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We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 4000 tribes. Our files are the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes, the Fur Trade and Aboriginal /Fur Trade genealogies and biographies.
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Researchers can now order data from Heritage Consulting, or do their own research in the Heritage Consulting Databank located in Mirror, Alberta. This databank is the largest databank dealing with Western Canadian aboriginal history and genealogy To date we now have - over 2,000,000 pages of information - biographies/histories on 1,000,000 westerners from before 1890 - comprehensive histories of over 30,000 tribes and bands We expect to double our data in the near future. For more details click on the subjects in the adjacent box.
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Ba???, John (Mrs.) 1865 EdS Baber, Mike 1923 BC Babiard 1808 SHU/THO/Lyt Babin see Papin Baby Joe see Marten, George Bachkseene see Many White Horses Bachksine see Many White Horses Back, George 1799 >ONT>MAN>SK>ALB>NWT> Back Fat see also Backfat O'Soup (Cree) Back Fat Chief 1910 SIK Back Fat, Florence (Catface ?) 1930 SIK Back in Sight Hd.Chf. 1848 KUT Backe, John 1923 >AK Backe, Sally () 1923 >AK Backfat, Carrie 1928-98 SIK Backfat, Philip Sr. 1923-03 SIK Backfat, Red 1910 SIK Bacon, George 1945 USA>ANG> Bacon, John 1885- >RoB Bacqueville de la Pothiere 1677 FRA>YkF> Bad see also Ningabe Bad 1849 DAK/Hun Bad Animal see Wo'A See Cha Bad Arm 1860 DAK Bad Arm 1863- CRE/SOT/Msk>RoB Bad Arrow 1867/85 BgB Bad Bull Chief 1825 DAK/Sih Bad Bull 1861 KAI Bad Chief Chief 1787 PIK/Iku/Msq Bad Child see Imasees Bad Dried Meat c1860- SIK Bad Eagle, Eddie 1974 PIK/NoP Bad Face see Hind Face Bad Face Bad Face 1864- Pap>BgB>Ima>RoB Bad Hand 1843/65 SnP Bad Hawk 1865- Wat Bad Head Hd.Chf. 1810/84 KAI/BuF Bad Heart Bull c1840- DAK/Ogl Bad Horse 1850 DAK Bad Juice see Bad Soup Bad Leaf see Cardinal, Joseph Bad Man see Collin, Henry Machinas Bad Married 1985 PIK/SoP Bad Meat Chief 1795 Sip/JkF/BdM Bad Medicine Man 1836 BeR/Vic/GdF Bad Road see Ksantaaka'nam Bad Soup see also Fromhold, Joachim Bad Soup 1859 DAK/Hun/SiB Bad Trail see Ksantaaka'nam Bad Woman see Machi Iskwew Bad Wound see O Wesichan Oowesichan Bad Young Man see also Machinas Bad Young Man 1830/47 Msk Baden-Powell Lord 1910 ENG>ALB> Badger see also Badger, Joseph Choka Chokab Badger 1800 DAK Badger 1868 PIK Badger 1870 MnL>Bfd Badger, Anthony 1975 LSL/StL>LLB>CdL>LLB Badger, Bethsy Badger, Donald 1960/94 Badger, Fred 1974 SuC Badger, Heli Mestanak 1853 LSL/Stu Badger, Jacob 1900 NoB Badger, James G. Chief 1970 SuC Badger, Jean Marie (Gladue) 1960 LSL Badger, Jennifer (Mountain) 1957- BeL>BC>ALB/Cgy>FtV> Badger, Jim see Badger, James Badger, John Minstanask Hdm. 1856 SOT/JoS Badger, Joseph Hdm. 1856 SOT/JoS Badger, Joseph 1929- Stu Badger, Laura 1975 LSL>LLB Badger, Laurie see Badger, Laura Badger, Linda 1975 LSL>LLB Badger, Mabel 1920 Stu Badger, Mae () 1960 Badger, Madeline () 1898- Keh Badger, Marcie () 1976- Stu Badger, Margaret () 1920/95 Badger, Marie (Gladue) 1873 >Stu Badger, Oliver 1955 LSL/Stu Badger, Omeswes 1839 >Keh Badger, Pam () 1960 Badger, Stephen C. 1912-96 Badger, Terry 1960 LSL/GrP Badger, Thomas 1918- Keh Badger, Trevor 1981- CRE Badger, Valorie () 1955 LSL>LLB>CdL>LLB Badger, William Hdm. 1856 SOT/JoS Badger, William 1870 SnP Badger, William 1920 ThC Badger Call 1841 Sip Badger Nose see Mountain, Jennifer Badger Woman see Mountain, Jennifer Badi-Herkhib Gov. 520BC EGY Baert, Remi 1910 LSA Baffin, William 1592 ENG>GRN>NUN>ENG Bag of Salt see Siwi Asiw, Louis Baggalay, James 1948 ALB Baggalay, Linda (Haynes) 1948 ALB Bagged Meat see Wiyas Kaskapiw Bagitokwe, Nancy 1930 OJI/MIC Baibars 1300 CIR>TUR Bailey 1738 >QUE Bailey 1781 OTT/MIC Bailey, (Dube) 1900 >ALB Bailey, Alexis 1800 MIN/PDC>RdR Bailey, Babert 1885- OTT Bailey, Charles 1844- OTT Bailey, Eunicy () 1854- OTT Bailey, Francis 1894- OTT Bailey, Helen 1910 ALB Bailey, Joseph 1801- OTT Bailey, Lewis 1886- OTT Bailey, Nancy () 1833- OTT Bailey, Robert E. see Baily, Robert E. Bailey, S. 1886 USA>ALB>BC Bailey, Samuel 1841- OTT Bailey, Soloman 1848- OTT Baillarge 1748 ENG Baillarge, Pierre see Bejarge, Pierre Baillargeon see also Bejarge Baillargeon, Antoine 1784 CAN>MiN Baillargeon, Caroline (Turcotte)1880 Baillargeon, Darlene 1940 Baillargeon, Joseph 1880 Baillie Justice1850 BC Baillie, Alexander Baillie, Nancy Baillie-Grohman, William 1869 BC Bailly, Alexis see Bailey, Alexis Baily, Robert E. Capt. 1840 MIS Bain Dr. 1875 >SK Bain, J. 1800 CAN>WIS/PDC Baines, H.H. 1865 >ALB/HiR Baines, M.E. 1900 ALB Baird Prof. 1825 USA/DC Baird 1880 >ALB Baird 1893 >ALB Baird, Andrew Rev. 1846 >ALB/FtE Baird, George W. Lt. 1858 USA>MNT Baird, Linda 1950 ALB Baitson 1870 >SK Baker 1880 >ALB Baker 1926 BC>ENG Baker, Eugene Major 1850 USA>MNT> Baker, G.P. 1877 >ALB> Baker, George A. c1824- USA>MNT Baker, Isaac Gilbert c1814- USA>MNT Baker, James Col. 1850 >BC Baker, James 1870 >WYO Baker, James 1920 ALB Baker, John 'Cowboy Kid' 1867 USA Baker, Joseph see Barker, Joseph Baker, Mable () 1935 ALB Baker, Samuel White Sir 1825 ENG Baker, Sidrick 1981 SD Baker, Stephen Capt. 1856 USA>NEB Baker, Theodor 1860 USA/NWY Baker-Holds The Enemy, Roberta 1876 CRO Bakin, Jared 1978 BC/Van Bakiula see Looks For Home Bakker 1988 Pas Balalcazar, Sebastian de 1495-51 SPN>ECU Balboa, Vasco Nunez de 1475-19 SPN>PAN Bald Eagle Hd.Chf 1777 ATS/Bld Bald Head see also Baldhead Bald Head 1848 NEZ/Jos Baldero, Maria () Baldero, William Baldface Pinto Rider KAI/Cho Baldhead see also Bald Head Gantt, John Baldhead Chief 1785 COM/Bld Baldhead 1865 BgB>Sad Baldhead, Annie 1937- Sad Baldhead, Clarence 1954- Sad Baldhead, Eliza 1947- Sad Baldhead, Flora 1914- Sad Baldhead, Raymond 1949- Sad Baldwin 1797 USA>MIS>NEB> Baldwin II King 1110 JER Baldwin, Fannie A. Baldwin, Frank D. Lt. 1856 USA>MNT Baldwin, Marie Louise Bottinea 1920 Baldwin, Stuart 1961 ALB/Cgy Baldy 1900 ONT/Bis/MsR Ball, G. Arthur 1880 >ALB> Ball, John 1836 ENG Ball, Max 1910 ALB Ballenden see also Baillargon Ballantyne Ballentine Bannatyne Blondin Ballantine see also Baillargon Ballantyne Ballentine Bannatyne Blondin Ballantyne see also Baillargon Ballantyne Ballentine Bannatyne Blondin Ballantyne 1858 NoB Ballantyne, Antoine see Blondin, Antoine Ballantyne, Arthur 1910-00 SK>EUR>ALB>BC Ballantyne, Caroline 1920 Ballantyne, Christine 1980 ALB/Cgy Ballantyne, Jane see Ballentine, Jane Ballantyne, John 1899 SK/NoB>EUR>SK Ballantyne, Kathleen () 1920 ALB>BC Ballantyne, Peter Chief see Ballentine, Peter Ballantyne, R.M. 1920 Ballantyne, Richard 1980 BC Ballantyne, Samuel see Ballentine, Samuel Ballantyne, Stanley 1982- CRE/Edm Ballantyne, Terry 1950/71 ALB>BC Ballard, Bert 1887 >ALB Ballenden see Ballentine Ballendine see also Baillargon Ballantyne Ballentine Bannatyne Blondin Ballendine, Ann see Ballentine, Ann Ballendine, Frederick see Ballentine, Frederick Ballendine, Jane see Ballentine, Jane Ballendine, John see Ballentine, John Ballendine, Peter see Ballentine, Peter Ballendine, Sophia see Ballentine, Sophia Ballentine see also Baillargon Ballantyne Ballentine Bannatyne Blondin Ballentine, Ann () 1781- YkF Ballentine, Betsy see Ballentine, Elizabeth Ballentine, Betty see Ballentine, Elizabeth Ballentine, Elizabeth 1813 YkF>RdR>Was> Ballentine, Frances (Lewis) 1812- ILC>CuH>RdR>MET Ballentine, Frederick Ermineskin1860- Kis>Was>Keh>MET Ballentine, Harriette 1800-54 YkF>RdR>FEl Ballentine, Harriette see Ballentine, Harriet Ballentine, James 1802- YkF>RdR>CuH>RdR Ballentine, Jane see also Belanger, Jane Ballentine, Jane () 1785 YkF>RdR>CuH>RdR Ballentine, Jane 1802- YkF>NoH>StF Ballentine, John 1780- YkF>RdR>CuH>RdR Ballentine, Peter Chief 1855 Was Ballentine, Samuel 1827 CuH>Was Ballentine, Samuel 1856 Was>FrL Ballentine, Sophia 1791- Yrk?> Ballentine, Sophie (Cardinal) 1865 Keh>Was>MET Ballentyne see also Ballentine Ballentyne, Scott 1992 CRE/PBa Ballindine see Ballentine Balmer, William 1929 ALB Balnagowan, David of see Ross, David Balter Fr.OMI 1885 >ALB/LSA Banaiah see Banaiyah Banaiyah Hdm. 1874 THL/Wul Bancroft, Hubert Howe 1869 Bancroft, Neil 1860 USA>MNT Bang, John 1882 MET>StP>OnL Bangs Dr. 1815 ENG Bangs, James 1855 Vic Bangs, Jessie (Cardinal) 1835- Sas/SoB>Vic>MET Bangs, John 1855 Vic> Bangs, Julienne (Cardinal) 1860 Sad/Vic Bangs, Maria (Cote) 1860 >Vic> Bangs, Sarah (Cardinal ?) 1895 MuS/Hob Bangs, William 1832 >Vic Banham 1877 >SK Banjo Mike 1851 >BC/TZA/FSJ Banks, Dawn 1975 ALB Banks, Dennis 1945 MIN/CHP/AIM Banks, John 1945 ENG>ANG> Banks, Thomas 1930 Edm Bannatyne see also Ballantine Ballendine Ballantyne Bellentine Bannatyne, G.B. 1853 MAN Bannerman, A.J. 1863 RdR>SK Bannerman, Barbara Bannerman, Christopher 1707 ENG>MAN/YkF Bannerman, F.A., Insp. NWMP 1888 MET/ALB Bannerman, James 1755 QUE>CuH> Bannerman, James 1888 MET/ALB Bannerman, Sage 1850 SCO>ONT>ALB Bannerman, William 1847 SCO>ONT>ALB Bannister, A.E. 1865 >ALB Bannister, Marcia 1950 ALB/HiL Bannister, Neil 1940/69 ALB>HiL Bannock Queen see Crane, Donna Banting, Frederick Dr. 1909 >ALB> Banyacya, Thomas 1984 HOP Baptiste see also Baptiste, Samuel Calahison, Jean Baptiste L'Hirondelle, Jean Baptiste Namoos Lafleur, Baptiste Baptiste 1730 CAN>AsW Baptiste 1825 CRE/FtE/GfL Baptiste u/k 1 1840 EdS Baptiste u/k 1, wife 1845 EdS Baptiste u/k 1, O Ka Sisa 1879 EdS Baptiste u/k 2 1858 EdS Baptiste u/k 2 (wife) 1864 EdS Baptiste u/k 2, O Misima 1878 EdS Baptiste u/k 2, O Ka Sisa 1879- EdS Baptiste 1844 Vic Baptiste 1870 MnL>Bfd Baptiste Chief 1855 KUT/Fla Baptiste 1835 IRO/Kan>Wes Baptiste 1960 BPw Baptiste, Alex 1920 BPw Baptiste, Antoine M??? (Mrs) 1863 EdS Baptiste, Big 1864 >Sam Baptiste, Big son 1 1886 Sam Baptiste, Big son 2 1887 Sam Baptiste, Big Dtr 1 1886 Sam Baptiste, Big Dtr 2 1887 Sam Baptiste, Big (wife) 1870 >Sam Baptiste, Bobby 1950 BPw Baptiste, Cassie 1985 EdV Baptiste, Cecile ()(#43 Pas>#93)1867 Ale/Pas>Lap Baptiste, Cecile O Ka Sisa 1886 Pas>Lap Baptiste, Cecile O Misima 1 1884 Pas>Lap Baptiste, Cecile O Misima 2 1886 Pas>Lap Baptiste, Cheryl (Catface) 1950 SIK>NAK Baptiste, Corina 1950 BPw Baptiste, Darel Ernest 1983 Sam Baptiste, Darren 1975 BPw Baptiste, Debbie 1950 BPw Baptiste, E. 1870 MnL>Bfd Baptiste, Elmer 1980 Sam Baptiste, Elsie 1950 BPw Baptiste, Elva 1985 EdV Baptiste, Enoch 1934 BPw Baptiste, Eva 1970 BPw Baptiste, Freida 1950 BPw Baptiste, Gabriel 1818 AsW Baptiste, Gavin Chief 1974 LiP Baptiste, George 1920 Sam Baptiste, Georgina 1975 BPw Baptiste, Gerry 1950 BPw Baptiste, Harvey Chief 1976 BPw Baptiste, Herbie 1950 BPw Baptiste, Helen 1950 BPw Baptiste, Hugh 1978- Sam Baptiste, James 1950 BPw Baptiste, Jean see also Akiskowi Mustus, Jean Baptiste Almighty Voice Baptiste, Jean 1716/36 CAN>MAN/RdR Baptiste, Jean c1797- TZA/LSL Baptiste, Jean c1812- CAN>MAN/RdR Baptiste, Jean 1821 AsW Baptiste, Jean Akiskowi Mustus 1837- Pes>EdS Baptiste, Jean Hdm. 1856/78cWas/MuL Baptiste, Jean 1865 FrL Baptiste, Jean Hdm. 1887 CHI/Bar Baptiste, Jenny 1975 BPw Baptiste, Jolie 1975 BPw Baptiste, Jubileen 1975 BPw Baptiste, Jubol 1975 BPw Baptiste, Lilly () 1925 BPw Baptiste, Little 1867 >Sam Baptiste, Little son 1887 Sam Baptiste, Little dtr 1887 Sam Baptiste, Little wife () 1867 >Sam Baptiste, Louisa () 1870 Bfd Baptiste, Marcel 1964 BPw? Baptiste, Mary 1950 YeX Baptiste, Michael Chief 1976 RdP Baptiste, Mrs. Antoine M??? 1863 EdS Baptiste, N???ea 1861 Eds Baptiste, N???ea O Misima 1 1876 EdS 1861 Baptiste, N???ea O Misima 2 1877 EdS 1862 Baptiste, Namoos see L'Hirondelle, Jean Baptiste Namoos Lamouse Baptiste, Norman 1950 BPw Baptiste, Raymond Frederick Chf.1940-00 BPw Baptiste, Robert 1965 BPw Baptiste, Robin 1980-04 OKA/Pen Baptiste, Roger 1986 Sam Baptiste, Rosie 1975 BPw Baptiste, Samuel c1825- BPw Baptiste, Sam 1950 BPw Baptiste, Susan c1842- TZA/LSL Baptiste, Susan () 1940 >BPw Baptiste, Thomas 1975 RdP Baptiste, Tina 1950 BPw Baptiste, Virginia 1950 BPw Baptiste, Webster 1985 EdV Baptiste Namoos see Baptiste, Namoos L'Hirondelle, Jean Baptist Namoos Lamouse Bar?ain, Mosi 1860 >FtE> Bar?ain, Mosi (Mrs.) 1865 EdS Barbare 1668-58 QUE Barbaras see also Barasse Barbaras, Doris (Bellerose) Barasse see also Barabas Barasse Bro. 1880 QUE>ALB/LSA Barbeau see also Baribeau Le Barbu Barbeau, Etienne 1784 CAN>MiN Barber 1860 ENG>BC/SEK Barboncito Chief 1840 NAV Barbu, Etienne see Barbeau, Etienne Barbwire Johnny 1885 >ALB Bardal, Arni 1885- >ALB Bardal, Stephanny (Stephansson) 1890 ICE>ALB Bare Ground see Chachapiskan Bare Neck 1865/85 BgB Barens see Beran; Barents Barens, Caroline 1870 Barens, Samuel 1870 Barents, Willem 1570 NET>AK>YK>NWT>NET Barfus Fld.M. 1660 GER>HUN>GER Barger see also Berger Barger, Gladys 1940 INU/Inp/Kot Barger, Jacob see Berger, Jacques Baribeau, Joseph 1784 CAN>FtE Barker 1861 >ALB Barker, George Chief 1896-81 CHP/HoW Barker, Joseph 1870 ENG>ALB Barker, Mary (Skye) 1880 Barker, William 1880 Barks Bro. 1820 ENG Barlow 1924 CAN/ONT>ENG Barlow, Alfred E., Dr. DLS 1876/14 ONT Barlund, J. 1916- ALB Barnabe 1709-39 ACA>QUE>ORE>WAS Barnabe, Isabelle (Boucher) 1821-60 ORE/WAS Barnabe, Joseph 1820 ORE/WAS Barnaby MdMn 1868- KUT/Akm Barnard see Barnhart Bernard Barnes 1872 >MNT Barnes 1877 >SK Barnes, Elliot C. Sr. 1866-38>ALB Barnes, Elliot Jr. c1900- ALB Barnes, Henry 1865 SK Barnes, J.J. 1905 >ALB> Barnes, Octavia (Many Horses) Barnes, Philip Barnett 1780 ENG Barnett, Edward 1861 >ALB Barney 1908 YK/GWI>NAH/NaB Barnhard see also Barnhard Barnhardt Barnhart Barnhard, Virginia (Fournier) Barnhardt see also Barnhard Barnhart Berard Bernard Barnhardt 1930 ALB>HiL Barnhardt, Donald 1956 ALB/HiL> Barnhardt, Leonard 1948 ALB/HiL>DET>Edm Barnley Bro. 1820 ENG>NWY>ONT Barnston 1807 >BC/FtL Baron de Saint-Castin see d'Abbadie, Jean-Vincent Baron of Grandtully see Stewart, William Drummond Barr, Robert Rev. 1883 >SK> Barrelmaker see Wolf Collar, Silas Barrett 1920 ALB/MuS Barrett, Elizabeth A. 1855/81 ONT>ALB/Gdf>FMa>Mor Barrett, Linda 1949 ALB Barrett, R.L. 1873 >ALB> Barreyce, Alphonse 1900 >ALB Barrieau, Francois see Beaulieu, Francois Barrieu, Francois see Beaulieu, Francois Barrigon see Burrigon Barrington Lord 1744 ENG Barrow, Thomas 1870 >ALB/PeR> Barry Chief 1151 NRM/IRE Barry 1994 OJI/ Barry, Caroline 1975 OJI/GaR Barsfield, Mary Frances 1850/83 NWY>MNT/SuR Barsh, Russel 1978 SK Barter 1784 MIS>MNT>ORE> Barthe, Lavoie 1750 >ONT>OJI/SSt Bartlett 1848 RdR>ALB Bartlett, J. Allen Capt. 1888 ENG Barwick, Betsey () 1834- NWT>FtE Barwick, Edward 1785 >ONT/CRE>USA Barwick, Peter 1869 MET>FtE Barwick, Simon 1872 MET>FtE Barwick, William 1670 ENG Barwick, William 1836- SCO>NWT>FtE Basile 1820 USA/MIN Bassa 1880 USA/MIN/OTT Bassa, Harry 1971 DET Bassa, Frank 1971 DET/Asu Bassa, Frank father 1950 DET/Asu Bassa, Isaac 1971 DET/Asu/She Bassa, Nora 1971 DET Bassa, Pierre 1923- DET Bassa, Vincent 1980 DET Basset see also Bassett Basset, Ann 1890 USA/UTA Basset, Josie 1890 USA/UTA Bassett, Charles 1880 ALB Bastien, Leonard Chief 1969 PIK/NoP Bastien, Margaret 1853 >EdS Bastiene, Claudia 1913 IRO/USA>CAN Bastiene, Gordon 1913 IRO/USA>CAN Bastiene, Jean Doris Huff 1943 IRO Bastiene, Joseph 1893 IRO/USA>CAN Bastiene, Sophie () 1895 IRO/USA>CAN Bastiene, Valent 1913 IRO/USA>CAN Bastile 1960 ALB Bastile, Sandra (Toussaint) 1960 MET/ALB Bastion, M. 1856 SK Bastonais see Bostonais Bat 1820/41pSOT>NAK/TZC Bat, Chapa Si Sinja () 1825 Pes/TZC Bat, Jane c1840- TZC Batailleur 1809 Sas>AsW/TwD>Lar Batailleur 1780 PIK/Bat Batch 1895 >ALB Batchelar 1988 Pas Bateau see also Buttaud Gladue, Charlot Bateau, Angella see Buttaud, Angella Bateau, Charles see Gladue, Charles Bateman, Cody 1977 ALB Bateman, John 1866- MET/ALB Bateman, Lori 1978 SK Bateman, William 1950 ALB Batenote see Patenaude Bates 1840 ONT Bates, Thomas 1860 ONT Bates, Walter 1889 >ALB Batho see Baths, George Baths, George 1866 >ALB Batiste 1815/39>MNT Batoch see Batoche Batoche see also Cardinal, Gabriel Batoche Cardinal, Louis Batoche Giroux, Jean Baptiste Labatoche Lapatak Letendre, Jean Baptiste Letendre, Xavier Batoche Piche, Agnes Batoche Batoche, u/k 1828 >LLB Batoche, u/k 1885 Was/PaK>Sad Batoche 1988 Pas Batoche, Agnes Piche see Letendre, Agnes Batoche, Angella see Buttaud, Angella Batoche, Baptiste 1864 Was/PaK> Batoche, Jean Batoche, Jean Baptiste Letendre 1790- AmW/FtE>RdR>LLB Batoche, Jean Baptiste Jr. 1870 FtE>MuS>MET Batoche, Julia see Batoche, Julie Batoche, Julia Letendre 1808 AmW>MaA/Ale/Pas>MET Batoche, Julie Letendre 1850- AmW>MaA/Ale/Pas>MET Batoche, Justine Wapos Ka Pemotes834 AmW/Sas Batoche, Letendre see Letendre, Baptiste Batoche, Louis Letendre 1825 FtE>RdR>Wap> Batoche, Margaret 1910- Sad Batoche, Rosalie (Okimaw Wakamikinam) Batoche, Thomas Letendre 1830 MET>AmW Batoche, Xavier Letendre 1851 AmW>MaA/Ale/Pas>Was/PaK>MET Baton see also Bottineau, Baptiste Baton Sisikwanis Decouteau, Joseph Landry, Pierre Bouton Patenaude, Baptiste Baton, Alexis Decoteau c1850- CHP>WMt>ND>Was Baton, Baptiste see Patenaude, Baptiste Baton Sisikwanis Baton, Joseph Decoteau 1814 Baton, Marguerite (Frederick) Baton, Marguerite Decoteau 1834- CHP>RdR Baton, Paul 1905- KAW/Del>CHI>KAW/Del Batoo see Gladue, Francois Bateau Batoos 1828 FtE>LLB>MET Batt, Isaac 1735 ENG>YkF>Sip Batt, Nicholas 1940 ALB/HiL Battaud see Bateau Batoche Buteau Gladue, Francis Batteau see Bateau Batoche Battaud Batto Buteau Gladue, Francis Battenotte see Bottineau Patenaude Battenotte, Louis see Patenaude, Louis Battensnsby 1887 >ALB Battineau see also Bottineau Battineau, Glen 1948 Edm Battoche see Batoche Battosh see Batoche Baum, Harriet 1885 CHP/USA/IND>ILL>FLO>CAN/ALB Baum, Jesse 1842 USA/IND Baum, Kathryn () 1842-31 CHP/USA/IND>CAN/ALB Baumbach, Jacob 1910 >ALB Bautista 1950 >BLK Bautista, Anthony 1950 >BLK Bauvier see Bouvier Baxter 1855/75>ALB Baxter 1804-85 ONT/Pen Baxter 1930 ALB Baxter, Alexander 1745 ONT/Mic>MAN/Dau Baxter, Jason 1980 CHP/FtH Bay-ris, Cuthbert Grant see Grant, Cuthbert Bayard see also Bayer Beyer Boyer Bayard, Janet () 1853- FtE Bayard, Ustace 1852- RdR>FtE>MET Bayean, Paul see Chian, Paul Bayer see also Bayard Beyer Boyer Bayer, Solomon 1910 NoB Bayfield, Edward 1840 ONT Bayfield, Henry Wolsey Admir. 1795- ENG>ONT/GrL>ENG>QUE Baynes Admir. 