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ALBERTA ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Alberta Rewards Environmental Destruction ALBERTA: CORPORATE WELFARE STATE Archaeological Site Threatened by Oilsands ALBERTA HISTORY Search Quaternary Ice Front Deglaciation/Lakes Historic Maps Listing Steele's Scouts 1885 Rebellion Archaeological Sites Historic Photos Listing Historic Maps Listing Books Bibliography Prehistoric Populations Historic Trails Colvile Trail Blackfoot Trail Stoney Trail The Western Cree index Alberta Locations & Histories Climatic/Weather Reconstructions Northern Development Northwest Plains history Northwestern Alberta collectables Native Museums A number of claims have been made for having the first bridge west of Winnipeg (eg., by Fr. Lacombe at St. Albert in the 1860's, on the Kootenay Plains in 1858, etc.). The first rude bridge was over a little stream east of Rocky Mountain House in 1801; the first proper cart-bridge was built by the Mountain Cree across the Battle River in 1845. How to get more detailed information If you would like to have our complete BBS files available ON LINE to help you in your research. ********************************************************************* * * * HISTORY NOTE * * * * STEELE's SCOUTS RE-ENACTMENT, 1885 REBELLION MILITIA * * * * Steele's Scouts Commemorates the ONLY combatant force guilty * * of barbarisms and war crimes in the rebellion!!! * * * * - on the wounding and capture of Memnook, Steele's Scouts tied * * his hands, tied a rope around his neck, and dragged him * * through the bush and meadows until his skin had had worn off * * and the rope cut into his neck, according to the reports of * * the priest who requested release of the body for decent burial * * - at Loon Lake Steele's Scouts indiscriminately fired into the * * camp and Lodges of a Cree Indian camp including women, children* * and captives. * * - at Loon Lake Steele's Scouts fired indiscriminately at women * * and children trying to flee across shallows in the Lake, * * killing several infants. According to captive Elizabeth McLean,* * Steele's Scouts did not stop shooting until she removed her * * Hat and the Scouts saw her blond hair. One infant was killed * * while being carried by Ms. McLean. * * - According to Indian Tradition at Frog Lake, after the end of * * hostilities the government forces came to the community and * * massacred a number of people, dumping them into a mass Grave. * * Steele's Scouts were known to have visited the community after * * the end of hostilities. * * - The Alberta Human Rights Commission has declared that thise * * actions against aboriginals qualify Steele to be considered * * a Hero. Tell them what you think at humanrights@gov.ab.ca". * * And maybe let the Government know. * * * * * STEELE'S SCOUTS RE-ENACTMENT GROUP, OF CALGARY, ALBERTA, CA. * * COMMEMORATE A GROUP GUILTY OF WAR CRIMES * * * * Guilty of attempted War Crimes was Colonel Otter, who ordered * * an attack against a camp filled mainly with women and children * * and ordered canon and a gatling gun to be used against the * * camp. Were it not for incompetence (the gatling gun could not * * be made to Fire correctly and the canon was Sited too High * * and shot over the camp), he would have slaughtered these * * women and children. * * * * A Nez Perce survivor of Chief Joseph's refugees saved the camp * * by spiKing the canon - at the cost of his life. Tactical * * manouver by the Cree and Nakoda encircled the troopers and * * would have annihalated the forces had Chief Poundmaker not * * intervened to prevent it. * * * * DETAILED INFORMATION ON The 1885 REBELLION AND Indian HISTORY * * IS AVAILABLE ON-LINE FROM HERITAGE CONSULTING BULLETIN BOARD * * * * How to get more detailed information * * * * Continue to Heritage Consulting homepage * * Continue to Native Studies directory * * Continue to Native Homepages directory * * Continue to The Western Cree index * Continue to Genaealogies directory * * * ********************************************************************* HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. How to get more detailed information
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ALBERTA LOCATIONS How to get more detailed information Listing of data files available The Western Cree index Search Standard Abbreviations: AAA Search A La Peche Lake Abbot Pass, Abraham Flats, Abraham Lake, Abraham Slabs Acadia Valley Reservoir, Acton House, Acton House Adair Cree, Adams Creek, Adolphus Lake Airdrie Akamina, Akamina Pass, Akusu Lake, Akwam, Akwum River Alberta Beach, Alder Flats, Alderson, Aldersyde, Alexander Indian Reservation, Alexander Mackenzie Cairn, Alexandra Cave, Alexandra River, Alexandrea Valley, Alexandria Cave, Alexandria River, Alexandria Valley, Alexis Indian Reservation, Alexo, Alford Lake, Alhambra, Alice Lake, Alix, Alix Creek, Alix Lake, Alkali Creek, Allen Bill Pond, Alliance, Allison Creek, Allison (Chinook) Lake, Allstones Cove, Allstones Creek, Allstones Lake, Allstones Rapids, Alsands Lease Amber Valley, Ambrose Tete Noir Indian Reservation, Ambush Coulee, Amisk, Amisk Creek, Amisk Lake, Amisk River, Amiskwi Falls, Amiskwi Pass, Amiskwi Peak, Amiskwi River Anderson, Anderson Creek, Anderson Dam #2, Anderson Peak, Anderson's Road House, Andrew, Andrew Lake Antelope Lake, Anthracite, Antler Hill, Antler Ridge, Antoine Lake, Anzac Apparition Mountain Arctic Sea, Arm Lake, Arrow River, Arrowwood, Arrowwood Creek Ashen's Post, Ashon's Post, Ashland Reservoir, Ashmont, Asineau, Askow River, Aspin House, Assaskashawan River, Assenau River, Assiniboine Pass, Assiniboine Prairie, ## Assumption, Aster Creek, Aster Lake, Astotin Creek, Astotin Lake, Athabasca, Athabasca Arm, Athabasca Delta, Athabasca House, Athabasca Lake, Athabasca Landing, Athabasca Pass, Athabasca Rapids, Athabasca River, Atikameg, Atikameg Lake, Atikameg Lake Metis Colony, Atikameg River, Atikkamek River, Atimoswe Creek, Atkinson Creek, Atlas Landing, Atmore Aurora Creek, Aurora District, Aurora Lake Axe Flats Ayachiniwak Sakahikan, Aylmer Creek, Aylmer Park How to get more detailed information Search
