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------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------
AAA A & W bottle, A&W ROOT BEER 300 ml stubby bottle w plastic wrap. wrapper faded & worn $$.28/10 Bottle, 128 oz.; brown A & W cap; cap w. some rust; Made in Canada; $$$.43/10 Mug, A & W; cracked $$$.64/10 Mugs, Glass; assorted sizes (see Glassware) Root Bear, Hand puppet $$$.40/10 Abacus; 10 lines, wood stanchions; 45-063; G+ $$$.40/10 Aboriginal Crafts, Ethnography & Costuming Advertisements, promo AIR CANADA chopsticks in paper wrappers; pr; 8 different $$.33/10pr Glasses; 4" brandy; w. frosted logo; set of 6 $$$.30/10 toothpick in paper wrapper $$.33/10 AMOCO oil; bottle opener; plastic, flat, white, near new $$.28/10 AYERS SASPARILLA Turn of century type for plaque; young girl, "How fair she grows from day to day" 6x9" mounted on brown stained plywood 8x12" VG+ $$$.06/10 BLACKFALDS ALBERTA/BLACKFALDS AG SOCIETY "Greening our Community"; Frisbee; new w Ecology flysheet; 2008; as new $$$.10/10 CAL GINGER ALE bottle opener; cap lifter, wood grip; F $$.66/09 CAMPBELL'S SOUP; Mugs; GREGORIAN, CANADA 1950/60c $$$.65/10 CAMPBELL'S SOUP & ROBIN'S DONUTS mug; 1990c $$$.65/10 CITY OF MEDICINE HAT glass, whiskey; Canadian Feederation of Mayors and Municipalities convention; dated 1952 $$$.65/10 DELBURNE AGENCIES; Joe Rushfeldt; 1950's $$$.40/10 DITTRICH MEN'S SHOP, Edmonton; 1950's; bottle opener $$.28/10 ESSO gas pump salt & pepper shakers from Neilburg, Saskatchewan; scuffed & 1 missing base plate; G; $$$.99/08 from Malden, Massechusets; scuffed; G+ $$$.99/08 FAIRMONT HOT SPRINGS; ashtray; Cast & chromed; 3.5"; fern & flower border, openwork; FAIRMONT crest in centre; JAPAN 1950c; near mint $$$.28/10 FISCHER'S BITTERS bottle; 3" fish-shaped; blue; Ex $$$.65/10 FITZGERALD'S Hotel Casino, Reno, Nevada; ashtray, glass; 3.75x3.75" $$$.40/10 HARVEY'S Hamburgers Softball $$.28/10 HEINZ barbeque spatula with large wood handle with logo; 1960c $$$.40/10 KOKANEE GLACIER BEER; cooler packsack; 18 can; blue; 2008; new $$$.59/10 LIBBEY'S OF CANADA glass Cowboy Boot mug, 6.6"; $$$.59/10 another; molded spur, & abstract motif to side $$$.59/10 LIFESAVER grooming kit 1960's Hong Kong; mirror in plastic setting w plastic comb in lifesaver stiped color plastic sleeve & imprinted w name & scored stripes. Unique $$$.28/10 MERIT STORES ashtray; glass, 4.25x4.25 w round base & orange bottom w advertisements; Ex $$$.40/10 MIDTOWN MOTEL (Drayton Valley, AB); milk-glass ashtray, 3- sided 5x5x5x1.25"; Ex+ $$$.65/10 MOORE'S TOM-BOY (Rimbey, AB)/MOORE'S STORE (Forestburg,AB) glass ashtray, round w broad rim for lettering on yellow (faded); VG $$$.65/10 MOUNTAIN VIEW BOWL mug $$/10 NEW HOLLAND; cooking spoon, cast potmetal; 8.25" o/a; dk brown plastic grip expanding to Egyptian Papyrus Column style top w name stamped into handle; BONNY PROD. CO. 1950c; rare; VG+ $$$.40/10 96 CHFM LITE Radio mug $$/10 NORTH WEST MOTORS, Red Deer; glass, 5" round w broad rim for lettering; Ex $$$.65/10 P. DROUET GRANDS VINS DE CHAMPAGNE classic advertisement poster (reproduction); 11.3x16.6"; framed; as new $$$.12/10 PONDEROSA RANCH, Nevada; 9" ladle/spoon rest, ceramic w line sketch of ranchhouse, hills & mountains; Ex $$$.40/10 PUBULL'S ALE; 4.5" 'knuckle' type bottle opener, wood handle; red w advertising; worn; 1950c; VG $$$.32/09 QR77 Radio AM (Calgary) mug $$/10 SANDMAN INNS; 4.4" glass ashtray; Ex $$$.65/10 7 UP SOLD HERE; 12" disk; Seven Up logo on red; as new $$$.40/09 STUBBY pop; round 5.5" ashtray w shelf; Ex $$$.32/09 SUNKIST; juicer, milk glass, 5.5"; finger-loop; Ex+ $$$.64/09 SUNSET HARDWARE ashtray; 4.6x4.6x1.25" w sloped sides; Mint$$$.65/10 TRANSALTA UTILITIES night light; 1960c $$$.32/09 WESCAB (Western Cabinets, Western School Furniture, Alberta); ashtray, round 5.5"; lettering in blue; Ex $$$.65/10 Advertisements, promos (wraped in plastic w. cardboard backing) suitable for framing: Klick & Kam, c3x5" full color; $$.28/10 1969 Star Reader Service: Introducing 2 new Canadian ooks (Nancy Reed & Canadian Recreation & Home Almanac) $$.28/10 1950c, Magic Baking Powder, full color, Magic Peanut Butter Cake receipe c8x11 magazine page, fold marks $$$.65/10 1951, Kraft Salad Oil, Lemon Gold Cake receipe, full color; c8x11" magazine page, fold makrs $$$.65/10 1950, St. Lawrence Oil, full color lable-type c4x6; X $$$.65/10 1950c Carnation Evaporated milk, c4x6, fold marks $$.28/10 1950c Durham Corn Starch, full color, c. 3 1/2x6" $$.28/10 1940's Magic Baking Powder, color, Chocolate Mint Dream cake; c. 6x7" $$.28/10 1950c Domestic Shortening, full color; Crunchy Butterscotch cake; c8x8, fold marks $$.28/10 1942 Lux promo/order for Lux Knitting Book; c4x7 near mint $$$.40/10 ADVERTISEMENTS, POSTERS, classic JOHN PERKINS SEEDS, Danvers Carrot; 18x21.5" wood frame, glass; Ex $$$/09 MOULIN ROUGE; 11.5x16.75"; PARIS QUI DANSE; new in pack $$.80/09002 PARFUMERIE FELIX POTIN; 11.5x16.75"; woman putting on makeup w table full of products; backing, plastic edging; new in pack $$.80/09002 MICKEY & MINNIE MOUSE on dinner date; 11.5x16.75"; animation cell; backing, plastic edging; new in pack $$.80/09001 REEFER MADNESS; 11.5x16.75"; movie poster; backing, plastic edging; new in pack $$.80/09001 SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS; 11.5x16.75"; movie poster backing, plastic edging; poster; new in pack $$.80/09001 ADVERTISEMENTS, POSTERS, metal, hand painted, 3-D BLACKJACK BEER; 8.5x8.5"; COLD BEER 25c; w cutout of beer bottle spring-attatched to front; new in orig. box $$$.32/09 JACKPOT; 8.5x8.5"; gambling promotion; w cutout of outlaw 'One-armed Bandit' spring-attatched to front; new in orig. box. $$$.32/09001 PEPSI COLA; 4.5x13.5"; "MORE BOUNCE TO THE OUNCE" w old- style Pepsi bottle cutout spring-attatched to front $$$.32/09 ADVERTISEMENTS, POSTERS, tin, antique, 12x15"; some fading & rust around edges; 1950's CARAMEL TOOTSIE ROLLS $$$.60/09002 CRACKER JACK showing some of the included prizes $$$.60/09 DUDLEY DO-RIGHT CODE OF HONOR; Royal Canadian Mounted Police character from Rocky & Bullwinkle $$$.60/09002 METEOR COFFEE "IT'S OUT OF THIS WORLD" $$$.60/09002 NIBLET'S CORN GOLDEN BONANZA; $$$.60/09 REWARD'S DINER; classic Art Nouveau diner $$$.60/09 SYRUP OF FIGS, NATURE'S PLEASANT LAXATIVE, CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO.; classic figure in fig field $$$.60/09002 TOPS DINER; classic 1950's styling $$$.60/09 ADVERTISEMENTS, POSTERS, tin, antique; 12.5x17.5" TOM & JERRY CARTOON: TEE FOR TWO; MGM; $$$.60/09004 AIR CANADA chopsticks in paper wrappers; pr; 8 different $$.33/10pr flight wings; gold plastic 45-151 $$$.31/10 glasses; 4" brandy; w. frosted logo; 6 $$$.30/10 toothpick in paper wrapper $$.33/10 Airline (see aviation) Air Freshener Dispenser; TOUCH OF SCENT; SCOTTS LIQUIE GOLD 1970c; in original box; as new $$$.97/10 Alarm, Burglar, POLICE SIREN door stop # 113 in original pie- shaped box & Woodwards (since defunct) label $$$.40/10 ALASKA CRUISE LINE Princess 4.75" souvenir boat model $$$.65/10 Amber Glass Ammonite deposit/mine w. ammolite $$$$$$$/09 AMWAY measuring cups; 1.5x2" 3/$$.22/09 Anniversary 50th; Cup/Saucer; yellow roses w gold anniversary & trim; SAJI $$$.28/10 Apple Condiment bowl, 3.5x4"; ceramic; side opening; TAIWAN; could be used as bird-feeder; VG $$.44/09 Apple Corer (see Kitchen Ware) Apple lid for sugar bowl; 3" dia; w branch & leaf for grip; properly glazed $$.28/10 Armband metal, stretch; for holding up shirtsleeves; 1930's/40's brass $$$.92/10 silver (stainless steel) $$$.92/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------


(see also Plaques) Statues) ANIMATION CELLS ROADRUNNER & WILEY COYOTE; Wiley sitting on rock with 'Roadrunner Cook Book' startled by Roadrunner appearing behind. 'Free Bird Seed' signed beartrap on side. Captioned COYOTE (Carnivorus Vulgaris) and ROAD RUNNER; 8x10" in gold plastic frame. $$$.31/10 JUNGLE BOOK featuring all main characters; 11x16.5" in plastic frame; in original sealed plastic $$.80/09 BARK Geese flying, 3-D; 6.5x9"; imitation birch bark frame; sedge in lower L fore, bark mountainside w moss trees; Canada geese in mid; flying over loch between high hills; set of 2 different; similar to Japanese styles; marked XZ7542; appears to be 1930's or earlier; pr $$$.92/10 BEAD landscape w farm; 3.75x6.5" w black wood frame; loom beaded; very, very nice ex. of artistic realism skill in beads; rarely seen $$$.84/09 carving; Argylite totem pole .75x2.4x8.75" side view; intricate West coast style (Haida or Tsimshian) mounted on nice wood rectangular plaque for wall mounting. $$$.09/09 ceramic tile w hand-painted buffalo, sky & grass; 4.25x4.25" 5 $$.50/09 crochet high-heeled shoes; pink & gold; pr. 5" ea. $$$.40/10 teacup & saucer; pink; 2.75" $$.22/09 Decoupage Eagle Head, large on 21x27 plaque w scrolled edges $$$.68/09
Bruce Lee; 11.5x16.25"; new in original wrap; 2007c $$$.20/09 CF-100 Canadian interceptors; day & night paint; close-up in flight over lake (Cold Lake ?); 17x19"; Ex/as new $$$.50/09 Reuben's BLUE BOY on oval plaque w wavy edges, 7x5"; Ex $$.28/10 INKS Original Ink and Watercolor by Joe Pelletier, 1985; Original reserve-made wood frame. 29x39"; see Art Longhorn Skull w eagle over mountain scene in india ink & acrylic; polished horns w basketwork leather sleeves at joint $$$$/09
Fantasy (see also Books Heavy Metal) BORIS cover THE MAGIC GOES AWAY; Niven 1979 paperback orig.; illustr.; VG/Ex $$$.97/10 TWO HAWKS FROM EARTH; Farmer; 1979 paperback reprint; World of Tiers series; BORIS cover; Ex+ $$$.40/10 ERANKO cover; THE MASTERS OF THE PIT; Moorcock 1965 original paperback; Ex $$$.97/10 JONES covers SONS OF THE BEAR-GOD; Page 1967 paperback reprint of 1936 story; VG $$$.32/09 SWORDS IN THE MIST; Fafhrd & Gray Mouser stories; Leiber 1968 paperback original; Ex $$$.32/09 THONGOR AT THE END OF TIME; Carter 1968 original paperback; Ex $$$.97/10 Prints, set of 5 5x7" & 1 6x8" all mounted in black wood frames; appear to be Dragon's World series of greeting cards 1977 (including "Marsh Orm"/Woodroffe & "Siege of La Rochelle"/Pennington); all near mint; set $$$.06/10 Poster: Sword of Valens confronts Darkness II; 18x28" & "Tale of the Swords of the Ancients" scroll; Mint $$$.28/10 Feather Bird of Paradise done in feathers with hand-painted oriental background; carved wooden frame; 5.4x8.3"; Ex $$$.20/09 Prints Automobiles; 16x20; gold plastic frame $$$.20/09ea 1957 Thunderbird Lamborghini Lamborghini Countach Barb Wood 1983; Pen & Ink drawings of older character buildings; w watercolor wash; 9x11 wood framed; Ex. $$$.31/10ea Autumn Evening in Strathcona 'You Like It - it likes you': Park Grocery Vancouver's Pride: the Davis' Block Cameron sketches; 8.5x11" cardstock; some excellent period views of the Stampede; comical; Ex $$$/10ea 1950 Banff Outfitting/Trail Riding Crossing Rock Slide Dead Timber Goat Trail Head and Tail Tie His Life-long Ambition Hornets Packing a Bronc Mounting The Dudes Swimming A River The Barbarian 1950 Calgary Stampede Bareback Riding Brahma Bull Riding (and Bull Fighter) Calf Roping Flap-jacks---For Free Saddle Bronc Riding and Pick-up Man Sectoin of Parade (Indians) Square Dancing Start of Chuck Wagon Race Steer Decorating Steer Riding 1951 Calgary Stampede Boy's Steer Riding Brahma Bull Riding (and Crap Game) Bronc Riding (Bareback) Bronc Riding (Saddle) Calf Roping Chuck Wagon Race (Crack Up) End of Parade (The Hero) Evening Refreshments Pick-up Man Steer Decorating Canadian Shield autumn highway scene photo; 1950's; 18x32"; brown wood framed inlaid with undulating mirror & gold edging; VG $$$.90/09 Clint Eastwood from THE GOOD, BAD AND THE UGLY; FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE; classical pose with 6-guns; 16x22" black plastic frame; Ex $$$/09 Clint Eastwood; portrait, small picture & list of movie credits mounted in 10x14' plastic frame w glass; as new $$$/09 Fantasy, set of 5 5x7" & 1 6x8" all mounted in black wood frames; appear to be Dragon's World series of greeting cards 1977 (including "Marsh Orm"/Woodroffe & "Siege of La Rochelle"/Pennington); all near mint; set $$$.06/10 Forest scene photo; 1950's; 17x29.5"; brown wood framed inlaid with undulating mirror & gold edging; Ex $$$.90/09 Frank McCarthy "Children of the Raven" left pannel 1985; Crow Indian scouting party 11x17" of right center of triptich mounted w mat in 18x21 gold & bronze tone frame; glass faced $$$$/09023 "Crow War Chief" 1992; 19x27" professionally mounted