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------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1400 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. ************************************************************* * * * NOTICE: We get some 200 inquiries a month asking various * * questions. Because of this large volume of calls, * * we can no longer take the time it takes to answer * * the many questions. * * * ************************************************************* Return to Heritage Consulting Homepage Continue to Native Studies/History Directory Continue to First Nations Homepagse Continue to Western Canadian Genealogies
Genealogy Research FAQ's Continue to Historic photos Go to Mary Fiddler (Fidler) Go to Western Cree Manuscript Below is a listing of Aboriginal Women known to history in western Canada. For those readers who wish to 'adopt' an 'Indian Name', please note that names were earned or given for a particular reason and have special meanings. In most cases, such names are owned and are private property or family property. Most of these names may also have several variations due to issues of translation, which are not given here. Nor does listing does not include women commonly known by christian surnames or Mrs. ... for the simple reason that such a list would become much too large with little actual benefit. Where indi- viduals of more than usual historic significance are involved, these have been included. Altogether HERITAGE CONSULTING has a listing of some 80,000 biographies of historic Aboriginal Women. See also Metis names. HERITAGE CONSULTING also has the following files on Aboriginal Women Irene ABORIGINAL WOMEN 2000 NAMES GENERAL MALE/FEMALE INTERELATIONSHIPS ADULTERY ELOPEMENT COURTSHIP LOVE AND MARRIAGE TOIL AND LEISURE STATUS LESBIANISM DISCRIMINATION LEGENDARY NAMING CASE STUDIES EVENTS 1500-1995 INDEX TO FURTHER STUDY LIST OF REFERENCES/BIBLIOGRAPHY By the way, that's my deceased wife Irene and Jennifer in front of one of our lodges taken at Enoch Reserve in 1980. Irene was killed by the Government of Canada's intentional mismanagement of tainted blood.

This site has contained original research and copyrighted material. The Government of the Province of Alberta (Canada) in 2006 gave $7,000,000.00 to a competing Archives Network to gather this data and tap into our databank to duplicate our databank of their own use and disposition, including the charging of fees. The Government of Canada has given the Roots Project of McGill University and the University of Alberta $1,000,000.00 for a similar purpose. It was the intent of this network to cut and paste our data to their site. Consequently, we have removed this site from the Public Domain. Oiginal information research by our organization will no longer be available on Internet. The Public Domain data from this site should again be available from a Government website in about 5 years (bets?). This matter appeared before the Alberta Government Ethics Commission, and was found to have enough merit to be forwarded on to the Provincial Ombundsman, who's office found enough cause to order an investigation into possible inappropirate action by the Government of Alberta. The government generated a vast pile of paper to justify itself. The Ethics Commissioner ruled that: had it been done by a bureaucrat, it would have been unwarranted and illegal interference by government in private industry BUT, this was done at the direction of the Minister and The Minister is not bound by such conflict legislation. Since the Minister is can do as he pleases, this government action was not inappropriate. As it happens, this agency so far has not been able to duplicate our data and place it on line. Since we have been researching this data and analysing it for 40 years it is unlikely they will catch up for years to come yet. If you would like to see this our site back on line, rather than waiting years for the government-backed agent to get up to speed, contact any of the following to voice your request. The Premier of Alberta Deputy Premier Minister, Community Development Minster, Aboriginal Affairs Pearl Calahison Leader of the Opposition M.L.A. Government of Alberta (Progressive Conservative Party) or The Minister, Heritage Canada Since these addresses are filtered through numerous functionaries, the message is not likely to get to the boss. On the other hand, the following FAX numbers go directly to the boss: Premier of Alberta 1-780-427-1349 Alberta Aboriginal Affairs 1-780-427-4019 Minister of Aboriginal Arrairs 1-780-427-1327 Minister of Community Developmt.1-780-427-0188 Minister of Canadian Heritage 1-819-994-5987 The Information formerly available here is now available ONLY through HERITAGE CONSULTING and can be obtained either by mail or on our Heritage Consulting Databank for a slight administration fee. for more details.
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