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WELCOME TO THE HERITAGE CONSULTING Personage Files Listing HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 4000 tribes. Our files are the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes, the Fur Trade and Aboriginal/Fur Trade genealogies and biographies.
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Researchers can now order data from Heritage Consulting, or do their own research in the Heritage Consulting Databank located in Mirror, Alberta. This databank is the largest databank dealing with Western Canadian aboriginal history and genealogy To date we now have - over 2,000,000 pages of information - biographies/histories on 1,000,000 westerners from before 1890 - comprehensive histories of over 30,000 tribes and bands We expect to double our data in the near future. For more details click on the subjects in the adjacent box. We are the #1 aboriginal website on the Internet. Below is the index of persons in our databank on whom we have informtion. Note that not all names have associated Vital Stats yet; we have this information on file but are still in the process of adding them into this listing. If there are any names that are of special interest to you, let us know and we will update the info as soon as we can.
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When I started out on this project many years ago very little was known about individual native people and families. Taking a leaf from Old World archaeology and history, I decided that to find out more about group histories, I would build what is known as a 'King List'. Standard proceedure in building a King List is to gather and list the names of known historic persons in order to build up a database from which one can determine succession, kinship, ethnicity, location and other relative information. The reason it is called a King List is because it is the names of kings that are mainly and prominently recorded in history. It is generally these names that are the first to be known and to go on the list. As research continues, it is the names of their families and lesser dignitaries and functionaries that are normally next in line. In western Canada, the well known 'kings' that most people know of are the prominent fur traders, such as Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson, Simon Fraser, George Simpson and so on. Lesser well known 'kings' were the prominent Indian chiefs who co-operated with the white man, such as Crowfoot and Red Crow, or who led prominent rebellions, such as Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont. For the general public and the education system, that is about where it ends. Shortly into the project I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was in fact a considerable number of people who could be identified. And I was positively amazed when this list began to grow into the tens - and then hundreds - of thousands. In fact, there was so much data available (we are not anywhere near the end of it) as to allow us to reconstruct very detailed personal, family and locational histories back several hundred years. With the amount of detail eventually available, we have been able to come up with lists of 'who was where when'. For example, it is now possible for us to say who was at Pambrun's trading post in Saskatchewan in the spring of 1774. What also amazed us is how incredibly mobile these people were. We grow up with the idea that in Indian society a person was born into a Band, grew up in a certain area, and died there. Far from the reality. While this may have been true in some groups, such as the Blackfoot, it certainly was not among the NEHIYAW-PWAT (Cree/ Nakoda/Soto confederation group). As a rule, individuals in this group tended to be very mobile, residing in at least three different and distant regions throughout their lives. A person might be born in Detroit, grow up in Sault St. Marie, work on Lake Athabasca, relocate to the Edmonton area, and retire to Red River; in the meantime, make trips to the Arctic, Hudson Bay, the Great Lakes, Oregon and Wyoming. Nor was this a case of Nomadism - which implies undirected rambling. These were goal directed, gentrally having to do with making a living. It is as far from nomadism as is the imigrant who is born in Holland, raised in Toronto, moves to Winnipeg, relocates to Calgary looking for work, gets married (in Mexico, of course) and moves to the wife's community of Edmonton, gets a trucking job in Oil Patch in Peace River, establishes a homestead at High Level and retires to Victoria; in the meantime making visits back home, to the Olympics, World's Fair, Banff and other places. This mobility was far from the true nomadism. Nor was it the purpose-directed cyclic nomadism of the seasonal activities of transhumance subsistence or the herding societies of central Eurasia. It was essentially a cultural behavior trait of the NEHIYAW-PWAT group. To some degree it was influenced by an exogamic marriage pattern with an ideal requirement to move in with the wife's community for a certain period of time, prior to establishing one's own family residence. Partly it was part of a transhumance subsistence cycle tied in part to a wage economy either as a supplier or participant. Partly it was a pursuit of better opportunity for success. And of course it was partly in terms of choosing a retirement home. In 1855 Bishop Anderson at Red River was amazed to find members of families he had known at James Bay to be scattered as far west as the Rocky Mountains, noting that "Thus is the whole country bound together by close links, which are always reappearing here and there." (Long 1874:154) Indeed, in any community that an individual visited he was sure to find at least a first cousin. In short, what emerged was a far different picture of the life cycle of the western "Indian" and "halfbreed" than was generally thought. This mobility and group affiliation is reflected below - to some degree - in the codings. To be truthful, the codings are mainly for my benefit. They are mnemonic devices that (1) allow me quickly to recall the history of individuals, and (2) help differentiate various people of the same names, such as Joseph Cardinal from Joseph Cardinal 2 to 23. They do not give only the principal locations and affiliations, but do not indicate various other trips or visitations that the individual may have done throughout the year or his/her life. Nontheless, it provides an important and useful guide for the researcher, family genealogist and casual reader.
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AAA ???, Augustin 1875 LLB ???, E. 1875 LLB ???, Etienne 1800 CAN>WIS/PDC ???, Julie 1875 LLB ???, Louisa 1875 LLB ???ier, ??? 1800 CAN>WIS/PDC ???itt, Catherine 1840- >FtE ???kepakwa Asis 1846 EdS ???kepakwa Asis, wife 1852 EdS ???kepakwa Asis, child 1 1872 EdS ???kepakwa Asis, child 2 1873 EdS ???kepakwa Asis, child 3 1874 EdS ???kepakwa Asis, O Ka Sisa 1879 EdS ???kepakwa Asis O Misima 1866 EdS ???kepakwa Asis, O Misima 1 1875 EdS ???kepakwa Asis, O Misima 2 1876 EdS ???kepakwa Asis, O Misima 3 1877 EdS ???kepakwa Asis, O Misima 4 1878 EdS ???kepakwa Asis, O Misima 5 1879 EdS ???pamehaw Asini see Flying Stone ???pum e how assinee see Flying Stone AAA A Kayan see A Kaniyan A Kaniyan legend. PIK A???, Louis, grandchild m 1879 EdS Aahpaysis see Napesis Aakoiyinnima Akiiwa see Small Legs, Florence Gertrude Aakoiyinnimaakiiwa see Small Legs, Florence Gertrude Aarhuis, Carl 1909 >ALB>BC/Nah Aaruak, Eva Prem. 1970 INU/NUN Aaso'koyo Kitop see Little Chief, Philip Abakad Khan 1224 MON/PER Abandoned see Stewart, Joseph Abbot see also Abbott Abbot, Philip Stanley 1865 USA/MAS>ALB> Abbot, W.R. SgtM 1862 NWMP>ALB>SK/FtW> Abbott see also Abbot Abbott, Jerry 1891 >ALB Abd Al-Latif see Al Latif Abdalla, Omar Mohamed 1987 Abdalonymus King 400BC GRK/MAC Abdon King 1130BC ISR Abel see also Abell Abel Red Arm Chief 1826 FLA Abel 1844 FLA Abel 1900 GWI/Vun Abel, Sarah 1940 GWI/Vun Abel, Susie Chief 1900 THL/Wul Abelard 1100 FRA Abell see also Abel Abell, Samuel 1965 >ALB> Abercrombie 1862 >ALB/HiR Aberdeen, Earl Of GovG 1873 >ALB> Aberdeen, Ishbel 1873 >ALB> Aberdeen, Lord see Aberdeen, Earl of Aberhart, William Prem. 1910 ALB Aberlae Abersol Abimelech King 1218BC ISR Abistap see Apistak Ablais, Alexander 1868 MET>SK Above See Quinn, William Takoch Abraham see also Abraham, Nipi Kokapaw Abraham, Silas Kichipwat, Abraham Twoyoungmen, Abraham Abraham 1600 MAH Abraham Nipi Kokapaw Chief 1805- TwD>Pes>Kis/TZC>Bev Abraham 1828 FtE Abraham 1838 FtE Abraham Chief 1839/87 KUT/Low Abraham 1912 NAK