in bronze metal frame; same Chief as in "The Warriors" (1988); assembled jig-saw puzzle; Ex++ $$$/09005 "In Pursuit of the White Buffalo" 1987; 11x17" of right 1/2 of painting mounted w mat in 18x21 gold & bronze tone frame; glass faced $$$$/09023 "On The Old North Trail" 1989; Blackfoot war party 11x17" of right center of triptich mounted w mat in 18x21 gold & bronze tone frame; glass faced $$$$/09023 "Where The Ancient Ones Had Hunted" 11x17" of right 1/2 of painting mounted w mat in 18x21 gold & bronze tone frame; glass cracked $$$/09023 8x11" of right 1/2 of painting mounted w mat in 12x16 gold & bronze tone frame; glass faced $$$.90/09020 FREDERICK REMINGTON "A Change of Owners"; Indians driving home a herd of horses; 7x9" in 16x19.5" mounting w heavy gold- tone frame, glass faced; Ex $$$/09009 "A New Year on the Cimaron"; 7.5xi.5" in 16x19.5" mounting w heavy bronze-tone frame, glass faced; Ex $$$/09009 "The Explorers - Jedediah Smith"; Column of mountain men & horses en route to Rendezvous; 7x9" in 16x19.5" mounting w heavy gold-tone frame, glass faced; Ex $$$/09009 "The Parley"; Jedediah Smith character meeting with Indian brave, both on horseback; 7.5xi.5" in 16x19.5" mounting w heavy bronze-tone frame, glass faced; Ex $$$/09009 Japanese print; 18x22" o/a; 11x15 print; professionally mounted in gold-tone presswood frame, w mat & glass; new $$$.60/10004 Japanese print; 18x22" o/a; 11x15 print; professionally mounted in gold-tone presswood frame, w mat & glass; new $$$.60/10004 Map, 1665 Blaeu Map, copy on gold metalic foil c/w history; professionally framed w gold metal frame; Ex++ $$$/09 Metalic reflective foil, gold; 1940's 6.5x8.5" Artist's (WHATLEY) sketch of Cadgwith, Cornwall $$$.65/10 Metalic reflective foil, silver; 1940's 6.5x8.5 photo of fisherman on lake w hills in back; Llyn Dinas, Wales $$$.65/10 watercolor Babbracombe, Eng. view of town & beach from hill $$$.65/10 Strand on the Green riverside road w apartments $$$.65/10 Broadhembury, Devon rustic village scene w castle $$$.65/10 THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP IMMORTALISE BY CHARLES DICKENS; view of shop & windowshoppers; gold- tone metal frame; Ex $$$.20/09 8x10" o/a; brass frame w low relief running maple leaves "Last Supper"; celuloid cover; pre 1940 $$$.31/10 Metalic reflective foil, silver; 1960's; mountain scene mounted in gold-tone frame; as new $$$.20/09 Mount Fuji; Japanese print; ; KATSUSHIKA HOKUSAI (1760- 1849) "Mt. Fuji Above the Lightning" from "36 Views of Mt. Fuji". Tokyo National Museum; 10x15" in 14x19.5" frame; Ex $$$/10 Mountain scene w river, falls & stone house 11x15" w backing & plastic edge & mountain ring; new in pck $$/09 Niagera Falls photo from U.S. viewpoint w Maid of the Mist in view; 1950's; 17x29.5"; brown wood framed inlaid with undulating mirror edging; VG/Ex $$$.90/09 NORMAN ROCKWELL PRINTS; about 12x15" (individual prints may vary) mounted on 1/4" foamboard; 20 all different; G $$$.40/09ea Includes: "Catching The Big One" "Gone Fishing" "Pride of Parenthood" "The Gift" "The Shiner" "Weighty Matters" (diet commentary) NORMAN ROCKWELL PRINTS; 12x15"; beechwood frame; 3 diff; Ex $$$.45/10ea Includes: "Gone Fishing" boy carrying girl's books home from school 2 old guys dancing hoedown NORMAN ROCKWELL PRINT; 12x24" o/a; Professionally mounted and framed in gold-tone metal frame; "The Little Spooners"; Ex+++ $$$.60/09 NORMAN ROCKWELL PRINTS; 18x22" professionally mounted in gold-tone presswood frame w/o glass. "Fisherman's Paradise" $$$.45/10002 "Young Man's Fancy"; new $$$.45/10004 "Sweet Serenade"; new $$$.45/10004 NORMAN ROCKWELL PRINT; 22x28"; "The Little Spooners" on pressboard $$$.45/10 Pastoral Scenes: 11x17 print mounted w mat in 18x21 gold & bronze tone frame River w Mountain in background $$$/09009 Seaside bay w mountain in background $$$/09009 PIRATES OF THE CARRIBBEAN; Johnny Depp & 2 co-stars approaching in fog 26x38"; black plastic frame; TRENDS; as new $$$.77/09 West Coast harbour sunset silhouette w rowboat; Sun w west coast Indian art eye; 7.5x9" mounted in black double mats & sealed in original plastic wrap; as new $$$.20/09 Western; Buffalo herd at sunset on imitation (leatherette) hide stretched on slat frame; 19.5x23.5"; feather & bead decorated leather laces at edges; as new $$$.80/09 Mugs w copies of artwork FRANKLIN CARMICHAEL; "Mirror Lake" $$$.28/10 A.Y.JACKSON; "Skeena Crossing, B.C." $$$.28/10 NORMAN ROCKWELL ROCKWELL; Norman Rockwell Museum Collection; 1986 "A Good Boy" (small chip) $$$.57/10 "For A Good Boy" 2 $$$.28/10 "For A Good Boy" (small chip) $$$.65/10 "High Hopes" X-mas $$$.28/10 "Knuckles Down" $$$.20/09 "The Cobbler" 4 $$$.28/10 "The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter 3 $$$.28/10 "The Toymaker" 2 $$$.28/10 ROCKWELL; Museum Collection clones; 1986 "Bedtime" $$$.68/09 "For a Good Boy" $$$.68/09 "Memories" $$$.68/09 "The Cobbler" $$$.68/09 "The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter $$$.68/09 "The Toy Maker" $$$.68/09 ROCKWELL; 1923 Saturday Evening Post copy "No Swimming" $$$.68/09 ROCKWELL; ordinary mug Hobo with pie $$$.65/10 OTAGIRI; full surround pic of hill country farm with large Owl in fore; blue predominate; EX+ $$$.97/10 needlepoint cross-stitch; birds; wood framed; 8.75x10.75"; Ex blue jay $$$.20/09 oriole $$$.20/09 cross-stitch; Eastern European stylized symetric flower; 19x19" in 1" wood frame; Ex $$$.30/09 floral in a 3x3" heart-shaped standup gold metal frame $$$.40/10 OILS Midnight Sun on Lesser Slave Lake (AB) $$$7/09 Manor of Gracie Fields seen from the sea; water gate, manor & mountains in background; Aegean summer; 30x42"; ordinary wood frame; signed BECH $$$$/09
Cottage by lake in mountains; 14x17"; gold-tone wood frame; Vintage, about 1930's; Ursula Boomer; VG+ $$$.45/10 Forest path scene w sharp-edged mountain ridge & lake on right. largely yellowish & green. 8x10" in wood frame; Ex+ $$$.12/10 Gold Pan painted with pic of unique local 4-story log cabin; Dawson City (YK); 11"; Edith Jerome; 1985; Ex $$$.04/09 Mountain scene on cedar plank, 9.5x15.5; unsigned, very nice $$$.50/09 Mountain & pond scene; 19x22.5" w frame; very Ex+++ $$$.45/10 Oval miniature, 7.5x6" creek in forest by dirt road; fair/good technique; plastic frame; condition Ex++ $$$.31/10 WALL PLAQUE; wood dish; 6.25"; 3-D windmill on bark hill- side in front of painting of church; handmade/painted; HOLLAND; 1950c; 45-046; slight chip; Ex $$$.34/10 Prints 1. "Woodland Caribou at River Crossing" Clarence Tillenius wildlife print 1955; 14x17 2. "Mountain Lions Hunting" Clarence Tillenius wildlife print 1955; 14x17"
Covey of Quail in flight in woodland meadow; 8x10" w gold plastic frame; 1980 Arthur Kaplan $$.28/10 Drawing of young boy (BigEyed) w slingshot in pocket, facing viewer, ice cream fallen from cone & puppy licking it. "Praise the Lord Anyhow". Nice folk piece; nice old 6.75x7.75" wood frame $$$.32/09 Heritage Park, Calgary (AB), 8x10" old view from lake w. SS Moyie in fore. under glass; simple wood frame $$$.40/10 Ink Sketch of log house & overgrown yard "Uncle Ray Forrest's home 407 Muskrat St., Banff, Alberta $$.44/09 Mickey & Minnie Mouse 8x10" in black plastic frame w glass; reflective silver material; ocean scene, riding dolphin; waves & rainbow $$$.59/10 tourists in tropical isle w world globe & rainbow back. $$$.59/10 Military Uniform print professionally mounted on 14x19" back; near mint; (Cameron Coll)(see Militaria Highland Light Infantry Princess Louise's Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders Seaforth Highlanders Military Uniform print professionally mounted on 14x19" back; 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot, 1782; aka. Black Watch; some slight scuffing & damage (Cameron Coll) Military Uniform print; unmounted; 9.25x20"; near Mint (Cameron Coll) Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, Officer Cameronians, Officer Coldstream Guards, Private 5th Dragoon Guards, Trooper 42nd Regiment of Foot (Black Watch), Sergeant Gordon Highlanders, Officer Grenadier Guards, Drum Major Life Guards, Trooper Queen's Own Highlanders, Pipe Major Royal Artillery, Sergeant Royal Horse Guards (Blues), Officer Royal Scots, Officer Royal Scots Fusiliers, Sergeant-Major Royal Scots Greys, Trooper Scots Guards, Pipe-Major 17th Lancers, Trooper 17th Regiment of Foot (Leicestershire), Private Yeoman of the Guard, Chief Warden Mushrooms in diamond 9x7" green plastic frame w 3.5x2.5" sunken picture oval; c1950's $$$.65/10 Schooner BLUENOSE; photo; in full sail tacking towards viewer; 20x26" $$$.60/10
Potstand, Metal, cast iron, black, 8.5"; fouled anchor over wheel; white ceramic inset w. schooner Bluenose $$$.32/09 SS PRINCESS VICTORIA w Coast Mountains of B.C. in background c1910's; 8.5x10.5", plain black wood frame $$$.28/10 TUMBLING TORRENT; river tumbling over rocky bed & falls in woodlands; Canadian Shield type environment; 7.5x9.25" in nice patterned wood gold frame; G/VG $$$.32/09 Western Edward J. Holstag All-Occasion cards, blank; painted western art scenes of St. Joseph, Missouri, by Edward J. Holstag 1920; w envelope Indians holding up stage (Fromhold Col. 3639) $$$.31/09 General Store w Express Rider (Fromhold Col. 3640)$$$.31/09 Cowboy & Indians gambling (Fromhold Col. 3641) $$$.31/09 Frank McCarthy "Crow War Chief" 1992; 19x27" professionally mounted in bronze metal frame; same Chief as in "The Warriors" (1988); assembled jig-saw puzzle; Ex++ $$$$/09 "Watching the Wagons" (1982) mini-print in folding knifedisplay box; (see K06-085) 7"; 440 stainles blade;mini-print inside cover & on grips; gold-tone metal finish w 'Black Sunbonnet' roped shield w 2 eagle feathers on hinge; CHINA 2004c; as new $$$.45/09 Pop Mickey Mouse in Zoot Suit standing in front of 1950's style Chevrolet w Minnie; metalic "laser" finish; MAGIC EFFECTS/TRENDS INTERNATIONAL; framed; in original sales pack; Ex $$$.57/10 Sandpaintings, Navajo, on 3x6 particleboard Moon, w feathers $$$.28/10 Yebichai figure $$$.28/10 Colored coral bits; Peacock frontal view w tree branch; turquoise & gold w gold piping outlines & highlights; on wood backboard; framed; set of 2; Ex $$$.09/09ea Silkscreen OOKPIK sikscreen (3'x5') Native & Historical 855) West Coast Silkscreen Native & Historical 1070) Caernarfon Castle, silkscreen on 6.25" slate disk; white on black. Made in Wales; very nice; as new/mint $$$.92/10 Sculpture (see also statues) wood-handled wire sculpting tool $$$.32/09 WATERCOLOUR "Misty" by Michaela Davidson; Lake Cowichan (BC) lake scene w fog-shrouded lake, forest & mountain; 4.5x8" professionally mounted in 10x12" silver frame. Ex+ $$$.30/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ASHTRAYS ALASKA *** LAST FRONTIER in open pewter casting; low relief scenes w totem pole, gold panning, bear & fish, dogteam; glass-holder w broad heart-shaped ashtray; 1940's; Ex $$$.59/10 ALCAN pressed aluminium 3.5" disposeable; once common in all meeting/conference rooms; with pressed logo; set of 3 $$.22/09 Automobile, GMS Slim-line; dash/door mount, 1960's; mint in plastic display pk.; $$$.40/10 BANFF CHAIR LIFT CANADA; round applique painting in rounded rectangular ashtray in Art Nouveau style; hand painted gold rim & speccles; JAPAN c1955 $$$.59/10 Beanbag; lt brown; stainless dish; 5"; 1950's; Ex $$$.40/10 Beanbag; yellow tartan; gold-tone dish; 4"; 1950's; Ex $$$.40/10 Boardroom ashtray; Fish shape; 19"; 28 cigarette slots; BEAUCEWARE CABADA #976; 1950's; dk brown to beige & yellow flow slip; Ex $$$.43/10 Boat; 1.5x2.25x7" pressed metal bottom & top; white w blue top; top w deck, windscreen, rear seat & wire-loop cigarette holders; from IM/88 FV (history to buyer) $$$.65/10 Brass Cast; BANFF SULPHUR MOUNTAIN/MOUNT NORQUAY w scenes. 