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An alphabetical listing of over 1500 Native Tribes with links to tribal information. Reservations, Canada and United States


For tribal history on Heritage Consulting Databank files
Native People today are also known as Aboriginal People, (NOT Aboriginies) and First Nations People. Some American Indian Movement chapters prefer to continue to use the term Indian. The term "Indian" is no longer in vogue, but is commonly used by Native people among themselves. The name INDIAN is NOT a mistake by Columbus. It is an Anglo mispronunciation of INDIGEN--the Indiginous Peoples of the Americas--by which name they were known by the French, Portuguese and Spanish. ********************************************************************* * * * HISTORY NOTE * * * * STEELE'S SCOUTS RE-ENACTMENT, 1885 REBELLION MILITIA * * * * Steele's Scouts Commemorates the ONLY combatant force guilty * * of barbarisms and war crimes in the rebellion!!! * * * * - on the wounding and capture of Memnook, Steele's Scouts tied * * his hands, tied a rope around his neck, and dragged him * * through the bush and meadows until his skin had had worn off * * and the rope cut into his neck, according to the reports of * * the priest who requested release of the body for decent burial * * - at Loon Lake Steele's Scouts indiscriminately fired into the * * camp and lodges of a Cree Indian camp including women, children* * and captives. * * - at Loon Lake Steele's Scouts fired indiscriminately at women * * and children trying to flee across shallows in the lake, * * killing several infants. According to captive Elizabeth McLean,* * Steele's Scouts did not stop shooting until she removed her * * hat and the Scouts saw her blond hair. One infant was killed * * while being carried by Ms. McLean. * * - According to Indian Tradition at Frog Lake, after the end of * * hostilities the government forces came to the community and * * massacred a number of people, dumping them into a mass grave. * * Steele's Scouts were known to have visited the community after * * the end of hostilities. * * * * STEELE'S SCOUTS RE-ENACTMENT GROUP, of CALGARY, ALBERTA, CA. * * COMMEMORATE A GROUP GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES * * * ********************************************************************* Because the Government of Alberta has in the past two years has tried to shut down our site by setting up a competing site with government funding (which, incidntally, is having trouble getting off the ground to provide information), your help is greatly appreciated in helping us keep this site on line and getting letting it grow once again. We are now also able to answer questions and inquiries on line or confidentially by e-mail. To help support our efforts to bring more knowlege of the early Aboriginal and Fur Trade History into the public domain, please see our Questions and Sponsorship page. ************************************************************* HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. See or comprehensive listing of the tribal data files in our databank, or see our listing for Archaeological cultures of the west. How to get more detailed information Continue to Heritage Consulting homepage Continue to Native Studies directory Continue to Native Bands listings Continue to Reservations Listings Continue to Native Cultural Museums Continue to The Western Cree index Continue to History Bibliography Continue to History directory Continue to Historic photos Listing Continue to Historic Maps Listing Continue to Books for sale Continue to Collectibles for sale Visit some First Nations Home Pages Below is the MASTER DIRECTORY for NATIVE TRIBAL LISTINGS currently existing - Follow links for more detailed listings: ==================================================================== MAP - TRIBES OF THE SUBARCTIC v.04.04.02 ==================================================================== __ __ __ ____ / / \__-- | ||_/ | --__ __ \/ \ |_ \_|| \ \______ \__ ----__________________\__-___/ /\ \ \_ | | \__ \__ :::...|..