Abraham 1920 CrL Abraham, Amelia () c1827- TwD>Pes>Kis/TZC>Bev Abraham, Annie 1903-96?Gst/BgH Abraham, Antoine c1839- Pes>Kis/TZC>Bev Abraham, Betsey (Chamakesis) 1813 TwD>Pes>Kis/TZC>Bev Abraham, Charles 1948 Wes/BgH Abraham, Franklin Chief 1977 CHP/LBR Abraham, Jen 1900-81 BgH Abraham, Jessy 1842- >Pes>Kis/Chi>Gst/Bev Abraham, Joe 1904- FrL Abraham, John 1850 Kis/Chi>Gst/Bev/BgH Abraham, L. 1895-73 Gst/BgH Abraham, Leah 1830/71cPes>Bev Abraham, Leah 1887 Gst/BgH Abraham, Lloyd 1910 BgH Abraham, Lloyd 1930- Gst Abraham, Louise () 1904- FrL Abraham, Mabel (Wesley) Abraham, Marjorie 1930 BgH>Gst>MaW Abraham, Mary Ann 1924- FrL Abraham, N. Morgan 1934-83 BgH Abraham, Nipi Kokapaw Chief 1805- MET>TwD>Pes>Kis/TZC>Bev Abraham, Norman 1890 BgH Abraham, Norman 1900-93 BgH Abraham, Silas c1871-61 BgH Abram 1838 FtE Absalom 1032/972BC ISR Absaroka Amazon see Woman Chief Abu, Frank 1929 SEK/FtW Acamescenis 1865 GdF Accass 1766 CHI/EnR Accault, Aramepinchone see Accault, Marie Accault, Marie Aramepinc(Rouensa1675/25 KAS Accault, Marie Suzanna () 1685 KAS Accault, Marie 1690 ILL Accault, Mary (Pinchieoua) 1680 KAS Accault, Michel 1670 CAN/ILL>KAS Accupas see Whippoorwill Acebilochus 640BC GRK Acha Wiyan see Achak Wiyan Wachack Winyan Achak see also Hachekemenes Ochik Shortneck, Joe Star Star Achak 1742 OJI/OTT/MIC>ONT>MAN Achak Akopa Chief 1819 MET/MiN>SnP>Atk Achak Inew see Star Achak Wiyan 1812 >StW/KaM/Lap>See Achakas f 1826 FtE>Lap>See Achakaw see also Achakas Achakaw Chief 1710 CRE/NIP/RdR Achakow see Achakaw Achakosaka Ka Naweyimikot see Littlechief, Andrew Achakosaka Kanaweymikot see Littlechief, Andrew Achakow see Achakas Achakaw Achaskas see Pachaskwahan Achaskahas see Pachaskwahan Achaskoo Takoopits see Star Blanket Achawiya see Acha Wiyan Achenum 1890 Sip Achenum, Ada 1910 CRE Achia see Achiya Achilles King 1300BC GRK Achim 1847 Was Achisk King 1040BC PHL/Gat Achiyas 1820 FtE Achiyas, Kewapiseyap () 1825 FtE Achiyas, William 1840- FtE Achoyo see Ayocho Ackedabbee see Akedabee Acker, Gary 1945 USA>ANG> Acoby, Harry 1940 CHP/SwL Acoose see also Accosee Acoose, Paul 1885- Kak>Sak Acoose, Paula 1978 Sak Acoosee Hdm. 1858 Cal Acopewine see Akopewin Acrisius King GRK/Arg Acustie see Many Diving Ada see Francis, Jensen Adair, Al "Boomer" 1930 ALB Adam see also Adams Kichipwat, Adam Adam Biblical Adam 1746 FUR Adam 1784 FUR Adam 1820 NoH Adam 1873 Jsp/Ase Adam, Allan Nazim Chief c1967- CHI/Ath Adam, Allan 1978 CHI/FDL Adam, Angelique (Racette) 1789 MET/RdR Adam, Angelique 1800- RdR Adam, Baptiste Adam, Beatrice 1910- CHI/Ath Adam, Charles see Adams, Charles Adam, Eli 1935 CHI/FDL Adam, Eustache 1784 CAN>CHI/FDL Adam, Francois Adams, Francois Adam, Fred 1945 CHI/FDL Adam, George 1871 LLB>LSA/StA (33-12) Adam, Isabella (Rivard) 1789 MET/RdR Adam, Jean Baptiste 1762 CAN>RdR Adam, Jerry 1864 >WMt>MNT Adam, John 1980- CHI/Ath Adam, Joseph 1726 QUE>ONT/OJI/Mic Adam, Joseph 1782 MET/RdR Adam, Joseph c1938- FCh Adam, Joseph 1950 CHI/FDL Adam, Josette Adam, Julian Mark Sagiscanap 1969- FCh Adam, Julie (Larocque) 1870 >WMt>MNT Adam, Kelly Thomas 1968 Edm Adam, Louis 1884- >WMt>MNT Adam, Louise 1813- RdR> Adam, Madeleine Adam, Margaret () 1877 LLB>LSA/StA (33-13) Adam, Marguerite 1845 Adam, Nazim see Adam, Allan Nazim Adam, Sammy 1980 CHI/FDL Adam, Sandy 1964 CHI/Ath Adam, Silas 1859 NAK/Mis Adam, Susan 1978 SK Adams see also Adam Adams 1820 >WYO Adams 1851- >ALB Adams 1864- >ALB Adams, Angelique see Adam, Angelique Adams, Annie (Norquay) 1846- RdR>LSA>MET Adams, Charles 1846 >LSA> Adams, Dennis 1860 >NAK/BPw Adams, Eli see Adam, Eli Adams, Francois 1870 BLG>MAN>ALB/PeR>MaW/Duh Adams, Grace 1950 CHI/CdL Adams, Ian 1973 ONT Adams, Ida () 1860 >BPw Adams, Jeanette DAK/Hun Adams, Jerry 1939- ALB>MIC Adams, Josephine 1900 >BPw Adams, Mary 1965 CHI/FCh Adams, Mary 1990 CHI/FCh Adams, Mavis 1950 CHI/CdL Adams, Molly 1860- >ALB> Adams, Nicole (Skani) 1980 CHI/CdL>Edm Adams, Peter 1854 >TCr> Adams, Phillip DAK Adams, Pierre 1770 FLA Adams, Russell 1976-04 CHI/CdL>Edm/Rdd Adams, Thomas 1842 >IDA> Adamson, A.J. 1880 QU' Addison, Anthony Sr. Chief 1976 ARA/SHO/WiR Addras see Pendragon, Arthur Adekat see also Bulldog Adekat, Antoine 1939 TZA/Boy Adekat, Jerry Bulldog 1948 TZA/Boy Adekat, Suzi 1956 TZA/Boy Adekat, Ronald see Charette, Ronald Adekat, Ruby see Charette, Ruby Adele see Nicholas, Adele Ademar see also Adhemar Ademar, Sarah 1852- Adhemar see also Ademar Adhemar 1680 QUE Adhemar 1769- FUR QUE>ONT>MAN Adhemar, Angelique 1788 CAN>ONT/Mac>QUE Adhemar, Eustace Adhemar, Jacques 1779 CAN>NIP Adhemar, Jean Baptiste 1736- QUE>RdR/Ass Adhemar, Madeleine 1788 CAN>ONT/Mac>QUE Adhemar, Margaret Adighele 1847 TZA/GrP Adnah Gen. 1896BC JEW/Jud Adolf Chief 1832 FLA Adolph see Adolf Adras see Pendragon, Arthur Adrian Chief 1903 KUT/StM Adrian, Patrick 1950 SHU/Nes Adsit 1867 KAI Aeacus King GRK/Aeg Aegeus King GRK/Ath Aegisthus GRK Aemmer, Rudelph 1907 SWI>CAN/ALB Aeneas see Also Eneas Aeneas Paul Big Knife Chief 1828-00 NWY/IRO>FLA/NoF Aeneas Paul Kustata Chief 1856-42 FLA/NoF Aeolis 1470B GEO/COL Aeralim 1865- MET/NWT>MaW/MuS Aerope GRK Aeschylus 510BC GRK Aethra GRK Afraid of a Grasshopper see Grasshopper Afraid of His Horse Chief see Ta Sunke Kopipapi After The Bugs 1850 DAK/Hun/SiB Aga Khan see Khan, Aga Agandooga 1822 Pes>TZC Agandooga, Emma 1845- TZC/Pes Agandooga, Jessey 1843- TZC/Pes Agandooga, Wazoozoo Keyabin () 1828 Pes/TZC Agandooge see Agandooga Ageeknagoon see Agiknagon Agichide see Wildman, Daniel Agidsida see Wildman, Daniel Agiknagon f 1826 WPT>BPw>TZC Agiknagoon see Agiknagon Aginaa 1880 TZA/FSJ Aginas see Kiskichichi, Alexis Okewan Okien Aginas, Doris 1985 Alx Agnes f 1830 FtE/Mis>Lap/Pig Agona Chief 1531 HUR/Sta Agostini, George 1847 >CAN Agrippa, M.V. Gen. 00 ROM Agrippa, Agrippina Vipasina 20c ROM Agrippa, Gaius 20c ROM Agrippa, Lucius 20c ROM Agrippa, Vipasina see Agrippa, Agrippina Agrippina, Vipasina see Agrippa, Agrippina Agta f 1826 Pes>FtE/Lap/Mis Aguilar 1700 NSP/NWM Ah Ja Ko Sa Ka Ka Nah Way Yi Mi Kot see Littlechief, Andrew Ah Mi Sko Sees see Amiskosis Ah take a make see Atikamik Ah-ya-sou see Ahyasou Aha-yua-me-ha-we-ye-neese see McDougall, John Ahab King 874BC ISR Ahahtowishkinesic see Chocab Ahapsis Chief 1840 PIK Ahatowishkinsik see Chocab Ahayamehaweyenise see McDougall, John Ahayuamehaweyeneese see McDougall, John Ahbleza c1794- DAK/Ogl/Mat Ahchasakootakoopits see Star Blanket Ahenakew see also Ahenakew, David Belanger, Ahenakew Morin-Ahenakew Ahenakew 1790 Ahenakew 1820 MET/MiN>Was/SnP>Atk Ahenakew, Alan 1892- Atk Ahenakew, Alexander 1912 Atk Ahenakew, Andrew 1920- Atk Ahenakew, Baptiste 1885 Atk Ahenakew, Barry Leslie Chief 1969 Atk Ahenakew, Chatelaine 1880 SnP Ahenakew, David Chief 1855- Atk Ahenakew, David Chief 1933- Atk Ahenakew, Edith () 1935 >Atk Ahenakew, Edward Rev. 1885-61 Atk Ahenakew, Freda () 1933 Atk>LLR>MuL Ahenakew, Gordon 1925- Atk>EUR>Atk Ahenakew, Grace () 1936 >Atk Ahenakew, Harold 1933 Atk Ahenakew, Hazel () 1970 Atk Ahenakew, Ivan 1919 Atk Ahenakew, Lizette (Atimayoo) 1920 >Atk Ahenakew, Louis 1872 Atk Ahenakew, Mahekan 1988- Atk Ahenakew, Paul 1948 Atk Ahenakew, Shem 1935 Atk Ahk sees see Aksis Ahkazah see also Akazay Ahkazay 1940 DET/InC Ahkazay, Edward 1979 DET Ahkayeepixen see Akai Ipixen Ahkimnachie 1922 DET/Kot>Asu Ahkimnachie, Alexis 1919 DET/Pet/TrL>Asu Ahkimnachie, David 1950 DET/Asu/Pet Ahkimnachie, Francis 1936 DET/Asu/Pet/TrL Ahkimnachie, Gabriel 1920 DET/Pet/TrL>Asu Ahkimnachie, Joseph 1920 DET/Pet>Asu Ahkimnachie, Leo Percy 1974- DET Ahkimnachie, Lorny 1980 DET/Asu/Kot Ahkimnachie, Louison 1921- DET/Kot/Pet/TrL>Asu Ahkimnachie, Louison father 1900 DET/Kot/Pet/TrL>Asu Ahkinneah see Akinneah Ahkiona 1885 PIK/SoP Ahknaton see Akhnaton Ahkoomoose see also Akomos Paul, Therese Akomos Ahkwaten see Arcand, Akwatin Ahmiskosees see Amiskosis Ahmookisayyou see Amo Kisayew Ahmose Sr. King 1539 BC EGY Ahmose f 1519 BC EGY Ahmose Meryetamun f 1519 BC EGY Ahmose-Nefertari f 1539 BC EGY Ahnassay 1930 DET/She>Asu Ahnassay, Archie 1940- DET/Asu/Kot Ahnassey, Archie father 1920 DET/Kot>Asu Ahnassay, Archie grandfather 1895 DET/Kot>Asu Ahnassay, Charlie 1971 DET Ahnassay, Elsie () 1971 DET Ahnassay, Harvey 1974 DET/Asu Ahnassay, James Chief 1971 DET/Asu Ahnassay, Johnny Sr. 1970 DET Ahnassay, Johnny Jr. 1990 DET Ahnassay, Louison 1921- DET/Kot>Asu Ahnassay, Peter see Ahnassay, Pierre Ahnassay, Pierre 1930 DET/Asu/Kot Ahnassay, S., Box 3023 1974 DET/Bus Ahnassay, Stephen 1990 DET Ahnassay, Willie Sr. 1910- DET Ahnassay, Willie Jr. 1971 DET Ahneenis Paskemin 1900 CRE Ahpesjhachichgoos see Half, William Ahpischinapow see Apischiw Napew Ahpistew Kehew see Apistew Kehew Ahseetuck see