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Below is the DIRECTORY for SOTO (Saulteaux) INDIAN BANDS files available on the HERITAGE CONSULTING Bulletin Board.

SOTO (Saulteaux) INDIANS

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============================================ | HERITAGE CONSULTING | ============================================ Copyright 1994 by J. Fromhold HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. The following is a listing of SOTO INDIAN BANDS identified as having existed historically at one time or another. This information is made available for public use. It is copyright information, and we request that any use credit the source. How to get more detailed information ************************************************************* Because the Government of Alberta has in the past two years has tried to shut down our site by setting up a competing site with government funding (which, incidentally, is still having trouble getting off the ground to provide information), your help is greatly appreciated in helping us keep this site on line and getting letting it grow once again. Nehiyapwat Confederacy How to get more detailed information ************************************************************* We are now also able to answer questions and inquiries on line or confidentially by e-mail. To help support our efforts to bring more knowlege of the early Aboriginal and Fur Trade History into the public domain, please see our Questions and Sponsorship page. *************************************************************


AAA Accupas', Alberta Soto, Algonquins of Portage de Prairie, Anibiminanisibiwininiwak, Anipi Minani Sipi Ininiwak, Anishinabe, Assaboach, Assiniboin River Bands, Awausee Gens, BBB Bat Meat's, Badger's, Back Fat's, Bear Head's, Big Water And Assiniboine River People, Bigtail Creek, Birch Hills Black Powder's, Black Robe's Bon Hommes from Lac La Biche, Bon Jours, Bottineau's (J.B.), Bottineau's (J.B.), Boy's, British Columbia Bands, Broadview Bands, Broken Arm's, Broken Mouth's Buffalo Point, Buffalo Society, Bullhead Trout, Businausee Phratry CCC Carrot River, Catfish, Centre of a Bird's Tail's, Chagouamigan, Cheechak's, Child's, Chippewa-Cree Tribe, Cochin, Cote's, Cowessess', Cranberry River People, Crooked Arm's, Crooked Lakes Cumberland House, Cypress Hills DDD Dauphin Bands, Devil's Lake, Duck Mountain Bands EEE Eagle Lake, Eagle Society, Eastern Soto, Echomaker Phratry, Epinette, Eskfpacakoos,
FFF Fish Gens, Fishing Lakes, Flat Ham's, Flying Eagle's, Foremost Man's, Fort Alexander, Fort Alexandria Bands, Fort Dauphin Bands, Fort Ellice Bands, Fort Francis, Fort Pelly Bands, Fort Pelly Agency, Fort Pitt Bands, Fort Totten, Front Man's GGG Gabriel Cote's, Gambler's, George Gordon's, Gordon's, Grandes Oreilles, Gulls, Gyaushk Gens HHH Hair Hills State, Henry Prince's, Heron Gens, High Bush Cranberry's, Horn's III Imasees', Indian Reservation # 1, 80, 80A, 90, 91, 91A, 99, 159 JJJ J.B. Bottineau's, Jackfish Lake, Jackopay's, John Smith's, John Whitford's, Joseph Badger's KKK Ka Niya Maskwatew's, Kahkewistahaw, Kake Inewas', Kakewistahaw, Kakiniwas', Kamsask F.N., Kanada's, Kaneonuskatews', Kapitko's, Katepwe Sipi Ininiwak, Kawyance's Keawelauce's, Keeseakosee's, Keeseekoose's, Kenabig Gens, Kenistin's, Kenozhe Gens, Kenora Bands, Kettle Falls, Key's Kichi Koose's, KiishiKouse's, King Bird Society, Kinistin's, Kinistino's, Kinosew Gens, Kojeje Wininiwuk Indians, KojejeWeininewug Indians LLL La Robe Noire's, La Rouge, Lac Rouge, Lake of the Woods, Lake Seul, Landless Indians