|...... -------\|---\| \/ / __| \__ :::1.:|:::\2.:::::::: /_ |____ | ::::::|::::\:::::3.::::::: Inuit || --__ __ \__ | ::::::|:::::\::::::::4.:N.W.T.::: / |___/ | \ - ::::::|::YK:::\:::::::::::::::::::::: / | |_/\ ______|_::::5.::|::6.:::::9::::::::::::| |::::::: \ \ :::::::|::::::|::::::|::9:::| \:::14.::: \ \ 18::7.:|:8.:::|11.:::|::11:::\ _ /::::::::: \_ \ BC ::|:ALTA:|:SASK:|::MAN:::/:--__ |12.::::::::: \ | 17 | 20 11|::::::|:::::::/::::::\_|::::::::::::::_|_ \ 23 11 19 | 11 | :::::|:::10.:::::::::::13.::::/ //__ |____21_\ 16_|_20___11_____|::---:::::::::::::/ /:15.:\ | -- _ /----____ -- | | / / |/ /\/ :::: Subarctic ATHAPASKAN TRIBES ALGONKIAN TRIBES :::: Regions 1. Gwitchin 10. Ojibway 2. Hare 11. Cree 3. Tli Cho Tine 12. Mistassini Cree 4. Yellowknife 13. Montaganis 5. Kaska/Nahani 14. Naskapi 6. Deh Cho Tine 15. Beothuk 7. Sekani 16. Blackfoot 8. Tza Tinne 9. Chipewyan 20. Nakoda 17. Carrier 18. Tahltan 21. Kutenai 19. Tsuu T'Ina 23. Shuswap -------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 1996 Heritage Consulting ==================================================================== Search our Site
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Arrived at This Place, Arropolus Ashaninka (SA), Ashigane, Ashkee Asinepoet, Asinew, Asini Inew, Asini Pwat, Asinipwat Asniboils Asseeneepaytock, Assembly of First Nations, Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Asseneipouals, Assenipoulaks, Assiliboiles, Assinaboins, Assinapeska, Assine Poet, Assine Poetsak, Assine Poetwak, Assineboine, Assineboines, Assinee Po-el, Assinnee Po-en, Assineepoiet, Assinepoet, Assinepoet, Assinepoetuc, Assini Wachi Wininiwak, Assiniboanes, Assiniboin, Assinibouan, Assiniboul, Assinikoon, Assinipoils, Assinipolis, Assinipolish, Assinipwat, Assinniboils, Assinniboin, Assinnipolis, Assistaronon, Assistaronon, Assitaehronon, Assitagueronon, Assitaeronon, Assniboils, Assnipolis, Assns, Association of Saskatchewan Indians, Association of Southern Metis, Assuni Boines, Assurini (SA) At The Hills Atakapa Atena Athabasca, Athabasca Tribal Corporation, Athabasca Tribal Council, Athabascan, Athapascan, Athapaskan, Athena Atlin Atnah Atsena, Atsina, Atsina-Algo Attekameg, Attistae Avonlea Culture, Avoyel Awatixa, Awaxawi Awokanak, Awonak Ayachiniwak, Ayachisinew Wininiwak, Ayachisinewak, Ayachiw Inewak, Ayatciyiniwak Aymara (SA) Ayorea (SA) Azatlan Culture Aztec, Aztec-Tanoan BBB Baanin Bad Dust, Bad Medicine, Bad Robes Baldhead Bannock Barrier Canyon Culture Bascoutton, Basket Maker Culture Baxoje Bean People, Bear Lake, Beaux Hommes, Beaver, Beaver Hunter, Beaver F.N., Beaver Lake F.N., Beaver People, Beaver River, Beaver Slave Bedonkohe, Bedzaqetcha Beggars Behansa Bella Bella, Bella Coola Beothuk Besant Culture Big Bead, Big Bellies, Big Bellies of Fort De Prairie, Big Bellies of the Fort De Prairie, Big Bellies of the Missouri, Big Belly, Big Belly Indians of the South Saskatchewan, Big Knife, Big Knives, Big Nose People, Big River People, Big Swamp, Big Water People Biloxi Bis Cho Ni Wo Tine, Bison Path People, Bistcho Nigo Tine, Bistcho Nigo ine, Bistchoni Wo Tine, Bistchonigotinne, Bistchonigottine, Bitterroot Culture, Bitunena, Bitanwo'iv Black Arms, Black Bear, Black Duck Focus, Black Feet, Black Footed People, Black Paint People, Black Pawnee, Black Water, Blackduck Focus, Blackfeet, Blackfeet Tribe of Montana, Blackfoot (3 Tribes: Kainai, Pikuni, Siksika), Blackfoot Confederacy, Blackfoot Nation, Blackfoot Sioux, Blackwater Culture Blanket, Blanket People Blood, Blood People Blue Bead, Blue Cloud People, Blue Earth, Blue Heron Breeding Place People Boeuf Bois Brule Bon Hommes from Lac La Biche, Bon Jours Boothroyd, Boreal Archaic Culture Boss Hill People Bouscoutton Bow Braided Hair Bread People, Breaking in Pieces Bristol Bay Inuit, Bristol Bay Native Association, British Columbia Treaty 8 Tribal Council Broken Arrow, Broken Moccasin, Brotherhood Brule Sioux Buffalo, Buffalo Eaters, Buffalo Path People, Buffalo People, Buffalo Nations Cultural Society, Bungi Burnt Thigh Sioux, Burnt Wood CCC Cabazon Caddo, Caddoan, Caddoque, Cadooan Cahokia Camas Eaters, Came Down The River, Campo Canadian, Canadian Indian Youth Council, Canananbich, Canarsee, Caneninavish, Caninanbich, Cannibal Carib, Cariboo Tribal Council, Caribou Eaters, Caribou People, Caribou Tribal Council, Carrier, Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, Carrier Tribal Council, Carrua (SA) Cascade, Cassiar, Castahan, Castahanas, Castor, Cat People, Catawba, Cathlapootle