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data on file with Heritage Consulting Databank files
Western Canadian historical genealogies and biographies listing of Fur Trade, Metis, Missionaries, Mountainmen, Native/Indian/Aboriginal/First Nations; Native Women for whom our databank files have comprehensive history and genalogy listings. RECORDING CONVENTIONS: Indian names have often been variously spelled by different writers. Only the most common or accepted spelling of a particular name is given to conserve space. If you would like to have our complete BBS files available ON LINE to help you in your research.
HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. ************************************************************* * * * We are honored to announce that we have been selected for * * the award of a Links2Go Key Resource Award for our site, * * as being in the top 20 Internet resource sites on Native * * & fur trade history and genealogy. As we have never tried * * for any awards and are a simple text site without fancy * * graphics, we feel especially honored. The award is based * * on the number of users to the site. Thank you, to all our * * visitors. * * * ************************************************************* We are now also able to answer questions and inquiries on line or confidentially by e-mail. ************************************************************* * * * THEFT OF DATA * * * * About once a month we stumble across a site that * * has stolen some of our info verbatim and passing it * * off as their own research or trying to sell it. * * * * Please note that articles on Internet constitute * * Copyright material. * * * * While we are flattered that this information is * * thought of so highly, this constitutes outright * * theft. If you like something, the proper way to * * use the info is to state where the information * * comes from, or put in a link. Anything else is * * illegal. * * * * Disapointingly, the Government of Alberta is * * a knowing participant in such theft and is actively * * funding a project that has destroyed our attempts * * to make our research viable and self-supporting. * * * * Because of this, we have made some changes in the * * info we are presenting and how it is presented. * * * * Other than appropriate crediting, please feel free * * to use the information you find here. * * * ************************************************************* To help support our efforts to bring more knowlege of the early Aboriginal and Fur Trade History into the public domain, please see our Questions and Sponsorship page.
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Genealogies FAQ Page Master Genealogical Chart Personal and Family Histories Alphabetic Photographs Tribal Affiliation Return to Heritage Consulting Homepage Continue to another Genealogical Source Continue to Native Studies/History Directory Continue to First Nations Homepagse Continue to Historic photos Continue to The Western Cree index Continue to Aboriginal Women ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- RECORDING CONVENTIONS: Only the most common or accepted spelling of a particular name is given to conserve space. ** denotes CHIEFS in the family ## denotes photos on file DATES: Date of first recorded appearance (in our files) of the individual or family predecessor Hyphenated dates indicate a known and documented family succession or history on file. ABBREVIATIONS: see below
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v.11.10.10 Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have biographies and/or genealogies on file. Major additions are added periodically. For Native American names refer to the appropriate tribal name lists above. Regretably, to make room for more contents, we have had to remove dates. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- BACKGROUND DATA: Locations: AB Alberta B Belgium BC British Columbia CA California CO Colorado DEU Germany ENG England FR France ID Idaho IN India IR Ireland KY Kentucky LB Labrador MB Manitoba MO Missouri MT Montana ND N. Dakota NS Nova Scotia NWT Northwest Territories ON Ontario OR Oregon QU Quebec SD S. Dakota SK Saskatchewan UT Utah WA Washington WY Wyoming YK Yukon Employers: FUR Fur Trader; Due to the problems of theft, we no longer list which companies that traders worked for. Below is a list of the major companies. We, of course, retain a master list of who worked for what companies when (see our Master list of files HN1FU2.TXT American Fur Co. Bredin & Cornwall Choteau Independent French Trader Gregory & Co. Hudson's Bay Co. I.G. Baker Co. Independent English Trader Indies Compagnie North West Co. Pacific Fur Co. T.C. Powers Co. Rocky Mtn. Fur Co. XY Co. MIS Missionaries MP Mounted Police
The Western Cree index For Individual Alphabetic Listings AAA Abel (GWI) Achakaw (1726), Achiyas (1839 FUR) Adam (1746 FUR)(1804 FUR), Adhemar (1769- FUR MB,ON) Agandooga (1842 NAK/FUR) Ahenakew (1790-now FUR), ** Ahtakakoop (1790-now FUR) Aiken (1810 FUR), Aikens (1842 FUR ND), Ainse (1788 FUR), Aird (1786 FUR YAN MB,ND,WI), Aitken (1810 FUR) Akers (1835-1881 VA,ID,MO)(1869 FUR), Akiskowi Mustus (1838 FUR) Alain (1794 FUR MB), Albanel (1669 MIS QU), Albert (1804 FUR), Alexander (1870 FUR BC) (CAR)(** PEND), Allard (1796 FUR), Allary (1799 FUR), Allen (1766- FUR QU,MB,SK,AB)(1877 FUR), ** Alligator (SEM), Already Singer Woman Ambo Memoya (1841 NAK/FUR), Ambo Nepa (1835 NAK/FUR), ## Amboroch, Ammelle, Amyot (1672-now FUR) ** Anaquod (SOT), Anawagon (1828), ** Ancoo (CHER), Anderson (1810 FUR)(1815- YAN)(1841-now AB)(1850 FUR NWT)(1863 MB)(Archbishop)(1984 NAV), Angus (AB, SK), Annance (1822 FUR), Annal (1794 FUR) Arana, ** Armijo (1868 NAV), Arrive, ## Arschinoff, Arsinoe (1798 FUR,SK), Asher (ALG), Ashley (1822 FUR), Ashton (1814 FUR), Askin (1772 FUR MB), Asini (1790 FUR), Asselin, Astley ** Ate-ee-zen (TAT), Atkinson (1858 FUR MT,ND), ** Attakullaculla (HER), Attina (1788 FUR) Audey, Auger(Auger) (1752- FUR), Aukland (1838), Auld (1794 FUR), Aulneau (1736 MIS ON,MB), ## Austin (1950-now) Awas Inew (1790 FUR) Ayocho (1835 NAK/FUR) Azure (1805 FUR) BBB Back (1830-), Baillargeon (1804 FUR), Ballentine (1840- FUR,MB,SK), Bailey (1827 FUR), ## Baines, Baker (I.G. 1870 FUR)(** 1890 WY), Baldwin, Ballenden (1785 FUR), Bannerman (1740- FUR), Barbeau (1804 FUR), ** Barboncito (1868 NAV), Baribeau (1804 FUR), Barnard (FUR), Barney (NAH), Barnston (1827 FUR), Barrieu (1789 FUR), Barthe (FUR ON), Basile (1810 FUR QU>NY>OR), ## Bassett (UT), Batoche (1809 FUR) (1850), Batt (1754- FUR MB), Bayfield, Baynes (Admiral) ## Bear Shirt (1900 BLK), ## Bear's Teeth (1911 ARIK), Beatton (1896- now FUR AB,BC), Beaubien (1777- FUR), Beauchamp (1792 FUR), Beauchamps (1804 FUR), Beauchemin (1804 FUR,SK), Beaudoin (1804 FUR), Beaudry (1804- FUR AB), ## Beaulieu (1743-now FUR QU,ON,AB,BC,ID), Beauregard (1804 FUR), Beaumois (1747 FUR MB), Beauvais (1752- FUR), Becquet (1750 FUR QU, MB), Bedard, ## Bedaux, Bedore (1880,QU), ## Bedson (1880 FUR AB)(1886 MB), Beebee (1840-now), Beeny (1800 CAR), Beeston (1896 AB), ## Beidler, Beioley, Beisson (1805 FUR), Bejarge, Belaire (1804 FUR), Belanger (1770-now FUR), Belcourt (1811- FUR AB), Bell (1765, 1810- 1826 FUR), Bellaire (1808 FUR BC,ID), ** Belle Feuille (SEK), Belleau (1787- FUR SK,WA), Bellerose (1830-now), Ben (1814 FUR), Benard, Bennet (1799 FUR), ## Benoit, Bent (1832 FUR), Benson (1850 FUR BC), Bercier (1760- FUR), Beren (1812), Berger (1760- FUR), Berland, Bernard (1822), Berry (1870), Bertrand (1796 FUR), Best (1786 FUR), Bethune (1809 FUR) Bideau (1796- FUR), ** Big Canoe (PEND), ** Big Face (SAL), ** Big Foot (SEK), ## Bignose, ## Bird (1799-now FUR/OJI AB,MB,MT,SK), Birckel (GWI), Birston, Bisson (1792- FUR), Bissonnet (1741- FUR), Biznet Black (1800 FUR,BC,AB)(1850 FUR,MB), ** Black Fish (SHA), ** Black Hawk (SAUK), Blanc (1799 FUR), Blaine ##, Blais, Blake (1928), Blenkinsop (FUR 1859), Blondeau (1766- FUR)(1804- FUR), Blondin (1806- FUR)(1880 FUR), ** Bloody Hand (ARIK), Blue Horn, Bob (STO), Bobbinshaw, Boishebert (1702 FUR), Boisvert (1804 FUR,BC, ID), Boller (1858 FUR, ND), Bompas (Bishop), Bonaventure (1804 FUR), Bond (1872), Bonhomme, Bonnin (1805 FUR), Bostwick (1761- FUR SK,WA), Bottineau (1870 FUR MB), Boismenu (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Bouchard (1747- FUR QU,ON,MN), ## Boucher @@ (1672-now FUR,QU,ON,MB,SK,AB,BC,ID,OR,WA) (CAR 1810), Boudrie (1803 FUR), Bouis (1843 FUR), Boulard (1800 FUR), Boulenc, Boulteau (1775 FUR), Bourassa (1815 FUR, MON,QU,AB), Bourbonais (1746- FUR), Bourdeaux (1746 FUR), Bourdon (1747- FUR QU, ON,MN), Bourette (1796 FUR), Bourque (## 1950-now), Bourrassa (1816 FUR), Bourre (1810 FUR), Bousquet (1799 FUR MN), Bouvier (1804- FUR) (1810 FUR QU,NY,OR), Bove (1772 FUR MB), Bowitigowinin (1765 FUR QU, MI), Boyer (1747- FUR MB,AB), Bozeman Brackenridge (1811 SD), Bradbury (1810 SD), Bragg, Brazeau (1724- FUR; QU,ON,MO,NB,ND,SD,KA,LA,AB), Braueninger, Bredin (1884 FUR), ## Breeden, Breland (1758-now QU,NT,MB), Brevece, Brick, Bridger (1823 FUR ID,MT, UT,WY), Brisbois (1816 FUR), Brisebois (1828 FUR NWT 1875)(MP ONT,AB), Brissette (1782-now FUR ON,BC,AB), Brough (1794 FUR), Brown (1796 FUR) (many)(J.G. 1830 IR,ENG,FUR,CA,MT, AB), Bruce (1772- FUR, 1804 FUR), Bruguier (Theophile 1843 FUR), Bruguine (1814 FUR WA), Brunais (1826 FUR), Bruneau (1760- FUR,AB), Brunelle (1750 FUR QU,MB)(1810 FUR), Brunet (1769 FUR QU,MB), Brunwin (1804 FUR), Brustard, Bruyere (1814 FUR AB,MB,WA), Bryan (1739 KY), Bryce (1804 FUR) Bunn (1797 FUR), ## Butch Cassidy (1889), Butcher (1840 FUR), Buhay, ## Bull Child (BLK 1901), Bunn (1790 FUR), Burd (Bishop), Burgess (FUR), Burns (1799 FUR; 1910 FUR)(Pat 1882-now), Buteau, Butler, Butlin (1853 NWMP AB) CCC Cabanne (1831 FUR NE), ** Cabegon (1869 PAI), Cadieu (1867-), Cadien (1805 FUR,SK,MB), Cadieux, (1805-now FUR), Cadotte (1761-1900 FUR; ON,MI,MB,AB,SK), Caille (1804- FUR SK,WA), Caisse (1804 FUR), Calahison, Calder (1809- MB FUR), Caldwell (1804 FUR), ## Calf Lookin (BLK 1907), Callihoo (1798-now AB, BC,ID,ON,WA), Calliou (1798-now AB), Calmel (1862 BC), Caly (1739- FUR), Cameron (1775-1880 AB,SK,MB), Campbell (1804-1880 FUR AB,SK,MB)(## Anita 1970) (## 1970-now), Campeau (1804 FUR), Campion (1761 FUR), ## Camsell (-now FUR NWT,AB), Camsse (1775 FUR), Canada (1811 FUR), Canawatiron (1805 FUR), Cancre (SEK), Canning (1810 FUR), Cantarat (1805 FUR), Capalette (1740- FUR CRE MB,AB), ** Captain Caucaukes (1792 CHIP FUR ON), Caramarie (1745 FUR), ## Carbery (1973), Cardin (1688 FRE), ## (1619-now FR,QU,MI,AB,SK), Carey (1875 FUR), Caro (SAL), Caron (1804 FUR), Carr, Carriere (1804 FUR AB,BC), ## Carruthers, Carson (UT), Cartier (1734 FUR MB,ON)(1804 FUR,BC,ID,SK)(** SAL), Cartouche (1858 FUR), Caselest (1788 FUR), ## Castor (1980-now), Catenoire (1814 FUR), Catis (1749 FUR QU,MN,WI), Cawandawa (1804 FUR AB) Centsous (1816 CRE AB), Cerre (1778- FUR, MO), Cervier (1814 FUR) Chaba Seyachage (1834 NAK/FUR), Chaboillez (1778- FUR ON,MB,SK), Chachinahaw (1769 FUR), Chalifoux, Chamailant (1782 FUR), Champagne (1850 SK), Champion (1786 FUR), Champlain (1734 QU,MB)(1811 ND,WY,AZ), Chan-Deisi (1873 APA), Chapa (1807 FUR SD), Chapert (1814 FUR), Chapman (AB,KY), Charbonneau (1611-now FUR FR,QU,MB,MO,AB,MI)(1809 FUR QU,NY,OR,BC,NY), Chardon (1832- FUR ND), ## Charette (1749-now QU, MB,AB,ND), Charlebois (1782 FUR), Charles (1828-now FUR), Charly (1730- FUR QU,ON), Charoux (1805 FUR), Charpentier (1828 FUR), Chartier (1745 FUR), ** ## Chat Ka (1756-now NAK), Chatelain (1790-now FUR), Chatelaine, Chauvette, Cheadle (NOT), Chenette (1804 FUR), Cheedle (NOT), Cheney-echoe (1804 FUR), Chenier (1799 FUR), Chester (1814 FUR HAW,WA), Chevalier (1796- FUR), ## Chile, Chillihitzia (OKA), Chionllier, Chisolm (1804 FUR), ** Chitto (SEK), Chivington (CO,WY), ** Chiwaten (1869 PAI), ## Chouteau (1779-on FUR MO,MT,NE,ND,SD,WY), Christie (1858-now), ** Chushaneta (SEK), ** Chuwoopah (1850 PAI) Citoleaux (1823 FUR SD) Clamorgan (1790 FUR MO), ## Clarke (1800-now FUR NWT,SK,MB,NY,OR,BC, AB,QU,WA), Clearsky (1925-), Clement (1804 FUR,BC), Clermont (1745 FUR), Clifford, Clignancourt (1745 FUR), Cline (1800- now FUR; DEU, NWT,AB,DEU,AB), Clough (OKA), Clouston (1819-30), Clouthier (1799 FUR), ## Cloutier (1810-1921 ON, MT), Cloutlier Coah (1814 FUR HAW,WA), ** Coal Chief (STO), Cobb (1794 FUR MB), ** Cochinay (1874 APA), Cochrane, Cocking (1772- FUR), ** Cocoa (682 MAYA), ## Cohen, Cole (1772 FUR SK), Colen (1790 FUR MB), ## Coleman (1886 MB), Coleret (1799 FUR), Coles (1810 FUR), Colin (1739- FUR), Collas (1805 FUR), Collin (1804-now FUR), Collins (1910-now AB), Colter (1804- MO,MT), Colvile, Conneequese (1770 FUR), Connelly (1804 FUR), Constant (1804-now FUR), Content (1775 FUR), Cook (1620 ENG,Plym)(1766 ENG,MB)(1797 BC)(1815- FUR MB) (1950-now AB), Cooke (ALG), Cooper (1905 FUR), Corcoran (1827- now), Corey (1778 FUR), Cornwall (1899 FUR), Corrigal (1818 FUR), Cote (1810 FUR,BC,ID)(## 1962), Cotton (1799-), Couc (1688 Fr), Couillard (1746 FUR), Cournoyer (1821 FUR AB,BC), Courtapolle (1828 FUR), Courte Aureille (1816 FUR), Courteois (1792 FUR), Courteoreille, ## Courtoreille (1840-now), Couston (1848 FUR MB), Couture (1617-now FUR FRA,QC,AB,MB), Cowan (1826 FUR), Cowart (1932 BC), Cox (1810 BC, WA,OR), Coxe (1814 FUR HAW,WA,BC) Craig (1837 FUR), Craite (1804 FUR), ## Crane (1983 TSU), Crooks (1810 FUR), Croquehoye (1750 FUR), ** Crowchild (1860-now TSU), ## ** Crowfoot (1820-now SIK) Culbertson (1820-now MB,MT,AB), Cummings (1804 FUR), Cunningham (1600, 1860-now), Curry (1770 FUR MB), Curtis (1911)(KAN), Cusson (1804 FUR), Cust (1875 FUR), Cuthberson (1870-now CO), Cyr (1814 FUR) DDD D'Eau (1810 FUR BC,ID), d'Eglise (1800 FUR ND), D'Iberville (1694), ** D'Or (1790-now), Dagenais (1805 FUR), Daigneau (1804 FUR), Dallaire (1810 FUR), Daniel (1804 FUR), Daoust (1804 FUR), ## Dart (UT), Dassu (1782 FUR), Dauphin (1702 FUR), David (1746 FUR)(1810 FUR), Davis, Davis ("12-Foot"), Davison (1816 FUR), Dawson (1844 FUR; 1871 AB,SK,MB), Day (1814 FUR WA), Daze (1804 FUR) de Batiscan (1746 FUR), de Boisguillot (1688 FUR), de Clignancour (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), de L'Echelle (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), De La Corne (1753 QU,ON,MB,SK), De Louvierre (1737 FUR), de Marque (1739 FUR), de Moniere (1747 FUR QU, ON,MN), De Montigny (1796 FUR)(1809 FUR QU, NY,OR), De Monts (1605 NS), De Munn (1815), De Noyelles (1744 FUR MB, ON,MN,ND), De Smet (MIS SD,ID,AB,ID), De Tailly (1749 FUR QU,MN,WI), de Tonti Paludy (1690) Dearing (1767 FUR SK), Dears (1828 FUR BC), Dease (1750- FUR), (1823-now FUR MB, NWT,QC,OR,MB), ## Decoigne (1799-now FUR)(## 1799- now), Deering (1690 FUR MB), Defore (1832 FUR MT,ID,NE,MN), Delany (1814 FUR), Delaware (1880 LEN MN,WA,ID,OR), ** Delgadito (1868 NAV), Delisle (1747 FUR QU, ON,MN), Delord (1804- FUR MB,WA), Delorme (1789- now FUR AB), Delude (1805 FUR), Demarais (1805 FUR), Demars (1775 FUR), Demit (1775 FUR), Dempsey (1800-now), Deneau (1747-now FUR QU, ON,MN,SK,AB), Denig (FUR SD,ND), Denige (1750 FUR), Denis (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Dennis (MIC), Denomme (1804 FUR), Derosiers (1804 FUR), Derrickson (OKA), Deschambeault (1828-now FUR), Deschamps (1799 FUR), Deschatelin (1804 FUR), Descotteaux (1804 FUR), Desguilars (1828 FUR), Desjarlais (1778-now), Deslard (1814 FUR WA), Deslorier (1750 FUR), Desmarais (1799 FUR MAN,AB), Desnoyers (1810 FUR), Desrivieres (1747-now FUR), Desroche, Desrocher (1746-now QU,MI,MN,MB,AB,BC), Desroches (1749 FUR QU,MN,WI), Desrosiers (1810 FUR), Dewey (1890) Dienelle (1814 FUR), Dieter (1885), Dion (1750-now FUR Fr QU,MB,AB,BC, ID,WA) Dobelin (1745 FUR MI), Dobie (1778 FUR), Docket (1842 FUR MO,WY,ID,UT, WA,CA,NV), Donville (1804 FUR), Dorval (1730), Doucette (1789 FUR) (MIC), Douchouquette (1814 FUR), Douglas (1820 FUR), Dousman (1827 FUR) Dragging Him, Dreuelle (1814 FUR), Drips, Druin, Drouin (1804 FUR), Drouine (1798 FUR AB,SK), ** Drygeese (TAT), Du Chenes (1749 FUR), Du Lac (1795 FUR), Du Nord (1798 FUR), du Sault (1746 FUR), Duaime (1804 FUR), Dubeau (1749- FUR), Dube (1804 FUR), Dubois (1796- FUR MB,AB), Dubreuil (1790 FUR, MO), Ducette (1804 FUR), Ducharme (1770-now Fr), Duchene (1794,1804 FUR), Duchesne (1814 FUR), Duchouquette (1810 FUR), DuDevoir (1746 FUR), Dufault (1803 FUR MB), Dufonds (1769 FUR MB), Duford, Dufresne (1749, 1814 FUR) (## 1884), DuFrost (1730 FUR ON), Dumas (1858 FUR), Dumont (1677-now; QU,AB,MB,SK,MT), Dumuy (1752 FUR), ## Duncan, Dunord (1804 FUR), Duplessis (1804 FUR), Dupois (1804 FUR), Dupond (1799 FUR), Dupre (1804 FUR), Dupuis (1804 FUR AB, MB,ON,QUE,IL)(SAUK), Duquet (1639 QU), Duquette (1870 FUR), Durand (1749- FUR), Durivage (1748 FUR MB), Durocher (1778 FUR)(1790 FUR, MO), Dusome (1820 FUR), ## Dusty Dress (PEND), Duval (1805-now) EEE Earth Woman, Easter (1796 FUR), Eating in the Middle ## Eek Ekien (1835 NAK/FUR), Ektasinetoon (1834 NAK/FUR) Ellice (Alexander 1804 FUR), ## Elliot, Elmore, Emett (1775 FUR) Engeman, England (James 1804 FUR), ** English Chief (1771) Eppler (YK) Erasmus (1820-now), Erlandson (1822 FUR), Ermatinger (1769- FUR) Eteen (1834 NAK/FUR) Evans (1795 FUR MO,NEB)(1840 MIS MB,SK)(## 1936-now)(1842 FUR MO,WY, UT,ID,WA,OR,CA,NV) FFF Fafard (FRE, MIS), Faillard (1805 FUR), Faille (1801 FUR)(1930), ## Faillie, Falcon (1799 FUR), Faries (1804 FUR), Farnham (1810 FUR MS,OR), Fauvion (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Faux, Favel (1840-), Faweaiger (1775 FUR) Fea (1794 FUR), Federson, Ferguson (1799-now MB,AB) Fidler (1790-now FUR), Fiddler (1790-now), Field, Filandre (1799- FUR), Finlay (1771-now FUR), Finlayson (1822 FUR, 1839 FUR), Fisher (1810 FUR)(1827-now AB,MB,SK,YK FUR)(Fank 1935 SK), Fitzpatrick (## 1823 FUR WY,ID), ** Five Crows (CAY) Flamand (1804 FUR), Fleming (1809 FUR)(1858)(1882), ## Flett (1773-now AB,SK), Fleurine (1814 FUR WA), Florimaux (1760 FUR SK) Foley, Folleville (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Foncier (1805-now FUR), Fontaine (1804-now FUR), Forbes (1804 FUR), Forcier (1805 FUR)(## 1927), Forcin (1804 FUR), Foret (1805 FUR), Forget, Forgey, Forsyth (1804 FUR), ## Fortier, Foss (1850 MB), Foumas (1796 FUR), Fourmond (FRE, MIS), Fournier (1794- FUR MN,MB,)(1920), Fowler (1821 FUR), Fox (1810 FUR) Fraeb, Franchere (1796 FUR QU,OR), Franchemontagne (1814 FUR OR), Francoeur (1804 FUR), Francois (1824 FUR WA,ID), ## Francois (KUT 1932 BC), ## Fraser (1797-now QU,BC,OR), Fremont (1885), French (1860), Frene (1794-), Frigon (1746 FUR), Frobisher (1750-1860 AB,SK, NWT), Fromhold ## (1666-now DEU,MN,AB)(1681-now US,VA,PE,IA,MO), Froom, Frost (1858 FUR MT,ND; GWI) Fullartin (1703 FUR ON), Fuller (1875- FUR AB,BC), Fulton (1771 FUR MB) GGG Gaddy (1785- FUR AB,SK), ** Gadwa (1880-now), Gagnon (1804 FUR AB,BC,ID), Gairdener, Galarnaut (FUR), Galbraith, Galipeau (FUR 1810), Galpin (1856 FUR), Galliman (1858 FUR), Gamelin (1739- FUR MB), Gardiner (1824 FUR ID), Gareau (1739- FUR QU,ON,MN,AB), Garneau (1739- now FUR), Garret (1773 FUR MB), Garrioch, Gass, Gassilin (1805 FUR), Gaudet (FUR)(## 1899), Gaul (1775 FUR), Gauthier (1669-now FUR QU,ON, MB,ND,MN,SK)(1814- FUR WA,AB) ## Gendron (1799-), Genou (1804 FUR), George (1814 FUR HAW,WA)(1926 CAR), Germain (1805 FUR), ** ## Geronimo (1829- APA), Gervais (1810- FUR AB,SK,WA), Geyer (1688 FUR) Gibbons (1850; 1870 MB), Gibbot (1804-now FUR), Gibeau (1804-now FUR), Gibot 1870 FUR), Gilbert (1804 FUR), Gingras (1745- FUR), Gioux (1803 NWB), Girard (1804 FUR)(## 1968), Giroux (1775- FUR), ## Gladstone (1832-now) , ## Gladue (1801-now AB,SK,MT) @@ (600 names), Glass (1823 FUR), Glenn (1874), Glinel (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Godbout (FUR), Godike (1804 FUR), Godin (1815 FUR QU,AB), ** Going Grizzly Bear, Gold (1910 BC), Good Kill, Gonneville, Gordon, Gosselin (1805 FUR), ** Gosnell (NIS), Goudrie (1804 FUR), Gouiltan (1775 FUR), Gouin (1745 FUR), Goulet (1743 FUR QU,ON,MB)(1804 FUR) ##(1884) Graham (1670 FUR)(1890), Grahame (1877 FUR), ## Granath, ** Grand Nipissing (1811 NIP AB,BC), Grand Picota (1798 FUR AB,SK), ** Grand Pierre (1824 FUR WA,ID), Grandin (1804 FUR), Grant (1774- MB,SK)(1820-FUR FLA BC), Gratiot (1790 FUR, MO), Gratton (1804 FUR), Gray (1916-now AB), Grey(1824 FUR WA,ID) (1850 FUR AB), Green (1804 FUR), Greenwood (1815 CO), Gregoire (1900-now), Gregory (1790 FUR,FUR AB,SK), Grenier, Claude (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Grey(1802 FUR), Grey Owl, Greysolon (Duluth 1678 FUR), Grondin (1804 FUR), Grosseilliers, Grossetete (1897), Groteau (1804 FUR), Groult (1804 FUR), Groux (1805 FUR), Grover (1755 FUR) Guardipee (1811 FUR WA), Gubatayao (TLI), ## Gudlaugson, Guenet (1814 FUR), ## Guertin, Guiboche (1799 FUR), Guilliou (1803 FUR,ON,BC,ID), Guilmont (1805 FUR), Guimond (1804 FUR), Guitard (MIC), Gunn (Peter), Gustlee (1800 CAR), Guy (1804 FUR) HHH Haddle (1769 FUR SK), Haggart (1804 FUR), Haig, Haldane (1804 FUR), ** Half King (1754 LEN), ** Hallack Tustenuggee (SEM), Hallett (1804-1870 MB,SK,AB), Hall (1600), Hallowell (1804 FUR), Halpin (1880 FUR)(1885 FUR), Hamel (1810 FUR), Hamelin (1745-now), Hamell, Hamilton (1804 FUR-now)(## 1842 FUR ENG,MO,WY,UT,MT,ID,WA,OR,CA,NV), Hamlin (1856 FUR), Hamlyn (1828 FUR), ## Harbourne, Hardisty (1800- now), Hargrave (1840 FUR), Harmon (1810; 1920), Harriott (1800-1920), Harris (1872 FUR), Harris (1804 FUR)(## 1968), Harrison (1799 FUR), Harry (1814 FUR HAW,WA), Harvey (1839 FUR)(OKA), Hawes (1804), Hay (1794 FUR), Hays (1847 FUR), Head (1863 FUR), Healy (1820-now NY,ID,MT,AB), Hearne (1771 FUR), Hebert, ## Hector, Henault, Henday (1750 FUR), Hendry (1822 FUR), Heney (1804 FUR), Henry (1747 FUR QU,ON,MB,MN)(1761 FUR)(1804 FUR)(1805 