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Some of this information is now available in a current Cree Tipis publication 1. Pictures & background on hundreds of tipi designs 2. A study of historic Cree tipis from 1650 to today 3. Camp protocols 4. Tipi etiquitte We also have available a slide presentation: Pictorial step-by-step tipi raising process from Lac La Biche (Cree) 1979 for more details. By the way, that's our family lodge in the background, the "Yellow Wolf Lodge". The design has been in the family for over 140 years and was first pictured in the 1920's in the Nakoda branch of our ancestry at Morley, Alberta, part of the ASINI WACHI WI INEWAK/YE XA YA BINE (Mountain People) of the Nehiyaw-Pwat (Cree-Nakoda) Nation. The lady is my deceased wife Irene and daughter Jennifer in front taken at Enoch Reserve in 1980 making dried meat.


Need some extra tipis or a tipi village for your event? We can supply up to 5 or more tipis (or a whole village) for your event. In the past our family has supplied tipis, dancers, and demonstra- tions for various events and has sponsor- ed Cultural demonstra- tions, events and Pow-Wows. For the past decade or two we have concentrated more on running Wilderness Cultural and Mountaineering camps for street kids, but still have our tipis available. For arrangements, contact us at heritagedatabank@gmail.com. We supply and set up the tipis and supply security and you supply the poles. (15 per lodge, minimum 25' length. We normally and bring a classic car or two. Upgrades by Critter Creek Cougar Restorations. 14' unpainted lodge; Cree style $25/day 16' unpainted lodge; Nakoda style $50/day 20' unpainted lodge; Cree style $50/day 16' painted "Yellow Wolf Lodge"; Cree style $100/day 16' painted "Red Stripe Lodge"; Nakoda style $60/day 20' painted "War Lodge"; Blackfoot style $60/day