Caunzie Cawrie Cayewa, Cayuse Central Algonkin, Central Woodland Algonkin, Central American, Chaba Tore, Chachapoya, Chaimanak, Chair People, Chakchiuma, Champagne & Aishihik First Nations, Chantorabin, Charew, Chatot, Chaudiere, Chayimanak Chehalis, Chemawawin F.N., Chepawey, Chepewyan, Cheppewean, Cherokee, Chetco, Cheveux Releves, Chewaerae, Cheyenne Chianne, Chibwayanoawok, Chicanee, Chicasaw, Chichique, Chickesaw, Chicote, Chihlkwayuhk, Chikiwere, Chilcotin, Children of the Middle Water, Chilliwack, Chilkat, Chilkotin, Chinook, Chintagottine, Chipaway, Chipewagan, Chipewyan, Chipperas, Chippewa (130 Bands), Chippewa-Cree, Chippewa Tri-Council, Chippewas of the Nawash F.N., Chipewayanoawok, Chipewayanawak, Chipewayanawok, Chippeway, Chippewayeen, Chippoway, Chiricahua, Chitragottine, Chitra-Gottineke, Chiwere, Chiyenne Choctaw, Chol, Chontal, Choula, Chowanoc Christanoes, Christeneaux, Christieneaux, Christinaux, Christino, Chrystinaux Cibeque Apache, Cikanni, Cinta Larga (SA), Circee Clallam, Clatsop Clearwater Lake Complex Clisteno, Close by the Mouth of the Stream, Cloud Sky, Clovis Culture, Cluny Coahuiltec Coast Salish Cocauchee, Cocopah Cody Complex Coeur D'Alene Cold Lake First Nations, Columbia, Columbia River, Colville Comanche, Comancheros, Commanche, Comox, Company Conestoga, Confederated Tribes of Siletz, Confederation of Tribal Nations, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, Constance Lake F.N. Cootanai, Cootanie, Cootonais Copper, Copper Chehalis, Copper Eskimo Coquitlam Corn Gatherers Cottenais, Cotton Na Hew, Cottonahew, Countryborn, Coutamine Cow People, Cowichan Cree Confederacy, Cree Confederation, Cree Homepages, Cree (2000 Bands), Cree Nation Tribal Council, Cree Speakers, CreekCrestinoes Cri, Cris, Cristieneaux, Cristienaux, Cristinoes Crooked Mouth People, Crow, Crow Feather, Crow Foot, Crow Mountain, Crow's Feet Cultivated Field in an Arroyo Cut Arms, Cut Head, Cut People, Cut Throat, Cuthead Sioux, Cutthroat, Cuutanie DDD Dahadinneh Dakota Datomes, Datones Deerskin Deh Cho Nation, Deh Gah Got'ie First Nation Delaware Denbigh Flint Complex, Dene, Dene Nation, Dene Tha, Dene Tsaa Tse K'Nai F.N., Deneid, Denesuline Desne Dene Ka De, Desnedenekade, Desbedeyarelottine, Devil's Lake/Souris Culture Dhegia Sioux, Digger, Dine, Dineh, Dinnae, Dinnie, Dirt Lodge People, Dirty Nose People, Dirty Water, Dog Eaters, Dog Flank People, Dog's Rib People, Dogrib, Dorset Culture, Dorset Eskimo, Dotames, Dried Salmon Duncan Culture, Dusty Bones, Downstream, Dusty Head Dwellers Among The Beaver, Dwellers on a Peninsula, Dwellers on the River, Dwellers on the Rocks Dzitsistas EEE E Cha E Wo Tine, E Cha Wo Tine, E Ta Cha Wo Tine, E Ta Chok Wo Tine, E Tak Wo Tine, E Te Ches Wo Tine, E Tine Eagle Brich, Eagle Eyed, Eahshejahbe, Earchethinue, Earchithinue, Early Woodland Culture, Earth People, East Main Band, Eastern Algonkin, Eastern People, Eastern Woodlands, Eaters of Raw Flesh Echel Tao Tina Eden Culture, Edjieretrukenade, Edmonton Stragglers Eenou Einew, Einewak Eleidlinottine Enemies, Enfranchised, English River F.N., Enna, Ensor Culture, Entrails People Erie Esbaottine, Esbataottine, Esbataotinne, Esclave, Eskemoes, Eskimo (123 Bands) Eskaleut Eta, Etagottine, Etatchogottine, Etcha Wo Tine, Etchaoutinne, Etchaottine, Etchareottine, Etcheridiegottine, Etchesottine, Etechesottine, Etheneldeli, Ettachaottine, Ettine Tinney Exact People, Exact Speaking People Eythinyowuk FFF Fall, Falls in a Current of Water, Fox, Fox Village Federation of Saskatchewan First Nations, Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, Federation of Saskatchewan Indians, Fer A Cheval Fewkes People Fire Nation, First Nations Coalition for Accounability, Fish, Fisheater, Five Civilized Tribes Flat Head, Flat Bow, Flatbow, Flathead, Flathead Nation, Flatside Dogs, Flesh Eaters, Fletcher Culture, Floating Down The River, Flying Fall Foes, Folsom Culture, Foolish Folk, Fort Belknap Indian Nation, Fort Peck Indian Nation, Fort Gamble, Fort Vermilion Agency, Fort William F.N., Fox, Fox Frederick Culture, Free People, Fremont Culture, French Friends of the Disappeared GGG Gaigwu, Ganawese, Gashed People, Gaucho (SA), Gaviao (SA), Gavioe (SA) Gens De Orignal, Gens De Bois Fort, Gens de la Belle Riviere, Gens De Vache, Gens