1835 ENG>BC Baylis Sgt. 1924 CAN>ENG Bayris, Cuthbert Grant see Grant, Cuthbert Bays Sgt. 1924 CAN>ENG Bazile see Basile Beach Sister 1952 >FtV> Bead see Beads, James Beads, Catherine Beads, James 1835 MET/SSt>CAL>RdR Beads, John Bean, Eva 1910 Bean, Joshua 1810 >SD/DAK> Beanie see Tuccaro, William Bear see also Austin, Carl Black Bear Brown Bear Kiyo (Blackfoot) Maskwa (Cree) Manito Witko McKay, Charles Osincha (Nakoda) Red Bear White Bear Bear 1843- >RoB Bear Chief 1880 >Mnt Bear, Amelia (Thomas) 1870 SOT/RdR/Peg>Was Bear, Bella 1910 >BPw Bear, Carl Austin Chief 1967 JoS Bear, Catherine (Erasmus) 1845 RdR Bear, Charles 1892- LoM/FrM>LiP Bear, Charlotte () 1930/86 LRR>JoS Bear, Darcy Chief 1977 DAK/WCp Bear, Frederick 1981 BeL Bear, Frizzly 1889- OnL Bear, George 1865 MaW/ChO Bear, Gerald 1948 ShL Bear, Isiah 1895- JoS Bear, James 1853 SOT/RdR/Peg>Was Bear, James Hdm 1856 SOT/JoS Bear, James Gilbert 1870 RdR Bear, Jane (Thomas) c1852- SOT/RdR/Peg>Was/PaK Bear, Jane 1919 YeX Bear, John 1830 RdR Bear, Joseph 1930 Wch Bear, Lori 1978 SK Bear, Maggie 1948 Och Bear, Margaret Ann (Isbister) Bear, Margaret 1909-00cOch Bear, Marry see Bear, Mary Bear, Mary 1815- NWT Bear, Mary () 1875 YeX Bear, Mildred 1986 SyB/PBa Bear, Moses 1870 YeX Bear, Nelly Bear, Paddy 1870 LiP/NoB>Wch Bear, Peter 1930 Wch Bear, Robert 1892- Och Bear, Robert 1899- Och Bear, Robert 1928 LiP Bear, Root 1960 BeL Bear, Thomas see Star, Thomas Bear, Velma 1974 DAK/StB Bear, Walter L. 1920- JoS>KOR>JoS Bear, William 1890 NoB>MiN/LLR Bear Back Bone 1855/97 KAI/AkP Bear Blood see Pascal Antoine Bear Bones see Bear Back Bone Bear Bull see also Bull Bear He Bear Hog Bear Rainy Chief Bear Bull 1881 BLK/PIK Bear Cap Chief 1827 DAK/Hun/BeC Bear Chief see also Bearchief Bear Chief Chief 1840 PIK/HTK/BeC Bear Chief 1846/66 PIK Bear Chief 1915 SIK Bear Chief, Alvina see Bearchief, Alvina Bear Chief, Leslie Dawn see Bearchief, Leslie Dawn Bear Chief, Minnie () see Bearchief, Minnie Bear Chief, William see Bearchief, William Bear Child See also Bear's Child Potts, Jerry Maskwa Asis Bear Child Chief 1860 PIK/SoP/NoE/BCd Bear Claws f 1843- ALB>RoB Bear Coat see Miles, Nelson Bear Cub see Maskwa Asis Bear Eagle 1850/69 DAK/Hun/SiB Bear Foot see also Bearspaw Bear Foot Chief 1819 CHI/ILC Bear Ghost 1850 SIK/Moc Bear Ground 1825 Oon Bear Hat see Bearhat Bear Head see also Bear Hat (Kainai) Bear's Head Maskwa Kwatik (Nakoda) Wolverine (Pikuni) Bear Head Chief 1838 ARA Bear Head 1880 KAI/AkP? Bear Head Chief 1845 PIK Bear Heart 1855 DAK/LAK>FLO Bear Hide Coat see Suze Bear Horse 1797 FtE Bear Killer 1850 DAK/Ogl Bear Paw see also Bear's Paw Bearspaw Bear Paw Chief 1880 DAK/LoD Bear Robe 1860 SIK Bear Robe, Andrew 1950 SIK Bear Robe, Joseph 1930 SIK Bear Rump see Mitchell, Dan Bear Shield Chief 1847 SIK/BSh Bear Shield 1870 KAI Bear Shin Bone see Bear Back Bone Bear Shoe 1885 PIK/SoP Bear Shoot Him as He Runs 1855 DAK Bear Skin see Bearskin Bear Son see Bear's Son Bear Spirit see Maskwa Chak Manito Osichak Bear Star see Maskwa Chak Bear Stop Chief 1846 DAK/MIN/BeS Bear That Scatters 1857 DAK (HUN/SiB?) Bear That Walks see Maskwa Ka Pi Motew Bear Tooth Hd.Chf. 1790 ARA Bear Tooth Chief 1815 ATS/PIK Bear Tooth 1850 DAK/Hun (SiB?) Bear Track see Alexander Bear Walker 1857- CyH>RoB Bear Walker, Goes After () 1845- SK>RoB Bear's Cap see Bear Cap Bear's Child Chief 1812 PIK? Bear's Child 1845 Msk Bear's Ears Chief see Maskwa Kwatik Bear's Ears 1855 YeX Bear's Foot See Bear's Paw Bear's Grease Chief 1654 Yrk Bear's Head see also Bear Head Maskwa Kwatik Bear's Head Chief 1810 CRO/Rvr/BeH Bear's Head Chief 1840 PIK Bear's Head 1860 MET/CRE/ALB Bear's Heart 1855 DAK/TET Bear's Hip Bone Chief 1832 SIK/BHP Bear's Paw see also Bearspaw Bear's Paw Chief 1790/10cBLK/PIK? Bear's Rib 1830 DAK/Hun Bear's Son see Maskwa O Kasiya Bear's Son Big Bear 1850-70 BgB Bear's Teat See Bear's Tit Bear's Teeth 1890 ARI Bear's Tit 1874 KAI Bearchief see also Bear Chief Bearchief, Ada 1990 SIK Bearchief, Alvina 1955 SIK Bearchief, Angel () 1990 SIK Bearchief, Angeline () 1930 SIK Bearchief, Arthur 1960 SIK Bearchief, Bria Kakakaway Healy 2004 KAI/SIK Bearchief, Callun Healy 2004 KAI/SIK Bearchief, Carmen 1925 SIK Bearchief, Charlotte 1965/84 SIK Bearchief, Chasity see Bearchief, Chasty Lynn Bearchief, Chastitte see Bearchief, Chasty Lynn Bearchier, Chasty Lynn 1985/97 SIK Bearchief, Cheryl 1980 SIK Bearchief, Clement 1956- see Drunken Chief, Clement Bearchief, Erwin Sr. 1985 SIK Bearchief, Erwin Jr. 2005 SIK Bearchief, Ethan Kaiser Healy 2004 KAI/SIK Bearchief, Jacob 2005 SIK Bearchief, Jill () 1990 SIK Bearchief, Justin 1985 SIK Bearchief, Keith 1985 SIK Bearchief, Kimberley Many Guns 1965/95 SIK Bearchief, Leah 1965 SIK Bearchief, Leslie Dawn 1985-07 SIK Bearchief, Marie (Pretty Young Man) Bearchief, Marlenee 1965 SIK Bearchief, Martha () 1910/00 SIK Bearchief, Minnie () 1910 SIK Bearchief, Morgan 2005 SIK Bearchief, Norbert 1965 SIK Bearchief, Quinton 1985 SIK Bearchief, Scotty 1965 SIK Bearchief, Shayle Lorenze Healy 2004 KAI/SIK Bearchief, Terrance 1965 SIK Bearchief, Theresa (Many Guns) 1930/60 SIK Bearchief, Theresa 1965 SIK Bearchief, Verona (Melting Tall)1965 SIK Bearchief, Veronica (Crane Bear)1982 SIK Bearchief, Walker 1905/78 SIK Bearchief, Wallace Sr. 1925 SIK Bearchief, Wallace Jr. 1965 SIK Bearchief, William 1872-43 SIK? Beardie, Earl ghost BRT Beardy See also Hairy Chin Ka Miyistowesit The Bearded Beardy Chief see Ka Miyistowesit Beardy, Daniel 1986/04 CHP/Grs Beardy, Isabelle Beardy, Sandy 1948 CrL Beardy, Stanley Gr.Ch. 1966 CHP/Grs Beare, Anthony 1979- ALB/Cgy Bearfoot see also Bear Foot Bear Paw Bear's Foot Bear's Paw Bearspaw Bearfoot 1855 Lap Bearhat see also Bear Head Bearhat 1875 KAI Bearhat 1949 SIK Bearhat, Candace 1995 SIK Bearhat, Chance 1995 SIK Bearhat, Clinton 1995 SIK Bearhat, Colton 1995 SIK Bearhat, Debbie (White Eagle) >SIK Bearhat, Eric 1969 SIK Bearhat, Kayla Stimson 1995 SIK Bearhat, Kyfer Notuseful 1989-06 SIK>CRE/Nik Bearhat, Lailan 1995 SIK Bearhat, Lee 1995 SIK Bearhat, Lisa (Spotted Eagle) Bearhat, Mary Ann 1935 KAI>SIK Bearhat, Nathan 1995 SIK Bearhat, Scott 1995 SIK Bearhat, Sharon (McMaster) Bearhat, Tyke 1995 SIK Bearhide Coat see Suze Bearshirt, Bernard 1945 SIK Bearshirt, Helena () 1923 SIK Bearshirt, James Sr. 1926-05 SIK Bearshirt, James Jr. 1970 SIK Bearshirt, Keyanna S.C. (Nadeau)1999 TSU Bearshirt, Lillian Hilda (Leather) Bearshirt, Nellie 1937 SIK Bearshirt, Patricia (Fox) 1960 NAK/YeX>SIK Bearshirt, Patty () 1945 SIK Bearshirt, Phillip 1917 SIK Bearshirt, Rodger see Bearshirt, Roger Bearshirt, Roger 1945 SIK Bearshirt, Ronald 1945 SIK Bearshirt, Teri-Lee (Nadeau) 1975 TSU Bearskin 1856 >BeL Bearskin () 1905 BeL Bearskin, Alexander 1885-53 BeL Bearskin, Lazarre 1925-99 BeL Bearspaw Bearspaw, Albert 1940 BPw Bearspaw, Andrew Kelly 1983-04 BPw Bearspaw, Brenna Alma 1973-01 BPw/EdV Bearspaw, David Chief 1935 BPw Bearspaw, David 1964 BPw Bearspaw, Dillon Gerald 1957-05 BPw Bearspaw, Elizabeth 1920 BPw Bearspaw, Eugene 1950 BPw Bearspaw, Eunice () 1920 >BPw Bearspaw, Hanson 1914 BPw Bearspaw, Jacob Chief 1822-08 WPT>BPw Bearspaw, John Chief c1885- BPw Bearspaw, King c1895- BPw Bearspaw, Moses Chief c1855- BPw Bearspaw, Roger 1950 BPw Bearspaw, Susanne 1831- BPw Beatton, Angus 1907 ALB/GrP>BC/SEK/Sik Beatton, Frank 1876 >ALB/GrP Beatty Sgt.AFF 1860 >ALB> Beatty 1865 SOT/Sas Beatty, George 1864 >ALB/RdD Beatty, James 1864 >ALB/RdD Beatty, John 1932 SOT/LoP Beau Pere 1755 CRE>TrM/FLA/Kal Beaubien see Trottier, Eustace Ignace Beaubien, Jean see DesRivieres, Jean Noel Beaubien, Malcom 1930 CHP Beaubien, Marie Catherine see Trottier, Marie Catherine Beaubien, Pierre see DesRivieres, Pierre Julien Trottier Beauchamp, u/k 1840 RdR>SK/DuL Beauchamp, u/k 1900 Beauchamp, Adelaide 1869 >CyH> Beauchamp, Alfred 1891 StA (6-21) Beauchamp, Angelique (Pangman) 1812 Sip/Sas>RdR Beauchamp, Arthur 1929 ALB Beauchamp, Baptiste see Beauchamp, Jean Baptiste Beauchamp, Catherine (Delorme) 1834 RdR Beauchamp, Catherine (Falardeau)1800 FtE/LSA>RdR Beauchamp, Charles 1795- FtE/LSA>RdR Beauchamp, Clemence 1900 FtE/LSA Beauchamp, Clyde Earl 1960 ALB Beauchamp, Dolly Mary (Amsbough)1929-07 ALB Beauchamp, Dolores 1960 ALB Beauchamp, Donna Amsbough 1952 ALB Beauchamp, Edouard 1891 StA (6-22) Beauchamp, Eliza 1891 StA (6-25) Beauchamp, Francoise 1805- RdR Beauchamp, J.B. see Beauchamp, Jean Baptiste Beauchamp, Jacques 1688 >MIC/Det> Beauchamp, Jacques 1760 CAN>Dau>FCh Beauchamp, Jean Baptiste Sr. 1784 CAN>AmW/Sas/FtE>RdR Beauchamp, Jean Baptiste Jr. 1829- RdR>MET Beauchamp, Jean Baptiste III 1853- LSA/FtE>StA (6-18) Beauchamp, Joseph 1826- RdR>MET Beauchamp, Joseph 1874- LSA/FtE>StA (6-20) Beauchamp, Josephte Beauchamp, Justin 1891 StA (6-23) Beauchamp, Marie Beauchamp, Mathilda 1883 LSA Beauchamp, Nancy (Ward) 1844- AmW/FtE/Wrd>MET Beauchamp, Narcisse 1891 StA (6-24) Beauchamp, Oliva see Beauchamp, Olive Beauchamp, Olive () 1865- LSA/FtE>StA (6-19) Beauchamp, Paul see Amsbough, Paul Beauchamp, Pierre 1688 >MIC/Det> Beauchamp, Pierre 1812- RdR Beauchamp, Terry 1960 ALB Beauchamps see Beauchamp Beauchemin 1705-nowQUE>MAN>USA/MNT Beauchemin, u/k 1778- CAN>PeR/Dun>RdR Beauchemin, Adolph 1860 ALB/FtE Beauchemin, Andre 1778- FRA>QUE>???>RdR Beauchemin, Charlotte (Pelletier)785- Was/Sip>PeR>RdR Beauchemin, Ellen (Deschamps/Morin/Malaterre) 1860 FtE/Lap Beauchemin, Jean Baptiste 1784 CAN>MiN> Beauchemin, Louis Napoleon 1865 LSA> Beauchemin, Madeleine (Ducharme) Beauchemin, Madeleine Millet 1818-01 RdR>SK>MET Beauchemin, Madeline see Beauchemin, Madeleine Beauchemin, Marie Anne 1821- >AmW Beauchemin, Monique (Courtepatte)865-83 Jsp/LSA>MET Beauclerc, Charles Lord 1817 ENG>CAN/QUE>ENG Beaudet, William 1886- QUE>ALB/LLB/Wab Beaudin see Beaudoin Beaudoin 1865 MET>Sad/StP Beaudoin, Amiot 1784 CAN>FtE Beaudoin, Anne see Beaudoin, Marie Beaudoin, Basile Labonne 1819 >Ati>LSL/LLB>FtE>LSA Beaudoin, Cecile Labonne 1839- Ati>LSL/LLB>MET Beaudoin, Elise 1915 ALB Beaudoin, Marie 1710 QUE Beaudoin, Marie La Bonne 1840-70 FtE>PasLSA Beaudoin, Nancy (Cardinal) 1825 >Ati>LSL/LLB>FtE>LSA Beaudoin, Nancy 1840 Sad Beaudoin, Zoe Beaudre see Beaudry Beaudrie see Beaudry Beaudry see also Goudrie Beaudry 1984- NeH Beaudry 1988 Pas Beaudry, Alexandre 1844 MET/StW/Was/FtE/LSA Beaudry, Amelia 1846- MET/StW/Was Beaudry, Baptiste 1840- MET/StW/Was>FtE Beaudry, Baptiste 1920 MET/Was Beaudry, Cecile 1850 MET/StW/FtE/Was>AsW Beaudry, Elise 1850 FtE/AmW> Beaudry, Elizabeth (Snake) Beaudry, Flora Beaudry, Henry 1970 Was Beaudry, Jane see Beaudry, Janette Beaudry, Janette 1796- MET/StW>FtE>RdR Beaudry, Jean Baptiste Beaudry, Joseph 1776/63 CAN>FtE/StW>Was>RdR Beaudry, Joseph 1890 LSA>MET Beaudry, Karorawaste see Beaudry, Lizette Beaudry, Leleet 1830 MET/StW/Was> Beaudry, Lizette Karora Waste ()1801/41 StW>Was>RdR Beaudry, Louise (Desjarlais) Beaudry, Louise (Ladouceur) 1820- LLB>LSA>MET Beaudry, Louise 1865- FtE/LSA>MET Beaudry, Louison see Beaudry, Joseph Beaudry, Lucie () 1847- RdR>LSA>Sas/BlQ Beaudry, Marguerite 1802 LSL Beaudry, Marianne 1831 MET/StW/Was> Beaudry, Marianne (Berland) 1844- Jsp/SwG>FtE/LSA>MET Beaudry, Marie Anne 1837 FtE>Was Beaudry, N. 1876 LSA>MET Beaudry, Nancy 1815- MET/StW/FtE>Jsp>FtE/LSA>MET Beaudry, Napoleon 1869- Sas/BlQ>MET Beaudry, Narcisse 1847- AmW/Sas/BlQ Beaudry, P. Fr. 1880/47 StA>LSA Beaudry, Patrick 1873- BlQ Beaudry, Pelagie 1855 >LSA>Sas/BlQ Beaudry, Susan c1825- MET/StW/Was> Beaudry, W.P. 1861 Was Beauharnois, Charles de la Boisc1671-49 FRA>QUE>FRA Beauleau see Beaulieu Beaulieau see also Beaulieau Beaulieu Beaulliau Beioley Belleau Belly Beulow Biliau Buleau Beaulieau, Angelique see Beaulieu, Angelique Beaulieau, Bazil see Hudon, Bazil Beaulieau, Catherine (Petitjean) Beaulieau, Delphine (Cadieux) 1840- FtR>MET Beaulieau, Etienne see Beaulieu, Etienne Beaulieau, Francois see Beaulieu, Francois Beaulieau, Jean Baptiste see Belleau, Jean Baptiste Beaulieau, Jesus -1855- CHI Beaulieau, Joseph see Beaulieu, Joseph Beaulieau, Josephine see Belleau, Josephine Beaulieau, Katherine 1836- Beaulieau, King see Beaulieu, Francoise Beaulieu, Joseph Beaulieau, Le Doyen see Beaulieu, Francois Beaulieau, Lizzie 1963 DEN/FtR/Des/Den Beaulieau, Margarite (Saulteaux) Beaulieau, Mary (Chonkolay) Beaulieau, Pierre 1757 CAN>Wap>SoB>RdR Beaulieau, Pierre Chief 1899 CHI Beaulieau, Rose (Freeman) Beaulieau, Susi see Beaulieau, Jesus Beaulieu, Joseph Beaulieau, Violet 1973 DEN/FtR/Des/Den Beaulieu see also Beaulieau Beaulliau Beioley Belleau Belly Beulow Biliau Boileau Buleau Beaulieu, u/k 1790 CAN>Ath>RMH>KUT>COL> Beaulieu, u/k 1790 CRE/CuH/ILC>TrM/KUT Beaulieu, Adolphus 1928 DET/Kot/Asu Beaulieu, Alexander 1900 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Alfred Chief 1977 CHP/Ebb Beaulieu, Angeline 1846 CHI/RdR Beaulieu, Angelique 1800- CHI/FCh/FtR>FtV Beaulieu, Antoine Beaulieu, Bazil see Hudon, Bazil Beaulieu, Catherine (Petitjean) 1851 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Catherine see Beaulieau, Katherine Beaulieu, Cecile 1852- CHI/FDL>FCh>Ath>MET Beaulieu, Delphine (Cadieux) 1840- CHI/FtS/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Elise 1900 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Ellen 1900 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Etienne 1713 FRA>QUE>RdR> Beaulieu, Etienne 1890 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Euphrasine 1830 Sip Beaulieu, Francois Sr. 1744 CAN>ILC>FCh>CHI/Des Beaulieu, Francois (Mrs.) 1753 CuH>ILC>FCh>CHI/Des Beaulieu, Francois Jr. Chief c1771-72 CuH>ILC>FCh>CHI/Des Beaulieu, Francois King 1869- CHI/Des/Den/FtR>FtV Beaulieu, Gregoire 1832 CHI/FDL/FCh Beaulieu, Henri 1878- CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Isabelle (Savard) 1867- AsW>MET Beaulieu, Isabelle (Tatisay) 1876- TZA/CHI/Boy>MET Beaulieu, J.C. NWMP 1853 QUE>MAN>ALB Beaulieu, J.S. see Beaulieu, J.C. Beaulieu, Jacques 1756 CAN>LLL Beaulieu, James Beaulieu, Jean 1756 CAN>LLL Beaulieu, Jean Marie 1860- CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Jean Marie 1880 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Jesus 1855 CHI/Des/Den/FtR> Beaulieu, John NWMP 1854- QUE>MAN>ALB Beaulieu, John 1880 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, John Sr. 1918 TZA/CHI>DET/Bus Beaulieu, John Jr. 1957 DET/Bus Beaulieu, Joseph King Sr. 1840 RdR/MET>CHI/Des/DeK/FtR>FtV/Boy Beaulieu, Joseph King Jr. 1870 CHI/DeK/FtR>FSm>FtV/Boy Beaulieu, Joseph 1918 TZA/CHI>DET/Bus Beaulieu, Josephine 1810- CRE/KUT/TrM>RdR Beaulieu, Josephine (Piche) 1838 >CHI/FDL/FCh Beaulieu, Josue Chief 1870 THL/LLM Beaulieu, Katherine c1836- CRE/CHI/Den/Des/FtR>FPr Beaulieu, King see Beaulieu, Joseph Beaulieu, Paul King Beaulieu, Lalouise () 1819 CRE/FCh>CHI/FtR Beaulieu, Le Doyen 1772- CuH>ILC>Ota>CHI/Ath/Des Beaulieu, Louis 1880 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Louis 1900 CHI/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Louise 1745- QUE>MIC/Det Beaulieu, Louison 1880 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Louison 1900 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Margerite 1791 MET/FtE Beaulieu, Marie 1818- CRE/CHI/Edj>ILC>LSA>MET Beaulieu, Marie 1900 CHI/Des/Den/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Mary (Chonkolay) 1929- DET/Pet>Asu Beaulieu, Mary 1971 DET Beaulieu, Mary 1971 DET Beaulieu, Paul King 1876 CHI/Des/DeK/FtR>FtV>Boy Beaulieu, Pierre Sr. 1833- CHI/FtS/FtR>MET Beaulieu, Rose (Freeman) 1945 MET/DET Beaulieu, Russell Chief 1983 PoP Beaulieu, Samuel 1980 DET Beaulieu, Sophie King 1874 CHI/Des/DeK/FtR>FtV>Boy Beaulieu, Susi 1870 CHI Beaulieu, Wilfred c1951- CHI/Des/Den/FtR Beaulieu, Xavier 1935 CHI/FCh Beaulieux, Francois see Beaulieau, Francois Beaulin, Louise see Beaulieu, Louise Beaumois 1727 FRE/QUE>ONT Beaumont, Howard 1980- Edm Beauparlant, Gabriel 1799/22 MET>NWT Beaupre, u/k 1848 FtE/FSk Beaupre, Augustin 1876 >MET Beaupre, Edouard 1881-01 WMt>QUE Beaupre, Florestine (Piche) 1865 >WMt Beaupre, Gaspard 1860 CAN>WMt Beaupre, Jessie () 1862- LSA Beaupre, Joseph 1778- QUE>NWT Beaupre, Joseph Antoine Eldas 1870 >SIK Beaupre, Josephte () 1780 MET/NWT Beaupre, Louis 1865 >Cgy Beaupre, Marianne 1777- NWT Beaupre, Marie Louise c1733- QUE>OJI/SSt>QUE Beaupre, W.P. 1869 LSA Beaupre, William 1852- FtE>LSA Beauregard 1822 FtE Beauregard 1885 StP Beauregard, Charles 1762- MET>FtE>Cal>Sip>MET Beauregard, Charles Sr. 1822 CAN>FtE Beauregard, Charles Jr. 1842- FtE/LSA>Sip>MET Beauregard, Charlotte 1765 QUE Beauregard, Euphrosine 1851- Cal/FtE>Ale>MET Beauregard, Joseph -1850 FtE Beauregard, Josephet 1763/86 QUE Beauregard, Josephte (Callihoo) 1837 Cal>FtE Beauregard, M. f 1846- FtE>Sip>FtE>MET Beauregard, Marguerite (Burel) 1745 QUE Beauregard, Pierre 1755 QUE Beauregard, Pierre 1842- Cal/FtE/EdS>MET Beauregard, Suzette () 1828 Cal/FtE Beauregard, Ursule 1845- Cal/FtE>Sip>FtE>MET Beautiful Feathers 1845 FtE Beautineau see Bottineau Beauvais see also Bouvette Beauvais, u/k Sr. 1712 QUE>MIC/Mac Beauvais, u/k Jr. 1732 QUE>MIC/Mac Beauvais, u/k 1748/80 CAN>CuH/Nip>YkF>CuH Beauvais, LaLouise see Beauvais, Louise Beauvais, LeLouise see Beauvais, Louise Beauvais, Louise 1821- RMH/FtE>Kis>MaW Beauvais, Rene 1786 CAN>Sas>FtE>RMH Beauvois see Beauvais Beaver see also Amisk (Cree) Castor Chapa Dzieddin, Laurent Beaver 1900 PIK/NoP/BDS Beaver 1974 OJI/ Beaver 1988 Pas Beaver, Alfred 1982 CaL Beaver, Annie c1903-96 YeX Beaver, Arthur Beaver, Becky 1920 YeX Beaver, Chaba see Beaver, Job Beaver, Chabin see Beaver, Job Beaver, Charles Arthur c1903- MoF/USA/WVA>PEN Beaver, Crazy Lady Who... () 1889 MoF/USA/WVA Beaver, Debbie () 1990 USA Beaver, Elisa () 1870 LSL Beaver, Elisa 1885 Bld Beaver, Frances Louise 1830 USA/IND Beaver, Frances Louise 1893 BgH Beaver, Helen 1965-05 GSt Beaver, Herbert, Rev. Angl. 1816 >MAN>USA/WAS Beaver, Hyen see Beaver, Helen Beaver, Iona 1975 Gst Beaver, Jean Baptiste 1842/67 FtE Beaver, Job Chief c1831-92cGst>Bea Beaver, Job -1903 YeX Beaver, Job 1884 BiH Beaver, Jobin see Beaver, Job Beaver, Joby see Beaver, Job Beaver, John 1875/91 Bea/BgH Beaver, John Hawkeye c1880- MoF>USA/WVA Beaver, John -1903 Beaver, Joshua YeX Beaver, Leah (Abraham) 1887 Gst/BgH Beaver, Louisa Hdm 1875 Wab Beaver, Melvin Chief 1975 Wab Beaver, Mathew 1920 OJI/GrN Beaver, Morley Walking Eagle c1882-65 Gst/BgH Beaver, Nancy Nape Asis 1885- LSL/Bld Beaver, Nimrod 1830 USA/IND Beaver, Paul 1894 YeX Beaver, Paul 1883 Gst/BgH Beaver, Rosemarie 1974 LSL/Dpl Beaver, Sampson see Beaver, Samson Beaver, Samson 1830 USA/IND Beaver, Samson 1877-34 Gst/Bea/BgH Beaver, Shamosin see Beaver, Samson Beaver, Sheila 1950 GSt Beaver, Simon Nape Asis 1865 LSL/Bld Beaver Chief see Amisk Okimaw Beaver Child see Amisk Asis Beaver Dick 1842 USA>IDA Beaver Woman 1859 PIK/Inu Beaver Woman MedW 1919 MaW Beaverbones 1910 O'C Beaverbones, James 1930 O'C Beaverbones, Patrick Wallace 1984- O'C Beaverbones, Sidney 1984 O'C/Sun Beaverfoot, Thomas 1905- CHI/CdL Bech 1920 USA>GRE Bechage, Pierre 1779 >LaP Beck, Jane 1868 ENG>ALB/HiR Beck, Nicholas D. 1875 >ALB/Edm Becker 1883 >ALB Becknell, William 1801 USA>MIS>NMX/WYO Becoming Dark see Tipiskaw Becquet 1730 QUE>WIS/Mac Beckwith Lt. 1833 USA>UTA> Beckwourth, James P. Chief 1805 USA>MNT>CRO Bedard see also Bedore Bedard 1775 CAN>MAN>RdR/Ass> Bedard, Honore 1875 >ALB/Edm Bedaux see also Bedore Bedaux 1878 >ALB>BC>YK Bedine 1988 Pas Bedingfeld, Frank 1863 >ALB/HiR Bedore 1875 CAN>ALB>QUE Bedore, Ethel (Brown) Bedowsky 1988 Pas Bedsedia see Betsedia Bedshidekkge 1820 CHI/ILC/BiC Bedshidekkge, Isadore 1900 CHI/ClL Bedshidekkge, Napoleon Magloire 1921 CHI/ClL/EnR Bedshidekkge, Raphael Chief 1850 CHI/ILC/BiC/ClL Bedshidekkge, Salette (Halkett) 1906 CHI/LLR>ClL/EnR Bedshidekkge, Therese (Estralsch)866 CHI/EnR/ILC>ClL Bedshidekkge, William 1860 CHI/ILC/BiC/ClL Bedson, Edward 1880 >GrP> Bedson, Helen 1850 >FtP> Bedson, Samuel L. 1845 >MAN Bee see Amoo Crazy Crow Prairie Chicken Old Man Beebe, Cory 1978 Erm Beebee, Hilda Ananda Aki () Beebee, Henry see Beebee, Herman Beebee, Herman 1795- USA>WAS Beebee, Howard 1938 KAI Beebee, Joseph 1859-39 USA/UTA>MNT>KAI Beebee, Joseph Red Tail Feathers1885 KAI Beebee, Ruth KAI Beecher, Henry 1840 USA/KAN Beechey, Frederick W. 1800 ENG>CAN/NUN>ENG Beedell, Mike 1966 >CAN/NWT/NUN> Beeny MedM 1650 CAR Beeson, Henry W. 1838 USA/MIS>MNT>MIS Beeston, E.K. 1876 >GrP>LLB Begarde, Charles 1762- NWT>RdR Begg, Alexander 1860 >ALB Begin see Bercier Begin, J.V. Maj. 1885 NWMP>ILC> Behan, H.M. 1869 >ALB Behan, Hugh 1869 >ALB Behel, Baptiste 1847 PAW/Ski Behind The Ear 1860 PIK/SoP Behren see also Barens Beran Beren Behren, Marie 1876 GER/Old Beidler, John X. 1846 USA>MNT Beillevaire, Hippolyte, Fr. OMI 1861/37>LSA>MaW>Duh Beioley see also Beaulieu Beioley, Betsey () 1833 FtE Beioley, Fletcher Robert 1822/22 Beioley, James 1828 FtE Beioley, Jno 1828 FtE Beioley, Joseph 1785-59 Beioley, Joseph 1827 >FtE Beioley, Mary Fletcher 