3x3"; 1950c; Ex $$$.59/10 Cast, fluted, 6"; 12 flutes; INDIA; Ex $$$.59/10 hammered brass bowl of obvious old age; inside enameled green, chipped; 2 annealed enameled brass panels on outside w. sealife motif; cast rim of ornate sealife & latice designs; marked China but obviously of pre 1930's manufacture. some dents, spots & flaws as might be expected in such a piece. a distinctive collectable. possible central Asian origin; 4x6" $$$.28/09 British Columbia; plastic; 5.25x5.25"; crest w photo of dogwood flowers; MB 1960c; near mint $$$.65/10 Cast GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, MONTANA; 5.5" round; low relief bowl w landscapes, camping, buildings scenes. floral border; Gold painted; JAPAN 1950c; appears crude work; VG $$$.30/10 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER; cast iron, chromed; maple leaf with IH logo & name $$$.57/10 MONTANA state outline w scenes & locations & openwork flower border 5.25"; MADE IN JAPAN 1950c; Ex $$$.59/10 Canadian souvenir ceramic; w. flag & "Canada" in bottom; flared rim w cigarette-rests all around; 6"; GEORGIAN CHINA, Made in USA; 22K gold edging $$$.65/10 stamped pewter; triangular w cigarette rest on ends, fern foliage edges; large maple leaf in base w moose, deer & beaver in corners & CANADA below; c1950's; 4" on edges; G $$$.65/10 Creamic play tipi 4.5" high w boy stretching along side; nicely decorated, glaze good but some crazing (neglegible); chip to underside edge (neglegible); could be used as cone incense burner; Nice Indian Memorabilia; 1960's $$$.32/09 Ceramic Indian head; 4.75x6"; w headband & feather drops; side view; McMASTER K5 (Canada) 1950's; in Blue Mountain style; Ex $$$.58/09 Ceramic; duck rising over lake w bright sunlight streaming behind; dk. brown airbrushed edge; very nice glaze; 3x3.75"; unmarked, probably JAPAN 1950's or earlier; Ex$$.28/10 Creamic, fan shaped; 7.25" wide; dk brown, gold edged; JAPAN c1960; tan & gold wildflower cluster w sitting bird; Ex 2 $$$.40/10 Ceramic, Green Apple w stem & leaf; 6"; VF USA 1965; slight damage neglegible $$/09 Ceramic; rounded square w 4 pointed cigarette rests; hand- painted horsehead pair; gold edged; set of 2 mirror- image; ESD JAPAN 25477, c1960; Ex++ $$$.94/09pr Cast & chromed; 4"; Indian scene cast inside; Idaho plaque$$$.40/10 Cast & chromed; 3.5"; fern & flower border, openwork; FAIRMONT HOT SPRINGS crest in centre; JAPAN 1950c; near mint $$$.28/10 DELWARE enameled copper, Made in Canada, 1950's 2/display box; mint in box; box shelf-worn. Maple Leaf $$$.12/10 Pictograph designs $$$.12/10 45-166 Dutch; porcelain; PETRUS REGOUT; oval 4" w crown & LR cypher inside; very nice hotel/private club ware; Ex/mint $$$.59/10 ED'S TAXI, 3.25x3.25" black molded bakelite $$$.40/10 Glass Amber, pressed; 6.25" thick/heavy w high rim; sunburst petal pattern to base; 1950's; Ex $$$.97/10 Amber, pressed; 5.2" round; thick/heavy high rim; concave/ridged sides; 1950's; Ex $$$.97/10 Art nouveau 3 sided bowl 4.5" w rounded edges & corners rising to rounded crest. Thick brown glass; 1950's; Ex $$$.40/10 45-058 Boardroom; round 7.5"; black, transparent; 1960; VERY hard to find; Ex 2 $$$.43/10 CAESAR'S PALACE, Las Vegas; round 3.3"; rubberized band around outside w Roman figures in white $$$.65/10 FITZGERALD'S Hotel Casino, Reno, Nevada; 3.75x3.75" $$$.40/10 FORDYCE CLOTHING, GRIMSHAW, AB; round 5.5"; deep w lip; 1 chip; minor $$$.40/10 Massive 10.25" w thick ridged rim; 1.5" deep; nice. $$$.43/10 Lemon; lobate flower; 3.25"; 1952c; Ex $$$.40/10 Lion's Club; glass, 3.5x3.5" w crest on base; slight chip; from LLB $$$.97/10 MERIT STORES ashtray; glass, 4.25x4.25 w round base & orange bottom w advertisements; Ex $$$.40/10 MOORE'S TOM-BOY (Rimbey, AB)/MOORE'S STORE (Forestburg, AB) glass ashtray, round w broad rim for lettering on yellow (faded); VG $$$.65/10 NEW CLUNY HOTEL, Cluny, AB; 1950c; 4.25x4.25" $$$.32/09 NORTH WEST MOTORS, Red Deer; glass, 5" round w broad rim for lettering; Ex $$$.65/10 Pressed; flower & leaf on base; 3.5" sq. $$$.65/10 Replacement for pedestal ashtray: black glass; 7.9"; about 4 slight chips - neglegible; VERY hard to find; Ex 3 $$$.43/10 SAN CARLOS HOTEL, Yuma, AZ; 1950c; 4.25x4.25" $$$.32/09 SANDMAN INNS; 4.4" glass ashtray; Ex $$$.65/10 STUBBY pop; round 5.5" ashtray w shelf; EX $$$.32/09 SUNSET HARDWARE; 4.6x4.6x1.25" w sloped sides; Mint $$$.65/10 United Nations; glass, 3.5x3.5" w flag on base $$$.28/10 WARMOND TOWER; 5" oval pressed steel; edges w raised flower & fern motif; low relief of tower on base; about 1930; VG+ $$$.40/10 Waterfowl on frosted backing, 4" (glass tumblers also available); Canada Goose, Canvasback WESCAB (Western Cabinets, Western School Furniture, Alberta); ashtray, round 5.5"; lettering in blue; Ex $$$.65/10 Lion's Club; glass, 3.5x3.5" w crest on base; slight chip; from LLB $$$.97/10 MEDALTA HYCROFT; Medicine Hat hat; lt. beige $$$.12/10 HYCROFT; hat; no Med. Hat. logo; lt. brown $$$.43/10 Medicine Hat pottery; 45-053; VG/Ex $$$.21/10 Metal, Mexican; Aztec Sun Disk centre surrounded by 9 1971-74 20 Centavos pieces, VG $$$.65/10 Milk-glass, MIDTOWN MOTEL (Drayton Valley, AB); 3-sided 5x5x5x1.25"; Ex+ $$$.65/10 1934 Chicago World's Fair; cast & silvered pewter w fair scenes in low relief & for city scenes; needs cleaning $$$.43/10 Pewter, cast; 8.5" round; high relief party scene around keg in vinyard on base; six raised cigarette rests seperated by lip w ferns & pheasant Ex+++ $$$/09 Potmetal, cast & pressed; 3.5x4.75" COLUMBIA FALLS, MONTANA; THE TRAP in openwork arch across top; Deer, Mtn. Lion, Buffalo & ? figures enameled; flanked by standing grizzly bears; Ex $$$.59/10 pottery horseshoe; 8x6.5"; brown glaze w diffuse cream centre; Blue Mountain style; c1957; Japan $$$.32/09 Maple Leaf, 6x7", dk br. glaze w orange spots on veins; no markings $$$.40/10 Maple Leaf, 6.7x5.8", cream glaze w 22K gold trim; Town Crest of Edson (AB) applique; souvenir; VG $$$.97/10 ovate; looks like squashed ball; dk brown w turquoise slip on top; appears to be Blue Mountain $$$.28/10 shell, 3.25x4.25"; br. w turq. slip; souvenir of "Banff, Alberta", GRAND RIVER POTTERY $$$.65/10 Teardrop-shape, 11" curved w central cigarette rests; tan, drk. brown & orange flow glaze; SUNBURST #31 1950's; lightly crazed; rare; Ex. $$$.67/10 Tree stump, 5x9.5x12" w. work boots, hardhat & lunchkit resting on rim. 4 small chips, strictly minor $$$.67/10 Triangular 6"; w raised ladyslipper flower inside; brown slip glaze; SUNBURST 1950's; rare $$$.43/10 Pressed aluminium 3.25" w impressed Canadian Coat of Arms; crimped edges; G/VG $$.28/10 Pressed chromed steel; 3.75" triangular w fern edges & same on base; CITY OF RED DEER CREST; 1950's; EX+ $$.26/09 pressed plastic sheet 6x6", tucked-up sides; 1950's glossy; as new; green or lt. bl. $$.28/10 pebbled; as new; translucent brown or clear $$$.65/10 pressed plastic sheet 8" round, tucked-up sides; 1950's; rare black, lightly dimpled interior from use $$$.65/10 pressed tin; 5.25"; brown; round w standup & foldover stainless cigarette holder w raised central disk w TRANS ATLANTIC IMPORT CO, WETASKIWIN, ALBERTA; 1940's/50's; paint shows some wear; overall VG $$$.12/10 pressed tin; 5.25"; brown; round w standup & foldover stainless cigarette holder w raised central disk w JACKS DEPARTMENT STORE, RED DEER, ALBERTA; 1940's/50's; paint shows some wear; overall VG+ $$$.12/10 Pressed tin; 4"; rounded rim; black GRIM REEFER w Grim Reaper picture; as new $$/09 Resin, cast; fluted shell w embeded shell frags & seaweed; painted lt blue on base & sides; 1950's $$$.40/10 Royal Canadian Mounted Police souvenir of Red Deer (AB); 5.3x5.3" stretched octagonal w cigarette rests on 2 sides; mounted Mountie w lance in field; 1960c; Ex $$$.32/09 SASKATCHEWAN HOMECOMING 1971; ceramic right-pointed bipointed leaf-shaped w central ridge & cigarette rests; cream colored, w appliquie Fair character scene; lightly crazed; Ex $$.06/10 Scotland; Ship's wheel design w. map of scotland; Ex.; $$$.32/09 Stainless Steel, stamped 4.25" dia. w lip, 2 cigarett rests; color pic of Vancouver's Stanley park in bottom; 1950's; Ex $$.28/10 Sunburst pottery #41, teardop shape; rare; Ex., lt. crazing; Ex $$$.67/10 Sunburst pottery Triangular 6"; w raised ladyslipper flower inside; brown slip glaze; rare; 1950's $$$.43/10 United Nations; glass, 3.5x3.5" w flag on base $$$.28/10 Wedgewood; COAT OF ARMS OF CANADA; 4.5"; as new $$$.59/10 World's Fair, EXPO 67, Montreal round 7.75", glass, dk. red, rippled edges; prints of 6 pavilions on rim around central logos; HOLKE ART $$$.28/10 Ashtray, pedestal 24", w. 6" black glass ashtray; $$$$/09 pedestal 29", brass w. 8" black glass ashtray; $$$$/09 Astrology; Drawer pull w astrological symbols $$$.65/10 ATARI games (see computers, games) Atomizer (see Perfume) Automobiles 1. Decanter; metal Model T w lifting canopy, 10"; glass decanter & 4 glasses. VG+ $$$.64/09 2. A.M. radio; metal; 10.5"; G/VG $$$.31/09 3. Carved wooden roadster 8"; VG+ $$$.28/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------
AVIATION MEMORABILIA DELTA Airlines pilot wings, plastic, gold; Ex 45-210 $$$.33/10000 Aviation Pioneers: JELL-O/HOSTESS collectable disks 45-453 #6 Zeppelin $$/10 AVON Bottle BlundeRbuss Pistol (empty); no trigger 45-068 $$.33/10 Coffee Pot (empty); yellow w chrome lid 45-279 $$.06/10 Island Parakeet; Spring Promise Cologne; empty $$.06/10 Straight Eight; after shave; Wild Country; empty $$.06/10 Strawberry Bath Foam; decanter & powder; $$.06/10 Candy dish; glass; 6.25" egg-shaped stemmed; low-relief floral pressed glass design, domed lid; gold painted $$$.32/09 Comb, white plastic, AVON 7" w roses in high relief $$.22/09 Comb, white plastic, AVON 5.5" long-haired dog shaped $$.22/09 Dolls porcelain, 15"; Clown, girl w white ruffed costume; Ex++ $$$.82/09 woman w. flaired tartan skirt; large apron w lace; white blouse w. lace; vest; belt; petticoats; wicker basket w. flours; large brooch at neck. dusty but otherwise Ex $$$.82/09 woman in evening gown w flower at breast; ringlet hair w flowers; needs cleaning $$$.82/09 Milk Glass 3.8" dish, straight walled w high-relief foliage & flowers $$$.65/10 Ruby Red Decanter $$$.12/10 Goblets large 2 $$$.32/09 small 11 $$$.40/10 Salt & Pepper $$$.54/10 Strawberry Bath Foam; decanter & powder; $$.06/10 Soap Dish baby blue, footed $$$.31/10 Wedgewood, imitation; turquoise on milk glass $$$.97/10 BBB ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Baby carriage/stroller, early 1950's metal. remveable carriage, frame converts to stroller; VG+ $$$.42/09 BACARDI hotel doorknob hanger "Please Disturb" & "Out for the night", PartyByNight.com; red plastic w bat on gold-bordered disk. As new $$.28/10 Backpack (see Sports, Camping) Star Wars Episode I, w. CD & pen/pencil tube; rubberized plastic & nylon straps; as new c/w original tags $$$.09/09 Badge "BULLWINKEL'S Deputy Mountie", plastic w Dudley Doright relief; Staff name tag $$$.59/10 DELTA AIRLINES wings, gold plastic $$$.40/10000 Badges (see also Militaria) Badges, cloth, animal Bear, black, on brown Canada shield w red CANADA & border; embroidered; 1970's $$.85/09 Bear, walking, cutout; 3x4; c 1980; as new $$$.65/10 Butterfy; psychedelic coloring $$.28/10 Eagle, attacking, cutout; 2 1/2x3"; c 1980; as new $$$.65/10 Eagle in flight 2x3 1/2" oval; cub-scouts?; as new $$$.65/10 Fisherman in boat playing a fish; 2 1/2x3 1/2; 1980c; as new$$$.40/10 Fox, 2x2 3/4 red fox on dk. green background; 1978c as new $$$.40/10 Wolf head on black; 3x3"; as new $$$.65/10 Badges, cloth, miscel. (see also Militaria; Scouts) (see Sports, Karen Saunders) Arctic Catters snowmobile Club 2 3/4x4" cat holding snowmobile; 1980's; as new $$$.40/10 Alberta shield w. logo above 2x1 1/4"; as new $$$.65/10 Alberta Fish and Wildlife Conservation Hunter Education orange 4" round w. yellow & black bighorn head; yellow border. c. 1970; as new $$$.59/10 Alberta Wild Fur Education; beaver on beaver stretching frame; 3 1/2x4 1/2 oval; as new $$$.59/10 Assiniboia & Dist. Flying Club; 5"; gold wings & prop on blue; as new $$$.65/10 Baseball, St. Mathieu, Ville de Ste. Foy 1971; 4.25" white w red velveteen lettering & border $$$.28/10 BJHS (Bentley Junior High School, AB) EXECUTIVE 1959-60; 4.5x5" shield yellow on black w black lettering; Ex $$$.43/10 BOSTON BRUINS; old Bruins team logo (yellow wheel); 3"; $$$.97/10 BUFFALO SABRES; blue shield w logo & yellow trim; 2.5" $$$.65/10 Cub-Scouts (see Scouts) Calgary Girls 1981 Soccer Tournament; 4" blue vinyl disk printed in white, white border, & soccer ball wearing cowboy hat $$$.97/10 Canada; Bear, black, on brown shield w red lettering & border; embroidered; 1970's $$.85/09 CANADA blue shield w jumping fish; yellow outline etc. $$.85/09 CANADIAN red on white, blue border, red & blue stripes; embroidered; Canadian Propane; 2x3" $$$.40/10 Canadian Youth Hostels; white triangle; green embroidered maple leaf & border; 1970c, as new $$$.59/10 Canmore (AB) 1883-1983 Centennial; as new $$$.65/10 CONTACT black w black logo printed on white 2x3"; black embroidered border $$$.40/10 DAR-CAR Trucking, Sundre, AB $$.28/10 Edelweiss, gold on royal blue velveteen cloth; 1" disk w sticky backing $$$.65/10 FAIRVIEW PEEWEE CENTENNIAL HOCKEY