lace ties. this type popular in the 1950's, usually Indian made (see also Aboriginal collection # 171); size S/M $760/19 Calfskin, black, woman's, faux fur & embroidery decorated; Oklahoma State Seal snap closure; RARE; L $67.40/19 Calfskin, Charcoal, lace edged; M $30.25/19 Cloth, black; fringed; BOUTIQUE XXI; S/M $10.00/19 camouflage (offbeat wiggly lines woodland), pile lined, SEXTON, Winnipeg $87.90/19 cordueroy; wine; DALES Dis Guy's 1966c; L; G/VG; JF/66 has history $42.10/19 cowboy; black appliques, fringes; child $12.85/19 cowboy; blue, yellow & green w applique cloth, pocket, lace & fringe; Ex; boy's $16.10/19 denim; blue 2 $26.60/19 denim; blue; double-row buttons; stand-up collar; frilled hems; VENEZIA; M $50.00/19 denim; blue; MISFITS punker; girl's; $25.00/19 denim; white w metal spots $26.60/19 dress grey-green; LE CHATEAU; S/M; Ex $12.00/19 grey, checked; vintage; M/L; Ex $12.00/19 grey-green, checked; M; Ex $12.00/19 lt. brown; vintage; M/L; Ex $12.00/19 Faux Fur; black bear; K.D. BEAUTIFUL; XXXL; Ex $26.60/19 Faux Fur w ruffs; brown; reversable; TRIBAL China; S $26.60/19 Gambler (Klondike, Riverboat) Black; covered in squiggly lines in black tube beads; H&M; Ex $58.75/19 Black; black sequin front w.silver-green abstract floral $130/19 Maroon back, black fr. w small white & silver thread 'northern lights' pattern throughout; small tear at shoulders; BW SPORTSWEAR 1966; has history; M $120/19 Lt. br back, med blue w silver/blue metalic thread leaf & flower patern throughout; EDMONTON SPORTSWEAR 1966; has history; M $105/19 Dk. Gr. back; silver/white w. silver/white brocade floral w silver thread accent & black partial out- line; KLONDIKE DAYS; 1965; has history; M $105/19 Hunting/outdoors CEMENT; multi-pocket; net lining; lt. tan; size M $58.75/19 Green, rubberized, MADE IN JAPAN, no-name; 7 pocket & game pocket; net shoulders & upper back; L; as nw $68.40/19 Green, no-name CA02483 MADE IN CHINA; 10 pocket & game pocket; 2 inside pockets; Ex $58.75/19 NORTH AMERICAN SPORTSMAN; OD; multi-pocket, lined, M$68.40/19 PROTEST; multi-pocket; game bag; OD; size M $58.75/19 Quilted/pile lined; M; G/VG $58.75/19 Red, nylon; UTILITY Made in Bangladesh; 2000c; L; Ex$42.10/19 shotgun; EDDIE BAUER; OD; size L $105/19 shotgun; Green, rubberized, no-name; 1 pocket & 23 shell holders; M; near new $58.75/19 shotgun; NESCO; reed green cotton duck; game pouch; padded shoulder; L $105/19 Leather Black; MEXICO; M; Ex $45.00/19 Black; BOUTIQUE OF LEATHER; M; VG $36.65/19 Black; BOUTIQUE OF LEATHER; w. red & yellow flames front & back; Ex $65.00/19 cap to match; Ex $15.00/19 Morocco Leather; red; NIKO; woman's; 7; As New $60.00/19 suede; brown/tan; machine-stitched seams; 12.5" cut fringe around bottom; 12 silver spots down each front; lace tie; 1960's; size M/L $78.00/19 suede, lt brown pigskin; plain; lined; BAJA CALIFORNIA MEXICO; S; Ex $27.50/19 suede, dk brown; pyle lined; western cut; pockets, snap closures; inside pocket; pre2000; XL; Ex $90.55/19 suede, dk. brown; women's cloth lined; CHINA 2010c; snap closure; fringed yoke front; M; Ex $36.65/19 Lion's Club, Pacific Northwest/Alberta; vinyl patch; green on white evergreen on back; brown felt trim; felt fringes across chest. Ex/as new $55.10/19 Lion's Club; Lac La Biche (AB); cloth patch; NW crest on back; blue felt trim; brown leather fringes on chest; flowers beaded on yoke; JF/78 LLB; 4yr Pres/VP; has history; Ex $160/19 Oriental; Burgundy w fur trim; gold dragon embroidery; Ex $50.00/19 Sheepskin; sheared; white; DENVER HAYES; L $100/19 Western, carpet material, brown w black western-theme pictographs; DEBORAH MURRAY; XL; Ex. $16.50/19 Western, men's; suede, lt brown pigskin; plain; lined; BAJA CALIFORNIA MEXICO; S; Ex $27.50/19 Western, leather, red; NIKO; woman's; 