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Your E-mail Genealogical Info and questions will be posted here for public reading and comments. HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. Continue to Heritage Consulting homepage
For answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) please go to our FAQ page. 1. Where can I go to get the information on my family? 2. "My grandmother's name was Mary. She was from Hoboken New York and we think she was Blackfoot. Please tell me all about her." 3. "My father's name was John DOE, my grandfather's Peter Doe and my great grandfather's William Doe. It is said that our family was Cree from Saskatchewan. Can you tell us something about our family?" 4. "What information do I need to research my ancestry?" 5. "Our family is of aboriginal ancestry. How do we go about getting our Indian (or Metis) status recognized." Search the following pages to see if we have genealogical and historical information on your family Family Genealogies on file; alphabetic Family Genealogies on file; by tribe

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Q1 CAISSE I was going over the list of people you have on your database and recognized Bedshidekkge, Raphael. According to some of the information I was able to gather, my great grandfather's name was William Bedshidekkge who was the brother of Raphael. William was married to Therese Estelshennen. When Treaty 10 was signed and the register taken, my great-grandparents were not on the list. Although Raphael was one of the signatories for the treaty, his brother did not end up on the registry. I have tries to find out what happened to him but never received an answer. My grandfather Isadore Bedshidekkge married a Salette Halkett from Lac La Ronge Indian Band, her father's name was Joseph Halkett. Anyways, when my father was born his name appears as Napoleon Magloire Bedshidelkkizi, when he got baptised at St. Dominic's church in Pinehouse (Snake Lake), his name was changed to Caisse. My father's surname and Raphael's is the same, however they were spelled differently (by mistake) as probably nobody could spell the name. Since Raphael's signature on the Treaty, the name has since disappeared, probably through name changes like my dad. My grandfather and my father were never recognized as Treaty Indians. My father was able to get his status after 1985 through his mother (Bill C-31). I would like the information you have on Raphael. Could you advise what the fee would be for the information. I would like to know more history about my family. I also want to know if there is a death certificate somewhere for William Bedshidekkge. Cecile Caisse A. The known history of the Caisse and Bedshidekkge families go back 1780. we have considerable information available on these families and can provide them to you in several formats. For details see our ordering inforation site Q2 Please could you give me any information on Chief Thunder Cloud of The Shawnee Delaware Turtle Clan. Q3 Hello my name is kay joyner and my fathers grandfather has ties to a tribe and was full blooded indian, hower daughter died the papers were lost and we are not sure what tribe he was. His name was Lee P Chadwick and Wife was Belle Walker. He was born in Louisville KY, and the mom Belle was born in Newberg KY they had a son Freeman Pearson Chadwick born November 18th 1907 in Calloway CO. KY he also had a first cousin named Euple King who was born April 1911 her Father was Walter King married to Ocie Ingra. We do not know Lee P Chadwicks fathers name, so we are unable to provide that. If you can give any information please let us know. the correct e mail to contact me is Thank you for your time and help Q4 I was told that my grandfather was Cree, and I would like to check the register and register myself into the Cree nation. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Senn'Ja Joyner A. Please see our FAQ page. The only such registry is with the Department of Indian Affairs. It is restricted confidential information NOT available to researchers. I suppose we could build one but it would cost over $500,000.00 with no hope of cost recovery. For a listing of Cree families see our Family Genealogies on file; by tribe or our alphabetifpages. Q5 Hello, I'm researching a house in St. Albert, Alberta which I believe predates the mission. Some research I've seen states a "historical Metis settlement was established in Big Lake (aka St. Albert) some 50 years prior to the mission" being built. I'm looking for any information on the Metis community of that time period. Anything you might have, or contacts, organizations etc, which might be of help would be of great value. If you do have information, an email, a link, or disk would be preferred. A. There was no settlement until the 1850's, only a fishing shack. A few people claimed to have been born at Big Lake before then. To obtain more information. Q6 MY GR. GR.GR. GR.MOTHER WAS BORN 1808 ROCKY MT. POST TO NATIVE MISTRESS AND FRANCOIS LAMPRON LACHARITÉ- MY GR. MOTHER S NAME IS MARIE MARGUERITE LAMPRON LACHARITÉ --ANY RECORD OF HER BIRTH WOULD BE APPRECIATED. THANKS IMMENSE.....BARBARA (METIS) A. Given the paucity of information you have given we regret we can not offer much information other than the following notes: 1. There are no birth records existing from that early date in this region. 2. The name Lampron or Lacharite do not show up in ANY historic documents from the west to date nor in any listing or Metis or Indian names that we have seen to date. 3. No post was ever known as Rocky Mountain Post in any documents or records known to date. In 1808 this could have referred to Rocky Mountain House (Alberta and British Columbia), Rocky Mountain Fort (British Columbia) or a post in the Fort Simpson (NWT) area. Q7 I wonder if you happen to have any information about Assiniboine headmen, Heaven Fire and Yellow Tepee? In particular, I would be interested to know their dates, and on which reservation(s) they settled. Information I have been able to find on these men is strictly limited. Q8 WAS ALEX/ALEXANDER/ALEXIS GAUCHER SON OF PIERRE JEAN GAUCHER? The Gaucher family has a long, continous and interesting history in the west that goes back to Quebeck in the 17th century. We have 4-generation genalogies of Alex and Pierre Gaucher, but as yet have been unable to definitively connect the two. I tend to believe Pierre was an uncle.
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