TOURNAMENT, 4" toothed yellow disk w Canadian Centennial Maple Leaf in center surrounded by red disk w lettering & under Fairview in script; old catalogue # on back; 1967; Ex $$$.28/10 Fort Vermilion (AB) High Level & Ft. Vermilion Opportunity Corps Program 3 1/4x3 3/4 semi-round as new; rare $$$.97/10 Grey Cup; Grey cup on red maple leaf on white background w "Coupe Grey Cup"; 1.75x1.75" $$.28/10 High Level (AB) Minor Hockey; 3" yellow disk w blue embroiery; logo in centre (yellow emb. sticks, puck, north star & ray on blue hourglass; lettering around, bordered; 1980c; new $$$.28/10 45-417 "I Gave Up Wine, Women & Song. It was the worst 20 minutes of my life." 3x4"; bottle, woman & notes $$.28/10 45-420 INTERNATIONAL ROYAL CLUB; oval; 3"; new in or. pck $$.45/10 JOURNAL * CUB REPORTER; dk gr. disk w yellow embroidered letters & border; inner disk w JPC; Edmonton Journal 2" $$$.40/10 Junior Boys Basketball Tournament 1969 All Star, CHASE (BC); black on white hourglass; 4x5" $$$.28/10 KAWASAKI, green on white 2x3" w green stars; embroidered $$$.40/10 LACOMBE GUN SHOW; 2.5x4" black, red on white; Ex $$$.65/10 NATIONAL FIREARMS ASSOCIATION crest in colors on green edged yellow; with King's Crown; As new $$$.65/10 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS badge 2" white disk, red border; new $$.45/09 NORQUAY, Mt. Norquay Ski area, Banff, AB; sun over Mtns. 1986 2 $$$.65/10 Okotoks Rifle & Pistol Club First Annual Gun Show; 2x3.75" yellow & black on green; Ex $$$.65/10 Opportunity Corps Program, High Level/Ft. Vermilion $$$.40/10 Outdoor Corps; 1 3/4 x 4 3/4 shotgun shell, orange w. small evergreen; $$$.59/10 PACIFIC 66; 2x1.5" shield; black border, white shield w name on top over red field w 66 $$$.32/09 Pine Point, NWT (since closed down); 5 1/2x5 1/2" shield; print of eskimo ice-fishing w. husky & igloo; 1967c $$$.43/10 R.C.M.P.; triangular, white w. mounted police central figure on red rosetted; marked 'Alberta' 'R.C.M.P.' 'Youth and Police' $$$.40/10 St. John's Standard First Aid, 2"; as new 30 $$.22/09 San Diego; logo on cloud over sunrise; 2x3 3/4 half- round; blue, red, yellow, lt blue, white; as new $$$.97/10 Saskatchewan Gun Collectors Assoc., Capitol Cosmo. Club, Hobby & Gun Show 1984; 4" black on white; Ex $$$.65/10 Security (see also Police & Security) Canadian Protection Service $$$.97/10 Fromhold Security Ltd.; 2.5x3" 1/2 disk, blue embroidered border; crest w blue duke & Indian Chief holding spears as supporters printed on white $$$.97/10 Security Guard pocket patch $$$.65/10 SECURITY pocket name strip; black on tan 4$$$.65/10 SKOAL Chewing Tobacco; green embroidered on white 2.2x4"; bordered $$$.97/10 SPORTS ALL STARS; white concave shield 3.25x3.5" red star in middle, turq. border; 1960's; VG 45-313 $$$.97/10 45-419 TOUR DE FRANCE; commercial; FASCINATION; new in or. pck. $$.35/10 Badges, cloth, Native COMANCHE; 3" yellow; head w red/white/blk roach, braids, blue embr. border; 1970's; mint $$$.59/10 Indian Chief head in colors; mainly yellow; on 2x3.25" oval, khaki w yellow embroidered border 1970's; mint $$$.28/10 INDIAN POWER; 3"; red; yellow embroidered mounted warrior; yellow emb. ring around figure & words; 1970's; mint $$$.59/10 INDIAN POWER; 3x3" white w 'flaming' headdress; blue embroid. border; 1970's; mint $$$.59/10 RED POWER; 3"; white, charged w man sitting; red embroidered border; 1970's; mint $$$.59/10 Badges, metal (see also Militaria & Police) City of Edmonton Police Dept., collar, missing clasp $$$.97/10 Canadian Red Cross Society; 1x.75" shield; white reflective enamel w red cross, letters CRCS between arms; "Life Member" pre 1957 1 $$$.44/09 1936 OLYMPICS, German; enamel in Ex+ condition; missing pin-back loop; original 1 $$$$/09 Royal Canadian Legion lapel pin; c. 1960's $$$.43/10 10 year membership; c. 1970's $$$.43/10 Royal Canadian Legion on white map of Manitoba & NW Ontario w. "MAN.-N.W.ONT." Legion logo, buffalo & spruce trees on gold metal; .75X.75" $$$.59/10 Badges, vinyl Calgary Girl's 1981 Soccer Tournament; 4"; as new $$$.40/10 Bag, Pow-wow Native & Historical) Bank (see Coin Bank) Bank Notes & Paper (see Coins, Currency, Tokens) Bar set; 5 pc. stainless steel, cast w large rose design; as new in original box w styrofoam tray $$$.97/10 Basket Fruit, 7.75x7.75"; split wood,tin rim; some damage; G $$/10 Wicker, 3x9x2", plywood base; woven w. 1 row 5/16 wood beads, rich patina; VG+ $$$.32/09 Bath Perfume cubes; SMYTHE & COVINGTON (England); as new $$.22/09 Bathroom Fixtures GLADE ROLAIR refil in original box; as new; some shelf wear $$.28/10 Robe Hook, gold color; AMEROCK/ANCHOR HOCKING; in orig. pk. $$$.48/09 Roll Holder Chrome mounting arms, TAYMOR $$$.97/10 Wire w. nylon roller; c. 1970's; W.W. Arcade, Edmonton; w original sales tag attatched; $$$.65/10 Soap-holder ceramic, 5.75x4.5" wood-style tub w. hippopotamus in blue cap seated, drying with towel. Cute; GIFTCRAFT KOREA 1960c; 45-045; Ex $$$.65/10 ceramic, seashell style rose & floral bouquet; gold edge; JAPAN 1960c; Ex++ $$$.65/10 ceramic, chicken; wall-mount; JAPAN 1960c; Ex++ $$$.65/100005 plastic, rectangular, counter-top, lt pink; as new $$.22/09 plastic heart, counter-top; "Ceramic" LION STAR; new in wraper $$.28/10 plastic wall mount w scroll top, removable oval tray w scroll on ends, brush trough; TRELAWNEY OF CANADA; as new, unused; near mint; red, pink or white $$$.65/10 steel wire tray, wall-mount; F/G; $$$.59/10 steel wire tray, pedestal; G+ $$$.40/09 steel wire tray, 4-leg; chromed; from W.W. ARCADE, Edmonton (since defunct) 1980; as new 45-297 $$.06/10 Toilet Ballcock 4010C CHICAGO SPECIALTY; new in box; shows shelf wear $$$.43/10 Toothbrush stand, 4-place; 3.5" tall w base cup; JAPAN 1960c ceramic w. gold peacocks & pink & blue flowers $$$.65/10 Toothbrush stand, 4-place; 3.5" tall w base cup; ceramic w. Holly Hobby picture & pink & green floral scroll $$$.65/10 Toothbrush stand, 4-place w central tube stand; 3x4,5x 2.25"; ceramic; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.40/10 Towel Ring AMEROCK/ANCHOR HOCKING; gold color; in orig. pk. 2 $$$.40/10 FRANKLIN BRASS Deco Bathware Astra 6"; New in original display box. $$$.67/10 Beach Backrest; wood & canvas, yellow; 1930's/40's VG/X 2 $$$.43/10 Beach chaise lounge; wood & canvas, blue $$$.43/10 Beadcraft Bowl, pedestal; 6x4.5"; wire frame, bead-wrapped; done in red translucent beads; similar to lampstand below; 11 plastic amber crystal pendants haning from rim; VG $$$.59/10 Lampstand, candle, 8"; pedestal w seperate shade; done in red translucent beads over wire frames. VG $$$.32/09 Beanpot Bowl-shaped; 6" base expanding to 9" rimmed throat; opposing 'ear' handles; glass lid; dk broen glaze w gold overtones; one slight chip to rim; appears to be MEDALTA $$$.32/09 Urn-shaped w. single handle; 8"dia x 7"h; BLUE MOUNTAIN style dk br/blk glaze w turq rim; c/w lid 45-314 $$$.67/10 Bedpan White enamel, hospital pan; Ex $$$.43/10 White enamel, chamber pot w handle; VG+ 45-307 $$$.45/10 Turn-of Century; blue enameled, speckeled, w. odor chimney $$$.31/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beer Bottles Carton, paper, 7-pack; similar to old pop cartons; CORONA EXTRA $$.66/09 Glasses Glasses; see Beer Memorabilia - Cut Bottle Glasses Stein Brass; 5"; glass bottom; Canadian Coat of Arms (Queen's Crown) appliqued; Made in Canada 1950's; Ex+ $$$.92/10 Ceramic Aztec/Maya type figures in 2 2.5" bands; 7" o/a tapered; brown glaze; #3573; Ex $$$.57/09 Conical, wood barrel pattern w BEER on front; 4" base; JAPAN 1960's; Ex $$$.68/09 Expo '86, Vancouver w. picture; 9" $$$.32/09 Labbat's $$$.97/09 Labbat 50 Ale $$$.97/10 Lion's Club; 3x6"; sticker w. Dick Jenkins $$$.28/10 Lobster in high relief on barrel shape; CANADA souvenir $$$.65/10 LORELEI (Germany) scene; mini-stein 2.5" $$.84/10 MEDALTA Redcliff; orange-brown speckled glaze $$$$/10 MILLER HIGH LIFE logo; mini-stein 2.5" $$.84/10 MOLSON EXPORT logo; mini-stein 2.5" $$.84/10 ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION Strathcona # 150 (Edmonton) $$$.59/10 Rocky Mountain House # 8; 1867-1967 Canadian Cent. Canoe Race start comemorative $$$.43/10 ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE centennial; charging lancer in color on one side, 1879-1973 on other; beige, lightly crazed; Ex 4 $$$.59/10 "Saxon Soldier circa 1066"; Bayoux figure in low relief; Japan c. 1960 some minor glaze flaws/chips; neglegible$$$.59/10 German Style ceramic w scenes in low relief; brown glazed 4" Tapered up; low relief Bavarian hunters & woman on front; thistle panel each side of handle; MADE IN JAPAN 1950c; Ex $$$.65/10 4.25" Barrel; tavern scene w dogs one side, hunter & family obverse; stone wall & tree; blue background; JAPAN 1952c $$$.65/10 4.5" Alpine village scene one side; man in red coat & blue hat obverse; twined vine handle; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 4.5" Alpine village scene one side; woman in orange dress on obverse; twined vine handle; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 4.5" Alpine village scene one side; man & woman in red at picnic table; dk. blue sky; JAPAN 1957c; w paper strip sticker on base "Stettler Curling Club" $$$.65/10 4.5" "SKI BUM", Garfield on skiis; 1978; Ex $$$.97/10 4.5" Tower in alpine setting one side; man courting woman on obverse, colorful costumes; dk blue sky; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 5" Montane scenes one side; Alpine fortress obv.; wine seller & hunter; twined vine handle; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 5.2" Barrel; tavern scene, 3 men w keg table; 'German' inscription on banner around bottom of stein; JAPAN 1960's; Ex $$$.65/10 5.25 Woodlands castle; foothills village w stream, windmill; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 5.25 Indian scenes all around; souvenier of Banff, Canada; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 5.25 Castle, 3 figures & cherubs around base $$$.65/10 5.5" Man & girl in colorfull costume w dog one side, Alpine village on other; sky dk blue; silver rimmed base; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 5.5" Alpine scene w old mill & scroll; 3 dwarf cobblers on obverse; dk blue sky; marked "Old Vienna"; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 5.5" Alpine scene w building & scroll w saying in garbled German; 3 men seated around barrel drinking; dk blue sky; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 Same, but w. OLD VIENNA emblazoned on top $$$.65/10 5.5" Alpine village w old mill & tower; man & woman in colorful costumes seated w steins; black/blue sky; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 5.5" Alpine house w fence; man seated at outdoor table served by wench; twined vine handle; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 5.5" 3-panels; Tower in mountains w sign "Heilt Mein Schmerz", Man & damsel courting; Tower in mtns. w sigh "Eih frohes Herz"; twined vine handle; JAPAN 1957c $$$.65/10 6" MUNCHEN w monk one side; Hofbrauhaus obverse; black sky; vine handle $$$.40/10 6.5" tapered; large tavern scene; made 1985 for "PA'S DAY"; twined vine handle; $$$.65/10 7" tapered; fenced garden w table scene; scroll w German saying on back; MADE IN JAPAN 1950's $$$.40/10 Glass Boot, 7.75"; molded bird (peacock?) motife to sides $$$.59/10 Boot, 6.0"; "I GOT A BOOT OUT OF OKLAHOMA"; molded fern motife to sides $$$.32/09 Brown, tapered, wood grip & brass bands; gold metal armorial crest applied to front; TAIWAN c1950/60; Ex 5$$$.65/10 Budweiser 1992 Collector's Series "A Perfect Christmas"; 7"; Ex+ $$$.59/10 1995 Budweiser Label stein $$$.97/10 Bullseye 1/2 pt. British; marked; bullseye $$.28/10 2 pt. bullseye $$.28/10 CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAYS PRODUCTION, Mountain Region Engineering Safety Award, 1986 $$$.40/10 Coors Heineken $$$.97/10 INUVIK, NWT crest; 5.5" $$$.54/10 Loewenbrau $$$.97/10 Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1977 Senior NCO's MESS, Octoberfest, H.Q. Ottawa $$$.40/10 RCMP crest $$$.40/10 Schlitz Malt Liquor; 6.5" $$$.97/10 Squirrel Peanut Butter (no lable) 2 pt. $$$.59/10 1/2 pt. $$$.40/10 Milk Glass 1977 Red Deer Summer Games (AB) $$$.40/10 6" concave w bas relief tavern scene each side 11 $$$.32/09 Miniature; 2.6" tapered; white ceramic; loon applique & CANADA to front $$$.65/10 MILLER HIGH LIFE logo; mini-stein 2.5" $$.84/10 MOLSON EXPORT logo; mini-stein 2.5" $$.84/10 Novelty Bear handle, climbing birch tree; 2 pt. $$$.40/10 Pewter; rampant lion handle $$$.25/09 Whistle Mugs "Wet Your Whistle" - "Whistle for your beer"; brown slip glaze, some chips on base $$$/09 - "Went to P. Leave this beer alone" barrel shape, brown slip glaze similar to Blue Mountain $$$/09 Child's $$$/09 birds & nest in relief; hand painted in greens; unique; JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$/09 Beer Bottle style neck extention for beer cans; white, plastic, Made in Canada 1980's; set of 4 $$.28/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beer Lables (see Liquor Lables) Beer Memorabilia bar mirror 6x18" gold framed; "Please don't shoot the Piano Player, he's doing the best he can" on mirror in 1930's style.