Ahseetuk Ahseetuk 1870 PIK/HTK Ahsis see Small Small, Asis Ahskekahmahtaht see Askis Kamik Menikat Ahskoos 1856 RdP Ahtahakoop/Achak Akopa Chief c1816-96 SoB>Atk Ahthay, Louison Chief 1875 CHI/Edj/FtR Ahtickoosis see Atik Asis Ahtukukkoop (Achak Akopa) Chf see Ahtakakoop Ahwahcous see Russell, Charles M. Ahyahtuskumikam see Twatt, William Ahyahtuskumikimam see Twatt, William Ahyahtuskumikimum see Twatt, William Ahyamookkoomepowit see Ayamok Kamepawit Ahyasou 1873 CRE/CHI/FMy Ahyasou 1914 CRE/CHI Ahyasou, Albert 1904- CRE/CHI/FMy Ahyasou, Joseph 1896- CRE/CHI/FMc>FMy Ahyasou, Marguerite () 1897- CRE/CHI/FMy Ahyasou, Meline 1922- CHI/FMy Ahyasou, Pat 1945- CHI/FMy Ahyasou, Paul 1914- CRE/CHI/FMy Ahyasou, Sylvestre 1894 CRE/CHI/FMc>FMy Ahyimisis see Imasees Ahyocho see Ayocho Aicawpow see Dumont, Isadore Hi Kapaw Aiello, Giuseppe 1910 ITA>USA/NWY/Maf Aikapaw see Dumont, Isadore Hi Kapaw Aiken see Aikens Aitken, Job Aitkin Aikens see also Aitken Aikens 1854 OTT/MIN/SPe Aikens, Agnes () 1873- >OTT/MIN/SPe Aikens, Annie C. 1883- OTT/MIN/SPe Aikens, D. 1822 >ND/MIN/Pem Aikens, George, 1892- OTT/MIN/SPe Aikens, Jacob 1874- OTT/MIN/SPe Ainse see also Heinz Ainse, Jospeh Louis 1788 MIC/Det>MIN Ainsworth 1926 ALB>EUR> Aird 1877 >SK Aird, Grey Cloud (Wape Sa) 1779 YNK Aird, Margaret Makpiyahotowin Gr1793- MET/DAK Aird, James 1765/19 SCO>CAN>MIN>YNK>WIS Aird, James (Mrs.) 1800 CAN>WIS/PDC Aird, Robert 1757 CAN/MIC/Det>WIS/Mic> Aird, William 1737 CAN/MIC/Det Airhart 1988 Pas Aisaican, Adele 1904- Cow Aisaican, Isaac 1900- Cow Aisaican, Stephen 1904- Cow Aitken see also Aiken Aitkin Atikon Aitken 1784 >FtE>Pes>DAK Aitken, Job 1890 NWY>ORE> Aitken, William Alexander pre1790- SCO>QUE/GrL>CRE>Wap Aitki, William see Aitken, William Aitkin see also Aitken Aitkin, Alexander 1768 >ONT Ajax "the Greater" GRK Ajjericon, Oliver Hdm. 1880 CHI/Edj/GSL A Kayan see Akaniyan A Kaniyan see Akaniyan Ak Ko Maki see Old Swan Akachini 1823 OxH Akachini, Aniki () 1829 OxH Akachini, Mary 1843- OxH Akai Ipixen 1812 BLK Akai Kicipimiw Otas see Many Spotted Horses Akai Makki see Old Swan Akai Otos see Many Horses Akai Wintkatiw see Many Names Akaitcho Chief 1819 CHI/Edj/GLS Akaiyan see Akaniyan Akak Otos see Many Horses Akaniki 1842 PIK/CrE>Inu Akaniyan see A Kaniyan Akasia Chief 1826 PIK Akaskin Hd. Chf 1769 ATS/Aka Akaskin's Brother Chief 1774/94 ATS/Aka Akazay see also Ahkazay Akazay, Edward 1974 DET/MeR Akazay, K. 1974 DET/MeR Akechatak see Ochikatask Akedabee f 1809 SwG>Pes/TZC>TZC Akers see also Ackers Akers 1835-81 VIR>IDA>MNT Akers, Burtis Lee 1881- USA/MIS Akers, David 1848/96 USA>MNT>ALB>KAI Akers, Jonathan B. 1845- USA/VIR>IND>MIS Akers, Mary C. (Smith) 1850 USA/IND>MIS Akesim, Andrew 1910 NoB Akhnaton EGY Akicida see Wildman, Daniel Akicita see Wildman, Daniel Akichita see Wildman, Daniel Akikskowi Mostos see Akiskowi Mustus Akin see Oken Akinneah, Ernest 1910 DET/InC Akinneah, Helen () 1930 DET/InC Akinneah, Mabel () 1930 DET>InC> Akinneah, Paul 1910 DET/InC Akinneah, Pierre 1925 DET>InC Akinneah, Roger 1980 DET/Inc Akinneah, Willie 1925 DET>InC> Akiskowi Mostos 1817 CAN>Pes Akiskowi Mostos, Jane 1839- Pes Akiskowi Mostos, Jean Baptiste 1837- Pes>EdS Akiskowi Mostos, Pitak Iskwew ()1823 Pes Akiskowi Mostos, Tiagee () 1825 TZC/Pes Akiskowi Mustus see Akiskowi Mostos Akiskowimostos see Akiskowi Mostos Akistiyinis see Giroux, Felix Akka Kichipimew Otas see Many Spotted Horses Akka Kitcipimiw Otas see Many Spotted Horses Akko Makki see Old Swan Aknaton EGY Ako Ko Makki Ako Maki see Old Swan Akoan 1840 PIK/HTK Akoan 1860 PIK Akochkitope Chief 1840 ATS Akochpisso 1860 PIK Akomos see also Paul, Therese Akomos Akomos 1850/13 WPT>LBB Akopewin 1742 OJI/OTT/MIC>ONT>MAN Akosiw 1786 CHI/CRE/EnR Akowintkatiw see Many Names Akustie see Many Diving Akwatin see Arcand, Akwatin Akwize O Chowasi 1829 CRE/MET>DoL Akwize O Chowasi, Angele () 1836 CHI/DoL Akwize O Chowasi, Raphael Souris1849- CHI/DoL>ClL>MET
Al Latif, Abd 1200 IRQ>EGY> Al Latif, Abd 1200 IRQ>EGY> Al Makrizi 1382 EGY Al Waziri, Hammud 1961 LEB Al Waziri, Yusef Shaik 1935 LEB Al Yusef Al Waziri, Hammud 1961 LEB Alain see also Allan Allen Alain, Pierre 1775 CAN>MAN>RdR/Ass> Alaqoyuk, Moses 1973 INU Alarcon, Hernando de see De Alarcon Alard see Allard Albanel, Charles, Fr. 1616-96 QUE>Mis>JBy>RuH Albany, Duke of 1352 SCO Albany, Regent see Albany, Duke of Albas, Amanda 1890-39>LLB Albers, Craig RCMP 1986 ALB Albert of Mecklenburg King 1330 SWE Albert 1897- Swt Albert, Charlotte 1908- Swt Albert, George 1905- Atk Albert, Jean Baptiste 1800 CAN>WIS/PDC Albert, Joseph 1787 CAN>FtE> Albert, Solomon 1948 Swt Alberta, Princess Louise Caroline863 ENG Albin 1902 KUT/Aki Albright, Cal Justice 1975 SK Albright, Donald 1894 ONT>ALB Alcantara, John Reginald 1972- Edm/Hel Alden, John 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Alder, Dr. see Alders Alders, Dr. 1820 ENG Aldons, M. DLS 1860 >ALB> Aldridge, William Morm 1855 USA/UTA>ALB Aleneau see Aulneau Alex 1914 SK Alex 1915 CRE/MiN/CrL Alex, Black see Black Alex Alexander see also Arcand, Alexander Alexander The Great -323BC GRK/MAC Alexander Chief 1820-88cFLA Alexander Chief 1820 P'D Alexander 1865 >ALB>HiR Alexander I Czar 1798 RUS Alexander II King 1206 SCO Alexander VI Pope 1473 ITA Alexander 1850 >BC/CAR Alexander, Alec -1939 SK/CRE Alexander, Alexander Chief c1860- KUT/CRE/Low Alexander, Dixon 1978-95 Lap Alexander, H.H. Sgt. 1869 NWMP>SK/MiN Alexander, James 1878-41 CAR/FJm Alexander, James P. 1861 Alexander, John 1969 Lap Alexander, Mary Therese 1941- Lap>FrL Alexander, Pierre 1941 Lap Alexandra, Princess Alexandra, Brother O.M.I. 1855 LSA>Hob Alexis see also Alexis, Kiski Chichi Alexis 1840 NAK Alexis Chief 1844 TSL/Ale Alexis, Agina Kiski Chichi Chf see Alexis, Kiski Chichi Alexis, Alexander 1959-06 Alx Alexis, Cam Chief 1985 Alx Alexis, Celina 1970 Alx Alexis, David Jon 1975/06 Alx Alexis, Francis 1959 Alx Alexis, Francois Hdm. 1890 Alx Alexis, Ida 1938 Alx Alexis, Joseph Chief 1890 Alx Alexis, Kiski Chichi Chief 1855 Alx Alexis, Lance 1976- Alx Alexis, Louison 1842 CRE Alexis, Marie 1800- SwG>LLB Alexis, Mathew -2006 Alx Alexis, Roderick Chief 1985/06 Alx Alexis, Stanley 1985 Alx Alexis Kiski Chichi Chief 1855 Alx Alexson, John 1939- Kak Alford, Ethelwyn Octavia Doble 1904 >ALB> Ali Khan see Khan, Ali Alick 1839 KUT/AkN Alikamik, Lisa 1977 INU/Ilu Aliktok 1910 INU/Kuk Alikut Wr.Chf. 1855/77 NEZ/Jos Alinckwonei 1879 TZA/PeX All Are His Children see Ekuskini All Superior see McKenzie, Alexander Allain, Anne 1986 Allalie 1880 TZA/FSJ Allamak-hum see Allamakhum Stole Luch Allamak-hum Stole Luch Chief 1827 COL Allan see also Alain Allen Allan 1890 Allan, Hugh, Sir Allan, Hugh Sir 1853 ONT Allan, Jack see Allen, Jack Allan, James see Allen, Jack Allan, James Glg. 1927 >ALB Allan, John Lt. 1854 SK Allan, John 1906 ALB Allan, Simon see Allen, Simon Allard see also Allor Allard 1796 FUR Allard HBC 1840 BC/VIC Allard 1850/98 MET/BLK/FLA Allard, Ambroise 1768- MET/NWT>RdR Allard, Charles 1887 FLA Allard, Gabriel c1748 CAN>NWT Allard, Joseph see Allary, Joseph Allard, Lionel 1914- MAN Allard, Louis Allard, Marguerite Allard, Marie Comtois (Morin) 1795- FtE>Jsp>FtE>MET Allard, Marie Anne Allarie see Allary Allary aka. Henry Allary, Agathe (Letendre) Allary, Antoine 1799- NWT>RdR Allary, Antoine 1837 >FtU Allary, Catherine 1780 >LLB Allary, Celina c1860- FtE>Msk>Kat>TMt Allary, Esther see Henry, Esther Allary, France 1797- NWT Allary, Honore see Henry, John Allary, John Baptiste Honore Henr823- Sas/LLB>FtE>RdR>MET Allary, Joseph 1795 >FtE Allary, Judith (Pelletier) 1836 Sas/Was>FtE>RdR> Allary, Julie (Larocque) 1845 >FtU Allary, Louison Allary, Madeleine J. (Larocque) 1845 >FtU Allary, Marguerite 1830 Sas/RdR Allary, Marie Comtois (Morin) 1795- FtE>Jsp>FtE>MET Allary, Marie () 1817 NWT Allary, Marie 1857- FtU>Kat>MET Allary, Marie 1860- FtU>Kat>MET Allary, Michel 1780 CAN>MAN/Dau Allary, Michel 1797- MET/ONi/Dau Allary, Suzette (Capalette) 1805- RdR>LLB/Lar>RdR Allary, William see Henry, William Allegra, Melichiore 1910 ITA/SIC/Maf Allen see also Allan Allen 1766- FUR QUE,MAN,SK,ALB Allen 1877 FUR Allen 1860 >SK/WMt Allen 1860 >SK/FtW Allen Maj. 1863 USA>MNT/PIK Allen, Dudley 1816 USA>ORE Allen, Edwin "Buffalo" 1860 NWMP>SK/FtW Allen, George William 1827 ONT Allen, Harold 1915 ALB Allen, Hiram 1803 USA>MNT Allen, James 1746 ENG>YkF>CuH/Nip/Was Allen, James Capt. 1877 MWMP/SK Allen, James 1940 USA/WYO Allen, Justin 1988-95 FMc Allen, Luther Lee 1850 PAW? Allen, Robert Eugene 1871- PAW? Allen, Rosalie (Gladue) 1870 Allen, Samuel E.S. 1860's- USA>ALB>SWI>ALB> Allen, Simon 1780 IRO>ALB/FtE/Pas Allen-Cardinal, Leah 1980 Edm Allerton, Isaac 