De Montagnes,Gens Des Arcs, Gens du Montagne, Gens Du Roche, Gens Du Sang, Gens du Serpent, Gens Libre, Gente des Palo Gitksan, Gitxan Glacier People Goat, Good Heart Grand Council of The Crees (of Quebec), Grand Council of Treaty 8 First Nations, Grand Rapids F.N., Grand Pagnes, Grande Prairie Culture, Grass, Grease Makers, Greasy Ones, Great Basin, Great Knife, Great Knives, Great Padouca Nation, Great Secwepmec Nation, Great Water, Green Hands, Green Wood, Gros Ventre, Gros Ventre of the Missouri, Gros Ventre of the Plains, Gros Ventre of the Prairies, Gros Ventres of the Falls, Gros Vents, Groswater Culture, Grosventure Guarani (SA), Gulf Coast, Gu'tskia'we, Gut People, Guyandot, Guyandotte Gwitchin
HHH Haaninin Haharaton, Hahatonwan Haida, Haihai, Haisla Half Burned Woodsman, Halfbreed, Halthwypum Han, Handsome Men, Hanna Culture, Hapeka Hare, Hard Language, Hard People Hasaohah Haudenausaunee, Havasu, Havasupai Hay River Slave He Cooks With Stones, He Stands About Head Cutter, Head Smashed In Corner Notched, Headwaters Lake Aspect Heiltsuk Hell Gap Culture Hemp Gatherers Hidatsa High River Culture Hinhanton Hitouen Ina, Hitouenina Hivernants Hodenosonni Hoha, Hohe Hokan Home, Homo Erectus, Homo Neanderthalensis Honniasont Hoonah, Hoopa Hopewell Culture, Hopi, Hopi Independent Nation, Hopitu, Hopitu Shinumu Horn Mountain People, Horner People, Horrid People, Horse, Horse People Hostile People Hotinonshonni Houma Hualapai Hudson Valley Tribes Huma Hunkpapa Sioux Hupa Huron, Huronne III Ice People Ietan, Ietans Proper Ihanktonwan, Ihantunwan, Ihanktunwanna Illinois, In-Shuck-ch/N'Quatqua, Inca (SA), Inca Empire (SA), Indian Association of Alberta, Indian Birch F.N., Indian Brotherhood, Indian Brotherhood of British Columbia, Indian Temperance Union Society, Ingalik, Ininiwak, Ininyowuk, Inland People, Innu (45 Bands), Innuit, Interior Salish, Interlake Reserves First Nations, Interlake Tribal Council, Inuid, Inut (123 Bands), Inuk, Inuktitut, Inupiat, Inuvaliut Iowa, Ioway Ipiutak Culture Iroquoian, Iroquois (28 Bands), Irvine Culture Isashbahatse, Island Butte People, Island People, Issati, Iswanid Itama Culture, Itoaten, Itul'qumi'nun Treaty Group, Itwen Ina Iyesecha, Iyesechabe, Iyeskabi, Iyinew JJJ Jayimanak, Jasper Snake, Jensen Culture, Jicaque, Jiwere, Jumano KKK Ka Nehiyaw Eschik, Ka Tunaha Kahkakiwaitcanak, Kahna Kaigani, Kainai, Kainau, Kakakew, Kakakiwechanak, Kakakiwechanak, Kakawatamitukinik Kalispel, Kalistene Kamloops Phase, Kamanistiquia Kananauich, Kananavich, Kanehiaw Estcik, Kanhatki, Kanenavish, Kanienkehaka, Kanienkehake, Kannenawish, Kansas Karok, Karankawa Kaska, Kaska Dena Council, Kaskaskia, Kaskitewiyasitak Kaw, Kawaii, Kawayquitlam, Kawcha Wo Dinne, Kawchaodinne, Kawchodine, Kawchodinne, Kawchotinne, Kayoose Keeoowahaw, Keethisteno, Keetoowahan, Keetoowahaw, Keetoowayhow Keiskatchewan Kenisteno, Kenistenoag, Kenistino, Kennwick Man Ki Nistam Inew, Ki Nistaw Inew, Ki Tinaha Kickapoo Kihatsa Kilistino, Kilistinoc, Killistino of the Nipisirene, Killistino, Killistinoe, Killitinoe Kinbasket, Kinehiyaw Eschik, Kinepikew Wiyiniwak, Kinepiko Wininiwak, Kinesteno, Kingdom of Saguenay, Kinistenoag, Kinistenoog, Kinisteneaux, Kinistin Inew, Kinistino Kiowa, Kiowa Apache, Kioya Kiristinon, Kiristious Kischakami Treaty Council, Kistaw Inew Kitchigami, Kite, Kitsap, Kittitas, Kitunahan Kiwigapawa, Kiwistinok Klallam, Kalmath, Klanoh, Klatklam Klickitat, Klikitat Klodesseaottine Knaiakhotana, Knisteneaux, Knistineaux Kojejewininewug Kolchines Kootanae, Kootanai, Kootanaie, Kootanie, Kootenai, Kootenay, Kootenuha, Kootonae, Kootones Kopaqmiut Kotanew, Kotasiskikaminowak, Kotonahew, Kotonawew, Kotonew, Kotonohew Koutamine Koyukon Krayirogottine, Kraylongottine, Kree, Kreen (SA), Krestino, Kris-ta-naw, Kristanaw, Kristeneaux, Kristineaux Ktunaxa, Ktunaxa-Kinbasket Tribal Council, Kullyspel, Kunanavich, Kutani, Kutcha Kutchin, Kutchin, Kutenai, Kutenaian, Kutenay, Kutona'xa, Kwaiailk, Kwakiutl, Kwakwaka'wakw, Kwuda Kyitonehe :-) LLL L'Association Des Metis D'Alberta et D'Nord-Ouest, Lah Loh Wo-T'inne, Laitan, Lake, Lakota, Lakotid Race, Landless Indians of Montana, Latagawa, Late Woodlands Culture, Latetelwit, Laurel Tradition, Lax Kw'Alaams, Laytane League of Indians of Alberta, League of Indians of Canada, League of Indians