BBB Backfat Creek Bad Heart River, Bad River, Badger Pass Baie de St. Paul, Baines Trading Post, Baintree Baker Creek, Baker Lake Bald Hill, Baldy Mountain, Balzac Banff, Banff Hot Springs, Banff Hot Springs Reserve, Banff National Park, Bankhead, Bantry Baptiste Lake, Baptiste River, Baptiste Berland River Bar C Ranch, Bar Harbor, Bar U Ranch, Baril Lake, Bark River, Barnaby Lake, Barnes Lake, Barnett's Stopping House, Barnwell, Barreyce Lake, Barrhead, Barrie Lake, Barrier Lake, Barrier Mountain Baseline Fire Lookout, Bashaw, Bashaw Channel, Bashaw Pond, Bassano Bath Creek, Bathing Lake, Battle Bend, Battle Lake, Battle River, Battle River Crossing, Battle River Lake, Batt Settlement, Battle River Leavings, Battle River Post, Battle River Settlement, BATUS Canyon, BATUS Creek Bawlf Baxter Lake Bayrock Site Bear Creek, Bear Hills, Bear Hills Settlement, Bear Lake, Bear Mountain, Bear Plains, Bear Pond, Bear River, Bear Tooth Island, Bear Valley, Bear's Ears Indian Reservation, Bearberry, Bearberry Creek, Bearhills Lake, Bearspaw, Bearspaw Indian Reservation, Bearspaw Reservoir, Beaudry, Beaufort, Beaumont Pond, Beaupre Creek, Beauvais Lake, Beauvais Lake Provincial Park, Beaver Dam Creek, Beaver Creek, Beaver Crossing, Beaver Flats, Beaver Hill Creek, Beaver Hills, Beaver Indian Reservation, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake, Beaver Lake Indian Reservation, Beaver Lake Subdivision, Beaver Lodge River, Beaver Metis Colony, Beaver Ranch, Beaver River Area # 7, Beaver River Metis Colony, Beaver River Metis Settlement, Beaver Mines, Beaver Mines Lake, Beaver River, Beaverdam Creek, Beaverhill Creek, Beaverhills Creek, Beaverhills Lake, BeaverLodge River Beddington Creek Beehive, Beehive Mtn, Beehive Pass Beiseker, Belanger Mountain, Belcourt River, Bellevue, Bellis, Bellis Beach Lake, Bellis Lake, Belly Buttes, Belly River, Belvedere Benan Lake, Bench Creek Beaverponds, Benchlands, Benjamin Creek, Bennett, Bennett's Pond, Bentley, Bentley Ford Bergen, Beren's House # 1, # 2, Berland Lake, Berland Range, Berland River, Berry and Shear's Fort, Berry Creek, Berry Post, Berrydale, Berwyn Bess Pass Big Bay, Big Bend, Big Chickakoo Lake, Big Egg Lake, Big Grave Flats, Big Hay Lake, Big Hill, Big Hill Creek, Big Hill Provincial Park, Big Hill Spring, Big Hill Springs Creek, Big Hills, Big Iron Lake, Big Island, Big Island Post, Big Knife, Big Knife Creek, Big Lake, Big Lake Buffalo Jump, Big Meadow, Big Mountain Creek, Big Prairie, Big Prairie Creek, Big Prairie Metis Colony, Big Red River, Big Rock Creek, Big Rock Portage, Big Rock River, Big Stone, Big Swamp, Big Valley Creek, Bigfour Lake, Bighorn Creek, Bighorn Dam, Bighorn Falls, Bighorn Meadows, Bighorn Indian Reservation, Bighorn Range, Bighorn River, Bigstone Creek, Billy D'Or Settlement, Bird's Post, Birch Creek, Birch Hills, Birch Lake, Birch Mountains, Birch River, Birds Pond, Bison Flats, Bison Lake, Bistcho Lake, Bistcho Lake Indian Reservation, Bittern Lake, Bituminous Springs, Bitumount Black Bear Crossing, Black Canyon, Black Diamond, Black Eagle Lake, Black Earth, Black Mountain, Black Mud Hill, Black Nugget Lake, Black Nugget Mine Pit, Black Pyramid Mountain, Black Rock Mountain, Blackett Lake, Blackfalds, Blackfoot, Blackfoot Coulee, Blackfoot Creek, Blackfoot Crossing, Blackfoot Hills, Blackfoot Indian Reservation, Blackfoot Lake, Blackfoot-Cooking Lake Recreation Area, Blackmud Creek, Blackspring Ridge, Blackstone Fire Lookout, Blackstone Gap, Blackstone River, Blairmore, Blakiston Creek Bleriot Ferry Blind Man's River, Blind River, Blindman River, Blindman River Crossing Blondin's Post, Blood Indian Creek, Blood Indian Reservation Blue Hill Lookout, Blue Hills, Blue Lake, Blue Quills Indian Reservation, Blue Rapids, Blue Ridge, Blueberry Hills, Bluerock Creek, Bluesky, Bluffton, Blumenort Boat Encampment Pass Bobtail Indian Reservation Boehlke's Pond Bohn Lake Boggy Hall, Boggy Lake, Boggy Plain Boiler Rapids Boneville, Boneyard Coulee, Bonne Portage, Bonnet Peak, Bonnie Lake, Bonny Knoll, Bonnyville, Bonnyville (Slawuta) Pond Boom Creek, Boom Lake Border Crossing Alta/NWT Boss Hill, Boss Horse Hoof Knoll, Boss Lake, Boswell Mountain Boundary Creek, Boundary Creek Post, Bourgeau Mountain, Bourque Lake, Bourlon Lake, Boutbier River Bow City Pond East, Bow Falls, Bow Fort, Bow Gap, Bow Glacier, Bow Glacier Falls, Bow Hills, Bow Island, Bow lsland Pond, Bow Lake, Bow Pass, Bow River, Bow River Cave, Bow River Gap, Bow River Pass, Bow Summit, Bow Valley, Bow Valley Provincial Park, Bow Valley Ranch, Bow-Highwood Jct., Bowden, Bowell, Bowness Box Canyon, Box Canyon Creek Boyer's Post, Boyer's Fort, Boyer River, Boyer River Indian Reservation, Boyer River Campground, Boyer River Outpost, Boyle, Boyle Pond, Boyne School District, Boyne Lake Bracken Site, Braconnier's (Three Hills) Reservoir, Bragg Creek, Bragg Creek Cave, Bragg Creek Provincial Park, Brazeau, Brazeau Borrow Pit #1, Brazeau Borrow Pit #2, Brazeau Dam, Brazeau Lake, Brazeau Range, Brazeau River, Brazeau River Post, Brazeau's Stopping House Bredin's House, Bredin's Post, Breechcloth Hill, Breland Crossing, Brewster Creek, Brewster Flats, Brewster Mill Bridge Creek, Brierley Rapids, Brightbank, British Block Cairn Broadmoor Lake, Brocket, Brooks, Brooks Aqueduct Pond, Brooks Children's Pond, Brosseau, Brosseau Crossing, Brown Creek, Brown's Post, Brownlow's Landing, Brownvale, Brownvale Campgrounds, Broxburn Bruderheim, Brule, Brule Lake, Brule Rapids, Brushy Ridge, Bryant Creek Buck Creek House, Buck Lake, Buck Lake Creek, Buck Lake House, Buck Lake Indian Reservation, Buck Mountain, Buckingham House Bud Miller Park Pond, Buffalo, Buffalo Bay, Buffalo Chip Lake, Buffalo Coulee, Buffalo Creek, Buffalo Dung Lake, Buffalo Head, Buffalo Head Hills, Buffalo Head Prairie, Buffalo Hill, Buffalo Hollow, Buffalo Lake, Buffalo Lake Metis Colony, Buffalo Lake Moraine, Buffalo Lake Post, Buffalo Lakes Trading Post, Buffalo National Park, Buffalo Plains, Buffalo Pound Creek, Buffalo Prairie, Buffalo Rapid, Buffalo River, Buffalo Valley, Buffalo's Head Hill Bull Dung Lake, Bull Lake, Bull Pound Creek, Buller Pond, Bull's Forehead, Bull's Head Hill, Bullhead Coulee, Bullhead Creek, Bullhorn Coulee, Bullpound Creek, Bullrush Mountain, Bullshead, Bullshead Creek, Bullshead Flats, Bullshead Hill, Bullshead Creek Reservoir, Bullshead Creek Reservoir Burbank, Burleigh Lake, Burlong Lake, Burmis Lake, Burn's Creek, Burn's Mine, Burn's Reservoir, Burning The Pipe Black Hill, Burns Lake, Burnt Island, Burnt Lake, Burnt River, Burnt Timber Creek, Burnt Timber Fire Lookout, Burntstick Lake, Burstall Lake, Burstall Pass Busby, Busby Lake, Bushe River, Bushe River Indian Reservation, Bustard Island Butcher (Prairie Bluff) Lake, Butcher's Hill, Butte Noire, Buttertown How to get more detailed information Search