1817-17 Beioley, Mary Fletcher 1819-20 Beioley, Richard William Beioley, Sophia 1847- FtE Beisson see Bisson Bekrenev, Ygor 1974 RUS/SIB/Shr Belair see Bellaire Belamy see also Beloni Belaney, Archibald see Delany, Archibald Belanger, u/k 1831 USA/ND Belanger, Abraham 1832 Was>Wap Belanger, Achak Akopa Chief c1819- MET/MiN>SnP>Atk Belanger, Ahenakew Chief 1820 MET/MiN>Was/SnP>Atk Belanger, Ahtahkakoop see Belanger, Achak Akopa Belanger, Ahtakakoop see Belanger, Achak Akopa Belanger, Andre 1770/14 CAN>MiN>TrM Belanger, Atakakoop Chief c1819- MET/MiN>SnP>Atk Belanger, Augustin 1784 CAN>WIS/FDL Belanger, Basile 1785 CAN>RdR Belanger, Blooch 1925 MiN Belanger, Caroline 1850 SnP Belanger, Francois 1770 CAN>MiN Belanger, Francoise 1790- MET/MiN> Belanger, Frederick Ermineskin see Ballentine, Frederick Belanger, Gabriel Mistawasis 1839 SnP Belanger, Gerard 1976 LSL Belanger, Horace 1841 CAN>CuH Belanger, Jane 1845 Was>Kis>Was>MET Belanger, Jean Baptiste 1800/22cMET/MiN>NWT Belanger, Joseph 1784 CAN>NIP/Kam Belanger, Joseph Sr. 1824 RdR>MNT/CRO>RdR>WIS>RdR Belanger, Joseph Jr. 1847- WIS>RdR Belanger, Judith 1853- RdR Belanger, Laughing Man Mistawasis847/84 SnP Belanger, Laurette S.P. 1979 MET/Edm Belanger, Louis 1770 CAN>FtE/Was>TrM Belanger, Marguerite 1976 LSL Belanger, Maria see Belcher, Maria Belanger, Marie L. (Desjarlais)c1825- LLB>WIS>RdR Belanger, Marie Anne (Versailles)837 MiN>Wap Belanger, Marie 1852- Wap>RdR>EaH>MET Belanger, Marie 1863 SnP>FtE/Ale/Pas Belanger, Mary 1844- Was/RdR Belanger, Masinas Iskwew () 1835 Was>SnP Belanger, Mistahi Awasis Chief see Belanger, Pierre Mistahi Belanger, NapaSases see Belanger, Napaskis Belanger, Napaskis 1830 MET/Was Belanger, NapeSases see Belanger, Napaskis Belanger, Orietta S.P. 1976 ALB/Cgy Belanger, Osawacoup 1812 MET/MiN>Was/SnP>AsW>Was/EaH Belanger, P.R.A. see Belanger, Phidime R.A. Belanger, Peggy Mistahi Awasis 1858- SnP>Keh>Alx/LSA>CyH>MET Belanger, Phidime R.A. DLS 1865 >ALB> Belanger, Pierre 1784 CAN>NIP Belanger, Pierre Mistahi Awasis 1790-96 MET/MiN>Was/SnP Belanger, Pierre Chinis 1830 SnP/Was Belanger, R. A. see Belanger, Phidime R.A. Belanger, Rene, Fr. OMI 1976 Belanger, Simonne Lucille S.P. 1976 Belanger, Solomon 1800/22 MiN>NWT Belanger, Therese S.P. 1976 LSL Belanger, William Yayataskinin 1840 MET/Was/YaY Belany, Archibald see Delany, Archibald Belchar see also Belcher Belchar, Sarah 1715 USA/MAS Belcher see also Pelletier Belcher, Edward Sir 1830 ENG>NUN>ENG Belcher, George 1910 ALB Belcher, Mariah Belanger 1863 SnP>FtE/Pas Belcher, Mary Kayatowe see Pelletier, Mary Kayatowe Belcour see Belcourt Belcour, Julie see Belcourt, Julie Belcourt 1790-00>ALB Belcourt, u/k 1810 FtE Belcourt, u/k 1820 LSL Belcourt, u/k 1830 FtE Belcourt, u/k 1880 LSA Belcourt 1988 Pas Belcourt, Adelaide 1859 LSA>AsW/Kis>MET Belcourt, Alexander 1854- Jsp/LSA Belcourt, Alexander 1953/94 LSA Belcourt, Alexis 1832 IRO/Jsp/SwG/FtE/LSA Belcourt, Amable see Belcourt, Marie Amable Belcourt, Annie Victoria 1861-66 LSA/SwG>Cal Belcourt, B. see Belcourt, Jean Baptiste Belcourt, Benjamin 1850- Cal/LSA Belcourt, Benjamin 1852- LSA/Cal>MET Belcourt, Catherine (L'Hirondelle793- IRO/CRE>LSL/L'H>TrM/ORE>LSA/MET Belcourt, Catherine (Nipissing) 1835 LSL>LSA Belcourt, Catherine 1910-99 LSA Belcourt, Catherine () 1970 LSA Belcourt, Cecile (Callihoo) 1825- PeR/Cal>LSA>MET Belcourt, Cecile (Callihoo) 1830- Cal Belcourt, Cecile 1858- LSA/Cal>MET Belcourt, Cecilia 1960 Edm Belcourt, Constance () 1860- LSA Belcourt, Cyrile 1859- Cal/LSA Belcourt, Elizabeth 1852 Jsp/Cal/LSA Belcourt, Elizabeth () 1875- LSA Belcourt, Fred 1855 LSA Belcourt, George A. Fr. 1811 RdR/Pem Belcourt, George 1896/16cLSA>EUR Belcourt, Isabelle () 1857- RdR>LSA Belcourt, Jean Baptiste Sr. 1790 CAN>COL>CRE/FtE/Cal Belcourt, Jean Baptiste Jr. 1849- Cal Belcourt, John 1874- Cal/LSA Belcourt, Joseph p1793-63 Sas>TrM/ORE>CRE/LSL/L'H>Ale Belcourt, Joseph 1869- LSA Belcourt, Josette 1845 Jsp Belcourt, Julie 1823 Sas/Was>LSA Belcourt, Julien 1860- Cal Belcourt, Lalouise (Gladue) 1880- Pas>CAl/LSA Belcourt, Louisa 1864- Jsp/LSA>MET Belcourt, Madeleine (Gladue) 1857- Pas>CAl/LSA Belcourt, Maggie (Brazeau) 1870- FtE/LSA Belcourt, Magloire 1855- Cal/LSA Belcourt, Marie Amable c1835- IRO/CRE/SwG/LSL/Cal/L'H>Pas Belcourt, Marie () 1868- >Cal/LSA Belcourt, Marie 1900 LSA Belcourt, Mary 1960 MET/LSA Belcourt, Nancy (Rowand) 1832-50 LSL>FtE>Jsp/LSA>MET Belcourt, Nancy 1972 LSA Belcourt, Olive 1852- Cal/LSA Belcourt, Rose 1975 MET/LSA Belcourt, Teresa 1975 MET/LSA Belcourt, Verona 1975 MET/LSA Belcourt, Victoria see Belcourt, Annie Victoria Belcourt, Virginie 1867- Jsp/LSA Belcourt, William John 1880 Cal/LSA Belevaire, Hippolyte, Fr. see Beillevaire, Hippolyte Belgarde see Bellegarde Belhumeur see also Bellehumeur Monet Monet Belhumeur Monette Belhumeur, Alexandre 1910 MET/MAN Belhumeur, Anne Marie (Forgey) Belhumeur, Clemence see Monette, Clemence Belhumeur, Edward 1899- RdR Belhumeur, Euphrosine (Desjarlais)60-44 RdR Belhumeur, Eva (Houle) Belhumeur, Frisine (Desjarlais) see Belhumeur, Euphrosine Belhumeur, Jeremie Monet 1852-10 Pem>RdR>MET Belhumeur, Napoleon 1899- RdR Belhumeur Monet see Monet Belhumeur Belisel 1670-40 FRA>QUE Belknap, William W. 1868 USA/DC Bell see also Ka Michet O Kehewak Bell, u/k 1735 ONT>WIS/FDL>MIN Bell, u/k 1872 >ALB Bell, u/k 1878 >ALB/FtE Bell, u/k 1880 ONT/Pen Bell, u/k 1930 ALB Bell, A.W. 1887 SK/EnR Bell, Alexander 1886 NS ## Bell, Allen 1955 FtV/HiL Bell, Andrew 1862 >ALB/HiR Bell, Benjamin Capt. 1806 ENG>ONT/MoF>ENG Bell, C.S. 1926 SK/NoB Bell, Dakota Shane 1980- ALB Bell, George 1790 USA/NWY>ORE>RdR Bell, George 1853 USA/MNT>ALB>MNT Bell, Gillian 1877 CRE/PeX/Dun Bell, Guillaume see Bell, Gillian Bell, Jane 1854 Was Bell, Joe 1948 CHI/LLR Bell, John NWC 1799-68>CAN>Mac Bell, John R. 1801 USA>MIS>NEB>WYO> Bell, Josette 1797- MET/MAN/SK Bell, Lillian () 1930 FtV Bell, Lorna 1948 FtV Bell, Moses 1884- MiN/MoL Bell, Nash Bell, Robert DLS 1853 >ALB> Bell Fes see Belle Fes Bellaiei see Bellaire Belleau Bellaire, u/k NWC 1773 CAN>Wap Bellaire, u/k 1800 CAN>PeR Bellaire, Baptiste NWC 1784 CAN>MiN Bellaire, Leo 1940 >DET/Bus Bellaire, Registre NWC 1790 CAN>ALB>TrM/ORE Bellaire, Rose (Freeman) 1935 MET/CRE>DET/Bus Bellami, Leonard 1971- Edm Bellarose see Bellerose Bellcourt, Alexis see Belcourt Bellcourt, Lalouise see Gladue, Lalouise Belle see Bell Belle Fes 1830 FtE Belle Feuille Chief 1898 SEK/Thk/BeF Belleau see also Beaulieau Beaulieu Beaulliau Beioley Belleau Belly Beulow Biliau Buleau Belleau 1974 OJI Belleau, Angelique 1800- Sas/Sip>SoB> Belleau, Antoine PFC>NWC 1780 CAN/Sas/Sip>SoB>TrM/COL/ORE Belleau, Chris Chief 1965 OJI/GaR Belleau, David 1901 SHU Belleau, Jean Baptiste PFC>NWC 1793 CAN/Sas/Sip>TrM/ORE Belleau, Jean Baptiste 1800/22cMiN>NWT Belleau, Jean Baptiste 1798-43 CAN>WIS/CHP/LPt Belleau, Josephine 1810- CRE/KUT/TrM>RdR Belleau, Josephte see Belleau, Louise Belleau, Louise 1822 TrM/KUT/CRE>Jsp Belleau, Margarite (Saulteaux) Belleau, Pierre NWC 1767 CAN>Wap>Sas/Sip>SoB> Belleau, Pierre 1826 ONT/SSt Belleau, Terry 1975 OJI/GaR Bellecourt see also Belcourt Bellecourt, Clyde 1947 CHP/USA/MIN Bellefleur, Andre see Roussin, Andre Bellegarde, Albert 1937- LBB Bellegarde, Albert Lawrence 1975 LBB Bellegarde, Angus Chief 1967 LBB Bellegarde, Betsy (Cardinal) 1870 CRE>MET Bellegarde, Charles 1762- MET/NWT>FtE/Sas>RdR Bellegarde, Dan 1975 LBB Bellegarde, Edmund 1912 LBB Bellegarde, Edmund James 1975 LBB Bellegarde, Isabelle (Lagarde) Bellegarde, James Edmund 1975 LBB Bellegarde, Joseph 1875 RdR Bellegarde, Lena () 1917 LBB Bellegarde, Louis 1885 CRE>MET Bellegarde, Margueritte 1817- Pem Bellegarde, Marie (Klyne) Bellegarde, Michelle 1975 LBB Bellegarde, Perry 1978 ToH Bellegarde, Roger 1870 CRE>MET Bellegarde, Sandee (Many Bears) 1955 >SIK Bellegarde, Sieur 1658 QUE>MIN>QUE Bellegarde, Verna (Crane) 1940 >LBB Bellegarde, Wilfred Chief 1921- LBB Bellegarde, William 1903- Pee Bellehumeur see also Belhumeur Bellehumeur, Yoann CF 1988 Bellehumeur Monte see Belhumeur Monet Bellenden see Ballentine Bellenden, Samuel see Ballentine, Samuel Bellendine, Samuel see Ballentine, Samuel Bellerive 1704 LOU>ARK> Bellerose 1836 >LLB Bellerose f 1856- LLB Bellerose 1850 >LSA Bellerose 1988 Pas Bellerose, Alice 1910 StA> Bellerose, Benjamin Sr. 1822/64 LSL>LSA/FtE Bellerose, Benjamin Jr. 1842-70 LSL>LSA Bellerose, Benoni 1794 QUE Bellerose, Doreen 1976/96 LSL/Gro Bellerose, Doris (Ladouceur) Bellerose, Doris 1929- LSL Bellerose, Emilien 1816 Jsp>LSA>MET Bellerose, Emilien 1851- LSL>LSA>MET Bellerose, Emilien 1878- LSA>MET Bellerose, Ginger Lee 1981-01 Edm Bellerose, James see Bellerose, William James Bellerose, Jean Baptiste 1794 QUE Bellerose, Josephte (Savard) 1819- LSL/Ath/Jsp>LSA>MET Bellerose, Josue 1867- FtE/LSA>MET Bellerose, Julien 1850- LSA>MET Bellerose, Juliet (Nault) 1848- FtE/LSA>MET Bellerose, Justine 1885 LSA>FMc Bellerose, Karen c1958- LLB/Kik Bellerose, Lizette (Lavallee) 1834 LSA Bellerose, Louise (Lake) 1910/26 StA Bellerose, Lucie (L'Hirondelle) 1853- L'H>LSA>MET Bellerose, Marie 1843- FtE/LSA>Sip>MET Bellerose, Martin c1957- LLB/Kik Bellerose, Melanie (Larocque) 1860- Sip>FtE/LSA>Sip>MET Bellerose, Monique (Charette) 1800 QUE Bellerose, Narcisse 1869- LSA Bellerose, Norbert 1840- LSL>Jsp/LSA>MET Bellerose, Norbert 1846- Jsp/LSA Bellerose, Octave 1849- LSL>LSA/Alx>MET Bellerose, Olive 1841- LSL>LSA/FtE>MET Bellerose, Olivier 1814- CAN/QUE>LSL>Jsp>LSA>MET Bellerose, Raymond 1924- StA>LLB>Kik Bellerose, Rose 1926 StA Bellerose, Shawna 1985 Drp Bellerose, Suzette (Savard) 1828 LSL>LSA/FtE Bellerose, Ursulla (Paquette) 1900/63 Bellerose, Wanda c1960- LLB/Kik Bellerose, William James 1881-70 StA Bellerose, William James -1926 StA>LLB>Kik Bellerose, Zacharie 1865/70 FtE/LSA Bellevair see Beillevair Belley see Belly Belley, Louise see Belleau, Louise Bellin, Jacques-Nicholas 1730-72>QUE>ONT> Bellisle, Josephte 1795- ORE/StP? Belliveau 1928 ALB Bellot, Joseph Rene 1831 ENG>NUN>ENG Bellow, Pierre see Beaulieu, Pierre Bellrose see also Bellerose Bellrose, Jean Baptiste 1792 QUE/ONT Belly see also Beaulieau Belley Tezi Belly 1850 NoB>BgB>MaW Belly, Solomon 1870- NoB>BgB>MaW>SIK>NoB Belly Fat 1785 Waz/EaH Belly Full See Belle Feuille Beloni see also Belamy Beloni, Jeanne 1828- NWT>FtE Belrose see Bellerose Belt, Howard Bernard Sr. 1893 >ALB Belt, Howard Bernard Jr. 1913-15 ALB Belvidere, Rocky 1870 >ALB
Ben see also Maskepetoon, Benjamin Sinclair, Benjamin Ben 1794 USA/HAW>ORE Ben Jeter Gen. 1010BC ISR Benaouni, Thomas see Benoanie Benaiyah see Banaiyah Benard 1886 >ILC> Benbow, D. 1881 >ALB Bendiktsson, Bjarni 1934 ICE Bending Reed 1820 SHO Bending Willow 1820 WPT Bendit, Genevieve see Benoit, Genevieve Bendow, Daniel 1850 BPw Bendow, William 1850 BPw Benge, Sally 1800 > Benham, Henry 1822 ONT>USA Benjamin see also Benjamin, Jonas Chabaseagache, Benjamin Maskepetoon, Benjamin Sinclair, Benjamin Tipeskaw Kapaw Pwat, Benjamin Benjamin 1847- YeX Benjamin Hdm. 1855 Atk Benjamin, Frank 1889 >ALB Benjamin, Jonas Chief 1889 Gst Benn, Chris 1978 DAK/BTl Bennet see also Bennett Bennet, David Thomas 1867- IRE>NZ>IRE>CAN/ALB Bennet, Jack 1880/98 USA/UTA Bennet, John Capt. 1779 >ONT Bennet, R.B. see Bennett, R.B. Bennet, Saul Dr. 1877 >ALB> Bennet, William 1616 ENG>USA/MAS Bennett see also Bennet Bennett, Richard Bedford 1870- NB>ALB Bennett, W.A.C. 1900 ALB Bennett, W.B. 1892 >ALB/KAI Benoanie, Annie 1998 CHI/ETH/Hat Benoanie, Edward 1948 CHI/ETH/Hat Benoanie, Eugene 1948 CHI/ETH/Hat Benoanie, Louie 1948 CHI/ETH/Hat Benoanie, Thomas Chief 1877 CHI/ETH/Hat Benoit 1820 USA/MIN Benoit, Alfred 1903- FCh Benoit, Christine () 1922- FCh Benoit, Doreen Rose 1966- FCh Benoit, Genevieve 1797- >FtE>TrM/COL>RdR Benoit, John 1968- FCh Benoit, Joseph 1800/22>NWT Benoit, Wayne Alfred 1968- FCh Benot see Benoit Benson Dr.HBC 1840 >BC Benson, Edward 1891-74 LLB Benson, Gary 1960 LLB Benson, George 1948 RdP Benson, Geraldine (Chinneck) 1890/74 USA/MIC/Det>ALB Benson, Holinfind () 1837- ICE>ALB Benson, Leonard 1886/47 USA/MIN>ALB Benson, Leonard 1967 LLB/BeL Benson, Mary Jane () 1809/41 LLB Benson, Mel Moniyaw 1950 LLB> Benson, Moniyaw see Benson, Mel Benson, Norman 1918 ALB Benson, Samuel 1854 >MAN Benson, Sigurdson 1827- ICE>ALB Bent Gov. 1817/47 USA>NMX Bent, Charles 1808 USA>ARK/COL Bent, George 1812 USA>ARK/COL Bent, Owl Woman () 1815 CHY Bent, Robert 1815/41 USA/ARK Bent, William c1809- USA>ARK/COL/CHY Bent Back see Crooked Bent Backwards see Crooked Bente, E. 1865 >FtE Beneteen see Finlay, Francois Benteen, Frederick Capt. 1856 USA>MNT Bentley 1988 Pas Bentley, Stephen 1948 ALB Benton see also Bent, Charles Benton, Thomas H. Sen. 1800 USA/MIS>DC Benwell, Leanne Lori 1984/07 CHI/FtS>Edm Beran see also Beren Beran, Caroline (Savoyard) 1870 >MET Beran, John 1854- MET/FtE/AmW Beran, Mary () 1855- FtE/AmW Beran, Samuel 1870 Berard see also Bernard Berard 1673-1900 FRA>QUE>MAN>ALB Berard 1988 Pas Berard 1990 Cas/BuL Berard, Alex see Bernard, Alex Berard, Aurane () 1851- BeL? Berard, Bernardine see Brazeau, Bernard Berard, Catherine (Hughes) 1810- FtE>RdR>FtE Berard, Catherine (Niyas) Berard, Catherine 1838 FtE>Pau Berard, Dean James 1990 Edm Berard, Eustas see Berard, Eustace Berard, Eustace see also Bayard, Ustace Berard, Eustace 1831- FtE>RdR>ALB>MET Berard, Isabelle see Bernard, Isabelle Berard, Josephine (Princeau) Berard, Louis Sr. 1796- CAN/RdR>FtE Berard, Louis Jr. Berard, Louise see Bernard, Louise Berard, Margaret see Primeau, Marguerite Berard, Marguerite (Primeau) 1841- RdR>FtE>MET Berard, Marie 1880 CRE/ALB Berard, Marie (Daigneau) 1880 FtE> Berard, Marie (Fortin) Berard, Marie (Morin) Berard, Marie (Sauve) 1900 MET> Berard, Mary see Bernard, Mary Berard, Nora 1935-07 MIC Berard, Pierre 1774 CAN>Wap>Was>RdR Berard, Pierre 1792- CAN>Was>RdR Berard, Pierre 1817- Was>RdR Berard, Rodger 1853- RdR>BeL Berard, Virginia (Fournier) Bercier aka. Berger Bercier 1830 USA/MNT Bercier, Alexis 1771- CAN>RdR Bercier, Angelique 1832- QUE Bercier, Anjelique (Saumier) 1818 QUE Bercier, Antoine 1784 RdR Bercier, Cecile (Dumont) 1785- FtE/Sas>Pes/Dum>USA Bercier, Child -1824 Pes Bercier, Emelie (Finlay) 1796-48 Sas/Sip>KUT>ORE>RdR>WAL Bercier, Gabriel Bercier, Jacob see Bercier, Jacques Bercier, Jacques 1780- CAN/RdR>RMH>Dum/Pes>USA Bercier, James Bercier, Joseph 1784 RdR Bercier, Josephete (Saulteaux) Bercier, Leger Sr. 1812 QUE Bercier, Leger Jr. 1840 QUE Bercier, Lisette 1800- MET/Sas>Dum/Pes>FtA Bercier, Margaret () 1779- RdR Bercier, Mary Ann see Thorne, Mary Ann Bercier, Napoleon Bercier, Nora see Thorne, Nora Bercier, Pierre Sr. 1788/30 FtE>SAL/KUT Bercier, Pierre Jr. 1830 SAL/KUT>RdR> Bercier, Rose 1815- Pes>USA Bercier, Susanne (Morin) 1856- RdR Bereis 1791 CAN>FtE/Sas>TrM/COL/SAL Bereis, Cuthbert Grant see Grant, Cuthbert Beren see also Barens Behren Beran Beren HBC 1790 >Ota> Berg see also Bergh Berg, Cristina 1734-99 SWE Berger aka. Bercier Berger, Alexis see Bercier Berger, Cecile (Dumont) see Dumont, Cecile Berger, Gabriel see Bercier, Gabriel Berger, Jacob see Bercier, Jacques Berger, Jacques see Bercier, Jacques Berger, Joseph 1784 CAN>RdR/Dau Berger, Lisette 1800- MET/Sas>Dum/Pes>FtA Berger, Rose see Bercier, Rose Berger, Thomas ChfJust 1945 >NWT> Bergere see Bercier Berger Bergeron 1798-91 QUE Bergh, Francis 1861 Berghammer, Joseph 1929 >SEK/FtG Bergiere, Jacques see Bercier, Jacques Bergis, Cecile see Dumont, Cecile Bergis, Jacque see Bercier, Jacques Bergstrom, Lawrence 1987 BC/HeA Beriault, Joseph 1775- MET/NWT Beriault, Marianne (Beaupre) 1785 NWT Bering, Vitus 1703 DEN>RUS>NA/AK Beris, Cuthbert Grant see Grant, Cuthbert Berkovec 1850-20 CZK>USA/ILL Berland see also Breland Burlong Burlow Ferland Berland 1885 Cal>FrL Berland 1885 Jsp>KeL Berland, Albert 1990 FrL Berland, Alexandre 1850-70 Jsp/SwG Berland, Alexy 1845- Pes>Kis>MaW Berland, Andre 1880 Jsp/SwG Berland, Angele (Delorme) 1880 LSA/Jsp/SwG Berland, Angelique Breland 1843 LLB>Keh/LoL Berland, Angelique (>Sam138>) 1878- Kis>MET>Sam Berland, Angeline 1980 FrL Berland, Baptiste 1785 IRO>Sip>FtE>Jsp>RdR>Jsp Berland, Betsy 1852 Jsp/LSA>Dum Berland, Catherine 1813- IRO/Jsp/LSA Berland, Catherine 1824 IRO/Jsp/LSA Berland, Cecile (Callihoo) 1825- PeR/Cal>LSA>MET Berland, Dominic 1900- FrL Berland, Edward 1819 IRO/FtE>Pes>LSA/Cal Berland, Eliza 1880 Jsp/SwG Berland, Flavie (Dauphinais) Berland, Francois 1815 Jsp/IRO>SwG>MET Berland, Francoise 1824 IRO/Jsp Berland, Iskwew Asis 1853/56 FtE Berland, John 1880 Pes>Cal Berland, John B. 1929- FrL Berland, Joseph Berland, Lisette Monoki 1841 FtE Berland, Louisa see also Berland, Louise Berland, Louisa 1880 Jsp/SwG Berland, Louise see also Berland, Louisa Berland, Louise (Belleau) 1822 KUT>CRE/Jsp Berland, Marguerite Marie J. 1871- Jsp>LSA Berland, Maria (Grant) 1820 RdR>FtE Berland, Marianne M. 1820 IRO/Jsp Berland, Marianne 1835- Pes> Berland, Marianne 1844- Jsp>FtE/LSA>MET Berland, Marianne 1850 LSA>Sas Berland, Marie 1845 Jsp/LSA>Ale>MET Berland, Marie-Anne see Grant, Maria Berland, Marie Vitaline Berland, Mary see Grant, Maria Berland, Mary Ann see also Grant, Maria Berland, Mary Ann 1811- IRO/Jsp Berland, Matooskis () 1820/66pPes>LSA/Cal Berland, Pascal c1811- IRO/Ups>Jsp>RdR Berland, Patrice 1843 RdR Berland, Pierre Du Boishoe 1784 CAN>Sip>FtE>Jsp Berland, Rosalie 1835- Jsp>LSA Berland, Therise (Cardinal) 1820 Jsp/IRO/SwG/LSA Berland, Vitaline 1868- Cal>Pas>MET Berland, Wenamaten 1824 IRO/Jsp/SwG>Pas/FtE Bernaille, Arsen 1983 CHI/Ath Bernard see also Berard Hunter Bernard Chief 1760 Bir Bernard 1796 IRO?