1000 years ago the Alberta Moundbuilder Civilzation, an agricultural people, occupied almost all of central Alberta. In addition to being agricultural, they built burial mounds, earthen pyramids, earthworks fortifications, ceremonial centers and agricultural settlements. The culture was related to that which built CAHOKIA - United States Heritage Site - and the mounds in the central United States. CAHOKIA had a population of some 30,000 persons - as big as any city in Europe at the time. CAHOKIA draws 2,000,000 visitors each year. CAHOKIA was also the site of a "Woodhenge" ceremonial structure. The CAHOKIA Culture, some 1000 km. away, is the nearest other civilization to the Alberta Moundbuilders. The CAHOKIA Culture is sometimes called a Neo-Maya culture, and said to be related to the Maya or Aztec. They are believed to have been a sun- worshiping culture. The Alberta Moundbuilders, like the CAHOKIA people, built earthen pyramids, temple mounds, plazas, burial mounds, and effigy mounds. The full scale of their works have not yet been discovered. The Alberta Moundbuilder sites, temples, pyramids and burials ARE NOT PROTECTED by the Government of Alberta. THE ONLY WAY THEY WILL BE PROTECTED IS BY PRIVATE/PUBLIC OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT that makes them available to the public. You can own a portion of these sites that will both protect the site, be an investment, and offer you a recreation property. For more information and pictures, follow these links. Information Book/Archaeological Report Protection Investment Shareholding Property Ownership Visit On Site camping Corporate Sponsorship
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