CCC Cabin Creek, Cabin Lake Cache Camp, Cache Hill, Cache Lake, Cactus Flower Site Cadomin, Cadomin Cave, Cadotte Lake, Cadotte River Cairn Mountain, Cairn River, Cairns Calahoo, Calahoo Creek, Calahoo Indian Reservation, Calais, Calf Island, Calgary, Calgary Post # 1, # 2, # 3, Calling Lake, Calumet Creek, Calumet River Cameron Creek, Cameron Falls, Cameron Hills, Cameron Lake, Camp Creek, Camp Prairie, Campbell's House, Campbell's Post, Camp Wainwright, Campement de Fusei, Campement de Regnalle Campt des Vaches, Camrose, Camrose Creek Canadian Shield, Canary Creek, Canmore, Canyon Creek, Canyon Creek Ice Caves, Canyon Dam Gorge Captain Eyre Lake, Captain Jack's Bottom Carbon, Carbondale River, Carburn Park Pond, Chateh, Chatelain's Store, Chatwin Lake, Chauvin, Chauvin Park Pond Cheadle, Cheecham Lake, Chenal des Quater Fourches, Cherry Coulee, Cherry Point, Chester Lake, Chestermere Lake, Chesterfield House, Chetamon Mountain Chicagotown, Chief Mountain, Chigwell, Child's Lake, Child's Lake Indian Reservation, Child's Lake Natural Area, Child's Lake Salt Flats, Chimney Rock, Chinaman's Peak, Chin Coulee, Chinchaga Hills, Chinchaga River, Chiniki, Chiniki Creek, Chiniki Flats, Chiniki Lake, Chiniquay Village, Chip Lake, Chipman, Chipewyan Lake, Chipewyan River, Chisolm Mills Christina Lake, Christina River, Christina River Post, Chrystina (Windy) Lake Chungo Cave, Chungo Creek, Chungo Gap, Chupo Glacier, Churchill Island, Churchill River, Cipperley's Reservoir, Cirque Peak, Citadel Pass Claresholm, Clark's Reservoir, Clark's Crossing, Clarke's Point, Claw Creek, Clear Hills, Clear Lake, Clear Water Lake, Clearwater Arm, Clearwater Gap, Clearwater House, Clearwater Lake, Clearwater Pass, Clearwater Post, Clearwater River, Clearwater River Indian Reservation, Cline Fire Lookout, Cline Pass, Cline River, Cline River Plains, Cline Wilderness, Clive, Clover Bar, Clover Bay, Cluny, Cluny Earthlodge Village Coal Branch, Coal Camp, Coal Creek, Coal Island, Coal Lake, Coal Valley, Coalbanks, Coaldale Cochrane, Cochrane Hill, Cochrane Lake, Cochrane Ranch Coffin Creek, Coffin Top Mountain Colchester, Cold Lake, Cold Lake Indian Reservation, Cold Lake Post, Cold Lake Salt Pan, Cold Water Lake, Cold Weather House, Coleman, Coleman Lake, Colin Fraser Point, Colin Range, Collin's Stopping House, Colliseum Mountain, Colpman's Post, Columbia Icefields, Columbia Pass, Colville House Committee's Punchbowl, Commonwealth Lake Condor, Conjouring Creek, Conklin, Conrad's Outpost, Conrad's Post, Consolation Valley, Consort, Content Bridge, Content's Stopping House Cook's Point, Cooking Lake Copper Mountain, Copter Creek, Coral Creek, Coral Lake, Coral Ridge, Corkscrew Mountain, Cornwall Lake, Coronation, Coronation Reservoir, Corral Creek Cottage (Spring) Lake, Cottonwood Lake, Cougar Canyon, Cougar Creek, Cougar Creek Cave, Cougar Mountain, County of Mountain View, Coup Portage, Coupe River, Coutts, Cow Lake Cowley Crammond, Cranberry Coulee, Cranford Site, Crawling Valley Reservoir, Cree Burn Lake Site, How to get more detailed information Search
DDD Dalroy, Daly Lake Dandurand Lake Dapp Dardanelles, Dragmare, Darwell Davisburg Daysland, Daysland Pond De Bonne Portage, de Winton Dead Lodge Canyon, Dead Man Flat, Dead Man's Rapid, Dead Man's River, Deadhorse Coulee, Deadhorse Lake, Deadman Hills, Deadman Lake, Deadwood Death Creek, Death River, Death Trap, Death Valley Creek Debolt Decoigne's Post Deep Creek, Deer Hill, Deer Lake, Deer Mountain, Deer Mountains, Deer River, Deerlick Lake Del Bonita, Delburne, Delia, Delorme Lake Demay Lake Deome Creek Derbytown Des Praries Islands, DesMarais Devil Lake, Devil's Back, Devil's Creek, Devil's Gap, Devil's Gate, Devil's Head Lake, Devil's Head Mountain, Devil's Lake, Devil's Nose Mountain, Devil's Pine Creek, Devil's Punchbowl, Devil's Thumb Mountain Devon, Devon Lake Dewinton, Dewitt's Pond DhOx-12 Diadem Peak Dick Lake, Dickinson's, Dickson Control House, Dickson Trout Pond, Dickson's Stopping House Didsbury Dillberry Lake, Dillberry Provincial Park, Dillon River Dinosaur Provincial Park DiOs-24 Diplomat Mine Pond, Dipping Vat Lake Dirt Lake Divide Creek Dixonville DlOv-1, DlOv-2, DlOw-4, DlOw-7 DlPa-1, DlPd-3 Doctor's Creek Dog Creek, Dog Point, Dog River, Dog Rump Creek, Dog's Pound, Dogpound, Dogpound Creek, Dogrump Creek House Dolberg Lake, Dollar Lake, Dolomite Creek, Dolomite Pass Donald's Flats, ## Donalda, Donalda Site, ## Donalda Buffalo Pound, Donnelly, Dore Lake, Dormer Lake, Dormer Pass, Dormer Mountain, Dormer River, Douglas Lake Dove Hill Dowling Lake Draper, Drayton Valley Driedmeat Creek, Driedmeat Hill, Driftpile, Driftpile Indian Reservation, Driftpile River Drumheller, Drunken Lake Dry Canyon, Dry Haven Creek, Dry Island Buffalo Jump, Dry Island Provincial Park, Drywood Creek Duchess Golf Course Pond, Duck Lake, Duckett Site Duffield Duhamel, Duhamel Mission, Duhamel Post Dunbow, Duncan's Indian Reservation, Dunmore, Dunn Lake, Dunphy, Dunvegan, Dunvegan Post Dusty Bar, Dusty Lake Dutch Creek Dyke, Dyson Creek How to get more detailed information Search
EEE Eagle Butte, Eagle Creek, Eagle Hill, Eagle Hills, Eagle Lake, Eagle Mountain, Eagle Valley, Eagle's Nest Cabin, Eagle's Nest Pass East Bush Mountain, East Coulee, East Dollar Lake, East Prairie, East Prairie Metis Colony, East Prairie River, East Scarpe Lake, Easy Creek, Easyford Ecapotte's Creek, Eccles Pond, Echo Dale Park Pond, Echo Lake, Eckville Edberg, Edgerg Hill, Eden Lake, Eden Valley, Eden Valley Indian Reservation, Edgerton, Edith Lake, Edminson's Post, Edmonton, Edmonton Ice-Front Channel, Edmonton Lake, Edna EdPp-4, EdPn-23, EdPn-24, EdPo-9, EdPo-14, EdPq-6, EdPr-32, Edson EePj-3, EePj-4, EePl-9, EePl-94, EePl-95, EePl-96, EePl-97, EePl-98, EePl-99, EePp-18 EfPk-2, EfPm-35, EfPm-37 Egg Lake, EgPm-41, EgPm-42, EgPm-50, EgPn-3, EgPp-25, Egypt Lake, 82G08W, 82I15W6, 82J09W, 82J11E, 82J14E, 82N08E, 82N08W, 82N09W, 82N15E, 82N15W, 82O03, 82O03E, 82O03W, 82O04E, 82O04W, 82O05W, 82O09W, 82O10E, 82O16E, 82O16W 83A03W, 83A04W, 83A05W, 83A12W, 83A13E, 83A13W, 83B05, 83B05E, 83B05W, 83B06, 83B06E, 83B06W, 83B07W, 83B07W4, 83B07W7, 83B10W, 83B11E, 83B14E, 83B14W, 83C01W, 83C02E, 83C02W, 83C05E, 83C06E, 83C07W, 83C08, 83C08E, 83C08W, 83C10W, 83E06E, 83E08E, 83E08W, 83E09E, 83E09W, 83E10E, 83E10W, 83E11E, 83E11W, 83E14E, 83E14W, 83E15E, 83E15W, 83E16W, 83F01E, 83F01W, 83F02E, 83F02W, 83F03E, 83F03W, 83F04E, 83F04W, 83F05E, 83F05W, 83G01E, 83G032, 83GO4E, 83G04W, 83H04E, 83H06W7, 83L02E, 83L02W, 83L03E, 83O06E, 83O07E, 83O07W, 84K07E9, EiPo-1, EiPo-2, EiPo-3, EiPo-4, EiPo-5, EiPo-6, EiPo-7, EiPo-8 EiPq-1, EiPq-2 Eisenhower Junction EjPo-1, EjPo-38, EjPo-67, EjPo-68, EjPp-20, EjPp-21, EjPp-26, EjPp-27 EjPq-1, EjPq-7, EjPq-10 EkPq-1, EkPq-2 Elbow, Elbow Falls, Elbow Lake, Elbow Post, Elbow River Eleanor, Eleventh Siding Elinore Lake, Eliske, Liza Lake, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Lake Metis Colony Elk Creek, Elk Creek Pond, Elk Island Campsite, Elk Island National Park, Elk Lake, Elk Mountain, Elk Pass, Elk Point, Elk River, Elkhorn Summit, Elkton, Elkton Coulee, Elkwater Lake Elliot Peak, Ellerslie, Ells River, Elmore Brothers Post Elnora Elpoca Mountain, Elpoca Pass Elysium Pass Embarass Portage, Embarass River, Emerald (Hart) Lake, Emerald Lake, Emerance, Emerson (High River) Pond (05-19-28-W4), Emerson Lake, Empress Encampment Island, Encampment Island Fort, Enchant, Enchant Park Pond, Endiang, Endless Chain Ridge English Bay, English Island, Engstrom Lake Enilda Enoch Indian Reservation Entrance, Entrance Provincial Park, Entry Creek, Entry Lake, Equisetum Lake, Ermineskin Indian Reservation, Erskine Etherington Creek, Etherington Mountain, Etna's Landing, Etzikom, Etzikom Coulee Eunice Creek Eva Lake, Evans-Thomas Creek, Evans-Thomas Ponds, Evansburg, Evarts Excoelis Mountain, Exshaw, Exshaw Creek, Exshaw Mountain Eye Brow Hummock, Eye Hill, Eyehill Creek, How to get more detailed information Search