FUR)(1823 FUR)(** SOT), ** Herrero Grande (1868 NAV), Herman (Conrad 1900 FUR), Heron (1828-now FUR AB,SK), Herse (1804 FUR), Hesse (1799 FUR), Hetu (1804 FUR) High Eagle, Hiknagan (1842 NAK/FUR), Hill (1880 LEN OR,WA,ID), Hind, Hirt (1960-now), Hiyedoo (1842 NAK/FUR) Hodson (1885 FUR), Holden, Holmberg (YK), Holmes (1773- FUR) (OKA), Holy Rabbit Woman, Hoog (1828 FUR), Hooker, Hoole (1805 FUR) (1860-now), Hoover, Hope (FUR AB,NWT), ## Horn (1890 WY), ## Horseman, Houle (1828-now FUR), ## House, Howard (1772 FUR), ## Howard, Howse (1809 FUR), Hubbell (1865 FUR), Hubburd (1689 FUR), Hubert (1730- FUR QU,ON,MN,MB), Hudon, Hudson (1600, 1854 FUR SK, 1885 FUR SK), Hughes (1724 FUR MB) (1804 FUR AB)(1823 FUR AB,BC), Hulburt, Humo (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Huno (1746 FUR ON), Hunt (1614 FUR)(1810 FUR NY,OR,ID), Hunter (** ALG) (** SHA), Huppie (1870-now), Hurteau (1799 FUR), Hutchins (1777 FUR), ## Hutchinson Hyversoit (1796 FUR) III ** Ice (CHE), Ignatieff, ## Ihashah (1911 YAK), Imasees (1800-now MT,SK,AB), Indian Annie (KIO), Indian Hannah (LEN), Indian Joe, Ingles (1804 FUR), Inkster, Ironside JJJ Jackson (1860-now MT)(1885 SK)(## 1975), Jacob (1768 FUR MB), ** Jacques (MIC), Jarret (1730 FUR), Jarvis (1802 FUR) Jeannot (1772 FUR), Jerome (1747- FUR QU,ON,MN,MB,SK), Jette (1688 FUR), Jimnin (1837 NAK/FUR) Jobin (1804 FUR), John, John (CAR), Johnson (1810 FUR), Johnston (1810-now), Jolliet (1679 FR), Jones (** SEM)(1950), Jorgensen (YK), Joshua (1811 FUR WA), Jourdain (1805 FUR) ** Julien (1970 MIC), ** Jumper (SEM), Junchereau (1702 FUR) KKK ** Kaiser (SHA), Kakakew (1790 FUR), Kaman Nazi Winista (1839 NAK/FUR), ## Kane, Kanouse (1870), Kapyea (1835 NAK/FUR), Kariume (1814 FUR HAW, WA), Karras (1930 SK), Katberg (1913 BC), Kaufman, Kawongamenes (1833 NAK/FUR), Kay (1778 FUR) Keesick (NIS), Keith (1600, 1820 FUR), Kekek (1790 FUR), Kelly (1882), Kenai, Kenenuwisman, Kennedy (1814- FUR SK,OR)(1879 FUR AB), Kennicot (1859 AB,NWT), Kenny (1806 FUR AB), ** Keokuk (SAUK/FOX), Kerr (1860- now AB,SK) ** Kiatano (1859 NAV), ** Kichi Maskwa (see Big Bear), ## Kid Curry, Kidd, ## Kievnan, ** Kinbasket (SHU 1880 BC), King (1799, 1882), Kipp (1800-now MAN MT,AB), Kirkness (1880 FUR AB), Kittson (1809- FUR ND) Klein (1820-now DEU,AB,MB,DEU,AB) Knight (1717 FUR), Koaster (1810 FUR), Kootuk, ## Koren ## Kraus (YK) ** Kutenai Api (1730-1810 PIK) ** Kwah (1811 CAR), Kweyesk Hi Kapaw (1836 CRE/FUR) LLL L'Amoureux (1810 FUR,BC,ID), L'Esparance (1828 FUR MB), L'Heureux (1870 AB,MB)(## 1968-now), L'Hirondelle (1804-now FUR) La Barthe (1814 FUR), La Bonte (1805- FUR SK,WA)(1814 FUR WA), ## La Boucan, La Boucanne, La Carter (1775 FUR), La Chappelle (1811 FUR), La Corne, La Corneille (1811 FUR), La Course (1810- FUR), La Fleur (1790- AB,SK), La Fortune (1810 FUR), La Frambois (1810- AB,MB,MN,OR,SK), La Gamble (1808 FUR BC,ID), La Gameya (1775 FUR), La Gassie (1800 FUR BC), La Grave (1805 FUR), La Guarde (1821 FUR, AB,BC), La Malice (1806-now CAR, FUR), La Marteblanche (1726), La Pierre (1804- FUR QU,NY,OR,MB,SK,AB), La Plante (1803 FUR AB,MB, SK), La Poretin (1775 FUR), La Prade (1814 FUR). La Prise (1824 FUR, AB,BC), La Rami (1801 FUR), La Ramie (1823 WY), La Rocque (1805 FUR), La Salle (1803 FUR MB), La Valle (1798 FUR AB,SK), La Valette (1805 FUR), La Verdure, La Verendrey (1727- FUR ON,MB,ND,SK) Labaddie (1778 FUR), Labatte (1804 FUR), Laberge (1810 FUR), Labombarde (1804 FUR), Laboucan (1790-now), Labonte, Laborde (1775 FUR), ## Lacaille, Lacerpe (1816 FUR), Lachance (1804 FUR), Lacombe (1750- FUR QU,MB,AB)(## 1820-now MIS) Laderoute (1798 FUR), ## Ladouceur (1746-now) Lafantaise (1743 FUR QU,ON,MB)(1810 FUR QU,OR), Lafferty (FUR AB,NWT), Lafleche (1745- FUR), Lafond (1804 FUR), Lafontaine (1805- FUR SK,AB, WA), Lafournaise (1804 FUR), Laframbois (1800-now AB,ND,MB,SD,SK,WA), Lafrance (1775- FUR QU,ON,AB) (1870 FUR), Lafreniere (1788 FUR MN) (1825 FUR MB) Lagace (1804 FUR), Lagimodiere (1720-now FUR), Lagouerche (1746 FUR), Lagrace (1810 FUR), Lagrave (1804 FUR) Lajeunesse (1809 FUR), Laliberte (1804 FUR), Lalond (1747- FUR QU,ON,MB,MN)(1842 FUR AB) Lamar (1816 FUR), Lamarque (1743- FUR), Lamarre (1804 FUR), Lambert (1796-now FUR MN,MB,SK,AB)(SEK), Lamoureux (1810 FUR) Landell, Landreville (1814 FUR OR), Landrie (1789- FUR), Landry (1810- FUR), Lane (1844 FUR MB,BC), Langevin (1823 FUR MB,ND,SD), Langlade (1754 MI), Langlois (1639 QU,1805 FUR MB), Langtin (1814 FUR), Languedoc (1804 FUR) Laperle (1752 FUR), Lapierre (1804 FUR), Lapensee (1810 FUR QU,OR), Laplante (1804- FUR AB,SK,MB,WA), Lapointe (1775 FUR), ** Lapowinsa (1686 LEN), Laprade (1814- FUR BC,WA) Larammee, Larante (1828- FUR, AB,MB), Lariviere (1804 FUR), Laroche (1746- FUR ON), Larocque (1680-now FUR AB,MB,MN,SK), Laronde (1815 FUR MON,QU,AB), Larose (1747- FUR QU,ON,MN,AB), Larpenteur (1833 FUR ND,MT) Lasard (1828 FUR), Lash, Lassetter (NOT), Lassiseraye (1746- FUR), Latour (1814 FUR), Latourelle (1804 FUR), Latreille (1747- FUR QU,ON, MN), Latulippe (1739 FUR) Laudette (1742 FUR), Laurent (1799- FUR MB,AB) Lavalee (1804 FUR), Lavalle (1804-now), Lavallee (1731 FUR), Laverdure (1804 FUR), Lavigne (1775 FUR)(1816 FUR), Laviolette (1743- FUR QU, ON,MN,MB) Lawrence (1886-now) Le Blanc (1804-on ), Le Boeuf, Le Borgne (1809 FUR), Le (1810 CRE/FUR AB,BC), Le Clair (1805 FUR), Le Clerk (1810 FUR QU,OR), Le Croix (1772 FUR), LeGardeur (1661-now FUR), Le Gardeur de St. Pierre (1840 MB,ND,SK,AB), Le Grosse (1814 FUR WA), Le Pourie (La Pierre) (1809 FUR), Le Reux (1798 FUR), Le Sueur 1700), Le Temps (1798 FUR MN), Leblanc (1742-on FUR QU,ON,MB,AB,SK), Lebombard, Lechasseur (1874), Leclair (1780-now FUR AB,MB,SK), Leclerc (1750 FUR QU,MB,AB), Lecuyer (1779 FUR), Leduc (1743- FUR), Leesin, Lefebvre (1731 FUR), Lefevre (1804 FUR), Lefreniere (1798 FUR), Legare (1820-now FUR), Legrace (1800-now FUR AB, OR,SK,WA), Leith (1798 FUR), Lemay (1804 FUR), Lemire (1804-now FUR), Leonard (1834 MT)(1898 AB), Lepine (1819 FUR), ## Leroux (1785 FUR), Lesieur (1792 MB), ## Letendre (1804-now AB,BC,ID), Lewes (1817 FUR), Lewis (1804 FUR)(1810 FUR QU,OR) Lillie, Limping, Lindley (OKA), Linklater (1794- FUR MB,MT), Lionais (1804 FUR), Lirlande (1750 FUR QU,MB), Lisa (1801), ** Little Chief (SHO), Lizotte (1854- FUR), Livingston (1776- FUR,CAR,SEC), ## Livingstone (1870) Lloyd (Bishop) Logan (1815- FUR MON,QU,AB,MN)(## 1890 UT,WY), Loggie, Loisel (1803), Lolew (1828 FUR,BC), Long (1777 FUR ON), ## Longabaugh (1889 AB,MT, WY), Longmoor (1774 FUR SK), ** Louie (OKA), Lowman (1843-), Loyer (1804- FUR) ## Lucas, ## Lupson, ** ## Luqaiot (1911 SAL), ## Lusk, Lussier (1804-now FUR AB,BC,ID,OR,WA), Lutit (1766 FUR MB,SK) MMM Macaron (1804 FUR), MacBain (1850 FUR,BC), MacDonald (Angus 1804 FUR) (Archibald 1806 FUR)(Donald, John) (John 1790 FUR,BC,SK)(John A. 1890 FUR) (Joseph)(Malcom 1885 FUR), MacDonell (1894- FUR MB,AB,BC), MacDougal (1804 FUR), MacDougall (1934 ALG), MacFarlane, MacKay (1804 FUR)(1880 FUR AB), Mackenzie (## Alexander, Andrew, Charles, Daniel, David, Donald, James, Roderick (1776-1860 SCOT,AB,OR,MB,QU), MacKinnon (1809 FUR PQ), Mackintosh (1815 FUR AB), Maclean (1880 MIS) (1880 FUR AB), MacMillan (1804 FUR), Macoun (1874 AB,BC,SK,MB), MacPherson (1809 FUR), Mage (1842 NAK/FUR), ## Mah, Mahone (1882), Maillaux (1805 FUR), Majeau (1804-now FUR AB,SK,WA) Makapiapotsi, ** Makreweta (SAUK), Malataire (1750-now FR,QU,AB), ## Malcom, Mallatt (1800 FUR), ** Maloolek (1800 CAR), Maloux (1775 FUR) Manicque (1814 FUR WA), Mann (1885 FUR), Manning (1810 MIS), Manson (1828 FUR), Manuel (OKA), ** Manuelito (1868 NAV) Marcellais (1805 FUR) March (BEO), Marchand (1880 FUR), Marcotte (1804 FUR), Margary, Marlot (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), ## Marrow Bones (1890 BLK), Marseille (1798 FUR), Martel (1804 FUR), Martell (1809 FUR), Martialle (1814 FUR), Martin (1809 FUR) (1810 FUR QU,OR)(1828 FUR)(1862 FUR), Martineau (1805 FUR), Mason (1824 FUR AB,BC), Massicotte (1804 FUR), Masson (1747- FUR QU,ON, MN,MB,AB,BC) ** Matchewan (ALG), Mato Saba (1842 NAK/FUR), Matthews (1810 FUR QU, OR), Maxwell (1830- FUR) McAulay (1804 FUR), McBean (1804 FUR), McBeath (1774 FUR), McCallum, McCrea (1804 FUR), McClellan (1810 FUR), McClennan, McConnell, McCook (SEK), McCracken (1794 FUR MB, ND, SD), McDermot (1813- FUR, MB), McDermott, McDonald (Alexander, Allen, John 1804 FUR)(Duncan 1840 FUR,WA)(Finan 1806 FUR,BC,ID,MT,WA)(Peter 1804 FUR)(Achibald 1828 FUR)(## 1884), McDonell (1816 FUR), McDonnell, McDougall (1798 FUR, MON,QU,AB,BC)(1796 FUR OR)(1880 FUR AB), ## (1886 ON), McDouglas McFarlane (1794-now), McGill (1769- FUR), McGillis (1799-now FUR) (1810 FUR QU,OR), McGillivray (1798-now) McIntosh (1790- FUR ON,AB) McJahl (1804 FUR) ## McKay (1778-now AB,SK,MB)(1795 MO,NB)(1813- OR,BC), McKeen, McKenzie (1787-now AB,SK,MB)(1809 FUR)(1855)(1868-), McKindlay (1778 FUR) ## McLaren, ## McLaughlin (1840 FUR,WA,OR)(1840 FUR,MB,MO), McLean (1814 FUR)(1847 FUR,NWT 1884-now, Elizabeth ## 1968), McLellan (1804 FUR), McLeod (1784-now ## 1980) McMillan (1804 FUR,AB,ID,WA), McMurray (1804 FUR)(1870 FUR) McNeill (1816 FUR ENG,CAN,AB) McQuestern (1874 ACC AK) McPherson (1816 FUR SK,AB,WA)(1828-now FUR AB,NWT) McTavish (Charles, John G., Simon 1775 FUR) Meagher, Meares (1788 FUR BC), ** Meegwaw (MIC), Meillet (1801 FUR), Meldrum (1827 FUR), Menard (1697, 1731 FUR, 1779, 1804 FUR, 1835 KY), ## Mercredi (1790-now), Messier (1799 FUR), Metallic (MIC), ** Methodiates (SEK), Methot (1804 FUR), Meyer (1806- FUR AB), ## Meyers Michelin (1928 LB), Middleton (1825-), Mieskonen (YK), Migneron (1805 FUR), Miles (1819 FUR), Miller (1810 FUR)(A.J. 1837), Millet (August), ## Milton, Mineclier (1796 FUR), Minnie (1900), Minuit (1626), Miotte (1742 FUR), Mitchell (1860-now) Moar (1848 MB-WA), Moberly (1820-now), Mondion (1841 FUR), Moniyaw (1810 FUR), Moniyaw (1810 FUR AB,WA), Mongis (1746 FUR), Monkman, Montmmois (1775 FUR), Montour (1688-now QU,ON,AB,SK,OR), Montreuil (1804 FUR), Moodie (RNWMP), Moody (1859 BC), ** Moonhavy (SHO), ## Moore, Moostoos (1816 FUR), Moreau (1804 FUR), Morel (1782 FUR), Morin (1804-now), Morrison (1804 FUR), Morrough, ** Morven (NIS), Most (1810 FUR), Motard (1780 FUR), Mougras (1793 FUR MB), ** Mountain (NIS), Mourning Dove (SAL), Mousseau (1804 FUR AB,BC,ID,OR) Mulholland (YK), Mummford (1810 FUR), Mundy (Israel), Munro (Henry, Hugh, John; 1804-now AB,MT, William 1799)(## Mark), Mure (1804 FUR), ## Murray, ** Musqua (SOT 1905-now) Myatt 1726 FUR), ## Myers, Mysterious Woman NNN Nadeau (1804 FUR)(1810 FUR QU,OR), ** Nana (1865 APA), ** Nanamakee (SAUK), Nash (1814 FUR WA) Ned (OKA)(** NAN), Nelson (1804 FUR), Nekaso, Nesplette (1805 FUR), Neufrain (1870), Neveu (1739 FUR MB), ## Nevitt, Newell (1829 FUR, MT,WY), Newton (1750 FUR) Nicholas (1828 FUR), Nicolet (1633-now FR/NIP PQ,AB), Niverville (1753 FR AB) Noble (FUR MO,WY,UT,MT,ID,OR,CA,NV), Noel (1798 FUR), Noga (1833 NAK/FUR), Noile (1798 FUR), Nolin (1690-now FUR, MON QU,ON,MB,AB), Nooski (CAR), ## Nordegg, Normand (1804 FUR), Norquay (1791-), Norton (1717- FUR), Norwegian (1858 FUR), Nose Takwanaw (1790 FUR), Notti (INU), Nowaniouter (1804 FUR), Nutier (1775 FUR), OOO O'Connor (1814 FUR WA), O'Rourke (1782 FUR SK,QU,NY,OR), Oakes (1766- FUR), Ogden (1800 FUR BC,AB,WA), Ogilvie (1795)(1804 FUR)(1883 AB), Ohai (SAL), Oken (1836-now NAK/FUR), Okotok (1860), ## Olberg, Old Slave (SEK), Oman (FUR 1786 SK), Omuskako (1850 FUR), Onayoise (1814 FUR WA), ** Oscrola (SEM), Ordway (1804), Ossin (1821 FUR AB,BC), ** Ostenaco (CHER), Otapak (1832 NAK/FUR), Otitwestamakew, Otter (W.D. 1876), ** Ouray (1865 APA), Oubau (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Ouellete (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Oui (1814 FUR HAW,WA), Ourtoland (1862 BC), ## Overgaard, Owayaissa (1812 FUR OR) PPP ** Pacal (615 MAYA), Packanakra (1814 FUR WA), Pacquin (1810 FUR), ## Palliser, Paget (1804 FUR), Pahai (1814 FUR HAW,WA), Pakeeknaak (1814 FUR HAW,WA), Pangman (1767- FUR MN,SK,AB,MB), Papin (1804 FUR), Paquette (1765, 1805 FUR QU,MI,MB,AB) ## (1940), Paquin (1810 FUR), Panis (1749 PAW FUR QU,MN,WI), Pardonnet (1870 BC), Pareille (1810 FUR BC,ID), Parent (1721- QU,ON), Parenteau (1804 FUR), Pareurriee (1814 FUR HAW,WA), Parisien (1750- FUR AB,BC,ID,MB,MI), Park/Parks (1810 FUR), ## Parker (1889 CO,WY,UT), ## Parrott (1890 UT), Pasquette (1805 FUR), ## Patenaude (1841-now), Paterson (1773- FUR SK,MN)(1930), Patirvan (1862 YAK OR,BC), ## Patterson, Paul (1782-now)(## 1960) (** OKA), Payette (1814 FUR) Pearce (George 1914)(Bishop), Pearson (1804 FUR), ** Peechee (Joseph ** Peersichopa (1869 PAI), Peguis (1790- FUR ON,MB), Pelletier, Pelly (1850 MB), Pelton (1814 FUR), Pemanpieh (SHA), Pembook (1810 FUR/SOTO AB,BC,ID), Pembrilliant (1814 FUR), Penner (1890-now,SK,AB), Pepin, Perain (1804 FUR), Perreault (1780-1830 FUR, AB,BC,ON), Perigne (1808 FUR), Perrier (1749 FUR), Perrin Du Lac (1795 FUR), Peter (1828 FUR), Pete (MIC), Petersen, Petitot (FRE MIS BC,NWT,AB, SK), ## Peyto Phillip (OKA), Phillisy, ## Piche (1666-now FR,PQ,MB,AB) @@, Pichet, Pichette, Picotte (1840 FUR), ## Piercy, Pierre (1743 FUR), Pierro (1745 FUR), Piette (1820), Pike (1890 AB), Pikos (1846 FUR), Pilette (1775 FUR), Pilgrim (1744- FUR MB), Pillot (1796- FUR QU,MN,MB,AB,OR), Pink (1766 FUR MB,SK), Pinkham (Bishop), Pion (1859 FUR BC), ## Pische, ** Piwood (1869 PAI), Piyesiwak Chak (1840 NAK/FUR) ## Place (1900), Plamondon (1788 FUR MN), Plante (1778 FUR,FUR,SK) Poak (1814 FUR HAW,WA), ## Pocaterra, Poirier (1804 FUR, 1900), ## Poitras (1783-now FUR), Poitvin (1799), Polite (1870), Pomainville (1740- FUR QU,ON,MB), Pond (1739-1812 FUR MN,MB,SK,AB), Ponoka (1730-1810 PIK), ** Pontiac (OTT), Porteous (1778 FUR), Porter (1794 FUR), Potorin (1775 FUR), Potts (1860-now PIK AB), Poupard (1747- FUR QU, ON,MN), ** Pouting Pigeon (CHER), Powers (T.C. 1870), Preveau (1814 FUR), Pricket (1805 FUR), Primake (1775 FUR), Primeau (1743- FUR MI,ON,MB,ND,MT,SK), Prince (1910-now CAR, CATH BC), Pritchard (1860-now), Provost (1814- FUR MO,ID,WA), Pruden (1790-now) ## Pshanshaw (1911 ARIK) QQQ Quartier (1798 FUR), ** Quashquami (FOX), Quayle, Quesnel (1804- FUR AB,BC,SK,WA), Quigley, Quinn (1886-now), ## Quintal (1804-), ## Quist RRR Radisson, Rankin (1778 FUR), Raphael (1799 FUR), Rapin (1749 FUR MB), Rasle (1765 FUR), Raymond (1798 FUR) Reaume (1765-now FUR), ## Redford, ReheIle (1809 FUR), Renner, Renville (1788 FUR)(1849), Reyaulm (1765 FUR), Reyhle (1772-now FUR, MO) Rheaume (1804- FUR)(MIS), ## Rhodes Richard (1731 FUR), Richards (1796-now FUR), Richardson 1795-1820), Ridge (CHER), Riel (1860-now MIS AB,MB,MT,SK,AB), Ritchot (1804 FUR), Riquerin (1804 FUR), Rivard (1688)(1804 FUR)(## 1884), Rivet (1799) Robb (John), Roberge (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Robert (1775 FUR)(1804 FUR), Roberts (1765, 1810 FUR), Robertson (1804 FUR AB,MB,SK), Robichoux (1804 FUR), Robideaux (1837), Robidoux (1790 FUR, MO)(1851 FUR NE), Robillard (1804 FUR AB), Robinson (1850-now), Rocque (1804 FUR), Rocheblave (1798 FUR), Rolette (1849), Rondeau (FUR), Rose (1807- FUR) Rosette, Ross (1220-now FUR QU,ON,AB,MB,SK)(1787 FUR, OKA SCO,QU,WA, MB,SK,AB)(1913 FUR), Rossetti (1913 BC), Rossignol (1805 FUR), Round (1880 FUR AB), Roundtree (NOT), Roussain (1784-now FUR MB,MN,SK,AB), Rousseau (1749 FUR), Rouselle (1814 FUR), Roussil (1810- FUR NS,OR), Rowand (1804-1900 SCOT, AB,PQ), ## Rowley, Roy (1796- FUR MI,MN,MB, AB,SK)(CAR)(MIS) Rundle (1842 MIS), Running Wolf (SHO), Russell (1804 FUR, MO,WY,UT, MT,ID,OR,CA,NV)(## Charles) SSS Sacajawea (SHO) Saddleman St. Amant (1814 FUR), St. Amour (1749 FUR), St. Andre (1749 FUR QU, MN,WI), ## St. Cyr (1739- FUR), St. Denis (1828 FUR), St. Friole (1777 FUR MB), St. Germain (1778- FUR), St. Grasse (1790 FUR, MO), St. Jaccou (1804 FUR), St. James (1794 FUR MB), St. Martin (1798 FUR), St. Pierre (1747-now FUR QU,ON,MN,MB,SK,AB) Sakanakee (1810 NIP FUR BC) Saliohony (1804 FUR), Salois (1858-now FUR) Sample, Samson (1805 FUR) Sanderson (1740-now), Sandfly, Sandoval (1839 FUR), Sanford (1830 FUR), Sanguinet (1790 FUR MO), Sans Soucie (1805 FUR), Sansfacon (1805- FUR), Sanson (1814- WA,KY)(1862-AB), Sansquatier (1804 FUR) ** Satank (KIO) Sassevillet (1772 FUR) Sauvage (1748- FUR MB), Sauve (1796 FUR) Savage (1688, 1739), Savard (1858-now FUR) Sayer (1750-now FUR) Scar Cheek (MIS MT), Schafft, Schmidt (1858)(1885 FUR), Schock (1820-now DEU AB,DEU,AB), Schultz (1846-now MT), Scollen (MIS), Scott (1928 LB) ** Seax (1787 TSIM), Sebastian, Seivwright (1816 FUR), Sejourne (1737 FUR MB), Semple (1815 FUR), Senneville (1749 FUR QU,MN,WI), Settee (1850-now FUR), ** Sewormicha (1869 PAI), Seymour (SEK) ** ## Shacopay (1832 SOT), ## Shannon, Shaw (1784 FUR), Shawnee Jake (SHA), Shea (1810 FUR NY-OR-NY), Shebbach (YK), Shoeder (1896-now), Shorts (1858 FUR), Shults (1794- FUR) Sibbald (Edward 1916 FUR), Sibbeston (FUR), ## Sidoroff, Sikachim (1832 NAK/FUR), Sikan (1836 NAK/FUR), Silliboy (MIC), Simon (1798 FUR), Sinas, Sinclair (1766-now, William) (Ben 1846 MIS), ## Simpson (George 1820-now FUR AB,MB,PQ)(Thomas 1830 NWT)(1890-now AB), ## Sirngo (1890 UT) ** Skipper (NOT), Skookum Jim (TLI) Slater (1773 FUR MB), ## Sleigh Small (1810-now FUR), Smith (Edward 1816 FUR, NWT)(William 1805 FUR, 1810 FUR)(Jed 1823 FUR ID,UT,WY)(## 1950)(## 1991) Snake Woman (SHO), Snuff (TAT), Sokwintoo (1835 NAK/FUR), Solomon (1763- FUR MI,ON,SK)(1870 FUR) (Lewis 1859), Soulier (1804 FUR AB,SK,MB) Spence (1776 FUR SK), Spencer (1874-now), ## Spirit, Sputos Stacey (1804 FUR), ** Stalking Turkey (CHER), Stayner (1789 FUR SK), Steawrs (1804 FUR), Steele (Samuel 1873 AB,BC), Steeple (1890 FUR), Steinbruck (John 1789 FUR), ## Stephenson, Stevens (1855 WA), ** Stevenson (SOTO 1848-now), Stewart (1715 FUR)(1836 FUR), Still (1804 FUR), Striped, Stuart (1804 FUR)(1809 FUR QU,OR) Sublette (1820 FUR), Sun Old Man, Sun Old Woman, ## Sundance Kid, ## Sutherland (1778-now SK,MT,AB) Swan (1715 AB,MB), Swannell, Swanston (1889 NWT), ## Swift TTT Ta Chikis (1726), Tabeau (1800 FUR,ND) Takanaw (1840 NAK/FUR), ** Tamanend (1686 LEN), ** Tamsaky (CAY), ** Tanezebechage (1800-now NAK/FUR), ** Tanner (SOT), Tanuda (1839 NAK/FUR), Tasanin (1835 NAK/FUR), Tate (1778 FUR)(1896 FUR), Taulattakiain (1814 FUR HAW,WA), Tavurnur (1819 AB), Taylor (1820 FUR)(1875 FUR)(1857 FUR) ** Tecumseh (SHA), ** Tedyuscung (1754 LEN), Tenkswatawa (SHA), Teow (1814 FUR HAW,WA), ** Tete Noir (1890-now) Thabault (1800 MN), ## Thaker, Thathaine (1814 FUR WA), Therrien (1749 FUR QU,MN,WI), Thibault (1804 FUR)(1842 MIS), Thom (1802 FUR)(1830 FUR MB), Thomas (1789 FUR)(1810 FUR)(1815 FUR QU,AB)(1799-now), Thompson (David 1789-now) (John 1804 FUR) (Philip 1837)(William 1883), Thomson (1798), Thorburn (1784 FUR, 1794 FUR, 1814 FUR WA), Thorne, Thurner Tilton (1823- FUR ND,MT), Timson, Tiosaragointe (1805 FUR), Tisato (1804 FUR QU,AB), ** Tishcohan (LEN), Tizya (GWI) ** Tliokaikt (CAY) ** To-oan (KIO), ** Tobatas (1869 PAI), Todd (1769- FUR; 1858 FUR MT,ND)(CAR), Tolmie, Toma (1810- FUR FUR AB,BC), Toma (1930 SEK), Tomison (1785 FUR), Tomkins (1885), Tomlie (1846 FUR WA), Tourangeau (1746 FUR; 1803-now FUR, AB,BC), Tournelle (1804 FUR), Tousignant (1805 FUR) Tranquille (1828 FUR BC), Traversy (1747 FUR QU,ON,MN), Trepannier (1814 FUR WA), ## Trotter, Trottier (1750 FUR QU,MB), Troye (1804 FUR), Trudeau (1795 FUR), Trudell (1805 FUR) ** Tshakapesh (INN) Turceau (1804 FUR), Turcot (1804 FUR), Turcotte (1819 FUR), Turnor (1790 FUR), Turns the Whole Herd Back Alone, Tute (1778 FUR) Twisted Nose, Two Bears (SHO), ## ** Twoyoungmen (1780-now NAK/FUR) (Alpha Flight Comics) Tzintu (TAT) UUU Umfreville (1771-now FUR, MB,SK,AB), VVV Valade (1804 FUR,BC,ID), Valle (1804 FUR)(1810 FUR QU,OR), Valtige (1775 FUR), Van Slice, Vancouver (1793), Vandal (1804 FUR), Vandreil (1794 FUR), Vasquez (1790 FUR, MO; 1842 FUR WY), Vaughan (1855 ND) Veaudette (1810 FUR,BC,ID), Venne (1804 FUR AB), ## Venus, Verbel (1810 FUR), Versailles (1799 FUR), Vertefeuille (1803 FUR), Villard (aka Villiard) (1810 FUR 1810,BC,ID), ## Villebrun (1874-now FUR), ## Villegrun, Villeneuve (FUR AB,NWT), Vigneau, Vincent (1746 FUR), ** Vital (TAT), ** Vitoria (1865 APA) WWW Wabie (ALG), Wachter, Wacon (CAR FUR 1828), Wade (1782 FUR), Waden (1778 FUR), Wagpumna Wasiko (1836 NAK/FUR), Wakan Chaga (1835 NAK/FUR), Wakeman (1810 FUR), Wakon Goze (1842 NAK/FUR), Walker, ** Walking Bear (PEND/SAL), ** ## Walking Buffalo, Walking Coyote (PEND), ** Walking Crow (GWI), ** ## Walking Eagle, Wall, Wallace, Wallawalla, ## Walsh (MP 1830), Walters (FUR), Wanke (1954-now BC,AB), Ward (1809-now), Wao Kezatoon (1838 NAK/FUR), Wape Akos Piyesis (1790 FUR), ** Wape Sa (1710-now YAN), Warner (UT), ## Warre, ** Washakie (SHO), Waskochiw Piyew (1790 FUR), Watchful Fox (SAUK), Watie (CHER), Watkins (1928 LB) Weare, Weatherwax, Webster (1804 FUR), Weeks (1810 FUR), Weitzel, Weiyokenaze (1836 NAK/FUR), Welde (NIS), Welles (1804 FUR), Wells (1804 MB,SK,MT, BC), Westlake (1810 FUR), ## Wetherill (1888 CO), Wentzel (1804 FUR AB), Wey (1870) White (1730 FUR MB)(## David)(STO), White Bear (KIO), ## White Feather (BLK), White Governor (1828 FUR MB), Whitford (FUR 1840- AB,BC,MB) ## Wilcox, Wilkie (1804,MB more), Williams (Thomas 1804 FUR) (Ezekiel 1811 FUR)(William 1804 FUR, 1810 FUR MO,NM,WY,UT,MT,ID,OR,CA, NV), Willier (1864-now SOTO), Willis (1804 FUR), Willock, Wilson (## Tom), ## Wiltzen ## Wood, Woodcock, Woodley, Woods (1875 FUR), Work (John 1823 FUR OR), Wovoka (1890 PAI) Wright (1778 FUR) Wye, ## Wyeth (FUR), Wylie XXX YYY Yale (1815 FUR, MON,QU,AB), Yarn (1804 FUR), Yeast Powder Bill, ## Yellow Lodge (TSU), Yellowbird (1804-now CRE), Young (1804-now) (Thomas 1804 FUR), Young Beard (MAN FUR), Yowanaze (1841 NAK/FUR) ZZZ ## Zima Continue to The Western Cree index