>PeR>Kam>FtE> Bernard, u/k 1805 IRO>Jsp Bernard, u/k dtr. 1820 IRO>Jsp Bernard 1840 RdR Bernard 1918 MET/MiN Bernard 1885 >Sad Bernard 1988 Pas Bernard 1990 MAN Bernard, Alex see Bernard, Alexis Bernard, Alexis Wapi Maskwa 1848- FtE>MuS>Kis>MET Bernard, Alix see Bernard, Alexis Bernard, Augustin 1872 FtE Bernard, Bernardine 1920 TrM/SAL/SPO Bernard, Caroline Kapawes(Piche)1873-86 MuS>Kis>MET Bernard, Catherine (Hughes) Bernard, Catherine (McLaren) 1815 FtE Bernard, Chimakanis 1824 FtE Bernard, Daniel 1900 ALB Bernard, Edna () 1916- Sad Bernard, Edward 1908- Sad Bernard, Eustace 1854 Sas/Sad>MET Bernard, Isabelle () Bernard, Jean Baptiste c1777-47 CAN>FtE Bernard, Jean Baptiste 1804- FtE Bernard, Jean B. Wapiskaw 1865 LSA>MET Bernard, John Isaac Bernard see Hunter, John Isaac Bernard Onachaw Minahew Asis Bernard, Joseph Sr. 1794 >FtE/SwG/ChT Bernard, Joseph Jr. 1814- FtE/SwG/ChT>MET Bernard, Joseph Wapiskaw 1856 FtE/Pas>MET Bernard, Josephte Iskwew Asis 1844- FtE Bernard, Joshua 1982 MIC Bernard, Kahsmahtshoo see Kasmatsew Bernard, Kasmatsew () 1800 FtE/Stw Bernard, Katowake () Bernard, Lalouise 1872 FtE Bernard, Leanne 1978 MIC Bernard, Louis Sas>MuS>Kis>MET Bernard, Louise () Bernard, Marie (Fortin) Bernard, Marie Kapawes (Piche) 1860 Dum>MuS>Kis>MET Bernard, Mary Kapawes (Piche) see Bernard, Marie Bernard, Mary Hunter 1833- Oon/Gdf>Lap/Sad>MET Bernard, Moses 1900- Sas/Sad>Lap>ENG>Lap Bernard, Nelson Francis 1938- Sad Bernard, Nora 1935-07 MIC Bernard, Ones 1780- Bernard, Otaskewin () 1823 FtE Bernard, Otteskoiwin () see Otaskewin Bernard, Paul 1872 FtE Bernard, Pesim Iskwew see Pisim Iskwew Bernard, Pisim Iskwew () 1828 FtE Bernard, Peter Bernard, Pierre see Berard, Pierre Bernard, Pierre 1881-96 Kis Bernard, Reuben F. Capt. 1858 USA/IDA Bernard, Simaganis see Bernard, Chimakanis Bernard, Sophie (Cardinal) 1870 LSA>MET Bernard, Suzanne Otiyesim (Fitcol826- FtE>AsW>Sip>ChT>MET Bernard, Suzette (McLeod) 1830 NWT Bernard, Virginai (Fournier) Bernard, Virginia 1920 TrM/SAL/SPO Bernard, Vitaline 1867 LSA>Pas>MET Berneau, Abbe Claude 1660 FRA Bernier see also Bercier Bernier 1816 RdR>TrM/ORE Bernier 1945 >HiL Bernier, J.E. Berry see Kipp, Joseph Minis Berry, Richard 1850/75cUSA/MNT>KAI Berry Eater see Leather, Amos Berrybees 1907 >LLB Berryer 1730 FRA>QUE> Bersford, Delaval 1875 ENG Berthelet see also Berthelotte Berthelet, Margaret (Indian) 1776- NWT Berthelet, Toussant 1780- CAN>NWT Berthelotte see also Berthelet Berthelotte 1875 >MNT Berthold V of Zahringen Duke 1171 SWI Berthold, Bartholemew 1820 USA/MIS Bertrand, J.B. Chief 1773 CAN/RdR>Sas Bertrand, John 'Black Kid' 1870 USA/MNT>ALB Bertrand, Old see Bertrand, J.B. Berwell 1866 Besedia see Betsedia Besset see also Bissot Besset 1642-99 FRA>QUE Besskkaystare, Genevieve 1948 CHI/Eth/DeS/Hat Besskkaystare, Helenise 1948 CHI/Eth/DeS/Hat Besskkaystare, John 1948 CHI/Eth/DeS/Hat Best, John 1766 ENG>ONT/Osn Betcher F/Lt. 1924 USA/MIN>CAN>ENG Betenson Betenson, Lula (Parker) Bethune Rev. 1760 ENG Bethune, Angus 1790 ENG>ALB>Sas>RMH>TrM/COL Bethune, wife 1796 Sas>RMH>TrM/COL Bethune, child 1809 Sas>RMH>TrM/COL Bethune, Clares see Bethune, Clairisse Bethune, Clairisse 1880 SK Betsedia Hdm 1900 DEH/Ech/JMa Betsey see also Betsy Betsey 1816 Pes>Pes/TZ*>Dum/Pig Betsey 1830 OxH Betsey (#71 Pas>#117 Lap) 1847 MaA/Ale/Pas>Lap>Sam Betsey, Jane 1867 Ale/Pas>Lap Betsey, O Ka Sisa 1 1885 Pas>Lap>Sam Betsey, O Ka Sisa 2 1887 Pas>Lap>Sam Betsy see also Betsey Wureth Betsy u/k 1859 EdS Bettanet, A. 1795 CAN>ORE Bettelyoun, Susan (Bordeaux) Betts, J.F. 1859 SK Beull, Oliver B. 1844-01 SK Beuller see also Beioley Buelow Beuller, Clinton 1935 ALB/LLB Beuller, Gloria 1938 ALB/LLB> Beulow see Buelow Beuxenstein, Georg W. 1880 GER Bews 1830 ENG>FtV> Beyan see also Boyah Beyan, Catherine () 1833- FtE/StA Beyan, Edward 1861- StA Beyer see also Bayard Bayer Boyer Beyer, Charles Capt. 1854 USA>NWM Bibar Sult. 1255 EGY Bibbon, James see Gibbons, James Bibeau see Bideau Bichan, Mary 1930 SCO/ORK Bickerstoff 1944 >LSA Bickert, Geoff 1978 SK Bickel, F.H. Mayor 1932 OPa Biddle, Anne 1800 USA Biddle, James 1790 USA>ORE Biddle, John Maj. 1790 USA/MIS>WYO> Bideau 1779 CAN>Dun Bideau, Barry 1975 SK Bideau, Catherine (Delorme) Bidlock, George 1930 ALB Bidlock, Edith (Williams) 1930 ALB Bidoux see Bideau Bidoux, Catherine see Delorme, Catherine Bidson 1868 MAN Bidwell, John 1821 USA/MIS>ORE Bienville see La Moyne Big see also Kaquitts, Jane Misah (Cree) Misaw (Cree) Mischaw (Cree) Mistahik(Cre) Tonge (Nakoda) Big Apron see Prince, Henry Big Baptiste see Baptiste, Big Big Bat see Pourier, Baptiste Big Bear see Mistahe Maskwa Big Bear Chief 1825-86 JkF>BlP/BgB Big Bear 1978 ONT Big Bear, Angelique Nowakeetch c1849- BgB>LoM>MET Big Bear, Bear's Son 1850-70 BgB Big Bear, Daylight Woman () 1875- ALB/Sam>RoB Big Bear, Horse Child see Pime, Joseph Big Bear, Imasees Chief 1851- BgB>Ima>RoB Big Bear, King Bird 1861- BgB>Sam>RoB Big Bear, Mary 1860-40 BgB>Oni>Keh Big Bear, Mistatim Awasis 1871- Sip/BgB> Big Bear, Mountain () 1850 >BgB Big Bear, Root Grubbing Woman() 1845-84 SOT>BgB Big Bear, Runs Second () 1846 >BgB Big Bear, Twin Wolverine 1852-85 BgB/TwW Big Bear, Wallowing One () 1846 >BgB Big Beaver 1880 PIK Big Belly Poundmaker 1864 Pou Big Belly HdChief 1890 TSU/Ute Big Belly, Darryl see Brass, Darryl Big Belly, Fred One Spot 1935 KAI/TSU/Ute Big Belly, Maggie () 1895 KAI>TSU/Ute Big Belly, Mary c1918- KAI/TSU/Ute Big Buffalo Rock 1857/77 PIK Big Brave see Mountain Chief Big Bull 1856 PIK/NoP Big Canoe Chief 1830 FLA/P'D Big Canoe, Mary-Lou 1955 CHP/ONT>ALB> Big Chief see Cardinal, Solomon Big Chief Sundown see Damron, Clarence Franklin Big Child see also Kelsey, Henry McKay, Joseph Mistahe Awasis Big Child 1910 Sun Big Child, Paul 1982 Sun Big Corner Post 1928 KAI Big Cow 1825/45 FtE Big Crane see Crane, James Big Crow See also Crowfoot Big Crow 1879 TSU Big Crow, Corinna (Crowchild) 1955 TSU/Ute Big Crow, Doreen 1955 TSU/Ute>NAK/GSt Big Crow, George 1900 TSU/Ute Big Crow, Hector 1940 TSU/Ute Big Crow, Hilda () 1902 TSU/Ute Big Crow, John 1860 Ale Big Crow, Loretta 1960 CRE/TSU/Ute>CRE Big Crow, Mae (Morin) 1935 CRE>TSU/Ute Big Crow, Russell 1940 TSU/Ute>CRE Big Crow, Serena Clare 1966-01 TSU/Ute Big Crow, Vanora 1940 TSU/Ute Big Crow, Wilfred 1955 TSU/Ute Big Crow Tex 1844 USA>MNT Big Crow's Foot See Crowfoot Big Darkness 1850 NAK/SoN/WhD Big Devil see Chat Ka Big Dipper see Ochikatak Big Dog see also Horse Mistatim Sunk Tanka Big Dog 1852- Mis>RoB Big Doo see Kaquitts, Teresa Big Duck see Kiski Sisip Big Eagle see also Fox, Stephen Giroux, Misas Kehew Awasis Big Eagle Chief 1846 SIK/BPB Big Eagle Chief 1850 PAW/Ski Big Eagle, Laura Chief 1974 NAK/OcM Big Eagle, Lillian 1974 NAK/OcM Big Eagle Child see Giroux, Misas Kehew Awasis Big Eye 1898 SIK Big Eye, J.B. 1948 CHI/Eth/DeS/BlL Big Eye, Modeste 1948 CHI/Eth/DeS/BlL Big Eyes 1850 PIK/HTK Big Eyes, Ipseniki () 1850 PIK/HTK Big Eyes WCH Big Face HdChf 1760 SAL/FLA Big Face Chief 1830 CRO/BgF Big Face, Paul see Tjolzihitzay Big Faced Chief 1900 PIK/NoP Big Fat see O Pimew Big Feather see Big Plume Big Fish 1840 SIK/Bit Big Foot see also Mamongazida Big Foot Chief 1780 FLA Big Foot Chief 1850 DAK/Min/BgF Big Foot Chief 1877 SEK/Thk/BgF Big Foot Bull see Michel Timu Big Frank see Le Gros Francois Big Frazer see Frazer, Big Big Grease see O Pimew Big Hair see also Big Mane Big Hair, Bella 1980 CRO Big Hair, Dennis 1976 CRO Big Hands see Kiskichichi O Chichi Wolf Ear Big Hawk see Skuti-La Big Head see also La Grosse Tette Sanderson, Ka Tipiskowat Big Head Chief 1828 YNK/BgH Big Headed Dutchman see Meyers, Henry Big Heart Chief 1792 DAK/SIS Big Heart, May Ann Tawhaduta 1820 DAK/SIS Big Heels Kehewin 1865 Keh Big Horn see Kwihlkay Big Horn 1814 BLK Big Iron see Kisi Pewapis Petit Couteau, St. Pierre Big James see Simpson, James Keith Big Jim see Simpson, James Keith Big John see Bigjohn Marcel, John Big Kidney see Lawrence, Herbert Big Knife see also Aeneas Harmon, Daniel Kichi Mokaman Big Knife 1812/70 KAI Big Knife c1850-24 TSU/YBu Big Knife 1900 Str Big Lake Hd.Chf. 1801 PIK/Kut Big Lake Hd.Chf 1826 PIK/HTK Big Lee see Johnson, Lee Big Leg Chief 1840 PIK/BgL Big Leggings see Grouard, Frank Big Lodge Hd.Chf. 1820 PIK/BLo Big Long Person 1830 WPT>BPw Big Louis Chief 1850 Sad/Oon Big Majeau see Majeau Big Man see Lacombe, Francois Mistapew Big Man 1845 Sas Big Mane see also Big Hair Big Mane 1846 DAK/Hun Big Metal see Petit Couteau, St. Pierre Big Moon 1860 PIK/SoP/HTK Big Mouth see also Big Mouth Ewaro'tcho (Dene) Hiyedo (Nakoda) Ka Kichiwew(Cree) Little Big Mouth Big Mouth 1842 ARA Big Mouth 1810 DAK Big Neck Chief 1790/38 IOW Big Necklace 1859 DAK/Min Big Nick see Lemmi, Nicholas Big Nose see also Three Suns Big Nose 1944 KAI Big Old Man 1868 SIK Big Old Man, Brenda () 1980 SIK Big Old Man, Danielle K.L. 1990-06 SIK Big Old Man, Duane Big Old Man, Dwayne 1980 SIK Big Old Man, Elizabeth Big Old Man, Frank 1888-34 SIK Big Old Man, Irwin 1980 SIK Big Old Man, Lorraine (Water Chf)960 SIK Big Old Man, Natalie 1975 SIK Big Old Man, Sharon () 1980 SIK Big Otter Chief 1900 OJI/Bis/BgO Big Person see Kichi Inew Big Peter's Woman see Opitaskwes Big Pine see Ahtakakoop Mista Minahik Big Plans see Osichamisaws Big Plume see also Grosse Quelle Big Plume Sr. Chief 1830 KAI/FiE>Sca Big Plume Chief 1830 TSU/Ute>Bld Big Plume Chief 1858 PIK Big Plume Chief 1865 SIK/Say Big Plume Jr. 1870 KAI/FiE Big Plume, Ann see also Big Plume, Betty Ann Big Plume, Ann 1980 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Barry 1930 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Bedford 1980 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Benny 1999 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Betty Ann 1965 TSU/Bld>CRE/LuB Big Plume, Carrie 1990 >TSU/Bld Big Plume, Casey 1999 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Catherine see Big Plume, Marjorie Big Plume, Clara () 1927 >TSU/Bld Big Plume, Clarabell 1930 TSU/Bld>CRE>TSU/Bld Big Plume, Clifford Chief 1919 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Deborah 1940 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Dick see Big Plume, Richard Big Plume, Dora (Littlelight) 1980 >TSU/Bld Big Plume, Evelyn (One Spot) 1960 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Frank 1980 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Freddie 1980 TSU/Bld Big Plume, George 1907 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Gloria 1980 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Heather () 1980 >TSU/Bld Big Plume, Ida () 1960 >TSU>Bld>Ute Big Plume, Isabele see Big Plume, Mary Isabele Big Plume, Jack 1900 TSU/Bld Big Plume, James Setukomakan 1866 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Jeremy Auger 1970 CRE/Sad/TSU Big Plume, Jesse Ross 2005 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Joseph see also Big Plume-Smallface Big Plume, Joseph Hd.Ch. 1883-49 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Joseph Lloyd 1927- TSU/Bld Big Plume, Josephine 1980 TSU/Bld>CRE Big Plume, Judi see Big Plume, Judy Big Plume, Judy 1980 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Kimberley 1984 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Lena 1980 TSU/Bld>BGr Big Plume, Lillian 1930 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Lillian 1984 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Lori Auger 1970 CRE/Sad/TSU Big Plume, Louise () 1930 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Lucy (Whitney) 1966 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Lynn 1976 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Marcia (Bish) 1984 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Marjorie Catherine 1926-99 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Mary () 1906 >TSU/Bld Big Plume, Mary Isabele 1933/90 TSU/Bld>NAK Big Plume, Maureen Queenie 1920 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Maurice 1978 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Pearl 1930 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Peter 1922 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Queenie see Big Plume, Maureen Big Plume, Randy Ross 1957-06 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Richard Hd.Chf.c1939- TSU/Bld Big Plume, Robert Lawrence 1927- TSU/Bld Big Plume, Roxanne (Crowchild) TSU/Bld Big Plume, Sanford Hd.Chf. 1980 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Shanna T. 1990 >TSU/Bld>Ute Big Plume, Stanley George 1984 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Theresa Roberta () 1965 >TSU/Bld Big Plume, Thomas 1920 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Thomas 1960 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Todd see Big Plume, William Big Plume, Vanora (Big Crow) 1998 TSU>Bld Big Plume, Venora (Big Crow) see Big Crow, Vanora Big Plume, Wendy 1980 TSU/Bld Big Plume, Whip see Big Plume, William Big Plume, William Todd Whip 1973-97 TSU/Bld Big Plume-Small Face, Joseph 1993-99 TSU/Bld Big Porcupine 1860 KAI Big Quill see Grosse Quelle Big Plume Big Rib 1865 KAI/FiE/Mul Big Raven Chief 1800 PIK Big Road see also Broad Trail Great Road Big Road 1823/38 KAI Big Road Chief 1830 SIK Big Road Chief 1840 ATS Big Robber Chief 1820 CRO/Mtn/BgR Big Robert see Big Robber Big Rock 1839- DeL/Pem>CyH>RoB Big Rock, Bear Claws () 1843- ALB>CyH>RoB Big Rock, Crooked Nose () 1885- CyH/FrM>RoB Big Rock, John 1885- CyH>RoB Big Sam 1880 FLA Big Sky 1847 >CyH/SoB Big Sky, Joseph 1867- CyH/SoB>LiP>RoB Big Sky, Sitting On Earth () 1847- >CyH/SoB>LiP>RoB Big Sky, Small Face 1862- CyH/SoB>LiP>RoB Big Smoke 1830 PIK/NoP/BDS Big Smoke 1865 KAI Big Smoke, Dianne 1940 KAI Big Smoke, Harry 1940 KAI Big Snake see also Eagle Plume, William Big Snake Chief 1803/58 PIK/InK Big Snake Wr.Chf. 1810 KAI/AkP/BuF Big Snake Chief 1818 SIK Big Snake 1866/15 KAI Big Snake, Eleanor Anne 1970 SIK>CRE>SIK Big Snake, Simon 1910 SIK Big Son In Law see Winchaxa Tonga Big Sorrel Horse 1865 KAI Big Spring 1880 PIK/SoP/Ipo Big Squirrel 1845 Sip>BgB Big Star see Kisikaw Wachak Big Stone see Bigstone Big Stoney see Bigstoney Kichipwat Big Stoney, Amos see Bigstoney Big Stoney, Paul see Bigstoney Big Swan see also Wolf Collar, Silas Big Swan Sr. Chief c1822-72 SIK/BdG Big Swan Hd.Chf. 1830 KAI? Big Swan Hd.Chf. 1835 PIK/NoP Big Swan, Good Hunter () 1841 PIK/NoP Big Swan, Philip Hd.Chf. 1900 PIK/NoP Big Swan, Philip Hd.Chf. 1976 PIK/NoP Big Swan, Running Calf 1850 SIK/BdG Big Throat 1780 PIK/BgT Big Throat, James 1945 KAI Big Thunder see Piche, Louis Big Tobacco see also Bird, Matthew Lee Big Tobacco, Angie 1970 SIK Big Tobacco, Dakota Pretty Young1990 SIK Big Tobacco, Joan 1960 SIK Big Tobacco, Laura Pretty Young 1990 SIK Big Tobacco, Madeline Pretty You1990 SIK Big Tobacco, Pamela 1990 SIK Big Tobacco, Sherry Pretty Young1990 SIK Big Tom Chief 1863/88 TAG Big Tom Chief 1900 TSU Big Tomorrow see Dewdney, Edgar Big Trail see Broad Road Great Road Big Turtle see Michi Kinikwa Big Water Woman, Linda 1975 TSU/Fra Big Weasel see Weaselhead Big White see Big White Man Gross Blanc Big White Devil see Livingstone, Samuel Big White Man Hd.Chf. 1762 MAN Big Wind see also Arcand, Adelaide Marie Kisi Atin Chowek Utinowatum Big Wind 1842- SK>RoB Big Wind, Head Woman f 1860- SK>RoB Big Wolf see also Big Wolfchild Big Wolf Chief 1821 SIK/BiW Big Wolf 1830 KAI Big Wolf I 1823/43 YeX Big Wolf II 1824 YeX Big Wolf Chief 1870 TSU Big Wolf, Louise (Wells) 1940 CRE>SIK Big Wolf Child, Sarah 1862-01pKAI>CRE/Kis/MaW>MET Big Wolf Medicine 1875 PIK/SoP Big Wolfchild see also Big Wolf Wolf Child Big WolfChild, Sarah 1862-01pKAI>CRE/Kis/MaW>MET Big Wound see O Wesichan Owesichan Big Yellow Man see Grand Jeune Homme Big Young Man see Grand Jeune Homme Biggar 1885 ALB Biggar, Charles A. DLS 1865 >ALB> Bigger Than Anybody see Big Mistahik Biggest see Big Mistahik Bighead see also Gross Tete Grosse Tete Grossetete Bighead, Harry 1955 CRE Bighead, Joseph Chief 1880 MeL/JoB Bighetty, Alfred Chief 1974 CHI/Bar Bighetty, John W. Chief 1977 CHI/Bar Bighetty, Pascal Chief 1977 Puk Bighetty, Roy 1974 CHI/Bar Bighorn, Spike Chief 1977 DAK/NAK/FPk Bigjohn, Lisa (Papin) 1980 Lap Bigknife see also Kichi Mokowan Bigknife SHA Bigknife 1950 SHA Bigknife, Francis 1895- Str Bignall see also Bignell Bignall 1830 QUE Bignell see also Bignall Bignell, Adella Iris 1910 ALB Bignell, Clementine () 1900 >ALB Bignell, Edna () 1960 OnL> Bignell, Edward Hugh 1884- NEB>ALB Bignell, Elizabeth 1883 NEB>ALB Bignell, Etta (Young) 1890 ONT>ALB Bignell, John 1883 NEB>ALB Bignell, Henry 1864 NEB Bignell, Henry 1883 NEB>ALB Bignell, George 1883 NEB>ALB Bignell, Myrtle 1906- ALB Bignell, Norman 1909- ALB Bignell, Sarah () 1870 NEB>ALB Bignell, Stella 1965 OnL>Keh Bignell, Terrell 1980 OnL Bignose, Georgina 1965 CHI/Ath> Bigraw, Donalda 1980 Eas/QUE Bigsnake see Big Snake Bigstone 1915 Ota Bigstone, Daniel 1974 OcM Bigstone, Daniel Gene 1974 OcM Bigstone, Joseph Chief 1850 Ath/Ota Bigstone, Joseph 1915 Ota/FtM>FCh Bigstone, Julienne 1885 CRE Bigstone, Lindsie John 1988- CaL Bigstone, Ralph Trevor 1983- >Edm Bigstoney see also Kichipwat Goodstoney Bigstoney, Abraham see Kichipwat, Abraham Bigstoney, Amos c1860- Gst Bigstoney, Jacob See Kichipwat Bigstoney, Patrick See Kichipwat, Patrick Bigwin, Alayne 1978 SK Biliau see also Belleau Beulow Buleau Biliau 1940 LSA Bilinski, Brian 1950 ALB/Cgy Bilinski, Bud 1925 ALB/Drm Bilinski, Garry c1947- ALB/Drm>Cgy Bill, Edward Chief 1977 PlL Bill, Jacob Sr. 1948 PlL Bill, Jacob Jr. 1978 PlL Bill, Wayne 1975 LuL>Wdl Billette, Alfred 1948 CHI/BfR Billette, George 1948 CHI/BfR Billington, John 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Billy 1888- >RoB Billy The Kid Bilton, Agnes (Rodier) 1910 ALB Bilton, Arthur 1884 CON>ALB Bilton, Ellora (Lyster) 1885 QUE>CON>ALB>BC>QUE Bilton, Glenn 1930 ALB Bilton, Grace 1904- CON>ALB Bilton, Leslie 1906- CON>ALB Bilton, Lora 1900- CON Bilton, Ralph 1903- CON>ALB>USA Bilton, Read 1902- CON>ALB Bimashiwin see Pima Asiwin Bin Laden, Osama 1950 ARB>USA>AFG Bincer, Ed 1845 FtE Bing, Lord 1880 ENG Bingham 1820 ENG>IND>USA/CAL>BC/Kam Birard see Berard Bernard Birbeck 1877 >SK Birch Chief 1780 Waz/Bir Birch, James 1830 USA>KAN Birch Rind 1798 BeR/GrL Birckel, Paul Chief 1973 GWI/C&A Bird see also Ipeyasis Peyasis Bird see Bird Woman Bird 1820 Pes/TZC>PIK/Mot Bird, Abraham 1849-70 AsW/Kis>RdR>AsW/Kis> Bird, Abraham 1874 FtE Bird, Allan 1922 SOT/Gor>ENG>CAN/Gor Bird, Allan 1948 MiN/MoL Bird, Andrea () 1970 Pau Bird, Angus 1900 Atk Bird, Anne (McKay) 1836 Pes/TZC>Pes>Kis Bird, Annie Bird, Anthony 1970 Pau Bird, Benjamin Hdm. 1860 MiN/MoL/WmC Bird, Benjamin Thomas 1928- Sad Bird, Bernice (Rabbit) Bird, Bette see Bird, Elizabeth Bird, Bird Woman/Sistse 1830 CRE/PIK/Pes/TZC>PIK/Ipo>BDS Bird, Catherine 1846- CRE/PIK/Pes/TZC>RdR>AsW/Kis> Bird, Charles 1834- CRE/PIK/Pes/TZC>RdR>AsW/Kis> Bird, Charles 1835- RdR Bird, Charles 1897 FCh>FtE>ENG>FCh Bird, Charles 1974 Pau Bird, Charlotte see Bird, Sally Bird, Curtis James 1845 RdR Bird, Darrell William 1960- Pau Bird, David 1822 Pes/TZC Bird, Edith 1974 Pau Bird, Edward 1830- CRE/PIK/Pes/TZC>RdR>AsW/Kis> Bird, Edward c1938- FCh Bird, Eliza 1833- RdR Bird, Elizabeth (Curtis) ENG Bird, Elizabeth O Minaham Iskw()1789 CuH Bird, Elizabeth () 1789- YkF Bird, Elizabeth () 1808- BLK>CRE Bird, Elizabeth 1810/45 Sas/FtE>RdR Bird, Elizabeth Margaret 1842 RdR Bird, Elizabeth 1990 Bird, Elmer 1964 Pau Bird, Emma () 1855 Was>FtE Bird, Ernest 1950/85 SOT/Gor Bird, Farro 2000/06 MiN/MoL Bird, Flora Justie 1903- Sad Bird, George 1792- YkF/Sas/FtE>RdR Bird, George 1797- CuH>RdR Bird, Geronimo 1985 Pau Bird, Gilbert Chief 1915-89 MiN/MoL Bird, Gordon 1890 KAI Bird, Irwin Kenneth 1954- Pau Bird, Isaac Hdm. 1869 MiN/MoL/WmC Bird, James 1753 ENG Bird, James Curtis 1773-56 ENG>Yrk>CuH>SoB>Sas>Was>FtE>RdR Bird, James "Jimmy Jock" Chief 1800-92 MET/CuH>FtE/Pes/TZC>RdR>AsW>PIK Bird, James 1848- Sas/Was/SoB>RdR>MET Bird, James 1875 MiN/MoL Bird, Jeanelle 1984 Pau Bird, Job 1863- Chi>Gdf>FMc Bird, John 1808-40>RdR Bird, Joseph 1781- MET/YkF>CuH>RdR Bird, Joseph 1865 Kis>Cgy>FtE Bird, Joseph 1888 >FMc Bird, Joseph 1910 WeI Bird, Joseph 1989 Pau Bird, Letitia 1810-97 RdR Bird, Letitia 1834- CRE/PIK/Pes/TZC> Bird, Louise 1960/80cMiN/MoL>Was Bird, Letitia 1810-97 RdR Bird, Letitia 1834- CRE/PIK/Pes/TZC>RdR> Bird, Louise 1960/80cMiN/MoL>Was Bird, Malcom 1990 Pau Bird, Margaret 1869- Was/FtE Bird, Marguerite 1874 FtE Bird, Maria 1836- CRE/PIK/Pes/TZC>RdR>AsW/Kis> Bird, Marie Anne (McKay) 1838-74>Pes/Dum>LSA>MET Bird, Mary (Kelly) 1777 CuH>SoB>Sas>Was>FtE>RdR Bird, Mary 1800- Bird, Mary 1832- CRE/PIK/Pes/TZC>RdR>AsW/Kis> Bird, Mary () 1873- Gdf>FMc Bird, Mary Jane () 1900 MiN/MoL Bird, Matthew Lee 1985-03 SIK Bird, Moses Hdm 1869 MiN/MoL/WmC Bird, Nancy 1840- PIK>CRE/Pes/TZC>RdR>AsW/Kis>RdR>Kis>BLK>MET Bird, Patrick Hdm. 1869 MiN/MoL/WmC Bird, Peter 1908- SnP>ENG>SnP Bird, Philip 1852- TZC>RdR>RdR>AsW/Kis>Was>MET Bird, Rose 1890 Ata>SnP>Ata Bird, Roy Chief 1977 MiN/MoL Bird, Sally Sinopiw 1810 PIK>CRE/AsW/Pes/TZC>RdR>AsW>PIK Bird, Sarah see Bird, Sally Bird, Shawna Lee 1982-01 MaW Bird, Simon 1830-34 RdR Bird, Sistse/Bird Woman 1830 CRE/PIK/Pes/TZC>PIK/Ipo>BDS Bird, Stephanie 1988- Edm Bird, Theresa 1948 Pau Bird, Thomas 1829 CRE/PIK/Pes/TZC>Kis>LSA>Kat Bird, Thomas 1838 RdR>LSA Bird, Thomas 1865 >BlQ Bird, Trinity 1994-09 Pau Bird, Virginia () 1914- Gor Bird, William 1827 >Pes/TZC>RdR>AsW/Kis>FtE Bird, William 1838- PIK>CRE/Pes/TZC>RdR>FtE Bird, William 1849 AsW/Kis>Was>FtE Bird, William 1878/00 ALB Bird, Xavier 1885 Alb Bird Rattle see Bird Rattler Bird Rattler c1804- PIK