FFF Fable Creek, Fair Creek, Fairfax Lake, Fairholme Range, Fairview, Fairview College Pond, Falher, Fallentimber Creek, Falun, Farley Lake, Famm Creek, Farwell, Farwell's Post, Father's Creek, Faust, Fawcett Fenton Ferry, Fer A Cheval, Ferintosh, Ferry Point Fickle Lake Fiddle Peak, Fiddle River, Fiddle River Depot, Fidler's Point Field Lake 15-Mile Butte, 53-Mile Creek Figure Eight Lake Finlay's Post, Finnegan FiPn-100 FiQk-3, FiQk-9 Firebag River, First Rut Creek Fish Creek, Fish Creek Provincial Park, Fish Lake, Fish Lake, Fish River, Fisher Peak, Fisher Range, Fisher Rapids, Fishing Lake, Fishing Lake Metis Colony Fitzgerald, Fitzhugh Five Mile Bridge FjPr, FjQk-11, FjQl-3, FjQl-9, FjQl-11 Flag Hill, Flag Hanging Hill, Flagstaff Hill, Flat Lake, Flat Lake Metis Settlement, Flathead Range, Flatbush Fletcher Site, Flett Lake Flint's Park, Floatingstone Lake Flyingshot Lake, Flyingshot Settlement FM Buffalo Jump Footner Lake, Forbidden Creek, Fording River Pass, Foremost Reservoir, Forest Lawn, Forestburg, Forget Me Not Creek, Forgetmenot Mountain, Forgetmenot Pond, Fork Lake, Forks, Forshee Fort A Cape Pierre, Fort Aspin, Fort Assiniboin, Fort Assiniboine Sandhills Wildland, Fort Athabasca, Fort Augustus Fort Bond Fort Calgary, Fort Chesterfield, Fort Chipewyan # 1, Fort Chipewyan # 2, Fort Chipewyan Lake, Fort Chipewyan Post # 1, Fort Chipewyan Post # 2, Fort Chipewyan Post # 3, Fort Chipewyan Post # 4, Fort Chipewyan L&M Post, Fort Chipewyan XYCo Post, Fort Chippawian, Fort Conrad Fort De La Riviere Rouge, Fort de L'Isle, Fort des Praries, Fort Dunvegan, Fort Dunvegan #1, Fort Dunvegan #2, Fort Dunvegan #3, Fort du Tremble Fort Edmonton, Fort Edmonton XYC Post, Fort Ethier Fort Fitzgerald, Fort Fitzgerald Post, Fort Fork Fort George Fort Hamilton, Fort Henry Fort Isle Fort Jonquire Fort Kipp, Fort Lac D'Orignal, Fort Liard Fort McKay, Fort McKay Post, Fort MacLeod, Fort McLeod, Fort McMurray, Fort Muskake, Fort Muskako, Fort Muskeg Fort Normandeau Fort of the Forks, Fort Of The Praries, Fort Ostell, Fort Saskatchewan, Fort St. Paul, Fort Sansparail, Fort Slide-Out, Fort Spitzee, Fort Stand-Off, Fort Sturgeon Creek Frog Lake, Frog Lake Indian Reservation, Frog Lake Post, Frog Lake River, Frozenman Coulee Fyten Reservoir How to get more detailed information Search
GGG Gabriel Lake, Gadsby, Gadsby Lake, Galahad, Galatea Creek, Galatea Lakes, Galt Jct., Gamble Flats, Gap, Gap Cave, Gap Lake, Gap Mountain, Garden Creek, Garden River, Gardiner Lakes, Gardiner Lake, Gargantua Cave, Garner Lake, Garrington, Garson Lake, Gatin, Gayford Genesee, George's Lake (Lac Delorme), GhQs-1, GhQs-2 Ghost Hill, Ghost Lakes, Ghost River, Ghost River Wilderness Area, Ghostpine Creek Gift Lake, Gift Lake Metis Colony, Gift Lake Metis Settlement, Gilby, Gimlet Creek, Giroux Lake, Girouxville Glacial Lake Amisk, Glacial Lake Brazeau, Glacial Lake Calgary, Glacial Lake Clearwater, Glacial Lake Edmonton, Glacial Lake Elbow, Glacial Lake Kadorna Tinda, Glacial Lake La Biche, Glacial Lake McLeod, Glacial Lake Peace, Glacial Lake Sundre, Glacial Lake Tyrell, Glacial Lake Tza, Glacial Lake Wabiskaw, Glacial Lake Waskesew, Glacier Lake, Glacier River, Gladstone Creek, Gladu Lake Gleichen, Glenbow, Glenbow Lake, Glendon, Glenevis, Glengarry, Glenwood, Gletchen, Gloria Lake GnQs-1 Goat Cave, Goat Creek, Goat Mountain, Goat Range, God is Love Boulder, God's Lake, Goldeye Lake, Goldspring Park Pond, Goodfish Lake Indian Reservation, Goose Creek, Goose Encampment, Goose Island, Goose Lake, Goose Point, Goose River, Gooseberry Lake, Gooseberry Park Pond, Gooseberry Point, Goosequill Channel, Goosequill Lake, Gopher Head, Gordon Lake, Gordon Lake Post, Gordon's Post, Gorge Creek, Gough Lake, Governor's Encampment Graham Creek, Graham Lake, Graham Lake Post, Grahame Landing, Grahame's Landing Grainger Grand Centre, Grand Falls, Grand Forks, Grand Marais, Grand Marie, Grand Prairie, Grand Rapids, Grand River, Grand Valley Creek, Grande Batteur, Grande Cache, Grande Cache Lake, Grande Prairie, Grande Prairie Outpost, Grande Prairie Provincial Park, Grande Prairie Trading Post, Grande Valley, Grandin, Granum, Granum Pond Grass Pass, Grassi Canyon, Grassi Lakes, Grassland, Grassy Island Lake, Grassy Lake, Grassy Valley Grave Flats, Grave Lake, Graveyard Camp, Graveyard Lake Great American Desert, Great Canadian Oil Sands, Great Fish Lake, Grease Creek, Greenwich House, Gregg Lake, Gregg River, Gregoir Lake, Gregoir Lake, Post, Gregoir Lake Indian Reservation, Gregory & McTavish Posts Grimshaw, Grizzly Bear Coulee, Grizzly Bear Creek, Grizzly Bear District Gros Cap, Gros Ventre Creek, Grose Lake, Grosse Buttes, Grosse Roch Portage, Grotto Creek, Grotto Mountain, Grotto Mountain Pond, Grouard Guinn Pass, Gulf Bay, Gulf Coast Bay, Gull Lake, Gunn, Gurneyville, Guy, Gypsum Creek How to get more detailed information Search
HHH Ha Ling Peak Habay Haiduk, Haig Lake, Hainstock, Hairy Bag, Hairy Hill Halcro, Halcro Lake, Halcro Lake Indian Reservation # 150C, Halcro'a House, Half Way House, Half-Way House, Halfway House, Halfway Lake Hamlet, Hamlin, Hammer Hill Hand Hills, Handhills Lake, Hangingstone River, Hanna, Hansen's Reservoir Happy Hollow Lake Hardisty, Hardisty Creek, Hardisty Lake, Harlech, Harlech Pond, Harmattan, Harmon River, Harold Creek, Harold Creek Beaverponds, Harrison, Hart (Emerald) Lake, Hart River, Harvie Heights Hash Lake, Hasse Lake, Hassie (Little Bear) Lake, Hassie Lake, Hasse Lake Provincial Park, Hastings Creek, Hastings Lake, Hastings Ridge Hauling Creek, Haunted Lake Haven Creek Hawk Hills, Hawthorn Rock, Hawrelak Park Pond (Edmonton) Hay Arm, Hay City, Hay Creek, Hay Creek Post, Hay Lake, Hay Lake Indian Reservation, Hay Lakes, Hay Lakes Post, Hay River, Hay River Post, Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, Headwall Lakes, Headwaters Lake, Healy Creek, Healy Pass, Heart Creek, Heart Lake, Heart Lake Post, Heart Lake Indian Reservation, Heart Mountain, Heart River, Heatherington Creek Hector Lake, Heifer Lake, Heinsburg, Heisler, Helen Lake, Helena Lake, Helena Ridge, Helmer Creek, Helmer Reservoir, Heninger Reservoir, Henrietta Creek Gap, Henry Flats, Henry House, Herbert Lake, Heritage Lake (Morinville), Hermitage Park Pond, Hesketh, Hespo Hidden Lake, High Divide Ridge, High Hill, How to get more detailed information Search