------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Ahenakew, Albanel, Anderson, Andre, Anton, Asbury, Aulneau (1736 ON,MB), Balter, Beaudry, Beillevaire, Belanger, Belcourt, Blanchet, Bompas, Bouchard, Boulenc, Bourassa, Bourgine, Breynat, ## Bruyere, Burd Caer, Calais, ## Casterman, Chevier, Chevigny, Chivington, Clut, Cochin, ## Crenn, Croise, ## Cueff, Cunningham, Cuthand Dablon, Dauphin, Dauvet, De Chambour, De Mazenod, De Smet, Delmas, Demer, Desmarais, Doucet, Douceur, Dorais, Duhamel, Dupe, Dupin, Dupirer, Dupre, Durien, Dusette Evans Fahler, Fafard, Faraud, Ferland, Fourmond, Fourquet, Frain Gabillon, Gaetz, ## Gagnon, Gamble, Garrioch, Genin, Giroux, Glass, Godbout, Grandin, Grouard, Gouet, ## Guilbault Hines, Horden, Hudon, Husson, Hunter Jahl, Jan, ## Jaslier, Jordan, Josse, ## Joussard, July Kirby L'Heureux, Labonte, ## Lacombe, Lacombe, ## Ladriere, Laferte, Laffont, Larocque, Larue, Le Bre, Le Calvez, Le Goff, Le Jeune, Le Marchand, Le Treste, ## Lecuyer, Leduc, Lee, Legal, Legare, ## Lemay, ## Lereux, Lestanc, Levert, Lizee, Lloyd, Lussier MacDonald, MacLean, Manning, Marchand, Marriman, Martin (Marty), ## Mary, Matheson, ## McDougall, McKay, Menard, Mercer, Merer, ## Mercredi, Morice, Morin, Morinie (1749 MB), Moulin, ## Mousseau, Nelson, Newnham, Nisbet, Nobili, Nordmann O'Byrne ## Panter, Paradis, Parsons, Pascal, Pearce, Perrault, Petitot, Picard, Pinkham, Point, Portier, Provencher Quinney Riel, Remas, Rheaume, ## Rioux, Roussel, Routhier, Roy, Rundle ## Sareault, Scar Cheek, Scollen, Shaw, Short Man, Simonin, Sinclair, Staly, Steinhauer (1847-now), Swanson Tache, Tetrault, Therien, Thibault, ## Tissier, Tissot, Touez, Tourigni, Turcot Vandedale, Vandersteen, Vegreville, ## Veillete, Villeneuve, Vital Watelle, Wesley Mother d'Youville Sister: Adel Lamy, Alphonse, ## Arsenault, Beach, Belanger, Blanchette, ## Bourbonnaire, ## Brady, ## Chauvette, ## Cooper, Cote, ## Deschenes, ## Desrocher, Desmarais, Dillon, Emery, ## Gagnon, Genevieve, ## Gaudet, ## Goyette, Klusa, ## Lapoine, ## Lavoie, ## Levesque, Marie, Marie des Anges, ## Marten, ## Michael of the Saints, ## Monchamp, Prince, Rivard, ## Sabourin, St. Arsene, St. Charles, St. Coeur de Marie, St. Ignes, St. Oliver, St. Patrick, St. Pierre, St. Stanislas, Sauka, ## Vigoureux Continue to The Western Cree index