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Allerton, John 1600 ENG>USA/MAS Alley, William 1865 >ALB/HiR Alleyne, James 1826 QUE>MAN/RdR>QUE Alligator Chief 1817 SEM Alling, Lillian ALB Allison, Douglas 1870 NWMP>ALB Allison, Edward H. "Fish" 1860 USA>MNT Allison, Edwin see Allison, Edward Allison, William B. 1855 USA>ND Allor, Adolphus 1891- MET>MuS/TCr> Allor, Elizabeth 1889- MET>MuS/TCr> Allor, Felonie f 1884- MET>MuS/TCr> Allor, Joseph 1849- >MuS/TCr> Allor, Lalouise () 1847- >TCr/MuS Allouez Fr.SJ 1636 FRE>QUE>WIS/LaP Alloux, Fr. see Allouez Alloway 1866 ONT>ALB Alloway, C.B. 1853 MAN Alloway, C.V. 1869 SK Alloway, Robert 1887 >ALB Almighty Voice See also Kakichiwe Kamantowiwew Mighty Voice Almighty Voice c1874-97 KaP Almost a Dog 1850/90cPIK/HTK/HeR Almost a Wolf War Chf 1849 PIK Almy Lt. 1853/73 USA/NMX Alneau see Aulneau Alone see Isna Alook 1988 Pas Alook, Cecilia 1994-99 LRR/GdR Alook, Elaine 1969-04 Tcr>Anz Alook, George Chief 1947 TrL>Tcr>FMM>Anz Alook, Isabelle 1944 LRR>Tcr Alook, Mabel 1915 LSL/Gro Alookie, Harry 1985 INU/Kik Alootoo, Titus 1980 INU Alos 1855 MET/Kis Alphonse, Sister see Marie-Alphonse, Sister Alphonse, Agnes 1948 CHI/DeS/BlL Alphonse, Daniel 1948 CHI/DeS/BlL Alphonse, Edwin 1948 CHI/DeS/BlL Alphonse, Marie-Jacques see Marie-Alphonse, Sister Alpine 1865 KUT/Akm Already Singer Woman 1852- KAI/FiE Already Singing Woman 1852- KAI/FiE Alvarado, Pedro de 1504 SPN>NSP/ELS Alvarez, Nicholas Shoots Them 1853- NAK/Jat/FPk Always See Oonahatmenhoo Always Always see Kake Kakew Always Flying Around see Kake Wistahaw Always Looking At see Kakiyew Wapamit Always Sitting see Kaki Apiw Always Standing see Kaki Kekapew Always Takes The Gun 1855 KIA/FiE Alwyn 1865 >ALB Amable, Mary 1885- CHI/CRE/CdL Amable, Monique 1920- CHI/CdL Amable, Stephen 1915- CHI/CRE/CdL Amable, Victor 1903- CHI/CRE/CdL Amahoose 1860 BgB/FrL/Oni>Keh Amahoose, Jimmy 1923- Keh Amakzikinne see Big Lake Amal King 454/74 GOT/OST Amalusuntha King 498-35 GOT/OST Amarie, Joseph 1800 CAN>WIS/PDC Amasiah 1876-51BJEW Amato, Joseph 1910 LSL/Gro Amato, Lucy 1930- LSL/Gro Amato, Mabel (Alook) 1915 LSL/Gro Ambo see also Umbe Ambo Memoya 1806 >SwG>Pes/TZC Ambo Memoya, Isaac 1832- Pes/TZC Ambo Memoya, Leah 1842- Pes/TZC Ambo Memoya, Mary c1836- Pes/TZC Ambo Memoya, Maza Gipa Wiyan () 1812 SwG>Pes/TZC Ambo Memoya, Samuel c1826- Pes/TZC Ambo Nepa 1815 CAN>ChT Ambo Nepa, Susan 1836- ChT Ambo Nepa, Tagaze () 1821 ChT Ambo Wiyan 1823 AsW/TwD>Pes>FtE/See Ambomemoya see Ambo Memoya Ambomemweya see Ambo Memoya Ambomemwoya see Ambo Memoya Ambowweyan see Ambo Wiyan ## Ambroch, Penelope 1955 ALB/HiL Ambroise 1735 QUE>MIC/Mac Ambrose Chief 1820 FLA/NoF/Amb Ambrose 1826/46 FtE Ambrosius Aurelianus 100 ROM/ENG Ambush Chief 1847 PIK/SoP Ambush Woman 1864 KAI Amell see also Ammelle Amell, Gilbert 1860 QUE/ONT Amell, Lucy (Bushaw) 1865 QUE/ONT Amenhotep I Pharaoh 1551-24BEGY Amenhotep II Pharaoh 1453-19BEGY Amenhotep III Pharaoh 1397-60BEGY Amenhotep IV Pharaoh 1370-34BEGY America Reid see Reid, America American see Kichi Mokoman American Horse Chief 1846/76 DAK/Min Amerindienne, Jane 1780 RdR Ames, Jeffrey 1976 GWI Amherst, Jeffrey, Lord Gov. 1717-97 BRI>NA Amin, Martini binti 1965 SUM/MIN Amin, Sulan Rajo (Hamid) 1965 SUM/MIN Amiot see also Amyot Amyotte Amiot 1710 QUE>MAN Amiot 1860 MET>MNT Amiot, Isidore 1864- CHP/SOT>WMt>Qu'>MET Amiot, Joseph see also Amyotte, Joseph Amiot, Joseph 1827 >Kat Amiot, Joseph 1845 CHP/SOT>WdM Amiot, Josephte see Amyotte, Josephte Amiot, Laurent Arthur 1860 LLB Amiot, Madeleine (Hamelin) 1850 >CHP/SOT>WdM Amiot, Marie Anne see Amyotte, Marie Anne Amiot, Octavie (Cardinal) 1870 >CHP/SOT>WMt>Qu'>MET Amoit, Veronique 1885- SOT/WMt>Qu'>MET Amiotte see Amiot Amyotte Amisk 1795/36 AsW/TwD Amisk Asis 1864 CRE Amisk Okimaw 1875 Ups Amiskokimo see Amisk Okimaw Amiskosis see Amisk Asis Amiyotte see Amiot Amyot Amyotte Ammelle 1784 ONT/RyL Amparia Chief 1830 UTE/Sou/Mou Amo see Amoo Amo Kisayew 1855 EdS Amo Kisayew, (wife) 1861 EdS Amo Kisayew, O Ka Sisa 1879 EdS Amo Kisayew, O Misima 1 1876 EdS Amo Kisayew, O Misima 2 1877 EdS Amo Kisayew, O Misima 3 1878 EdS Amo Kisayew, O Misima 4 1879 EdS Amoo c1803- AsW/TwD Amos 1830 Was Amos, Albert Dixon 1947 BPw/EdV Amos, Angeline 1960 BPw Amos, Bud 1960 BPw Amos, Carol () 1960 BPw Amos, Chalene () 1960 BPw Amos, Charlene 1960 BPw Amos, Dandy 1990 EdV Amos, Deanna 1966-05 BPw Amos, Ferlin Sr. 1960 BPw Amos, Ferlin Jr. 1975 BPw Amos, Frank 1960 BPw Amos, Fred 1960 BPw Amos, Glenda () 1960 BPw Amos, Martha (Crawler) 1950 >BPw Amos, Martha Irene 1960 BPw Amos, Mary 1950 BPw/EdV Amos, Paul c1888- EdV Amos, Richard 1930 EdV/BPw Amos, Woodrow 1960 BPw Amoxa Pita 1834 SIK Amoxapeta see Amoxa Pita Amsbough 1914 Edm Amsbough, Dolly Mary 1929-07 Edm Amsbough, Donna Beauchamp 1952 Edm Amsbough, Paul Beauchamp 1952 Edm Amundsen, 1910 INU Amundsen, Roald 1883 NOR>INU Amundsen, Ronald see Amundsen, Roald Amyot see also Amiot Amyotte Kaskawan Amyot 1672 FUR Amyot 1710 QUE>MAN Amyot, Charles 1652 QUE Amyot, Colbert Sr. 1800 QUE>ONT>BC>ONT Amyot, Colbert Jr. 1879 ONT>MIC Amyot, Francois 1764 QUE>MAN Amyot, Joseph Jean Baptiste 1652 QUE Amyot, Josephete 1797- MET>FtE Amyotte see also Amiot Amyot Kaskawan Amyotte, Adele 1882- ND>Kat>MET Amyotte, Angelique (Nolin) 1867 OJI/RdR>ND> Amyotte, Joseph 1827 >Kat Amyotte, Joseph 1862 ND> Amyotte, Marie Anne (Bostonais) 1834 >Kat Amyotte, Marie Anne 1847- Kat>CyH>TMt>MET Amyotte, Marie Marguerite Kaskawa860 LSL Ana Okitsi see Pretty Woman Handsome Woman Ana Toki 1900 PIK/NoP/BDS Anacharsis 600B SCY Anaham Chief 1844 TSL/Ana Anahario 1920 OJI Anal, Mary see Annal, Mary Ananada Aki see Trollinger, Hilda Anandaki see Trollinger, Hilda Anaohkitsi see Pretty Woman Handsome Woman Anaquod Chief 1890 SOT/Nik Anaquod, Eugene Chief 1977 Mpt Anaquod, John 1910 Mpt Anaquod, Nellie () 1910- Nik>LiD>Mpt Anaquones 1898 OJI>EUR>CAN Anas see Annance Anaskan, Vernon Chief 1979 Pia Anass see Annance Anasse see Annance Anatapsa 1885 PIK/SoP/HTK Anath Anatoki see Ana Toki Anawagon 1808 IRO/Wes Ancha Chief 1789 UTE/Mou Ancient Sleeper Chief 1850 PIK/Inu/Nit Ancient Sun see Old Sun Ancoo Chief 1785 CHR Anderson 1774-20 SCO>CAN/MAN Anderson 1820 ENG>YK Anderson 1860 >PeX>LSL Anderson 1864 >ALB/Cgy Anderson 1864 Sas/Sad/Gdf>MAN/RiM Anderson 1875 ALB/FtE/HyL Anderson () 1940 LSA Anderson 1977 BeL Anderson 1984 NAV Anderson 1988 Pas Anderson 1985 NoH Anderson Abishop Anderson, General 1795 USA/MNT Anderson, Albert 1857- CHP/RdR/PoP>Vic>Was>AsW/Kis/Cgy>MET Anderson, Anne see Anderson-Irvine, Anne Anderson, Andrew Chief 1977 CHP/Ffd Anderson, Belle 1876- PoP>RoB Anderson, Billy-Post see Anderson, William James Anderson, Caleb 1833- CRE Anderson, Caroline c1852- CRE Anderson, Catherine 1820- CRE Anderson, Catherine Elizabeth 1833-14 RdR>Gdf>MET Anderson, Catherine 1864-37 CRE/RdR>SK Anderson, Charles 1826- CRE Anderson, Charly 1857 Vic Anderson, Christiana (Whitford) 1843 PoP Anderson, Christiana Christy 1816- CRE Anderson, Christy see Anderson, Caroline Anderson, Christiana Anderson, Colin 1896- Sas/Ver/Vic>BeL Anderson, David Bishop 1814-85 ENG>CAN/RdR Anderson, David 1885 Gdf>Asw/Kis Anderson, Donald George 1920 CRE Anderson, Edward Chief 1974 CHP/Int Anderson, Eliza Charlotte Anderson, Eliza 1855-25 CRE Anderson, Elizabeth (Whitford) Anderson, Elizabeth 1802-72 CRE Anderson, Elizabeth 1808- CRE Anderson, Elizabeth 1837- Gdf>RdR>Gdf>MET Anderson, Elizabeth 1842- RdR>Gdf Anderson, Elizabeth 1859- Gdf Anderson, Elizabeth (Kipp) 1863 BLK>MET Anderson, Elizabeth 1881- >MET Anderson, Elizabeth 1904-88 BeL Anderson, Euphenia 1871 Vic Anderson, Euphinima 1812- >Vic Anderson, Flora H. 1860-47 Vic>LLB Anderson, Florence (Goodfellow) CRE Anderson, George Anderson, Gilbert see Anderson, John Gilbert Anderson, Grey Cloud 1820 YNK Anderson, Hannah 1810- CRE Anderson, Harriet (Smith) 1820 SK/RdR/PoP Anderson, Harriet 1849- RdR>CuH/FCo>MET Anderson, Harriet 1858- CRE Anderson, Henry 1824- CRE Anderson, Henry 1871 Vic Anderson, Howard Chief 1912 Gor Anderson, Irene 1929- BeL>Keh>FrL Anderson, J.G. 