III Ice Lake Iktomi Canyon Ile de Campement, Ile de Montagne Imperial Mills, Improvement District 1765 Indian Basin, Indian Cabins, Indian Flats, Indian Oils Mine, Indian Reservation # 137, 138, 138A, 138B, 139, Indian Trails Ranch, Indianhead Creek, Indianhead Lodge, Indus Innis Lake, Innisfail, Innisfree Invermere, Inverness, Invincible Lake Iosegun Lake Ipiatik Lake, Ipiatik River Irricana, Irma, Iron Creek, Iron River, Iron Stone Hill, Ironwood Lake, Iroquois Creek, Iroquois River, Irvine Isaac Creek, Isabella Lake, Island Fort, Island House, Island Lake, Island Lake, Isle de Platre, Isle Lake, Isle of Scotland, Istapa Creek Itaska Beach Iyatunga Mountain
JJJ Jack Fish Creek, Jackfish Post, Jackfish Lake, Jackfish River, Jackpine River, Jackson Lake, Jaco's Brook, Jacques Lake, Jacques Pass, Jacques Range, James Pass, James River, James River Bridge, Janet, January Cave, Janvier, Jarvis Creek Pond, Jarvis Creek Beaverponds, Jarvis Lake, Jasper, Jasper House, Jasper Lake, ## How to get more detailed information Search
KKK Kadorna Mountain Kahwin Kakut Creek, Kakut Lake, Kakut Pond, Kakwa Falls, Kakwa Mountain, Kakwa River Kamisak Lake, Kamistikawik Lake Kananaskis Country, Kananaskis Gap, Kananaskis Lakes, Kananaskis Pass, Kananaskis Provincial Park, Kananaskis River, Kananaskis Valley, Kananaskis Valley Beaverponds, Kananaskis Village Pond, Kanata, Kangienos Lake, Kansas Ridge Kapasiwin Karpinsky Site Kataka Mountain, Kathemut Creek, Katherine Lake, Katoot Lake, Katoot River Kavanagh Kawagasum Butte, Kawtick Recreation Area Keenex Coulee Reservoir, Kelsey, Kenex Coulee Pond, Keg Creek, Keg River, Keg River Cabins, Keg River Metis Settlement, Keg River Post, Kehewin, Kehewin Creek, Kehewin Indian Reservation, Kehewin Lake, Keho Lake, Kennedy Coulee, Kennedy's Post, Kerbe's Pond, Kerbes Pond, Kickinghorse Pass, Kihiwin Lake, Kihoomu Lake, Kikino, Kikino East, Kikino Metis Colony, Kikino-Caslan Metis Colony, Kikino West, Kikinow, Kikinow Metis Settlement, Killam, Killarney Lake, Kimball, Kimiwan, Kimiwan Lake, Kimmie, Kinnaird Lake, King Creek, King Mountain, King Ranch, King's Park Pond, King's Post, Kinikinik Lake, Kinky Lake, Kinosis Lake, Kinuso, Kinuso Post, Kipp, Kipp Coulee, Kiska, Kirkpatrick Lake, Kisiskatchewan River, Kiska Creek, Kiska Fire Lookout, Kiskatinaw Lake, Kiskion, Kiskiu Creek, Kiskiyaw, Kiskun Creek, Kitto Lake, Kiwetinok Peak Kleskun Creek, Kleskun Hill, Kleskun Lake Knee Hill, Knee Hills, Kneehills Creek Koka Cre., Kootenai Lakes, Kootenai Pass, Kootenai Post, Kootenay Parc, Kootenay Pass, Kootenay Plains, Kootenay Plains Ecological Preserve, Kootenay Plains Post, Kootenay Post, Kootenay Pound, Kootenay River, Kotenae Kraft Pond, Kramer (Mink Creek) Pond Ksituan Lake, Ksituan River Kutenay Butte Kvass Creek Kyiskap Creek How to get more detailed information Search
LLL L'Embarras, L'Isle de Landrie, L'Isle de Perche La Biche Arm, La Biche River, La Bonne Portage, La Bonne Rapide, La Chappelle's Post, La Crete, La Fleur's Post, La Fort de la Grande Prairie, La Glace, La Glace Lake, La Grande Prairie, La Jonquire's Post, La Low's Prairie, La Plante's River, La Roug's Prairie, La Verendrey's Post, Laboucan Settlement, Laboucan's Post, Laboucan's Stopping House Lac Cardinal, Lac Cyr, Lac D'Orignal, Lac De Vire, Lac de Virer, Lac de Vires, Lac de Vivere, Lac de Vivres, Lac Delorme, Lac des Arcs, Lac des Femmes, Lac des Isles, Lac des Roches, Lac La Biche Le Goff, Le Goff Post, Le Grand Brule, Le Poste des Montagues de Roches, Le Sueur Creek, Leah Peak, Leahurst, Leather Head Pass, Leather Pass, Leavings, Leduc, Leduc Reservoir, Leedale, Lee Creek, Lee's Creek, Lees Lake, Lee's Post, Legal, Legal Reservoir, Legend Lake, Lemon Mine, Leslieville, Lesser Slave Lake, Lesser Slave Lake House, Lesser Slave Lake Post, Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, Lesser Slave River, Lesser Slave River Post, Lethbridge Lillian Lake, Lily Lake Lime Kiln Bottom, Limestone Creek, Limestone Lake, Limestone Mountain, Limestone Mountain Fire Lookout Lineham Creek, Lineham Mountain Lion Mountain, Lioness Mountain, Lion Peak, Lioness Peak Little Athabasca River, Little Athens, Little Bear (Hassie) Lake, Little Beaver River, Little Beaverdam Lake, Little Berland River, Little Bow River, Little Bow Provincial Park, Little Buffalo, Little Buffalo Lake, Little Buffalo River, Little Cascade Rapids, Little Chicago Cemetery, Little Creek, Little Devil's Lake, Little Divide Portage, Little Fish Creek, Little Fork River, Little Grave Flats, Little Hills, Little Island, Little Island Post, Little Lake, Little Manito Lake, Little New York, Little Plume, Little Plume Creek, Little Puskwaskaw River, Little Rapids, Little Red Deer River, Little Red River, Little Red River, Little Red River Post, Little River, Little River Portage, Litte Rock Island Lake, Little Rolling Hills, Little Sandy River, Little Slave River, Little Smoky River, Little Tawayik Lake, Little White Earth Post, Little Whitefish Lake, Littlehorn Creek Livingston, Livingston Creek, Livingston Range, Livingston River, Livingston River Gap, Livingstone River Lizard Lake Lloyd Creek, Lloydminster, Lloydminster Pond Lobey, Lobley, Lobstick Lake, Lobstick River Lochend Loder Peak, Lodge Creek, Lodgepole Logan, Logan Sea, Loge De Medicine, Logger's Valley Lone Brook, Lone Pine, Lone Pine Lake, Lone Prairie Creek, Lone Tree, Long Island, Long Lake, Long Lake, Long Lake Indian Reservation, Long Lake Post, Long Plain, Long Rapids, Longview, Longview Hill Lookout Butte, Lookout Creek, Lookout Hill, Loomis Lake, Loon Lake, Loon River, Loon River Lopstick Lost Creek, Lost Guide Creek, Lost Guide Lake, Lost Horse Creek, Lost Lemon Mine Lotchyniny River, Lottie Lake Lougheed, Louugheed Pond, Lougheed Trout Pond, Louis Bull Indian Reservation, Louitit Lake Lower Bow Lake, Lower Chain Lake, Lower Fisher Rapids, Lower Kananaskis Lake, Lower Terre Blanche House, Lower White Earth, Lower White Earth Fort Loyerville Lubicon Lake, Lubicon River, Lunch Creek, Lundbreck Falls, Lusk Creek Lyall Creek, Lyell Glacier, Lynn Valley, Lynton, Lynx Creek, Lys Lake How to get more detailed information Search