1787-1930 Biographies The Western Cree index Below is a partial list of names of Canadian Mountainmen for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. Canadian Mountainmen were largely of French-Indian (mainly Cree, Chippewa and Iroquois) and Scotts ancestry. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Abraham (1805), Anderson (1851 YK), Arcand (1859) Beaulieau (1807), Beaver (1850, 1877), Black (1814), ** ## Bobtail, Bordeaux (1803), Boucher @@ (1806, 1810) Brisebois (1860), ## Brown Callihoo, Campbell (1851), Capote Blanc (1830), Caraconter, (Jacques 1800, Louis 1850), Charles, ## Chian (1820) Decoigne (1814), Desjarlais (1810), Dumont (1800)(1820) Erasmus (1858), ** Ermineskin Faille (1930), Finlay (1806), French, Fraser (1805)(## 1835) Goedike, Grand Nipissing ## Harmon (1810), Hatsinston, Healy, Hector (1858) Itagisse (1770 MI, CHI) Kananaskis (Ki Anaskew Askies 1838), Kinville, Klein La Gassi (1800), La Mouse (1815), Le Blanc (1800), Le (1810), Lussier (1808) MacDonald (1858), ## Mackenzie (1793), Maskepetoon (1841), McDonald (Finan 1807), McDougall (1805, 1815), McLean (1847 YK), McLeod (1808, 1822, 1860, 1910), McPherson (1823), Moberly (1855, 1877), Monroe, Morigeau (1845), Mousseau (1808) Nimrod (1858), Ogden (1818), ** Piche (1811) @@, Pembok (1807) Richards (1841), Rook (1811) Shonowane, Sinclair (1841), Smith (1820), Stuart (1805) Tekarra (1859), Thomas, Thompson (1787) Waniandy, Waniyande Yellow Bird (1810) Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Addison, Antelope ** Bear Tooth, Big Mouth, ** Black Coal, Blood Clot Boy, ** Brannan, ** Buffalo Belly, ** Buffalo Bull That Carries A Gun, ** Bull ** Caldwell, Carson, Coolige, ** Cut Nose Dewey Fire, Flat Pipe (L), Foolboy, Found In The Grass (L), ** Friday General Crook, Goggles Handsome Scabby Bull, ** Haniskra, Hair, Headley, Hoo, Hopper James, Jutson ** Left Hand, Little Big Mouth, Little Colt, Little Mountain, ** Little Raven ** Mad Bear, McElhaney, Medicine Bear, ** Medicine Man, Moss, Old Bear, ** Old Raven, Otis, Pratt, Quiver, ** Row of Lodges, Rowlodge, Scott, Shakespeare, ** ## Sharp Nose, Singing Woman, Sitting Bull, Skunk, Spotted Elk, Spoonhunter, ** Spotted Horse, Standing Elk, ** Strong Bow The Great Jumper Ute Wallowing Bull, Wallowingbull, Warren, ** Watogen, Weasel Bear, White, Whiteplume, Whiteshirt, Woolworth, Willow, Yellow Bear, ** Yellow Calf, Yellow Hair


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Akaskin, ** Big Road, Black Crow, Bull's Head, Chies, Crazy Bull, Flesh Eater, ## Horse Capture (1858-), ** ## Iron That Moves, ** L'Homme Au Calumet, ** Lame Bull, Many Butterflies, ** Otter Robe, Piks Aki, ** Sitting Woman, Striped Bird, ** The Stone, ** Three Bears, White Grass, ** Wolfskin Around His Neck


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Bent, Black Kettle, Blackfoot John, Bob Tail Horse, Box Elder, Custer, ** Dull Knife, Grey Thunder, ** High Backed Wolf, Left Hand, ** Little Moon, Little Wolf, Moksois, Monahseetah, Owl Woman, ** Roman Nose, Seven Bulls, Smith (1820), ** Two Moons (-now), White Antelope, Woodenleg, ** Yellow Wolf


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index ## Adam (1930-now), Adams, ** Ahthay, Ahyasou, Ajjericon, ** Akaitcho, Akwize O Chowasi, Alphonse, Amable, ## Andrew (1872-), Antsanen, ** Apisis, Aquizay Oltchowaze, Aze, Azie Baptiste, Baton, Bear, ** Bear Foot, Beaulieau, ** Beaulieu, ** Bedshidekkge, Beaverfoot, ** Benaoui, Benoanie, Besskkaystare, Big Eye, ** Bighetty, Bigstone, Billette, ## ** Blackman, Blind Beaver Woman, ** Boucher @@ (1880-now), Bouchier (1880-now), Broussie, ## Bruno (1900-now), Byskie Caigan, ** Casimir, Catholic, Chachinahaw (1769), Champagne, Chandelle, Cheecham, Cheezie, Chenekwe, ** Chimaza, Christine, Conneequese (1770), ** ## Cyprean (1909-now), Cyprien ** D'Or (1780-now), Dennison, ## Deranger (1909-now), Desjarlais, Dezane, ** Dhitheda, Djure, Donnard, ** Dosnoir, Dunlop, Dzenlioun, Dzeylion, Dzieddin ** Echodh, ** English Chief, Ennew, Estralshenen, Eyoone Fern, ## Flett, Francois, Fransway, French Woman Gatrou, Genereux (1820-now), Gladue @@ (600 names), Grandjamb (1870-now), Grandbois, ** Grandjambe, Gregoire (1887-now), Gun ** Hanson, Harris, Head, Hearne (1790-), Heezell, Herman, Hohtsebe ** Isadore, Isayeta Jacknife, Jacko, Jacobs (1769), Jacquot, ** Janvier (1801-now), Josie, Julian ** Katawabbeda, **Kinoosayo, Kiscorray, Kkailther, Kkaikkia, Kkakkia, Kozdaw ** La Grosse Terre, ** La Grosse Tete, ** La Prise, Lacourte, Lamoelle, Laurent, ** ## Laviolette (1899-now), ** La Camerade de Mandeville, ** Le Grande Jeaune Homme, ** Le Petit Boeuf, Lhommecourt, Linklater, Loth Machatis, ** MacDonald, Madill, Makai Asis, ** Mandeville (1833-1922), ** ## Marcel, ** ## Marten (1776-now), Martial, Matchatis, ## McDonald, McFeeters, McIntyre, McLeod, ** ## Mercredi, Metchewais, Minoose, Mitchel, ** Moberley (1899-now), ** Monias (1887-now), Muskego Nadabelle, Napanin, Nelga, Nest, Noel, ** Nokohoo, ** Noolchos, Norton (1717-) Obichon, ** Old Fool, Orr (1780-now) Paddy, Paquet, ## Paquette, Pascal, Peche, ** ## Piche @@, ## Pische @@ ## Quintal (1804-) Rabbit Head, Randhill, ** Rapid, Ratfat (1899-now), Rib, Roberts, ** Robillard, Rolland, Roussain Sagiscanap, ## St. Cyre, St. Pierre, Sandypoint, Sayazie, Sayin, Scanie, Simon, Skani, Skull, Slave Woman, ** Snuff, Solomon, Souris, Spence, ** Squirrel, Starr Tatitisay, Tchenaequay, Thanadelther, ** Thorassie, Throssie, Timson, Toussaint, Toutsaint, ## Tripe de Roche, Trossie, Tsannie, ## Tuccaro (1967-now) ## Voyageur Wabishkeepenas, Wapistawis, ## Waquan (1926-now), Watchapese, Watzega, Witiko, Witikokan Xavier Yakwemoo, Yooya Continue to The Western Cree index


v.11.03.09 Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Acoby, Allore, Amiot (1810-) ** Anderson, Arnois, Asham, Ashman, Assiniboin Badeau, Bailley, Baird, Barry, Batchford, Baton, Bayard, Bazallette, Beatty, ** Beardy, Beaubien, Beauchamp, Beaudeau, Beaudoine, ** Beaulieu, Beaurassa, Beauresau, Belanger, Bennet, Benois, Benwain, Biddle, Bingham, Bisson, Blanchard, Boadwine, Boide, Bodre, Bonap, ** Bone, Bongo, Bostwick, Bouchard, Bouresau, Bourkque, Bousha, Boushay, Boutwell, ** Bowitigowinin (1765), Boyd, Bradley, ** Bressette, Brisbois, Brissette, Brunn, Burkhart, ** Bushie, Butterfield Cadotte (1760-), Cameron, Campbell, Carbenau, ** Captain Metweash, Carow, Champaigne, Chapman, Charbeneau, Cardinal (1800-) @@ (600 names), Chebau, Cheveaux, Chindley, Chipouashurbotice, Chorrette, ** Clearsky, Clermont, Cloutier, ** Cochrane, Collins, ** Concomely, Constin, Contwa, ** Cook, Corbin, Cotwin, Couc, Courte Aureille, Courteoreille, Cowles, Cross, Crow, Curtiss Daigneau, Daily, Daniels, Dauphiny, Davenport, Davis, Decotau, Desnoyer, Dingley, Dolly, Doucette, Dousman, Drew, Dubey, Ducamp, Dufault, Durette, Dusome, Duverney Edwards, Ely, Enakasew Inew, Enos, Ermatinger, Etowiki Zikowins, ** Ettawageshik, ** Everett Farley, Farling, Felix, Fiant, Fisher, ** Flatfoot, Fleury, Folsome, Fontaine, Frariot Gagnon, Garneau, Genereux, George (1942-now), Gesson, Gibson, ** Gilbert, Gingras, Gladeau, Gornor, Gothier, Goust, Graham, Grant, Graveaet, Gronda, Gullee Hamblin, Hamelin (1810-), Henry, Hicks, Hoard, Holiday, Hubert, Hussin Ikidowasim ** ## Jackopay (1795), Jackson, Jeaudron, Jellee, Jeroiux, Johnston, Jones Kakakew (1782), Keeper, King L'Amerandau, La Branche, La Butte, Lacoy, La Croix, Lafleur (1624-now), La Fond, Lafrombois, La Guthrie, Lammerarande, Lapelle, La Pierre, Lapine-Allore, La Roc, La Sieur, Lasaw, Lasley, Laudre, Lawrence, Le Cuyer, Le May, ** Le Sucre, Le Viritie, Lenox, Lese, Levake, Lewis, Lore, Louisignon, Lozon, Lussier, ** Lynxleg ** Magiskan, Mallatt, Marcia, Marsac, Martin, Mataw, Maville, May, Mcclure, McDonald, McGulphin, ** McKinney, McMurray, McNinch, Mero, ** Merrick, Meshate, Miniclear, ** Mitchell, Miteamegke, Montrielle, Moore, Moran, Morin, Moriseau, Morris, Mousseau, Myran Neaudeau, ** Nekpinak, Nichols, Nolin, Nontroit, Nowlin Oakes, Obemauunoqua, Ojibway Paladeau, Paspater, Paquette, Paquin, Parisian, Payan, Peck, Pelkey, Pelotte, Peltier, Perunet, Piquette, Plante, Poisson, Poitras, Ponds, Price, Prince Razette, Read, Rice, Rix, Robinson, Rodd, Rolau, Romaine, Rosay, Rosebear, Rossbach, Rosseau, Roundhead, Roussain, Rowland, Roy St. Onge, St. Pierre, Saka Koosin, Salois (1720-now), Sawanigabo, Sayer (1770-now), Schermerhorn, Schoolcraft, Shabogamik, ** ## Shacopay (1795), ** ## Shakopew (1795), Shaw, ** Sheshepaskut (1798-), Shewaybick, ** Shorting, Slater, Smith, Snaickell, Solomon, Sovay, ** Spence, ** Stagg, ** Starr, Statley, ** Stevenson (1848-now), Stevens, Stillday, Stoney, ** Strawberry (1841-now), Sulyar, Sylvester Tanner, Taylor, Terdiff, Terrier, Thunder, Thurston, Tobacco, ** Traverse, Tromble, Troteschaud, Trottier (1790-now), Troutlake, Trudeau, Trudell Viencourt, Vincecount Wabasse, Warren, Weise, Wells, Wesley, Whitaker, White, ** Whitebird, Whitehead, Willard, Williams Yarns, ** Yellowquill Zimmerman Continue to The Western Cree index