$$$.40/10 9x12 HEINEKEN label design on mirror; in nice wood frame $$$.28/10 Belt Buckle, MUNICH OCTOBERFEST wall-mount bottle opener on large pewter ornate rectangular plate w sayings "UNIQUE BLEND", "World Famous" and "Premium Brews" on scrolls. Ex+++ $$$/09 Binoculars, BUDWEISER; plastic tubes in Bud style w Bud logo; 4.5"; 1992; Novelty item; Ex $$.05/09 BLACKJACK BEER; metal advertising sign; 8.5x8.5"; COLD BEER 25c; w cutout of beer bottle spring-attatched to front; mew in orig. box $$$.32/09 Bottle Openers Beck's Beer; 6"; wood handle; wear to varnish $$.28/10 Heineken 4.6"; stamped domed metal $$.28/10 Insect shaped; 4" metal outlined inlaid with mother of pearl; wings both sides, 2 square wire legs; pearl button eyes; appears to be Southwest style jewelry- work $$$.59/10 Labatt's, NEWELL, stamped domed metal; 5.3" $$$.65/10 Labatt's, stamped domed metal; 5.3" $$.28/10 Labatt's, stamped domed metal; 5.5"; "Good Things Brewing"$$.67/09 Labatt's Blue, "Smile" large plastic rocker 2x5" $$$.65/10 Milwaukee; clear plastic $$.28/10 Molson Brador; white plastic handle w. logos $$.28/10 Molson Export Ale; white plastic handle w. logo & "Keeps on Tasting Great" $$.28/10 Molson church key 5.5"; missing logo; paint 85% $$.22/09 Molson's CANADIAN; stamped domed church key; white w Maple Leaf & logo in colors; 5.3"; Ex $$$.65/10 MUNICH OCTOBERFEST wall-mount bottle opener on large pewter ornate rectangular plate belt buckle w sayings "UNIQUE BLEND", "World Famous" and "Premium Brews" on scrolls. Ex+++ $$$/09 PUBULL'S ALE; 4.5" 'knuckle' type opener, wood handle; red w advertising; worn; 1950c; VG $$$.32/09 WARSTEINER; 2.8" round medalion w churchkey opener, gold-tone, "EINE KONIGIN UNER DEN BIEREN" w crown & name one side & "DAS WARSTEINER FREUNDSHAFTS- SPIEL" on other with promo. Ex $$$.65/10 BIG LIFE glasses (2) from MOXIE'S GRILL in orig. box; As new $$$.28/10 Budweiser glass beer bottle salt/pepper set, 4" $$$.32/09 Budweiser 1992 Collector's Series "A Perfect Christmas"; 7"; Ex+ $$$.59/10 1995 Budweiser Label stein $$$.97/10 Candles, 1.75" shaped like beer can w "Light" over Budweiser type logo saying "Finest Quality" in circle cut by "BEER"; 4 candles 45-094 $$$.65/10 COORS glass beer bottle salt/pepper set, 4" $$$.32/09 Cut Bottle glasses; stubby bottles Heidelberg ('barrel' bottle); 1970's 4 $$$.65/10 Heidelberg bronze label; slight damage to label $$$.65/10 Molson Canadian $$$.65/10 Uncle Ben's Malt Liquor (Transcona, MB) $$$.65/10 White Sail (St. Boniface, MB, Canada) $$$.65/10 Cut Bottle glasses; miscellaneous Heidelberg ('barrel' bottle, long neck); no label 1960's $$.28/10 Sanlucar de Barbamera (Spain), w applied gold rim $$$.65/10 Cut Bottle Old Vienna telelphone; repaired speaker $$$.60/10 KOKANEE GLACIER BEER; cooler packsack; 18 can; blue; 2008; new $$$.59/10 HEINEKEN model S.U.V. made from beer cans; 8.5"; as new $$$.28/10 SCHAFFT LAGER tray; 14X14"; VG/Ex $$$.09/09 Schlitz Malt Liquor; 6.5" $$$.97/10 Stein; Schlitz Malt Liquor; 6.5" $$$.97/10 Bell, Sheep; handmand; souvenir of Appenzell, Switzerland; gold color w hand-painted flowers. Red leather hanging strap w embossed scenes & multi-color wool fringe; near mint $$$.43/10 Brass, apple w stem & leaf; 3.5" o/a; Ex $$$.65/10 Brass, bell-shaped; India; 3.5" o/a; suspension ring; Ex $$.28/10 Brass, truncated cone; Indian; 3.5" o/a; suspension ring; Ex $$.28/10 Ceramic, "FISHERMAN'S WHARF LOBSTER SUPPERS" (Vancouver, BC); 4"; 1990c; Ex++ $$.05/09 Belt (see also Girl Guides, Scouts) black 1.25" layered vinyl; 2 pc. simple beadwork; U buckle;2$$$.65/10 vlack 1.3" leatherette; brass stud decorated down each side; 5 Mickey Mouse & star brass metal plates; U buckle; MICKEY MOUSE CO., DISNEY HONEY FASHIONS; S/M $$$.12/10 Western, black 1.5" saddle leather; very nice impressed diamond & flower motife, bordered; lovely large cast horseshoe buckle, belt retainer & belt tip w floral & fern designs; 3 .75 cast 'silver' spots to match; 3 genuine bone 1" choker beads showing age discolor, w silvered 1/4" plastic beads at each end. new, dead stock.; 34 $$$.44/09 South Sudanese nomad 1960's 4" brown leather w. 1.25" harness buckle; completely hand-tooled in punctate border & panels. shows age and use, and slight cracking $$$$/09 Belt Buckle Militaria Brass, imitation 4-bullet clip; 2.5x2.5" $$$.28/09 Brass, solid, plain 2x2.75" $$.28/10 Cameron Trucking; "Professional Driver" under big rig all on; black plastic in cast brass; 1.8x3" $$$.65/10 Commemorative of Alberta's first Bicentennial, Ft. Vermilion 1988; cast Bronze $$$$/10 in original box; Ex $$$$/09 Greek woman's bas relief head; cast bronze; 3" round $$$.92/10 Horsehead in horseshoe on pressed steel 2x3.25" $$.28/10 JACK DANIELS OLD NO. 7 WHISKEY; cast pewter 2.4x3.1" $$$.92/10 JOHN cast bronze; solid, bordered, w clipped corners 2x3" $$$.65/10 LEE, cast; 2.2x3" $$$.92/10 Pewter; VIETNAM VETERAN w Vet. Memorial 2.75x3.5"; 1989; new $$$$/09 Psychedelic floral fern-pattern pressed metal openwork woman's; claw type; 3.25x4.75"; gold w red & greenenamel; c1970 $$.28/10 Quick Release, 2"; w slider; plastic, black; replacement NORTH TRAIL/OUTBOUND (TAYMOR) c1980 in orig. sales pck. $$$.40/10 PROUDLY CANADIAN/HUSKY; Canadian Flag on pole; cast brass; 2x3"; as new 45-130 2 $$$.10/10 Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps; cast brass; round 'dot' type; left half only $$$.43/10 Skull & Crossbones; 4"; hollow cast; Ex $$$.40/10 Stainless steel, solid, 1.5x2.5" $$.22/09 "VONCO"; cast bronze; name, VOS in diamond, oilwell in O; Taber, Red Deer; BK Buckles (Calgary, AB); 2.2x3.2" $$$.97/10 Berry Basket, 7.5x7.5x3.75" wood veneer w tin edging. 1960's; from S of Content Bridge (AB); G $$$.65/10 Billfold, Moroccan Leather; unused, but needs some cleaning & a seam repaired; MADE IN CANADA $$.28/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ BINOCULARS B10 Bushnell 7x35 w 8o field 1 $$$$/09 Bushnell 8x50 w 5.5o field; crack in prism 1 $$$.43/10 Folding, combination binoculars, magnifying glass, compass; given as present to JF by OF/89 $$$.28/10 HACO 30331 7x50 w 710 field; w case $$$$/09 IMPERIAL 4.5x27 compact, folding $$$.97/10 pouch, camera; leather, AGFA 2.5x4.5x6.5", shoulder strap & belt loop; VG/Ex 1 $$$.59/10 Le Jockey Club, Paris; aligator-skin cover w. alligator case (hinge needs work) $$$$/09 MacDONALD'S Earth Days toy 2 $$.22/09 METZLAR LIGHT CAVALIER 8x25 (France) 1940's in case; shoulder straps broken off. $$$.09/09 SKYLINE 7x35 2\w 8o field; w case; as new 1 $$$$/09 Toy; about 2.5x24; 1985c; orange 1 $$.28/10 OPERA, folding Deluxe 3.5x25 w compas; as new 1 $$$.40/10 FOCAL 2.5x24 'Sport Glass', metal c1980 new in box; K-MART 20-20-15 1 $$$.92/10 READER'S DIGEST; 2.5x25; metal c1980 as new 1 $$$.59/10 Birthday Cake Decoration, Carousel w 6.5" carousel top, 5 flags, 6 candles & holders, 3 1.75" clowns; TOY SALES #603 in original display card; some wear to card $$.28/10 Candle, Ziggy, "Happy Birthday"; original wrapper; storage wear $$$.65/10 Clown Heads; 3"; w ruff collars; Cake decorations; HONG KONG 1950's; plastic; pk of 4; (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow collar) $$$.09/09 Happy Birthday streamer; joined cuttouts in metalic colors; TOY SALES 1980's; unopened in original pk.; mint $$$.65/10 Happy Birthday streamers; multi-colored on silver 5" backing; 1970's $$.22/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Black memorabilia African grass-wrapped bracelet, triangular x-section, brown w interlaced contrasting design $$$.40/10 African beaded wedding belt (blue predominate), c1960's; Occasionally used by Cree Indian dancers (history to buyer)0197
$$$$$$/09 African effigy; male figure w crossed arms; 8"; w massive penis mounted on spring; wood; Ex 2 $$$.32/09 African wood carving; wild boar on hoop on base 4" o/a $$$.40/10 African head, pottery; 5"; cropped hair; c2000; Ex $$$.40/10 Black head held in hand; ceramic w copper helmet & rings; 9" o/a; planter; Ex+ $$$.43/10 Bust, pr; sandstone carving or molding; 3.5"; 1 fig w. white necklace, wh/red hairband & hair done in expanding 'pillbox' style; chip to base; other w red/wht necklace, short cropped hair & ostrich plume on right side; both w slit earlobe.; Excellent collector pieces; probably pre 1940 $$$.99/09 Bust, female, ceramic, large gold pendant hoop earrings, hair in 4 ridges, gold paper & cardboard candle (?) holders glued to top; 8" o/a; pr $$$.53/09 45-122 Pipecleaner figure holding spear; pipecleaner palmtree; on 2" base cut from red willow branch & marked NORTH BATTLEFORD in pen. may be locally made souvenir; 1950's; rare find to have one of these survive this long. JF01 $$$.04/10 Salt & Pepper; 2 busts; 4"; m. brown; 1 w bowl on head, 1 w tall hairdo skewered by bone; no markings but obviously 1950's, probably Japan; Ex+ $$$.92/10 Statuette; Black woman carrying basket on head w goods & birds & bird in 1 hand; 15.5"; Ex $$$.19/09 Witch Doctor's staff, carved w. head & serpent along shaft in high relief; 37"; Ex $$$$/09 Blanket (see also Tapestries, Native & Historical) pyle 68x82"; Loons on dk blue lake, grey-brown forest above w white treeline in middle, rising to white/grey band, to blue mountains/clouds & grey sky above. Colors reversed to dominant white on back; BIEDERLACK (W. Germany) Jackie Dinomann design; Ex/as new $$$.06/10 Southwest, "Pendleton" woven; striped, multi-color Apache style; dominant blue w 'sunset' red/yellow striping. Ex $$$.43/10 Blind, roller, 37.5"; HEES ALBERTA cloth in original paper wrap; $$$.59/10 BLUE MOUNTAIN Ashtray horseshoe; 8x6.5"; brown glaze w diffuse cream centre; Blue Mountain style; c1957; Japan $$$.32/09 Indian head; 4.75x6"; w headband & feather drops; side view; McMASTER K5 (Canada) 1950's; in Blue Mountain style; Ex $$$.58/09 Maple Leaf, 6x7", dk br. glaze w orange spots on veins; no markings $$$.40/10 ovate 6"; looks like squashed ball; dk brown w turquoise slip on top; appears to be Blue Mountain $$$.28/10 shell, 3.25x4.25"; br. w turq. slip; souvenir of "Banff, Alberta", GRAND RIVER POTTERY $$$.65/10 Beanpot, Urn-shaped w. single handle; 8"dia x 7"h; Blue Mountain style dk br/blk glaze w turq rim; c/w lid $$$.67/10 Candy Dish, Stemmed, 4x8.25"; dk br glaze w beige rim; appears to be Blue Mountain $$$.32/09 Candy Dish, oval/kidney; 8x9.5"; W74; blk/br w grey running slip upper; Ex 45-310 $$$.92/10 Coffee urn; coffee grinder style; 7" 45-294 $$$.28/10 Dish, 5.25", dk. br w turq slip; scalloped edge; small flower bas relief on handles at end; possibly a souvenir of Vernon, B.C.; no markings; Blue Mountain style $$$.65/10 Geese w. upstretched neck; 2-tone brown; 10"; Blue Mountain style; Japan 1960's; set of 2 $$$.92/10 Pitcher, 4.5" onion-bulb w 2.75" spouted neck & classic handle; BLUE MOUNTAIN style dk. brown/black w red & beige highlights; JAPAN 1960's; Ex $$$.68/09 Planter, counter-top Seed-pot scoop w curled stem; 13"; Blue Mountain style red/orange to black/brown; pedestal base; Ex $$$.11/09 Plate, 11.6"; dk br w lit br speckled white rim; Blue Mountain style, marked USA $$$.65/10 Shoe,'Jet Boot'; souvenir of Rocky Mountain House; no markings $$.28/10 Squirrel, 8"; black w blue-grey slip; appears to be book-end; red/orange earthenware; Ex $$$.32/09004 Swan, long neck, 24.5"; red/orange over dk. brown/chestnut; red/orange eathenware; Ex $$$.18/10003 Vase, long-neck 'onion bulb'; 11" unusual lt green slip on reddish base $$$.18/10 Vase, oval expanding, leaf pattern; 11"; bluegrey to black; $$$.18/10 Vase, BLUE MOUNTAIN 3MP; oval expanding ribbed 2-leaf pitcher shape on pedestal; 11.5" Blue Mountain style slip blue-grey over black; Ex++ 45-926 $$$.18/10 Vase, Urn-shaped; 8" w opposing flared mouth, 2 rococco handles; finished in Blue Mountain style slip; red/orange earthenware; Ex $$$.32/09 Vase, Classic Greek Urn-shaped; 9.5" w flared