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Below is the DIRECTORY for CHIPEWYAN INDIAN BANDS files available on the HERITAGE CONSULTING DATABANK Bulletin Board.


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============================================ | HERITAGE CONSULTING | ============================================ HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. More Chipewyan information How to get more detailed information ************************************************************* Because the Government of Alberta has in the past two years has tried to shut down our site by setting up a competing site with government funding (which, incidntally, is having trouble getting off the ground to provide information), your help is greatly appreciated in helping us keep this site on line and getting letting it grow once again. We are now also able to answer questions and inquiries on line or confidentially by e-mail. To help support our efforts to bring more knowlege of the early Aboriginal and Fur Trade History into the public domain, please see our Questions and Sponsorship page.
************************************************************* The following is a listing of CHIPEWYAN INDIAN BANDS identified as having existed historically at one time or another. This information is made available for public use. It is Copyright information, and we request that any use credit the source.


Adam Boucher's; Ahthay's; Akaitcho's, Alberta Bands, Apisis', Athabasca Chipewyan, Athabasca Delta, Ahtabasca Delta Reservation # 201, Athabasca River Chipewyan, Athabasca River Reservation # 201 G Baren Lands, Bear Foot's, Beaver Crossing Band # 149, Bedshidekkge's, Big C, Big Channel Reservation # 201B, Big Earth's, Big Head's, Big Point Reservation # 201C, Big Water Enemies, Birch Mountains, Birch River, Black Lake, Boucher's, Brochet, Buffalo People, Buffalo River, Bull's House Caribou Eaters, Caribou People, Casimir's, Charcoal Lake, Chard, Chimaza's, Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation, Chipewyan's, Christina Lake, Churchill, Clear Lake, Cold Lake, Cold Lake First Nations Cree River Denesuline, Deninu K'Ue, Desne Dene Ka De, Desnedenekade, Dhitheda's, Duck Lake, Dwellers at the Foot of the Head East Arm, Eastern People, Edjieretrukenade, Enemy of the Stone of the Great Lake, English Bay, English Chief's, English River, Erection's, Etchreo Tine, Etchareottinne, Etheneldeli, Ettine Tinney Fish's, Fitz-Smith Native Band, Fond Du Lac, Fort Chipewyan # 201, Fort Chipewyan Lake, Fort Churchill, Fort Fitzgerald, Fort Franklin, Fort McKay, Fort McMurray, Fort Rae, Fort Reliance, Fort Resolution, Fort Simpson, Fort Smith, Fred Marcel's Grand Marais, Grayling Creek Reserce, Great Bear Lake, Great Slave Lake Chipewyan, Grosse Terre's, Grosse Tete's, Gull River, Hatchet Lake, He Is Pointed's, Head of the Rapids, Heart Lake, Horny's Indian Reserves 149, 167, 174, 194, 201, Isle A La Crosse Jackfish's, Janvier, Julien Ratfat's Katawabeda's, Kenoosayoo's, Kenoseyo's, Kinoosayoo's, , Kischakami Treaty Council La Grosse Tere's, Le Grosse Tete's, La Prise's, Lac Du Brochet, Lac La Hache, Lac La Loceh, Lac St. Clair, Laviolette's, Le Camerade De Mandeville's, Le Goff, Le Grande Jeune Homme's, Le Petit Boeuf's, Little Beef's, Little Slave's, Louis Dhitheda's, Louison Ahthay's Manitoba Bands, Marcel's, Marten's, Matonabbee's, Meadow Lake Bands, Michinipi Pwat, Michinipic Poet, Mikkwa River, Maurice Piche's, Moberly's Northlands, Northwest Territories Bands, Nueltin Lake Old Fool's, Old Fort Point Patuanak, Peace River Bands, People of the Rising Sun, People of the River, People of the Stone Fort, Petit Boeuf's, Petit Casimir's, Piche's, Pointed's, Police's, Portage La Loche, Prince Albert, Prince Albert Grand Council Rapahel Bedschidekkge's, Rapid's, Ratfat's, Reindeer Lake, Richardson Lake, Sahsesa Tinney, Salt River, Saskatchewan Bands, Slave River, Smith Landing, Snowdrift, Snuff's, Soldier's, Stone People, Stone Rapids Tatsanottine, The-Ottine, Theottine, Thilano Tine, Thilanottine, Thomas Benaoui's, Those on The Other Side of the Barrier, Turnor Lake F.N., Turnor River White Fish's, Whitefish Lake, Whitefish's, William Apisis', Willow Lake, Wollaston Lake How to get more detailed information Return to Heritage Databank homepage Return to Native Studies directory Return to Native Tribes listings Return to Native Bands listings Continue to History Bibliography Continue to History directory Continue to Historic photos Continue to Books for sale Continue to Collectibles for sale Continue to HDB On-line Museum Search HERITAGE DATABANK CONSULTING 718 T0M 0J0 CANADA