v.01.01.11 Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Cree names have been variously spelled and misspelled by different writers. Only the most common or accepted spelling of a particular name is given to conserve space. As a rule, the spellings have been transposed into the standardized Cree Syllabic form and then re- transposed into Roman Orthography to transpose the names into a standard written format. However, many of the names remain undecipher- able due to the abysmal transcriptions by the early journalists. See also Books: research publications Books: births, deaths, affiliations registers Master Genealogical Chart The Western Cree photo index It is obvious that many Cree families bear French names. These names almost invariably originated with French Canadian/Metis voyageurs of the North West Company before 1820. The Hudson's Bay Company preferred to employ Scotts and Orkneymwn, and more Orkneymen and Scotts were actually employed in the west. Unlike the French, however, these Orkneymen/Scotts for the most part did not remain 'in country' beyond 1-2 terms (4-8 years) before returning home. During their stay they too took Indian wives. However, they tended to have a reputation of being savage and cruel with their native women and, tended to abandon them and their families when they returned home. Though their names are recorded in the HBCo records, it was only a rare Scottsman who married their country wives, hence family names were not passed on, though they had hundreds of offspring. With the exception of a few of the clerks and officers of the HBCo, the Scotts genalogies among the Cree are unknown, although exceptionally prominent. Notably, a few of the Scotts and Orkneymen did take their children, and sometimes, their wives back to the 'old country' with them, founding the 'foreign Scotts' of the Orkney Islands.
AAA Abandoned, Abraham Achak Wiyan, Achakas, Achakaw, Achakow, Achenum, Achiyas, Achim, Acoose Adam, Ademar Agnes, Agta Ahatowishkinsik, Ahenakew (1790-now), Ahneenis Paskemin, Ahpesjhachichgoos, ** Ahpiste Kehew, Ahsis, ** Ahtakakoop (1819-now), Ahyamookkoomepowit Aisaican Akachini, Akesim, Akiskowi Mustus, Akomos, Akosiw, Akwatin, Akwize O Chowasi Albert, Alexander, Alexis, Alexson, Alinkwonei, Allan, ** Allamak, Almighty Voice, ** Alook (1969-now) Amahoos, Amerindienne, Ambo Wiyan, Amiot, Amisk, Amiskosis, Amoo, Amyotte ** Anaquod, Anderson (1867-now), Anekos, Aniki, Angus (1915-now), Anikochasayap, Animal Child, Aniskaypimooghtayoo, Aniskepimoktayew, Annance, Ansey, ## Antoine (1935-now), Antoine Isaquak, Antoine Iskwew, Antsanen Apaesno Wiyan, Apachayoos Apichaw, Apischaw Chichkos, Apischayis, Apischis Iskwesis, Apischis Iskwew, ** Apischis Kehew, Apischisquayo, Apischiw Kisaynis, Apischiw Napew, ## Apisis, Apisitiyas, Apistak, Apistakoos, Apistakos, Apistias, Apistatim, Apitas Iskwew, Apitastew Iskwew Apou, Appearing Day Aquizay Oltchowaze ** Arcand (1770-now), ## Arnold (1923-now) Aseeweyin, Asham, Asini, ** Asini, ** Asini Wachi (1880), Asini Wachi Iskwew, Asini Wiyaniw, ** Asiniwasis, Asiniyakwachasoot, Askachoss, Askachas, Askeawasis, Askikowikit, Askis Awas Asis, Askis Kamik Menikat, Asnemeum, Aspace, Asquabaneskum, Assiniboin, Assoon, Astasimut Atami A Miyos Kamik, ** Atawepton, Atcheynum, ** Atik Asis (1754 AB), Atik Asis (1860 AB), Atikamik, Atikapo, Atimoyod, Atimyou, Atistikat, Atokien, Atoos, Atsynia ** Auger, Auger (1752-now) Awas Inew (1780), ** Awasis Aya Iskwew, Ayamhawagsiw, Ayami Awaksew, Ayandawais, Ayis, Ayachinowoskam, Ayachiw, Ayami Ka Mi Pawit, Ayamok Kamepawit, Ayami Kamik Pawit, Ayimi Ka Mi Pawit, Ayimak Ka Mi Pawit Ayocho, Ayotte, Ayotiow Azure BBB Bacon, Bad Arm, Bad Arrow, Bad Face, Bad Hand, Bad Leaf, ** Bad Mead (1776-1849 >AB), ** Badger (1876-now), Badger Call, Bag of Salt, Bagged Meat, Bald Head, Ballenden (1785-), Ballentine, ** Ballantyne (1781-now), Bannock Queen, ** Baptiste (1845-now), Bare Neck, Batailleur, Batoche, Batoo, Bayer ** Bear (1843-now), Bear Claws, ** Bear Grease (1681), Bear Ground, Bear Horse, Bear Walker, Bear's Child, ** Bear's Ears, ** Bear's Grease (1680), ** Bear's Head, ** Beardy (1644), ** Beardy, Beaudry, Beautiful Feathers, Beaver, ** Beaver, Beaver Woman, Beaverbones, Becoming Dark Beebe ** Belanger (1804-now), Belcher, Belcourt (1861-now), Bell, ** Bellegarde (1903-now), Belly ## Benoit (1903-now), Benjamin Berard, Berland (1786-now), ** Bertrand ** Big Bear (1790-now SK,MT,AB), Big Belly, Big Chief Sundown, Big Child, ** Big Crane, Big Cree, Big Dog, ** Big Head, Big Heels, Big Knife, ** Big Louis, Big Man, Big Rock (1839-now), Big Squirrel, Big Wind, ** Bighead (1955-now), ** Bighetty, Bigknife, Bigraw, Bigstone (1859-), Bigy Billy, Birch Rind, ## ** Bird (1799-now FUR/CRE/OJI AB,MB,SK)(SK)(MN) (ONT), Bird Woman (1810-now CRE/PIK AB), Birdin, Bisson, Bithsy, Bitternose Black Fox, ** Black Indian, ** Black Man, ** Black Powder (1800-now), Black Elk, Black Star, Black Tongue, Blackbird, Blackman, ** ## Blackman (1941-now), Blatt, ** Bleneau Ahsis, Blood, Blood Indian, Blond Eyebrows, Blue Ears, Blue Eyes, Blue Flash of Lightning, ## Blue Horn (1885-now), ** Blue Quills Bob, Bobbinshaw, Bobcat, Bonais (1915-now), Bonhomme, Born Up Side Down, Born Wrong, Boskoyous, ** Bosum (1960-now), ## Boucher @@ (1660-now), ## Bouchier (1893-now), Bow, Boy, Boyden Brabant, ** Brass, Breaking Through the Ice, Brereton (1880-now), Bright, Brighteyes (1911-now), Brimmis, ## ** Broken Arm (1780-now), Broken Wing, Brown, Brown Bear, Bruce, Brule, Bruneau (1760-now), Bruyere (1772-now) ** Buffalo (1860-now), Buffalo Bow, Buffalo Bull Feather, Buffalo Caller, Buffalo Child, Buffalo Head, ** Bugle, ** Bull (1818, 1870-now) Bull Boy, Buller Bunch of Lodges, Bunn Burlong (1839-now), Burlow, Burns, ** Burnstick Bushey (1841-now), Bushie (1849-now) Butler (1940), Buton Buxton CCC ** Cadien, Cadieux, Cahcoosis, Caiheewine, ** Calahoo (1810-now) @@, ** Calistrois, ** Callihoo @@ (1810-now), Calling Bull, Calliou (1810-now), Camarade a Soulier, Canada, Cannepotato, Capalette (1740- FUR CRE MB,AB), Capotvert (1859-), ** Captain, ** Captain Corn, Carcajou, ** (1772- now), Carpenter, Carrier (1918-), Carrifelle (1820-now), ** Casimir, Casscasscou, Castel, Cattle Owner, ** Cayen @@, Cayene @@ Cecil, Centsous Chachamokan, Chachapew, Chachapiskan, Chachees (1890-now), Chacheses, Chachinahaw (1769), Chachwaciw, Chakachak, ** Chakagin (1870-), ** Chakachase, Chakase, ** Chakastapaysin, Chakopschamakase, Chakwapokees, Chakwayis, ** Chalifoux (1820-now), Chamakesis, Champagne, Chapassisit, ** Chapman, ** Charles (1828-now), Charlotte, ** Chaschas Kiskwas, ** ## Chat Ka, Chatelaine (1850-) ** Cheechak, Cheechoo, Cheeman, Chenekwe, Chequagig Chi Eda, ## Chian, Chichamask, Chichew, Chichi, Chichikes, Chickeness (1875-now), Chieda, Chief, Chief Goes Out, Chief Sitting, Chiefson, ** Chien Fou, ** Chimakan, Chimakan Asis, Chimakanis, Chimakan Opin, Chimakanakes, Chimakisamos, ** ## Chiniki, Chiniquay, Chinis, Chipakook (1883), Chipechits, ** Chipewyan (1837-), ** Chipos Ostikwan (1842-now), ** Chipostikwan, Chippewa Speaker, Chipwach Kistatewepiw (1877), Chiskin, Chism Chocan, ** Chokab (1790-now), Choochi, Chowek, Christian She Stands, Chubb Christie Cichie Clarke (1800-now), Clothes (1880-now) Cocking, ** Cococh Collin/Collins (1822-), Colombo Coming Day, Conneequese (1770), Connelly (1802-), Conquit, Constant (1804-now), Container of Salt ** Cook, Coostoo Corbeau, ** Corcoran Cottery, Couc Roche, Couilloneur, Coulineur, Courchane (1870-now), Courtepatte (1798-now), ## Courtoreille (1820-now), Couture Cowan, ** ## Cowie Coyote (1800-now) ** Crane (1945-now), Crazy Boy (1790-now) ** Cree (1828-now, 1920-now ND), Cree Woman (1826 AB), Creely, Crier, Crooked Leg, Crooked Neck, Crooked Nose, Cross, Crossarms, Crow Buffalo, ** Crow Shoes Cthipokup Cunningham, Cut Knife, Cut Lip, Cut Nose, Cut Nose Woman, Cutarm, Cuthand (1923-now), Cyr DDD ** D'Or (1780-now), Dancing Bull, ** Daniels (1926-now), Danyluk, Day Bow, Day Giver (1790-now), Day Light Woman, Day Thunder, Day Walker, Daychief, Daylight Woman, ** Daywalker De Cora, De Lorme, Dechamp, ## Decoine, (1799-now), Decoyne (1799-now), Delorme, DeLonnie, Delver, ## Dene (1923-now), Dennison, Denny, Deschamps, ** Desjarlais (1790-now), Desnomie Didymus, Dieter, Difficult She Stands, Difficultly Standing, Dillon, ## Dion (1849-now), Dirt Child, Disola, Disraeli (1870 SK) Doctor, Dog, Doghead Dreevers, Dressy Man (1850-now), Dry Hill Dublin, ** Dumont (1800-now), Dunomais, Duquette, Duran, Dusk, Duval EEE ## Eagle Child, Eagle Lodge, ** Eagle Man, Earth Child, Eater of Raw Liver Echeyase, Eeyinew Ehwaynis, Ekenkwo, Ekequs, Ekesisa Eliza Emintawikak, Emma, Emofnos, ** English Chief Epayas Erasmus (1820-), ** Erect Man, ** Ermineskin (1844-now) Essawakapiw Etowesekwiyow Eupie ## Evans (1936-now), Evening, Evening Spirit, Evening Star, Evil Old Man Excreting Man Eyaik, Eyapais (1942-now), Eyipachinas FFF Faithful, Fallois, ** Favel (1840-now), Favourably She Stands Feather, Feather Trousers, Felix, Ferguson, ** Fiddler (1790-now), Fighting Bear, Fine Bow, ** Fine Day (1830-now), ** Fineday (1830-now), Firing Stoney, Firingstoney, Fisher (1827-now) ** Flat Ham, ** Flett, ** Florimaux (1760-), Flowing Around, Flying Around Fog, Foggy Place, Fontaine, Forehead, Fortin, Four Cloud, Four Eagles, Four Horns, ** ## Four Sky Thunder, Four Souls (1790-now SK,MT), Fours, ** Foutreau, ** Fox (1850-now), Foy Frank, Fraynn, French Eater (1790-now), French Leader, Frenchman (1887-now), Friesen, From Across Lesser Slave Lake, ** ## Fromhold (1666-now DEU,AB), ** Front Man, Front Sky Woman, ** Fryingpan, Full of Dew (1790-now) GGG Gaddy, Gadsby, ** Gadwa (1880-now), Gagne, Gallifer, Gallneaux, Gallup, Gamble, ** Gang, Gardner, Garrioch, ** Gauche, Gaucher, Gauthier Genaille, Gendron, ** General, George, Georgekish, Getting Dark Gibbot, ## Gibot, Girdenon, ** Girl, ** Giroux (1824-now), Giving Man ** ## Gladue (1810-now)@@ (600 names), Glutton God's Otter, Godfrey, Godin, Goes After, Goes To the Bear, Goforth, Goingout, Gold, Good Looking, Good News, Good Stander, Good To Look At, ** Goodrunning, ** Goodswimmer, Goodvoice, Goodwill, Goodwin, Gopher (1859-now), Gopher Shooter, ** Gordon (1868-now) Grand Picota, ** Grand Soteau, ## Grandjambe (1870-now), Grant (1755-now), Grass Woman, Great Cree, Great One, Green (1875-now), ** Greyeyes (1876-now), Grieves, ** Grimaceau, Grioux, Gros Cris, ** Grosse Tette, Ground Guardipee (1850-1890), Guilvieu, Gunn HHH Hainault, Hairy Man (1790-1890), Halcro ** Halcrow, Half (1826-now), ** Half and Half, Halkett Hamelin (1870-now), Hamilton, Hamline Hansen, Hanger Owner, Hardisty, Harper, Hart Hauk Hawk, ** Hawk Man, Hawley He Calls Buffalo, He Has A House Across Lesser Slave Lake, He Hits Him, He Holds Salt, He Is A Pine Tree, He Is A Stranger From Across The Water, ** He Is Bearded (1644), He Is From Across Lesser Slave Lake, He Is Good, He Is New, ** He Makes It Lightning, He Who Shoots Straight Up, He Who Walks Past All Things ** Head, Head Woman, Headman, Heard Before He Is Seen Henderson Higgins, High Berry, Hitter Hodgeson, Hoffman, Hollow Back, ** Hoohoosis, Hoole (1859-now), Hope, Horn Woman, Horse (1885-now), Horse Child (1810-now MT,SK), ** Houle (1859-now), House, House Across Lesser Slave Lake, House Fellow, Howe (1940), Howse (1800-now), Hudon, ** Hughboy, ** Hunter, Huppie III ** Ichopomishish, Ipeyasees, Imasees (1790-now AB,MT,SK) In Favour of She Stands, Inachin, Inaschin, Innes ** Iron (1906-now), Iron Body, Iron Horn, Ironchild Isabella, Iserhoff, Iskwanakask, Iskwenak, Iskwesis, Iskwew Asis, Iskwew Chinakos, ** Isidore, Ispa Minan, Ispuminan It is Getting Dark, It Is Good, Itawapiw, Itittakoose Iwesikan JJJ Jackfish, Jacknife (1790-now), Jackson (1875-now), James, ** James Smith, Jane (1785), Janvier, Jebeaux (1861-now), Jeegem, Jefferson, Jenastin, ** Jepormasish, Jerry, ** ## Joachim (1880-now) @@, Joe, ** John (1890- now), ** John Smith, Johnson, Johnston (1810-now), Johnstone, Jones, ** Joseph @@, Joueur de Gobelets, Jouset KKK Ka Atikowen, ** Ka Kichiwew, Ka Kitowew Mostos, ** ## Ka Michet O Kehew-wak, Ka Michiminam Achak Akopa, Ka Mikowa Waskanak, ** Ka Minahikas, Ka Mitsis (1859-), ** Ka Miyistowesit, Ka Miyo Kisikaw, Ka Miyo Kiskwew, Ka Miyo Pimotaow, ** Ka Miyokin, Ka Miyo Kaskwanoot, Ka Miyo Kiskwew, Ka Mostos Akopew, Ka Mostos Chachapew, Ka Namachew, Ka Ni Wapasew, Ka Nipewin Iskwew, ** Ka Osawaskayew, Ka Pa Onohat Papew, ** Ka Ota Toan, Ka Pakewew, Ka Papa Machatiway, ** Ka Pasekwonew, ** Ka Peyak Wasomen, Ka Piwapiskwach Totinepin, Ka Piyesiw Watamow, ** Ka Tipiskowat, ** Ka Waskohow Patisk, Ka Wetekowatiyapew, Ka Wichatwemat Kachemook, Kachepetakwe Kahewaynum, Kahewekwanelemow, Kahhewequonelemow, Kahkuneeknahnahsum, Kahnahlahskowaht, Kahnahmahchew, Kahnapawanakan, ** Kanahtakasew, Kahneepotaytayo, Kahneeptaytayo, Kahnepace, ** Kahtapiskowat, ** Kahtipiskowaht, ** Kahseematapoo ** Kakakew (1780)(1870), ** Kake Kake, ** Kake Wistahaw, ** Kakenawap, Kakenoos, ** Kaki Chiwew, ** Kaki Wistahaw, Kakikekahpo, Kakiopatow, Kakitewhat, Kakitoohat, Kakitowi Mustus, Kakoan, Kakwanam Kamachawaskis, Kaman Nazi Winista, Kamekaskwanoot, Kameya Kiskwew, Kamitsis (1859-), Kamiwachakwew, Kamiyopimotaow, Kamoowin Kana Nipa Chipiskew, ** Kana Takasew, ** Kana Wapa, Kana Wapa, Kana Wapamon, ** Kanahtakasew, Kanaksoos, Kananaskis (Ki Anaskew Askies), Kananipatchipiskew, ** Kanatakasew, Kanawaskoham, Kanawatch, Kanaywayskanaow, Kanephat, Kanewepenisk, Kanicha Wiyan, Kanipitetew, Kaniwtawatamaw Kapaceseesit, Kapachesisit, Kapakewey, Kapamak, Kapapa Machatiway, Kapatouskasetawat, Kapawes, Kapayoosaton, Kapeya, Kapeya Chaya Mita Akwasiw, Kapechos, Kapines, ** Kapitiko, Kapiwapikwach Totinepin, Kapiyesiwatamo, Kapunoohatpahpoo, Kapusekonew Kaquanam, Kasewekasetowi, Kasimatotew, Kasi Matopew, ## Kaskamin, Kaskaskow, Kaskawan, Kaskeettasweskassha, Kaskeettaweskassha, Kaskitaweskasha, Kaskitew Wawaskisiw, Kaskitewawaskisiw, Kaskkeettaswakaessha, Kaskwayyouas, Kaskweyewas, Kasmatsew, Kasokeo, Kasow, Kassisew, Kassisiw Katahit, Katcebetaquey ** Kawachapew, Kawakasam, ** Kawakatoose, Kawanichaskawak, Kawetekowatiapew, Kawetekowatiyapew, Kawongawimenes, Kawsew Kay (1902-now), Kayakosimo, Kayamitwakew, Kayas Iskwes, Kayas Kepaksen, Kayas Kewapew, ** Kaye, ** Kaykaykekwenapew, Kayasayis, Kaytaygan Ke Ko Gaze Keasickandeis Keeahches Kwanaypew, Keeaieskapit, Keekoohoos, ** Keenooseyo, Keepooch, Keesickikahsahweaises, Keesikowasis, Keeskanakwas, Keewatin Kehew Atiyapimwat (1876-now), ** Kehew Hi Kapaw, ** Kehewin (1850- now), Kehkenehtawkew Kekanotin, Kekek (1780), Kekek Asis, Kekek Awasis, Kekekosis, ** Kekekekwe Napew, Kekenetakew, Kekokasew Kenemotay, Kenenemuwisman, ## Kennedy (1814-now), Kenoseyo ** Kequahtooway (1907-now) Keskaskisitayew, Kesyotakan, Ketekan, ** Ketchemoot, Ketome Wiyan, Ketowakwanek, Ketowekwase, Kewapiseyap, Keweniskewisk, Kewetin, Keyaki Kakapew, Keyowastamo Ki Anaskew Askis, Ki Nakowa Na Chinawak, Ki No Mon Kwayew, Kiaies Kapit, ** Kiaskoosis Kichayis, Kichi Iniw, ** Kichi Kachistaweskam, ** Kichi Kahmewin, Kichi Kowekomekoo, Kichi Pewapisk, Kichi Sakames, ** Kichi Weskewate ** Kihewkapow Kiki, Kikwetapo ** Kimiwan Pwat, Kimiyakwakiw, Kimiyewkoykeyew, ** Kimowonpot Kinequon (1904-now), Kinikas, King, ## King Bird, Kingfisher (1905-), Kinnewash ** Kirkness Kisanis, Kis-say-wah-kis-see, Kisenim, Kisewakisiw, Kisi Ki Kasawe Awas Asis, Kisikaw, Kisikaw Achak, Kisikaw Asis, Kisikaw Awasis, ** Kisikaw Wachak, Kisikawawaw, Kisikawiwi, Kisikok Asis, Kisikosis, Kiski Pewapisk, Kiski Sisip, ** Kiskitew Maskoo Maskwa (1840-now), ** Kiskiyaw (1666-now) @@, Kiskwew Iskwew, Kiskwe Ka Nipwaw, Kissaywahkissee, Kissiokowa, Kito Chikan, ** Kito Wehow, ** Kitoowahaw, Kitowepai, ** Kiya, Kiya, Kiya Chi Iskwa Napew, ** Kiya Ki Kasakowe, Kiyas Hikan, Kiyaseekun, Kiyasickandes, Kiyewpwi Klein (1770-now), Klyne (1770-now) Knight (1915-now), ** Knott Kocha Sakames, Kochusakomes Koitit ** Kokamanakiwiw, Kokamanikiwiw O Tawiyaw, Kokwen, Kokum Down The Valley, Kokum Up The Hill Komowin ** Kona Wapa, Kona Wapa O Ka Sisa, Kona Wapa O Tawiyaw, Kona Wapa O Wa, ** Kontawonda ** Koosahwaskway, ** Koosawanaskayo, Koostachin (ON), Kootak, Kootakiwaw, Koostach, Kooyahtikwahpaha ** Kopahawakemum, Kopiwiyaw, Kopiyechichimit, Kopopegunnesit, Kopopekanesit Kotonahew (1818-now), Kotoyiinis Kuche, ** Kuiskuiscowcapoohoo, ** Kutoowahan, ## Kutunapi Kwachis, Kwanees, Kwatahit, Kweche, Kweke, Kwesisa, Kwekwetoot, Kweskwesken Iskwew, Kweyesk Hi Kapaw (1836 CRE/FUR), Kweyesk Ikapaw Kytwayhat LLL ** L'Hirondelle, L'Oiseau Rouge, ** La Chef Qui Parle, La Chenille, La Cree, La Framboise(1800-now, OR,AB,MB,MN,SK), ** La Grosse Terre, ** La Grosse Tette, ** La Lambe, La Loge, La Marteblanche, ** La Roche, La Verendrey, ** Laboucan (1786-now), ** Lachance, Lacombe (1797-), Ladoux (1833-), Ladue (1833-), Lafiniere, ** Lafleur (1624-now), ** Lafond (1876-now), Lafournaise (1795-), Laframbois (1800-now AB,MB), ** Lafrond (1900-now), Lagrace, Lambert (1798-now), ** Lameman (1876- now), Landstrom, Lane, Langan, Langston, ** Lapatak (1840-now), Lapointe (1870-), ** Lapoudre (1810-now), ** Large (1840-now), ** Lariviere, ** Larocque (1750-now), Laughing Hunter, Laughing One, Laughing Man (1845-now), ** Lavalle, LaValle, Lazyback (1890-now) Le Borgne, ** Le Capote Bleu, Le (1810 AB,BC), Le Coteau, Le Coup Fort, Le Joli Jeune Homme, ** Le Petit Soldat, ** Le Plume Caille, Le Pourie, ** Lean Man, Leblanc, Leburn (AB 1840-), Leclair (1780-now), ** Ledoux (1804-now), ** Lee, Leloescom, Lemay, ## Lepine, Lerat, Letendre (1804-now), Lewis Lightfoot, ## Lightning (1666-now) ** Linklater Little Assiniboin, ** Little Bad Man, Little Bear (1790-now), Little Beaver, Little Bird, Little Bow, Little Boy, ** Little Captain, ** Little Chipewyan, Little Day, Little Dog, Little Felix, Little Fisher, Little Girl, Little Heaven, Little Hill, Little Horn, ** Little Hunter, Little Kichi Iniew, ** Little Mountain, Little One, Little Orignal, ** Little Pine (1840-now), ** Little Poplar (1850- now), Little Saulteaux, Little Sioux, Little Soldier, Little Stick, Little Strong Man, Little Runner, Littlechild, Littlechief, Littletent (1880-now) Livingstone Logan, Lone Child, ** Lone Man (1840-now), Lone Thunder (1915-now), Lone Wolf, Long Hair, Long Haired Cree, Long Horn Sitting Bull, ** Long Lodge, Long Neck, Longmoor (1774-), Loon, Loonskin, Loosouameekwakn, Louis (1833-now), ** Louis Bull, Loyer Lucier (1823-now), Lussier (1823-now), Lynx Woman, Lyons MMM Maanitail MacDonell, Machachkayap, Machan Chikos, Machask (1826 AB), Macheikas, Machemetow, Machenum, Machikisew Iniw, Machinas, Machisis, Machoskis (1823 AB), ** Mackinaw (1845-now) Magpie Mahchahmewis, ** Mahikan Ahsis, Mahikan Asis, Mahikan Hi Kapaw, Mahikan Ikapaw, Mahikun (1790-1860), Mahmus (1800-), Mahpayways, Mahskeetotiman Maifnon, Maikanisin, Maikins Makatawak, Makesis, ** Makinaw (1845-now), Majeau, ** Makoyos, Makokis (1834-now), Makoose, Makwa Man Child, Man Of The Little People, Man Who Speaks Our Language, Manchies, Manchild, Manikala Sapiu (1885), Manitail, Manito, Manito Asiskiw, Manitoachan, Manitokan, Manitost, Manitowais, Manitowis Mankagaweez, Mankikwichikwe Mano, Mantee Mapewes Maristyo, Mark, Markoos, Martell, ** ## Marten (1899-now), ** Martin (1681, 1796, 1899), Masachos, Masenaschose, Masinas Iskwew, ** Maskepetoon (1790-now), Maskiki Hi Kapaw, Maskiki Pwat, Maskowakan, ## Maskwa (1831-now), Maskwa Asis (1822-), ** Maskwa Chak, ** Maskwa Hi Ka Kiniyatos, ** Maskwa Hi Kapawit, Maskwa Ikapawit, Maskwa Kapemotat, Maskwa Kapipotek, ** Maskwa Kawapahweet, Maskwa Kweewein, Maskwas Okosia, Masonapiskwap, Massan, Mastatak, Masuskapew Matikwap, Matombanika, Matcose, Matist, ** Matonabee (1770), Matonokwap, Matoos (see Natoos), Matooskis, Matooskun, Matoskan (1853- AB), Matwa Ahstinoowegin Maud Mayapiw, Mayikatis McArthur, McCarty, ## McDonald, McGarty, McGillivray, McGilvery, ## McKay, ** McKenzie, McMillan, McLean, ** McLeod, McNab, ** McNabb Meat Scraper, Mechawayes, Medicine Rope, Meekoo Moostoos, Meeminook, Meenowahchahkway, Meetoon, Meeyootahk, Mehsinapew, Mekesew Inew, ** Meketin, Mekopaisewis, Memenatawakwap, ** Meminowatow, Memnook, ** Meneen (1900-now), Menook, ## Mercredi, Merasty, ** Merde D'Or (1790-now AB, NWT,MB), Mesinikaskwepew, Mesiw Nape, Meskakan, Meskikiw Ikapaw, Mesqaqun, Metchewais, Metonawakap, Meyo Iskwes Mi Minahik, ** Mianscum ** Michel, Michesis, Michetowas, Michakwan, Michekeyew, Michel, Michet Awasis, Michewakan, Michi Ostikwan, Michi Wakan, Michichi Mighty Voice ** Mike, Mikisiw Mikotan, Mikisyoo, Mikow Awasis, Mikowa Kin, Mikowa Moostoos, Mikowa Ostikwanis, Mikowa Tawakak, Mikweyapiy, Miller, Milton Mimikwas Minchawan, Minatoch, ** Minde, Minikapas, Minis, Mink Misah (1822-now), Misatew Hi Kapew, Misaw Wakopew, Misha.... Mischaws, Misi Nape, Misihaw, Misinachapew, Misiskask, Misistapew, Misiw Nape, Miskinak, Miskoo Okimaw Iskwew, Miskwa Mayew, Misokamin Hi Kapaw, Misokamin Ikapaw, Misquonogous, ** Missalog, Mistahew Atimasis, ** Mistahew Awasis, ** Mistahew Maskwa (1800-now AB,MT,SK,AB), Mistahi (see Mistahew) Mistatik, ** Mistawasis (1816-now), Mistapew, Mistatim, Misatimois, Mistatimwas, Mistawa, Mr. Jim, Mistik, ** Mistikoos, Mistosopios, Mistreated Mitchel, Mitchell, ** Mitsuing, Mitwoni Miyatis, Miyinaw Ikawap, Miyo Iskwes, Miyotak Moab Moberly Mochekan Mondion, ** Mongrain (1885-now) Monias, Monias Iskwew, Monias, Moniyaw, Moniyaw Hi Kapaw, Moniyaw Ikapaw, ** Monkonsko (1754), Monoki, ** Monsoni, Monture Moocheweinies, Moon Woman, Moonookee, Moonias, ** Moose Dung, Moosepew, Mooskwes (1650-now), ** Moosomin (1879-now), ** Moostoos, Moostos, Mooswa Atik, ## Mooswah, ** Morin (1810-now), Morisetta Moses, Moseskut, Mosquito, Mostatak, Mostos Kanipawit ** ## Mountain (1650-now), Mountain Man, Mountain Walker Moyah Muchahaw, ** Muddy Bull, Munroe, Murphy, Musakawchack, Musinahwekimaher, Muskagapot, Muskeg, Muskego, Muskegapot, Muskegopot, Muskejakat, Muskyapato, Musqua, Mustatip Piyesiwistakusiw, Mustus, ** Muswaggon, Muttered Mykat, Myo, Myoewaysees NNN Nahawik, Nahawwick, Nahbixie, Nahovway, Nahpach, ** Nahpayoawasis, ** Nahpesis, Nahpesis, ** Nahpeyew Awasis Naja Tomne, Nakachiw Namachew, Namoos, Namoya Nanatokomin (1841-), Nancy Kipoch Napacham, Napanin, Napasis, Napaskis, Nape Asis, Napes, ## Napesis, Napewiw, Napoo Chichis, Napope Nate Awasis, Natewasis, Nathannis, ## Natoos, Nayawatatic Nehiw Iskwew (1826 AB), ** Neesnetasis, Neeswahyakeenahkoos, Neeyepestayaseekayse, Nekasew, Nekewapiskum, Nelson, ** Nepahase, Nepoose, Nequal (1816), Netmaker (1885-now), Neyomonpekinam Ni Tanis, Nichiwas, Night Scout, Night Spirit, Night Star, Nimamachon, Ninich Nipakataw (1820), Nipi Kayamik, Nipi Kokapaw, Nipi Tesimo, Nipowihew, Nitawtiw, Niwacup, Niya Chage, Niya Kenemene, Niya Te Pa Awas Asis, Niyansiw, Niyanskipimatew, Niyanskipimatew, Niyapskichik, ** Niyas No Took, Nokusis, Nomee (1859-), Nomekatawant, Northwest, North, Northern Woman, ** Nose Takwanaw (1780), Noskey, Noskiye (1812-now), Notinikaban, Nowakeetch (1790-now), Nu Noir, Nutt (1840-now) OOO O Atikos (1840 AB), O Chachapiwakis, ** O Chichak, O Kisikaw, O Kisikaw Iskwew, O Machask, O Machisk, O Mami Iskwehew, O Mameiskwayhow, O Minawiw, O Nachis, O Pakamas, O Pimew (1820 AB), O Winchan O'Chiese, O'See (1843-now), ** O'Soup Oats Obey Ochachapiwakis, Ochachastapiw, Ochakisi, ** Ochapowace, Ochaschawais (1820-), Ochihoo, Ochikatask, Ochikomisis, Ochino, Ochipiwin ** Ohcheehchak Okamaikan Awasis, Okanawapok, Okanee (1875-now), ** Okanese, Okeetohwayhain, Okeeweehow (1876-now), Okemaisis, Okemaw, Okemaw-Clark, ** Okemow, Okeymow, Okeynan Okimasis, Okimakan Awasis, Okimaw, Okimaw, Okimaw Iskwes, Okimaw Kisikaw Iskwew, Okimaw Wakamik, Okin, Okinan, Okinee, Okiwasis, Okiwan Asis Okos, Okut Okuus Old Crow Woman, Old Lady, Old Man, Old Sioux, Old Woman, Old Women's Lodge Oma Kasakeyas, Omachus, Omamees, Omamis, Omamikwas, Omeosoo, ** Ominiyak, Omokomaniwew, Omuskako ** Onacha Minahew Awas Asis, ** Onchaminahoos (1830-1880), Onachees, ** Onipahew, Onipataw ** Oonahatmenahoo, Oomenaham Iskwew (1773-now), Oominahkaw, Oonowakeepahchas, Oosahmuskooneekik, Oosichekwan, Ooskas Iskwewsekoop, Ooskicheskwew, Ooskins, Ooskiseemahw, Oosoweemaahsi, Oosparahkhanis, Ootukoopahkahmaytowayit, Oowinchan Opakamas, Opekokew, Opeponoik, Opimawtewis, Opinawewin, Opisimoses, Opiskawtapaw, Opissinow, Opitaskwes (1810-now), ** Opwam Oram Osahana, Osakachiwew, Osasawehaw, Osawa Asis, Osawa Asini, Osawa Awasis, Osawa Awas Asis, ** Osawa Chapiw, Osawa Imasis, Osawa Mostos Asis (1850 AB), Osawacoup, Osawanasew, Osawascospainins, Osawasis, Osawaskospenin Oschaseemas Osi Mustusis (1850 AB), Osichamisaws, Osimimas, Osisimaw Ospawakanis Ota Pasikisikok, Otapak, Otano, Otanow, Otawaw, Otawaw Iskwew, Otter Child, Otterskin, ** Otiskun Owayaissa (1812-), Owl Sitting, Owl Thunder PPP Pa Pamotew Inew Pablo Pachaskahan Paddy Pahasches, Pahpaschase, Pahtaykan, Pahtehikan Painted Face Pakamakan, Pakashan Panepekizhik, Papakeynes, Papamootewin, Papamotewin, Papaschase, Papaste, Papastes, Papastew, Papastayo, ** Papaway (1850-now AB,MT,AB), Papi, Papin (1847-), ** Papiwiyin ** Paquachan, Paquette Parisiboy, Parisien, Parry Pas De Nom, Pascal, ** Pasikoos, Paskeyak, ** Paskeakewenin, Paskeyakewenin, Paskimin, Paskwa Atik, Paspaschase, ** Paspaschew (1850-), ** Pasqua (1884-now), Passikos, Passpasschase, Pastawachisowes, Pastawahcheesohwes, Pastawaw Wachisewes, Patawin, Patcapic, Patt Paul (1780-now) Pawanas Payapasesemo, Payapaskwaham (1818-), ** Payapwat (1810-now), Paychak, Payepew Winchasta, Payew, Payou, Paypatsmahwayo ** Pe Pasekwonew, ** Pe Wapiskaw Asis, ** Peacock, Pecheweichak, Pee Sieu, Peeaychew, ** Peechee (1671-now), Peechemow, Peechowe, Peemee (1790-now AB,MT), ** Peepeekeesis, Peepeetch, Peepeeweatim, Peesetoose, Peesiwookas, Peetookahhan Apeegiwew, Peetutayeetum, ** Peeyahankahmikoosit, Peeyesimap, Peeyutayweetum Pehayokusk, ** Pehotis, ** Pehpamaskamikniam Peigan (1903-now) Pelletier, Pelitier (1852-now) ** Pemoteyasew (1840- AB, SK) Penner, Penny, ** Pepachekwonei, Pepamikisikwet, Pepamotew, Pepas, Pepesisimoo, Pesew, Pesim Iskwew, Pesisiwit Petekwakay, ** Petit Boeuf, Petit Borgne, ** Petit Couteau (1780-now) @@, Petit Nipissing ** Pewapiskaw Asis, Pewapiskaw Asis, Pewapiskaw Hi Kapaw, Pewapiskaw Ikapaw Peyak Kokwas, Peyakwes Hi Katew Pheasant Back Piakwesekutew, Piapot (See Payapwat) Pichaskaha, Pichayis, Piche (1790-now FR,PQ,AB) @@, Piche Iskwew (1666-now), Picheekus, Pichew @@, ** Pichikwap Wachis, Pichi, Pichikas Pikats, Pikiwakisik (1866), Pikos Pilgrim (1744-) Pinguish Pipakwat, Pipe, Pipestem, Pipiwew Atim Piratuc, ## Pische @@ Pisiskawakawasawas, Pitak Iskwew ** Piyehan Ka Mikosit, Piyepaskwahn Iskwew Iskwew, Piyepichikwanam (1812-), ** Piyesis, Piyesiw, Piyesiw Wapamit, Piyesiwak, ** Piyesiwak Chak, ** Piyesiwak Wichekat, Piyetapanwesimow, Piyew Pichitoon Place of Fog ** ## Poitras (1884-now), Poplar, Pones, Poor Old Coyote, Pooyak, Porcupine's Head (1683), Potts, Pouce Coupe (1802-now), ** Poundmaker (1826-now), ## Powder (1810-now) Prairie Dog, Pratt, ** Pruden (1800-now), Prudhomme Puchito, ** Puckeechkeeheewin, ** Puscoos, Puskayak, Puwunus Pwatt QQQ Quinn (1884-now), Quinney (1911-now), ## Quintal (1804-) RRR ** Rabbit, Rabbit Eye (1865- AB), Rabbit Head (1710 MB) Ragged Gut (1865- AB) Rain (1800-now AB), Raine (1800-now AB), Rainy Bird Raspberry, ## Ratfat, Ratt, Rattler, Rattlesnake, Rattlesnake's Child, Rattling Man Reading She Stands Red Ant, Red Bank, Red Dog, Red Eagle, Red Iron, ** Red Pheasant (1820-now), ** Red Pine (1795-1860), Red Skin, Red Sky Bird, Red Thunder, Redcalf, Redcrow, Redwing Richards, Richardson, Ringingy ** Roan (1944-now), ** Roasting ** Roberts (1889-now), Robins, Robinson (1925-now) Rock, Rockthunder, ** Rocky Boy Rolland, ** Rolling Mud, Rook, Root Grubbing Woman (1800-now) Ross 1780-now (AB,SK,MB)(**), Round Day, Round They Rowand, Rowett, Rowland Roy, Royal Wing Rubuska, Runs Second (1885-now) Ryder SSS Sac a tout mettre, Sackaney Saddleback (1940-now) Sahsahkoomoos, St. Arnauld, St. Arnaud (1860 AB), ## St. Cyr, St. Luc, St. Pierre, Sakahikan, ** Sakamoos (1850-now), Sakamotana, Sakanakee, Sakapatwan, Sakapuran Salois (1720-now), Salt Holder, Salter Samatte, Sampson, ** ## Samson (1833-now) Sand, ** Sanderson (1827-now), Sandfly, Sangray Sapostahikan, Sapp, Sapwetan, Sarcee (Josette 1784 BC,AB; 1847), Sasawasew, Sasewahum, Sasiw Iskwew, ** Saskatchewan (1890-now), Saskatoon, ** Saswapew Saukamapee (1740-1810), ** Saukimas, Saulteaux Sawan, Sawan Iskwew, Sawasimo, Sawistokwakas, Sawpain ** Sayagamat, Sayswaykus, Saywaykuans widow Scott, Scraper ** Seenam (1827-now), Seenum, Seeseequan, Seeseequasis, ** Settee (1850-now), Seewaskwan, Sehespimot, Sematataw Iskwew, Sepp, Serpent, Sewekwans, ** Sewepakaham, Scab Child Shadow, Shadow Boy, Shadow In The Night, ** Shadow In The Water, ** Sharphead (1842-now), Shave Tail, She Wins, ** Shecappio, Sheemaganis, Sheepskin, ** Shepherd, Shirt (1870-now), ## Shortman, Shorty Jim, Shot Many Times Sigurdur Sikachim, Sikak, ** Sikaskootch (1870-now) Simaganis, Simo, Simon, ## Simpson Sinclair (1796-now), Singer, Singing Earth ** Sipays, ** Sipi, Sipikwas Kokapaw, ** Sipitapanek, ** Sisikwanis (1860-now), Sisip (1802 AB, 1845 AB), ** Sisip Pimotewiw (1650-now KUT/CRE BC,AB,MT), ** Sisiwahum, Sisiwit Sits Green On Earth, Sitting at the Door, ** Sitting Badger, Sitting Down Turning Around on a Chair, Sitting Earth, Sitting On Earth, Sitting Right, Sitting Weasel Siwi Asiw Siya, Siyakask, Siyakikwanep Skeboss, ** Skinny Man, Skunk, Skunk Skin, Sky Bird, Sky Blue Heron Slapped in the Face, Sloping Bank, Slow, Slowpoke Small (1875-now), Small Face, Small Magpie, ** Smallboy (1955-now), Smallface, Smallhand, ** Smith (1835,1852,1872,1873,1876,1885,1894, 1904), Smooth Eyes Snake (1820-now) ** Soberman, Sokwapance (1887-now), Soldat, Soosay (1865-now AB), Sophie, Soulier, Sourichaude (1835-), Souris, Southerland (1780-now) Sparklingeyes, Sparvier, Spence, Spencer, Spread Wings Squanick, Squay???, Squirrel Stamp (1875-now) ** Standing Bear, Standing Day, Standing Christian, Standing Difficultly, Standing Favourably, Standing In Church, Standing In Favour, Standing In The Muskeg, Standing Large, Standing Reading, Standing Rock (1861-now), ** Standingready, Standingribbon, Standingwater, Stanley (1875-now) Star, ** Star Blanket (1862-now), ** Starr (1913-now), Starving Young Bull Step And A Half, Stepping Over, ** Steinhauer (1847-now), Stephen (SK) (ONT), Stevenson, Stewart Stick Stone Child (1852-now; see also Rocky Boy), Stone Quill, Stoney, Stony Paul ** Strawberry (1841-now), ** Strikes Him on the Back, ** Striped Dancer, Striped Gopher, Strong Eyes, Strongfeathers, Strongman, Strongquill ** Sun (1690 MB,SK), Sun With Her, ** Sunchild (1870-now AB,SK,MT,SK, AB), ** Sundown, Sutherland (1790-now), ** Susa (1910- now), Suzi Swamptree, Swampy, Swampy Nakoda, Swampy Stoney, ** Swan, Swift Runner, Swift Wings, ** Sweetgrass, ** Swimmer TTT ** Ta Chikis, Tachekok, Tahtail Takanaw, ## Takaro, Takayo, Takoch, Takoock, Takootch, Takwapewis (1874) ** Tallman (1875-now), Tanner ** Tastawit, Tastowits Tatepawaty, Tatwasin Tawachask Hi Kapaw, Tawachask Ikapaw, ** Tawpisim, ** Taylor, ** Taypotat Tchenaequay Teeteequaysay, Tekoock, Tent Knife, Tentmaker, Tepekech, Tetwes ** The Bearded (1644), The Camp is Moving, The Doctor, The Girl, The Idol, The Man Who Strikes The Sun There Is Fun, They Hit Him Thipakup, This Glutton, This Heavy Eater ** Thomas (1835-now), Thompson (FUR 1800)(1890), Thorne Three Legs, Threefingers, Thuahigon, ** Thunder, Thunder (1885-now), ** Thunder Chief, Thunder Mist, Thunder Spirit, Thunder Woman (1820-now), ** Thunderchild (1820-now), ** Thundering Spirit Tiagee, Tipeskaw Wachak, Tipinkawapiw, Titameg, Tiyaki ** Tobacco, Tod, Todd (1780 FUR), ** Toma, Tomkins, ** Tootoosis (1890-now), Tooway, ## Tourangeau (1803-now), Tourbilion, Toutant, ## Toweekawet (1832) ## Tuccaro (1898-now), ## Tucker (1932-now), ** Turner (1917-now), Turnip, Turtle, Tuti ** ## Twin (1880-now), ** Twin Wolverine (1790-now), ** ## Twinn (1899-now), ** Two Dogs (1785-), Two Doors, Two Teeth UUU Ugly Fingers, Umbe To Wiyan, Upturned Nose, Uskooskoosish, Utinowatum (1901-now) VVV Vandale, ** Venne, ## Vermilion, Vezina, Visitor, Voice (1867-), ## Voyageur, WWW Wabunmashue Wachask, Wachanepawas, Wachien, Wachis (1786-now?) Wahkegseekoot, Wahpaistequan, Wahpaiytuskkewasis, ** Wahpei Hayo, ** Wahpei Moostoosis, Wahsatnow, Wahwahkeekat, ** Wahwas Hi Katew, Wahweekanik Kahotamahote, Wahtukawisk, Wahwaskasee, Wahwis, ** Wahwishakautee Wakas, Wakimawayan Walker (1782), Walker With Out-Turned Feet, Walking Alone, Walking Eagle, Walking Bear, Walking Spirit, Wallowing One (1840-now) Wanaskokasis, ## Wandering Spirit (1860-), ## Wanderingspirit, Wanich, Waniyande (1863-), Wannotch, Wanotch, Wanuch, Wanutch (1820-now), Wawanich Wao Kezatoon Wapacuc, Wapatonisk, Wapaya, Wape Akos Piyesis (1780), ** Wapenesew, Wapi Kaskawin, Wapi Kikawakes, Wapi Moostoos, Wapi Ostikwan, Wapi Piyew (1756-), Wapi Taskew Awasis, Wapi Tonisk, Wapikomanikok, Wapisiw, Wapiskaw, ** Wapinesiw, Wapoos, Wapoose, Wappenessew, Wapuya ** ## Waquan (1902-now) ** Ward (1790-now) Wasach, Wasakachak, Wasikasaw Iskwew, Wasiko, Waskahat, Waskahtahpayquaymow, Waskatapekwemow, Waskataw, Waskewich, Waskochiw Piyew (1780), Waskota, Wasikotoskwan (1850) Watchmaker (1880-now), Watchusk, Water Bird, ** Watt ** Wavey Wawa Aiyihowin, Wawakachin, Wawanich, Wawasehoween, Wawasehowin Wawi Kaota Maote, Wawiyeyapis Wayers Wechan ** Weecheewaysis, ** Weekaskoo Keepayin, ** Weekusk, ** Weemisticoseahwahn, Weenie (1899-now), Weenie Mahon, Weenusk, Weeyeskaskapew Wekapaw, Wekekasawanak Well Off, Wells ** Wendigo, Wenamaten Wesikan, Weskaskosiwapiw (1825-), Weske Napew, Wesley, Wessican Wewesipooweyin, Wezo Whiskeyjack, White, White Bear, White Bird, ** White Buffalo, White Buffalo (1860- AB), White Calf, White Clay (1820- AB), White Fog (1840-1900 AB), White Horse, White Mud Eye (1860- AB), White Star, Whitebear, ** Whitecap, ** Whitefish, Whitehat, ## Whitehead, ## Whiteknife, Whitey, ** ## Whitford (1770-now ON,MB,BC,AB,SK), Whitstone Who is Struck in the Back, Whooper Wichewesis, ** Wikiwam Ka Masinahikatew, Wildcat (1666-now), Williams, Willier (1864-), Willson, Wilson, Wind Chief, Windigo, Windy Boy, Wisicow, Witaskimagan (1822-), Witigo, Wiyas Kaskapew, Wiyas Kaskapiw Wolf (1876-now), Wolf Boy, Wolf Teeth, Wolfe, ** Wood, ** Wood Child, ## Woods Woolsey, Wopun Wren ** Wuttunee (1860-now) Wynne XXX YYY ** Yahyahkasches, Yakwemoo, Yamakapo, Yanhe Wiyan, Yatasikew ** Yaya Kasches, ** Yayataskinin, Yayahtooway, Yayakootyawapos Yechekenew, Yellow Bear, Yellow Bird (1804-now AB,BC), Yellow Blanket, Yellow Calf, Yellow Child, Yellow Eyes, Yellow Horse, Yellow Mud Blanket, Yellow Plume, ** Yellow Quill, ** Yellow Sky, Yellow Tail, Yellowbird (1969-now), Yellowcalf (1850 AB), Yellowface, Yellowknee, Yeoman, Yeywahoaw You Are A Pine Tree, You Are A Waiting Man, You Are Good Looking, Young, ## Young Boy, Young Chief, ** Young Chipewyan, ** Young Gauche, ** Young Sweetgrass (1880-now), Youngman (1780-now) ZZZ Zanyeo Continue to The Western Cree index