MMM M.D. Peace Pond MacCarib Mountain, MacDonald Island, Macdonald's House, Macdonald's Post, Machesis Lake, Mackenzie, Mackenzie Creek, Mackenzie Highway, Mackenzie River, Mackenzie's Flats, MacLeod Lake Madden Buffalo Jump, Madden Coulee Magrath, Magrath Children's Pond Majorville Cairn Makwa Creek, Makwa Ridge Malemut Valley, Malcom Creek, Maligne Canyon, Maligne Lake, Maligne River, Mallaig, Malloch Creek Mamawi Creek, Mamawi Lake, Ma-Me-O Beach, Mami (Paine) Lake, Mamoway Lake, Manatokan Lake, Manawan Lake, Manito Lake, Manning, Mannville, Mansfield House, Many Face Canyon, Many Islands Lake, Many Spotted Horses Medicine Wheel, Manyberries Maple Leaf Hill March Creek, Margaret Lake, Marianna Lakes, Marie Creek, Marie Lake, Marie Reine, Marigold Lake, Marion Lake, Markerville, Markerville Bridge, Marlborough Metis Colony, Marmot Basin, Marmot Creek, Marsh Creek, Marten Point, Martin Creek, Martineau River, Marvel Lake, Marvel Pass, Marwayne, Mary Gregg Lake Masinasin, Maskinoge Lake, Maskuta Creek, Matchaya Lake, Mattayakiu Lake, Mattoyekiu Lake, Matzhiwin, Matzhiwin Creek, Maude Lake, May Lake, Mayatan Lake, Mayerthorpe, Mazeppa, Mazy Lake McBeath Mountain McCallum's Post, McConnell Fault, McConnell Ridge, McDonald Creek, McDougall Coulee, McDougall Crossing, McDougall Flats, McDougall's Fort, McDougall's Post McGillivray Ridge, McGregor Lake, McGuffin Lake McKay Post, McKay Creek, McKay Hills, McKay River, McKay's Post; McLaren's Reservoir, Mclean Creek Pond, McLennan, McLeod Lake, McLeod Portage, McLeod River, McLeod River Pass, McLeod River Post, McLeod's House McMillan Creek, McMillan Lake McPherson Coulee McRae McTavish Post, McTavish's House McVinnie Reservoir Meadow Creek, Meadow River, Meadow Valley Scarp, Meadowvale, Meander River, Meanook, Mearns Medicine Coulee, Medicine Creek, Medicine Hat, Medicine Hat Site, ## Meeting Creek Meikle River Memorial Lakes Men's Buffalo Jump, Menaik, Menesto MeQuillan Reservoir Mercredi Creek, Mercredi Lake, Merleton Mountain, Merleton Plains, Merleton River Mesekum Methy Lake, Methy Portage River, Metis Crossing, Metis Lakes, Metis Settlement # 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10 Mewassin Meyer Lake Michel Falls, Michele Lakes, Michelle Reservoir, Michichi, Michichi Creek, Michichi Reservoir, Michner Cave Middle Creek, Middle Rapids, Middle Sister Peak, Midnapore, Midway Reservoir Miette Hot Springs, Miette Range, Miette River Mikisew Indian Reservation, Mikkwa River, Mikkwa River Post, Mikwan Lake Mildred Lake, Mildred Lake Post, Mile 58, Milk River, Milk River Ridge, Mill Creek, Millarville, Miller's Lake, Miller's, Miller's Ranch, Miller's Rock, Miller's Stopping House, Millet, Millionaire's Peak, Milo, Milo Cairn Mine Creek, Miner's Bar, Minewakun Lake, Minihik Lake, Ministic Lake, Ministik Lake, Ministik Bird Sanctuary, Minnie Lake, Mink Creek, Mink Lake, Minnow Lake, Minster Mountain Miquelon Hills, Miquelon Lakes, Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, Miquelon Park Pond Mire Creek, Mirleton Mountain, Mirleton Plains, Mirleton River, Mirliton Mountain, Mirliton Plains, Mirror, Mirror Lake, Mirror Lake, Mirror Landing, Mirror Reservoir Mishow Creek, Miska, Missawawi Lake, Mission Point, Mistasini, Mistassini, Mistaya Canyon, Mistaya Lake, River, Mistehae Lake, Misty Creek, Misty Mountain, Mitsue Lake Moberly Cabin, Moberly Creek, Moberly House, Moberly Lookout, Moberly Ranger Station, Moberly Rapids, Moberly's Store Mockingbird Hill Mokaenukatonechik, Mokowan Butte Molar Mountain, Molar Pass Monarch, Monitor Reservoir, Moneta, Monitor, Monkman's Post, Mons Icefield, Mons Lake, Montagneuse Lake, Montagneuse River, Montana Indian Reservation, Monte Decorce, Monte Vista, Montreal Valley, Monument Hill, Monvel, Moon Lake, Moon Valley, Moonshine Lake, Moonshine Lake Provincial Park, Moose Creek, Moose Hill Creek, Moose Hill Lake, Moose Hills, Moose Lake, Moose Lake House, Moose Lake Provincial Park, Moose Lake Settlement, Moose Mountain, Moose Pass, Moose Pasture Indian Reservation, Moose Point, Moose Portage, Moose River, Moosehorn Lake Moraine Lake, Morgan Creek, Morinville, Morley, Morley Indian Reservation, Morley Trading Post, Morleyville, Morningside Moses Lake, Mosquito Creek, Mosquito Lake, Mossy Creek, Mound, Mound Red Reservoir, Mt. Abbot, Mt. Abraham, Mt. Alberta, Mt. Allen, Mt. Alymer, Mt. Amery, Mt. Assiniboin, Mt. Athabasca Mt. Baldy, Mt. Balfour, Mt. Ball, Mt. Barnard, Mt. Bess, Mt. Blakiston, Mt. Bogart, Mt. Bourgeau, Mt. Brewster, Mt. Brown, Mt. Bryce, Mt. Burke Mt. Chephren, Mt. Christie, Mt. Cline, Mt. Coleman, Mt. Columbia, Mt. Cory Mt. Dalhousie, Mt. Daly, Mt. Douglas, Mt. Drummond Mt. Edith Cavell, Mt. Eisenhower, Mt. Elliot, Mt. Erasmus, Mt. Ernest Ross Mt. Fable, Mt. Fairview, Mt. Foch, Mt. Forbes, Mt. Fryatt Mt. Gibraltar, Mt. Gordon Mt. Haris, Mt. Head, Mt. Hector, Mt. Hooker, Mt. Indefatigable, Mt. Invincible, Mt. Ishbel Mt. Joffre Mt. Kerkeslin, Mt. Kidd Mt. Legrace, Mt. Lefroy, Mt. Lindsay, Mt. Lorette Ponds, Mt. Loudon, Mt. Lougheed, Mt. Lyall, Mt. Lyautey, Mt. Lyell Mt. Mawdsley, Mt. McGillivray, Mt. McKay, Mt. McPhail, Mt. Michener, Mt. Michener Cave, Mt. Moberly, Mt. Molar, Mt. Murchison Mt. Niles, Mt. Nivelle, Mt. Norquay Mt. Odaray Mt. Patterson, Mt. Peechee, Mt. Peters, Mt. Pleskett Mt. Rae, Mt. Resolute, Mt. Robson, Mt. Rundle, Mt. St. Joseph, Mt. Sarbach, Mt. Sarrail, Mt. Saskatchewan, Mt. Sheom, Mt. Skoki, Mt. Southesk, Mt. Stephen, Mt. Stelfox, Mt. Strange Mt. Temple Mt. Victoria Mt. Warrior, Mt. Willingdon, Mt. William Booth, Mt. Wilson Mt. Yamnuska Mountain Falls, Mountain Fort, Mountain House, Mountain Mill, Mountain Park, Mountain Portage, Mountain Rapids, Mountainview, Mouse Hill Mowry Sea Mud Creek, Mud Lake, Mud Portage, Muddy Bull Indian Reservation, Muddy Pound Creek, Muddywater Creek Mueleton Mountain, Mueleton Plains, Mueleton River Muhigan Mountain Muir Lake Muleshoe, Mulhurst Mumm Creek, Mundare Mundare Fish and Game Pond, Municipal District of Peace, Municipal District of Waterloo, Municipality of Wood Buffalo, Munsen Muriel Lake, Murray Creek, Murray Mine, Murray Valley Muskeg, Muskeg Creek, Muskeg Hill, Muskeg Lake, Muskeg River, Muskeg River Settlement, Muskeg Village, Muskequahn Indian Reservation, Muskiki Lake, Muskoseepi Lake, Muskoseepi Pond, Muskrat Creek, Muskwa Lake, Muskwa River, Musreau, Musreau Lake Myers Lake, Mystic Cave, Mystic Pass, Mystery Lake How to get more detailed information Search