7; As New $60.00/19 Western, vinyl, brown; 12" fringe; TURQUOISE HOUSE; as new$30.25/19 Western, woven Southwest pattern; Women's; OPTIONS, CANADA; cloth lined; M; Ex, as new $36.65/19 Western, women's; western-themed tapestry sides & collar, white fringed collar; ASH CREEK; L $36.65/19 Winter Blue, quilted White, quilted; ATMOSPHERE; M $24.00/19 White, quilted; silver sequin bands; FADED GLORY; s14-16; New/Old Stock $45.00/19 Woven floral brocade; vintage; S; Ex $45.00/19 Woman's; black w gold & blue punctate floral pattern; TANJAY 2016; s12; New/Old Stock $45.00/19$60 Woman's; black, straight sided w collar; 2 patch pockets w slant & blue embroidered flower; 3 embroidered flowers (orange, silver, blue) up front on each side w leaves & stems; cross-stitch embroidery binding on all eges & pockets; about 1970; about size M/L; VG $55.10/19
------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ WWW Western Boots, Moccasin/fringed; ROPER; s 5.5; 2018; new $69.00/19 Boots, Western; Girl's; OLD WEST; pink & white; s10 $25.00/19 Boots, Western; Ladies' FERRINI; 2-tone; brass stud & silver applique; sz 8 $33.00/19 Boots, Western; Ladies' JESSICA SIMPSON; SW pattern woven cloth insets; s8; Ex $29.25/19 Boots, Western; Ladies' GRAND (Canada) 17530; red suede stainless toe & heel protectors; 1970's; sz 8 1/2 $82.50/19 Boots, western; 1/2 boots, elastic ankles; brown $29.25/19 Boots, western; 1/2 boots, elastic ankles; white $29.25/19 Boots, western; DON QUYOTE; brown; sz 10; as new $38.50/19 Boots, western; LAREDO; black; sz 7m $30.25/19 Boots, western; Men's; 10 1/2; brown; G- $25.00/19 Cape, leather, triangular w 2-dag front drops; black leather w brown leather applique dagged & scrolled shoulders; 10.5" black fringe all around; 2007c; as new$82.50/19 Chaps, leather; gold-brown; black trim & fringe down outisde; from /\6 Ranch (AB), 1950's when River of No Return w Marilyn Monroe was filmed at the location. size S/M $640/19 black w brown trim & fringe; boy's $170/19 brown rough bullhide, 2 silver conches, tall/slim; 1970's; VG $64.90/19 black, rough; hand-hammered silver conch; tall/slim; Near New $125/19 Collar Clip-On tips; metal; 1950s; on original card 2 $24.00/19 Dress, vintage LILIA GUILTY style 1818; 1950's USA; cotton; pale yellow; silver buttons to waist opening front; silver collar tips; front overlap yoke with silver sequin fern frond, leaves & culiques in pale green roped piping; silver spot & rhinestone highlights. Padded shoulders; Matching cloth belt w silver western buckle; Size 3/4; Ex $105/19 PANHANDLE SLIM style FF1100; 1960's USA; rayon/nylon; burgundy; silver buttons to waist opening front; multicolored block pattern with patterned triangular yoke, collar & waist; yoke & waist bordered with burgundy chainette fringe; black leatherette belt w silver western buckle & tip; Size 4; Ex $105/19 SAS'SA, USA; med blue; chrome spots & 5" fringe V- yoke on front, fringe on lower arms; laced neck opening; M; Ex $34.60/19 Hatband; woven cloth with leather backing & gold-tone conch; browns; SW pattern; as new $27.75/19 Hats Cloth, lt being; LANNING; braided leather hatband; feather cluster on right; 1970's property of Indian Princess (dtr. of Chief; d1994); has history; Ex $350/19 Felt, 1950's, grey, Calgary (AB), JF/56; has brass US Cavalry bugle to front; one owner, became Indian chief; with history; (cat. # 196); VG/Ex $2,760/19 Felt, dk br, WRANGLER 7 star; narrow leather hatband of sewn-in feathers w western buckle; high crown double indented, narrow top; brim lightly raked fore & aft; 6 7/8; dead stock as new $280/19 Felt, m br.; SMITHBILT 3x; narrow hatband of sown-on chevron hemp braid in natural colors; hackle feather cluster, bronze buckle; high crown double indented, narrow top; brim lightly raked fore & aft; 