mouth & opposing handle; finished in Blue Mountain style slip, red/orange over dk. brown/chestnut; red/ orange earthenware; Ex $$$.18/10004 Whistle Mug, "Went to P. Leave this beer alone" barrel shape, brown slip glaze similar to Blue Mountain $$$.65/10 BLUE WILLOW (see also Dishes) Planter; Dachshund, 3-pc. arc (Condiment server?); JAPAN 1960c; Ex $$$.43/10 Vase, 4.5x4.5" globular (stretched downwards) w 3/8" neck; MASON'S/TWININGS; Ex $$$.60/10 Boats (see also Toys) Ashtray; 1.5x2.25x7" pressed metal bottom & top; white w blue top; top w deck, windscreen, rear seat & wire-loop cigarette holders; from IM/88 FV (history to buyer) $$$.65/10 Bookends; heavy gauge brass plate w wood backstop; plate inset w metal etched map of Canada in black; 1960's; Ex+ $$$.92/10 Booklets Bookmarks Books of the Holy Bible; cloth ribbon in plastic laminate; listing books of the bible; c1986 $$$.65/10 Metal ALBERTA Career Development & Employment; Apprenticeship; 5" stabrite brass w royal blue cords; 1985; from Ft. Vermilion, AB; new 45-082 $$.74/10 Rexal Drugs; brass 2.75" w pressed logo; $$$.40/10 Paper Alberta Education 75th Anniversary, 1989 $$.22/09 Ducks Unlimited Canada, pic of cattails by Tye Gregg c1990 $$.22/09 Severna Nash Books, Red Deer (AB), 1980's $$.22/09 Books Books, Scribbler Ledger books # 301; blue manila covers & coil-bound; front cover marked FLHRU (Fromhold-L'Heureud Unlimited), from the Northern Echo c. 1967, first newspaper in the High Level (AB) area $$$.40/10 School, HILROY 72 M6E 2R9; pg 23.2x18.1cm 8mm ruled w margin; blue lettering; may have scribbling on cover $$.22/09 School, HILROY 72 M6E 2R9; pg 23.2x18.1cm 8mm ruled w margin; black lettering; may have scribbling on cover $$.22/09 School, HILROY 72 M6E 2R9; pg 23.2x18.1cm 8mm ruled w margin; black lettering; 18 pg. of Gr. 5 Journal $$.22/09 School, KEYSTONE Graph Work Book #32; some scribbling on cover $$.22/09 BOSTON PIZZA; box of 4 crayons; mint $$.28/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bottle Caps plastic snap on w neck-loop extention 1950's/60's 2/$$.22/09 Fresca; blue w wire retaining clip lever; rubber washer 2/$$.22/09 w bottle opener $$.22/09 Bottle Cutter (see also Cut Bottles) RAPCO 7261; complete in box $$$.12/10 Bottle Openers A TOAST TO THE HOST church key w toast in many languages 9" $$$.65/10 9.5" $$$.65/10 10.0" cast $$$.65/10 ALBERTA BREWERS flat church key 3.25" $$.22/09 ALBERTA BREWERS hook type, 4" $$.22/09 AMOCO oil; plastic, flat, white, near new $$.28/10 BAREN-MARKE; 3.5"; cap lifter & can puncturer $$.28/10 BEAVER LUMBER; 2.3" rectangular clear plastic w. metal inset$$$.65/10 BECK'S BEER; 6"; wood handle; wear to varnish $$.28/10 Bent Wire rod w cylindrical plastic handle; cream color; 1940's; COEUR D'ALENE, IDAHO $$$.97/10 Bottle Cap fridge magnets, 3" Hagen $$.22/09 Victoria, B.C. $$.28/10 CAL GINGER ALE; wood handle w 'knuckle' opener; beige; paint only 60% $$$.40/10 CALGARY TOWER; 1960c view of tower & city w Rocky Mts. in background; in silver on blue plastic; flat-stamped opener & piercer; 1.75x4.25"; Ex $$$.40/10 Can Piercer & bottle opener; flat stamped w 2-pc plastic grip; floral design 4.25" c1950's $$.28/10 New Willigdon Hotel (AB) 3.5"; similar to above 1960's $$$.65/10 Royal Crown Hotel, Coronation (AB) 6.5"; similar $$.28/10 Wakefield CASTROL Motor Oil 4.5" 45-088 $$$.65/10 Veteran Hotel, Compeer Hotel, Youngstown Hotel 3.75" $$.28/10 Canadian National Hotels; flat metal churchkey $$$.65/10 CN Tower; cast bronze; Made in Canada $$$.65/10 Canadian Pacific Hotels; flat plastic w. metal inset $$$.65/10 CAPTAIN, 5.5" cast brass plaque style w opener at one end $$$.65/10 CARAVAN MOTELS (1950's) wire churchkey w impressed name $$.99/09 Castle Tower, square, cast brass, JAPAN; 6.5" $$$.65/10 Clear plastic block handle w embeded ear of wheat; bottle cap lifter/can punch; 7" o/a; some light scuffing with matching letter opener $$$.32/09 Clear plastic block handle w 1968 CDN 1, 5 & 10 cent pieces; bottle cap lifter/can punch; 7" o/a; VG $$$.40/10 DITTRICH MEN'S SHOP, Edmonton; 1950's; bottle opener $$.28/10 DOWELL; white plastic w Dowell logo $$.28/10 EXPO 86 geodesic dome; plastic, clear, flat; scuffed & worn $$$.65/10 folding church key, can opener & pick $$.28/10 Heineken 4.6"; stamped domed metal $$.28/10 J.H. OEL MECHANICAL (1978 Calgary, AB); clear plastic 2.8x3.4" w imbeded square metal opener & advert. panel in green $$.28/10 Japanese Tanto/Trouse style letter opener/bottle opener, sawback; natural birch or poplar case $$$.65/10 Knuckle type, wood handle; bent sheet metal; 5"; paint largely worn off; VG $$$.40/10 Labatt's, NEWELL, stamped domed metal; 5.3" $$$.65/10 Labatt's Blue, "Smile" large plastic rocker 2x5" $$$.65/10 Labatt's, stamped domed metal; 5.3" $$.28/10 Maple Leaf church key, 5"; c. 1950's $$$.65/10 Milwaukee; clear broad plastic grip $$.28/10 Molson Brador; similar to above w. logos $$.28/10 Molson church key 5.5"; missing logo; paint 85% $$.22/09 Molson Export Ale; white plastic handle w. logo & "Keeps on Tasting Great" $$.28/10 Moore Paints, lid lifter & bottle opener; on tubular plastic handle 5" $$.22/09 Motel-style wall mount; LEE VALLEY $$.06/10 MOTO-SKI/Bombardier; orange broad plastic grip $$.28/10 Plain stamped church key 4" $$.22/09 'Picnic' church key 3" $$.22/09 Pic A Pop; as above, orange $$.22/09 Pocket Knife 037; Holland souvenir, 4.6" red plastic grips; 1 blade, churchkey bottle opener; fork $$$.65/10 PUBULL'S ALE; 4.5" 'knuckle' type opener, wood handle; red w advertising; worn; 1950c; VG $$$.32/09 Schweppes Bicentenial 1783-1983; similar to above $$.28/10 Sears paint can & bottle opener $$.22/09 Souvenir of Mt. St. Michel; church key on 1.75" round disk w impressed bas relief of Mt. St. Michel; 3"o/a $$.28/10 SPORTSMEN OF CANADA 9" church key w sports pics; some wear $$$.65/10 Stamped metal can piercer & bottle opener, rounded handle $$.22/09 Stamped metal can pierc., btl open. & corkscrew; flat; England $$.22/09 The Pop Shoppe; as above, white $$.22/09 The Pop Shoppe; flat metal opener coated w white plastic; 1.6x4" $$.22/09 TSFM CASWELL'S SASKATOON; shoehorn; stamped metal; 3,6"; Ex $$.28/10 Volroth combination folding bottle opener, corkscrew, can opener & gadget; JAPAN AO $$$.40/10 Wall Mounted, magnetic; MODERN PLASTICS 1970c in original sealed display board $$.28/10 Wire Church keys (3 types), 1950's $$.28/10ea Wood handled cap lifter Wood handled churchkey, German D.R., F $$.22/09 Bottles Bottle, Whiskey, mickey; GALLANTIER & SON; brown; macrame- wrapped w brown & tan hemp; Ex $$$.40/10 Bowls (see also Dishes) Earthenware, 3.5x5.5" brown slip glaze; nice $$$.65/10 Garlic clove; 3x2"; Ex $$.28/10 Enamelware Bowl, candy dish; 5.5"; heavy & raised hand painted scene of Jay bird on branch with cherry flowers; MADE IN JAPAN 1950c; Ex $$$/09 Bowl, candy dish; 6" egg shaped w lid; black abstract floral on yellow; JF/00; Ex 45-292 $$.43/10 Bowl, Chip Green glass; 9.5" w. edge bent in on 3 sides; small dip bowl & hanger $$$.92/10 Bowl, Finger 3.75" tapered earthenware, white IMPERIAL EXPORT CHINA $$.28/10 Bowl, Nut Wood, 9x11.5x2.5" Maple Leaf; nicely sculpted & finished; some minor scratches $$$.40/10 Bowl, plastic imitation wood; 7.75x2"; 16 concave flower petals; DIALENE BETTER-MAID 182, ENGLAND 1950c; Ex $$$.65/10 Bowl, plastic; JAPAN c1950; glossy dk. brown cast with low relief large flowers & leaves on fine "weave" decorated backing w gold & green finish; 3x10.5"; lightly scuffed $$$.97/10 Tray to match Bowl, Plastic; MADE IN JAPAN c1950; 9.75" fruit bowl; brown w woodgrain coloring & hand-painted apples on base; open- work slat side w low-relief imitation woven rim & base; crack to base, neglegible $$$.97/10 Bow, plastic Boat-shaped pressed hard plastic 1.5x5.5x8", rolled edge. plain outside; interior printed to show wickerwork w purple checked picnic cloth & watermelon slice; 1950's; VG/Ex $$$.65/10 Bowl, pressed wood; souvenig; UTAH w 3-d views of Bryce Canyon, Mormon Tabernacle, Mormon Temple, Whitethorne Zion peak, Conestoga Wagon & state flowers; branch-motif rim; 10x11.5"; TACO, H.H. TAMMEN CO, UNITED STATES; 1950c; rare $$$.28/10 Bowl, Salad (see also Dishes & Glassware) Turned teakwood; bowl 4x10", 4 dishes 2x5.75"; vertical sided $$$.84/09 Turned wood; bowl 4x13", 4 dishes 1.75x5.75"; rounded sides w oval incission decoration NORICRAFT Canada $$$.84/09 Bowl, Serving Aluminium, polished; 9.5"; expanding, dogtooth bands top and bottom; hammer-decorated cymbal lid w coiled rod handle with acorn terminals; BW BUENILUM logo; 1950c $$$.60/10 Bowl, stainless sides w ceramic 6" base w lovely flower motif in white, green, turquoise; 10x2.25" w crenelated rim; bears BMF marking on stork w rising wings, serial 4482; G+ $$$.97/10 Box, Jewlery (see Jewelery) Box, cardboard (Many of our items are in their original boxes; generally only empty boxes are listed below; AMMUNITION ACE 12 g $$.05/09 C.I.L. (Canadian Industries Ltd.) .308 bullets 350g PNEU $$.05/09 DOMINION .25-20 86g SP $$$.65/10 .30-06 Springfield 150g PSP $$.05/09 .32 Short Colt Smokeless" old pre WWII box; G $$$.65/10 8 mm Mauser 170g $$.05/09 8 mm Mauser 180g $$.05/09 SUPER-CLEAN SMOKELESS .32 long $$$.65/10 .30-06 Springfield 180 g 2 $$$.65/10 .30-06 Springfield 220 g $$$.65/10 SUPER CLEAN 12 g $$.05/09 GEVELOT .22 170g PSP $$.05/09 IMPERIAL 8 mm Mauser $$.05/09 KENT 12 g $$.05/09 MALAYSIA military 5.56 mm 2 $$.05/09 METEOR (Macleod's-Stedman, now defunct) 12 g 2 $$$.65/10 NORMA 7.62 mm Russian $$.05/09 REMINGTON KLEANBORE .22 $$.05/09 WINCHESTER BIG BORE 94 .375 $$.05/09 SUPER-SPEED .30 Remington 170b Silvertip $$.05/09 SUPER X .30-30 Winchester 170 PP $$.05/09 SUPER X .30-30 Winchester 170 Silvertip $$.05/09 WESTERN 12 g $$.05/09 AUTO-LITE Service Part IGC-11072 Chrysler 643822; 3.25x3.5x4; 1958 box; from S of Content Bridge (AB); VG+ $$$.65/10 B.C. TREE FRUITS LTD./B.C. PEACHES; shipping box; 1958; from S of Content Bridge S.; G/VG $$$.59/10 BIRKS JEWELERS, 4X9.5X.75" blue, classic 1960's; VG/Ex $$$.65/10 BOSTON PIZZA; box of 4 crayons; mint $$.28/10 CANADA MOTOR PRODUCTS, tin, automobile fuses 1.4x1.5"; VG $$$.28/10 CANDY, pck of 4 boxes, MILK DUDS JUNIORS, MILK DUDS Snack Size & SMARTIES 17g; $$.22/09 CENTURY INTERNATIONAL ARMS (Canada) handgun 1980's; 1 corner open $$.22/09 Chili Handmade Porcelain Doll $$.28/10 Christian Correspondence Notes; 1.5x4.5x5.5"; "The Sunshine Line"; lt blue w weave pattern on sides nicely floral decorated. Top white w leaf & flower border, bouquets in upper corners, country church scene on bottom & nice verse; VG/Ex $$$.65/10 Christmas Cards, "Silent Night", SUNSHINE, w verses by B.J. Hoff; 1.3x5.3x7.5" blue w verse on cover $$.28/10 Cigarette packages: Alpine 20's; 1969 (Canadian) from original owner (history to buyer) near mint $$$.40/10 Players Special Blend 25's w health warning; P/F $$.22/09 Sportsman King Size 25's w health warning; P/F $$.22/09 Sportsman King Size 25's w health warning; F+ $$.28/10 Clover-Leaf Coasters; England; c1960; VG $$$.65/10 Doll-size 3 box set for K & M Delicious Pizza, Betty Crocker Angel Food Mix & General Mills Count Chocula $$.28/10 ELY LILLY & Co.; Indianapolis; cardboard tube w split slide-on end pice, tin ends; 1x6.25", Theamine Ampoule; near mint $$$.28/10 GANONG 'Delecto' Chocolates, 1 lb.; early 1950's 2x6.25x8.5" box; low-relief picture of cariage crossing stone bridge over river w fisherman in boat, bordered by trees in gold, blue & black; overshot edges frayed but picture VG and box solid; overall VG $$$.40/10 GENERAL ELECTRIC Film Projector Lamp DFN 1950's; w liner & original PRECISION PHOTO, RED DEER (AB) price sticker; box top damaged & bottom slightly crushed, but otherwise VG $$$.40/10 Goggles, N-2; Canadian Military; w 1 lense; metal reiforced edges; 3x5x7.5" $$$.28/10 HONEYWELL Strobonar 100; packed in original styrofoam in original box w instruction booklet; as new $$$.92/10 Inflatable Party Doll; life size (S); 1996 $$.05/09 Inflatable Party Doll; French Maid Love Doll; 2008 $$.22/09 JARDINE'S JEWELRY (Ponoka, AB); 1.75x2.25x8.5" blue; c1970; G$$.28/10 KODAK Model EK6 w. lined leatherette case, film & flash; in original box; box F; others Ex $$$$/09 KRAFT VELVETA CHEESE, 1Kg; 1960c; G++ $$.93/09 Leather Dye; ESQUIRE, black, in original box $$$.59/10 LORD & MAYFAIR hotel shower cap; 2009; Ex $.25/09 Mallory screen door spring hinges; G $$$.65/10 No Name Whole Smoked Oysters; Ex $$.22/09 PRESTIGE; Italian Fancy Leather Goods Inc. (Montreal); imit. wood finish; 1.3x4.6x7.5"; VG/Ex $$.28/10 Pyltone Pile Remedy; F/G $$$.97/10 R.C. PURDY chocolates; 1 lb.; blue moire pattern; some wear $$.28/10 REXALL Quick-Snips; F/G $$.28/10 RAVEN KX-145 Printer Ribbon (since defunct) $$.22/09 SYLVANIA AG1B flashbulbs in orignal box; 7 remaining $$.22/09 SYLVANIA Flipflash II, GE, in original sales card; unused $$$.65/10 Smith & Stone Ltd. (Ont); Porcelain Pull Chain Lampholder for 3 1/2" Outlet Box $$.28/10 VANDERBILT Eau de Toilette & Body Silk lided box w swans VG/Ex $$.28/10 WAVERLY Newberry Stripe Journal; CR GIBSON 1x6x9:" G/VG $$.22/09 WESTINGHOUSE AG1B flashbulbs in original box; 11 bulbs $$.28/10 1950's Lawson & Jones Ltd. label box, for Nakusp Drug Store; G $$$.40/10 u/k 1.75x7.5x10.5" lided box; pink pebbled lid w 1" abstract paint gold squares decoration; G/VG $$.28/10 Box, Plastic; STAR playing cards; 2 decks; transp. lid $$.22/09 Box, Wood (see also Crate) Box, Wood, 6x9x2" w lid; unfinished; as new $$/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ BRASS ashtrays Cast; BANFF SULPHUR MOUNTAIN/MOUNT NORQUAY w scenes. 