of Saskatchewan, League of Indians of Western Canada, Lechers, Lenape (6 Bands), Lenapid Race, Lerma Culture, Lesser Slave Lake Tribal Council, Lewis Culture Liars, Lil'wat, Lilloet, Lilooet, Lithic Culture, Little Arm Complex, Litte End Village, Little Fox, Little Foxes, Little Gem Complex, Little Prairie Metis, Little Prairie People, Little River Lodge By The River, Long Ear, Long Tail People, Lotchyniny, Loucheux, Louis Riel Metis Council, Louis Riel Michief, Lovell Constricted Culture, Lower Assurini (SA) Lucayan, Lumbee, Lummi, Lurcee, Lusk Culture :-) MMM M'Dawakon Tonwan, M'Dawakontonwan Machapunga, Mackenzie Eskimo Magdawys Mahah, Mahican, Mahican Confederacy Mai-Tain-Ai-Thi-Nish, Maitain Assini, Maitain Asini Makah, Makoutepoel Maleceet, Malecite Mamathni, Mamikininiwug, Man Eater, Mandals, Mandan, Mandane, Mandones Mangers de Lard, Manito Napewak, Manitoba Focus, Manitoba Indian Brotherhood, Manitoba Metis Federation, Manitoba Warriors, Manitouris, Manitowak Pwat, Mantannes, Mantawapowak, Many Chiefs Mapuche (SA), Marameg, Maricopa, Maritime Archaic Culture, Markigoes, Martis Complex, Mascouten, Mascoutin, Mashquegon, Maskegon, Maskotew, Masquigon, Massachuset, Massachusett Matauakirinouek, Matawa F.N., Matawa Kirinouwak, Mathkoutench, Mataco (SA), Mattabesic Confederation Maya, Maya Kekchi, Mayanna of Kuhkanawas Meadow, Mbe'Cho Wo-T'inne McKean Culture Mekesue Men of Diverse Races, Men of the Bow, Men of the Sky, Men of White Clay, Menatare, Menomeni, Menominee, Menomini, Menominie, Mescalero Apache, Meserve Culture, Meskoden-anisinabe, Meskwake, Mesoamerican, Metcowwee, Metis, Metis Association of Alberta, Metis Nation, Metis Nation of Alberta, Metis Nation of British Columbia, Metis Nation of the United States, Metis National Council, Metoac Mexe-Zoquean Mi'kmaq Miami Michif, Michigamea, Michigan Potawatomi, Michigan Potawatomie, Micmac, Middle People, Middle Woodland Culture, Midland Culture Migichihiliniou, Mighty Mihkowiyiniwak Milnesand Focus Minataree, Minetaree, Mingo, Miniconjou, Minikayawozupi, Minikoozu, Minitaree, Minneconjou, Minnesota Man, Minsi Miqmaq Miscoo Wininiwak, Miskew Wininiwak, Miskito, Miskitu, Miskoo Wininiwak, Misshenepih, Mission, Mississauga, Mississipian Culture Mithcoo Ethenue Mixed Blood, Mixe-Zoquean Moche (SA) Modoc Mohegan, Mohave, Mohawk, Mohegan, Mohican Mojave, Moncton, Moneton, Moniaw, Moniaiginiwok, Moniyaw, Moniyawak, Mono, Monsauni, Monsoni, Monsounic, Montagnais, Montagnard Moorehead Burial Complex, Moose Lake F.N., Moose People, Moosomin F.N. Moqui, Moquis Moravian Mother People Mound Builders, Moundbuilders, Mountain, Mountain Men, Mountain People, Mountain Peoples Cultural Society, Mountain Poets Mud House People, Mud Lodges, Muddy, Muddy River, Muddy Water, Muisca (SA), Mummy Cave Complex, Muncy, Munich Cowboy Club, Muscagoe, Muskagoe, Muskegoe, Musketoon, Muskoday, Muskogee, Muskotay, Musqueam
NNN Na-Anike Nabesna Nacho Nyak Dun, Na-chu Ny'a'k-dun Na-Dene, Nadouessis, Nadouweseaux Naha Ni Kene, Nahane, Nahani, Nahanne, Nahany Nahathaway, Naheyowuk, Nahiawuk, Nahua Nai-ah-ya'og Naka Wi Iniwak, Naka Wininiwak, Naka Wiyiniwak, Nakawawuck, Nakawininiek, Nakkawininiwak, Nakoukouhrinus, Nakoda (600 Bands) Nanaimo, Nandawibi, Nansemond, Nantichitoche, Nanton Culture, Nanymo Napakstokwewak Naraganset Naskapi Nataoten, Natchez, Nateotain, Nateotetains, Nateotain, Nation of Fire, Nation Du Boeuf, Nation of the Boeuf, National Brotherhood, National Congress of American Indians, National Indian Brotherhood, National Tribal Chairman's Association, Nations of Jasper, Native Alcohol Council, Native Brotherhood, Native Syndicate, Native Women's Association of Canada, Natowew, Natsit Kutchin Nauset Navaho, Navajo Nawuthinihan Nayhaythaway, Nayhiyuwayin, Naytane, Naywatame Poet, Naywattamee Poet, Naywuthinihan Nazca (SA) Neanderthal Man Neemepoo Negro Nehethawa, Nehethewuk, Nehiawak, Nehiapwat, Nehigawok, Nehiyapwar Confederation, Nehiyaw, Nehiyaw Nations, Nehiyaw Weyin, Nehiyawak Nepissings Nesakep Culture, Nespelem, Nespilim Net Snowshoes, Netsepoye, Netsilik Eskimo, Neuter, Neutral New England, New Westminster Band Nez Perce Ni Oma Hitan Inew, Ni-om A-hi Tan Inu, Nicola Valley Culture, Nicola Valley Tribal Council Nihames Nimousen Alliance, Nimpkish Nipissing, Nipmuc Nisibourounik