6 7/8; dead stock as new $185/19 Felt, RED DEER ROYALS MARCHING BAND c1980's, red w Red Deer (AB) cloth badge to front; G/VG $64.90/19 Imitation Leather, suede; laced oranamentation; new $41.85/19 Leather, black; black laced ornamentation; as new/dead stock; $105/19 Pressed woven raffia/hemp; natural; hemp & laced leather hatband; feather cluster on left; high crown double indented, broad top; brim heavily raked fore & aft; ARTEL; Thompson's Men's Wear, Ponoka (AB); as new/dead stock; 7 1/8 $145/19 Pressed woven cotton; white; narrow black hatband; double indented crown, med. top; brim slightly raked; WESTERN SOUTHLAND; 1990's; as new/dead stock; 7 1/4, 7 1/2 $69.40/19 Pressed plaited straw; beige/natural; vinylcote; narrow black hat band, calf roping pin on left; double indent crown, narrow top; RESISTOL W8167 NCHA L C 081; browband marked 'National Cutting Horse Association' & 'Ponoka Western Wear' (AB); 1990's; as new/dead stock; 6 3/4$105/19 Velveteen, Red, white faux-fur band; M/S; Ex $8.15/19 Woven straw; 2-toned; no browband; cloth hatband & edge binding; 2010; as new $10.50/19 Jacket; Ladies; short waist; tan leather yoke spot dec. in front, laced back; tan leather cuffs, laced; dk. brown cloth sleeves & body; 2013; as new $125/19 Jacket; Ladies; Leather; dk brown lacing on hems; DALYMS; L $66.00/19 Jacket; Ladies stone-washed jean jacket w 10" white leather fringe in front & rear seams w 2 antique metal conch. pointed front & rear; 2 slash waist pockets; leather laced sleeves & rear. 3 snap closures; HAVOC; M; VG $42.10/19 Jacket; Men's; Leather, suede; triangular yoke w 9" fringe front, back & shoulder; dk. brown; snap closures; PCFL (CANADA) c1960; XL; Ex $215/19 Skirt & shirt, dk. bronze rayon, w yellow/brown 3" chainette fringe on skirt & on shirt shoulder seams. 32" waist; Square Dance type. $160/19 Skirt; denim; black w conch & fringe laces & silver bead; S7-8; Ex $68.40/19 Shirts 1950's, beige, brocade, pearl snap buttons; Calgary (AB), boy's 13; with history; Ex+ $760/19 Bib-front red cotton; reversable red/black bib; S/M VG$115/19 Hand-appliqued gold oakleaf & rose bands; gold & red boots, hats, heads etc.; LAURA ROGERS ORIGINALS $90.55/19 WRANGLER; 2016; new 3 $40.50/19 Suit, Men's CIRCLE S; s34; As New $137/19 Sweater; grey knit w large patterned black leather triangular yoke, silver bead chain edgeing on a front segment, black leather fringe w silver bead chain fringe interspersed on front; MILLER 1990c; M; Ex $75.45/19 Sweater, white, knit, sleeveless, large turtleneck collar; RACHEL ROY; M; Ex $75.45/19 Sweater, white; Olympic 2010; Hudson's Bay; M; Ex $48.00/19 Ties, western, string 1969 Grande Prairie/Alberta Resources Railway Last Spike $50.00/19 1975 CANADA GAMES, ALBERTA logo; TAIWAN; Ex $43.35/19 Rising eagle w gemstone body;gold; Ex $12.00/19 Top, blue w white chainette fringe on back; M $8.00/19 Track Suit (3419,3420) WILD WEST; sweatshirt w 'Indian' design on front & "Indian Country"; Lt Grey w black hood; Pants w designs & "WILD WEST Country" on left leg; black; 1986c dead stock; Boy's L; as new $120/19 Vests, leather Calfskin, black, woman's, faux fur & embroidery decorated; Oklahoma State Seal snap closure; RARE; L $14.05/19 Calfskin, Carcoal, lace edged; M $30.25/19 Calfskin, black & white hair; hand sewn, lined, brown leather binding, leather lace ties. this type popular in the 1950's, usually Indian made (see also Aboriginal collection # 171); size S/M $760/19 suede; brown/tan; machine-stitched seams; 12.5" cut fringe around bottom; 12 silver spots down each front; lace tie; size M/L $78.00/19 suede, dk brown; pyle lined; western cut; pockets, snap closures; inside pocket; size XL; Ex $90.55/19 XXX YYY ZZZ Return to Master Directory

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