3x3"; 1950c; Ex $$$.59/10 Cast, fluted, 6"; 12 flutes; INDIA; Ex $$$.59/10 Cast Persian slipper; 5"; 1950; Ex $$$/09 hammered brass bowl of obvious old age; inside enameled green, chipped; 2 annealed enameled brass panels on outside w. sealife motif; cast rim of ornate sealife & latice designs; marked China but obviously of pre 1930's manufacture. some dents, spots & flaws as might be expected in such a piece. a distinctive collectable. possible central Asian origin; 4x6" $$$.28/09 Bell, apple w stem & leaf; 3.5" o/a; Ex $$$.65/10 Bell, bell-shaped; India; 3.5" o/a; suspension ring; Ex $$.28/10 Bell, truncated cone; Indian; 2.7" o/a; suspension ring; Ex $$.28/10 bookmarks Alberta Career Development & Employment; Apprenticeship; 5" stabrite brass w royal blue cords $$$.40/10 Rexal Drugs; brass 2.75" w pressed logo; $$$.40/10 Business Card Holder; large cast 4.5x5" plate w. scroll top & relief cast florals & brazed-on scalloped card holder; wishbone moveable rear support; as new $$$.57/09 Candle-holders, set of 3; slimline; 2.5" dish base; 4.s5, 5.1 & 7" stands; upside-down bell shaped cup $$.28/10 Cherub carrying dolphin; bottle stopper; cork base; 3.25" $$$.97/10 45-277 CLASSIC ORNAMENT, scales, 2"; 1970's; new in orig. box $$$.65/10 Cold Air Intake cover, home, 17.25x9.25" Brass finish; LEIGH 29B; in original plastic wrap; mint $$$.32/09 Door Knockers Greek Head; 6.5"; antique $$$.44/09 Lion Head; 6.5"; antique $$$.44/09 Electrical outlet plate w. beaded leaf-pattern edge; CHARM-N-STYLE; part of one end painted $$$.40/10 Elephant, 2.2"; Forn, ornamental; 11.5x7.25"; low-relief flying peacock w florals; TAIWAN; 1960c $$$/09 Frying Pan, 4.5" dia.; CLOVELLY banner w cast line-art of Main street & burro; WEBAWARE, ENGLAND; 1950s; $$.20/09 Goblets, stemed, bell top; 6.25"; set of 4 $$.88/09 mug, 4.2" w. "Graduation" plaque glued; in original burgundy velvet presentation case $$$.99/09 Pheasant 13"; solid; pair $$$/09 Piano, upright; solid; 1.3" $$.22/09 pitcher of middle/central Asian origin, handmade, with some crude workmanship; exagerated spout; large bulbous semi- onion shaped lid; some silver remaining on lid, some paint remaining on body. Of obvious age and not made for the tourist/export trade; sometimes identified as Islamic ritual vessles $$$$/09 Plate, Sta-Brite brass; 8" 8-sided; 6.5" ceramic plate inset. w autumn maple leafs & 'Maple Leaf Canada' in script $$$.59/10 NUT CRACKER; cast brass in bag. $$$.40/10 Salt & Pepper Indian couple, cherubic; Ex. $$$.31/09 Scales of Justice; 9.5"; JF03 45-123 $$$.84/10 Towel Ring, FRANKLIN BRASS Deco Bathware Astra 6"; New in original display box. $$$.67/10 Vase, urn, 14" w flared crenelated throat; enameled chestnut brown w natural brass bands & brass foliage w hammer- incised highlights; INDIA 1960's or earlier; VG $$$.45/09 Breast pump; 5.5" white $$.22/09 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bronze Biplane; 3"; cast, pencil sharpener; HONG KONG $$$.40/10 Canon; 5;2"; cast, horse-drawn type; spring activated $$$.40/10 Cello; 4.5"; cast, pencil sharpener; HONG KONG $$$.40/10 Fan; 3"; cast, pencil sharpener; HONG KONG; turns $$$.40/10 Gramaphone; cast, pencil sharpener; $$$.65/10 HERMAN'S DENKMAL; Bronze casting of the Memorial to Herman, destroyer of Roman Legions; 4.5" $$$.59/10 Liberty Bell; 3"; cast, pencil sharpener; HONG KONG; rings $$$.40/10 Mask, Theatre, wall hanging, Greek sad face, 4" $$$.60/10 Mask, Theatre, wall hanging, Pan/Devil face $$$.60/10 Potbelly stove, 3.25"; stovepipe; moving grate $$$.67/10 Remington Typewriter, antique; pencil sharpener; 3" $$$.40/10 Thermometer, cast; 4.5" wall hanging; round thermometer over standing buffalo in reverse C w YUKON crest $$$.32/09 BROOM, novelty; wicker; 30"; mouse in dress; 1984; G $$/10 Brownies (see Scouts, etc.) Brush, bath, back; FULLER; plastic w nylon bristles; in original box (closing tab damaged); 1950's/60's VG/Ex $$$.65/10 Brushes Clothes Brush set; w brush (1 palm, 1 hand); wood w wood plaque for hanging; nylon bristles; YORKSHIRE H-55A/B in original box; JAPAN c1955; VG $$$.40/10 tie rack plaque w. horseshoe & horsehead etch.; black 8.5" clothes brush & shoe horn w. brown horse heads; new in box; slight damage to box; 1950's $$$.59/10 fingernail, nylon; bristles front & back lt & dk brown $$.22/09 grooming kit; hair & fingernail brushes w chromed tin backs in 3.5x5" leather tavel case; $$$.32/09 grooming set; 2 bristle brushes; teardrop mirror; copper mountings w scroll at junctions; teardrop & oval brush on white leather base; rococco leather backs; ball terminal; metal worn; 1930's or earlier $$$.44/09 Hair brush, chromed; tin mount & plastic fluted handle; nylon bristles in yellow/cream plastic; lt pink paper ? backing; 10"; c1940's $$$.97/10 Hair brush, clear plastic mount & handle; floral etched mirror in back, nylon bristles; made in US; mirror shows aging; 1940's or earlier $$$.92/10 Hair brush, clear plastic mount & handle; 8", 6 rows radial white nylon bristles; 1940's; G/VG $$$.97/10 Hair brush, clear plastic mount & handle; 6.75", 7 rows translucent nylon bristles on rectangular base; 1940's;G$$$.40/10 Silver 8" brush w. beige nylon bristles in nylon base; matching comb w silver back. heavy cast metal $$$.06/10 Brut For Men medalion on chain $$.22/09 BRYAN ADAMS pin-on button, 2.2x3.2"; WAKING UP THE NATION; Let it ROCK w COCA COLA cap in O; pic of Adams with Megaphone 45-321 $$$.40/10 Buckle (see Belt Buckle) Bugle, brass coach horn 45-269 $$$/10 Burglar alarm, POLICE SIREN door stop # 113 in original pie- shaped box & Woodwards (since defunct) label $$$.40/10 Butter Churn, 18" cylindrical, galvanized; cast crank broken, otherwise complete $$$.97/09 Butter Dish Aluminium; w. impressed pine cone design; pressed glass butter tray (see also pan lid, butter dish, cake tray, candy dish, seving tray, dish & condiment set to match) $$$.97/09 Aluminium; w. impressed rose design; pressed glass butter tray (see also casserole dish set to match) $$$.97/09 Ceramic; JAPAN 1960c $$$.40/10 copper top & bottom, glass inner tray; partial patina; VG $$$.92/10 shell, pressed chromed metal, 5", top & bottom w cobalt blue glass dish insert; as new $$$.59/10 stainless steel w clear plastic lid; 4x7x2.5"; 1950's; Ex $$$.10/10 Butter Pat Oriental, marked "Lotus Inn" $$.28/10 Oriental, 3" w dragon; Made in Japan c1952 $$$.65/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | ITEM DESCRIPTION $ CDN| ------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUTTONS, pin-on .9" CISS crest on white $$.22/09 I'M A FAN OF HORIZON STAGE, CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS (Edmonton, AB); Logo of sunrise over parkland scene; pre 2001 $$.22/09 ROUND LAKE TREATMENT CENTRE; white plastic disk w red Indian on stylized sunrise shield logo; white letters on red rocker; no prong $$.22/09 1.25" CANADA DAY/LA FETTE DU CANADA; w flag on white; pre 1999 $$.28/10 CANDY CANE INN, Crossed Candy canes, DISNEYLAND $$$.40/10 CLUB MONACO, ALFRED SUNG; on turquois around central disk with Club M crest; pre 2001 $$.22/09 Gremlins: GIZMO $$$.65/10 NEW HORIZONS 1972-1982 CANADA; in French & English; rainbow bird over rainbow $$$.65/10 SERVAL CHAMPIONSHIP CHUCKWAGON RACING TEAM 1998; white disk on red, black lettering over black cowboy hat $$.28/10 1.4" FREE CANADA - TRADE MULRONEY 45-154 $$$.65/10 HAVERING crest in gold on blue; pre 1999 $$.28/10 PARKLAND SOCCER ASSOC., RED DEER; stylized soccer player $$.28/10 SHARE THE GOOD NEWS $$.22/09 SUNDAY SCHOOL IS FOR ADULTS $$.22/09 YES I MIND IF YOU SMOKE; Cancer Society; pre 1999 $$.28/10 1.5" BMX RIDER on plastic yellow reflector; pre 1999 $$.06/10 CITIZEN ADVOCACY on white; pre 1999 $$.28/10 GOD'S SPECIAL AGENT; 1995 VBS; white police badge on blue; $$.28/10 I (heart) MY JOB, ALBERTA CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND EMPLOYMENT; 1992 $$.28/10 SPECTRUM; under disappearing rainbow road under rainbow; pre 1999 $$.28/10 STRUT ON DEMAND white on red; pre 1999 $$.28/10 WOODWARDS, Santa Clause head; pre 1999; stores now defunct $$.28/10 1.5" square IT'S MY TIME, IT'S MY TURN; black & red; pre 1999 $$.28/10 MADONNA SEX GODDESS; pic of Madonna; pre 1999 $$$.40/10 MAKE CANADA A NUCLEAR WEAPONS FREE ZONE; yellow on blue w white dove rising; pre 1999 $$.28/10 1.75 x 1.75" diamond FASHION - MODE INTERNATIONALE WEEKEND EDITION over globe logo on white; pre 1999 $$.28/10 1.75 x 1.75" square ORIGINAL AU COTON white logo on brown; pre 1999 $$.28/10 ROOTS ATHLETICS w beaver & maple branch silhouette on baby blue; pre 1999 $$.28/10 1.7 x 2.75" CABLE TV BRINGING IT ALL HOME $$.22/09 CANADA REMEMBERS LE CANADA SE SOUVIENT w poppies & maple lear on white; pre 1999 $$.28/10 DAD'S #1 SALE $$.28/10 LIBERAL! LEADERSHIP FOR YOUR ALBERTA; red on white; pre 1999 $$.28/10 MAY DAY 83; pic of 1930's marchers; pre 1999 $$.06/10 1.75" white plastic dagged flaping glag under dircle w dancing figures; CANADIAN FOLK ARTS FESTIVAL in blue; 1978 $$.06/10 1.75" Calgary Stampede "I participated in the "84" Sampede Parade; drawing of cowboy swinging lariet $$$.40/10 CALGARY ZOO/CANADIAN AIRLINES; w gorilla head $$$.65/10 Canada Geological Survey 1992 150 Anniversary $$$.40/10 Canadian Forces/Forces Canadiennes; Frigate; pre 1999 $$.28/10 Canadian Forces/Forces Canadiennes; Tank; pre 1999 $$.28/10 Canadian Forces/Forces Canadiennes; CF18; pre 1999 $$.28/10 Canadian Forces/Forces Canadiennes; CF18, Tank, Destroyer ; pre 1999 2 $$.28/10 GOOD TO SEE YOU! FRIENDLY MANITOBA; pre 2001 $$.28/10 Hannah, Alberta; plastic; rising goose on undersized disk; orange w white border $$.28/10 I MAY LOOK BUSY BUT I'M JUS CONFUSED; pre 1999 $$.28/10 NURSES AND THE ENVIRONMENT over Alberta shape & rose all on dk. green; pre 1999 $$.28/10 100 YEARS OF HERITAGE CONSERVATION 1885-1985; Alberta Fish & Wildlife logo; green & yellow $$.06/10 PRICELESS; on turq/white/yellow target; pre 1999 $$.28/10 REACH FOR THE MILKY WAY $$.22/09 ST. JOHN AMBULANCE SAFETY AWARENESS; Maltese Cross on Maple Leaf; pre 1999 $$.28/10 SILVER WING HOLIDAYS "FLY NUMBER ONE LET'S HAVE SOME FUN silver $$$.65/10 SKI THE BIG MOUNTAIN, WHITEFISH, MONTANA 1980-81 $$$.65/10 SUMMERLAND 75th ANNIVERSARY 1906-1981; British Columbia $$$.65/10 TOWN OF INNISFAIL; logo on red maple leaf $$.28/10 1982 c. Saskatchewan Gun Collectors Assoc.; yellow w central SGCA logo $$.06/10 1982 Saskatoon 100 Anniversary; "Century Saskatoon we're proud to call you home" $$$.65/10 WESTERNER PARADE 88, Red Deer AB; W in circle logo $$.06/10 WESTERNER PARADE 92, Red Deer AB; W in circle logo $$.28/10 WESTERNER PARADE 93, Red Deer AB; W in circle logo $$.28/10 WESTERNER PARADE 95, Red Deer AB; W in circle logo $$.28/10 1.8" plastic w. doves around Swiss flag; white rim with repeating CFF SSB FFS; made by STOFFEL $$$.65/10 PSAC/AFPC COUNT ME IN/J'EMBARQUE; pre 1999 $$.28/10 WINNIPEG LOCAL 500, NEIGHBORS AT WORK FOR YOU; pre 1999 $$.28/10 1.9" TELEMARK CROSS COUNTRY SKI CLUB MEMBER 1985 w X-C skiier; plastic disk $$$.65/10 2x3" BRITISH COLUMBIA; LOOK WAHT WE'VE GOT; 1984 $$.06/10 2.1" square ALBERTA SOLICITOR GENERAL; ROUND UP THE PARTY ANIMALS!; DESIGNATED DRIVER PROGRAM; station wgon with cartoon animals; hands turning over keys; pre 1999 $$.28/10 IT'S YOURS; ALBERTA ENVIRONMENT; lake/forest/mtn pic $$.28/10 IF YOU HAVE IT IN YOU TO DREAM, YOU HAVE IT IN YOU TO SUCCEED; arm waving eagle feather w rainbow; pre 1999 $$.28/10 2.1 x 3.1" ALBERTA FAMILY AND SOCIAL SERVICES; ABUSE IS NOT THE ANSWER; pre 1999 $$.28/10 DISNEY PRESENTS; ASK ME ABOUT IT!; BRIGHT BEGINNINGS...etc; pre 1999 $$.28/10 2.2 x 2.2" diamond ASK ME HOW; CANADA CAREER WEEK; 1990 $$.06/10 BEAVER CANOE diamond logo on white; pre 1999 $$.28/10 CAMP COTTON GINNY COUNSELLOR logon on white; pre 1999 $$.28/10 CHECK OUT YOUR CHOICES; CANADA; 1990 $$.06/10 Chinese dragon rising; gold on green; pre 1999 $$.28/10 2.2 x 2.2" square IT'S YOURS; ALBERTA'S ENVIRONMENT; Alberta Environment; stylized illustrated water/woods/mtn scene; pre 1991 $$.28/10 1987 LABATT'S BLUE LIVE 5th TERRIF-VIC DIXIELAND JAZZ PARTY; trumpeter in black on red $$.06/10 2.2 x 3.2" BRYAN ADAMS WAKING UP THE NATION; Let it ROCK w COCA COLA cap in O; pic of Adams with Megaphone $$$.40/10 2.2 - 2.25" round 1980 Alberta 75 logo; READ AROUND ALBERTA 1980 $$.06/10 1980 Saskatchewan; 75th Anniversary, "Celebrate Saskatchewan"$$.06/10 1980 FOR A SWINGING TIME COME WEST TRUDEAU; illustration of noose on tree w mountains; political commentary on Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau & N.E.P. $$$.40/10 1981 Saskatchewan Gun Collectors Assoc. 