Nisga'a, Nishga, Nishnawbe-Askintn, Niska, Nisqually Nitchi Creek Culture, Nitsitapi Nl'kapmux, Nohanus Non-Status, Non-Treaty Nootka North Eastern Algonkin, North Peace Tribal Council North West Territories Treaty 8 Tribal Association, Northard, Northern, Northern Algonkin, North Central Algonkin, Northern Indian Strangers, Northern Plains, Northwest, Northwest Coast, Northwest Plains, Northwestern, Northwestern Plains, Norton Culture Nottaway, Ntlakapmuh, Ntlakyapamuk Nuko'nska, Numeepoom, Numic, Nunakvik, Nusklaim, Nuteotum, Nuuchahlnuth, Nuxalk OOO O Ti Pimesiwak, Ocean Man F.N., Ochipwaw, Odawag Ogalala Sioux Ojiboiay, Ojibwa (120 Bands), Ojibway, Ojibway Warriors Society, Ojibwe Okanagan, Okanagan Tribal Council, Okanogan, Okelousa, Okmulgee Old Copper Culture, Old Crow, Old Michigan Copper Culture, Old Women's Phase, Olmec Omaha, Omaskekowak, Omisis Ona (SA), Ondatatouaouat, One Gun Phase, Oneota Culture, Ones Who Cook Using Stones, Ongwanosionni, Onion Lake F.N., Onu (SA), Onze Sansan, Onze Sansen Oojibaway, Ookanawgan, Ootlashoots, Opwasimu, Opwatsimu, Ordinary People, Osage, Osinipoille, Oskquisaquimai, Ossinipoile Ota Hi Tan, Ota Wi Inew, Ota Wi Inewak, Otaskimewok, Otauoais, Otcipiwewak, Oteepaymsoowuk, Otipemisiwak, Other, Oto, Otoe-Missouria, Otomid, Otsipwe, Ottauau, Ottawa, Otto Ouachipouennes, Ouendat, Ouenebeigonhelinis, Oueschekgagamiouilimi, Ougalalachiouts, Ouikaling, Outaoak, Our People, Outaouac, Outaouak, Outaouas Oxbow Culture PPP Pa Minaska Paddler, Paddling People, Pados, Padouca Nation, Paegin, Pahakana (SA), Pahodja, Pahsi Manpat, Pahsimaro Paintes, Paipekomak, Paiute Pakisimotan Wi Iniwak Palani, Paleo-Indian, Paloose Paminaska, Pamunkey Panamint, Panses Papago Park Hill Culture, Parted Hair People Pasawaw Inew, Pascagoula, Paskapoo Culture, Passamaquadi, Passamaquady, Passamaquoddy, Patuxet Paujanos, Paunch Paw-is-tick-i-e-ne-wick, Pawistickienewick, Pawistiko Wininiwak, Pawistik O Wi Iniwak, Pawistikowininiwak, Pawkee, Pawnee Paxoje Paygan, Payment People Peaceful Ones, Peace River Culture, Peagin, Peddlers Pee-hee-no, Peeagan, Peegan, Peeheeno Pegan, Pegenow Pekisko Culture, Peigan, Pelee, Pelican Lake Culture, Pelican Lake (Wetaskiwin) Culture, Pelican Lake Stemmed Culture Pend D'Oreille, Pendant D'Oreille, Pennakook, Penobscot, Pensacola People, People Among the Beavers, People At The South, People Beside the Laughing Water, People Coming Out, People Crossing Over the Divide, People Dwelling in the Shelter, People of the Basin Shaped Hollow, People of the Blue-Green Water, People of the Bow, People of the Caribou, People of the Clouds, People of the Copper Water, People of the Fireplace, People of the Fork, People of the Great Hares, People of the Horses, People of the Interior, People of the Longhouse, People of the Mountain River, People of the Mountains, People of the Other Side, People of the Place of the Floating Scum, People of the Powerful River, People of the Rapids, People of the Rising Sun, People of the River, People of the Rocks, People of the Sacred Fire, People of the Small Point, People of the Sticks, People of the Stone Fort, People of the Sun, People of the Timber, People People of the Walrus, People of This Place, People of Tichakhan, People of Titchkan, People Over there, People Over There Far Away, People Speaking a Language Not Understood, People Who Come in Red Paint, People Who Cook With Stones, People Who Live in Dirt Lodges, People Who Part Their Hair in the Middle, People Who Speak Like Ducks, People Who's Lodges are Here, Peoples of the Interior, Peoples of the North Sea, Peoria Pequot Petits Renards Pi-yutah, Piankashas, Piankeshaw, Piankshaw, Picaneaux, Piegan, Piekwi, Pied Noirs, Pigan, Piikani Nation, Pikano Wiyiniwak, Pikano Wininiwak, Pikenow, Pikonew, Pikuni (310 Bands), Pima, Pine Tree People, Pioya, Pishquitpah, Pisi Manpat, Pit Rivers, Pitchibourenik, Pithlaka, Pitsikinaitapiw Plains (timeline), Plains Archaic Culture, Plains Bungi, Plains Chippewa, Plains Ojibway, Plains Side-Notched Culture, Plains Triangular Culture, Plains Woodland Culture, Plainview Culture, Plaited Hair, Plano Culture, Plascotez Des Chiens, Plateau, Pleasant Valley People, Plymouth Pocumtuc, Po-el, Po-en, Po-ome, Poet, Pointed Skin, Poisson Blancs, Pomnaska, Ponca, Porcupine, Pork