v.11.03.05 Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Arapahooash, Baker-Holds The Enemy, ** Bear's Head, Beckwourth, Big Hair, ** Big Face, ** Big Robber, Black Cloud, Black Lodge, ** Bloody Arm, ** Bull Collar, ** Bull Shield Coates, Crow Woman, ## Curly ** Dangling Foot ** ## Eeheaduckcheea, ** ## Four Wolves Grey Bull He Who Jumps Over Everyone, Howe Little Face, ** Little White Bear, Long Bow, ** Long Hair Mapiyah To, Mato Oknes, Medicine Calf, ** Medicine Prairie Chicken, Medicine Shield, Meldrum Nomee, ** No Vitals (1770 pre) ## Oojeenaheha, ** Owl Bear Pickett, Pine Leaf, ** Plenty Coups, ** ## Red Bear, ** Red Calf, ** Red Fish, Rose (1810), Rock Eater, ** Rotten Belly, Running Rabbit, ** Shoots In The Water, Stewart, Stillwater ** ## Two Crows, ** Two Face Wasicu To Kapa, ** White Hips, ## White Man Runs Him, ** White Swan, ** White Wolf, ** Whiteman, ** Wolf Tail, Woman Chief ** Yellow Belly


v.01.12.06 Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- AAA Adams, After The Bugs, Ahbleza (1790), ** American Horse, Artist. Azayamankawan BBB Bad, Bad Arm, ** Bad Bull, Bad Horse, Bad Soup, Badger Bear, ** Bear Cap, Bear Eagle, Bear Killer, Bear Shoot Him as He Runs, ** Bear Stop, Bear Tooth, Bear Who Scatters, Bear's Paw, Bear's Heart, ** Bear's Rib, Benn Big Face, ** Big Foot, ** Big Heart, Big Mane, Big Mouth, Big Necklace ## Black Bird, ** Black Bull, ** Black Eagle, Black Elk, ** Black Kettle (1864-now), ** Black Moon, ** ## Black Rock, Black Shawl, ** Black Shield, Black Wolf, Bloody Knife, ** Blue Coat Bobtail Bull, ** Bone Brave Bear, Brave Crow, Brazeau (1706-), ** Broad Trail, Brown Eagle, Brown Shawl Woman, ** Brown Thunder Buck, Buffalo (1891-now), Buffalo Calf Road Woman, Buffalo Shield, ** Bull Bear, ** Bull Eagle, Bull Head, ** Bull Tail, ** Bunn CCC Campbell (1782-), Catch The Bear, Chardon (1832- FUR ND), Charger, Charging Bear, Chan Kuna, Charbonneau (1758-), ** Chase The Tiger, Chat Ka, Chekpa, Chetan (1790), Chief Bear, Chunka Yuha, Chuwe (1802), Claxton, Clouded Horn, Clubman, ** Comes in Sight, ** Conquering Bear, ** Conquering Wolf, Crane, ** Crazy Bull, ** Crazy Horse, Crow Blanket, Crow Dog, ** Crow Feathers, Crow Foot, Crow Going Up In The Air, ** ## Crow King, ** Crow Necklace DDD Dennis, Denome, Doctor Etenahpenah, Dog, Dog Eagle, Dresser, Drops Two, Duc-Vagaso, Ducharme, ** Dull Knife EEE ** Eagle, Eagle Hawk, ** Eagle Sitting Down, Eagle Thunder, ** Eagle's Body, Elk Nation, Eyanpaha (1790) FFF Falconeur, ** Fast Bear, ** Fast Bull, ** Feather Earrings, ** Fire Heart, ** Fire White Man, ** Flying Bird, Flying Buffalo, ** Flying By, Fool Bull, Fool Bull, Fool Dog, Fool Heart, ** Fools Crow, ** Four Horns, Four Times GGG ** ## Gall, Gallneaux, Garnett, Goings, Good, ** Good Bear, ** Good Bird, ** Good Crow, Goodman, ** Goodtrack, ** Goodwill (1894-now), Grass Woman, Green, Grey Eagle, Grouard HHH ** Hairy Chin, Halcrow, Hall, Hawk Eagle, Haywahe, He Bear, ** He Dog, Heathershaw (1840-now), Hehaka (1790), Hehlogecha (1790), Hesankiye, ** High Bear, High Eagle, Hinhan (1790), Hinyete (1790), Hinziwin (1790), His Cup, ** His High Horse, Hog Bear, Hog Bear (2), Holy Faced Bear, Holy Soldier, Hudson, ** Hump, Hunts The Enemy, Huste III Ichabu (1790), Iku (1790), Ina, ** Inkpaduta, ** Iron Dog, ** Iron Hawk, Iron Ribs, ** Iron Shell, Iron Wing, ** Isna (1790), ** Isnana (1790), Istakpe (1740) JJJ Jebb, Jumping Bull KKK ** Kay, Kehala, ** Kicking Bear, ** Kill Eagle, Killed Plenty, Kills Charging LLL La Fave, Lafreniere (1780), Laidlaw (1820-), Lamarche, ** Lame Deer, Larocque (1720-), Laswisse, ** Lazy Bear, Lavalle Le Corbeau (1876 ND,SK), Lethbridge, Lewis (1805-) Little Assiniboin, ** Little Bear, ** Little Big Man, ** Little Brave, ** Little Bull, ** Little Crow, Little Eagle, ** Little Hawk, Little Horse, Little Killer, ** Little Knife, ** Little Mountain, Little Saulteaux, ** Little Thunder, Little Wounded Loane, ** Lone Dog, Lone Hill, Lone Man, Long Balls, Long Bull, ** Long Dog, Long Ghost, Long Feather, ** Long Horn, Longest One, Looking Elk, ** Looking for the Enemy, Looking Horse, Looks for Enemies, Looks For Home, ** Loud Voiced Hawk, Loves War, ** ## Low Dog Lynx Woman MMM Mahala Self, ** Mahghaska, ** Mahpiya Dinape, ** Maka To Chanchon, ** Makes Room, Many Horses, Mapiyak Nahiyaye Wiyan (1770), ** Maple Tree, Marshall, ** Mato Chicha, ** Mato Inapa, ** Mato Topa, Maza Sagiya McDonnell ** Medicine Bottle, ** Medicine Man, Menard, ** Merrick ** Mina Sala (1790), Mixed Day Mole, Moon, ** Moon Comes Up, Morning Star NNN Nape Waste Winyan, Nickerson, ** Nine, No Name, ** No Neck, Noisy Walking Elk, Nuge OOO Ogle (1770), Ogle Sa (1770), Okut, ** Olepi (1770), ** Old Bear, ** Old Bull, ** One Bull, One Elk, ** One Horn, ** Oowesicha (1790), Ouabachas, Owns The Warrior PPP Pahaha, Palopa, Passing Through The Clouds Woman, Pasu (1790), Pesla, ** Peta (1790), Pezi (1812), Po (1790), Pompana, Pourier (1822-now), ** Pretty Bear, Pretty Face, ** Pretty Hawk, ** Pta Sapa QQQ RRR ** Rain In The Face, Ready To Shoot, Red Ass, ** Red Bear, Red Boy, ** Red Bull, Red Circle, ** Red Cloud, Red Crow, ** Red Dog, Red Feather, ** Red Fish, Red Gun, Red Hail, ** Red Hand, ** Red Horn, ** Red Horse, ** Red Leaf, ** Red Thunder, Red Thunder (2), Red Tomahawk, ** Red Water, Respects Nothing, Rising Up, Roan Bear, ** Roman Nose, Rough Face (1780), ** Running Antelope, Running Horse, Running Wild, Runningshield, Runs His Horse SSS Salaway (1777-), Sand Bar, Sanders, Sati, Seen By Her Nation, Shakaka, ** Shakopee, Shave Head, Shield, Shoemaker, ** Short Bull, Sina Ska, ** ## Sitting Bull, ** Sitting Bull The Good, ** Skywater, Slow Bear, Sluka, ** Smoke, ** Spotted Bear, ** Spotted Eagle, ** Spotted Elk, ** Spotted Tail, ** Standing Buffalo, ** Standing Bull, ** Standing Elk, ** Stone Dog, ** Storm Bird, ** Strikes The Ree, Strong as Buffalo, ** Strong Hands, Sunihable (1790), Sunk Tanka, ** Sweat, ** Sweet Bird, Swift Bear TTT ** Ta Sunke Kopipapi (1750-1890), ** Ta Tanka Nazin (1792), Tachinchala (1805), ** Tahampegda, Tanazin (1785), Tatekahomni, Tate Winyan, Tawahaduta, Tawiyaka Tezi (1790), Tewell The Hero, ** The Man Who Crawls, ** The Minniconjou, ** The One That Runs the Ree, ** The One Who Kills The White Man, The One Who Speaks Once, The Only One, They Are Afraid of Her, ** Thunder Hoop Toka Kotipexni (1790), Tonweya, Top of the Lodge, ** Touch The Clouds, Tunkasila (1790), Turkey Head (1808-), Turning Bear, Turning Hawk Two Bulls, ** Two Eagle, Two Eagles UUU Unchi, Use Him as Charger, VVV WWW ** Wachape (1790), Waditaka, ** Wagmiza (1790), Wahcha Winyan, ** Wahin Numpa, Wambdi Sapa, Wambli Okiye, Wanagi (1790), Wanapin, Waneta, ** Wapasa, ** Wape Sa, War Eagle That Flies in the Air, Wasu (1812), ** Waterspout, Watoga, Westerman ** Whirlwind, ** Whirlwind Bear, ** White Bull, White Cloud, ** White Dog, White Crow Chief, ** White Eagle, White Eye, ** White Feet, White Guts, ** White Hollow Horn, White Shield, ** White Thunder, White Thunder Woman (1840-now), White Tooth, White Whiskers, White Bird, White Cow Walking, ** ## Whitecap, Winkte, Winu, Wiyaka, Woman Who Comes Out First, Woman's Dress, Worm, Woze XXX YYY Yellow Bird, ** Yellow Black Fox, ** Yellow Dog, ** Yellow Eagle, Yellow Horse, Yellow Thunder, Young Black Crow, Young Eagle, Yuzikapi ZZZ Zola, ** Zuzuecha (1750)


Aka. Slave, Slavey Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Betsedia, Carolus, Celibeta, ** Chiatlo, Fantasque, Francis, Hardisty, Head, Isidor, ** Kinla, Korwegian, Kraus, Lamalice, ** Lefoin, Leroux (1790), Matou, McLeod, ** Nakenon, Nande, Norris, ** Norwegian (1909-now), Sabourin, Sanguez, ** Sonfrere, ** Sunrise, Thomson (1790), Vital, Yohin


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Ahkimnachie, ** Ahnassay, Auger Barnhardt, Beaulieau (1780-now), Bulldog Chambaud, ** Chateh, Cheesekay, ** ## Chonkolay (1900-now), ** Colo-Chonkolay (1900-now) Dahdona (1950-now), ## Deedza (1970-now), Denechoan, Descoteaux, Dideena, Didzeena (1950-now) Gallant Johansen Kachweesala, Koka, Lamoureux, Le Marie des deux Jolie Femmes, ## Lizotte Martell, McKay, McLean, Metchooyea, Nahdayyah ** Owl War Chief Salopree, Seniantha, ** Susa Tatatechay, Tsonchoke Van Patten Yatsallie ** Zama Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Abel, Adams, ** Adolf, Alexander, ** Ambrose, ## Antoine, ** Arlee ## Big Sam, Bruyere ** Cartier, Charlie, ** ## Charlo, ** Cheheleskaiyimi, Coombs, ## Cullooyah Delaware, ## Dusty Dress, Faraud, Faro, ## Felix, Gaucher, Grant, Hill ** Insula Kaiser, Ka-no, ** Keepepele, Ksantaakan'nam, ** ## La Mousse (1815-now), ** ## Louison, ## Magpie, ** ## Moise, Ninepin (1840-now) Old Man, ## One Night, Ourtland Pablo, Patirvan, Paul, Pichette @@, ## Pierre, Pierre Iroquois, Pilchimo, Prudhomme, ** Raphael, ## Resurrection Sechelmeld, ** Sku-uti-la, ** Standing Grizzly Bear, ## Stevens, Tama, ## Three Heads, ** Tjolizhitzay ## Ustah, ## Vanderburg, ** Victor (1840-now), Whitford, ** Wistilpo Continue to The Western Cree index


(from Western Canada) Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Allen, Adam, Anawagon (1828), Ariwahenha (1799-) Baptiste, Belcourt (1880-now), Bernard (1828-now), Berard (1825-now), Bisson, Bowitigowinin (1765-), Brandt, Bruyere, Calahoo (1798-now), Callihoo (1798-now), Calliou (1798-now), Campbell, Canada, Canawatiron, Capopentier, Caraconter (1799-now), (1795-now), Cawandawa, Charles, Charpentier (1828), Cheney-echoe, Collett, Coocoochee, Courtepatte (1798-now), Courtoreille Decoigne (1799-now) Findlay, ** Francois Gaucher, Gauchie, Gauthier, Giasson, Gladue @@ (600 names), ** Grand Pierre, Green, Grey Hatsinston, Huron (1810) Joachim @@ Karayinter (1799-now AB), Kwaragkwante (1799-now AB) La Barbue (1810 AB), La Bonte (1814 WA), La Breche (1810 AB,BC, ID), La Course (1810 AB,BC,ID), La Fortune (1810 AB,BC,ID), La Guarde, La Marche, La Mousse (1815-now QU,AB,ID,MT), La Meut, Lafrance, Le Barbe (1810 AB,BC,ID), Le Corneille (1810 AB,BC,ID), Louis Michele (1841-now?), Moberly, ** Mongrain (1885-now), Montour Nowaniouter (1798 AB) Paulette, Pierce, Plante, Prudhomme (1840-now) Shonowane (1899), Skye, Swift Tekarra, Terohaute, Thomas, Tiosaragointe (1805), Tisato, Toma, Two Rivers Wanutch (1820-now AB), Waniyandi, Wanyandi (1799-now AB), Wianda (1825-now AB) Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index AAA Adsit, ## Ahkoyeepixen, Already Singing Woman, Ambush Woman, Antelope Whistler, Apinaki (1850-), Asekarsin, Asuk, Atsina Boy BBB Bad Face, ** ## Bad Head, Baldface Pinto Rider (1830-now) Bear Back Bone (1830-now), Bear Hat Bear Head (1830-), Bear Shield, Bear's Tit, Beebee (1840-now) Big Corner Post, Big Knife, Big Nose, ** Big Plume, Big Porcupine, Big Rib, Big Road, Big Smoke, ** Big Snake, Big Sorrel Horse, Big Throat, Bird, Bird Rattler Black Arrow, ** Black Bear, Black Eagle, Black Elk, Black Face, Black Face Chief (1890-now), Black Forehead, Black Horses (1894-now), Black Horn (1850-now), ## Black Looking, Black Plume (1850-now), Black Rabbit, Black Sleeps Bobtail Chief, Bottle Brave Bear, Brave Rock, Brown Calf Chief, Bruised Head ** Buffalo Child, Buffalo Paunch, Buffalo Teeth, ** ## Bull Back Fat (1790-now), ** Bull Collar, Bull Head, ** ## Bull Horn, Bull Shakes His Tent, ** Bull Shield, ** Bull Turns Around, Bumble Bee CCC Calf Chief (1838, Calf Child (1900-now), ## Calf Robe (1870-now), ** Calf Shirt (1855, 1885), ** Calf Tail (1883, 1890), Calling First (1922-now), Calling Last, Carries a Knife, Catching Amongst Charcoal, Charging Last, Chief Body, Chief Calf, Chief Moon (1859-now), Chief Mountain Cotton, Cotton Tail, Crane Chief (1830-now), Crazy Bull, Crazy Crow, Cree Man, ## Creighton, Crooked Back, ** ## Crop Eared Wolf (1790-now), Cross Child, Crow Bull, Crow's Big Foot, ** Crow Eagle, Crow Spreads His Wings, Crow Woman, Crowfoot, ** Crying Bear (1810-now), ## Crystal Stone Cut Face, Cuts Her Hair DDD Daly, Davis (1870-now), ** Day Chief, Day Rider, Dempsey (1960-now), Different Cutter (1830-now), Different Drum, Different Iron, Different Person, Don't Lace His Shoes, Dog Child Dog Ribs, Double Victory Woman EEE Eagle, Eagle Arrow, ** Eagle Bear (1896-now), Eagle Calf, Eagle Child, ** Eagle Head, Eagle Plume (1880-now), ** Eagle Ribs (1851-now), ** Eagle Shoe, Eagle Speaker (1880-now), Elk Bear, Elk Facing The Wind, ** ## Ermine Horse FFF Falling Over a Bank, Falling Over A Log, ** Feather, First Charger (1890-now), ** Fish Child, Fisher Woman, Flat Head Bull, Flying About, Flying White Buffalo, ** Fox (1926-now), Fox Head, Front Horn, Funny Blanket (1830-now), GGG Gambler (1812, 1850, 1880-now), Getting Good Things, Getting Wood at Night, Ghost Chief, Gladstone (1832-now), Going To The Sun, Good Dagger, Good Young Man, Goodrider, ** Goodstriker (1907-now), Goose Chief (1830-now), Gray Woman, ** Great Leader, Green Grass Bull, Grey Broad Head (1790, 1886), Gros Ventre Boy, ** Gross Blanc, Ground, Ground Diving Woman HHH Hairy Bull, Handsome Woman, Hate Woman, Head Walking, Headdress, ## Healy (1886-now), ** Heavily Whipped, ** Heavy Collar, Heavy Face, Heavy Gun, Heavy Head, Heavy Runner, ** ## Heavy Shield (1872-now), High Sleeper, High Tree, High Sun, ** Hind Bull (1859-now), Hind Face, Hog Shirt, Holy Descent, Holy Feather on Head, Hunchback (1830-now), Hungry Crow, Hungry Wolf (1970-now) III Iron, Iron Horn, Iron Pipe, Iyok Aki (1830-now), JJJ Jingling Bells KKK ** Kayapemayskanao, ** Ki Soum, Kicking Woman, Killed on Both Sides (1830-now), Killed Twice (1830-now), King, Kit Fox Head, ** Kitsiponista, Knife (1830-now), Kutoyis (L) LLL Last Dressed, Last Rifle Woman, Last Strike Woman, Lazy Going Man, Lazy Woman, Lawrence, ** Le Boeuf Qui Boit, ** Left Hand (1830-now), Lightning Killing, Little Bear, Little Dog, ## Little Ears, Little Nice Face, Little Shield, Lizard Shoulder, Lone Invitation Caller, Long Hair, Long Time Buffalo Woman (1830-now), Long Time Gun Woman (1850-now), Long Time Pipe Woman, Long Time Squirrel, ** Low Horn (1855, 1877-now) MMM Mad Child, Maka, Makaw, Making Fire, Many Braided Hair, Many Chiefs (1939-now), Many Dust, Many Feathers, Many Fingers, Many Gifts, Many Grey Horses, Many Guns, Many Kill, Many Mules, ** Many Shots, ** ## Many Spotted Horses, Many Swans, ** ## Many White Horses, Marten, Mastakath Mean Bandolier, ** ## Medicine Calf (1830-now), Medicine Fox Woman, Medicine White Horse, Medicine Pipe Stem, Medicine Snake Woman, Medicine Strikes Woman, ** Medicine Sun, Meeting Someone, Melting Tallow Middle Painted Lodge, ** Middle Sitter, Mills (1808-now), ** Miskemekin, Mistaken Chief (1880-now) Moccasin Woman, Moon, Moon Calf, Morning Bird, Morning Owl (1886-now), ** Morning Writer, Mountain Horse (1910-now) NNN Namo-Pisi, Natowista (1850-now), Never Sits Down, Nice Owl Woman, Ninavaki, No Chief (1871, 1890), No Gun Woman, No Top Knot, ## Not Good (1820-now), Not Real Good, ** Not Afraid of the Atsina, Notoyistsik, Noyiss OOO ## Oka (1907-now), Old Man, Old Moon, Old Shoes (1950-now), Old Woman's Child, ** One Man, ** ## One Spot, ** Onistay Saynahque, Only Handsome Woman, Oral Talker, Otter Woman (1830-now), Over Designed Tipi, Owl Chief, Owl Woman, Owns Center Painted Lodge, ** Owns Different Horses, Owns No Fancy Horses PPP Packs a Knife (aka. Many Names), Packs His Tail, ** Painted Feather, Painted Wing, Panther Bone (1942-now), Paper Woman, Peninsula, Pine Tree Woman, Plainwoman (1880-now), Plaited Hair, Plume, Ponah, Poosa, Porcupine Woman (1850-now), Potts, Prairie Chicken Calling, Prairie Chicken Old Man, Prairie Dog Woman, Prairie White Man, Pretty Woman, Pretty Wolverine Woman(1830-now), QQQ RRR Rabbit, ** Rainy Chief Red Bead, Red Crane (1889-now), ** ## Red Crow (1830-now), Red Horse (1830-now), Red Leggings, Red Plume (1830-now), Red Skin, Reevis, Revenge Walker (1800-now) Rides At The Door, Riding Black Horses (1907-now) Rough Hair (1850, 1910), Round Nose ** ## Running Antelope, Running Bird, Running Black Horse, Running Calf, Running Crane, Running Crow (1830-now), Running Dog, ** ## Running Rabbit, Running Rattling, Running Sun, Running Weasel, ** Running Wolf (1854, 1881) SSS Sacred Dagger (1830-now), Sacred Woman Scalp Robe, Scarface (L), Scraping White ** ## Seen From Afar (1790-now) Shade (1910-now), Shadow Boy, Shadow In The Night, Shaggy, Shaggy Hair Woman, Sharp Ears, Sharp Eyes, ** Sheep Old Man (1790-now), Shield, Shoot at Close Range, ** Shot On Both Sides (1790-now) Singing Along, Sitting Bull, Sixepe (1830-now), Sliding Down, Slit Ear, Small Faced Woman, Small Gut Snake People Woman, Snake Woman Soup (1850-now) Spear Chief, Spear Woman (1860, 1934), Spider, ** Spotted Calf, ** Spotted Bear, Spotted Bull, Spotted Wolf, Spy Glasses Stabs Down, Standing Alone, Star Chief, Star Child, Stealing Different Things, Steel, Stevens, Stole First, ** Stolen Person, ** Strangling Wolf (1881-now), Strikes With An Axe, Striped Bear, Striped Wolf Sumake, Sun ** Swan, Sweet Grass TTT Tailfeathers (1894-now), Tailfeathers Woman (1830-now), Takes The Gun Strong, Taking One Gun After Another, Takes A Man, Taratowa, Telling A Dream (1830-now), The Child (1830-now), The Dog, The Rider, The Woman (1830-now), ** Three Bears (1809, 1870), Three Bulls, Three Guns, Three Owl Woman, Three Persons, Top Knot, Tough Bread (1850-now), Traveling About (1830-now), Turtle, Twig, Two Chiefs, Two Guns, Two Spears, Two Strikes Woman, ** Two Suns UUU Under Making Noise VVV Victory All Over Woman WWW Wadsworth, Waiting Woman, Walking Crow, Water Bull ** Weasel Bull, Weasel Calf, Weasel Fat (1910-now), Weasel Foot Woman (1830-now), Weasel Tail, ## Weasel Moccasin, Weaselfat, Weaselhead (1900-now), ** White Antelope, White Buckskin, ** ## White Buffalo, White Buffalo Chief, White Bull (1850-now), ** White Calf (1865, 1881), White Dog, ** White Eagle, White Elk, White Feathers, White Horn, White Man, White Man Left, White Man Running Around, White Owl Woman (1830-now), ** White Striped Dog, White Topknot, White Wolf (1850, 1891) ## Wings Wolf Bull, Wolf Chief, Wolf Child 1880-now), ** Wolf Collar, Wolf Plume (1870-now), Wolf Robe, Wolf Shirt, Wolf Shoe, Wolf Sitting Down, Wolf Tail (L) XXX YYY Yellow Buffalo Stone Woman, ** Yellow Bull, Yellow Creek, Yellow Horn, Yellow Kidney, Yellow Painted Lodge, Yellow Snake, Yellow Star, Young Medicine Man, ** Young Pine (1830-now), ** Young Sun ZZZ Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index ** Abraham, ** Adrian, ** Aeneas (1828-now), Albin, ** Alexander, Alick, Alpine, Antiste, ## Arbell, ** Atspu ** Back In Sight, ** Baptiste, Barnabe, Barnaby, Belleau (1818), ** Birdstone, Boucher @@, Bruyere (1811), ** Bull Robe Capilo, ** Charcoal Bull, Como, ** Crazy Old Woman, ## Cronin ** David (## 1932 KUT BC) ** Eusta ** Feather, Flathead, ** Francois ** Going Grizzly Bear, ** Grand Quete, ** Gravelle Hollow Head, Hughes (1794-) Isaacs, ** Ignatius, ** Isidore Jockey, ** Joseph Kanataako, Kaquitts, Kinville (1811), Ksantaaka'nam, ** Kupumramikskinkuts, ** Kwihlkay La Barbue/Le Barbe, La Breche, La Mousse, La Meut, Left Hand Many Killed, Matthias, ** Maurice, ** Michelle, ** Morning Star, Moustach, ** Moyes Nantouche Paul, Pauline, Phillip Rattling Hooves, ** Redy ** St. Pierre, Santakoma'nam, Sawaats, Shonowane (1811), ** Shottanana, ** Sisitawi (1650-now, Skookum Joe, ## Spider, Starr, Susette Tatley, ** Thomas, ** Three Feathers, ** Thunderbird, Timu ** Ugly Head Whiskey Jim, ** Whitehead, Whitford, ## Wolf Gun Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. The Mandan are only peripheral to our reasearch area, hence we have compiled little information to date. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Big White Man (1797), ** Black Cat Charbonneau (1790-), Crow Woman Earth Lodge Woman (1820-now) ** Four Bears (1858) Gray Owl (1803-) Grinnell (1868-now) Jessaume Kipp (1826-now) Little Beard, ** Little Raven, Long Beard ** ## Mato Topah, McCracken, Menard (1779), Medicine Bird, Painted Feather ** Soulier Young Beard