20th Anniversary $$.06/10 1981 Churchbridge, SK; "Harvest Daze" $$.06/10 1982 SASKATOON FIRE DEPARMENT 1882-1982 100 birthday $$.06/10 1988 CANADA FITNESS WEEK; FITNESS CANADA; running shoe $$.06/10 A C; football w NFL on white; pre 1999 $$.28/10 A TASTE ALBERTA MADE; pre 1999 $$.22/09 AIR ALBERTA, YOUR LOCAL AIRLINE, RED DEER AIRPORT $$.28/10 ALBERTA, KEEP ON STAYIN' ALIVE; SMOKE ALARMS SAVE LIVES $$.28/10 ALBERTA CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND EMPLOYMENT; EQUAL TO THE JOB; 1988 $$.28/10 ALBERTA ENERGY AND NATURAL RESOURCES, FISH AND WILDLIFE; I LEARN FROM WILDLIFE; bighorn head in red target dot; 1983 $$.06/10 ALBERTA FITNESS, BE FIT; ALBERTA RECREATION AND PARKS; pre 1999 $$.28/10 ALBERTA FOREST SERVICE 1930-1980 GROWING WITH ALBERTA FOR 50 YEARS $$.06/10 FORESTS...A SHARED RESOURCE; 3 stylized trees & horizon; 1988 $$.06/10 HELP BERTIE BEAVER PROTECT ALBERTA'S FORESTS; characterization of beaver in uniform; 1988 brown $$.06/10 yellow $$.06/10 THINK GREEN, PREVENT FOREST FIRES; spruce stand; on white; 1989 $$.06/10 ALBERTA SOCIAL SERVICES AND COMMUNITY HEALTH; FOSTER PARENTS CARE...; pre 1999 $$.28/10 ALBERTA TRANSPORTATION, I'M CONVINCED; illustration of seat belt being buckeled; pre 1999 $$.28/10 APPRENTICESHIP IS WORKING; Alberta Apprenticeship; on blue; 1989 $$.06/10 Army, Navy, Airforce Veterans; Regina Unit 18; pre 1999 $$.28/10 AWARENESS DAY; KNOWLEGE*UNDERSTANDING*CHANGE; pre 1999 $$.28/10 Beauty and the Beast: dancing with the beauty $$.28/10 BIKERS RIGHTS ORGANIZATION CANADA, ALBERTA; UNITED MOTORCYCLISTS OF ALBERTA; DEDICATED TO RESPONSIBLE MOTOCYCLE LEGISLATION; pre 1999 $$.50/09 BRAVO CANADA; pre 1999 $$.28/10 BRICK, BLOCK, STONE, SOLID VALUE, black on red; pre 1999 $$.28/10 BRICKLAYERS ARE NEAT; black on yellow; pre 1999 $$.28/10 CABBAGE PATCH KIDS SMARTY PANTS w picture of same $$.06/10 CALGARY 2000, IT'S TIME $$.28/10 CALGARY STAMPEDE 1985, GO WILD AT THE $$.06/10 CALMAR & DISTRICT HOMECOMING 1947-1997 anniversary $$.22/09 CANADA, JOIN US AGAINST ACID RAIN; pre 1999 $$.28/10 CANADA'S FITWEEK MAY 20-29 1988 Fitness Canada; running shoe$$$.40/10 CANADA'S FITWEEK 1989; Running shoe; blood red $$$.65/10 CANADA'S FITWEEK 1990; FITNESS CANADA; clicking together running shoe heels $$$.65/10 CANADA'S FITWEEK '91; Fitness Canada; running shoe $$$.65/10 Canadian Forces Canadienne; CF18, destroyer, Tank; pre 1999 $$$.65/10 Canadian National Railways Police stickpin button; 4" Crown over CN POLICE, "Safety and Crime Prevention Begins With You" c1990 (B19C-02-05) $$$.97/10 CANADIANS A.G.A.S.G. G$T WAKE UP CANADA; stop over GST $$.28/10 CAWES WE CARE! pre 1999 $$.22/09 CLASS OF 84; white on red $$.28/10 DID YOU RECEIVE YOUR FREE BATTERY CHECK?; pre 1999 $$.28/10 DUIT on red stop-sign $$.22/09 EAST CENTRAL ALBERTA SUMMER GAMES, THREE HILLS, 1986 $$.06/10 ENERGY SLEUTH; 2 detectives & shadow (as per THE SHADOW) on yellow; pre 1999 $$.28/10 FEBRUARY IS HEART MONTH/FEBRUARY IS APPLE MONTH w heart- shaped apple $$.28/10 FUJI FILM OFFICIAL FILM OF THE LOS ANGELES 1984 OLYMPIDS in English & French; Olympic logo; stylized stars $$$.40/10 GET AWAY TO WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA; pre 1999 $$.28/10 GRAND OPENING 1983 NEW HAND HILLS CLUB HOUSE; black on white w saddle bronc illustration in middle $$.06/10 HI! I'M FROM RED DEER $$.28/10 HIGH LEVEL & REGION INDOOR POOL SOCIETY; diving figure; 1990 $$.28/10 HIGH LEVEL & REGION INDOOR POOL SOCIETY; moose in trunks; 1990 $$.28/10 HIGH LEVEL LIONS CLUB ANNUAL WINTER CARNIVAL; w lions crest, brown on yellow; 1986 $$.06/10 HIGH LEVEL LIONS CLUB ANNUAL WINTER CARNIVAL; w lions crest, yellow on brown; 1987 $$.06/10 HIRE A STUDENT; CANADA; pre 1999 $$.28/10 HOBBEMA INDIAN SCHOOL; picture of bear on hill ("Maskwachies") $$$.40/10 HOMECOMING 1980 STAMP AROUND ALBERTA; chuckwagon on yellow flash under red arc $$.06/10 HUG SOMEONE YOU LOVE TODAY $$.22/09 I (heart) MY JOB, ALBERTA CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND EMPLOYMENT; 1992 modified with paste-on to insert expletive symbols between MY & JOB; 1992 $$.28/10 I LOVE CANADA; characterized beaver chewing branch on yellow; pre 1999 $$.28/10 I LOVE FANCY FRANKS; red on yellow; pre 1999 $$.28/10 I LOVE MASONRY; black on orange; from The REHAB, Medicine Hat, Alberta; pre 1999 $$.28/10 I LOVE MY SONY STORE; MILLER'S THE SONY STORE; pre 1999 $$.28/10 I SKIED SASKATCHEWAN WEEK, MARMOT BASIN; M on yellow; pre 2001 $$.28/10 I WON WITH E.T. AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS TOUR; pre 1999 $$.28/10 I'M A TOYS R US KID, illustr. of Goeffrey the giraffe; pre 1999 $$.28/10 JM JIM MOORE REAL ESTATE; THANKS A LOT JIM; pre 1999 $$.28/10 JOIN US AGAINST ACID RAIN; CANADA; on white; pre 1999 $$.28/10 JUMP ROPE FOR HEART; 3 stylized figures jumping rope on blue; heart foundation logo $$.28/10 JUSTICE, ALLIANCE DE LA FONCTION PUBLIQUE DU CANADA; white on red; w scales; pre 1999 $$.28/10 KEEP ON STAYIN' ALIVE, SMOKE ALARMS SAVE LIVES, ALBERTA; stylized smoke clouds on white; pre 2001 $$.28/10 KEEP THE CIRCLE STRONG; on peuce; pre 1999 $$.28/10 KIDS KRUSADE YOU'RE INVITED Sept 11-16 Alliance Church $$.28/10 KIDS THINK COPS ARE TOPS PARKLAND MALL $$.28/10 Let's Celebrate Volunteer Week $$.22/09 LET'S DO IT; TRAVEL ALBERTA; white on turq.; pre 1999 $$.28/10 LET'S STOP RACISM, white on red stop sign on red; pre 1999 $$.28/10 Lion King; baby lion $$.28/10 LOBSTICK LODGE, JASPER; elk on skiis w ski lift; pre 2001 $$.28/10 MARKETMALL SAFETY POLICE EXPO; Edmonton; pre 1999 $$.28/10 MARMOT BASIN, I SKIED SASKATCHEWAN WEEK $$.28/10 MEET MR. MUGS $$.28/10 MOO IF YOU LIKE MILK! w photo of Holstein; pre 1999 $$.28/10 MY TRAVEL AGENT IS P. LAWSON TRAVEL $$.28/10 NATIONAL FOREST WEEK; 3 stylized trees & horizon; 1988 $$.06/10 NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK; head shots; pre 1991 $$.06/10 NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK; body shots; pre 1991 $$.06/10 No GST logo; CANADIANS A.G.A.S.T./WAKE UP CANADA $$$.28/10 NORTH BATTLEFORD, THOSE WERE THE DAYS 1983 WESTERN DEVELOPMENT MUSEUM $$.06/10 NORTH SYDNEY BY THE SEA; BAR 93; illustr. of passenger liner; pre 1999 $$.28/10 PANORAMA; stylized rainbow over mountain; Panorama Resort; pre 1999 $$.28/10 PARKLAND MALL KIDS WISH COCA COLA 850 CKRD $$.28/10 Pink Panther head & face blowing tubba; pre 1991 $$.28/10 Pirate head w cutlass in teeth red on white; pre 1999 $$$.40/10 Pirate head w cutlass in teeth white on red; pre 1999 $$$.40/10 Pocahontas Pocahontas w racoon & bird $$.28/10 Pocahontas w what's his name hero $$.28/10 POUNDMAKER/NECHI, I SUPPORT SOBER BEAR; pre 1999 $$.06/10 PROFESSIONAL BY TRADE; APPRENTICESHIP AND TRADE CERTIFICATION; Alberta Apprencticeship; on white; 1989 $$.06/10 PROVINCIAL PARKS 1893-1993 CENTENNIAL in English & French; Ontario; pre 1999 $$.28/10 PUBLIC EMPLOYEES NEED LOVE TOO; heart on red; pre 1999 $$.28/10 RED DEER TRANSIT "For People On The Move"; illust. of deer head over RDT; pre 1999 $$.28/10 REPORT A POACHER; Alberta Fish & Wildlife; 1988c $$.06/10 RICK HANSEN MAN IN MOTION WORLD TOUR silver photo on white $$.06/10 Rocky Boy's 1980 Celebration & Rodeo Dance of Champions; #0232 $$$.65/10 7th ANNUAL UTL HOOK AND SLICE TOURNAMENT $$.22/09 SMOKE BUSTER, THE LUNG ASSOCIATION, No sign over ghost; pre 1999 $$.28/10 SQUEEZE A HOTSHOT; on yellow/orange/red target; pre 1999 $$.06/10 STICKER DOODLE w blank pink button for sticking on personal message; 1989 $$.28/10 SPORTSMAN FISHING DERBY; Sportsman Cigarettes w Sportsmans fisherman in canoe logo; pre 1999 $$.06/10 SPRING REFLECTIONS; illust. of pond, tree & woods; pre '99 $$.28/10 STAMP AROUND ALBERTA; TRAVEL ALBERTA; pre 1991 $$.28/10 STOP POISONINGS; ASK YOUR PHARMACIST...; stop sign divided by lightning bolt w skull & crossbones one side; pre 1999 $$.28/10 TAKE AN ALBERTA BREAK; Alberta Tourism; on white w yellow center; 1989 $$.06/10 THINK CANADIAN $$.22/09 THINK FIRE SAFETY; illust. of Dalmatian in fire hat; pre 1999 $$.28/10 TOMORROW'S FORESTS, TODAY'S CHALLENGE; stylized illustr. of man between 2 spruce trees; green on gr.; pre 1999 $$.28/10 TUKTU; characterized reindeer head on red target dot; pre 1999 $$.28/10 WARNER SAYS THINK SAFETY POLICE WEEK PARKLAND MALL $$.28/10 WEAR A MOUSTACHE $$.28/10 WE CAN DO BETTER; Alberta Apprenticeship $$.28/10 WE'LL HELP MAKE IT EASY; A.E. LePAGE; pre 1999 $$.28/10 WE'RE PROUD OF OUR DOGS; DAIRY QUEEN; hot dog caracature $$.28/10 WOOD BUFFALO FROLICKS, FT. SMITH LIONS CLUB 1979 $$$.40/10 YELLOWKNIFE, N.W.T. 50th, 19384-1984 w illustrations $$.06/10 2.5" A HEALTHY HEART IS A FAMILY AFFAIR; pre 2001 $$.28/10 ALBERTA LABOUR; anthromorphic flame & hydrant w hose; Stop Fires $$.28/10 CANADIAN TIRE DAY 1986 w high-speed train $$.06/10 FIRST NIGHT FESTIVAL, EDMONTON 1997 $$.28/10 Happy Face $$$.65/10 LET'S CELEBRATE WESTERN DAZE * SUNFEST! '93, CASTLEGAR, B.C. $$.28/10 RED DEER ADVOCATE "Central Alberta's Daily Newspaper" THE PEOPLE PAPER; illust. of family reading paper; pre 1999 $$.28/10 ST. CATHERINES, ONT. (FORT DALHOUSIE) HENLEY FEST 1986 w illustration $$.06/10 2.5 x 2.75" CALGARY ANNUAL GRATITUDE ROUND-UP; 50 YEARS OF SOBRIETY; Yellow plastic Chuckwagon cutout over name plate; named to Irene Mountain; 1984 $$$.40/10 2.6" TAKE AN ALBERTA BREAK; Travel Alberta; pre 2001 $$.28/10 XV Olympic Winter Games Biathelon; bearcub in biath. compet. $$.28/10 2.75" oval JOIN US IN RED DEER 1913-1988; 75 anniversary; pre 1999 $$.28/10 2.9" 2007 Alberta; Family Foods; Kitchen Aid Appliance Makeovers! $$.22/09 2008 Alberta; Family Foods; X-Treme Jeep Giveaway $$.22/09 3" ASK ME! I'M A CALGARIAN; white cowboy hat on orange; pre '99 $$.28/10 BEE CHOOSEY; BETTER BUY ALBERTA $$.28/10 ENJOY DIET COKE JUST FOR THE TASTE OF IT $$.22/09 SUMMER OF 85 CKRD $$.28/10 FAMILY FOODS WIN 1 OF 2 KITCHEN AID APPLIANCE MAKEOVERS 2007 $$.22/09 FAMILY FOODS X-TREME JEEP GIVEAWAY w picture; 2008 $$.22/09 FAMILY FOODS WIN A 2008 ROCKER C HARLEY DAVIDSON w pic; 2008 $$.22/09 SUMMER OF 85 CKRD; cartoon of sunrise; Red Deer, AB; pre 2001$$.28/10 3.2x2" MILK ENERGY; characterization of holstein on milk glass; pre 1999 $$.06/10 3.4" I DID IT BETTER; blue on white; pre 1999 $$.06/10 3.5" "Social Credit (The Alberta Party) Target '79; w picture of arrow pointing at Alberta Legislature building $$$.40/10 YOU BET YOUR GRASS; MANDERLEY SOD; pre 1999 $$.28/10 Button Hook Metal, figure-8 pressed handle; 3.8"; Ex 45-161 $$$.60/10 French Ivory handle; 7.5"; handle split & metal rusted at joint - good for display only but looks good JF04 45-162 $$$.40/10 Wood Handle; brown varnish; 1952; 6"; Ex+ 45-164 $$$.60/10 Button slip-over Gemstone collection; 4 assorted slip-ons, 7 gemstones $$$.65/10 Hearts, silver w roped designs $$$.65/10 Isis head, cast potmetal 45-425 $$.28/10 Pearl on gold-tone lotus blossom; set of 4 $$$.65/10 18 miscellaneous & part sets $$$.97/10 Buttons (see also Militaria) Security; silvered metal w. large S & "Security" "Securite" Large (set of 3) $$.28/10 Small (9) $$$.65/10 Buttons, Miscellaneous, Other B18M u/k Greatcoat style buttons, white metal w lion coat of arms & crown; may be commercial; VG; set of 4 $$.06/10 Canadian Centennial 1867-1967 w '67 Maple Leaf; Blazer, silvered, set of 5; Ex $$.50/09 pk. of 11 assorted military metal/plastic/horn buttons $$$.65/10 CCC Return to Master Directory

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