Eaters, Porterero, Porteur, Potawatomi, Potawatomie, Potomac, Pottawattomi, Poundmaker F.N., Powerful, Powhatan :-) Prairie, Prairie People, Prairie Potawatomi, Prairie Pottawattomi, Precise Speakers, Pregnant Women, Prince Albert Grand Council, Principal People, Protective Association, Pryor Culture Pshwanwapam, Pueblo, Puelche (SA), Puget Sound, Puisascamin, Pukenow, Puntlatch, Puyallop, Pwat, Pwatak ;-} QQQ Qawasgar (SA), Quapaw, Quecheros, Quechua (SA), Quechumara (SA), Queen Victoria's Protective Association, Quiche, Quichua (SA), Quimbaya (SA), Quinnipiac, Quito (SA) RRR Rapid, Rapids People, Rasaouakaoueton Real Adders, Real People, Rebels, Red, Red Alarm, Red Alert, Red Crawfish People, Red Earth People, Red Indians, Red Knife, Red Knives, Red Paint People, Red Pheasant F.N., Red River, Red Talkers, Redd Alert, Ree, Related People, Regina Warriors, Registered Ricricy, River People Roanoke, Roaring Water People, Rock, Rock People, Rocky Mountain, Rogue River, Root Digger Rubbed Nose, Ruffian SSS Sa Ahksi, Saanich Sac, Sadlermiut Sah He Ah Be, Saheabe Sahiya, Sahesa Tinney Saiha, Saihk, St. Francis, St. Francois, Saiya, Saleesh Saleeish, Salish, Salishan, Salmon River Culture Samantha Culture San Carlos, San Juan, San Louis Rey, Sand, Sandhill Men, Sandia Culture, Sandy Creek Culture, Sanona, Sanpoil, Sanpoil-Nespelem, Sans Arcs, Santa Clara, Santa Isabelle, Santa Rosa Culture, Santee Sioux Sapeten Sarcee, Sarsi Sasiwak Sauk, Sauk/Fox, Saulteaur, Saulteaux, Saulteaux F.N., Saulteur, Sauteur, Sauteux, Sauvages Savages, Savannah, Savanois, Saxsii, Saxsiiwak Sayee, Sayeya Sazuetina Scha Hi, Sciatoga, Scietoga, Scottsbluff Culture, Seattle, Seaux Sechelt, Secwepemc, Secwepmec Nation Seechelt Sekana, Sekani Selk'nam (SA), Selkirk Focus Semiamhoo, Seminole, Seneca, Senipoet Serpent Sha Hi E, Sha Hi' Ye, Shahaptian, Shahe-ena, Shahiela, Shahyabi, Shaktci Homma, Shatasla, Shaway, Shawnee, Shawpatin She E Ya, Shee-Wap, Sheep Eaters, Shell, Sherdikas, Shewsheppe, Sheyela Shi-E-A-Lah, Shi E Ah La, Shibogama First Nations Council, Shiealay, Shieya, Shi-E-Yah, Shield Archaic Culture, Shinnecock, Shinpoo, Shi-Shi'ni-Wi-He-Tan-Iu, Shiyo Shlota Sho'ta Wi Ni Ni Wug, Shoal River F.N., Shoe, Shoo-Shwap, Shoshone, Shoshonean, Shoshoni, Shoshoni Empire Shu-Shwap, Shuswap (30 Bands) Shyela Siatoga Sicamas, Sicannie Sihasabe, Sihasapa, Siheya Sikanni, Siksika (180 Bands), Siksikau, Sikxihahowex Siletz, Silt, Silx Nation, Silver Creek Culture, Similacameach, Simpcw First Nation Sinepoett, Sinepoil, Sinixt, Sinu (SA) Sioux (175 Bands), Sioux Who Go Underground Sircies Sisi Iniw I Hitan Inew, Sisseton, Sister's Hill People Siwap, Siwash Six Nations Skagit, Skalsis, Skalzis, Skeetchestn, Skeetshoo, S'Klallam Slave, Slaves of the Upper Hay River, Slavey, Sleepy Ones, Slota Small Tool Tradition, Smeller Skagit, Skokomish Snake, Snake Men, Snake River Culture, Snare, Snaring, Sneneymexw, Snenymo Snohomis, Snohomish, Snoqualmie Sochoco, Sock, Sohta Solier, Solier Noir Songhees, Songish Sook, Sooke, Sookii, Sookiiak Sorcereur Soshoca Soteaux, Soto (240 Bands), Souinomish, South American, Southward, Southern, Southern Chiefs Organization, Southern Death Cult, Southerd, Southward, Southwd., Southwest, Souties Sowonia Soyitapi Spachilqua, Sparrowhawk, Spokan, Spokane, Spotted Horse People Squamish, Squaxin, Squihitane Staitan, Status, Statlamchu Stl'atl'imx Sto:lo Nation, Stockbridge, Stohono O'odham, Stone, Stone People, Stoney, Stoney Sioux, Stonies, Stony, Stony Ground Strange, Strangers, Strong, Strong Ones, Strong People, Strongbow, Strongwood Sturgeon Subarctic Sugar Suhtai Suinomisn Sumas Nation, Sumo, Sumu Sun Path People, Sunga Tswitwunshasta, Sungatswwitwunshasta Suppai Surcies Suscee, Suseekoon, Susquehannock, Susseu Sutai Hitan, Sutaihetan, Sutaio, Sutherland Culture Swee, Sweet, Swhanemisgh, Swinomish Syrup TTT Taber Child, Taber Man, Table Mountain Culture, Tache Wo-T'Inne, Tacullie, Tagish, Tagui, Taguibace, Tahltan, Tahmungcibi, Tairona (SA) Takic, Takulli, Takawgamis, Taltheilei Tradition, Tamung Chibi, Tanaina, Tanana, Tangipahoa Taos Pueblo, Tarahumara Tat Tan, Tatsan Wo Tine, Tatsanottine, Tattooed Breasts, Tattooed People Tawehash, Tayhan Nakota Tchatorabin, Tchuxatchis, Tco'Ko Tejas Tekamamcouene Temple Mound Culture Tennuth Ketchin Tepa, Tepehuan, Tepkinago Tete