NNN Nacmine Nadeau Lake Nakamun Lake, Naked Hill, Nakiska Namaka, Namaka Lake, Namao, Namas, Namepi, Namepi Creek, Namepi Creek Reservoir Nampa, Namur Lake Nanton Nardam (Rycroft Reservoir) Lake, Narrows Site Naylor Hills Nebraska Negro Island Nelson House Neputak Mountain Nestow Netherland Dugout, Netook Neuteral Hills Nevis New Entrance, New Establishment, New London, New Loudon, New Norway, New Sarepta, New Town of Entrance, New Town of High Level Niche Creek, Nicholas Sheran Park Pond Niddrie's Crossing Niemela Reservoir Nigel Creek, Nigle Falls, Nigel Pass, Nightingale Nihahi Creek, Nihahi Ridge, Nikanassin Range Ninastoko, Nine Mile Butte, Niobe Nipi Chief Indian Reservation, Nipisi Lake, Nipisi River Nisku Nitchie Creek, Niton Lake Niverville Meadows, Niverville's Post Noore's Creek, Noral, Nordegg, Nordegg Borrow Pits, Nordegg River, North Buck Lake, North Camp, North Cascade River, North Fork Pass, North Kananaskis Pass, North Ram River, North Raven River, North Saskatchewan River, North Saskatchewan River Crossing, North Saskatchewan River Gap, North Saskatchewan River Gorge, North Star, North Tallcree Indian Reservation, North Two Lakes, North Vermilion, North West House, Northover Ridge Nose Creek, Nose Hill Notikewin River, Notre Dame Des Victories, Nottingham House Noyes Crossing Nugent, Nurse Portage How to get more detailed information Search
OOO O'Brien Provincial Park, O'Chiese Indian Reservation, O.D. Creek, Obed, Obstruction Lakes, Oesa Lake Ogden Ohaton Oil City Okotok Erratic, Okotoks Old Baldy, Old Bow Fort, Old Entrance, Old Establishment, Old Fort Creek, Old Fort Point, Old Fort Point Post, Old Goat Ridge, Old Goat Mountain, Old Island House, Old Man Mountain, Old Man's Bowling Green, Old Man's Creek, Old Man's Knoll, Old Mountain Fort, Old Wive's Lake, Old Waterways, Old Women's Buffalo Jump, Oldman Reservoir, Oldman River, Oldman River Forks, Oldman River Gap, Olds, Olds Creek, Ole's Lake, Olsen Omaktai One Standing Stick River, Onepine, Onion Creek, Onion Lake, Onoway Opabin Creek, Opabin Glacier, Opabin Pass, Opabin Peak, Opabin Plateau, Opal Range, Open Creek, Open Creek Reservoir, Orde Lake, Orloff Lake, Osi Lake, Otaskwan, Otoskwas, Ottauau River, Otuskwan Peak Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel, Our Lady Of Peace Mission, Our Lady Of Seven Sorrows Mission, Our Lady Of The Lake, Outlet Creek, Outpost Lake, Outram Peak, Outram's Shower Bath Owen Creek, Owen's Pond, Owl Lake, Owl River, Oyen, Oyen Reservoir, Oyen Town Pond, Ozada How to get more detailed information Search
PPP Pack Bridge Paddle Prairie, Paddle Prairie Metis Colony, Paddle River, Paddle River Dam Pond, Paddle River Outpost Paine (Mami) Lake, Paint Creek, Paint Creek House, Paint On Rock, Paintbrush Creek, Paintearth Creek, Paintpots Pakan, Pakkwaw Lake, Pakowki Lake ## Peigan Indian Reservation, Peigan Post Pekisko, Pekisko Creek, Pelican Hills, Pelican Lake, Pelican Mills, Pelican Mountains, Pelican Portage, Pelican Rapids, Pelican River, Pelican River Post, Pelican Settlement Pembina Crossing, Pembina Portage Post, Pembina Provincial Park, Pembina River, Pembina River Post, Pembina River Provincial Park Pend D'Oreille, Penhold Peppers Lake, Peppers Creek, Persimmon Range Peter Laugheed Provincial Park, Peters Creek, Petite Lake, Petitie Riviere Rabasca, Petitot River Peyto Lake, Peyto Peak Phanthom Crag, Pharaoh Creek, Pheasant-Back Hill, Pheasant Pound Creek, Phillips Lake, Philomena, Philosopher's Knoll, Photograph Creek, Phyllis Lake Picardville, Piche River, Picklejar Lakes, Picture Butte Pierre Au Calumet, Pierre au Calumet Post, Pierre au Calumet River, Pierre Greys Lake #3 (Upper), Pierre River Pigeon Creek, Pigeon Hills, Pigeon Lake, Pigeon Lake Indian Reservation # 138A, Pigeon Pass, Pigeon River, Pigeon Mountain Pikenow Plains Pilot Bluff, Pilot Pond Pimple Lookout, Pincher Creek, Pine Coulee, Pine Creek, Pine Lake, Pine Lake, Pine Point Borrow Pit, Pine Portage, Pine Tree, Pinehurst Lake, Pinto Creek, Pinto Lake, Pinto Pass Piper Creek, Piper's Mountain, Pipestone, Pipestone Creek, Pipestone Pass, Pipestone River Pitchimi Lake Plain of Six Glaciers, Plain River, Plamondon, Plamondon Beach, Plante, Plateau Mountain, Pleasure Island (Twomey) Reservoir Poboktan Creek, Poboktan Mountain, Poboktan Pass Pocahontas, Pocaterra Creek, Pocaterra Ridge, Pochontas Point de Gravois, Point Hangard A L'Eau, Point Providence, Pointe de Roche, Poirier's Pond, Poitras Lake Polecat, Police Outpost Lake, Police Outpost Provincial Park, Policeman Creek Pond's House, Ponita Lake, Pontmain, Ponika, Ponton, Ponton River Poor River Poplar Grove, Poplar Lake, Poplar Point Porcupine Creek, Porcupine Hills, Porcupine's Tail Buffalo Jump, Portage de Terre Blanche, Portage des Pins, Portage La Biche, Porter's Fort Potatoe Island, Pothole, Potter's Seep Pouce Coupe Prairie, Pouce Coupe River, Poundmaker Trail Powderface Ridge Prairie Blood Coulee, Prairie Bluff (Butcher) Lake, Prairie Creek, Prairie Creek Indian Reservation, Prairie de La Vache, Prairie des Vaches, Prairie du Lac de Vire, Prairie Grange, Prairie Mountain, Prairie Point, Prairie River Preacher's Point, Pretty Hill Priddis, Priest's Creek, Primrose Lake, Primrose Lake Trail Stopping House, Primrose Lake Weapons Range Prince of Wales Ranch, Princes Lake, Princess Lake Pro Alta Pond, Prospector's Valley, Protecton Mountain, Provesta, Provincial Museum, Provost Pruden's Post Pulsatilla Pass, Punbneau River, Punkwood Creek, Purple Springs, Puskwaskau Lake, Puskwaskau River Pyramid Mountain How to get more detailed information Search
QQQ Quagmire Hall, Quaiffe Creek, Quaite Creek, Quarrel Lake, Quater Fourches River, Queenstown, Quinney Creek
RRR Rabbit Lake Race Creek Radnor Rafter 6 Guest Ranch Rainbow Lake, Rainbow Lake Pond, Rainy Creek, Rainy Ridge Lake Ram River, Ramparts, Ramsey Lake Ranch Creek, Ranger Creek Rapid Creek, Rapid Portage, Rapide Croche, Rapids de Mort Raspberry Hills, Raspberry Lake, Rat Creek, Rat Lake, Rat's Nest Cave, Rats Nest Cave Raven, Raven Creek, Raven River, Raven Station, Rawlinson Ranch, Rawson Lake Raymond Read's Tower Red Berry Hills, Red Berry Lake, Red Creek, Red Clay River, ## How to get more detailed information Search
SSS Saddle Creek, Saddle Hills, Saddle Lake, Saddle Lake Creek, Saddle Lake Crossing, Saddle Lake Hills, Saddle Lake Indian Reservation, Saddle River, Saddleback Sagitawa Lookout St. Albert, St. Andrew's Island, St. Anne's Creek, St. Augustine, St. Bernard's Mission, St. Brides, St. Bruno, St. Charles, St. Clair Post, St. Claire's Pass, St. David's Island, St. George's Island, St. Isidore, St. Joachim's, St. John's Mountain, St. Jospeh Industrial School, St. Joseph's Mission, St. Lina, St. Martin, St. Mary River, St. Mary's, St. Mary's Dam, St. Mary's Island, St. Mary's Post, St. Mary's River, St. Mary's River Police Outpost, St. Nazaire, St. Patrick's Island, St. Paul, St. Paul Des Metis, St. Paul River, St. Peter, St. Pierre, St. Valentin, Ste. Emerence Sakayo Lake Sakiwatamau River Salois Crossing, Salt Creek, Salt Lake, Salt River, Salt Springs, Salter Creek, Salter Creek, Salvas Crossing Samson Indian Reservation, Sampietro Beach, Samson Lake, Samson Peak Sand Hill Creek, Sand Hills, Sand River, Sand Lake, Sanderson, Sandy Bay, Sandy Beach, Sandy Coulee, Sandy Creek, Sandy Lake, Sandy