'Pete' 1940 ALB Anderson, James Sr. (Taylor) 1775-56 ORK>CAN/Yrk>SK>PoP Anderson, James 1800 OJI/ Anderson, James 1803 USA/MIS>ND Anderson, James Jr. 1808- SK>RdR/PoP Anderson, James HBC 1820 ENG>Yrk>YK Anderson, James c1851-51 CRE Anderson, Jane (Truthwaite) 1816- SK>RdR/PoP Anderson, Jane 1846 Gdf>Vic>Pig>MuS/TCr>MET Anderson, Jane Rose Mary 1892- Gor Anderson, Jeremiah 1877- >MET Anderson, Joan 1943- ALB>MAN> Anderson, John 1790 NWY>ORE Anderson, John 1804- RdR Anderson, John 1825 RdR Anderson, John Gilbert 1824- SCO>RdR>FtE/Pas>MET Anderson, John Gilbert 1830- SCO>RdR>FtE/Pas>MET Anderson, John 1837 PoP Anderson, John 1872- LSA Anderson, John 1873- FtE/Pas>MET Anderson, John 1900 FtE Anderson, John 1935 ALB Anderson, Jordan 1982- INU/Iqa>NWT>MAN>AFG> Anderson, Joseph 1866- MET/FtE Anderson, Julie (Calahison) Anderson, K.F. Sgt. 1878 NWMP/ALB/PeR Anderson, K.J. see Anderson, K.F. Anderson, Kathleen Christine Anderson, Kathleen Marie Anderson, Kathleen Marie 1960 Anderson, Larry 1924 NAV Anderson, Letitia (McKay) 1833-20 FEl>PoP>Vic Anderson, Lorna 1950 ALB Anderson, Lucille 1869- FtE Anderson, Margaret see also Howse, Margaret Anderson, Margaret 1836 RdR Anderson, Margaret () 1856 Pas>FtE/EdS Anderson, Margaret 1862 EdS Anderson, Margaret 1953 ALB Anderson, Marguerite (Howse) 1856- RdR/PoP>Vic>AsW/Kis/Cgy>MET Anderson, Marie see Anderson, Kathleen Marie Anderson, Marie Louise () 1872- LSA Anderson, Mary (Demurant) 1780- MET/SOT/SK>PoP Anderson, Mary (Desmarais) Anderson, Mary 1800 OJI/ Anderson, Mary Polly 1813- Anderson, Mary (Ducharme) 1839- RdR>FtE Anderson, Mary Isabelle 1859- RdR>FtE/StA Anderson, Mary Jane 1880- MAN>SK>MET Anderson, Myrtle 1905 MaW>SIK Anderson, Oscar 1947 ALB Anderson, Pete see Anderson, J.G. Anderson, Peter Anderson, Peter 1827-80cMAN>SK>Vic Anderson, Peter C. 1861-36 Anderson, Peter Sr. 1915 NOR>ALB Anderson, Peter Jr. 1945 ALB Anderson, Peter 1933 PoP Anderson, Polly Anderson, Robert 1857 MAN>SK>MET Anderson, Rod 1986 SHU/Nes Anderson, Rosane Anderson, Rose () 1907 BeL Anderson, Rose 1927- BeL>Keh Anderson, Rose (John) 1940 Sad>BeL Anderson, Samuel Capt. 1838 ENG>BC Anderson, Sandy 1849 ENG>FtE Anderson, Sarah 1874- FtE Anderson, Sarah () 1875- FtE Anderson, Sol 1941- JaS Anderson, T. George see Anderton, T. George Anderson, Terry 1945 ALB Anderson, Thomas G. 1785 >YNK Anderson, Thomas 1801 LSA Anderson, Thomas 1806- Anderson, Thomas A. 1860 >FtE Anderson, Thomas 1867 RdR>RoB Anderson, Veronica Mary (Ayamihagan) 1872 CRE/ALB Anderson, Walter 1932- BeL Anderson, William James 1856-15>Vic/Gdf Anderson, William 1960 Anderson-Irvine, Anne () 1906- Cal Anderton, T. George 1848-13>SK> Andre 1623 >MEN Andre, Alexis Fr. OMI 1842 >RdR>FtE/StA>Was Andre, Leroy 1986 KAW/Del Andrew u/k 1868 >Sam Andrew, Alphonse 1865 CHI/CdL Andrew, Boniface 1906- CHI/CdL Andrew, Bonnie 1977 SHU/Nes Andrew, Genevieve 1919- CHI/CdL Andrew, Isidore 1860 CHI/CdL Andrew, LaLouse 1860 CHI/CdL Andrew, Michel 'Giant' 1984 INN/She Andrew, Moise c1872- CHI/CdL Andrew, Nabaise see Andrews, Baptiste Nabaise Andrew, Rosalie 1872-79 CHI/CdL Andrews, Adele (Lechasseur) Andrews, Albina 1897 Gro Andrews, Andre 1867- Gro Andrews, Angelique (Hamelin) Andrews, Anne (Sourichaude) Andrews, Baptiste Napes Machakoes825/83 LSL/Bld>Gro Andrews, Bella 1849- Pas>Bld Andrews, Catherine Andrews, Charles 1854- LSL>Gro Andrews, Ella 1890- Andrews, Felice 1860- LSL Andrews, George 1885 USA/OKL>CAN/ALB Andrews, Gilbert 1974 GdL Andrews, Gladys 1905- USA/OKL>CAN/ALB Andrews, Helen (Opiyutte) 1886 CRE Andrews, James 1867 >ALB Andrews, Jean Baptiste 1851 CRE Andrews, Josephine 1864- LSL>Gro Andrews, Katrine Matusk (Gladue)1827- LSL>FtE>Wab>Dum/Pas>Gro Andrews, Kitimakinak see Andrews, Therese Andrews, Lafille see Gladue, Rosalie Andrews, Lafille (Gladue) 1825 CRE Andrews, La Louise (Cartier) Andrews, Lena () 1890 USA/OKL>CAN/ALB Andrews, Louise (Gladue) 1830 LSL>Pas>Bld Andrews, Lucie (Chipwatch Kistatewepiw) CRE Andrews, Marie Matusk 1851 CRE Andrews, Marie Anne 1871 CRE Andrews, Matusk Cath.(Gladue) 1827- LSL>FtE>Wab>Dum/Pas>Gro Andrews, Nabaise see Andrews, Baptiste Nabaise Andrews, Napesis 1842 CRE Andrews, Nancy see Napesis, Nancy Andrews, Patrick 1904 LSL/Gro Andrews, Peggi 1851/00 LSL>Pas>LSA Andrews, Peter 1805 >LSL>LSA/Pas>Bld Andrews, Peter 1841- LSL>Gro Andrews, Pierre see also Andrews, Peter Andrews, Pierre Piyew 1842 Gro/Bld Andrews, Pierre Nabes 1870 CRE Andrews, Piyew see Andrews, Pierre Piyew Andrews, Rosale see Andrew, Rosalie Andrews, Rosalie Lafille (Gladue)811 LSL>Pas>Gro Andrews, Therese Kitimakinak 1854 LSL Andries, George P. 1789 ENG>Yrk>CHI/FDL Andy, Jingle Bells 1851 >BLK Andy, Slippery 1851 >BLK Andy, Tessie (Iron Dog) 1857 BLK Anekos 1862 BgB Anelia see also Annal Anelia, Adolphe 1897- MuS/TCr> Anelia, Agustus see Anelia, Augustus Anelia, Augustus 1873- >MuS/TCr> Anelia, Bella 1896- MuS/TCr> Anelia, Emelie () 1880 MuS/TCr> Anelia, Emile see Anelia, Emelie Anelia, Gilbert 1901- MuS/TCr> Anelia, Marie () 1825- >MuS/TCr> Angel Woman see Cayen, O Kisikaw Iskwe Angelique, u/k 1864 FtE/EdS Angelique, O Misima 1879 FtE/EdS Angry Walking Towards You see Revenge Walker Angus, Albert 1978 CRE/SK Angus, Harold 1915- ThC Angus, Hervina (Collins) CRE Angus, Joseph 1895 ThC Angus, Leslie 1970 ThC Angus, Louisa 1911 Pou> Angus, Mary G. () 1900 ThC Akachini, Aniki () 1834 OxH Aniki f 1834 OxH Anikochasayap 1862 FrL/Oni Anikotchasayahp see Anikochasayap Animal Child 1862 BgB Animi f 1865 FtE Aniskaypimooghtayoo see St. Arnaud, Aniskepimoktayew Aniskepimoktayew see St. Arnaud, Aniskepimoktayew Aniyen see Riel, Louis Anketell, Thomas 1977 NAK/DAK/FPk Ankh-sn-Pepi 2000B EGY Anna Stoney 1864 NAK>LSA>EdS 1850 Anna Stoney, O Misima 1879 EdS 1864 Annal see also Anelia Annance Annal, Magnus 1770/94 ENG>SoB Annal, Margaret Annal, Mary 1830 RdR>FtE> Annal, Peter Annance see also Vanass Venne Annance 1806 CAN>FtE>Jsp Annance, Amelia (Calder) 1853- FtE>AmW>MuS/TCr/Kis>MET Annance, Arnelia see Annance, Amelia Annance, Baptiste see Annance, Jean Baptiste Annance, Bella 1878- Kis>MuS/TCr>MET Annance, Catherine (Cardinal) 1841- Jsp>AmW>TCr/Kis>MET Annance, Daniel 1884- MuS/TCr/Kis>MET Annance, Elenore 1876- Kis>MET Annance, Elizabeth 1887- MuS/TCr/Kis Annance, James 1882- MuS/TCr/Kis>MET Annance, Jean Baptiste I 1836- RdR>FtE>Jsp>Gdf>TrM/ Wal>CRE/AmW>TCr/Kis>MET Annance, Jean Baptiste II 1856- FtE>Jsp>AmW>MuS/TCr/Kis>MET Annance, Julie see also Annance, Julienne Annance, Julie (Parisien) 1820 FtE>Jsp Annance, Julienne 1860- RdR/Gdf>TCr/Kis>TCr>MET Annance, Magnus see Annal, Magnus Annance, Margret 1893- MuS/TCr/Kis> Annance, Marguerite 1863- AmW>TCr/Kis>MET Annance, Mary 1885- MuS/TCr/Kis Annance, Melanie 1883- AmW>TCr>Kis>MET Annance, Milline see Annance, Melanie Annance, Nancy Annance, Oliver 1839 ALB Annance, Peter 1879- MuS/TCr/Kis>MET Annance, Philomene 1857- FtE>Jsp>AmW>TCr/Kis>MET Annance, Sophia 1895 MuS/TCr/Kis> Annance, William 1870- AmW>TCr/Kis>MET Annance, William J. 1896- MuS/TCr> Annas see Annance Annass see Annance Annasse see Annance Anne see also Kakanokachisis, Anne Pierre, Anne Anne Queen 1687 ENG Anne Pierre see Pierre, Anne Annennoutauk, Catherine see Arendakohi, Catherine Annette see also Kenosayo, Annette Annette 1877 SHU/Sod Annette, Kevin 1988 Annunchiarico, Ciro 1800 ITA Anokasan Chief 1740 NAK/Sou Another see Kotak Another One see Toweekawit Anselm 1100 FRA Ansey, Joseph HdM 1879 Wab Ansey, Michale HdM 1879 Wab Anstey, Charles 1920 ALB Antanosovic, Franco 1985 MAN/Hel Antelope see Ahwahcous Machanchekos Chat Ka Russell, Charles M. Antelope, Minnie 1940 SHO/WiR Antelope Whistler 1890 KAI Antill, George Antill, Julia Antiste, Joseph 1907 KUT/Fla Antoine see also Antoine Nakekon Bighead, Antoine Masitew Antoine 1817 CAN>MIS/StL>WYO> Antoine 1826 FLA Antoine 1820 PIK/Nic Antoine 1827 CAN/MIS/StL>COL> Antoine, Arthur 1936- CRE/FCh Antoine, Babert 1880 OTT/StP Antoine, Bernadette Dina 1964- CRE/FCh Antoine, Darlene Josephine 1967- CRE/FCh Antoine, Deborah Anne 1960- CRE/FCh Antoine, Charlene 1976- CRE/FCh Antoine, Christina May 1969- CRE/FCh Antoine, Coleen 1967- CRE/FCh Antoine, Dwight Shaun 1971- CRE/FCh Antoine, Florence 1936- CRE/FCh Antoine, Gerald 1964 DEH Antoine, Gladys Virginia 1947- CRE/FCh Antoine, Helen Nora 1939- CRE/FCh Antoine, Iris Robin 1969- CRE/FCh Antoine, Irvine Harvey 1935- CRE/FCh Antoine, Irvine 1976- CRE/FCh Antoine, Irvine 1975 CRE/PeP/FCh Antoine, James Gordon 1973- CRE/FCh Antoine, John Allen 1974- CRE/FCh Antoine, John James 1939- CRE/FCh Antoine, John R. 1944- CRE/FCh Antoine, Lorne 1950- CRE/FCh Antoine, Mary 1966- CRE/FCh Antoine, Michael Douglas 1974- CRE/FCh Antoine, Michael John 1973- CRE/FCh Antoine, Nora Mabel 1948- CRE/FCh Antoine, O Ka Sisa 1887 Sam Antoine, Pascal 1880 FLA Antoine, Paul 1890 FLA Antoine, Russel c1967- CRE/FCh Antoine, Sandra Joan 1966- CRE/FCh Antoine, Simone Melanie 1968- CRE/FCh Antoine, Tina Marie 1969- CRE/FCh Antoine, Troy 1974- CRE/FCh Antoine, Valerie Ann 1969- CRE/FCh Antoine, Veronique 1943- CRE/FCh Antoine, Vivian Nora 1967- CRE/FCh Antoine, William 1960/67 CRE/FCh Antoine Isaquak see Antoine Iskwew Antoine Iskwew () 1867 >Sam Antoinette, Marie Queen 1756- FRA Anton, Alexandre, Fr. OMI 1825 ALB>ILC> Antrobus, William D. 1853 NWMP/MAN>ALB> Antsanen, Andre Hdm 1870 CHI/BaL Anustsistsis Aki see Pretty Wolverine Woman Anza 1749 NSP>NMX Aohkasach Chief 1825 UTE/Sou/Cap