Bird Rattler 1859-39 PIK/KAI/AkP Bird Rattler 1864-70 PIK/Nit Bird Skin 1860 >BgB Bird Tail see Red Bird's Tail Bird Woman see Bird, Bird Woman Birdie see Desjarlais, Felix Bridsbill, Barbara 1977 NAK/DAK/FPk Birdstone see also Birston Birdstone, Aloysius Chief 1923 KUT/StM Biron see also Bison Miron Biron, Alexis 1826 CHP/SSt Birshaw, Alex 1755- RdR Birston see also Birdstone Birston, Alexander Sr. 1774-29 ENG>Yrk>RdR Birston, Alexander Jr. 1805-69 YkF>RdR>TrM/ORE Birston, Angelique 1830 RdR Birston, James 1816 RdR>TrM/ORE Birston, Elizabeth () 1826 RdR>TrM/ORE Birston, Elizabeth 1841- RdR>TrM/ORE Birston, Magnas 1811-75 RdR Birston, Magnus 1769- SCO/MET/ORK>YkF Birston, Nancy 1806-87 RdR Birston, Sally see Birston, Sarah Birston, Sarah (Budd) Birston, William 1808-88 RdR Birstone see Birston Bisby, James 1940 >INU/Nun Bisby, Paul 1960 INU/Nun Bish, Marcia TSU Bishop, Angela 1978 SK Bishop, William 1895 CAN>EUR>CAN Bison see also Biron Bisson Buisson Bison, Margret (Hudon) 1808-96 Bissett see also Brissette Bissett IRE Bisson see also Bison Buisson Bisson 1865 Pas>Sam Bisson 1875 >GrP Bisson, Baptiste 1760 CAN>Dau>FCh>Dun Bisson, Baptiste 1820 LSL Bisson, Gervais 1625 QUE Bisson, Giles 1985 ONT Bisson, Isabelle (Isandeway) 1820 TrL>LSL/PeX>FtV Bisson, Joseph see Buffalo, Joseph Bisson, Julie Ayachiw 1831 LSL>FtE>Pes/AsW>PCh>Alx>Lap>MET Bisson, Louis 1820 LSL/Dun/PeX Bisson, Margaret (Hudon) 1808-96 CHP/ Bisson, Marguerite c1805- >LSL Bisson, Marie Genevieve 1765 QUE Bisson, Marie 1840- Dun/PeX>FtV Bisson, Martin 1802 WIS>CHP/LcF Bisson, Rosalie () 1825 LSL Bisson, Rosalie Menewi Ostikwan 1843- LSL>Lap>MET Bisson, Ward 1836- ALB Bisonette see Bissonnet Bissonnet, u/k 1805 MIS>ND>DAK/Ogl Bissonnet, Alexander see Bissonnet, Alexandre Bissonnet, Alexandre 1718 CAN>RdR>CeL/CuH/Nip> Bissonnet, Joseph Paul 1730 CAN>RdR>CeL/CuH/Nip> Bissonnete see Bissonnet Bissot see also Besset Bissot 1580 FRA>QUE Bissot, Marie (Couillard) 1610 QUE Bithsy f 1881 Oni Bitteridge, Richard 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Bittern see Mann, G.G. Bitternose, John James 1919- Gor Bitternose, Nancy (Pratt) 1925- Gor Biznet, Joseph 1915 CAN/GrP Bjornsdottir, Asa 990 VIK/GRN BJORNSON, Pete 1940 ALB/HiL Black 1840 RdR Black 1875 DAK Black 1930 >DET> Black, Alex see Black Alex Black, Alexander K. 1832- WAL/SHU>RdR Black, Cary Lou 1902- SIK Black, Charles 1877 >ALB Black, Cheryl Lynn 1957-04 SIK>Edm Black, Eliza (Cooper) Black, Harry 1910- CHI/Jan Black, Ida (Crow) 1885 SIK Black, John 1775 SCO Black, John 1780- SCO>Wap Black, John 1815 >RdR Black, John 1852- RdR> Black, John M. Black, Lucia () 1924- CHI/Jan Black, Luke 1948-01 SIK Black, Margaret (Miller) 1841- RdR>MET Black, Marguerite () 1785- CRE? Black, Mary (Leith) 1775 SCO Black, Nancy 1810- Wap>RdR>MET Black, R.Y. NWMP 1865 >SK Black, Samuel 1780-41 SCO>CRE/PeR>WAL>SHU/Kam Black, Sydney ADeacon 1980 SIK Black, William 1885 ALB Black Alex 1902 CHI/EnR/ILC Black Arrow 1850 KAI Black Bachelor see Red Crane, John Black Bear see also Bear Kaskitew Maskew Maskwa Mistahe Maskwa Mato Saba Black Bear Hd.Chf. 1780/70 KAI/FiE Black Bear Hd.Chf 1780 PIK/BlB Black Bear Chief 1800 NAK Black Bear 1850 ARA Black Bear Hd.Chf. 1857 Upp/Mis Black Bear Chief 1885 PIK/SoP/SoE/BlB Black Bear Woman c1827- KAI/Mot Black Bird see also Blackbird Black Bird Hd.Chf. 1770/00 OMA Black Bird 1865 DAK/SAN/WCp Black Bull see also Yellow Old Woman Black Bull Chief 1857 DAK/Hun Black Cat Chief 1784 MAN/BlC Black Cheek 1860/80 PIK Black Chief see also Blackface Chief Black Chief 1867 PIK Black Cloud see also Cardinal, Lester Black Cloud 1838 CRO Black Coal Chief c1843-93 ARA/NoA/Ant Black Crow 1865 ATS/NAK/FtB Black Crow, Genevieve 1809 NAK> Black Dog see Shunka Sapa Black Eagle see also Wambdi Sapa Black Eagle Chief 1846 DAK/San Black Eagle 1850/73 PIK/Mot? Black Eagle Chief 1850 PIK/HTK/BeC Black Eagle Chief 1860 KAI Black Elk see Kaskitew Wawaskesew Black Elk 1855 KAI/AkP Black Elk Med.M. 1850 DAK Black Face see also Blackface Black Face 1850 KAI Black Face Chief see also Blackface Chief Black Face Chief 1868 KAI/FiE Black Faced Woman see Hungry Wolf, Beverly Black Fish Chief 1759 SHA/LiC Black Foot Man see Rolling In The Mud, Isaac Black Foot Sioux Chief 1850 DAK/Sih(?) Black Forehead 1910 KAI Black Fox 1846- Mis/FtU>CyH>RoB Black Hawk Chief 1780/38 SAK Black Head see Campbell, Peter Black Henry 1917 MiN Black Horn 1850 KAI Black Horn Chief 1855 YAN>CyH Black Horse 1900 KAI Black Horse, Dee Dee (Raw Eater)1960 SIK Black Horse, Grant 1960 SIK Black Horse, Jack 1945 SIK Black Horse Owner 1845 USA>MNT Black Horse Rider see Riding Black Horses Black Horses 1864 KAI Black Indian see Black Man Black Jack see Blackjack Black Kettle Chief 1840 DAK/Min/BlK Black Kettle 1910 SIK Black Kettle, Beverly SIK Black Kettle, Bona see Black Kettle, Bonna Black Kettle, Bonna () 1930/96 SIK Black Kettle, Cody 1981 SIK Black Kettle, Darrel see Black Kettle, Deral Black Kettle, Deral 1965 SIK Black Kettle, Emmet 1990 SIK Black Kettle, Francis 1925/80 SIK Black Kettle, Kim c1975- SIK Black Kettle, Maggie () Hly.W. c1920- SIK Black Kettle, Mervin Glen Napi 1977-97 SIK Black Kettle, Monica 1950 SIK Black Kettle, Yvonne 1946 SIK Black Kid see Bertrand, John Black Lake Chief 1850 PIK/HTK/BeC Black Leg see Black Lake Black Lodge Chief 1770 CRO/Ara Black Looking 1880 KAI Black Man see also Blackman Black Man Chief 1756/24cBlM/SoB/Cot Black Moccasin Chief 1779 HID Black Moon Hd.Chf. 1838 DAK/Hun/BlM Black Moon Chief 1838 DAK/Min/BlM Black Mountain see Black Rock Black Plume 1863 KAI Black Plume Hd.Chf. 1872-21 PIK/NoP Black Plume, Harrison 1945 KAI Black Plume, Robert Apikayi 1945 KAI Black Powder Chief 1802/65 OJI>Sip/JkF/BlP Black Rabbit 1890 KAI Black Rabbit, Barry John 1859-98 KAI Black Red Deer see Kaskitew Wawaskesew Black Robe see La Robe Noire Black Rock Chief 1812 DAK/2Ke/Niw Black Shawl 1856 DAK/Ogl Black Shield Chief 1846 DAK/Min Black Sleeps c1895- KAI/AkP Black Star 1853 >BgB Black Stone see Black Rock Black Tatoo 1833 PIK Black Tongue 1869- >RoB Black Weasel c1859- PIK/Mot Black Weasel 1885 PIK/SoP Black Weasel, Dean 1920 PIK Black Whiskers 1880 >FrL Black White Man see Mills, David Black William see Soulis, William Black Wolf see Twoyoungmen, Jonas Black Wolf Chief 1756-86 CHK Black Wolf 1855 DAK/Hun/StB? Black Wood Ashes see Charcoal Blackbeard Blackbird see also Black Bird Chachapew Crow Desjarlais, Felix Morin, Louis O Chachapewak Asis Raven Rook Blackbird 1860 Peg> Blackbird 1886 FtV Blackbird, Harry 1948 MkS Blackbird Chief see O Chachapawakis Blackburn, Donald 1938- CAN Blackey see Langelle, Len Blackface, Betty Mary 1967-03 SIK Blackface Chief see also Black Face Chief Blackface Chief 1880 SIK Blackface Chief, Joseph 1903- SIK Blackface Chief, Marie Becky 1930 SIK Blackfoot see also Mataitai Keok Pemoteyasew Petit Couteau, Michel Ayachiw Piche, Ayachiw Rolling In The Mud, Isaac Blackfoot 1814 BLK> Blackfoot 1857 Msk/CrD Blackfoot John see Smith, John S. Blackfoot Man see Jackson, William Rolling In The Mud, Isaac Blackfoot Old Woman see Blackfoot Yellow Woman Ermine Horse Yellow Old Woman Blackfoot Sioux see Black Foot Sioux Blackfoot Woman 1830 BLK>NAK/Alx/Pau>MaA>Oka Blackfoot Yellow Woman see Black Bull Blackfox 1940 OSG Blackhorse 1925 SIK Blackhorse, Jack 1945 SIK Blackiston, Thomas see Blakiston, Thomas Blackjack 1849/70c>ALB Blackkettle see Black Kettle Blackman see also Black Man Blackman, Azaire 1891- KaP>ENG>KaP Blackman, Charles Chief 1905- CRE>CHI/CdL Blackman, Diana see Blackman, Diane Blackman, Diane 1960 CdL Blackman, John 1908- CRE>CHI/CdL Blackman, Josephine 1907- CRE>CHI/CdL Blackman, Lena (Dion) 1907- Keh>CdL Blackman, Sean 1984- CdL Blackman, Shilo (Martineau) 1990 >CdL Blacksmith see also Carson, C.N. Iron Cutter Blacksmith 1825/52>FtE Blackstone see also Black Rock Black Stone Blackstone Chief 1842 OJI Blackwater, Willie 1968 BC Blain see also Blaine Blain 1870 ONT>ALB Blain, Alexander 1900 ONT>ALB Blain, Arnold 1900 ONT>ALB Blain, Percy 1890 ONT>ALB Blain, Robert 1900 ONT>ALB Blain, Ruth (Haug) Blaine see also Blain Blaine, Nellie 1860 >Lap/BeL>BeL Blaine, Percy see Blain, Percy Blair, Andrew 1870 >SK Blair, John 1855 USA/DC Blair, Mrs. (Todd) 1845 USA/DC Blais 1785 CAN>TZA/PeR/FSJ Blais, A. Dr. 1870 >ALB/StA Blais, Ernest Pres. 1970 MAN/MET/MET Blais, Kenneth 1948 >HiL>LSL Blaise see also Blais Blaise, Richard 1713 QUE>RdR Blake, Bert 1900 >LAB/INN/Grd Blake, Henry 1900 >LAB/INN/Grd Blakely, Russell Capt. 1835 USA/MIN Blakiston, Thomas Lt. 1811 ENG>NS>ENG>MAN>ALB>ENG>CHI> Blanc see also Leblanc Poisson Blanc Blanc, Cadine 1779 >FCh Blanc, Henry see Leblanc, Henry Blanc, Isabelle 1876 LSA>MET Blanc Bapt Poisson see Atikamik, Baptiste Blanche see also Blanc Blanchet Leblanc Blanche, Robert -1864 FtE Blanchet see also Blanche Blanchet, Alexandre, Fr. OMI 1850 >ALB>LSA Blanchet, Francis Norbert,Fr.OMI1818 QUE>ORE Blanchet, Georges, Bro. JES 1827 >WAS/WAL Blanchet, Guy H. 1900 >NWT/GSL> Blanchet, Norbert see Blanchet, Francis N. Blanchette, Sister 1851 CAN>ALB/LSA Blandieon, Virginie see Dion, Virginie Blandion see Blondin Blandion, Antoine see Blondin, Antoine Blandion, Isabelle see Calder, Isabelle Blandione, Antoine see Blondin, Antoine Blanket Woman see Umbe To Wiyan Blanshard, James Gov. 1754 ENG>BC> Blasetti, Guido 1920 >ALB Blashko, Steve 1980 ALB Blatt, Kenneth 1976 RoB Blatto see also Bateau Gladue, Charles Gladue, Francis Blatto 1870 LLB Blaue, Johannes 1645 ITA Blayonne see Blandion Blondin Bleeker 1864 >ALB Bleneau Ahsis see Bleneau Asis Bleneau Asis Chief 1774 FtE/Sas Blenkinsop 1840 >COL> Blesse, Lorne 1874 LRR Blessed One see Peyahan Ka Makosit Blessed Otter see Natoya Mon Blessed Weasel see Natoya Apau Blevins, Monty 1865 WYO Blewitt, Olive 1850- >FtE Bligh, William Capt. 1780 ENG Blind Henry see Fever Shield Blind Beaver Woman c1845- CHI/FtS Blish, John 1913 ALB Bliss, James M. NWMP 1859 >SK/FtW Bliss, William 1862 ALB/HiR Blivan see Blyan Block, R.C. 1900 >ALB Blodget 1836 USA Bloie, T.H. Dr. 1863 >ALB Blond see Sisikwanis Blond Eyebrow 1861 >BgB Blond Hair see Solomon, Moses Blondeau see also Blondin Blondeau, Barthelemi see Blondeau, Joseph Barthelemi Blondeau, Mrs. 1765 Sas/EaH/Nip>SoB>RdR Blondeau, Joseph see Blondeau, Joseph Barthelemi Blondeau, Joseph Barthelemi 1743-90 QUE>MAN>Was> Blondeau, Louis 1784 CAN>FtE>CuH> Blondeau, Maurice Regis 1723 QUE>RdR>CuH/Nip>Sas/SoB> Blondeau, Maurice, Mrs. () 1765 Sas/EaH/Nip>SoB>RdR Blondeau, Sampson 1876 Blondeau, Thomas 1730 QUE>ONT/Mic Blondin see also Blandion Dion Blondin 1780 IRO>LSL Blondin 1860 WMt Blondin 1908 KAW/Sat/Del Blondin, Adelaide Dion 1870 ChT/Alx/FtE>AmW>Sas>MET Blondin, Annie (Whitford) 1860 NAK ALB Blondin, Antoine Dion Chief 1813 IRO/Jsp/FtE/AmW>Sas/Psk Blondin, Antoine Dion Wabisca 1833- Jsp>MET Blondin, Arthur see Dion, Arthur Blondin, ? Blyan Blind f c1856- FtE>Swt>BlQ Blondin, Louis see Dion, Louis Blondin, Catherine (Berland) 1813 IRO ALB Blondin, Felix 1859 CRE ALB Blondin, Isabelle (Calder) Blondin, Jean Baptiste 1790 IRO ALB Blondin, Josette (Cline) CRE Blondin, Maria 1824 CRE ALB Blondin, Maria 1832 CHP/MAN>ALB Blondin, Marie (Grey) 1795- LSL>FtE Blondin, Olive Dion see Dion, Olive Blondin, Olive (L'Hirondelle) Blondin, Peter see Blondin, Pierre Blondin, Pierre 1792- IRO/Sas>LSL>FtE Blondin, Pierre 1860 >WMt>FrL> Blondin, Rosalie Dion Wapiskaw 1842 Alx/Keh>Dum Blondin, Virginie Dion see Dion, Virginie Blondin-Andrew, Ethel M.P. 1974 ONT Blondish see Blondeau Blonjeaux 1988 Pas Blood see also Mihko Blood 1840 KAI>CRE/Msk>BgB Blood 1840 PIK/SoP Blood 1865 BgB>HtL Blood 1865 BgB>Sad Blood, Agatha () 1907- HtL Blood, Almyra 1865/65 ONT Blood, Cheryl 1980 SIK Blood, Mary Anne 1933- Sad Blood, Maxim 1931- Sad Blood, Peter 1907- HtL Blood, Philomena 1930- Sad Blood, Sampson 1875 YeX Blood Clot Boy legend. ARA Blood For Breakfast see Mathewson, Boyd Blood Indian 1875 Oni Bloody Arm Chief 1850 USA>CRO Bloody Hand Hd.Chf. 1804 ARI Bloody Knife see also Grouard, Frank Bloody Knife 1856 DAK/AmH Bloody Scraper Woman see Payapaskwaham Miskwaw Iskwew Bloomfield 1900 USA Blount see also Blunt Blount, Jack 1855 USA>MNT/FtB Blount, William Gov 1765 USA/GEO Bloxham 1988 Pas Bloxham, Morley 1942 ALB Blue, Mary () 1900 ALB Blue Bird see also Klein, Ralph Blue Bird 1874- SIK Blue Coat see also Le Capote Bleu Blue Coat 1846 DAK/San Blue Ears see Maskwa Kwatik Blue Eyes f 1886- CyH>RoB Blue Flash of Lightning see Lambert, Isabelle Blue Grass Woman 1850/79 PIK/BPM Blue Horn 1855 Pou Blue Horn, Solomon 1891- Pou Blue Jacket see Le Capote Bleu Blue Quill, Alexis c1850- Sas/Oon>Swt>BlQ>Sad Blue Quill, Angele (CardinalBl1c1854-26 Sas/Oon>BlQ>Sad Blue Quill, Blyan Blind (Dion) c1859-82 Keh>BlQ Blue Quill, Charlotte 1864- Swt>BlQ>Sad Blue Quill, John (BlQ1) 1895-15cBlQ/Sad Blue Quill, Marie (BlQ1>) 1870 Swt>BlQ>MET Blue Quill, Mary Nancy (BlQ1) 1889- BlQ/Sad Blue Quill, Nancy see Blue Quill, Mary Nancy Blue Quill, Nathaniel (BlQ1) Chf1834-16 Sas/Oon>Swt>BlQ>Sad Blue Quill, Nathaniel child(BlQ1)880- BlQ>Sad Blue Quill, Nathaniel dtr (BlQ1)1880 BlQ>Sad Blue Quill, Nathaniel son (BlQ1)1870- Swt>BlQ>Sad Blue Quill, Nathaniel son (BlQ1)1886- BlQ/Sad Blue Quill, Nathaniel wife (Hunte820 Sas/Oon>Swt>BlQ Blue Quill, Robert (BlQ1) 1892-05cBlQ/Sad Blue Quill, Suzanne Cheechan 1845-97cSas/Oon>Swt> Blue Quill, Suzette (BlQ1>) 1870 Swt>BlQ>Lap>Kat>MET Blue Quills 1814 Oon>Swt>BlQ Blue Quills (BlQ1) Chief 1850 Swt>Oon>BlQ>Sad Blue Sky 1865 FrL Blue Snake Woman 1885 PIK/NoP/BDS Blue Thunder W. Chf. 1830 MaK/Wat Blue Wing, Carol HID Bluehorn see Blue Horn Blunt see also Blount Blunt, C. 1860 >ALB Blyan see also Beyan Blyan, Ann () 1864- >TCr Blyan Blind Blondin see Dion, Blyan Blind Blyan, Felix 1856- >TCr Blyan, William F. 1881- TCr> Boar Bear see also Hog Bear Boar Bear's Head see Maskekwatik Bob 1866 TLN Bob, Jack Nisikopiyasum 1893- Kak Bob Tail see Bobtail Kiskiyew Piche, Alexis Bob Tail Horse 1854 CHY Bob Tailed Chief see Bobtail Chief Bobbinshaw 1810 >AsW/TwD>Lar Bobcat see Piche, Bobcat Bobolink Legend. NEZ Bobtail see Kiskiyew Piche, Alexis Bobtail, Baptiste 1950 Erm Bobtail, Iosette Apitastew Iskwew see Piche, Iosette Bobtail, Suzette see Kiskiyew, Iosette Bobtail Bear see Wasiko Bobtail Bull 1857 DAK/Hun/StB Bobtail Bull, Morris 1856 DAK/Hun Bobtail Chief 1872-60cKAI Bobtail Horse 1851 PIK? Bobtail Wolf Chief 1810 HID/BWf Bockstoce, J. Capt. 1973 >AK>NWT>NUN> Boddy, Dale 1949 ALB Bode Fr. 1700 FRA Bodega see Quadrea, Juan Francisco la Bodega Y Bodmer, Karl 1812 USA>MNT> Bodnar, J.T. 1930 TPa Body see Standingready, William Boehlke, V. M. () 1888 >ALB/MuS/TCr Boeuf Blanc see Le Boeuf Blanc Bogard 1802 USA>MNT Bogg, Thomas J. 1857 >ALB Boggs, Norman M.A. 1947 ALB Bohemund I Bohemund II Bohemund III Count 1275 LEB Bohny, Lillian 1900- USA Boileau see also Beaulieu Boileau, David 1978 SK Boileau, Francois see Beaulieu, Francois Boileau, Josephine see Beaulieu, Josephine Boisgontier Bro. 1860 LSA Boisguillot, Francois de see De Boisguillot Boishebert 1682 QUE>MIN> Boisjolis 1862 CAN>ALB/LSA Boismenu, Joseph 1727 QUE>MAN Boissel, Charles 1725 QUE Boissel, Josephte 1745 QUE Boissel, Therese Rose (Daudelin)1731 QUE Boissoneau see also Boissonnault Boissoneau, Roy Chief 1975 OJI/GaR Boissonnault see also Boissoneau Boissonnault, Hormisdas 1871 CAN>ALB/StA Boisverd see Boisvert Boisvert, Antoine 1784 CAN>Rat>CuH Boisvert, Augustin 1764 CAN>RdR Boisvert, Baptiste see Boisvert, Jean Baptiste Boisvert, Jean Baptiste 1784 CAN>Sas/FtE>TrM/KUT>RMH>KUT Boisvert, Kangon () 1790 KUT Boisvert, Louis 1784 CAN>Wap/Dau Boisvert, Toussaint 1784 CAN>CuH Boisvert, William 1794 CAN>TrM/ORE Bolduc, Louisa () 1866- MET/Sas>MuS Bolduc, Rigso 1850- QUE>ALB/Sas>MuS Bolinot see also Beaulieu/Belleau Bolinot 1804 >RdR/WHP Bollan, Genevieve see Bruyere, Genevieve Bollan, Richard see Collin, Richard Boller, Henry 1831 USA>ND>HID> Bolton see also Boulton Bolton, George 1878 >ALB> Bolton, William John Col. 1834 ENG>CAN>ENG Bombard, Alain Dr. 1930 Bomber Karle 1924 ENG Bompas, William C. Bish. 1830/06>Mac>FCh Bon, Heloise 1870 FRA>BC Bonais see also Bonneau Bonnes Bonais 1895 Pou Bonais, Alec 1915/91 Pou Bonais, Alex 1950 SmB Bonais, Doris () 1920 LiP Bonais, Walter c1912- Pou>LiP Bonap, Malcom 1950 CHP/SOT/SwL Bonaventure see also Cardinal, Jean Baptiste Bonaventure, Edward HMS 1550 ENG>NUN>ENG Bonaventure, Jean Baptiste see Cardinal, Jean Baptiste Bonaventure, Joseph 1784 CAN>Ath/FCh Bond 1854 USA>MNT>ALB/BLK Bond, Charles 1963 >NWT> Bond, Frederick Bligh 1885 ENG Bond, Rowland 1960 ONT Bone f 1830 MaA>Oka Bone, Anna 1815 GER Bone, Brian 1978/10 BeL/Mou>Edm Bone, Charles see Bond, Charles Bone, Dennis 1978 BeL/Mou>Edm Bone, Edward Potts 1987 Alx Bone, Garry 1978 BeL/Mou>Edm Bone, Harold Chief 1975 Kee Bone, Harry see Bone, Harold Bone, Jacquelin 1978 BeL/Mou>Edm Bone, Janice 1978 BeL/Mou>Edm Bone, Joyce 1978 BeL/Mou>Edm Bone, Lawrence 1978 BeL/Mou Bone, Marie Mistah??? 