of Montana Le Premier's, Leech Lake Bands Little Boy's, Little Child's, Little Chip's, Little Heaven's, Little Poplar's, Little Shell's Band Loon Gens, Long Plain, Lower Qu'Appelle Bands MMM Manchester House Bands, Mannamio's, Marameg Indians, Maskepetoon's, Maskwa Ostikwan's, Masomin's, Mechkaddewikinaie's, Mee-May's, Meemay's, Men of Diverse Races, Mi Kichihili Inew Indians, Migichihiliniou Indians, Miskoo Kehew's, Miskookeenew's, Miskookenew's, Mong Gens, Montagne Du Pas, Mooscooee's, Moose Gens, Moose Phratry, Mooshkaooze Gens, Moosomin's, Mosquito's, Mous Gens, Mousonee Phratry, Muckithay's, Mukatai's, Muscowpetung's, Muskoday's, Muskowekan's, Muskowekwan's, Muskowquan's, Muskowkwan's, Muskowpetung's, Muskwaskwan's, Musquopeeting's, NNN Nahpaysis', Nahpesis', Naka Ininiwak, Nakkawinininiwak, Nakawawuck, Nakoukouhirinus, Nama Gens, Nambin Gens, Nanawananan's, Nepahase's, Nepinawa's, Nipawin, North Battleford, North West Angle Bands, Northern Parkland Bands, Northern Plains Bands, Nus Wasoo Wahtum's, Nusasoowahtum's, Nuswasoowahtum's, Nut Lake OOO O Nipi Mina Asini Sipi Ininiwak, O'Chiese's, O'Kanes', O'Soup's, Ochapowace, Oizawekwun, OK's, Okimaw Piyesies Society, One That Walks on Four Claws', OosawakookWiNape's, OozawakooquiNape's, Osawakwan, OtaMakooeWin's, OtaPikakaw's, Ouassi, Ouckidoat's, Oueschekgagamiouilimy Gens, OwtaApeekakaw's PPP Parkland Bands, Pas Mountain, Paskwa's, Paskwa Mostos Society, Pasqua's, Pasqua Mostos Society Pegouisse's, Pegowis', Peguis', Pegwiss', Peigan's, Pembina Pickerel Gens, Pierre Bottineau's, Pigeon's, Pisqua's Plain's Point Chamouamigon, Poitras', Portage De Prairie, Prairie's, Prince's, Prince Albert Bands, Puscoos', Pwanes' QQQ Qu'Appelle Bands, Quill Lakes RRR Rainy River Bands, Rattlesnake, Red Bear's, Red Deer River, Red Eagle's, Red Lake, Red River Indians, Red Thunder's, Rocky Boy's, Roseau River Anishinabe, Roseau River F.N., Round Hill SSS Sagawenenewak, Sagewenenewak, St. Cyr's, St. Paul Des Soto, St. Peters I.R., Sakawininiwak, Sakemay's, Sakamoos', Sakimay's, Saskatchewan Bands, Saskatchewan Plains Bands, Saskatoon Bands, Saulteaux (B.C.), Saulteaux F.N. (Sask.), Shacopay's, Shakopew's, Shapousetung's First Son's, Shoal Lake, Shoal Lake Bands, Sioux, Sioux Lookout Bands, Six's, Skinawa's, Smith's, Snake, Snake Gens, Societies, South Branch House Bands, Southern Soto, Split Ass', Standing On The Earth's, Standing Upright's, Sturgeon Gens, Sucker Gens, Summer Fur's, Summer Wolverine's, Swan Lake Bands, Swan River Bands TTT Taskwitsit's, The Destroyer's, The Man Proud Of Standing Upright's, The Man Who Stands On The Earth's, The Six's, Tisdale, Thunderbird Society, Todd Peigan's, Touchwood Agency, Touchwood Hills Bands, Turtle Mountain Bands UUU VVV WWW Wadena, Wahpeemakwa's, Wahpei Moostoosis', Wahpei Muskwa's, Wahsatanow, Wahsetna, Wakowush's, Wasakagamek F.N., Washatanow, Wawasecapow's, Waywasecapow's, Western Soto, Wewase Kapaw's, WewasIkapaw's, Whippoorwill's, White Bear's, White Calf's, Whitefish Bay, Whitefish Lake, Whitford's, Winnipeg River, Woods People XXX YYY Yellow Calf's, Yellow Face's, Yellow Quill's, Yellow Sky's, Yellowquill, Yorkton Bands, Young Dogs, Young Man's How to get more detailed information Return to Heritage Consulting homepage Return to Native Studies directory Return to Native Tribes listings Return to Native Bands listings Continue to History Bibliography Continue to History directory Continue to Historic photos Continue to Books for sale Continue to Collectibles for sale Continue to HDB On-line Museum Search HERITAGE CONSULTING 718 T0M 0J0 CANADA