Apa Aki 1814 PIK/Inu>NoP> Apa Onista see Weasel Calf Apa Sixsinum see Black Weasel Running Fisher Apa Stamix see Weasel Bull Apachsoysis see Weasel Tail Apaesno Wiyan f 1822 WPT>BPw/TZC/Pes Apahki see Apa Aki Apaikaikoa see Little Skunk Apaikkaikoa see Little Skunk Apaisiksinam see Apa Sixsinum Apakasis see Maski Pitonew Mountain, Irene Ruby Apaki see Apa Aki Apannah, William 1957 DET Apashwayayikt see Looking Glass Apasixsinum see Black Weasel Running Fisher Apaw Onistaw see Weasel Calf Apaw Sixsinum see Black Weasel Running Fisher Apaw Stamix see Weasel Bull Apawawakosow see White Antelope Apaychoos Chief 1875 CRE/SnP Apeecheken see McClintock, Walter Apenako Sapop see Morning Plume Apesomucca see Apesomuka Apesomuka see Brings Down The Sun Running Wolf Apesuomuckka see Apesomuka Api Aki see Apa Aki Api Iskwew 1866 CRE Apichaw see Apischaw Apik Kaikoa 1797 PIK Apikaiees see Bad Dried Meat Deerfoot Apikanis Stomik see David Mills Apikayi see Apa Aki Apikaiyi Istsimokan Black Plume, Robert Skunk Wapi Piyew Apikaiyi Istsimokan see Berger, Jacques Apikiyiw see Wapi Piyew Apikomanikop see Wapi Komanikok Apikunni see also Bob Tailed Chief Scabby Bull Scabby Robe Schultz, James Willard Apikunni 1675 BLK Apikuny see Apikunni Apinaki 1880 KAI/Cho Apisaki 1900 SIK Apisasis see Carrifelle, Apisasis Apischaw see Half Apischaw, Susan see Half, Susan Apischaw Chichkos see Half, William Apischayis see also Carrifelle, Apisasis Apischayis f 1832 Pes>TZC Apischikisaynis see Apischiw Kisaynis Apischis Iskwesis f 1776 TwD>Pes>Kis/TZC>Pig> Apischis Iskwew see also Apischayis Apischis Iskwesis Apischis Iskwew Apitastew Iskwew Kiskiyew, Iosette Piche, Apischis Iskwew Thomas, Apischayis Apischis Iskwew 1870 >Sam Apischis Kehew see Apistew Kehew Apischisquayo see Apischis Iskwew Apischiw see also Apichaw Apistew Apischiw Chichkos see Half, William Apischiw Kisaynis 1879 Bld Apischiw Napew 1840 Sip/Swt Apishchikisaynis see Apischiw Kisaynis Apisicouse see Apisticouse Apisis, William Chief 1876 CHI/EnR Apisisin Awasis see Osimimiw Awasis Small Boy Smallboy Small Child Apisisin Napesis see Osimimiw Awasis Small Boy Smallboy Apisisiw Awasis See Little Child Osimimiw Awasis Apisisiw Napesis see Little Boy Apisitiyas see Stewart, Joseph Apistabes see Apistapes Apistak 1802 LSL/FoA/FtE Apistak, Baptiste 1840- LSL Apistak, Hector 1832- LSL Apistak, James 1835- LSL Apistak, John c1829- LSL Apistak, Katrine c1822- LSL Apistak, Kitty 1838- LSL Apistak, Mano () Apistak, Nancy 1841- LSL Apistak, Peter c1825- LSL Apistak, Peyasiw Wapamit () Apistak, Sally c1832- LSL Apistak, Susan 1834- LSL Apistak Iskwew see Opistakwes Apistakoos see Apistew Kose Apistakos Imasees Apistabes see Apistapes Apistakos see also Apistapes Apistakos 1843 FrL/BgB Apistakos Chief 1853 CRE Apistakos Iskwew see Opistakwes Apistasquasish see Apistaw Iskwesis Apistatim see Apistaw Atim Apistaw Atim 1830 SOT/Sip/JkF Apistaw Iskwesis 1765 CuH> Apiste Couse see Apistew Kose Apiste Kaihew see Apistew Kehew Apiste Kehew see Apistew Kehew Apistecouse see Apistew Kose Apistepes 1840 AsW Apistepes, Joseph 1860 Kis Apistepes, Madeleine (Omanikwisi1866 YeX>Kis Apistepes, Mary 1880- Kis>MET Apistew Kehew Chief 1810 FtE/Api Apistew Kose see also Apistakos Apistew Kose Chief 1780 TSU/BrG? Apistias see Stewart, Joseph Apistichowis see Arcand, Apistichowis Apisticouse see Apistakos Apistew Kose Apistiyas see Stewart, Joseph Apisuahts leg. BLK Apitas Iskwew, Magdalene 1785 >Pes Apitastew Iskwew 1828 TwD>Pes>Kis Apitawi Iskwes Piche, Magdalene Apitas Iskwew Apoatsisipo see Looking For Smoke Apoiakinni see McClintock, Walter Apollinario 700 SPA Apostle of the Franks see St. Remy Apou 1851 Vic Appan HdM 1880 TZA/FSJ Appanah, Alex 1974 DET/MeR Appanah, G. 1974 DET/MeR Appanah, Margaret 1974 DET/MeR Appanah, H. 1974 DET/MeR Appanah, Nora 1974 DET/MeR Appanah, Philip, 1974 DET/MeR Appanah, William see Apannah, William Appearing Day f 1883- Wes>RoB Appleby, Paul 1985 NAK/Pau Applecorss, Abbot of 1220 SCO Applegarth 1925 Sam Applegarth 1947 Sam Applegarth 1988 Pas Applegarth, Candice (Saddleback) Sam Applegarth, Constance (Lambert) >Sam Applegarth, Constance Brenda 1961-98 Sam Applegarth, Darren 1967 Sam Applegarth, Delena Lefthand 1988-08 Sam Applegarth, Justine 1945 Sam Applegarth, Melena (Dixon) 2007- Sam Applegarth, Rodwell 1987-08 Sam/IPo Applegarth, Shane Michael -2007 Sam Applegarth, Verna Dee 1970 Sam Aprendestiguy, Jeanne (St. Etienn630 MIQ/MET Aprendestiguy, Marianne 1670 MIQ/MET Aprendestiguy, Martin Sieur 1620 FRA>ACA/NS Arabia, HMS 1857 ENG Aramepinchone Marie Rouensa 1670 USA/ILL Aran Nazi see Kichi Chichi, Alexis Arana, Joseph 1852/75 MEX>USA>ALB Arapahooash see Long Hair Arapooshe see Rotten Bear Arbell, Louie 1900 KUT/AkY Arbell, Louis see Arbell, Louie Arbour, Louise 1975 CAN>UN Arcan see Arcand Arcand see also Apistapes Arcand, Joseph Mahikan Arcand 1865 SnP Arcand 1988 Pas Arcand, ??? (Gadwa) 1804 RdR>RMH/Pes>MaA Arcand, Adelaide Marie Kisi Atin1814-94 Sas>Pes>Was Arcand, Adelaide 1890 FtE/Ale>MET Arcand, Adele () 1868 StA (26-10) Arcand, Adrien 1899-67 QUE Arcand, Akwatin 1835 MaA>MCh/Ale>Keh>Ale>MET Arcand, Alexander Kichi Kach.Chf1845-13 MaA/MCh>Ale Arcand, Alfred Sr. 1862 Ale/StA (26-9) Arcand, Alfred Jr. 1891 StA (26-12) Arcand, Anne Mahikan 1846 RMH/Pes>MaA>Kis>LSA>MET Arcand, Anthony 1954 Ale Arcand, Antoine Louis 1890 FtE/Ale>MET Arcand, Apistichowis 1890 FtE/Ale>MET Arcand, Archange 1853- Sip/Ale>Kis>MET Arcand, Arthur 1891 StA (26-13) Arcand, Clovis 1891 StA (26-15) Arcand, Emma Mahikan Asis 1831- RMH/Pes>MaA>MCh> Arcand, Eugene see Arcand, Joseph Arcand, Felicite 1820- RMH>RdR>RMH/Pes>MaA>Sis Arcand, Genevieve Arcand, George Kinokwanonwas 1852- Was>FtE>Kis>MET Arcand, Geordy 1832 Pes>MaA/MCh>Was Arcand, Harriet (Lafond) Arcand, Henri 1891 StA (26-14) Arcand, Hortense see Arcand, Archange Arcand, Isabelle 1869- Sip/Ale>SnP>FrL Arcand, Isadore Arcand, Jean-Baptiste 1762- QUE Arcand, Jean-Baptiste 1865 Was Arcand, Joseph Ludger see Arcand, Joseph Ulder Arcand, Joseph 1780- QUE Arcand, Joseph Mahikan Chief 1780-63 CAN>RdR>Sas>RMH>Pes>MaA>MCh>Ale Arcand, Joseph 1830-73 Pes/MaA>MCh>Sip/Ale>Kis>MET Arcand, Joseph Ludger see Arcand, Joseph Ulder Arcand, Joseph Ulder c1858- MaA>RdR Arcand, Joseph 1880 Ale/StA (26-11) Arcand, Josephine (Dumont) Arcand, Josephte (Waskote) 1838 Sip>Ale>Kis>MET Arcand, Julie (Pe Yataskeskam) 1838 Pes>MaA/MCh>Was Arcand, Kamaskanakaniskan 1890 FtE/Ale>MET Arcand, Lorraine 1974 Ale Arcand, Louis Chief 1939 MuL Arcand, Maggie see Arcand, Marguerrite Arcand, Mahikan see Arcand, Joseph Mahikan Arcand, Mahikan Asis Arcand, Meghan Arcand, Mahikan Asis Chief 1810 MaA>MCh>Ale Arcand, Manitokan () 1820 RMH/Pes>MaA>MCh> Arcand, Margaret see Arcand, Marguerrite Arcand, Marguerite Dupuis 1800 Sip>FtE/Ale Arcand, Marguerrite 1883 SnP Arcand, Maria Evelina 1900 AsW/Ale Arcand, Marie see Arcand, Adelaide Marie Arcand, Marie (Vestreaud) 1785 QUE Arcand, Marie 1830- MaA>MCh>MaA/Ale/Pas>MET Arcand, Marie (Godin) 1850 FtE/Lap>Kis>Ale Arcand, Marie 1890 FtE/Ale>MET Arcand, Marie Angelique (Frelon) Arcand, Mary 1830 Sip/Ale>Sis/FrL Arcand, Meghan 1986- CRE/Edm/IPo Arcand, Moegan see Arcand, Joseph Mahikan Arcand, Moise 1809 >ARI>DAK> Arcand, Morin see Morin, Arcand Arcand, Nakotesow () 1816 StW>MaA>MCh>Ale Arcand, Pe Yataskeskam () 1838 Pes>MaA/MCh>Was Arcand, Piyechiw Itwewritan 1890 FtE/Ale>MET Arcand, Richard 1974 Ale Arcand, Scott Creighton 1974- Ale Arcand, Seraphine (Dumont) 1866 Ale Arcand, Stanley Chf 1976 Ale Arcand, Waskote () 1838 Sip>Ale>Kis>MET Arcas 1826 Was Archachan OKA/ Archambault 1580 FRA>QUE Archambault 1897 FRE>ALB Archette, Antony Archette, Janet Archeveque, Juan 1673-20 QUE>StL>TEX>MEX>NMX Archibald, Adam G. Lt.Gov. 1840 RdR Archibald, S. Doctor 1870 >Edm Archie, Antoine Chief 1975 SHU/Can Archie, Lyle 1968 SHU/Can Archie, Mike Chief 1968 SHU/Can Archytas of Tarentum 500-00BGRE Arden Ardney, Edwin Tappen 1868- NBR>YK> Arendakohi, Nicholas 1625 HUR Arendakohi, Catherine 1645 HUR> Arendakohi, Marie (Outri Wendat)1625 HUR Arenontak, Catherine see Arendakohi, Catherine Argo Pete see Machura, Pete Argus 1440B GEO/AEA/BOE/COL Argyle, Duke of 1820 ENG Ariantes King 4 Ct. SCY Ariaramnes Satrap 534BC PER Ariel 1830 RdR Aripharnes King 330BC BOS/THA Aristotle 370BC GRE Ariwakenha, Thomas 1799 IRO>BC>RdR>ALB>RdR Arkenese, Marie 1840 RdR Arlee Wr.Chf. 1840 NEZ/FLA Armell see Hamelin, Augustin Armes, George Capt 1850 USA>KAN Armijo Chief 1847 NAV Armit, David 1854 >FEl Armit, Mary 1854 >FEl Armitage 1851 USA>BLK/PIK> Armitage, Frank 1925 ALB Armitage, Gloria 