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. Metis organizations in Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba want to restrict the definition of Metis to be limited to those people of mixed ancestry who can trace their ancestry back to a traditional Metis homeland. In actuallity, there is no such place as a Metis homeland, as the original Metis were born throughout the Canadian north and west. Presumably they mean Red River, the homeland of the so-called Metis Nation. However, most Metis (including the Red River residents) came from else- where. By that definition, Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont were not Metis. {01} Canada is a largely Metis (Mixed Blood) nation. Most of French Quebec has Indian ancestry, and half of western Canada has Indian ancestry. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index AAA Ablais, Accault, Adam, Aird, Allard, Albert, Amyot (1819-now), Anderson, Andrews (1820-now), Annance, Arcand, Audinson, Auger Auger (1752-now) BBB Badger, Baillargeon, Ballenden, Ballentine, Bang, Bangs, Barbu, Baribeau, Basile, Bastonais, ## Batoche, Beads, Beauchamps, Beauchemin, Beaudoin, Beaudry, Beaulieau, Beauparlant, Beauregard, Beauvais (1752-now), Bedore, Beioley, Belaire, Belanger, Belcourt (1880-now), Bell (1830-), Bellaire, Belleau, Bellerose (1830-), Benoit, Bercier, Berger, Bernard, Berthelet, Bethune, Beyan, Bideau, Bidlock, Bird, Biron, Birston, Bisson, Black (1785), Blais, Blondeau, Blondin, Boisvert, Bollan, Bonaventure, Bone, Bordeaux, Borwick, Bottineau, Bouchard, Boucharville, Boucher @@ (1795-now), Boudreau, Boudreau, Bouille, Boulard, Bourdon, Bourgard, ## Bourke, Bourassa, Bouvier, Boyah, Boyer, Brady, Brassar, Brazeau (1706-), Bray, Brayson, Bremner, Brenow, Brissette (1782-now), Broneau, Bronlund, Brosseau, Brown, Brown, Browning, Bruce, Bruce, Bruneau (1760-now), Brunelle, Brunwin, Bruyere, Bryce, Bunn, Burlong, Bushaw, Bushie, Bushman, Butler CCC Cadotte (1671-now), Caille, Caisse, Calahaisen (1778-), Calahison (1778-), Calder (1785-), Calihoo (1778-), Calihue, Callihoo (1778-), Calliou (1778-), Campbell, Campeau, Campion, Camsell, Capalette (1710-now), Capelet, Capopentier, Capotvert (1859-), Caraconter, (1616-now), Carifel, Carlson, Carriere, Carrifelle (1820- now), Cartier (1804-now), Caron, Castor, Catarat, Catenoire, Cayen Cervier Chaboillez (1736-), Chadi, Chalifoux, Champagne, Chapman, Charbonneau (1611-now), Charles, Charette, Chartrand, Chatelain, Chauvette, Chavis, Chenette, Christie Citoleaux Clarke, Clement, Cline, Cloutier, Cloutlier, Clover (1870- now) Collin, Collins, Conquit, Connelly, Constant (1804-now), Cook, Corlgraf, Cornnoyer, Corrigan, Corston, Cote, Couc, Coulombe, Courchane, Courchemin, Courte Aureille, Courtois, Courtepatte (1798-now), Courteoreille, Courtoreille, Coutrais, Couture, Couvret Craite, Crevier, Cromerty, Croite, Cryer Cunningham, Cusson DDD D'Eau, ## Dachuk, Dagneau, Daigneau, Daniel, Daniels (## Christine, Roy), Daoust, Daunais, David, Daze, De La Ronde, De Leuw, Dease (1750-), Dechene, Decoigne, Defond, Delord, Delorme, Demarais, Denault, Deneau, Dennet, Denny, Denome, Derosiers, Deschambeault, Deschamps, Deschamps, Deschatelin, Descotteaux, Desjardiul, Desjarlais, Desmarais, Desnoyers, Desottelai, Devereaux, Dienelle, Dion (1730- now), Dionne, Dompiere, Dorion, Doucette, Drouin, Du Nord, Duaime, Dubeau, Dubois, Duc-Vargos, Ducette, Ducharme, Duchene, Dufresne, Dumas, Dumont, Dunomais, Dunord, Duplessis, Dupre, Dupuis, Duquette, Durand, Durocher, Dusome, Dutemp, Duval EEE Ebersbach, Edmonton, England, Erasmus (1820-now), Ermineskin FFF Fagnant, Faille, Falcon, Falois, Favel, Ferguson (1858- MB,AB), Fidler, Fiddler, Finalay, Finlay, Fisher (1827-now AB,MB,SK), Flamand, Fleming, Flett, Florimaux (1760-), Folet, Foley, Fontaine, Forbes, Forcin, Forey, Forget, Forgey, Fournier (1795-), Francoeur, Fraser, Freeman, French, Frobisher GGG Gagnon, Gairdener, Galipeau, Gardner, Gareau, Gariepy, Gariepi, Garneau (1739-now), Garnot, Gaudet, Gaudry, Gaucher, Gauchie, Gaulat, Gauthier (1717-now) Geitz, Genereux (1820-now), Genou, Gervais, George, Getty Gibeau, Gibotte, Gilbert, Girard Gladue (1772-now) @@ (600 names), Gladue-Quinn Ghostkeeper Godin, Gonan, ## Gosselin, Goudrie (1804-now), Gouin, Goulet Grandin, Grant, Gratton, Grenier, Grey (1802-now), Grignon (1740-), Groteau, Groult Guardipee, Guiboche, Guidon, Guillaume, Guilliou, Guimond, Guy HHH Hallet, Hamel, Hamelin (1714-now), Hameline, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hardisty, Hardwood, Harmon, Hatsinston, Hauk, Hawse, He Who Walks Past All Things, Henderson, Henry, Higgins Hodgson, Holden, Holmes, Hoole, Hope, Houle (## 1805-now), House, Howe (1940-now), Howse (1800-now), Hourie, Hudson, Humphrey (1786-), Hunter, Huppie III Ignace, Inkster, Irvine, Isbister JJJ Jackson, Jerome, Joachim @@, Jobin, Johnston, Joke, Jolineau KKK Kennedy (1814-), Kerr, Kipp, Kinnville, Kiskiyaw, Kittson, Klein, Korwegian LLL L'Amoureux, L'Esparance (1820-now SK,MB), L'Hirondelle (1790-), La Bonte, La Boucanne, La Flair, La Gamble, La Prise, La Mousse, La Nouse, La Pierre, La Roche, La Rocque, La Runse Labatte, Laberge, Labissonette, Labombarde, ## Laboucan, Lacelle, Lacerpe, Lacerte, Lachance, Lacombe (1801-now), Laderoute, ## Ladouceur (1800-now), Ladue (1833-), ## Laferte (1820-now), Lafiniere, Lafferty (1820-now), Lafleur (1624-now), Lafond, Lafournaise (1776-), Lafrance, Lafreniere, Lagace, Lagimodiere, Lagrace, Lagrave, Lajeunesse, Lake, Laliberte, Lalivay, Lalond, Lamarche, Lamar, Lamarre, Lambert, Lamouche, Lamoureux, Landrie, Landry, Langevin (1823-now), Langlade, Langlois, Languedoc, Langston, Lanstrom, Laplante, Laprade, Larammee, Laramie, Larante, Lariviere, Laroche, Larocque (1691-now), Laronde, Larose, Latourelle, Laurence, Laurent, Lavalee, Lavallee, Lavalle, Laverdure, Lavigne Le Blanc (1712-now), Le Duan, Le Lourd, Le Mari de Deux Jolie Femmes, Le Pourie, Leask, Leblanc (1712-now), Leclerc, Lecuyer, Legare (1820-now), Legrace, Lemay, Lemire, Lepine, Letanger, ## Letendre, Letendre, Letourneau, Leveille, Leveiller Lindberg, Linklater, Lionais, Littlechild, ## Lizotte (1860-now AB) Logan Longmoor (1774), Lorie, Lorimiere, ## Loutit, Loyer Lussier Lyonaise, Lyons MMM Macaron, MacBain, MacDonald, MacDonnel, Mackenzie, ## Majeau, Makikan, Malaterre, Marcotte, Marsaille, Martel, Martelle, Marten, Martin, Martineau, Massicotte, May, McDonald, McDougall, McDouglas, McGillis (1801-now), McGillivray (1798-now), McIvor, McKay, McLeod, McMillan, McPherson, McTavish, Menard, Mercredi, Messner, Methot, Meyer, Miette, Miron, Moar (1800-now MB), Moberly, Monet, Mongrain, Monias, Moniyas, Moniyaw, Monkman (1822- MB,SK)(1890 AB), Monro (1760-now), Montour (1688-now), Montreuil, Moreau, Morigeau, Morin, Morisetta, Morrison (1785-), Most, Mousseau, Mountain, Munioick NNN Nadeau 1804 FUR, Nault, Nelson, Nicolette, Nipissing, Nipissing, Noel, Nolin, Nolin (1749-now), Nookeyah, Normand, Norn, Norris, Norwegian, Norwood, Noskiye OOO Olson (1870-now), Ouelette, Ouellette (1858-now) PPP Pablo, Paget, Pangman, Papin, Paquette, Pamereau, Pangman, Pareille, Parenteau, Parisien (1750-now), Parker, ## Partaker, ## Patenaude, Paul (1750-now), Pearson, Peechee, Pelonquin, Penner (1890-now,AB), Pepin, Perain, Perrault, Piche (1610-now) @@, Pikos, Pilon (1800-), Pilotte, Plamondon, Plante, Poirier, Poitras, Pope, Pouchon, Poundmaker, ## Powder (1880), Pratt, Primeau (1743-), Pritchard, Proulx, Provost, Pruden, Prudhomme QQQ Quesnel, Quinn, ## Quintal, (1804-) RRR Racette, Raphael, Raymond, Reaume, ReheIle, Rheaume, Ricard, Richard, Richards (1820-now), Riel, Ritchot, Riquerin, Rivard, Robert, Robichoux, Robillard, Rock, Rocque, Rose (1807-), Rosette, Ross, Rouselle, Roussain, Roussin, Rowand, Rowland, Roy, Russell SSS ## St. Cyr, St. Denis, St. Jaccou, St. Luc, St. Martin, Sakimes, Salaway (1780-), Salois (1720-now), Saliohony, Samandre, Samatte, Sandable, Sanderson (1865-now), Sangray, Sansregret, Sapin, Sarcee, Savage, Savard, Sayer (1750-now), Schmidt (1820-now), Shaw, Short, Sibbeston, Sigurdur, Simpson, Sinclair (William), Sitting Bull, Small, Smallface, Smith, Solois (1720-now), Solomon, Soulier, Spence (1770-now), Stacey, Stamp, Stuart, Sturgis, Sutherland, Swift TTT Tabault, Tardiff, Tasanin, Tate, Taylor (1800-now), Terain, Tetrault, Thabault, Thibault, Thomas (1789-), Thompson (David 1789-now)(Louis (1855-now), Todd, Tomkins, Tourbilion, Tournelle, Tourond, Tremblay (1804-now), Tripoos, Trott, Trottier (1757-now), Troye, Turceau, Turcot, Turcotte, Turner, Twatt UUU VVV Vaillant, Valad, Valade, Valle, Vandal, Vaness, Veaudette, Venne, Versailles, Vertefeuille, Villard (aka Villiard), Villeneuve, Vimy, Vivier, Vivina WWW Wadden (1750-), Wanyandi, Ward, Westin, White Governor, Whitebear, Whitford (1840-now MB,BC,AB), Wilkie, Willier, Wills (1799-now MB), Woods, ## Wylie (1890-now SCOT,AB), Wynohrodnyk XXX YYY Yorkton, Young ZZZ ## Zacharias, Zastre Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index v.05.10.10 AAA ** ## Abraham (1805-now), Adam, Agandooga, Ageeknagoon, Akedabee, Aginas, ** Alexis, ** Alexis Kiskichichi, Alvarez, Ambo Memoya, Ambo Nepa, Ambo Wiyan, ## Amos, Anketell, ** Anokasan, Apaesno Wiyan, Apischiyis, Appleby, ** Arcand (1770-now), Arthur, ** Asini Wachi (1750), Askimehow Winchaste, Asnemeum, ** Atawepton, Atokien, ** Atsina Chief, Azozokeyabin, BBB Bad Hawk, ** Baptiste (1830-now), Bat, Bear, Bear's Ears, ** Bear's Head, ** ## Bearspaw, ** ## Beaver (1860-now), Bending Willow, Bendow, ** Benjamin, Betsey, Big Darkness, ** Big Eagle, Big Long Person, Bigstone, Bigstoney, Bird (1810-now), ** Black Bear (1800, 1887), Blackfoot, Blandion (1802- now), Blondin (1802-now), ** Blue Thunder, Bras Court (1801), ** Brechu, Broken Cloud, Broken Elbow, Brown (AB,MT), Buffalo Head, Bushman CCC Camarade de Paulette, Cardinal (1830-now), ** Carry The Kettle (1776- now), Chaba Seyachage, Chachapew, Chajaksine, ** Chakagin (1776-now), Chan Kin, Chapasin Sinja, Chasmu Wapta, ** Chat Ka (1756-now), Chef des Canards (1801), ## Chian, ** ## Chiniki (1815-now), Chiniquay (1815-now), ** Chipos Ostikwan (1842-now), ** Chokab (1790-now), Chokase, Clark (1872-), Courtoreille, Crasco, ** ## Crawler (1780-now AB), Crazy Bull, ** Cree Speaker, Crooked, ** Crooked Arm, Crooked Neck, Crow Chest, ** Crow's Dance, Culbertson DDD David, Day Child (1801), Deaf Man, Deer Woman, Defore, Denig, Dion (1790-now), Dixon (1820-now), Doucette, Dry Bones, Duck EEE Eagle, Eagle Feather, ** ## Ear (1839-now), ** Ehattisaht, Ekekoozegen, Ekequs, Ekien, Ektasinetoon, Englishman, Eokainyeyap, Esapi, Esen, Eskimawayata, Eteen, Ewack, Eyesa FFF Fire Bear, Fire Moon, ## Firing Stoney, Four Stars, ** Foutreau, Fox (1890-now), Fraser (1850-now), Frene (1794), GGG Gabriel, Galpin, Ganex, ** Gauche, Gladue @@ (600 names), Goudrie (1804-now), ** Great Road, Grey Back Woman, Grey Bull, ** Grimaceu, ** Growing Thunder HHH Hachekemenes, Hainguscaddy, Halloway, Hamline, Hamilton, Hannah, Hawley, He Who Had The Fast Running Horse, Heaven Fire, Hector, Heepeen, Hiknagan, Hipezase, Hiyedoo, Hoge Chinchan, Holloway, ** Hoohoosis, Hooknatan, Hoongoote, ** Horned Tunder, ## House (1815-now), ** Hunka Juka, Hunka Nupa, Hunter (1854-now), Hupa Keyae III Ikteh, Inchagamun, Inchegu, ** Inihan Kinyen, Intanooga, Intasejin, Intoobeesen, Intugason, Iron Cutter, ** Istagon, Iwa Paza, Iyoomnin, ## ** Iyozanzan JJJ Jacco (1801), Jacob, James, Jane (1787-now, 1850), Janey, Jimnin, Joachim @@, Jonas, Joseph, Joshua KKK ** Ka Osawaskayew, ** Kahotadohan, Kamakowegat, Kaman Nazi Winista, Kanehen, Kanghia, Kapeya, Kapeya Chaya Mita Akwasiw, Kapines, ## Kaquitts (NAK 1810-now), Karora Waste, Kasikoochchow Wiyan, ** Kawakatoose, ** Kawasaskohopatisk, Kawongawimenes, Kawsew, Kayasayis, ** Kennedy, Ketome Wiyan, ** Kichipwat, Kidd, ** King, ** Kisketew Maskoo Maskwa, ** Kiskichichi, ** ## Knohay, ** Koosahwanaskayo's, ** Koosahwaskway's, Kootenhayoo, ** Kopahawakenum, Koskach, Kotonahew (1818-now), Kootenay (1818-now), Kowachingja, Kwanoosin, Kweskwesken Iskwew LLL ** La Main Qui Tremble, La Merde d'Eturgeon, Labelle, Lafournaise, Larocque, Laurie, Lazy Woman, Lazyback ** Le Boeuf Blanc, ** Le Grand Diable, ** Le Gros Francois, Le Pensionnaire, ** Le Pere de Grimaceu, ** Le Robe De Vent, Le Sucre, Lefthand (1776-now), ** Les Yeux Gris Little Assiniboin, Little Beaver, Little Dog, ** Little Chief, ** Little Girl, ** Little Mountain, Little Stoney, Little William ** Long Lodge, Louis, Loyer, Luxton MMM Main, Mage, ** Magna, ** Mah Min, Majeau, Makowchi Wiyan, Makpeyewaseegu, Makwakich Wiyan, ** Man Who Took The Coat (1756-now), Man Without Blood, Manabawaka, Mankagaweez, ## Mark (1830-now), Mary, Maskwa Kweewein, Mato Maze, Mato Saba, ## ** Mato Witko, Mauvais Male (1801), Maza Ota, Mazachunksuwe, Mazagipa Wiyan, Mazakogip, Mazaogeye, Mazemun, Mazogeye ** McArthur, ** McLean (1870-now), Medicine Rope, Meekmagoon, Meeknanga, Mewsookan, Mezagepawea Mi-ke, Mi Sinja, Mihk, Mihko, Mina Doogakan, ** Mina Yuhen, Minchintubenes (1835-now), Minikaknamani, ** Minishinayen, Mistahik, Mitchell, Miyatis Moberly, Mondion (1820-), Moniyaw Hi Kapaw, Moniyaw Ikapaw, Moosahtik, Moose Dung, Moosomin, Moses (1808-now), Mount Myers NNN Nagetowbaso Winchasta, Naja Tomne, Namachi Chachapew, Nambe Esnun, Nambe Wakan, Nangabe, ** Naopah (1833) ** ## Nimrod (1850-), Ningabe, Nipi Kokapaw, Niya Chage, Niya Giknew Wiyan, Niya Kenemene, Niya Powyaeyaga, Niyas, Niyenchakemenechaga, Niyenchakmusinatin, Noga, Noktusin, Noombabe, North Wind (1801), Numesaseman OOO O Chichi, ** O Masina Sasiw Asini, O'Watch (1790-now), Ochachapiwakis, Oken (1804-now), Okeyan (1804-now), Oki Nazi, Old Smoke, Oldman, One Claw, Onyadna Wiyan, Oogehin, Ookechise, Oongeya Nazi, Ootakemogan Wiyan, Oowinchan, Ooyaotan, Osahana, Osincha Sa, Ostakachen, Ota Pasikisikok, Otter (1920-now), ** Otter Robe, Owesichan, ** Ozanzan PPP Pahanda, Pahow Winchakteye, ** Painted Stone, Panapin, Paneza, ## Patrick, Pazagaootoo, Paul, Peter, Petit Couteau (1802-now) @@, Petite Roche (1801), Pewean, Philip (1883, 1912), ** Pitikopew Pwat, Pinto Bear, Piratuc, ** Piyesiwak Chak Poboktan, Pointing Iron, Poitras, Potts, ## Poucette, Powderface Pwat Kehew QQQ RRR Rabbit, ** Rain, ** Raining/Rainy Assiniboin, ** Raining/Rainy Nakoda, ** Raining/Rainy Stoney Rear Guard, ** Red Bear, Red Dog, Red Eagle, Red Feather, ** Red Stone, Red Woman ** Rider (1880-now) Roberts, Rolling In The Mud, Rosebud Eater Ryder (1889-now) SSS St. Marie, Saka, Sakangan Wiyan, Sakapatwan, Sakapatwe, Sakichakaw, Sapatwan, Sarah, Saulteaux, Sauteau (1801), Sawan Iskwew, Sawin Shagashnemun, Shagemuto, ** Shagen, Shagenosda, Sheekoosh, ** Shields, Shiyo Hushte Siheye Sikan, Simeon, Simo, Simon, Sipikwas Kokapwi, Sisiskis, ** Sitting Eagle, ** Sitting Hawk, Siyagi, Siyamaskamikwak Skunkin Snell, ** ## Snow (1938-now), Sokwintoo, Sophia (1848, 1850), South Wind (1801) Spirit Boy Standing Rattle, Standingready, ** Star (1810-now), Stephens, ** Stevens, ** Stone, Stoney Medicine Man, Stoney Squaw, Stumpy Stoney Sukangan Wiyan, Sunka Hugaho, Sunka Kanyank, Sunka Naji, Sunka Sapa, Suze Swampy, TTT Ta Ota Wiyan, ** ## Ta Tanka Mani (1820-now), Ta Tanka Mani Wiyan (1820-now), ** Tabeau, Tabo (1801), Tadowhayamene, Taegeekna, Tageze, Tagego, Tagoon, Tagpazzogee, Taheya, Tahowdu Wiyan, Takes A Shield, Tall One, ** Tani Zibe Chage (1800-now), Tansey, Tanuda, Tasanin, Tasenetogage, Tasong Wiyan, Tawakoomoogewagendoo, Tawaw Chihi Maza Teta Wiyan, Teyaknuwinde The Male, Thompson, ** Thunder (1790-now), Thudering Spirit Tipeskaw Kapaw Pwat ** Tokah Keanonot, ** Tokahe Inowan, Tokahe Kute, Tokancha Wiyan, Tonchongedoobe, Tonge, Tooba Wiyan, Toogigooktemun, Tosesta, ** Tourbillon, Towgapa Trail Follower, Troop Pillow Tubasee, Tuti, ## Twin, ** ## Twoyoungmen (1780-now)(Alpha Flight Comics) UUU Umbe Nenoe, Umbe To Wiyan, Umbe Wakawkine, Umoe VVV WWW Wachape Ota, Wachask Ochikwan, Wageokesin, Wagpumna Wasiku, Wahemuza, Wahomenin, Wakan Chaga, Wakanzagaja, Wakaokan, Wakon Goze, Wakonisn, Wakpatonwan, Walking Buffalo, ** Walking Eagle, Wanahow, Wanapin, Waniandy, Waniyande, ** Wankanto, Wao Kezatoon, Wapi Piyew (1756-), Wasae, Wasechun Tasanin, ** Washa (1691), Wasikasaw Iskwew, Wasiko (1847, 1868), Wasiko Tokapa, Wasikoochchow Wiyan, Waskahikan (1815-now), Wawapaza Wiyan, Wawgian Hoksi, Wawhnaybe, Wazoozoo Keyabin Wecheyan, Weiyokanaze, Wekimawayan, Wesamungun, ** ## Wesley (1853-now), ** Wesley-Beaver, Wetsit ** Whirlwind, ** White Dog, White Face, White Woman ** Wichawostaka, ## Wildman (1840-now), William One-Eye, Winchanae, Winchaxa Tonga (1840-now), Winchona, Wing Woman, Witaskimakan, Witiko, Wiyan (1821, 1838) Wo'a See Cha, Wolf Ear (aka. Ear 1840-now), Wolf Pillow, Worm XXX YYY Yachimo, Yaeskatayen, Yahe Keyabe, Yahe Wiyan, Yakoopabe, Yanhe Wiyan, Yanhe Kiska Wiyenshan, Yellow Tipi, Yoomoowee, ** Young Gauche, Young Premier (1801), Yowanaze, Yuyan ZZZ Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index ** Alikut, Bald Head, Bobolink (L), Captain John, Clark, Hill, Johnson, ** Joseph, ** Keepepele, ** Lawyer, ** Looking Glass, Mollie, Old George, Paul, Rough Face (1780), Salaway/Salois (1777-), ** Stiettiellotso, Tuhulhilsote, Wahlitits, ** White Bird, White Eye, Yellow Bull Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Akowin, Anahario, Anaquones, Assin Barry, Barthe, Beaver, Belleau, ** Big Otter, ** Black Powder, Boissoneau, Bottineau, Boyd, Bruyere Cadotte, Cameron, Clear Sky, Copenace, Courchene, Courte Aureille, Couvret, ** Crane (1760) Demeurant, ** Desjarlais (1809), Desmoulin, Dorans, Duchene ** Eshkebugecoshe ** Fobister, ** Fontaine Garneau, Great Hero, ** Grosse Quelle, Hamelin (1714-now), Hamlin, Hawley, Heaman, Henderson, Henry, Hiawatha, ** Hole In The Day, Hope ** Jones, Jourdain (1704-now) ** Kakeka Penais, ** Kananda Wawinzo, ** Katawahbedah, Kavenaugh, Keewatin, Keewaykeno, Kent, ** Kroseweezaishish L'Espagnol, Laforte, Laporte, Lend, Lesage, ** Lieutenant Tinnewabano (1760), Linklater Matogenes, Maunguadaus, McLean, McWatch, Megose, Mister Musho Nash, Nolin (1749-), ** Nonosecash (1760), Nutachwanasee Ochik, Oshie Padwaywaydonc, Pimeegeeshigoqua, Pine, Powassin, Prince Quoguaboukque (1704-now) Reaume (1704-now) Sabourin, Sah Sabik, Salomon, Sauteux, Sayers, ** Sheshepaskut (1798-), Shinguacouse (1773-), ** Shewwquenap (1760), ** Sinclair (1796-now), Skinaway, Smith, Smoke, Sneaky, Sowayguay, Swampy, ** Syrette Teesick, The Cat, Twain, ** Twance, Twenty ** Wasonaunequa, ** Weweshanshis, Wewije, ** Whiskey, White, White Bear Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Archachan, Charter, Chillihitzia, Clough, Coutlee, Degray, Derrickson, Ermatinger (1827-), Harvey, Holmes, Jack, LaRochelle, Lindley, ** Louie, Manuel, McRae, Michel, Ned, ** Paul, Ross (1813-), Sheena, Tom, Saddleman, Stewart