De Boule, Tete de Plate Nation, Tete Pelee, Teton Sioux Texacoco, Texcoco Teyas Thabatore, That Which Flies The Abandoned Band of Chippewa Indians, The Brotherhood, The Horrid People, The Kane, The O Tine, The Ottine, The People, The Trading People, Their Own Boss, The Wo Tine, The Worthless Ones, The Worthwhile People, The-O-Tinne, Thekanie, Thekkane, Theottine, They of the River, They of the Wooden Boats, They Who Braid Their Hair, They Who Speak a Different Language Thickwood, Thilan O Tine, Thilanottine, Thling Cha Tine, Thlingchadine, Thlingchadinne, Thlingchatinne Thompson, Those Dwelling in the Upland, Those Who Have The Cup, Those Who Listen and See, Those Who Live Along the River, Those Who Live Among the Lakes, Those Who Live Off the Flats, Those Who Speak a Different Language Three Mountains Thule Culture, Thule Eskimo, Thunderchild F.N. Thunder Creek Culture, Thunderchild F.N. Tierra Del Fuego (SA), Tillamook Timber Ridge Side Notched, Timucua, Tinnae, Tinuah Tiontontati Tipahamaw Wakunak, Tipahamawakunak, Titcakahntinne, Titchakan Tine Tiwa Tlacopan, Tlalem, Tlaoquiaht Tlehonnipts Tli Cho Tine, Tlingit, Tlinkit To Kananabiche Tocaninanbiche Toeganbe Tohono O'odham, Tohono Oodham Tokanpee Toltec Tona'xa, Tonkawa Totat Kene, Totatkenne, Totonac Tonacan Traders, Trading People Treaty, Treaty Eight Tribal Council, Treaty Seven Tribal Council Treaty Six Tribal Council, Trenamaks Nation True Chiefs, True Men Tsade, Tsatinne, Tsattine, Tsatu Tschantoga Tsekanie, Tsetautkenne, Tsetsaut Tsilhqot'in, Tsimpsean, Tsimshian, Tsis-tsis'tas, Tsistsistas Ts'kw'aylaxw Tso Ottine, Tso Tli'na, Tso-tinne, Tso-tlina, Tsoopnitpalu, Tsotina, Tsotli'na T'suu T'Ina, Tsu'Qos, Tu Kiwaku Tukiwaku, Tukuarika Tulalip Tunaha, Tuna'ha, Tuna'xa, Tuna'xe, Tunaxa Cultural Group Tutchone Two Kettle Txukahame (SA) Tyghts Tza-Denne, Tza Tinne Tzo-tlina, Tzotlina, Tzu-Tinne UUU Umatilla Unami, Unalachtigos, Underground Sioux, Union De Metisse De St. Joseph, Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, Union of Saskatchewan Indians Upland, Upper Hay River Slave, Upper Republican Culture Usabetora, Usinnepwat, Usin-upwawa, Ussinnewudj Eninnewuk Utaca, Ute, Uto-Aztecan VVV Vunta Ketchin, Vuntun Kutchin WWW Wabenaki Wachi Chipwew Wah Keicha, Wahhowpum, Wahpeton, Wahpetonwan Waiiletpu, Wailletpuan Wakashan, Wakokai Walapai, Walilatpuan, Walla Walla, Wallawalla Wampanoag Wapemaksa, Wapha Mawksa, Wappinger, Wappinger Confederation Warao, Warrior Societies Wasco, Washagamis Bay F.N., Washita Culture, Washoe Water People, Waterkeeper Alliance, Wati Wenas, Watodatan, Wattassoon Waulatpau Wayiletpu, Waymistikosiwok Wazaza Lakota We of the Extended Lodge, We Were All Brother-in-Law People, We Winchasta Wea, Wearing something around the neck, Weaw, Wechepowuck Weepers Wendat, Wenro, Wenrohonron West Coast, West Side, Western Cree Tribal Council Wewichasta Where Water Boils Up White, White Braid Society, White Clay People, White Earth, White Mountain, White Roots of Peace Whulwhaipum Wiciyela, Wichita, Wichiyela, Wild Onion, Wild Rice Men, Willamette, Willetpoo, Willow, Willow People, Wininiwak, Winnebago, Winterers, Wissakodewinmi, Witanhantahipi, Witapaha, Wiwoka Wolf, Wolf People Wogunk Wood, Wood Buffalo Metis, Woodland People, Woodlands Archaic Culture, Woodlodge People World Council of Indiginous Peoples, Worthwhile People Wuwutsun Wyandot, Wyandotte XXX Xatsu'll YYY Yahgan (SA) Yakima Yampa Eaters, Yamparika, Yancton, Yanctonai, Yanesha, Yanka-tous, Yankton, Yanktonai, Yanomami (SA), Yanomami (SA) Yaqui Yatcheethinyowuc, Yatchilini Yavapai, Yazoo, Ye Xa Ya Bine Yellow Mettle, Yellowknife, Yellowhead Tribal Council Yetzkabi Yucatec Yuki, Yukon, Yukon First Nations, Yukon Native Brotherhood, Yukpa Yuma, Yuman, Yumun Yunca (SA) Yupik Yurok ZZZ Zapotec, Zoque, Zoquean, Zuni Continue to The Western Cree index more detailed information Continue to a listing of Bands OTHER SELECTIONS Return to Heritage Consulting homepage Return to Native Studies directory Return to Native Tribes listings Continue to History Bibliography Continue to History directory Continue to Historic photos Continue to Book Reviews directory Continue to Books for sale Continue to Collectibles for sale Continue to The Western Plains Cree index
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