1990 ALB Armour 1863 >ALB> Armson 1851 >BC>FSJ Armson-Vinnings, Lilly 1880 BC>FtE Armstrong f 1865 ALB/Cgy Armstrong, Ann 1795-48 Was Armstrong, Annie 1850 >MNT Armstrong, B. 1945 ALB Armstrong, Billy see Armstrong, William Armstrong, James 1866 >MNT Armstrong, Jane Armstrong, Madeleine Armstrong, Robert 1921 Sas Armstrong, William 1870 >ALB Armussen, Lorne 1970 ALB Arnault see also Arnold Arnot Arnault, Elzear 1871- ALB/LSA Arnault, Justin () 1867- ALB>Ath Arnault, Mary () 1880 Ath Arnault, Will 1862- ALB>Ath Arneaux see also Arnot Arnouse Arneaux, James 1843 >MNT Arnew, Henry 1864 ONT>ALB Arnold see also Arnault Arnot Arnold Dr. 1826 BRT Arnold, Arthur 1876 >ALB Arnold, Charles 1947 ALB>NWT Arnold, Claude Mark 1962- FCh Arnold, Elsie 1933- FCh Arnold, Gabriel c1955- FCh Arnold, Gabriel 1960- FCh Arnold, George 1900 ALB/CaR>NWT/Lrd Arnold, Peter 1923- FCh Arnold, Victor 1917- FCh Arnot see also Arnault Arnot, David M. Comm. 1968 >SK> Arnot, John 1880/90>ALB/FCh Arnot, Michael 1850 MET/RdR>MuS/TCr> Arnouse see also Arneaux Arnouse, Jules c1960- SHU/Nes Arrive, Jacques 1645 QUE Arrive, Louise 1665-44 QUE>MIC/Det Arrow see Attoos Arrow Top 1800 PIK Arrowmaker, James 1974 THL/RaL Arrowmaker, Peter 1974 THL/RaL Arrowsmith, Aron 1830 ENG Arsenault see also Arsinoe Arsenault 1646 NS Arsenault 1742 NS Arsenault, Ives 1947 ALB/HiL> Arsenault, Lucy, Sister 1927 >FCh Arsenault, Margaret (Overgaard) 1950 ALB/HiL> Arsenault, Nicholas 1980 ALB Arsenault, Paul 1920 QUE>ALB Arsenault, Vanessa 1980 ALB ## Arshinoff, Jerry 1960 ALB/MET Arsinoe 1780 CAN>DTh>LLB Arsous Kitsi Parpi see Lacombe, Albert Arsous Kitsi Rarpi see Lacombe, Albert Artatama King 1413BC MIT Arundel see L'Hirondelle Arundell, Baptiste see L'Hirondelle Arundell, Jean Baptiste see L'Hirondelle Arundell, Margaret see L'Hirondelle Arthoous King see Pendragon, Arthur Arthur King see Pendragon, Arthur Arthur Prince 1850 BRT>CAN>BRT Arthur, Chester 1869- NAK/Jat Artist, Laura 1909 NAK/CTK Artorius King see Pendragon, Arthur Arze 1788 NMX Asan Zanna see Iyo Zan Zan Asapace, Sarah Jane Kisa Manit()1903- Pia Asbury, Francis 1751 Asclepius GRK/PEL Ascot Hdm 1850 RdP Aseeweyin 1865/85 PaK/DuL Asekarsin 1798/16 KAI Asetan 1819- CRE/ALB Asetan, Gabriel 1860 CRE/ALB Asetan, Jean Baptiste 1860 CRE/ALB Asetan, Marguerite 1860 CRE/ALB Ashacker 1880 Asham see also Isham Asham 1994 Asham, Alexander Cardinal 1865 Sas>MET Asham, Andrew Cardinal 1885-86 Sas Asham, Angela 1990 CHP/RdL Asham, Ann see Isham, Ann Asham, Cecille 1974 Psq Asham, Charles see Isham, Charles Asham, Eliza Hawk (Desjarlais) 1862- Gdf>BlQ>MET Asham, Nancy see Isham, Nancy Asham, Thomas see Isham, Thomas Asham, Thomas 1903- Cow Ashawasquanawayk Ashe Cst. 1862 NWMP>ALB Ashen, John Sr. 1854 >MuS>FtE Ashen, John Jr. 1877- MuS>FtE>MET Ashen, Marie (Foley) 1864 FtE>MuS> Asher, Lorne 1925 ALG Ashford Ashlee see also Ashley Ashlee 1988 Pas Ashley see also Ashlee Ashley 1830 MET>USA/MNT Ashley, William H. General 1800 USA>MIS>MNT>MIS Ashmeade 1880 >ALB Ashton, John see Ashen, John Ashton, Joseph 1798 >WAS Ashurbanipal Emp. 660/30B ASY Ashurnasirpal II Emp. 880B ASY Ashworth, James 1898 >ALB> Asine see Asini Ossin Asini see also Asini Inew Asini Wachi La Pierre La Roche Lapierre Larocque Larocque, Asini Leroque Leroche Ossin Pierre St. Pierre Stone Asini u/k CRE/Ups Asini 1650 NAK/DAK/SOT>ALB/CRE Asini Chief 1750 Asini Akwachasoot f 1824 Pes>BLK>Pes>FtE/Lap Asini Asis 1826 Pes>BLK>Pes>FtE/Lap Asini Awasis see Rocky Boy Asini Inew 1785 >TwD>Pes Asini Wachee Wekamik see Atimoyou, Lizette Asini Wachi see also Asini Capote Blanc Larocque, Asini Asini Wachi Chief 1750 DAK/NAK/SOT/CRE/AsW Asini Wachi Chief 1805-80cLar/TwD>SHU/Jsp/Tek>Kam Asini Wachi, Fats see Mountain, Fats Asini Wachi, Fatty 1850 Kis>Keh Asini Wachi Iskwew f 1822 AsW/Msk/Pes>FtE/AmW/Lap Asini Wachi Pime see Asini Wachi, Fatty Asini Wachi Wekamik see Atimoyou, Lizette Asini Wachipim see Asini Wachi, Fatty Asini Wiyaniw see Asini Iniw Asinisis see Asini Asis Asini Akwachasoot Asiniskaw 1880 CRE Asiniw Yaniw see Asini Iniw Asiniwachiwisk see Asini Wachi Iskwew Asiniwak see Larocque Asiniwasis see Asini Asis Rocky Boy Stone Child Asiniwiyaniw see Asini Wiyaniw Asiniyakwachsoot see Asini Akwachasoot Asinowak see Asiniwak Asiniskau see Asiniskaw Asiskis see Lacombe, Asiskis Askachas 1847 Was Askachos Hdm 1860 Was/SnP Aske 1900 >ALB Askeawasis see Askis Awas Asis Askeekamentat see Askis Kamik Menikat Askeemehowwinchasta see Askimehow Winchasta Askeemehowwinchaste see Askimehow Winchasta Askekamentat see Askis Kamik Menikat Askikowikit 1904 Sip Askimehow Winchasta 1820 Pes/TZC Askimehow Winchasta, John 1846 TZC Askimehow Winchasta, Kasikochow 1826 Pes/TZC Askimehow Winchasta, Sally 1842- Pes/TZC Askin 1752 FUR>MAN Askin, John Sr. 1765 >CHP/SSt Askin, John Jr. 1785 CHP/SSt Askis see also Ahskoos Askis Awas Asis see Askis O Awas Asis Askis Inew Leg/PrehCRE Askis Kamik Menikat 1782 Sas Askis Kamik Menikat, Marie 1802 FtE>AsW>Pes/Dum/Pig>MaW Askis O Awas Asis 1862 Kis/EdS Askiwin see Askis Inew Asnemeun see Asnemeum Asnemeum 1805 WPT>BPw Asnemeum, David 1825- WPT>BPw Asnemeum, Oowinchan () 1810 WPT>BPw Asoh Tokum see Young Pine Aspace, Sarah Jane 1903 Aspidin, Thomas A. Maj. 1853 NWMP/MAN>SK Aspin, Leslie 1950 IRE>ENG>ANG> Asquabaneskum, Frederick 1977 Wem Assanagus 1856- NWT>SIK Asselin, Louise 1680 QUE Asselin, Nazaire 1876 StA Assewyin 1870/85 PaK Assick Chief 1766 BHo Assin, Roy 1974 OJI/GrN Assinneyakwachasoot see Asini Akwachasoot Assini see Asini La Roche Lapierre Larocque Pierre Stone Assini Awasis see Rocky Boy Stone Child Assin ni ay tah koop see Asini Niyetakop Assini Wachi see Asini Wachi Assiniboin see also Assiniboine Pwatt Stoney Assiniboin, Daniel 1948 LoP Assiniboin Spirit see Manitou Pwat Assiniboine see Patenaude, Louis Assiniboine 1920 Kat Assiniboine, Angelique 1785- NAK/Low/RdR Assiniboine, Angelique 1800- NAK/Low Assiniboine, Marie 1874 >LSL/Gro Assiniboine Chief see Wahe Maza Assiniskaw see Asiniskaw Assinitchay see Asini Wachi Capote Blanc Assiniwahsis see Asini Asis Asini Awas Asis Rocky Boy Stone Child Assinniaytahkoop see Asini Niyetakop Assoon 1883 PoM Assoon, Margaret 1903- PoM Astasimat 1827 FtE Astley, William DLS 1865 >SK> Astley, Willoughby 1873 >ALB> Astor, John Jacob PFC 1789 USA/MIS>NWY Astrokomiw see Red Crow, Frank Asuk 1877 KAI Aswapew Chief 1870 Sis At'cho'hah, Louie 1990 DET At'cho'hah, Louie Grandfather 1907 DET Atagacouph see Achak Akopa Atagakouph see Achak Akopa Atahkakohp see Achak Akopa Atahkakoop see Achak Akopa Atahualpa Emperor 1511 INC Atahualpa, Juan Santos Chief 1722 INC Atakakop (Achak Akopa) Chief c1816-96 SoB/Atk Atakakohp see Achak Akopa Atami A Miyos Kamik 1828 FtE>Msk>Gdf Atamishemiyoskamihk see Atami A Miyos Kamik Atapasikisikok see Ota Pasikisikok Atasawapok see Mondion, Atasawapok Atatowiskinsik see Chokab Maski Pitonew Atawepton Chief 1870 NAK/NoB Atcheynum see Achenum Ate-ee-zen Hdm 1880 TAT Ateekapo see Atikapo Athalaric King 534 GOT/OST Atheas King c449-39 SCY Athras see Pendragon, Arthur Atik Asis Chief 1730 AsW/AtA Atik Asis c1860- BeL/Ale Atik Asis O Tawiyaw 1710 AsW/AmW Atikamik 1836 FtE/FtA Atikamik, Alice (Petit Couteau) 1848- FtE/LSA/Alx>MET Atikamik, Annie (Patenaude) 1850 FrL>MuS/Duh> Atikamik, Baptiste 1862- FtE>MuS Atikamik, Catherine (Durand) 1823- TSU/AsW>LSA>MaW>MET Atikamik, Catherine 1856 FtE/FtA Atikamik, Elizabeth () 1835 FtE/FtA>MuS/Duh> Atikamik, Elizabeth (House) 1850 Gdf>MuS/Duh> Atikamik, Emile 1880 FtE/LSA/Alx>MET Atikamik, Isabelle () 1862- MuS Atikamik, Jean Baptiste 1830 FtE/FtA>MuS/Duh> Atikamik, LaLouison 1857 FtE/LSA/Alx Atikamik, Louise 1850 FtE/FtA>MuS/Duh> Atikamik, Philip 1850 FtE/FtA>MuS/Duh> Atikamik, Samuel 1850 FtE/FtA>MuS/Duh> Atikamik, Sara 1871 FtE/LSA/Alx>MET Atikamik, Victor 1823 LSA>AsW>MaW Atikapo 1792 FtE>LSA/AmW Atikons, Louise 1816- CHP/LaP>StM Atillon, Peter 1939 TZA/CRE/Boy Atim 1848/71cToH>Pig Atimayoo see also Atimoyou Atimoyoo, Sandra 1978 LiP Atimoyou, George 1897 LiP Atimoyou, Harriet see Atimyod, Harriet Atimoyou, Hilda () 1904 LiP Atimoyou, Lizette 1919- LiP Atimoyou, Smith 1914- LiP Atimyod see also Atimoyou Atimyod, Harriet -1937 CRE Atin Awas Asis see Grant, Atin Awas Asis Atin O Watam 1789 Dau>RdR Atista Macan Atistikat 1873 Was/StL? Atkinson, Dr. 1832 >MNT Atkinson, Bart 1962 Edm Atkinson, Edward G. 1837 USA/MIS Atkinson, Henry Gen. 1789 USA>MIS>MNT> Atkinson, George Atkinson, John 1842 RdR>FtE Atkinson, Lorraine 1979 RdR Atkinson, Nancy 1815 RdR Atkinson, Necushin Atkinson, Nina see Courtepatte, Nina Atkinson, Paecha 1962 Edm Atkinson, Thomas Atkinson, Rosalie Atokien 1840 EaH/Sip Atoos see Atos Atos c1805-36 AsW/TwD Atreus