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Aikens, Bailey, Bassa, Chipouashurbotice, Dubie, Duford, Elliot, Franklin, Genereux (1804-now), Jenerou (1804-now), ** Kakiniwas, Kewipayqway, Lewis, Macatadawagoosk, Noabons, Parasiea, Partdiglhaowah, Pitahnargwahdoquay, Pitollug, ** Pontiac, Saka Koosin, Sanwick, Shawkoway, Sibeqsy, Wabigakak, Wabogene, Wamiquash, Washaw, Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index v.11.01.06 AAA Acustie, ** Ahapsis, Ahkiona, Ahseetuk, Akaiyan (L), ** Akaniki, ** Akasia, Akoan (1880, 1901), Akochpisso, Akustie, Allard, Almost a Dog, ** Almost a Wolf (1869), Anatapsa, Anatoki, Apa Aki, Apikunni (L),Arrow Top, Awasaki, Awuna BBB ** Bad Chief, Bad Eagle, Bad Married, Badger, ** Bastion, ** Batailleur ## Bear Bull, ## Bear Chief, ** Bear Child, ** Bear's Child, Bear Shoe, ** Bear's Foot, ** Bear's Head, Beaver, ## Behind The Ear Big Beaver, Big Brave, Big Buffalo Rock, Big Bull, Big Eyes, Big Faced Chief, ** Big Lake, ** Big Leg, ** Big Lodge, Big Moon, ** Big Nose, ** Big Plume, Big Raven, Big Spring, Big Smoke, ** ## Big Snake, ** Big Swan (1877-now), ** Big Throat, Big Wolf Medicine, Bird, Bird Rattler, Bird Woman Black Bear (** 1810)(1901), Black Bear Woman, ** Black Eagle, ** Black Lake, ** Black Plume, Black Cheek, Black Chief, Black Tatoo, ## Black Weasel, Blood, Blue Grass Woman, Blue Snake Woman Bobcat, Bobtail Horse, ** Born With A Tooth, Born With Teeth, Boss Ribs, ** Boy Brave Chest, Brave Dog, ** Brings Down The Sun (1825-1920), Brocky, Brooks Buffalo Hide, Bull Calf, Bull Chief, ** Bull Child, ** Bull Head, ** ## Bull Plume, Bull Shoe, Bull Turns Round, ## Butcher CCC Calf Boss Ribs, Calf Chief, Calf Looking (1860, 1900), Calf Robe, Change Camp, Chief Coward, Chief Crow, Coming Running, Cornnoyer, Crawford, ** Crazy Dog, ** Cream Antelope, Cries Early in the Morning, Cross Guns, Crow Eagle (** 1830)(** 1860)(** 1890-now), ** Crow Foot, Crow Shoe (1887-now), ** Curly Bear, ** Cut Hand, Cutting Off Head Woman DDD Dives Under Water, Donohue, Double Gun Woman, ** Double Runner, Double Strikes Woman, Drags Behind, Drags His Robe, Dubray, Duck Head EEE ** Eagle, Eagle Child, Eagle Flag, Eagle Head (** 1877)(1904), Eagle Ribs, ** Eagle Tail, Eapis, ** Ear Rings, Earth Lodge Woman, Egg, Ekitowaki, Ekum Makon, Ekuskini, Elk Chief, Elk Horn, Elk Tongue, Emonisi, Estokoatto, Etomo Waki FFF ** Fast Buffalo Horse, Fast Horse, Feather Woman (L), Feather Woman (1900, 1905), Fish Robe, Fisher, First Strike, ** Flat Ham, Flat Tail, Fools Crow, ** Four Bears, Four Horns (1820, 1881), ** Fox Eyes (1770, 1855), ** Fox's Head GGG Gabriel, Gambler, Generous Woman, Given Away, Gives to the Sun, Glancing Arrow, Good Hunter, Good Kill, Good Young Man, Goose, Got Wet, Grant, Gray Woman, Green Grass Bull, Green Snake Woman, Grinnell, Guardipee HHH Halfbreed, ** Haranguer, Has Many Guns In The Camp, ** He Bear, Heard By Both Sides Woman, ** Heavy Breast, ** Heavy Runner (1869, 1890), ** ## Heavy Shield, Heavy Shield Woman, High Wolf, Holy Robe, ## Horn, ** Horse Head III Iasta Pina, Imoyiscusim, Ipseniki, ** ## Iron Horn, Iron Pipe, ** Iron Shirt (1795, 1890, 1896), Itomina JJJ Jackson (1860-now), Johnson, Juniper Buffalo Bull KKK Katana, Katatatsi, Katoya, Kennerly, Keno Bill, Ketamoken, Kidney, Killed Twice (1830-now), Kills at the Lake, Kionama, Kipp (1820-now), Kistapina, Kitstaka, Knodel, ** ## Kootenai Man, ** Kootenae Appee (1787-now), Kuyotis (L) LLL ** ## Lame Bull, Last Bull, Last Diver, Last One To Swim Under The Willows, Last Rider, ** Last Star,Lazy Boy, Lazy Husband, ** Le Borgne, Leaves Big Lodge Campmarks, ** Little Bear, Little Bird Woman, Little Blackfoot, Little Chief, Little Crane, Little Deer, ** Little Dog (1865-now), ## Little Ears, ** Little Iron, ** Little Mountain, Little Moustache, Little Owl, ** Little Plume, Little Skunk, ** Little White Cow, ** Little Wolf, Little Young Man, Little Young Man Woman, Littledog, ** Lodge Pole Chief, Lone Chief, Lone Cutter, Lone Medicine Person, ** Lone Walker, Long Hair, Long Standing Bear Chief, Long Time Sleeping, Looking For Smoke, Lost Feather MMM Mad Plume, ** Mad Wolf, ** Maka, Makapi Apotsi, Makes Cold Weather, Maksa Kitapi, Many Diving, Many Eagles, Many Guns (1886-now), ** Many Horses, Many Tail Feathers, Many White Horses, Masto Pene, Medicine Bonnet Woman, ** Medicine Weasel, Medicine Wolf, Menake, Mesamax, McClintock, ** McDougall, McKay, ** Middle Bull, Mikapi, Mikasto, ** Mikistaki, Mikoi Sapo, Miller, Mills, Mista, Mistchin Awake, Mistina, Monroe (1784-now), Morning Eagle, ** Morning Plume, Motokis, ** ## Mountain Chief, Moyami, Mukoisapo, Munro NNN ** Namakan (1740), Napistapsi, ** Nappe Kigow, Natoke, Natoya, Natoya Apau, Natoya Mon, Natoya Siskim, Neoksnama, Nestoskene, New Chest, ** Nicholas, Night Gun, Nina Niki, Nista Sami, Nitana, Nitstotape, No Coat, ** No Runner, Nokoa, Nopatsis (semi-legendary), ** ## North Axe (1870-), Noyce OOO Okio, ** Old Horn, ** Old Person (1890-now), Old Wolf Man, Ominamo, One Spot, ## Onesta, Otakai, Otter Woman, Owl, ** Owl Bear, Owl Coming Calling, ** Owl Child PPP Painted Wing, Pakap Se, Pal, Paskakikin, Peacemaker, Pemmican, Piks Aki, Pita Paksina, Plain Eagle, Ponokaw, Poor Robe, ** Potts (1873-now), Powder Bill, Prairie Runner Woman, Pretty Blanket, Pretty on Top QQQ RRR Rabid Wolf, Rattler, Raven Eyes, ** Red Bird, ** Red Bird's Tail, Red Blanket, Red Crane, Red Eagle, Red Flower, Red Fox, ** Red Horn, Red Old Man, ** Red Paint, Red Wing, ** Rides By The Door, Rising Head, Rose, Running Antelope, ** Running Crane, Running Crow (1830-now), Running Eagle, Running Fisher, ** ## Running Rabbit (1860-now), Running Raven, ** Running Wolf (1830-now), Runs Among the Buffalo, Russell, SSS St. Goddard, ** Sakatow, Sakoiniski, Sakpu, Samatte, Sanderville, Sapiasinau, Sata Scarface (L), Schultz (1870-now), Scott, Scraping Hide, ** Screaming Owl, ** Sees Before, Seeyea, Sekomomakon, ## Sepenama, Seven Heads Sharp Ears, Shining Double, Shoots in the Air, Short Robe, ** Shorty White Grass, Sinopa, Sistsi, Sitakapoki, Sits By The Door, ** Sitting on an Eagle Tail, Small Face, Small Leggings, ** Small Legs (1880-now), Smart Child, Smart Woman, ** Smith, Peter Snake Woman Soft Woman, ** Sokumapi, Sorrel Horse Spotted Eagle, ** Spotted Elk, Spy ** Stakkas, Still Smoking, ** Stokstchi, Strangling Wolf, Star That Sets Over The Hill, Strikes on Both Sides, Strikes on Top, Striped Eagle, Striped Face, Strong Buffalo, Stuyimi, Sure Chief ** Swift Ermine TTT Tail Bearer, ** Tailfeathers Coming Over The Hill, ** Takes Good Gun, Takes Gun, Takes The Gun Last, Talks To The Buffalo ** Tearing Lodge, Tears in Eyes, ** The Horn, ** The General, The Lark, ** The Man Who Had Plenty of Horses, Thompson, ** Three Bears, Three Eagles, ** Three Suns Titcomb Towipee Turns Back the Whole Herd Alone, Two Bear Woman, ## Two Bears, Two Bows, Two Feathers (?), Two Guns, ** Two Guns White Calf, Two Medicine, Two Spears, Two Strikes UUU VVV Van Hazendonk WWW Wades in the Water, Wakes Up Last, ** Walking Forward, Walks Underneath, Walter, Water Bird, Water Spider Woman Weasel Moccasin, Weasel Tail, Webb, Welch (1900-now), Whistling All Night, ** White Buffalo, ** White Calf (1870-now), White Head, ## White Grass, White Man, White Man's Dog, White Quills, White Quiver Williams, Williamson, Wipes His Eyes Wolf Calf, ## Wolf Chief, Wolf Child, ## Wolf Eagle, ** Wolf Head, Wolf Plume, Wolf Tail (L), Wolf Tail, Wolverine, Wood Chief Woman, Worthen XXX YYY ** Yellow Horn (1900-now), Yellow Kidney, Yellow Robe, Young Arrow Maker, ** Young Bear Chief, Young Thunder (M) ZZZ Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Adrian, Anderson, Andrew, Archie, Arnouse, ** Asini Wachi (1828), August, Babiard (1828), Bull (1780-now), ** Capote Blanc (1840), ** Cinnitza (1810-), Cloven Hoof, Courtepatte (1798-), Denault, Dennis, ** Dick-David, Dyck, Foley, Harmon, Howse, ** Ignace, Jack, ** Kinbasket, Lavallee (1790), ** Maloolek (1800), ** Manuel (1921- now), ** Matthew, Morgan, ** Neskonlith, ** Nose Takwanaw (1780), Philips, ** Pierrel, ** Pierrish, Rain Drop (1800), ** St. Paul, Sam (1896), Sauls, Soule, Thomas, Vedan, Whitford Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index AAA Amoxa Pita, Apisaki, Attacked Towards Home (1816-now), Axe, Ayoungman BBB Backfat, ** ## Back Fat, ## Backfat, Baptiste, Bautista, ## Bear Chief, Bear Ghost, Bear Hat, Bear Robe (1920-now), ** Bear's Hip Bone, ** Bear Shield, Bearchief, Bearshirt, ** Big Crow (1870-now), ** Big Eagle, Big Fish, ## Big Kidney, ** Big Plume, ** ## Big Old Man (1888-now), Big Road, ## Big Snake, ** Big Swan, Big Tobacco, ** Big Wolf, Bird, Black Bull, Black, Black Face, Black Horse, Black Kettle, Blackface, Blackface Chief, ## Blue Bird, ## Boy Chief, Brass, Brazeau, ** Breaker (1970-now), Bridge Woman, ## Broad Scalplock, BullBear, ** Bull Elk, Bull Horn, Bull Sitting Down Turning Around, Bullbear (1920-now) CCC ## Calf, ** ## Calf Bull, ## Calf Child, ## Calf Robe (1877-now), , Cat Face, ## Catface (1876-now), Charged Ahead, Cloth Woman, Coalhurst, Conrad, Crane Bear, Crow, ** ## Crow Eagle, Crow Indian's Big Foot, Crowchief, ** Crowfoot (1830-now), ## Cutter (1930-now), ## Cutter Man (1930-now), Cutting Woman DDD De Pofi, Deerfoot, Doore, Double Go Together Woman, Drunken Chief, ** ## Duck Chief EEE ** Eagle, ** Eagle Calf, ## Eagle Flag, Eagle Head, ** ## Eagle Ribs, ** ## Eagle Tail, Eagle Tail Feathers, Elk In The Water, ** Emonissi, Ermine Tail FFF ## Fat Horse, ## Fever Shield, First Beaver, Flint, ## Fox, ** Front Man GGG Girardin, Going Out To Meet The Victors, ** Going To Bear, Good Eagle, ## Good Rider, Good Young Man, Greenland, ** Gros Blanc HHH ** Heavy Shield (1820-1900), ## Heavyshield, He Will Be Black, ## Hind Bull, House III ** Iron Shield, ** Iyaksin (1848)(1872) JJJ KKK Killed The Enemy With His Own Gun, Kipp, Kolausak, ** Kutenai, Kuyotis (L) LLL ## Lawrence, ## Leather, Left Hand, Little Blackfoot, Little Chief, Little Kettle, Little Light, ** ## Little Walker, Little Woman, ## ** Littlechief, Lone Woman, Lopez, ** Low Horn, Lynch MMM ** Main Tent Pole, ## Many Bears, ## Many Fires, ## Many Guns (1940- now), Many Heads, ** Many Names, ## Many Shots, Many Tail Feathers, Manyguns, Manyshots ** McHugh (1860-now), McMaster ## Meat, ## Medicine Owl, Medicine Shield, Medicine Traveler, Meki Api, Melting Tallow Middle Calf Morning Star (L) Munro, Munroe NNN ** Natosin, ** Natous, ** Nitaina, Northern Axe OOO ** Okrani Kateni, Old Bull, ** Old Sun (1750)(1852)(1858), ** Old Swan (1802) (1858), Olds, ** ## One Gun, Old Woman, ** One That Sits in..., Only Chief, Otter, Owl Child (1891-now) PPP Packs on Her Back, ** Painted Feather, Paper Woman (1800-now), Peace Maker, Peacemaker, Pehayokusk, ** Penakoam, Penomakan, ** Petope, Pita Pekis, ## Pilor Fox, Pilotti, Plaited Hair, Poor Eagle, Prairie Woman, ** ## Pretty Young Man QQQ RRR ** Rabbit Carrier, ## Rainy Chief, ## Raw Eater (1890-now), Red, ## Red Gun, Red Hat, ## Red Leggings, ## Red Morning, Redman, ** Ridge, Right Hand, ## Royal, Running Bird, Running Calf, Running Dog, Running Rabbit (** 1855)(** 1905-now), Running Wolf SSS Scabby Dried Meat, ## Scabby Robe, ## Scalplock, Scarface (L), Self Offering, Short Gun, Short Woman, ** Sitting Eagle, Skinnes, Sleigh, ** Solway, ** Sorrel Horse, ## Spotted Eagle, ## Spotted One, ## ** Spring Chief, ## Stabbed Last, Stevens, Stimson (1888-now), Strangling Wolf, Stud Horse, ## Stump, ** Sun, ## Sun Calf, Sun Shoes, ** Swan, ** Swift Wolf TTT Takes A Gun Under The Water, ## Takes Gun Himself, Tailfeathers, Three Eagles, Tongue Chief, ** Three Bears, Three Bulls (** 1809) (1820-now) (** 1855)(** 1878), ** Three Suns (1820-now), Thunder Man (L), Tried To Fly, ## ** Turned Up Nose, Turning Robe, Two Bows, ## Two Horns UUU VVV WWW Walking With A Scalp, ## ** Water Chief, Waterchief, ** Weasel Calf, ** White Calf, ** White Cap, ** White Eagle, White Elk, ** White Headed Chief, ## ** White Pup, ** White Swan, Whitford, Whittacker, ## Wolf Chief, Wolf Child, ## Wolf Collar, Wolf Leg, Wolf Tail (L) XXX YYY ## ** Yellow Fly, ** Yellow Horse, Yellowhorse, ** Yellow Old Woman (1870-now), Young Thunder (L) ZZZ Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Almighty Voice, ** Anaquod, ** Anderson, Apistatim, Ayandawais Amiot (1810-) ** Bad Meat, Badger, Bat, Baton, Bear, Beaubien, Beaverbones, Becoming Dark, Big Rock, Bird, ** Black Powder, ** Bottineau, Bouvier, Brass, Brien, Brimmis, Buffalo Bull Feather Cadotte (1761-now), Cardinal (1810-) @@ (600 names), Chakase, Chichi, Chippewa Speaker, Chipwach Kistatewepiw, Constant, ** Cote, ** Courchene, Courte Aureille, ** Cowesses, Crait, Crane, ** Crate, Cree (1920 ND), Crowe, Cuts Heart Daychief, Dionne, Ducharme (1801-now), Dusk Evening, Evening Spirit, Evening Star Finlay, ** Flat Ham, Flett, Flying Nice Gariepy (1820-), Garneau, Garrioch, Getting Dark, Gopher (1840-now MB,MT,SK), ** Gordon, Goullet, Greatwalker, Grey, Grey Eyes Hamelin (1714-now), Hameline, Hayden, Heard Before He Is Seen, ** Henry, Horse, Hunts Thunder Imasees, Iron Bear, Ironbow, Ironeagle, It is Getting Dark ** ## Jackopay (1795), Joyfull ** Ka Awasis, Kacheech, ** Kakiniwas, ** Kanada, Kanawas, Katcheech, ** Keawelauce, ** Keeseekoose, Kichi Mokaman, Kinawa, King (1774-now), ** Kinistino, Kittay Laframboise, Lambert, Landrie, Le Flor, ** Leclair, Lepine (1794-now), Little Boy, ** Little Poplar, ** Little Shell MacDonald, Marion, McCorrister, ** McNab, ** Maskepetoon, ** Masomin, Misaw Wakopew, Mocassin, Moyes, Muscow, Muskeg, ** Muskowqwahn, ** Muskowkwan, ** Musqua ** Nanawananan, ** Neapetung, ** Nepinawa, Night, Night Spirit, Night Star ** O'Chiese (1810-now), ** O'Soup (1884-now), Okimaw Winini, Old Face, Oram, ** Otamakooewin Panepekizhik, Parisien, ** Pasqua, ** Peguis, Peigan (1903-now), Pelly, Pembook, Penne Pakesis, Penny, ** Pinacie, ** Piwapiskwaw Asis, ** Prince (1774-now), ** Pwanes Quewezance ** Rattlesnake, ** Red Bear, ** Red Thunder, Reflecting Man, ** Rocky Boy, Ross, Rowland Sabit, St. Clair, ** St. Cyr, Sage Hen, Saka Koosin, Sapatanenokinewap, Sauteux (1720), Saulteaux (1787)(1820)(1848), Saultesse ** ## Shacopay (1795), ** ## Shakopew (1795), Shakopew O Ka Sisa, Shanacappo Simakwa ** Skinawa, Skinner, Small Mouth, ** Smith, Smooth Eyes Sounding Sky Squirrel Standing Chief, Standing Elk, ** Stevenson, Still, Strawberry, Strongeagle, Strongquill Sutherland, ** Summer Wolverine, Swimmer Taken Care Of, ** Tanner, ** Thomas, Tipeskaw Wahpanace, Wawakachin, ** Wewas Hi Kapaw, Wewas Ikapaw, ** Whippoorwill, Whitford, Wilkie, Williams, Willier Yellow Bird, ** Yellow Calf, ** Yellow Face, ** Yellow Head, ** Yellow Quill, ** Yellow Sky Continue to The Western Cree index


(Dogrib) Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Abel, ** Beaulieu, Benaiyah, ** Bruneau, Charlo, Chokolate, Crapwatee, ** Drygeese, ** Edward, ** Etto, Ewaro'tcho, Germain, ** Jeremie, ** Liske, ** Monfwi, ** N'Doah, Nitsiza, ** Old Tatsi, Sek'eglinan, ** Vital, Waymiah, ** Wetah


(Sarcee) Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Afraid of a Grasshopper, ** Apisticouse ** ## Big Belly (1895-), Big Crow (1899-now), Big Knife, ** Big Wolf ** ## Big Plume (1850-now), Big Plume-Small Face, Big Water Woman, Brass, ** Broken Knife, Bull Collar, ** ## Bull Head (1850-now) ** Capot D'Orignal, Collin (1850-now), Collins Crane, Crow Chief, Crow Collar, ** Crow Child, ** Crowchild Cut Knife, ** Cut Nose Dodging Horse, Dodginghorse, Dog, Drum, Dumont (1800-) ** Eagle Robe, Eagle Tail, Eaglefeather Fox Tail, Fraser Garett, Good Rider, Gottliebson, Grasshopper, ** Grizzly Bear Head Above Water, Heaven Fire, ## Heavenfire, Hit First Jacobs Knight, Kotyk, Lambert, Left Hand, ** Little Chief, ** Little Drum, ## Lupson ** Many Horses (1877)(** 1922), Many Swan, Many Wounds, Manywounds, Meguinis, ** Middle Bear, Myrou Noel-Simeon, Norris Old Man Spotted, ** Old Sarcee, ## Omakotasskim, One Spot (1875-now), Onespot, Otter, Ouellette ** Painted Otter, Parsons, Pascoe, Pasquayak, Pipestem Rowan, Runge, Runner, Running in the Middle Sarcee, Sarcee Woman, Sasiw Iskwew (1820), Setukkomuccon, Setukomakan, Severite, Sewell, Simeon, Simon, Sinipawksoyissi, Sleigh, Small Legs, ## Starlight Tony, Two Guns, Two Young Man (Alpha Flight Comics) ** Wahnistow, Waters, ** Whitney, Wildman (1980-), Wolf Yellow Lodge Continue to The Western Cree index


(Beaver) Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Continue to The Western Cree index Adekat, Adighele, ** Aginaa, Alinckwonei, ** Allalie, ** Appan, ** Attachie, ** Attalloo, Attlate, Azoti Baptiste (1797), Beaulieu, Bell, Bourassa, ** Brule (1839), ** Bulldog Cancre (1780), , Charette, Chimeroo Dislisici ** Flux War Chief (1806), ## Fournier, ## Francis ** Horseman, Hunter (1789) Isayeta Joachim @@ Kazoney, Kidney, Kipling ** L'Aigle, ** La Glace, ** Lafleur, Lambert, ** Lizotte, ** L'Homme Seule (1806), ** Le Marie des Deux Jolie Femmes (1806), ** Little Girl (1806), ** Little Head (1806), Livingstone (1776) Markoos, ## McDonald, McKenzie, Metechaeh, Moberly, Moose That Walks, (1820-now), Mooswa, ** Moutaian, ** Muckithay Natgele, ** Natooses, ** Nipi Chief ** Owl War Chief (1806), Ozillay Petroski, ** Pied a Caribou, ** Pouce Coupe (1806) Sakestion, Sancho, Souris, Sarcee (1784) ** Tachea, ** Tastawits, Tatitisay, ** Tete Noire, ** Tranquille, Tustawits, ** Twapoos (Trois Pouce) White Partrige Yaketon, ** Yatoose Continue to The Western Cree index


Below is a partial list of names of individuals identified with the Westviking colonization of North America. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Audin, Ericson, Gunnfjord, Herjulfsson, Karlsefni, Knutson, Naddod, Nicholas of Lynn, Oddsson, Thorvaldsson (Eric the Red) Return to Top of page


Below is a partial list of names of individuals/families for which we have genealogies and/or biographies on file. Major additions are added periodically. ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | ------------------------------------------------------------------- Aird (1792-), Anderson (1820), ** Big Head, ** Black Horn, Dorion (1780), Grey Cloud, ** Ha Sazza, Holy Rainbow (1780), Larocque (1720-now), Mamongazida, ** Mankaushka, ** Mato Gashane, ** Medicine Bear, ** Nine; Obemauunoqua, Ouabachas, ** Pretty Hawk, Ross, Sayer (1778-now), ** Shields, ** Strikes The Ree, ** Struck By The Ree, ** Takacon, ** Toka Con, ** Two Bears, ** Wanaton, ** Wape Sa,