1862 EdS Bone, child 1877 EdS Bone, Rema (Mountain) 1945 BeL/Mou>Edm Bone, Robert Chief 1977 DAK/SxV Bone, Sam 1945/97 LLB>BeL Bone, William 1889 LLB/BeL Bonhomme 1811 >TrM/KUT Bonilla, Antoine de Capt. 1755 >NSP/NMX Bonko, Bud MLA 1985 ALB Bonneau see also Bonais Bonnin Bonneau, Alphone see Bonneau, Mathias Alphone Bonneau, Annie 1905 CyH/MET/MuS Bonneau, Cecile (LaFournaise) 1868 RdR/CyH>MuS/MET Bonneau, Elmire 1890 Bonneau, Francois 1794- CAN>Was Bonneau, Francoise 1801- RdR Bonneau, J. 1704 QUE>USA/NMX> Bonneau, Jean Baptiste 1742- CAN>Wap>Sas/FtE Bonneau, Josue 1905 CyH/MET/MuS Bonneau, Louise (Gariepy) Bonneau, Louise () 1760- Wap>Sas/FtE Bonneau, Madeleine 1805- Wap>Sas/FtE>ND>MIS Bonneau, Marguerite 1810- RdR Bonneau, Marie (Favel) 1795- RdR Bonneau, Marie Rose 1905 CyH/MET/MuS Bonneau, Mathias Alphone 1905 CyH/MET/MuS Bonneau, Patrice 1905 CyH/MET/MuS Bonneau, Pierre 1764 CAN>NIP>RdR Bonneau, Pierre 1798- RdR Bonner, Edwin L. 1844 USA Bonnes see also Bonnais Bonnes, Valarie 1975 DET Bonnetrouge 1920 DEH/Kak>FPr Bonnetrouge, Albert 1980 DEH/FPr Bonnetrouge, Bernard 1980 DEH/FPr Bonnetrouge, Caroline 1980 DEH/FPr Bonnetrouge, Frank 1980 DEH/FPr Bonnetrouge, Joachim Chief 1980 DEH/FPr Bonneville, Captain see Bonneville, Louis Bonneville IndCo 1722 QUE>RdR Bonneville, Jean 1900 Bonneville, Louis Eulalie de 1800 USA/DC>MIS>WAS> Bonnin, Francois 1785 CAN>RyL Bonoparte see also Buonaparte Chat Ka Bonoparte 1838 HID Bonoparte, Napoleon Emp 1770 COR>FRA Bonthoux, Marius 1895 MET/PaK Bontogon, Kevin Neal 1986- ALB/Cgy Bony Specter Myth Boode 1859 MIN>ALB Boode, Axel 1878 MIN>ALB>MaW> Boode, Myrtle (Thomas) 1881 FtE/MaW>MET Boode, Ole 1878 MIN>ALB>MaW> Booge 1840 >SD Boone, u/k 1734-00 USA/PEN>KTY>MIS Boone, Daniel 1734-19 USA/PEN>KTY>MIS Boone, Rebecca () 1750-45 KTY>MIS Boorne, William Hanson 1859-45>ALB Boostrom 1982 FMy Boostrom 1988 Pas Booth, Fleur 1945 Booth, William 1829-12 USA Boots see Walker, James Borchet, Edward 1923 ALB/MET>ENG>ALB Bordeaux see also Boureaux Bordeaux, James Bordeaux, Louis Bordeaux, Michel see Bourdeaux, Michel Bordeaux, Susan Borden, Robert Sir 1865 ONT Boren 1875 USA/UTA Boren, Kerry 1925 USA/UTA Borghese, Bro. OMI 1899 LSA Borkowski, Landon John 1985- InS/Van>Edm Borland, Pascal see Breland, Pascal Born In The Day see Godin, Kisikaw Awasis Kisikaw Awasis Born Upside Down see Johnston, Born Upside Down Born With A Tooth, Milton Wr.Chf1965 PIK/NoP/BDS/LoF Born With Teeth 1890 PIK/NoP/BDS Born Wrong see also Johnston, Born Upside Down Born Wrong f 1864- SK>RoB Bornille, Bro. OMI 1907 FCh Borough, Stephen 1536 ENG>AK>NWT>ENG Borthwick, Thomas Com. 1885 >SK> Bortolon 1988 Pas Boru, Brian King 1000 IRE Boruck see also Borwick Burke Boruck, Andy 1930 BC/Van>ALB Boruck, Anna 1980 ALB Boruck, Cindy 1980 ALB Boruck, Kenneth 1980 ALB Boruck, Leslie 1980 ALB Boruck, Margaret Enid (Hunter) 1929 ChO/Pig> Boruck, Michael Boruck, Monty 1980 ALB Boruck, Reginald 1927/85 ChO/Pig> Boruck, Sara Mae 1980 ALB Boruck, Tyler 1980 ALB Borwick see also Boruck Burke Borwick, Bethsey (Fraser) 1833- LSA>Jsp>LSA>FtE Borwick, Elizabeth (Erasmus) 1867- Gdf>FtE>BlQ> Borwick, John 1863- FtE/LSA>Gdf>FtE>BlQ> Borwick, William 1836 >FtE>Gdf>FtE Boskoyous see also Bostonais Boskoyous 1859 >Wab Boskoyous, Adelaide 1863 >Pas>Lap Boskoyous, Noel 1890 Wab Bosquet, Michel see Bousquet, Michel Boss Ribs 1868 PIK/Nit Bosse, Daleen Kay (Muskego) 1979-04 OnL> Bosse, Faith 2004- OnL Bosse, Jeremiah 1978 >OnL> Bostick see Bostwick Bostonais see also Pangman Bostonais 1808 PeR Bostonais, Catherine Sesawekaskowe58 LLB/Pey Bostonais, Marie Anne 1834 >Kat Bostonais, Pierre Tete Jaune 1782-28 IRO>Sas/Jsp>Ota Bostonnais see Bostonais Bostwick, Ephraim 1840/63 USA>IDA Bostwick, H.S. 1834/77 USA/ND>NAK/Low>TrM/NEZ Bostwick, Henry 1743 ENG>QUE>ONT/Mic>CuH>MiN Bostwick, Joseph 1797 >TrM/ORE Bosum 1920 MiN Bosum, Abel Chief 1976 OjB Bosum, Charles 1950 OjB Bosum, David 1940 MiN Bosum, Frederick 1980 OjB Bosum, Mary-Ann () 1940 OjB Boswell 1846 ENG Boswell 1854 ONT>BC> Botham, Albert 1900 >ALB Botham, Bert see Botham, Albert Botham, Major see Botham, Albert Botham, Susan 1949 ALB Botheras, Bessie (Dean) Bottineau see also Battenotte Battineau Patenaude Bottineau, Agnes 1878 StP Bottineau, Alfred Bottineau, Amable 1828- BlM/KaM>RdR>Pem Bottineau, Angelic (Cardinal) 1824- CRE/BlM>RdR Bottineau, Angelic 1840- RdR>Pem Bottineau, Angelic 1841- CHP/RdR Bottineau, Antoine Bottineau, Baptiste Baton Sisikw see Patenaude, Baptiste Sisikwanis Bottineau, Charles Joseph c1750-24 FRE>USA>BlM/KaM>RdR Bottineau, Charles The General 1825/72cRdR>ND/HID>RdR/Pem Bottineau, Charles 1847- CHP/RdR Bottineau, Charles 1851- StP Bottineau, Daniel 1845- RdL>StP Bottineau, Edith Bottineau, Elsie 1846 RdL>StP Bottineau, Elssier 1845- CHP/RdR Bottineau, Filicite see also Arcand, Philesta Bottineau, Felicite (Arcand) 1818- RdR>RMH/Pes>MaA>Sis Bottineau, Geneva L. 1843- RdL>StP Bottineau, Genevieve see Bottineau, Geneva L. Bottineau, Genevieve L. (Laurence)18- MIN>RdR/Pem>RdL>StP>TMt Bottineau, Genevieve 1850 OJI Bottineau, Geniva Bottineau, George 1870 StP>RdL/WhE Bottineau, Helenor 1846- RdR/Pem Bottineau, Henry 1856- StP Bottineau, Isabell 1837- RdR>Pem Bottineau, Isabella 1817- KaM/RdR/Pem> Bottineau, Isabelle see Bottineau, Isabell Bottineau, Isabella Bottineau, Isadore 1828- RdR>RMH>Pem>Sis>Pem Bottineau, James 1730 FRA Bottineau, Jean Baptiste Chief 1840-11 BlM/KaM/RdR>Pem>TMt>MET Bottineau, Jennie 1878 StP Bottineau, John 1838- RdL>StP Bottineau, John 1846- CHP/RdR Bottineau, John 1868 SOT/TMt/LiS Bottineau, Joseph Charles see Bottineau, Charles Joseph Bottineau, Joseph 1820- BlM>RdR Bottineau, Joseph 1843- CHP/RdR Bottineau, Josephte (Bourassa) 1815 Sas>RMH>Sas Bottineau, Josephte (Chatelain) 1815 Sip>FtE> Bottineau, Josette (Cardinal) Bottineau, Josette () 1808- RdR>FtE>Pem Bottineau, Josette 1835- RdR>Pem Bottineau, Josette 1836- BlM>RdR Bottineau, Julie Bottineau, Laura 1878 StP Bottineau, Lelette see Patenaude, Lelette Bottineau, Leon 1846 OJI/RdR Bottineau, Lewis Bottineau, Lillie Bottineau, Louis Bottineau, Margaret (Clear Sky) 1780 OJI/BlM/PLP/Kat/Sip>RdR Bottineau, Margaret Techomehgood1780 CRE/BlM/PoP/KaM/Sip>RdR Bottineau, Margaret 1816 OJI Bottineau, Margaret 1845 RMH>Pem>Sis Bottineau, Margarite 1836- RdR>Pem Bottineua, Marguerite see also Patenaude, Lelette Bottineua, Marguerite see Patenaude, Margarite Bottineau, Marguerite 1841- KaM>RdR>FtE>Pem Bottineau, Marie see also Patenaude, Marie Bottineau, Marie (Beaudoin) Bottineau, Marie 1811 MET/BlM>FtE/Sas>Jsp/PeR/Cal Bottineau, Martha (Gervais) 1838- NeJ>MIN/StP Bottineau, Martha 1852- StP Bottineau, Mary 1834- BlM>RdR Bottineau, Mary Kayatowe 1840- FtE>Sip>Vic>Kis>FtE>MET Bottineau, Maryann see Patenaude, Maryann Bottineau, Mathilde 1878 StP Bottineau, May 1844- RdR>Pem Bottineau, Michel 1806- BlM/KaM>RdR>FtE>Pem Bottineau, Noah 1878 StP Bottineau, Norman 1878 StP Bottineau, Ortman Bottineau, Peter 1841- RdL>StP Bottineau, Phileomon 1847- Pem Bottineau, Philesta see Arcande, Felicite Bottineau, Philesta see Patenaude, Philesta Bottineau, Pierre c1816-95 CRE/KaM/RdR/Pem>RdL>StP>TuM Bottineau, Pierre 1816-95 OJI/KaM/RdR/Pem>RdL>StP>TMt Bottineau, Pierre Chief 1850 Pem/TuM Bottineau, Rosalie 1848- RdL>StP Bottineau, Sarah Bottineau, Selina 1853- StP Bottineau, Sevare Bottineau, Sophie Bottineau, Stephen 1700 FRA Bottineau, Surveyor Bottineau, Susannah (Faneuil) Bottineau, Therese see Patenaude, Therese Bottineau, William 1853- StP Bottle 1919 KAI Bottle, Camoose 1910 KAI Bottle, James 1930 KAI Bottrell 1920 >ALB Bottrell, Selina 1725 ENG Bouch, Alphonse see Boucher, Alphonse Bouchard 1920 DET/Kot> Bouchard, Antoine 1784 CAN>MiN Bouchard, J. 1727 QUE>ONT Bouchard, Maril (L'Hirondelle) Bouchard, Reginald 1947 MET/ALB/HiL Bouchard, T., Bro. OMI 1927 LSA Bouchardville 1840/56 USA/ND Bouche see Boucher Bouche, Alexis see Boucher, Jean Baptiste Bouche, Jean Marie see Boucher, Jean Marie Bouche, Madeline see Boucher, Madeline Boucher 1759 QUE Boucher 1784 CAN>LSL Boucher 1784 CAN>FtE Boucher 1786 CAN>RMH> Boucher 1802 Boucher 1810 >CAR Boucher 1820 >RdR Boucher 1829 RdR Boucher 1835 RdR>ALB> Boucher 1853 FMc Boucher 1865 QUE>ONT>QUE Boucher 1963 FCh Boucher 1988 Pas
Boucher, Adam Chief 1865 CHI/FMc>FMy Boucher, Adeline 1867- ONT Boucher, Aimable (Bruneau) see Bruneau, Marie Aimable Boucher, Albert James 1921-06 Keh/Sad/Sas>NAK Boucher, Alexis see Boucher, Jean Baptiste Boucher, Alphonse 1670 CAN>MAN>YkF>SK>NAK Boucher, Alvin Kenneth 1970- CHI/FCh Boucher, Augustin 1876- Wrd>Kis>PIK>MET Boucher, Baptiste see also Boucher, Jean Baptiste Boucher, Baptiste 1860 >Was Boucher, Betsy 1875- Kis>MET Boucher, C.E. 1877 Was Boucher, Caroline (L'Esparance) Boucher, Caroline (Monroe) 1860 PIK/NoP>Kis Boucher, Catherine Rose (Gladue)1833- LSL>LSA/Pas>Pau>Pas>MET Boucher, Catherine 1940 Boucher, Cecile 1838 Gdf>FtE>MET Boucher, Cecile 1870 Boucher, Charles 1780 CAN>FtE Boucher, Cheryl Lynn 1971- FCh Boucher, Christiana 1849- BeL/Pey>LLB Boucher, Christina 1926-00 Keh/Sad/Sas>TSU Boucher, Christine see Boucher, Christina Boucher, Clara 1900 FMc/FMy Boucher, Clarence 1900 FMc/FMy Boucher, Clarisse 1855- Pas Boucher, Colin 1884- Pas>MET Boucher, Cyrille 1856-43 FtE/Pas>MET Boucher, Dan 1935 Keh/Sad/Sas> Boucher, Doreen 1941 CRE/NAK>TSU Boucher, E. Boucher, Edouard 1841- ONT Boucher, Edward see also Bouchier Boucher, Edward 1832 FtE>Kis Boucher, Edward 1852 FtE>Kis Boucher, Edwin Henry 1963- FCh Boucher, Efe see Boucher, Eve Boucher, Elise 1800- RdR Boucher, Elizabeth 1800- RdR Boucher, Elizabeth () 1866- LLB Boucher, Elizabeth 1874-75 Kis Boucher, Elize 1872/72 Lap Boucher, Ellen (Malaterre) 1836- SK/RdR>Ath>Kis>MET Boucher, Ernest Clifford 1938- FCh Boucher, Eugene c1940- FCh Boucher, Eva 1866 FtE>Kis> Boucher, Eve 1861- FtE>Wrd>Kis>MET Boucher, Francis 1867- >LLB Boucher, Francis 1935 Keh/Sad/Sas> Boucher, Franco see Boucher, Francois Boucher, Francois 1765- Boucher, Francois 1784 CAN>FCh>Dun Boucher, Francois 1784 CAN>MiN Boucher, Francois Firmin 1805 NWT>Was>RdR Boucher, Francois 1824- PeR>LSL Boucher, Francois 1837- ONT Boucher, Francois Sr. 1844 NWT>LSL>Was Boucher, Francois Jr. 1864 NWT>LSL>Was Boucher, Francois 1867- >LLB Boucher, Francoise (St. Germaine)770- Mac>RdR Boucher, Francoise 1869 NWT>LSL>Was Boucher, G. 1875 MuS/Duh Boucher, Genevieve see Boucher, Paul Boucher, Genevieve (Petit Couteau) Boucher, George Edward see Bouchier Boucher, Harry 1938 DET/InC Boucher, Henri see also Bouchier, Henri Boucher, Henri 1840- ONT Boucher, Henry 1930 FCh Boucher, Herman 1900 FMc/FMy Boucher, Isabella 1820- IDA Boucher, Isabella 1821-60 WAS Boucher, Isabelle (Breland) 1837-70 LSA>AmW Boucher, Isabelle (Ward) 1859 Wrd>Kis>PIK>MET Boucher, Ivan 1983 FMy Boucher, J. Boucher, Jacques 1671 QUE Boucher, James 1901 Sas>TSU Boucher, James Chief 1976 FMy Boucher, Jane 1818- FrR Boucher, Jean Baptiste 1695 QUE Boucher, Jean Baptiste La Malice1782/50 CAN>PeR>FrR Boucher, Jean Baptiste 1786 CAN>IDA Boucher, Jean Baptiste 1802 >LSL Boucher, Jean Baptiste 1802- QUE>ONT Boucher, Jean Baptiste 1822- FrR?>LSL Boucher, Jean-Claude see Boucher, Joseph-Claude Boucher, Jean Marie 1799- QUE?>FCh Boucher, Jeanne (Crevier) 1635 QUE Boucher, Joan 1968- FCh Boucher, John 1874- LSA/AmW>Kis>MET> Boucher, John 1879 PrR Boucher, Joseph-Claude 1715- CAN>RdR>AsW Boucher, Joseph 1751 CAN> Boucher, Joseph 1780 CAN/MET>FtE>MuS>FtE>Pas Boucher, Joseph 1800 FtE Boucher, Joseph 1832 LSL Boucher, Joseph 1841- ONT/Pen Boucher, Joseph 1851- FMc Boucher, Joseph 1870 QUE>WMt> Boucher, Joseph 1878-79 Kis Boucher, Joseph 1880- Kis>TrM/FLA>MET Boucher, Joseph 1885 FMc>FMy Boucher, Joseph 1995 FMc/FMy Boucher, Josephine 1869- Ath>LLB Boucher, Josephte (Cardinal) 1835- Boucher, Josephte (Piche) Boucher, Judith 1835- Ath>LLB Boucher, Julia () 1808- ONT Boucher, Julia c1940- FCh Boucher, Julian 1955 FCh Boucher, Kanhopitsa () 1806 IDA Boucher, Katrine 1828 LSL Boucher, La Malice see Boucher, Jean Baptiste Boucher, Lamalice see Boucher, Jean Baptiste Boucher, Lamalieu see Boucher, Paul Boucher, Lamalise see Boucher, Jean Baptiste Boucher, Larnalici see Boucher, Paul Boucher, Lena 1970 Boucher, Loraine Denise 1964- FCh Boucher, Louis see also Bouchier, Louis Boucher, Louis 1860 FMc Boucher, Louis 1895 FMc>FMy>FCh Boucher, Louisa 1846- ONT Boucher, Louise (Lake) 1885- Ale/CyH>StA Boucher, Louise () 1800- Boucher, Louise (Hodgson) 1832- FtE/Pas>MuS>LSA/Niy>MET Boucher, Louise 1885- >CyH> Boucher, Louise 1935 Keh/Sad/Sas> Boucher, Louison 1852 LSA>Wrd>Kis>PIK>MET Boucher, Lournalist see Boucher, Paul Boucher, Lucy 1860 >QUE Boucher, Lucy 1871 >CyH> Boucher, M. Rosine 1900 FMc/FMy Boucher, Madeleine 1810- Ath>RdR Boucher, Madeleine 1860 Sas>FMc>FMy>FCh Boucher, Madeline see also McDougall, Nancy Boucher, Madeline 1808 LSL Boucher, Madeline 1822 Boucher, Margaret 1882-98 Wrd>Kis>PIK> Boucher, Margaret c1944- FCh Boucher, Marguerite (Arcand/Dupu)800 Sip>FtE Boucher, Marguerite 1832 LSL? Boucher, Marie (Ouebadinskoue) 1637-50 HUR Boucher, Marie Aimable 1671 QUE Boucher, Marie 1829- FtE/Pas>Kis>MET Boucher, Marie 1835- ONT Boucher, Marie 1840-70 FtE/Pas Boucher, Marie Aimable (Bruneau)1835 Jsp>LSA>AmW>Kis> Boucher, Marie (Todd) 1859- LSA/AmW>Kis>MET>HiR Boucher, Marie 1869/70 LSA/AmW Boucher, Marie Marianne 1873- Wrd>Kis>PIK>MET Boucher, Marie Louise 1877- LSA/AmW>Kis>MET> Boucher, Marie () 1943 LLB Boucher, Marie 1950 Keh/Sad/Sas>NAK>TSU Boucher, Marlene 1960- LLB Boucher, Marlene Carrol 1965- FCh Boucher, Mary 1841- ONT/Pen Boucher, Mary Jane 1860- ONT/Pen Boucher, Mary (Waskewitch) 1907 Sas Boucher, Mary () 1910 TSU Boucher, Mary Jane 1942- FCh Boucher, Maskwa 1841 FtE Boucher, Melba Bonnie 1967- FCh Boucher, Michel 1861- ONT Boucher, Michel 1880 FMy/FMc>FCh Boucher, Myrna see Bouchier, Myrna Boucher, Nancy (McDougall) 1802 FrR>LSL Boucher, Natale Sue 1974- FCh Boucher, Nichonis 1851- ONT/Pen Boucher, Noir 1780 CAN>RdR Boucher, Paul Sr. 1766- MET>RdR Boucher, Paul Jr. c1780- Ath>RdR Boucher, Pelagie 1820 Boucher, Peter 1799- QUE>ONT Boucher, Peter 1871- ONT Boucher, Philomen 1899 FMc>FMy>FCh Boucher, Pierre Gov. 1625 FRA>QUE/3Ri/HUR Boucher, Pierre Sr. 1829 >LSA/FtE/AmW>Kis> Boucher, Pierre Jr. 1849- LSA/AmW>Kis>MET>HiR Boucher, Rene Chipchi 1939 LLB Boucher, Robert 1829 >BeL>LLB Boucher, Ronald Paul 1963-05 LLB>FtE Boucher, Rose (Gladue) 1841 LSA/Pas Boucher, Rosette see also Boucher, M. Rosine Boucher, Rosette-Josephete (Laram818 ONT Boucher, Rosine see Boucher, M. Rosine Boucher, Sandra 1962- LLB Boucher, Sarah 1935 CRE/Keh/Sad/Sas>TSU Boucher, Sheilla 1950 CRE/Keh/Sad/Sas>NAK/TSU Boucher, Sophie 1820- MET/SEK/FrR Boucher, Susan 1849- FtE/Pas>RoB Boucher, Susanne see Bushie, Susanne Boucher, Susanne 1859 Pas>MuS>NoB>MET Boucher, Theophilus 1866 LLB Boucher, Thomas 1835- LSA>Pas>MET Boucher, Thomas 1840 LSL? Boucher, Virginie 1879- LSA/AmW>Kis>MET> Boucher, Vitaline (Berland) 1868- Cal>Pas>MET Boucher, William see Bushie, William Boucher, William 1853- Pas>RoB Boucher, William 1942 LLB Bouchette see also Bouche Boucher Bouchette, Joseph 1790 QUE? Boucherte see also Bouche Boucher Bouchier see also Boucher Bouchier, Ambroise 1918- FCh Bouchier, Ann Norma 1962- FCh Bouchier, Archie 1926- FCh Bouchier, Charles 1911- FMc/FMy>Jan Bouchier, Christina see Boucher, Christine Bouchier, Christine see Boucher, Christina Bouchier, Christopher Lloyd 1965- FCh Bouchier, Emile 1911- FMM Bouchier, Flora () 1919- FMM>Jan Bouchier, Francis see Boucher, Francis Bouchier, George Edward 1955-06 CHI/FMy>Jan Bouchier, Henry 1916- FCh>FMy Bouchier, Hermas 1911- CHI/FMy Bouchier, James see Boucher, James Bouchier, Joseph see Boucher, Joseph Bouchier, Lena 1990 see Boucher, Lena Bouchier, Louis 1893- CRE/FMc>FMy>FCh Bouchier, Louisa see Boucher, Louisa Bouchier, Louise 1935- FCh Bouchier, Louise see Boucher, Louisa Bouchier, Margaret see Boucher, Margaret Bouchier, Maria 1920- CHI/FMc Bouchier, Mary see also Boucher, Mary Bouchier, Mary Jane () 1919- CHI/FMy Bouchier, Mary Jane 1924- FCh Bouchier, Myrna Shirley 1960- CHI/FMy>Jan Bouchier, Nicole see Bourque-Bouchier, Nicole Bouchier, Palagie 1909- FMc/FMy Bouchier, Philomen 1900- FCh Bouchier, Victor Peter 1962- FCh Boucy, Catherine see Boucher, Catherine Boucy, Clarisse see Boucher, Clarisse Boudin, George 1908 BC>NWT Boudreau see also Boudrie Boudreau 1865 FrL Boudreau, Adelaide Marie (Arcand)814-94 Sas>Pes>Was Boudreau, Alexandre Cayen Kito W1834- Was/MuL>MET Boudreau, Lucien 1870 >FtE Boudreau, Pierre Cayen 1814 >Was Boudrie 1782 CAN>ALB Bougainville 1740 QUE Bouille see also Boyer Bouille, Michel 1826 CHP/SSt Bouis, Anthony R. 1825 USA/MIS Boulard, Michel 1782 CAN>RMH>KUT>SAL> Boulard, Shewank 1820 ALB/Sas/FtE Boulenc, Cyprien 1873 Sas/Sad Boulteau, Charles 1755 CAN>CuH/Nip Boulton see also Bolton Boulton, C.A. DLS 1865 >SK>ALB> Bouquet, Henry Col. 1743 USA Bourassa see also Bourrassa Bourassa 1730 QUE>ONT/Mac Bourassa, Angele 1805- Sas/Sip>Pes/AsW>MET Bourassa, Jean Baptiste 1800 CAN>Sip Bourassa, John 1795 CAN>PeR/FtV Bourassa, John 1800 CAN>TZA/PeR/Dun Bourassa, John 1850 >FtV Bourassa, Joseph, Fr. OMI 1817- CAN>LSA>RdR>QUE Bourassa, Josephte 1815 Sas>RMH>Sas Bourassa, Margerite (Beaulieu) 1791 MET/FtE Bourassa, Marie 1830 RdR>LLB Bourassa, Michel 1785 CAN>FtE Bourassa, Michel 1865 >BgB> Bourbon see also Bourdon Bourbonne Bourbon, F. 1866 >ALB Bourbon, Pierre see Bourdon, Pierre Bourbonais, Antoine 1726 QUE>ONT/MAN Bourbonais, Lafrance 1750 QUE>ONT/MAN Bourbonnaire, Marie, Sister 1940 >FCh Bourbonnaire, Olivine, Sister 1940 >FCh Bourbonnais, Antoine see Bourbonais, Antoine Bourcier see Bercier Bourdeaux, Antoine 1830 MNT Bourdeaux, James 1820 >MNT Bourdeaux, Louis 1726 QUE>ONT/Mic Bourdeaux, Louis 1880 Bourdeaux, Michel 1770/12 CAN/IRO>ILL>MNT/FLA Bourdeaux, Pierre Michel see Michel, Pierre Bourdesaws see Bourassa, Fr. Bourdesaint see Bourassa, Fr. Bourdignon 1794 ORE Bourdignon, Isaac 1784 CAN>ONT/Kam Bourdignon, Pierre see Bruyere, Pierre Bourdon see also Bourbon Bourdeaux Bourdon 1778 CAN/IRO>FtE>RMH Bourdon, Laperle 1732 QUE>ONT/Mac Bourdon, Pierre 1727 QUE>ONT Bourgard see also Beauregard Bourgard, Charles 1821 QUE>FtE Bourgard, Ellen 1840- FtE Bourgard, Ioset () 1827 LSL>FtE Bourgeau, Eugene 1813-77 ENG>ALB>ENG>RUS Bourgemont, Sieur de see Venyard, Etienne Bourgeois, Albertine () 1900 Bourgeois, Arthur 1895 Bourgeois, Augustine 1915-05 Bourgeois, Elise (Beaudoin) 1920 Bourgeois, Guillaume 1666 FRE/ACA/NS Bourgeois, Jacques Dr. 1645 FRA>ACA/NS Bourgeois, Marianne (Aprendestigu670 MIQ/MET Bourgine, Fr. OMI 1849 >LSA Bourgmond, Sieur de see Venyard, Etienne Bourgmont, Sieur de see Venyard, Etienne Bourgout see Atistikat Bourguignon see Bourdignon Bourguignon, Isaac see Bourdignon, Isaac Bouri, Marguerite 1802 GSL Bourier, Antoine see Bouvier, Antoine Bourk see Boruck Bourque Bourke Bourke see also Boruck Boruck Bourque Bourke, Bunny see Bourke, Gabriel Bourke, Gabriel Bunny 1950 FCh Bourke, Gary 1857 >MNT/FtB Bourke, John 1792- IRE>RdR Bourke, Nancy (Campbell) 1800 MET/DAK/RdR Bourke, Oliver 1970 Con>LLB Bourke, Roland 1972 FCh Bourke, Wesley 1987 FtE/LLB Bourke, William Henry 1879 CHI/FCh/FDL Bourque see also Bourke Bourque 1837 >LLB Bourque 1870 LLB> Bourque, u/k 1875 ChO/Pig> Bourque 1988 Pas Bourque, Agathe () 1847- LLB Bourque, Arsene 1864- LLB>Duh/ChO> Bourque, Beatrix 1910 LLB>LLo>LLB Bourque, Jane 1875- >FtE Bourque, Joseph 1868- LLB>Sad Bourque, Hannah () 1870- Sad Bourque, Margaret () 1874- Sad Bourque, Nicole see Bourque-Bouchier, Nicole Bourque, Sarah 1970 Con>LLB Bourque, Silvestre 1871- Sad Bourque, Yvonne c1950- FCh Bourque-Bouchier, Nicole 1985 FMc Bourrassa see also Bourassa Bourrassa 1796 FtE>RdR Bourre 1776 CAN/IRO>RdR>RMH Bourret 1776 CAN>RdR>RMH Bousquet, Charles 1779 CAN>MIN/FDL Bousquet, Michel 1822 LSL Bouton, Pierre see Landry, Pierre Bouton Bouvette see also Beauvais Bouvette, Francis 1805 CAN>FtE/LSA Bouvette, LaLouise see Beauvais, Louise Bouvette, Susanne (Lussier) 1805 Sas>Pes>Dum>LSA/FtE Bouvette, Susanne 1828- FtE/LSA/MuS>Kis>FtE>MET Bouvier see Bruyere, Pierre Bouvier 1764 CAN Bouvier, u/k 1905 >DET Bouvier, Antoine LaVigne 1773 CAN>RdR Bouvier, Catherine (Beaulieau) Bouvier, Clemence 1851- RdR Bouvier, Frank 1894 LLB Bouvier, Jean Baptiste 1784 CAN>MiN Bouvier, Joseph 1850 MET/MiN>DEH/FtR Bouvier, Katherine (Beaulieau) Bouvier, Louis 1859/79 BC/SAL Bouvier, Marge see Bouvier, Marjorie Bouvier, Marjorie Simpson Cartoon Character Bouvier, Paul 1940 LLB Bouvier, R. 1956 CAN>NUN>NWT>AK Bouvier, Rose 1901- CHP/DeL>CAN Bouvier, Selma Cartoon Character Bove see also Beauvais Bouvier Bove 1748/80 CAN>CuH/Nip>YkF>CuH Bovoroy, Alan 1957 ALB Bow 1871- CRE/SK>MNT/RoB Bowdoin see Beaudoin Bowell, Mackenzie P.M. 1866 ONT/OTT Bowen, Dennis Chief 1975 IRO/Sen Bowen, John L. 1900 MET/SK Bowen, John Lt.Gov. 1912 ALB Bower see also Boyer Bower, L.M. 1888 >SEK Bower, Theodor 1938 Edm Bowerman, u/k 1852 >RdR Bowerman, G.R. Hon.Min.1952 SK Bowes Bro.OMI 1861 LSA Bowethich see Bostwick Bowitigowinin 1745 CHP/IRO/StM>RdL Bowles, Augusta King 1775/05 CHE/CRK Bowles, Eliza (Halfbreed) Bowles, James Bowles, John 1796 Bowles, Leo Bennet Bowles, Nannie (Downing) Bowles, Ootiyu () 1800 Bowles, Rebecca 1816-66MET>DAK Bowles, Richard Bowles, Richard H. Bowman, u/k Col. 1900 >ALB Bowman, Earl CHP/OJI Bowman, John Col. 1759 USA/KTY Bowdrige, u/k Cpl. 1877 NWMP>SK/PaK Bowtell 1885 >ALB Bowtell, Fred 1885- >ALB Box Elder 1856 CHY Boy see also Eagle Calf Manchild Nahpesis Napesis Saukamapi Sokumapi Young Boy Boy Chief 1850 PIK/HTK/BeC Boy, John 1869 Gdf ## Boy Chief 1864-47 SIK Boy Chief, Elise 1900 SIK Boy Chief, Jane 1915 SIK Boy Child see also Man child Napesis Young Boy Boyah see also Bayard Beyan Beyer Boyer Boyah, Isadore 1865 FrL Boyd, Alfred 1853 MAN Boyd, D. 1810 SCO Boyd, David 1945 ALB Boyd, Douglas 1977 CHP/Sag Boyd, Heather 1950 ALB Boyd, Isabelle M. 1868 MNT>AK Boyden, Joseph 1960 >MoF> Boyer see also Bayard Bayar Beyer Boyah Boyer, u/k 1720 QUE>MAN/RdR Boyer, u/k 1830 MET/FLA Boyer, Abraham Lincoln 1868-40 CHP/USA/IND/SD>CAN/ALB Boyer, Albert 1861- MET/MAN Boyer, Andrea (Piche) Boyer, Angelique (Pepin) Boyer, Baptiste 1811 FtE/AmW>TrM>Was Boyer, Baptiste 1865 MET/SK/PaK Boyer, Charles 1735- MET/CHP/Mac>Mis>Ass>RdR>TZA Boyer, Charles 1761- MIC>Ass/RdR>Ota>PeR> Boyer, Cote Francois 1860/85 Kat Boyer, David 1920-06 Edm>EUR>CAN Boyer, David 1947 MET/FtV Boyer, Elli 1822/76 CHP/USA/IND Boyer, Francis 1733 ONT/RyL Boyer, Francois see Boyer, Cote Francois Boyer, Fulgence 1852- MET/MAN Boyer, Genevieve (Martin) 1826- MET/MAN Boyer, Helene (McMillan) 1811- AmW/FrE>TrM/FLA>Was Boyer, Ignace 1721-84 CAN/MIC/DET Boyer, Isadore 1865 FrL Boyer, Josette Marguer(DuLignon)1744 MIC>RdR/Wap Boyer, Josette Marguri(DuLignon)1744 MIC>RdR/Wap Boyer, Justine 1848- MET/MAN Boyer, Kathryn () 1842- CHP/USA/IND>CAN/ALB Boyer, Leo Boyer, Link see Boyer, Abraham Lincoln Boyer, Marie (Allary) 1860- FtU>Kat>MET Boyer, Michel 1741 QUE>MIC>RdR/Wap Boyer, Michel 1826 CHP/SSt Boyer, Pierre 1786- PeR/FtV>RdR Boyer, Pierre 1826 MET/MAN Boyer, Robert 1950/08 Was Boyer, Therese 1755- CAN/MIC/DET Boyle Capt.Lord1860 >ALB/FMa Boyle 1890 >ALB Boyle, C.F. Sgt. 1858 NWMP>ALB/FMa Boyle, John R. 1879 >ALB/Edm Boyle, Russell Lt.Col. 1898 >ALB>EUR>ALB Boyle, W.L. 1890 SK/QU' Boyne, Thomas Sgt. 1859 USA>NMX Boys, Thomas T.A. 1858 NWMP/MAN>ALB Bozeman, John 1846 USA>MNT Bozilla 1832 TwD>Msk Brabant see also Brayant Brabant 1800 CAN/RyL>FtE Brabant, Angelique (Lussier) 1800-79 Sas>Pes>FtE>LSA>MET Brabant, Angelique 1827- RyL>FtE>LSA>StA Brabant, Angelique 1811 CuH Brabant, Angelique 1834 FtE/LSA Brabant, Antoine see also Brayant, Antoine Brabant, Antoine 1815 CRE Brabant, Augustin 1795 CAN>FtE/LSA Brabant, Augustin 1850 Brabant, Genevieve see also Brayant, Genevieve Brabant, Genevieve () 1850 Brabant, Harold 1893 CRE Brabant, Marguerite 1815- FtE>Pes>RMH>LSA>MET Brace, Diane Brackenbury, Andrew 1921-94 Brackenridge 1774 ENG Brackenridge, Henry M. 1781 USA/MIS>ND Braconnier, Amable 1796- CAN>RdR Braconnier, Betsy () 1700 RdR Bradbury, John 1790 USA/MIS>ORE Braddock Gen. 1735/55 BRI>USA Braden 1863 >ALB/Cgy Braden, Olive Gaucher 1885- Jsp/LSA>MET Bradford, u/k 1835 >ORE/WAS Bradford, Daniel RCMP 1984 Bradford, William 1600 BRI>USA/MAS Bradley, B.B. 1863 >ALB Bradley, James M. 1880 USA/MNT Bradley, James T. Lieut. 