McNab Recreation Area, Sangudo, Sanson Mountain Sarbach Mountain, Sarcee Butte, Sarcee Hills, Sarcee Indian Reservation, Sardine Lake Sascatshawin River, Saskatchewan Flats, Saskatchewan Glacier, Saskatchewan Pass, Saskatchewan River, Saskatchewan River Crossing, Saskatchiwaine River, Saskatoon Lake, Saskatoon Lake Post, Saskatoon Mountain, Sauer Lake, Saulteaux River, Saunders, Saunders Creek, Saunders Lake Savas-Berry Creek Sawback Lake, Sawback Range, Sawmill Creek, Sawridge, Sawridge Indian Reservation Scalp Creek, Scarlet's, Scarlett's Stopping House, Scattered Rock, Scollard, Scotch Camp, Scotfield, Schuman Lake Seaway, Second Rut Creek, Sedgewick, Seebee, Seibert Lake, Sentinel Mountain, Sentinel Mountain, Sentinel Pass, Serviceberry Creek, Seven Persons, Seventeen Mile Flat, 73E09W6, 73L12W, Severn Creek Reservoir, Sexsmith (Heritage Park) Pond, Sexsmith Pond Shadow Lake Shaftsbury Ferry, Shaftsbury Settlement, Shaftsbury TRiver Shandro Shark Lake, Shark Mountain, Sharp Hills, Sharphead Indian Reservation Shaw Creek, Shaw's House, Shaw's Point, Shaw's Point House, Shaw's River Sheep Cave, Sheep Creek, Sheep Creek, Sheep Mountain, Sheep Pass, Sheep River, Sheerness, Shemeluk Lake, Sheppard, Sherwood Park Shiningbank, Shiningbank Lake, Ship Mountains Shoal Island, Shoal River, Shoe Leather Creek, Shorncliff Lake Shunda Creek, Shunda Gap, Shunda Lake, Shunda Mountain, Shunda Quarry, Shuster Lake Sibel Park, Sibbald Creek, Sibbald Flats, Sibbald Lake, Sibbald Meadows Pond Sick Man Hill, Sickness Hill, Siding 26, Siffleur Falls, Siffleur River, Siffleur Mountain, Signal Mountain, Siksika, Silver City, Silver Creek, 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River, Sulphur Spring, Summer Berry River, Summerberry River Post, Summit Cabin, Sunberry Valley, Sunchild Indian Reservation, Sundance Creek, Sundance Lake, Sundance Creek, Sundance Pass, Sundial Butte, Sundown Lake, Sundre , Sundre Flats, Sunkay Creek, Sunnynook, Sunnyside, Survey Hill, Sunset Hill, Sunset Pass, Sunshine Meadows, Sunshine Village, Sunwapta Falls, Sunwapta Canyon, Sunwapta Falls, Sunwapta Peak, Sunwapta River, Susa Creek, Susner Valley, Sutton Site Swallow Rock, Swampy House, Swan Hills, Swan Lake, Swan River, Swampy House, Swastika Sweatlodge Creek, Sweetheart Falls Swift Creek, Swift's Post Swoda Creek, Swoda Mountain Sylvan Lake How to get more detailed information Search
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VVV Val Quentin, Valley of the Ten Peaks, Valley Of The Three Falls, Valleyview, Valleyview Children's Pond, Vauxhall Vegreville, Vegreville Trout Pond, Venice, Verdigris Coulee, Verdigris Lake, Vermilion, Vermilion Chutes, Vermilion District, Vermilion Hills, Vermilion Lakes, Vermilion Pass, Vermilion River, Vermilion Valley Victor Lake, Victoria, Victoria Glacier, Victoria Jubilee Home, Victoria Mission, Victoria Post, Victoria Settlement, Viking, Villeneuve, Vilna, Vision Quest Ridge, Vision Quest Ridge Cave Volcano Ridge Vulcan How to get more detailed information Search
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718 T0M 0J0 CANADA
ARCHAEOLOGICAL Site THREATENED BY OILSANDS CREE BURN Lake Site Chipewyan: ENA KARIN KA Located 60 km. North of Fort McMurray 6,000 B.C.; Cree Burn Lake Site occupied; Reputedly one Of The largest archaeological Sites in Alberta. Manufacturing Site for tools, ArrowHeads & microblades. 445 acres (Red Deer Advocate, Nov 11 1997) yields obsidian microblades. Claimed to be Chipewyan (Alberta Report Jan 17, 1983) Highly unlikely to be Chipewyan or any recent tribal affiliation. Athabascan or Proto Cree at beSt. 1997 Shell Canada jointly with Broken Hill Property Co. Ltd. plan to develope an $ 1 billion oilsands stripMine on land including Cree Burn Lake Site; to include a $375 million pipeline and $1.8 billion upgrader at The Shell refinery at Edmonton, producing 150,000 Barrels of bitumen daily. Return to Heritage Consulting homepage Return to History directory Return to Alberta Archaeological Sites Continue to History Bibliography Continue to Native Studies directory Return to Top of page
718 T0M 0J0 CANADA ALBERTA NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT Government ideas of Northern Development are essentially those of resource extraction, and Alberta is no exception. It's forestry policy is noted as being the servants of the logging industry, and it's policies are to maximize the profits of Big Business. (see also ALBERTA ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION), and this policy is extended to oil company and mining. As far as local economic development is concerned, the Government has a less than enviable record, which is largely politically motivated, rather than results-oriented. of the community- based development approved for funding in 1988-93, success has been less than impressive, and worse than in privately-developed business. Government-funded frequently were approved contrary to their own Guidelines, and had the following results profile: 23% were sawmill/logging projects 46% were to establish competing businesses 20% are known to have failed within a year Another prime example is the destruction of the Opportunity Corps Program, designed as a second-chance program to provide basic employment skills training for resident youth of northern communities (often on Social Assistance), with proven success. Rather than developing that success, the program has been turned into a forced-labor program (the Job Corps) for Social Assistance recipients and no longer open to non-recipients. No form of employment training and upgrading being retained in the program. the prime function of the program being to give the worker enough paid employment to qualify for Unemployment Benefits, at which time they are terminated and come off the Social Assistance statistics - a political expediency to Lower the nominal social assistance rolls. The fact that the worker has received Little or no long-term benefit and has simply been shunted into a dependency cycle is conveniently ignoRed by the Department of Social Services management and their political bosses. In the majority of cases, these workers are forced to return to Welfare once their Employment Benefits run out, for they have gained no useable skills to be competetive in the Job market, and become part of a repetitive cycle which is a useable statistic for Social services showing that a) they are successfull in removing people from Welfare, and b) that there is a continuing need for more staffing by The number of applications for assistance. Administrators couldn't be happier; proof of success and demonstrated need for Bigger budgets and funding.
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718 T0M 0J0 CANADA