GRK Atshia see Achia Atsina Boy see Gros Ventre Boy Atsina Chief, Jerry H.Chf. 1853 NAK/ATS Atsina Woman 1830 ATS>PIK Atsitsi see Low Horn Atsitsie 1842 DET/FtV Atsitsie, Marie 1862 DET/FtV Atsitsina see William Eagle Plume Atspu Chief 1630 KUT/Kaw/CRE/Asw/Ats Atsynia, William 1977 Wem Attachie Chief 1880 TZA/FSJ Attacked Towards Home 1815 KAI/ScB>SIK/Bit>KAI Attaken, Louis c1867-70 FtE>MuS>Kis>MET Attaken, Marie Kapawis (Piche) 1849- Dum>MuS>Kis>MET Attaken, Moise 1819- FtE/LSA Attaken, Pierre c1867-70 FtE Attaken, Rosalie (Gladue) 1816- LSL>Pas>Gro Attaken, Simon 1845 LLB>FtE/LSA/Pas Attakullaculla Chief 1740 CHR Attalloo Chief 1840 TZA/Att/Boy Attickasish see Atik Asis Attila King 100 HUN Attina, Gabriel 1768 >MAN/LWp Attistah Macan see Running Rabbit Attistighat see Atistikat Attlate 1845 TZA/GrP Attoos see Atos Atttistah Macan see Running Rabbit Atukakoop see Achak Akopa Atwater, Caleb 1809 USA>WIS> Atwys see Pendragon, Arthur Aub, Frank 1949 SEK/FtW>KAS Auberge see Aubert, Thomas Aubert, Thomas 1486 FRA>NA>FRA Aubichon see Obichon Souris, Obichon Aucent 1808 RdR>ORE Aucent, Rose 1828-01 RdR>ORE Auchagah see Achakaw Auclair 1925 ALB/LSA Audey 1855 >FEl Audinson, Leathine () 1802- RdR>Sas Audinson, Thomeson 1803- RdR>Sas Audin 1300 VIK>USA/ILL Audobon, James 1791 USA/KTY>ND> Audubon, James see Audobon, James Audubon, Maria R. 1890 USA Auge see Auger Auger see also Augur Auve Azure Auger, u/k 1732 QUE>ONT Auger, u/k (LeBlanc) 1810 TwD>Pes>Ath/Niy Auger, child -1824 FtE Auger 1988 Pas Auger, Agathe 1846- PeR/LSL>Niy/FtV>LLB/Pey>MET Auger, Agnes 1965 FtV Auger, Alex 1923 Sad Auger, Alexis 1815 TrL>LSL Auger, Antoine Sr. 1798 LSL>Ath/Niy Auger, Antoine Jr. 1818- LSL>Ath/Niy/LSA Auger, Antoine 1839- LSL Auger, Antoine Kaskawan 1845 LSL Auger, Augustin CRE Auger, Augustina 1831- PeR/LSL/MaA/Ale>LSA Auger, Baptiste 1826- Niy/LSA>FtV>RdR>MET Auger, Bertha 1974 DET/Bus Auger, Catherine (Cardinal) 1888 CRE Auger, Catherine () 1859- Ath/LSL Auger, Charlot see Auger, Larose Nanmikut Auger, Charlotte (Gouin) 1835 QUE Auger, Daniel CRE Auger, Darlene 1960 Wab>Edm Auger, David 1870 >MET Auger, David 1960 MET>DET Auger, Diana (Blackman) 1960 CRE/CdL Auger, Dwayne 1980- Edm Auger, Elizabeth 1950/80 FtV Auger, Emma see also Auve, Emma Auger, Emma c1958- LLB Auger, Euphrasine 1828- LLB/Pey>FtE>Kis>MET Auger, Evangeline 1950 Sad Auger, Florence 1960 LLB Auger, Gordon Chief 1974 Wab Auger, Isabel 1950 LSL Auger, Jeremie 1852- Niy/Ale/LSA>MET Auger, Jeremy Big Plume 1970 CRE/Sad/TSU Auger, Joseph 1773 CAN>RdR Auger, Josephine 1865 Niy/LSL Auger, Josephine 1865 FtE/Alx>FrL>MNT Auger, Josephte (Isandeway) 1821 TrL>LSL Auger, Josephte (Chalifoux) 1834 Niy/LSA>FtV>RdR>MET Auger, Josette see Auger, Josephine Auger, Julie 1820/78cNiy>FtE>AmW>FtE>LLB>FtE>MET Auger, Julienne 1863- LSA/Ale>MET Auger, Katherin (Hamelin) 1985 CRE Auger, Kelly Nadine (Nahachick) 1985 Pas Auger, Larose Nanmikut 1804 >LSL>LSA/MaA/Ale/Pas Auger, Lillian 1950 Sad Auger, Lloyd 1950 Sad Auger, Lori Big Plume 1970 CRE/Sad/TSU Auger, Louis 1800- CAN>LSL Auger, Louise (Boucher) 1832- FtE>LSA/Niy>MET Auger, Lucie 1839-70cAlx>Niy/Alx Auger, Margerite 1950 Sad Auger, Marguerite (Grey) 1829 LSL>Niy Auger, Marguerite 1843- Niy>LSA> Auger, Marie (Hamelin) Auger, Marie Madeleine (Klein) 1802 Ath/Jsp>LSL>LSA/Niy Auger, Marie-Anne Chikatew 1852 LSA/LSL Auger, Marie 1872 LSA/LSL Auger, Marie 1985 CRE Auger, Mario 1989 Ale Auger, Mary see Auger, Marie Auger, Mathilda () 1930 Sad Auger, Michel Osi Minas 1852 LSA/LSL Auger, Mosses 1950 Sad Auger, Nancy 1835- TrL>LSL/Niy>LSL Auger, Nanmikut see Auger, Larose Auger, Pakusiyagan see Auger, Larose Auger, Paul see Auve, Paul Auger, Philomene 1847- LLB/Pey Auger, Pierre 1840 QU? Auger, Piwatiskokabawiw see Auger, PiwatiskokApawiw Auger, Piwatiskokapawiw 1803 >LSL Auger, Roxanne 1978 CaL Auger, Russel 1974 DET/Asu Auger, Shauna Potts 1970 CRE/Sad/TSU Auger, Shawn Francis 1968-09 CaL Auger, Sophie 1839 LSL Auger, Stacey 1972/73 FtV Auger, Tammarra "Oskar" 1970 CRE/Sad/TSU Auger, Teena 1970 CRE/Sad/TSU Auger, Thomas 1871 StA (33-3) Auger, Twyla Starlight 1970 CRE/Sad/TSU Auger, Vic 1950 Sad Auger, William 1836- LSL/Ath Auger, William 1888 Auger, William Francis 1943-05 CRE>TSU Auger, Wilma (Chonkolay) 1960 DET/Bus>CRE Augkapowerbran Chief 1820 UTE/Tab Augur see also Auger Augur Capt. 1836 USA/ORE August 1900 GER>CAN/ONT/OJI August 1950 SHU/Nes Augustus see Octavian Augustus Augustus Caesar see Octavian Augustus Aujies see Auger, Joseph Aukland Capt. 1838 >RMH>BPw> Aul, E. Dr. 1863 >ALB Auld, William 1780 ENG>YkF>ENG Aulneau Fr.SJ 1714 QUE>WIS>ONT/MAN Aurelianus see Ambrosius Aurelianus Ausman, Mathilda 1932 QUE Austin 1760-58 USA/VIR>TEN Austin 1889 >ALB ## Austin, Carl Maskwa 1950 CRE>HiL>Edm ## Austin, David 1955 CRE>HiL>Edm Austin, Gary 1958 CRE/HiL>Edm Austin, Horatio Capt. 1830 ENG>NWT>ENG Austin, Shirley 1955 CRE>HiL> Auth see Rider, Richard Ray Auve see also Auger Auve, Emma () 1877 StA (12-24) Auve, Emma () 1877 StA (23-19) Auve, Paul 1871 StA (12-23) Auve, Paul 1871 StA (23-18) Auzee 1774 CAN>MAN/BrH> Avignon 1704 USA/LOU>ARK> Awa Chopsi Pono Ka Me Ta see Welch, Hugh Eugene Awa Chopsi Ponoka Meta see Welch, Hugh Eugene Awakaasaakii see Many Heads, Rosemarie Rena Awakas Aki see Many Heads, Rosemarie Rena Awas Inew 1780 see Leclair, Awas Inew Awas Inew see Kisikaw Awas Iniw Leclair, Awas Inew Awasaki 1860 PIK/SoP Awasis Chief 1900 StL Awasis, Steve 1978 ThC Awikas, Genevieve Piche 1830 Pes>Dum Awl Body 1916 KAI Awok Aki see Smart Woman Awuna MedM 1836/07cPIK/SoP Awuna, Ekitowaki () 1842 PIK/SoP Awunna see Awuna Axe 1910 SIK Axe, Francis 1945 SIK Axe, Roanna 1965 SIK Ay Ye Wa'Na see Ayewana Aya Iskwew see Thunder Woman Ayachinowoskam see Minatoch, Louis Ayachiw see Blackfoot Petit Couteau, Genevieve Petit Couteau, Michel Ayachiw Ayahkwew see Thunder Woman Ayamhawagsiw see Delorme, Pierre Ayami Awaksew see Delorme, Pierre Ayami Ka Mi Pawit see Ayamok Kamepawit Ayamihagan, Veronica Mary 1872 CRE/ALB Ayamik Kamik Pawit see Ayamok Kamepawit Ayamok Kamepawit f 1855 >EdS Ayandawais see Ayawandais Ayawandais c1810- Sip/JkF Ayawandais O Ta Sisa 1845 Sip/JkF>WoM/KKM>JkF Aycapo see Dumont, Isidore Aye, Heinz 1967 >AK>NWT>NUN> Ayer, Frederick Rev. 1811 >MIN/SaL Ayestipis Simat see Heavily Whipped Ayewana see Scraping Hide Ayigist Kihatach 1830 TZA/Dun Ayimasees see Imasees Ayimak Ka Mi Pawit see Ayamok Kamepawit Ayimi Ka Mi Pawit see Ayamok Kamepawit Ayimises see Imasees Ayimisis see Imasees Ayis f 1862 CRE>KAI>CRE/Oni Aylen, Peter Dr. 1860 QUE>NWMP>ALB Aylmer, Fred 1861 >ALB Aylmer, Lory GovGen 1810 CAN Ayocho see also Ayachiw Ayotiow Petit Couteau, Genevieve Petit Couteau, Michel Ayachiw Ayocho 1835 NAK/FUR Ayocho, Agnes Ayocho, James Ayocho, Jane Ayotchiw see Ayachiw Ayocho Ayotiow Petit Couteau, Genevieve Petit Couteau, Michel Ayachiw Ayotcho see also Ayachiw Ayotiow Petit Couteau, Genevieve Petit Couteau, Michel Ayachiw Ayotiow, Genevieve Petit Couteau see Petit Couteau, Genevieve Ayotiow, Jerome Ayachiw Petit Co see Petit Couteau, Jerome Ayotte see also Amyotte Ayachiw Ayotte, Andre 1970 CRE/ONT/StF Ayotte, Julia (Cayene) 1895 CRE/ONT/StF Ayotte, Louis 1890 CRE/ONT/StF Aylen, Peter Dr. 1860 QUE>NWMP>ALB Aylmer, Fred 1861 >ALB Aylmer, Lory GovGen 1810 CAN Ayocho see also Ayachiw Ayotiow Petit Couteau, Genevieve Petit Couteau, Michel Ayachiw Ayocho 1835 NAK/FUR Ayocho, Agnes Ayocho, James Ayocho, Jane Ayotchiw see Ayachiw Ayocho Ayotiow Petit Couteau, Genevieve Petit Couteau, Michel Ayachiw Ayotcho see also Ayachiw Ayotiow Petit Couteau, Genevieve Petit Couteau, Michel Ayachiw Ayotiow, Genevieve Petit Couteau see Petit Couteau, Genevieve Ayotiow, Jerome Ayachiw Petit Co see Petit Couteau, Jerome Ayotte see also Amyotte Ayachiw Ayotte, Andre 1970 CRE/ONT/StF Ayotte, Julia (Cayene) 1895 CRE/ONT/StF Ayotte, Louis 1890 CRE/ONT/StF ## Ayoungman 1916 SIK Ayoungman, Alma (Crow Chief) Ayoungman, Anthony 1924 SIK Ayoungman, Arthur 1950 SIK Ayoungman, Eleanor (Big Snake) Ayoungman, Elvina Maxine Jacknife990 CRE/SIK Ayoungman, Harry 1950 SIK Ayoungman, Jason see Youngman, Jason Ayoungman, Leo Chief 1965 SIK Ayoungman, Nora 1940 SIK Ayoungman, Rena 1944 SIK Ayoungman, Rosie () 1930 SIK Ayupich see Eyaik Azayamankawan f 1788-63 DAK/M'd/StP Aze, William Hdm 1887 CHI/ETH/HaL Azie, Paul Izo 1783 CHI/ETH/BlL Aziz, Adeel 1983- Edm Azoti 1845 TZA/GrP Azozokeyabin 1842 NAK/TZC Azure 1740-nowCAN/MAN>USA/ORE>MNT>ND Azure, Amable 1800 AsW>RdR Azure, Antoine 1774 CAN>MAN/BrH>RyL Azure, Eliza c1885- Kat Azure, Joseph 1770- NWT>Wap Azure, Joyce 1974 CRE Azure, Lisette () 1775- NWT Azure, Marie Anne BBB

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