1811 USA>ND>MNT Bradley, Margaret () 1800 ONT/Pen Bradley, Thomas 1790-73 ONT/Pen Bradon, Thorisine see Breton, Phorsine Brady, Archange J. Sister 1932 >ALB>FCh Brady, James 1865 >ALB>FtE Brady, John Henery Grisham see Bray, John Henry Gresham Brady, Mathew B. Col. 1846 USA>WYO Braeuninger, Moritz 1838 USA>MIS>MNT Bragg, Albert Warren 1874 >ALB Braids see Plaited Hair Sakapatwan Sakapatwe Weasel Moccasin Brainard, Albert 1891/06 USA/MNT>ALB Brainard, Lee 1868 USA/MNT>ALB Braithwaite, Edward Ainslie, Dr 1862-49 NWMP>SK>ALB Braithwaite, R.L.T. 1870 >ALB Branched Horn (Elk) see Hehaka Brandon, Carol 1980 Brandt, Christopher 1949 Brandt, Lori (Higgins) 1949 Braneau see Bruneau Brannan, Richard Chief 1976 ARA/WiR Brant, Abram A. 1856 USA>MNT> Brant, Joseph Chief Chief 1742-07 IRO/Moh Bras Casse see Chocab Maski Pitonew Bras Court 1755 CRE/NAK/Jat/BlM Brass, Alpheus Chief 1977 CRE Brass, Alice 1910 SOT/Kee Brass, Bethsy 1840 NoH Brass, Daryl 1975 TSU Brass, Charles Hdm 1855 Wap Brass, Dick see Brass, Richard Brass, Margaret 1885- ThP/BiR/Che Brass, Morris 1964 SIK Brass, Richard 1890 SIK Brass, Sterling 1948 SOT/Key Brass, Tyrone 1975 >FMc Brassar 1826 CHP/SSt Brasseau see Brazeau Brassette see Brissette Brassieur see Brazeau Braton, Phorsine see Breton, Phorsine Bratten see also Breton Bratten, William F. 1865 >FtE Braueninger see Braeuninger, Moritz Brave Bear see also Mato Gashane Brave Bear 1860 DAK/SAN/Ink Brave Bear 1870 KAI Brave Breast 1835 PIK Brave Buffalo 1865 DAK/Hun Brave Chest see Brave Breast Brave Crow 1856 DAK/Hun/SiB Brave Dog 1830 PIK/Ipo Brave Man, Rosalie (Takochin) see Takochin, Rosalie Brave Rock, Ernest 1900 KAI/SiN Bravo, Louis 1521/41 SPA>NSP>FLA Bray, Bertha Louise 1900- Bray, Bertram Lewis 1900-19 Bray, C. 1896 >ALB> Bray, Caroline Clara 1887- Bray, Colin 1888-64 Bray, E. DLS 1860 >ALB> Bray, Elizabeth Ann 1878-11 Bray, Harry see Bray, Henry Edward Bray, Helen Nellie 1880- Bray, Henry Edward 1882- Bray, Jemima (McKay) Bray, Jemima Henrietta Gertrude 1896-76 Bray, John Henry Gresham (StSgt)1840-23>MAN/NWMP>ALB/FMa Bray, Lillian Rachel 1892- Bray, Louis 1894-99 Bray, May Flora 1877-57 Bray, Nellie see Bray, Helen Bray, Reginald 1884-43 Bray, S. DLS 1880 ONT/OTT Bray, William 1890-05 ALB Brayant see also Brabant Brayant, Antoine 1850 Brayant, Genevieve () 1850 Brayson see also Brazeau Brosseau Brayson, James 1851- SK>ALB Brayson, Louisa () 1858- SK>ALB Brazean, Sophie see Brazeau, Sophie Brazeau see also Brayson Brosseau Brazeau, u/k 1706 USA/SW Brazeau, u/k 1795 CAN>ORE Brazeau, u/k 1826 CHP/SSt Brazeau 1864 >Pig> Brazeau, Adelaide (Ward) 1857-70 Wrd>MET Brazeau, Adelaide 1878- Wrd>FtP>MET Brazeau, Angelique () c1860- Ath> Brazeau, Antoine 1857 >Was/PaK>ToH>Pig>MET Brazeau, Bernard 1875 RMH>Jsp>PeR>FMc>FtV>LLB Brazeau, Bonnie 1998 Brazeau, Charles Louis see Brazeau, Louis Charles Brazeau, Edmond see Brosseau, Edmond Brazeau, Edward 1853- RMH>Jsp>Ath> Brazeau, Flora c1881- Wrd>MET Brazeau, Frederick Frank Girard 1849- DAK/Hun/SiB> Brazeau, Harriet 1881-90>Was/PaK>ToH Brazeau, Isabelle (Lagarde) 1800 CRE Brazeau, James c1882- LSA>MET Brazeau, John 1829 DAK/Hun/SiB> Brazeau, John 1850- FtA>FtE/RMH>LSA/FtE>MET Brazeau, Joseph 'Old Kiowa' 1783 USA/LOU>MIS>ND Brazeau, Joseph Edouard I 1803 MET>ND>FtE>CRE/Jsp>RMH>LSA Brazeau, Joseph Edouard II 1855- Jsp>Ath Brazeau, Joseph Edouard III 1884 FtE Brazeau, Joseph Edward see Brazeau, Joseph Edouard Brazeau, Julie (Fournier) 1857-87 Was/PaK Brazeau, Louis 1774- USA Brazeau, Louis 1793- MAN>Sas>RdR Brazeau, Louis Charles -1863 RMH/LSA/FtE Brazeau, Louisa (Belcourt) 1864- Jsp/LSA Brazeau, Lyle 1990 SIK Brazeau, Mahala Self see Mahala Self Brazeau, Margaret 1844- FtE>Jsp>RMH>FtE>MET Brazeau, Margaret 1875- FtE/LSA>Cal Brazeau, Marguerite (Minville) 1780 Brazeau, Marguerite (Brabant) 1815- FtE>Pes>RMH>LSA>MET Brazeau, Marguerite (Salois) 1815- FtE>RMH>LSA>MET Brazeau, Maria c1870- Lap Brazeau, Marie G. (Dompiere) Brazeau, Marie 1859- RMH>FtE>AsW>MET Brazeau, Marie (Rose) 1978 Brazeau, Mary Jane 1845 FtE>Jsp>RMH>LSA/FtE>MET Brazeau, Nettie Goings 1876 DAK/Hun/SiB> Brazeau, Nicolas 1706-55 QUE>ONT Brazeau, Patrick 1974- ALG/KiZ Brazeau, Paul 1978 INU Brazeau, Regina (Raw Eater) 1990 SIK Brazeau, son 1857 RMH>FtE/LSA Brazeau, Sophie 1850- Jsp>RMH>LSA>LSL>Pig>FtE>MET Brazeau, Sunshine 1982 ALG Brazeau, Virginia (Fournier) Brazo see Brazeau Breadalbane, Marquis of 1815 SCO Breaker, Marie 1964 SIK Breaker, Nick 1942 SIK Breaker, Noreen 1960 SIK>CRE/Stu Breaker, Robert Sr. 1945 SIK Breaker, Robert Jr. Hd.Chf. 1975 SIK Breaker, Rosalyn 1976 SIK Breaking Through The Ice 1860 Pou Brearley see also Brierley Brearley, Arthur 1867 >ALB Breasseau see Brazeau Brousseau Breast, Elsie () 1928- Sad Breast, Roy 1925- Sad Brebeuf, Fr. Jesuit FRA>QUE Brechu Chief 1800 WiY Brede, Gus Bredin 1949 ALB Bredin, W. Fletcher 1860 USA>ALB>CRE/MaW Breeden, George 1887 >ALB/GrP Breireton see Brereton Breland aka Berland Breland 1758-nowQUE>ALB>MAN Breland 1988 Pas Breland, Alexandre 1823 SOT/RdR Breland, Amelie (Wells) 1829 SOT/RdR Breland, Angelique see Berland, Angelique Breland, Catherine see Berland, Catherine Berland, Cecile see Callihoo, Cecile Breland, Clemence (Monet Belhume)852- SOT/RdR>CyH>Kat>MMt>Sas>MET Breland, Edouard see Berland, Edward Breland, Joseph Johnny 1911- FrL Breland, Lina 1878- SOT/CyH/Kat/MMt>Sas>MET Breland, Marie-Anne (Grant) Breland, Marie Emilie 1880- SOT/CyH/Kat/MMt>Sas>MET Breland, Marie Rose 1884-88 SOT/Sas>MET Berland, Mary () 1855 Kis>MaW Breland, Pascal see Berland, Pascal Breland, Patrice see also Berland, Patrice Breland, Patrice 1882- SOT/CyH>Kat>MMt>Sas>MET Breland, Samson 1843- SOT/RdR>CyH>Kat>MMt>Sas>MET Breland, Zacharie 1875-84 SOT/CyH>Kat>MMt>Sas Brelon see Brelong Brelong, P. see Breland, Pascal Bremner see also Bruyere Bremner 1860 MAN/Ass>ALB Bremner, Alexander 1793- Was Bremner, Alexander 1880 MET/Wap>NoB Bremner, Charles 1880 MET/Wap>NoB Bremner, E.W. I.Agt. 1863 USA>ND/TMt> Bremner, Elizabeth (Twat) 1800 MET/Wap>NoB Bremner, Isabelle 1843- RdR>CyH>MET Bremner, Joseph Bruyere 1853- >MET Bremner, Marguerite (Allary) 1830 Sas/RdR Bremner, Mary Elizabeth 1836 RdR>CyH>MET Bremner, Nancy (Lightning) 1882- Kis>MET Bremner, Suzanne D. (Cardinal) 1857- >MET Bremner, William 1823 RdR Bremont, Arthur 1900 >ALB Bremont, Lucienne () 1905 >ALB Brendan, Saint see St. Brendan Brendel, Raymond 1946-95 Pau Brenner 1910 O'C Brenner, E.W. see Bremner, E.W. Brenow see Bruneau Brent, Henry 1843/63 USA>MNT Brenton, J.R. 1877 >ALB/Edm Brereton see also Brertton Brereton, Bella see Brertton, Bella Brereton, Caroline 1893- Sad Brereton, Eddie see Brertton, Eddie Brereton, Ellen () 1865- Sad Brereton, Esther 1910 >BlQ>MET Brereton, John 1887- Sad Brereton, Mathilda (Cardinal) 1925- Sad Brereton, Nellie (Whitford) 1880 Sad/Gdf Brereton, Robert 1880 BlQ>Sad/Gdf Brereton, William 1853- IRE>Vic>BlQ Brereton, William 1919- Sad Brerretton, Mathilda (Cardinal) 1925- Sad Brerton see Brereton Brertton, Bella 1920- Sad Brertton, Eddie Oliver 1925- Sad Bresnan 1862 >ALB Bressette see also Brissette Racette Bressette, Matthew 1984 CHP/Ket/StP Bressette, Thomas Chief 1975 CHP/Ket/StP Breton see also Bretton Breton, Phorsine 1790 FtE>TrM Breton, William F. see Bratten, William F. Brett, E.S. 1920 ALB Brett, Lloyd M. Lt. 1860 USA>WYO Brett, R.G. Doctor 1863 >ALB Bretton see also Breton Bretton 1988 Pas Brevece, Benjamin 1790 >ALB/Sas Brewer, Annie (Flying) Brewer, Charles R. 1811 BRI>USA/HAW Brewer, Polly (Guess) Brewer, Thomas Brewster 1838 MIN>BC>WAS Brewster 1876 ONT>ALB Brewster, Bella () 1850 ONT Brewster, Claude 1920 ALB Brewster, Cory 1814 ALB Brewster, Forrest 1882 ONT>ALB Brewster, Fred 1882 ONT>ALB Brewster, George 1866-37 ONT>ALB Brewster, Jack 1882 ONT>ALB Brewster, James I. 1858 ONT>BC Brewster, James I. 1875 BC>ALB Brewster, John 1858 ONT Brewster, Joseph 1859- SCO>ALB/LSA Brewster, Patrick see Brewster, Forrest Brewster, Pearl 1882 ONT>ALB Brewster, Peter 1980 ALB Brewster, Roger 1980 ALB Brewster, William 1600 BRI>USA/MAS Brewster, William 1875 BC>ALB Breynat, Gabriel, Fr. 1879 >ALB/FCh Bricette see Brissette Bricette, Sonfille see L'Hirondelle, Archange Brick, Fred 1863 ALB/PeR Brick, John Gough Rev. 1836- >ALB/Dun> Brick, T.A. 1863 ALB/PeR Bricker, Cal 1985 Edm Brickland, P. 1950 >NWT/NUN> Bridgar 1664 ENG>CAN/MAN/FNe Bridge see Bridger Bridgeland, Morrison DLS 1897 >ALB> Bridger, James 1805 USA>ND>MIS>WYO Bridges, Thomas 1860 >CHL>TDF Bried, G.R. 1928 >ALB Brien, Gregory 1930 SOT/TMt Brien, Iosete Derocher 1840 FtE Brien, Philip Derocher 1820 FtE Brier see Bruyere Briere, Marie see Bruyere, Marie Brierley see also Brearley Brierley, Clifford 1909 ALB Briggs, S.C. 1855 >RdR/Wpg Briggs, Thomas 1868 ALB Bright, Fanny 1869 Gdf Bright, Sophia 1869 Gdf Bright Light see Iyozanzan Leclair, Awas Inew Brighteyes, u/k see Sparklingeyes Brighteyes, Emma see Sparklingeyes, Emma Brighteyes, Fanny see Sparklingeyes, Fanny Brighteyes, Napoleon see Sparklingeyes, Napoleon Brighteyes, Olivine see Sparklingeyes, Olivine Brighteyes, Sophia see Sparklingeyes, Sophia Brighton, E. Rev. 1900 CHP/WpI Brightman, Bonnie 1900 >ALB Brigitta Myth Brillant see Brilliant Brilliant see also Brilliere Noskiye Brilliant 1824 Wab Brilliant, Marie () 1831 Wab Brilliant, Marie 1844- Wab>LSL>MET Brilliere see also Brilliant Bruyere Brilliere, Angelique see Bruyere, Angelique Brilliere, Baptiste see Bruyere, Baptiste Brilliere, Marie see Bruyere, Marie Brimmis, Joseph 1930 >O'C Brimmis, Thomas 1930 >O'C Brindle, James Brings Down The Sun Chief c1825- PIK/Ipo>BDS Brink, Ethyl Elizabeth 1900 TEX Brink, Jack 1947 >ALB Brink, Jerk see Brink, Jack Brire see Bruyere Brisbin, James Maj. 1859 USA>MNT> Brisco, Arthur Capt. 1828 ENG>ALB> Brisbois see also Brisebois Brisbois, Joseph 1796 MET/RdR Brisbois, Marguerite (Desrosiers)770 RdR Brisbois, Michel 1765 CAN>RdR>WIS/PDC Brisebois, u/k 1808 DEC/FtN Brisebois, Efram A. 1850-90>MAN/NWMP>ALB> Brisebois, Ephrem A. see Brisebois, Efram A. Brisette see also Brissette Racette Brisette, Earcaura see Brissette, Archange Brisette, Epolite see Brissette, Hippolyte Brissette see also Bissett Bressette Racette Brissette, Andrew 1886- ONT/Pen Brissette, Angeline 1860- ONT/Pen Brissette, Archange see Brissette, Archon Brissette, Archange (L'Hirondell)806-91 LSL/L'H>Pes>ONT Brissette, Archon c1850- ONT/L'H/AsW Brissette, Arconge see L'Hirondelle, Archange Brissette, Cecile c1855- ONT/L'H/AsW Brissette, Christina 1889- ONT/Pen Brissette, Clara 1884- ONT/Pen Brissette, Earcaura see Brissette, Archange Brissette, Epolite see Brissette, Hippolyte Brissette, Hippolyte 1782-85 QUE>ONT>BC>ALB/L'H>Pes>ONT Brissette, Hyppolite see Brissette, Hippolyte Brissette, Jack 1892 Brissette, James 1885- ONT/Pen Brissette, Jane c1854- ONT/L'H/AsW Brissette, John c1827- AsW/Pes>ONT Brissette, Joseph 1729 QUE>ONT/Mic Brissette, Josephet c1829- AsW/Pes>ONT Brissette, Lloyd 1912-68 MIC Brissette, Lucy 1882- ONT/Pen Brissette, Mary 1857- ONT/Pen Brissette, Michel 1800-45 USA/MIC/LaP Brissette, Paul 1855- ONT/L'H/AsW Brissette, Poulet c1852- ONT/L'H/AsW Brissette, Rosalie 1900 ONT/Pen Brissette, Theophilite Sr. 1851- ONT/L'H/AsW Brissette, Theophilite Jr. 1880- ONT/Pen Britain, Ruth (Calliou) 1990 SuC Briyiere see Bruyere Broad Scalplock see Scalplock Broad Tail see Broad Trail Broad Trail Wr.Chf. 1856 DAK/Ogl/CrH Broadwater 1850 USA>MNT Brobeck, Olaf 1885 >ALB Brocassie see Maski Pitonew Brochet 1810 Sas Brock, u/k Lt. 1865 ONT>SK>ONT Brock, Henry 1865 >ALB>SK> Brock, Isaac see also McQueen, Isaac Brock Brock, J.A. 1865 ONT>SK>ONT Brock, Susan (Grant) Brocky Chief 1880 PIK/SoP/SoE Broder, George 1865 SK Broderick, A. 1864 >ALB>HiR Broderick, R. 1864 >ALB>HiR Brodie, Neil 1865 SK Brodie, Ryan 1990 Edm Brogal, E. () 1875 ALB Broken Arm See Chokab Crooked Arm Maski Pitonew Muscowpetung Broken Arm Chief 1858 Wat Broken Cloud 1810 Jat Broken Elbow 1850 BPw Broken Hand see Kiski Chichi, Alexis Broken Knife Chief 1780 TSU/BrG? Broken Mouth see Skinawa Broken Shoulder 1840 CRE>Pes/TZC> Broken Shoulder, Annie 1869 Pes/TZC> Broken Shoulder, Jean Baptiste 1860 Pes/TZC> Broken Shoulder, Nancy (Bird) 1840- CRE/Pes/TZC> Broneau see also Bruneau Bruno Broneau, George 1935 MET/FiL/Elz Bronlund, Emil 1910 BC>SEK Brook, E. see Brooks, E. Brooks 1842-64 USA/TEN Brooks, Daniel J. 1894- BLK/USA/NWY Brooks, Diane 1920 MET/BLK Brooks, E. 1869- MET/BLK Brooks, Julia (Slater) 1876 BLK>USA/NWY Brooks, Luke 1874 BLK>USA/NWY Brosnan, Pierce 1961- ENG Brosseau see also Brayson Brazeau Brousseau Brosseau, Edmond 1843- QUE>ALB/LSA Brosseau, Joseph see Brazeau, Joseph Brosseau, Julie () 1843- LSA Brosseau, Sophie see Brazeau, Sophie Brother In Law see Macdonald, John A. Brothers 1860 >ALB> Brotherton, David Maj. 1855 USA>MNT> Brough, Hugh 1774/94>SoB Broun see also Brown Brun Broun 1820 MET>MNT Brousseau see also Brazeau Brosseau Brousseau 1794 >ORE Brousseau, Bazile 1790 USA/NWY>ORE Broussie, Mary Ann 1948 CHI/BlL Brown 1820 MET>MNT Brown 1830 RdR>FEl Brown 1838 RdR>ALB> Brown 1850 >ALB>FtE Brown Capt. 1865 ONT>SK> Brown 1910 SK Brown 1988 Pas Brown, A.G. 1866 ONT>SK>ONT Brown, Alexander Hargreaves, Sir1847 ENG Brown, Beverly 1990 NAK/FBk Brown, Colin 1920 ALB Brown, Dean 1967 SuC>Edm Brown, Diamond R. 1856 MET/ALB>FMl Brown, Dick see Brown, Richard Brown, Donald see also Brown, Dean Brown, Donald 1953 ONT>ALB> Brown, Edna Avis 1908-04 ALB Brown, Elizabeth 1780- ALB/MNT Brown, Ernest Kootenai Brown, Ernest 1860 >ALB/FtE Brown, Ethel 1880 >AsW>QUE>MET Brown, George see Brown, John George Brown, Gilpin 1865 MET/ALB/FMa Brown, Hazel 1950 Was ## Brown, Isabelle Tipi Pole (Lambe1856- FtE>AsW> Brown, J.H. 1863 >ALB/HiR Brown, James 1776 >MAN/BHo> Brown, James Montague 1819 SCO Brown, James 1846 >ALB/FtE Brown, James 1852/92>SK/DAK/SiB>ALB>KAI Brown, James 1875 OnL Brown, James 1952 ALB Brown, John 1778- NW Brown, John C. F. see also John Brown John F. Brown ## Brown, John George Kootenai 1839-17>RdR>MNT>ALB/KUT>CRE/AsW> Brown, John F. LLB 1871 >ALB/Edm Brown, John 1872 >ALB/Edm Brown, Joseph 1940 NAK/YeX Brown, Justine (Bellerose) 1885 LSA>FMc Brown, Kenneth 1952 ALB Brown, Kootenai see Brown, John George Brown, Lavina 1940 NAK/YeX Brown, Leopold c1880-16 AsW>LSA>FMc Brown, Magnus 1855 >SK/DAK/SiB>ALB Brown, Mary () 1920 ALB/Gdf/MET Brown, Mocca 1820 OTT/CHP Brown, Olivia (Lyonaise) c1851-81 RdR>AsW Brown, Paul 1784 >RdR/LcS Brown, Peter 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Brown, Poker 1890 ALB Brown, Richard 1920 ALB Brown, Rita (Cardinal) 1947 SuC Brown, Scott Shane 1990- FMc Brown, Sherry (Desjarlais) 1980 >Jsp Brown, Stewardson 1895 USA/MAS>ALB> Brown, William 1799 >RdR Brown Bear 1850 AsW Brown Bear, John 1870 AsW/MaW Brown Calf Chief see Calf Chief, Brown Brown Chief Calf see Calf Chief, Brown Brown Eagle 1857 DAK/Hun/SiB Brown Shawl Woman, Angeline 1860 DAK/Hun/SiB> Brown Thunder Chief 1846 DAK/SaA/BrT Browne see also Brown Browne 1872 >MNT Browne, Bruce 1890 >ALB Brownfield, Charles 1880 USA/WYO>CAN/ALB Browning, u/k RNWMP 1877 Browning, J.W. 1865 ONT>SK> Browning, John 1838 USA>WY0 Browning, Johnathan 1831 USA>UTA>WYO Browning, Teresa (Belcourt) 1900 MET/LSA> Brownlee Hon. 1900 ALB Bruce see also Bryce Bruce, Aaron 1975 MAN Bruce, Ann 1797- FtE Bruce, Barclay 1850 ENG>ALB Bruce, Benjamin 1770-23 SCO/ORK>ILC Bruce, Charles 1775-80 SoB>RdR/Wap Bruce, Charles 1904- Mus Bruce, France Allary see Allary, France Bruce, Jack 1943- ENG Bruce, Jacques see Bryce, Jacques Bruce, James c1801- ILC Bruce, Jane c1808- ILC Bruce, Jean Baptiste 1809- RdR Bruce, John see Bruce, Jean Baptiste Bruce, Lewis 1830 >RdR Bruce, Margaret c1802- ILC Bruce, Marguerite (Desrosiers) Bruce, Mathilda () 1778- ILC Bruce, Matilda c1804- ILC Bruce, Nancy Anne c1794- NWT>ILC Bruce, Pierre 1785 NWT>MiN Bruce, Pierre 1785- NWT>RdR Bruce, Robert King 1286 SCO Bruce, Robert 1929 MET/MAN Bruce, Samuel 1842 Cot Bruce, Tain () Queen 1286 SCO Bruce, William 1746 USA>MIN>SoB>RdR/Wap Bruce, William 1779- NWT>RdR Bruce, William 1791- NWT>RdR Bruce, William 1795- NWT>RdR Bruce, William 1863- MET/ONT>Was Bruce, Winston 1920 ALB Brughiere see Brazeau, Frank Brugiere see also Bruyere Brugiere, Frank see Brazeau, Frank Brugiere, Pierre see Bruyere, Pierre Brugiere, Regis see Bruyere, Regis Bruguier, u/k 1841 >SD/DAK Bruguier, Theophile see Bruyere, Theophile Bruguine, Pierre see Bruyere, Pierre Bruised Head 1897 KAI Brule, u/k Chief 1810 TZA/GrP/Bru Brule, Etienne 1595 QUE>ONT/Hur Brule, James Chief 1952 Lap Brule, Peter Vet. 1934 Lap Brunais see also Broneau Bruneau Brunelle Brunet Bruno Brunot Brunais, Louis see Bruneau, Louis Bruneau see also Broneau Brunelle Bruno Brunot Petit-Bruneau Bruneau, u/k 1820 FtE>TrM/SHO/FtH Bruneau 1935 MaW Bruneau 1988 Pas Bruneau, Adelaide 1840 CRE/ALB Bruneau, Alexia 1870 FtE Bruneau, Alexis 1836- Pes>FtE>MET Bruneau, Angelique 1770- RdR/Ass Bruneau, boy 1879 Sas/AmW Bruneau, Angelique (Peyak Kokwas)885 Lap>MET Bruneau, Annie (Deschamps) 1855 >FtE>MET Bruneau, Antoine 1785 CAN>MiN> Bruneau, Athanase 1843 Was> Bruneau, Baptiste see Bruneau, Jean Baptiste Bruneau, Calvin Coun. 1979 Pas Bruneau, Catherine (Ladouceur) 1810- Sas>Pes>Sas/AmW Bruneau, Catherine 1837 FtE/AmW>Wrd>Kis>PIK>MET Bruneau, Catherine (Ward) 1852 Wrd>MET Bruneau, Cecile (Lemire) 1833 >Pes>Kis Bruneau, Charles 1877-80 CyH/WMt Bruneau, Chipechits (Lussier) 1820 Pes Bruneau, Clarence Coun. 1965 Pas Bruneau, Cleophas 1875-65 MuS>Kis>MET/HiR>LLB Bruneau, Clothelde 1850- RdR>ALB Bruneau, Daniel 1849 BPw Bruneau, Derek 1972- Sam Bruneau, Edouard 1870 FtE/Kis Bruneau, Eliza (Ward) 1866- Lap>MET Bruneau, Elizabeth 1847- Ath Bruneau, Elizabeth () 1847- Ath Bruneau, Emily 1900 ALB Bruneau, Etawachape 1818 FtE/AsW>Pes Bruneau, Ettawatchape see Bruneau, Etawachape Bruneau, Florence () 1854- MET/BlQ? Bruneau, Francois see also Bruno, Francois Bruneau, Francois 1810-65 MiN>RdR>FtE>RdR Bruneau, Francois 1855 >MuS>Kis Bruneau, Francois 1858- RdR>MuS/Kis>BlQ? Bruneau, Genevieve (Petit Couteau)44/70 Pes>Alx>Lap/FtE>Kis Bruneau, George see Broneau, George Bruneau, Gidore 1844- Pes>Ath/LSL Bruneau, girl 1879 Sas/AmW Bruneau, Isabelle c1839- Pes/TZC>AmW> Bruneau, Isabelle 1864- CRE ALB Bruneau, Isabelle 1870 >RdR>MET Bruneau, Isidore PeyakwesHiKatew1840 Pes>AmW/FtE Bruneau, James Chief 1910 THL Bruneau, Jean Baptiste 1760- QUE>Sas/FtE/AmW>Pes/TZC Bruneau, Jean Baptiste Kisikaw I1785- MET>Sas/FtE/AmW>Pes/TZC> Bruneau, Jean Baptiste 1794 QUE Bruneau, Jean Baptiste Sr. Chf 1816 Sas/FtE>Pes/AmW Bruneau, Jean Baptiste Jr. 1830 FtE/AmW>Pes/TZC>AmW> Bruneau, Joachim see Bruneau, Michel Joachim Bruneau, Joseph 1794 QUE Bruneau, Joseph 1850 LSA Bruneau, Josette (Sarcee) 1770 NWC>TZA>CRE>Pes>Dum Bruneau, Josette 1806 Sas/FtE/AmW>Pes> Bruneau, Joyce Coun. 1979 Pas Bruneau, Lizette 1830 Sas/AmW Bruneau, Lizette 1837-62 Pes>FtE/AmW Bruneau, Louis 1784 >Pes>BLK Bruneau, Louis 1811 Pes>BLK Bruneau, Louise (Montour) 1785-34 Sas>Pes Bruneau, Louison 1875 Sam Bruneau, Marguerite (Harrison) 1809- EnR?>RdR Bruneau, Marianne 1838 Pes>Dum/Pig>LSA>Kis Bruneau, Marie Chipechits (Lussier)20 Pes Bruneau, Marie Ann (Fitcol) 1830- FtE/AmW Bruneau, Marie Aimable 1835 Jsp>LSA/FtE/AmW>Kis> Bruneau, Marie () 1836 FtE/AmW Bruneau, Marie (Godin) 1850 FtE/AmW>Kis>Ale Bruneau, Marie (Sarcee) Bruneau, Marie Anastasie (Gladue1860 >CyH>WMt>TMt Bruneau, Michel Joachim Kisikaw 1806- Sas/FtE/AmW>Pes>Sas/AmW Bruneau, Pascal 1860- Sas/AmW>Kis>MaW Bruneau, Pascal 1886 Pas>MaW>MET Bruneau, Paul 1838-70 FtE/AsW/Pes>Kis Bruneau, Paul 1848- FtE/AmW>Ath>Ati Bruneau, Paul Sr. 1850 FtE/AmW>Lap Bruneau, Paul 1865- AmW/FtE/Kis Bruneau, Paul Jr. 1870- AmW/Lap>MET Bruneau, Peggie 1851- FtE/AmW>Ale/Pas>MET Bruneau, Pierre 1794 QUE Bruneau, Pierre 1828-72 Pes>Kis Bruneau, Pierre Mistikohow 1860 AmW/FtE>Pas>MET Bruneau, Rosalie 1819 Pes/TZC>FtE/AmW>Jsp> Bruneau, Scholastique (Delorme) 1840- Ath/FtE Bruneau, Silvie 1890 >RdR>MET Bruneau, Sophie () 1840 FtE/AmW Bruneau, Susan see Bruneau, Susanne Bruneau, Susanne () 1825 FtE/AsW>Pes Bruneau, Susanne 1836- Pes/TZC>AmW/KaM/Lap>Kis>MET Bruneau, Susanne () 1866 Ale/Pas>MET Bruneau, Teidore 1852 FtE Bruneau, Victoire (Racette) 1860 >MuS>Kis Bruneau, Victoire 1862- Kis>MET Bruneau, William 1850 BPw Brunei, Patty 1992- NeH Brunel, Oliver 1564 HOL>NWT/NUN>HOL Brunell see Brunelle Brunelle see also Brunais Bruneau Brunet Bruno Brunelle, u/k 1790 CAN>Sas/FtE>RMH> Brunelle, Baptiste 1784 CAN>MAN/Rat Brunelle, Francois 1730 QUE>WIS/Mac Brunelle, Louis 1784 CAN>MAN/Wap Brunelle, Moise 1921 LSA Brunet see also Brunais Bruneau Brunelle Bruno Brunet, Elisabeth 1690 QUE Brunet, Jean Baptiste L'Etang 1750 QUE>MAN Brunet, Josephte 1795- NWT/MET Brunet-Latang, Marie-Therese 1720 QUE Brunett 1823 >ORE Brunneau see Bruneau Brunn, Derrick 1984/05 CHP/RdL Bruno see also Broneau Brunais Bruneau Brunelle Brunot Bruno, u/k 1865 >FCh Bruno 1988 Pas Bruno, Alec see Bruno, Alex Bruno, Alex 1936- CHI/Ath Bruno, Charles 1930- CHI/Ath Bruno, Darrel RCMP 1980 >MaW Bruno, Ellen 1900- Ath Bruno, Francois see also Bruneau, Francois Bruno, Francois 1909- Ath Bruno, George 1959- CHI/Ath Bruno, Gidore see Bruneau, Gidore Bruno, Harry Dixon 1961- CHI/Ath Bruno, Henry see Bruno, Harry Dixon Bruno, Pasal see Bruneau, Pasal Bruno, Rene 1983 CHI/Ath Bruno, Victor 1985 Sam Brunot 1850 USA/DC Brunskell 1862 >ALB Brunwin, Stephen 1784 >MiN> Brure see Boure Bruyere Brustard, Martin 1915 SK Brutus see Junius Brutus Bruyere see also Bremner Brughiere Bruguine Bruyeres Bruyere 1760 IRO>Jsp> Bruyere, Alexander see Bremner, Alexander Bruyere, Angelique 1780- IRO>CRE/FtE>KUT>Jsp>CRE/AmW>Wrd Bruyere, Antoine 1841- Was Bruyere, Baptiste 1798 CAN/IRO>Jsp>RdR Bruyere, Charles see Bremner, Charles Bruyere, Francoise () 1810 SNK>IRO/Jsp/CRE Bruyere, Frank see Brazeau, Frank Bruyere, Genevieve 1801 IRO/Jsp>CRE/Pas Bruyere, Isaac see Bourdignon, Isaac Bruyere, Isabelle see Bremner, Isabelle Bruyere, Jean Baptiste 1772- IRO>Jsp Bruyere, Joseph see Bremner, Joseph Bruyere, Katrine 1828 Jsp? Bruyere, L. 1977 OJI/Sak Bruyere, Laurent, Bro., O.M.I. 1920 >CHI/FCh Bruyere, Margaret 1841- Was Bruyere, Marie Elizabeth see Bremner, Marie Elizabeth Bruyere, Marie () 1810 >IRO/Jsp Bruyere, Marie 1818- RdR>CyH>RdR>MET Bruyere, Mary see also Bremner, Mary Elizabeth Bruyere, Mary 1815 Jsp? Bruyere, Pierre 1790 NWY/IRO>ORE/KUT Bruyere, Pierre 1796 IRO/KUT Bruyere, Regis 1760 IRO>CRE/FtE>TrM/KUT>Jsp Bruyere, Richard A. 1977 OJI/Sak Bruyere, Smokey 1978 SK Bruyere, Suzet 1839- Was Bruyere, Theophile 1823 >ND/MAN>SD Bruyere, William see Bremner, William Bruyeres, Genevieve see Bruyere, Genevieve Bryan 1739-00 USA/KTY>MIS Bryan see also Bryon Bryan, u/k 1880 >ALB Bryan, A.L. Dr. 1968 ALB Bryan, Daniel 1825 USA/MIS Bryan, William C. 1856 USA>MNT Bryant, Henry G. 1879 USA>ALB> Bryant, Johannes 1520 ENG Bryce see also Bruce Bryce, Jacques 1784 CAN>Sas/FtE> Brydon, Eleanor Nellie 1870-43 Bryll, William 1827 >FtE> Bryon see also Bryan Bryon 1880 >ALB Bubble Under The Ice see Pahtehikan Buchan, David 1798 ENG>NOR>ENG Buchanan, James Pres. 1838 USA/DC Buchanan, James 1915 ORK>SK/MiN Buchanan, Loree DIAND 1978 SK Buchanan, Mary >ALB Buchanan, William E. Insp. 1865 NWMP>ALB Buche see also Boucher Buche, Alexis see Boucher, Jean Baptiste Buche, Baptiste see Boucher, Jean Baptiste Buchinski, Joseph 1927 ALB Buck 1849 DAK/Hun/SiB Buck, Antoine Chief 1916 UTE Buck, John Chief 1866 IRO/Ona Buck, W.H. 1857 >USA/MNT Buckingham 1840 ONT>MAN/RdR Buckle, Merv DIAND 1978 SK Buckley, Bert Sr. 1958 SK>NWT/DEH/Hay Buckley, Bert Jr. 1983 DEH/Hay Buckley, Jack 1870 >ALB>CRE Buckley, Singing Earth () 1865 CRE Buckman, James 1860 >ALB>CRE/FtE Buckman, Marie Rose (Cardinal) 1860 FtE>MET Buckskin 1870 USA/UTA/MOR>ALB Buckskin Brigadier see Strange, Thomas Bland Buckskin Charlie Chief 1840- UTE Budesheim-Houle 1988 Pas Budd 1830 >RdR Budd, Agathas (Cocking) 1782-53 YkF>RdR Budd, Aggathas (Cook) Budd, Betsy (Work) 1825 RdR Budd, Catherine 1800- YkF>RdR Budd, Henry Sakataweskam 1820 RdR Budd, James 1830 RdR Budd, Nancy 1830 RdR Budd, Sally see Budd, Sarah Budd, Sarah Neyo Katew 1830 RdR Budesheim-Houle 1988 Pas Budge, William 1770 ENG>YkF> Budreau see Boudreau Buell, Oliver B. 1844-01>SK> Buelow see also Beaulieau Buelow 1930 ALB Buelow, Anna (Lindeman) 1955/07 ALB Buelow, Clifford 1950 ALB Buelow, Linda (Lindeman) 1950 ALB Buelow, Theodor 1949/08 ALB Buelow, Walter 1918- ALB Buexenstein, Georg W. 1875 GER Buffalo see also Akiskowi Mustus Bull Kakitewiw Moostoos Moostoos Moostoos O Meyi Mustus Noga Paskwa Mostos Pta Sitting Buffalo Sitting Bull Standing Buffalo Ta Tanka Walking Buffalo Buffalo 1700 AsW (Myth) Buffalo 1770 Wap Buffalo 1840 Pas Buffalo, u/k 1976 Sam>USA> Buffalo, Alexander 1912- DAK/StB Buffalo, Ashley 1991- Sam Buffalo, Caroline Chief 1968 Sam/Mnt Buffalo, Clarence 1988 Sam Buffalo, Claudine 1980 Sam Buffalo, Cory 1980 Sam>USA>IRQ>USA> Buffalo, Danny 1958 Sam Buffalo, Darcy Leon 1979- Sam Buffalo, Felix KekekekweNapewChf1927 Sam Buffalo, Florence Chief 1966 Sam Buffalo, Floyd 1947 Sam Buffalo, Francis 1920 Sam Buffalo, Frank Chief 1945 Sam Buffalo, Frank 1930 KkW ## Buffalo, Harvey 1958 Sam Buffalo, John 1940 Sam Buffalo, Joseph Mostos O Meyi HM1860 Pas>Sam Buffalo, Kirk 1976 Sam Buffalo, Kurt 1985 Sam Buffalo, Lee 1987- Sam Buffalo, Lyle Chaywee 1981- Sam Buffalo, Mel 1980 Sam Buffalo, Meyers 1947 Sam Buffalo, Mike 1920 Sam Buffalo, Nigel 1981 Sam Buffalo, Preston 1989 Sam Buffalo, Samuel 1947 Sam Buffalo, Sidney 1978 Day Buffalo, Stanley 1947 Sam Buffalo, Sterling 1998 Sam Buffalo, Terry Chief 1963 Sam Buffalo, Victor Chief 1951 Sam Buffalo, William 1884- RoB Buffalo, William Mostos O M.Chf 1910 Sam Buffalo, Yellow Blanket () 1886- Qu'>RoB Buffalo Allen see Allen, Edwin Buffalo Back Fat see Bull Back Fat Buffalo Belly Chief 1815 ARA Buffalo Bill see Cody, William Buffalo Blanket see Akiskowi Mustus Buffalo Bow 1900 FiH Buffalo Bull see Mustus Juniper Buffalo Bull Buffalo Bull Feather 1890 O'C Buffalo Bull That Carries a Gun 1815 ARA Buffalo Bull's Back Fat see Bull Back Fat Buffalo Calf see Crawler, Hector Mark, Paul Buffalo Calf Road Woman 1856 DAK Buffalo Caller see Ka Kitowew Mostos Buffalo Child Chief 1812 BLK/KAI? Buffalo Child 1851 BLK/SIK? Buffalo Child 1870- >RoB Buffalo Chip see Moostoos Meyi Buffalo Dung see Moostoos Meyi Buffalo Head see St. Germain, Buffalohead Buffalo Head 1861- >RoB Buffalo Head 1900 YeX/EdV Buffalo Hide 1870 PIK/SoP Buffalo Hump Chief 1833 COM Buffalo Jump see Hugh "Piskun" Munro Buffalo Paunch 1805/17 KAI Buffalo Shield 1600 DAK/Ogl Buffalo Slayer NWMP 1854 >NWMP/MAN>ALB/FtE>TCr Buffalo Standing In The Grass see Tani Zibe Chage Buffalo Teeth 1850 KAI Buffalo Voice see Kakitewiw Moostoos Buffalo's Back Fat see Bull Back Fat Buffalo's Child see Buffalo Child Buffalohead see St. Germain, Buffalohead Buffy Slayer see Buffalo Slayer Bufkin, Dave 1945 USA>ANG>USA Buggins, Eric 1990 DEH/HyR/Kat Buggins, Pat 1990 DEH/HyR/Kat Buggins, Roy 1985 DEH/HyR Buggins, Ty-Jean 1970 DEH/HyR Buggins, Victor 1935 DEH/HyR Bugle/Poota Chikan 1890 BeL Bugle, Alice 1916- BeL Bugle, Leona 1956- BeL Bugle, Robert Chief 1998 BeL Bugle, Sally 1980 BeL Bugle, Samuel 1905- BeL Bugle, Suzanne 1980 BeL Buisson see also Bisson Buisson, Gervais 1625 QUE Buhay see also Bohay Buhay, Shelley 1960 MAN Bull see also Buffalo Moostoos Mustus Noga Nose Takwanaw Pta Sitting Bull Ta Tanka Tall Bull Bull Chief 1810 ARA/Sou Bull (Nose Takwanaw) 1830 Lar>SHU Bull 1860 LuB>Pau Bull 1978- >MaW Bull 1988 Pas ## Bull, Agnes 1922- Gdf/Sad Bull, Barbara (Piche) Bull, Barbie see Bull, Barbara Bull, Carl Herbert 1954- Gdf/Sad Bull, Catherine (Piche) see Bull, Katrine Bull, Cherill 1980 Gdf Bull, Christine 1990 TSU Bull, Eugene 1952- Gdf/Sad Bull, Fetnah Earl see Grouard, Frank Bull, Flora 1871- Gdf> Bull, Floria see Bull, Flora Bull, Frances see Bull, Francis Lewis Bull, Francis Lewis 1943- Gdf/Sad Bull, Freida 1980 Gdf Bull, Georgina 1980 Gdf Bull, Harrison Jeffries 1936- Gdf>Sad Bull, Helen Chief 1975 LuB Bull, Henry 1950- Gdf/Sad Bull, Ida Lorraine 1948- Gdf/Sad Bull, Janet Dora 1956- Gdf/Sad Bull, Jessie 1869 Gdf Bull, Joanne 1980 ONT Bull, John 1869 Gdf Bull, Johnathan Chief 1974 LuB Bull, Katherine see also Bull, Katrine Bull, Katherine Laroque 1870- Kis>LuB Bull, Katherine Lightning 1870- Kis>LuB Bull, Katrine Barbara (Piche) c1820- Pes>Kis>Msk/Vic>LuB Bull, Larry 1974 LuB Bull, Leann 1980 Gdf Bull, Linda 1974 Edm Bull, Lorraine see Bull, Ida Lorraine Bull, Louis Chief 1849 Vic/Msk>LuB Bull, Madeleine () 1855 >LuB Bull, Mary 1870 Gdf>LuB> Bull, Muddy see Bull, Noah Bull, Nicole 1980 Gdf Bull, Noah Muddy Bull Chief 1820/86 FtE/Pig>Msk/Vic>Kis>LuB Bull, Peter 1980 Gdf Bull, Reuben Chief 1894- Gdf/Sad Bull, Robin 1900 Gdf Bull, Samuel 1866 Gdf Bull, Samuel Edward 1947- Gdf/Sad Bull, Solomon 1974 LuB Bull, Violet 1974 LiP Bull, Walter 1974 LiP Bull, William 1848 Gdf Bull, William Chief 1918- Gdf/Sad Bull, Winnie 1892- TSU Bull, Winnifred 1974 LuB Bull Bacfat see Bull Back Fat Bull Back Fat I Hd Chf 1710 KAI/BuF Bull Back Fat II Hd.Chf. 1750 KAI/BuF Bull Back Fat III Hd.Chf.c1780-42cKAI/BuF Bull Back Fat IV Hd.Chf. 1800/72 KAI/BuF Bull Back Fat V Hd.Chf.c1826-90cKAI/BuF Bull Bear see also Bear Bull BullBear He Bear Mato Ta Tonka Bull Bear Hd.Chf 1800 DAK/Ogl Bull Bear, Shawna Rae 1990 SIK Bull Boy 1865 Sip/BgB>Ima/LPo/Pap> Bull Buffalo see Mustus Bull Calf 1885 PIK/SoE Bull Caller see also Bull Collar Calling Bull Ka Kitowew Mostos Matsenamakan Bull Caller 1880 Bull Caller, Mary (Apistabes) 1880- Kis>Cgy/MET Bull Chief 1852/72 PIK Bull Child Chief 1875/05cPIK/NoE ## Bull Caller 1878 TSU Bull Collar see also Bull Collar Ka Kitowew Mostos Seen From Afar Bull Collar Chief 1810/40cCRO Bull Collar Chief 1850 KAI Bull Collar Chief 1870 DAK Bull Collar 1880 Bull Collar I Chief 1870 KAI Bull Collar II Bull Collar III Bull Collar IV ## Bull Collar 1870 TSU/Ute Bull Collar 1880 ## Bull Collar, John 1900 TSU/Ute Bull Collar, Mary (Apistapes) 1880- Kis>Cgy/MET Bull Color see Bull Collar Bull Eagle Chief 1846 DAK/Min Bull Eagle 1850/70 DAK Bull Elk Chief 1847 SIK/Say Bull Head KAI Bull Head Chief 1800 PIK Bull Head Hd.Chf. 1817 PIK/NoP/BuH Bull Head I 1820-60sTSU/Ute Bull Head II Head Ch.1820/11 TSU/Ute Bull Head 1865/89 DAK/Hun Bull Head 1852 SIK/Hit Bull Head III 1878 TSU/Ute Bull Head Jr. see Young Bull Head Bull Horn Chief 1850 KAI/BuF Bull Limper see Spear Chief Bull Moose see Moosahtik Ta Tanka Nazin Bull Painted Red Who Walks 1861 NAK/EaH Bull Plume Chief 1857 PIK/NoP/BuP Bull Robe Chief 1825/55 KUT/AkN Bull Shakes His Tent Chief 1845 KAI Bull Shield Chief 1840/69 CRO/Mtn/BuS Bull Shield Chief 1860 KAI/Pon Bull Shields, Christine 1950 KAI Bull Shields, Norma (Cayen) 1929 CRE>KAI>SIK Bull Shoe, Molly 1964 PIK/SoP Bull Sitting Down Turning Around1852/72 SIK/Hit Bull Tail Chief 1810 DAK/Bru/BuT Bull Turn Around see Bull Sitting Down Turning Around Bull Turns Around Bull Turn Round see Bull Sitting Down Turning Around Bull Turns Around Bull Turns Around see Bull Sitting Down Turning Around Bull Turns Around Bull Turns Round Bull Turns Around 1850 KAI/Nit Bull Turns Round 1840 PIK Bull's Back Fat see Bull Back Fat Bull's Head see also Bull Head Bull's Head 1836 ATS/3Br Bullbear see also Bird, Matthew Lee Bull Bear He Bear Bullbear c1860- SIK Bullbear, Alice 1903 SIK Bullbear, Craig Auger see Auger, Dwayne Bullbear, David 1903 SIK Bullbear, Evangeline 1960 SIK Bullbear, Harrison 1940 SIK Bullbear, Harry 1923-04 SIK Bullbear, Lorraine 1940 SIK Bullbear, Norma (Cayen) 1929 CRE>SIK Bullbear, Rupert Crow 1940 SIK Bullbear, Shawna Rae 1990 SIK Bullbear, Shirley Stimson 1950 SIK Bulldog 1880 TZA/Boy Bulldog, Chichi 1948/85cTZA/Boy Bulldog, Frank 1946 TZA/Boy Bulldog, Harvey Chief 1948 TZA/Boy Bulldog, Jean (Chonkolay) 1948 DET>TZA/Boy Bulldog, Jenny (Chonkolay) 1948 DET>TZA/Boy TZA/Boy Bulldog, Jerry 1948 TZA/Boy Bulldog, Joseph Chief 1935 TZA/Boy Bulldog, Modeste Chief 1915 TZA/Boy Bulldog, Roxanne 1965 TZA/Boy Bulldog Kelly see Kelly, Bulldog Buller, Joseph 1960 OnL Bullough Cpl.NWMP1876 >ALB/Let Bulmer 1988 Pas Bum Edward see Edward Bumble Bee 1885 KAI Bunch of Lodges Wr. Chf.1838 KaM>Lap Bungeling Idiot see Many White Horses Bunn, Catherine (Thomas) 1815 Alb/MoF>RdR Bunn, Chris see Benn, Chris Bunn, Frances 1838 RdR Bunn, John 1785-53 ENG>YkF>RdR Bunn, John 1850 RdR>RMH>Mor/YeX> Bunn, Mary 1798-73>YkF>Mis>RdR Bunn, Nancy 1810- MET/RdR Bunn, Nelson 1978 DAK/Brd Bunn, Phoebe (Sinclair) c1804-48 OxH/NoH>YkF>RdR Bunn, T. Rev. 1859 >Dun> Bunn, Thomas 1765- ENG>YkF>RdR Bunn, Thomas (Mrs.) 1784 CRE/YkF>RdR Bunn, Thomas c1780- Bunn, Thomas NWMP 1855 >MAN/NWMP>SK/WMt Bunn, Thomas Rev. 1859 >ALB>PeR/Dun Bunny see Bourke, Gabriel Buois see Bouis, Anthony Buonoparte see also Bonapart Buonoparte 1790 >RMH>TrM/COL/SAL/P'D Buoy, Francis see Boyer, Francis Burbonnois see Bourbonais Burd Archdeacon 1900 >MAN Burden Const. 1877 SK/Reg Burdett-Coutts, W.A. Bartlett 1862 ENG Burdock, G. 1959 >NUN>NWT> Burel, Marguerite 1761 QUE Burfield, Frank 1910 >ALB Burger, James see Berger, Jacques Burgess, u/k 1843/63>SHU/Kam Burgess 1878 USA/MNT Burgess, A.W. 1860 ONT/OTT Burgoyne 1750 FRE>QUE>MIC> Burke see also Boruck Borwick Bourke Bourque Burke, Edmund 1730 ENG Burke, John 1866 >AK Burke, Robert 1871 >ALB Burke, Sylvester see Bourque, Silvestre Burke, William Henry see Bourke, William Henry Burleigh see Berland, Pascal Burley Burley see also Burleigh Burley, Bennet 1844 CSA>OHI Burlong see also Berland Burlong, Frances 1827 Pas>Pes Burlong, Jocko 1820 Sas>Pes> Burlong, Suzet () 1826 >Pes Burlong, Suzet c1840- Pes> Burlong, Vallad 1819 >SwG>Pes>Pas>Pes>Pas Burlong, William c1839- Pas>Pes>Pas Burlong, William 1841- Pes Burlong, Zanyeo () see Zanyeo Burlow, Edward see Berland, Edward Burn, Mary 1796- NWT Burnard, Ones see Bernard, Ones Burned see Kasewekasete Kaskwesetowi Burney, James 1758 ENG>SA>NA>HAW>ENG Burnham 1835 USA>FtE>BC Burns, Amelia () 1865 MET>USA/MNT Burns, Chantell Burns, John 1770 >ONT Burns, John 1917 ALB Burns, La Louise (Gladue) Burns, Margaret () JaS Burns, Norman 1900- JaS Burns, Patrick 1855/37>ALB Burns, Richard D. 1930 ALB Burns, Robert 1843-15 RdR>FtE Burns, Robert John 1887- JaS Burns, Robert 1930 BC>DEH/FtN Burns, William 1865 MET>USA/MNT Burns, Willie 1863/35 LSL/Gro Burns The Medicine Bundle see Crow King Burnstick 1860 >Pau Burnstick, D.N. 1975 Ale Burnstick, Edward Chf/AIM 1952 Pau Burr, Aaron 1785 USA/DC Burr, Fred 1842 USA>IDA Burrigon Chief 1722 UTE/Cha Burrows, Brenda Campbell 1975 ALB Burrows, T.A. 1910 >SK Burt, Melanie see Burt, William Burt, Nannie 1855 USA/FLA Burt, William Melanie 1984- Edm Burton, Pierre 1957 ONT Burton, Richard F. 1842 USA>ARK Burton, Roger 1850 Buryie, Philomene 1877- ONT/Pen Bush, u/k 1835/56>ORE Bush, u/k 1886 >ALB Bush, Art 1872 >ALB Bush, Bucky see Bush, William T. Bush, George W. Pres. 1941 USA Bush, George Pres. 1971 USA Bush, John 1872 >ALB Bush, William T. 1984 USA Bush-Fuller 1886 >ALB Bushaw see also Boucher Bushaw, Lucy 1865 MET Bushby 1843 >BC Bushe see also Boucher Bushe, Harry 1938 DET/InC Bushey see also Boucher Bushie Bushey, Frances see Boucher, Frances Bushey, William see Boucher, William Bushfield, William 1932 SK/Nip Bushie see also Boucher Bushie, u/k Bushie, Christiana see Boucher, Christiana Bushie, Frances see Boucher, Frances Bushie, Marie see Boucher, Marie Bushie, Maskwa see Boucher, Maskwa Bushie, Robert see Boucher, Robert Bushie, Roderick Chief 1977 HoW Bushie, Susan () 1849- FtE/AmW>Kis>RoB Bushie, Teri 1979 CHP/LGR Bushie, Tristan Duford see Duford, Tristan Bushie Bushie, William 1853- FtE/AmW>Kis>RoB Bushman, Gabe 1843- Jat>FPk Bushyhead 1940 OSG Bussette see Brissette Bussette, John see Brissette, John Butcher 1890 PIK/NoP Butcher, Francis see Boucher, Francois Buteau see also Bateau Batteau Buttaud Buteau, Angella see Buttaud, Angela Buteau, Frank 1846 >AK Butler, C.F. see Butler, William F. Butler, C.F. see Butler, William F. Butler, D.W. 1950 >NWT>NUN> Butler, Edmond Capt. 1857 USA>MNT Butler, Sylvia 1940 CRE/MET Butler, William Francis Sir 1838-10 ENG>BUR/IND>IRE>CAN (ONT>MAN>SK>ALB)> USA>AFR>ENG Butlin, Joe NWMP 1857 >MAN>ALB Buton, S. see Buttaud Butt, Abigail 1733- NWT Butt, Chen Ging 1861/30 CHN>BC Buttaud see also Bateau Batoche Buteau Buttaud, Angella () 1857- >Kis>Cgy Buttaud, S. 1857 >FtE Buttenaude see Bottineau Patenaude Butts, Sarah 1809- CRE/AsW Butterfly see Sawawin Button, Thomas 1592 ENG>CAN>NeR Button Chief see Medicine Calf Buxenstein, Georg 1875 GER Buxton, Francise (Thomas) 1795- MoF>Alb>RdR Buxton, Henry 1792- ENG>RdR>TrM/ORE By, John Lt. Col.1790 ENG>ONT> Byers, u/k RCAF 1924 CAN/NOV>ENG Byers, Samuel Dr. 1890 >ALB Byers, William 1878 >ALB> Byfield, Theodor 1930 ALB Bylot, Robert 1596 ENG>CAN/NUN Byrne 1766 USA>ND Byrne, David 1952- ENG Byrne, William Dr. 1945 ALB Byskie, Francois 1877 CHI Byttenen, Carol 1990 ALB Byttynen, John L. 1885- USA/MIN>ALB Byttynen, Maggie E. (McKee) 1893- ONT>ALB Byttynen, Viola S. 1917- ALB CCC
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