This page was posted for the 2007 provincial election, and again for the 2012 election, to see if has actually changed. (No! What a surprise.) I am now re-posting it in the wake of the NDP Provincial electoral win and the Liberal Federal electoral win. With a few minor changes of names and dates, has anything changed? No?

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(The natural government of Alberta)




"the Unelected", Premier of Alberta

Ralph may have become a brainless puppet for Corporate Alberta, but all indications are that Stelmach will be no less

Still a little early to say how ED THE UNELECTED, our new DO-NOTHING PREMIER, will perform, though the reassurance is a little wobbly already. Should'nt say Do-Noting - after all, he did take two trips to foreign (golfing) countries on 'business' in the first 4 weeks. This is the fellow that jets off to golf in Mexico right after being APPOINTED premier. This is the fellow who is unconcerned about Alberta being stripped of it's raw resources for a return of PENNIES per square mile. This is the fellow who has already figured out how to keep the money flowing into his trough. This is the fellow that claimed he wanted to put curbs on Lobbyists then turns around and offers private lobbying access to himself for a payment of $5,000.00 per person to pay off his election costs. This is the fellow who's platform included Full Disclosure of financial donations for the candidates - until HE turned out to be the winner. This is the fellow that thinks it is quite all right to give $130 MILLION in a grant to the 34 or so Conservative buddies who own race horses - $450,000 of which went to the Prez. and Vice-Prez. of the club for "salaries" (and that does not include their perks and expense accounts). Makes even the Federal Liberals blush!! This is the fellow that now wants to consider 3P (Private/Provincial Partnership) development of highways and schools. (3P being a code-word for Privatization; PRIVATIZATION being a code-word for 'Some of our cronies figure they can make a mint this way off the government trough.") Remember, this is a fellow who comes from an industry that believes it is entitled to live off government grants. And what's more, we now find that Harper -- with the agreement of Ralph's government in Alberta (with Stelmach the point man in the Cabinet) -- agreed in 2006 to a U.S. request that Canada increase it's exploitatioin of Alberta's petroleum resources and strip these resources as fast as possible.

So, to Explain the PC Government to you

Heeeere's RALPH:

Ralph Klein

Bigger Than Jesus !!!

("Jesus was resurrected, I don't see why I can't be.")
The arrogant fat man has now gone from being "An Ordinary Man of the People" in 1992 through to being "KING RALPH" and "THE EMPEROR" and now a Godling.

The Fat Man believes in shooting the messenger bringing something HE does not want.

HIS DIVINE RALPHNESS asked for the Opposition, in the Assembly, to give him ideas of their own since they disagreed with his vision of Health Care. When the the Page delivered a copy of the Opposition's Health Care proposals HIS DIVINITY hollered "I DON'T WANT THIS CRAP!" and threw the report at the Page in what was clearly a legal case of Assault. AND THIS FROM THE MAN WHO PROSECUTED A FELLOW FOR ASSAULT FOR TOSSING A CREAM PIE AT HIM!! (something even Chretien refused to do).



This is the man who skips the few days that politicians are actually in the Assembly to go fishing - because the opposition (all 2 of them) might ask him "embarrasing questions."
Now RALPH'S GOVERNMENT has passed In Caucus legislation that allows the Cabinet to raise Education Tuition rates whenever it feels like without bothering to go to the Legislature, to tell anyone about it, or to allow anyone to question it. Which is on par with their general policy on education And now RALPH'S GOVERNMENT has passed new SECRECY LEGISLATION to make it more difficult to get information on just what the hell this government is doing. Under Klein Alberta has become the most secretive government in North and Central America!!! And then, of course, there is RALPH'S GOVERNMENT'S own "Entitlements" and practices that stink as bad as ADSCAM.
To quote THE MAN:



Seniors Suicide in Despair Good old down-home boy Phat RALPH certainly has an unenviable record. HE and his government have a record of Broken Promises Whitewashes Coverups Corporate Welfare handouts Lies (oops, sorry, mis- understood statements and statements made "before I had the full background") Can't argue that last one. This is the man who's favourite reply to scandal and ethics questions in his government is "I didn't know anything about it." RALPH has a habit of Shooting From The Lip before his brain is in gear.


When RALPH does not have HIS foot in his mouth, HE is busy making vapid statements and promises as empty as the space between HIS ears. RALPH's big issue right now is opposing Same Sex Marriage. HE knows it plays well for support, and HE won't be held to account because the big, bad, evil Federals (RALPH and the Federal Government routinely use each other as boogy men when they need a boost in popularity) is holding all the cards. RALPH claims that THIS IS WHAT ALBERTANS WANT, and rants that there should be a referendum to show just how unpopular it is with the public. Of course, we all know that he will fold like a cheap umbrella in a storm, like usual, beofre this gets anywhere. Good Old RALPH, Champion of the People. But when it comes to other things - HEALTH CARE - for example, RALPH is bound and determined to ram privatized health care down the public's throat - even though 98% of Albertans oppose it. Referendum ? Gee, what a silly idea, we don't need one because I Know What's Best For You - TRUST ME. Or more accurately, what is best for RALPH's Corporate Cronies, who are itching to get in on this lucrative industry (for which RALPH will no doubt get oodles of Directorships after HE retires with HIS Million Dollar benefits package. Hypocrite is a word that comes to mind. No doubt his privatizationof Health Care will be just as successfull as his privatization of Utilities. In other words, at least a 300% increase in costs to the public. RALPH has a habit of trantrums too, especially if you're rude enought to question HIS Papal Infalability. Fact is, HE's seen as a buffoon by the Rest of Canada. HIS behaviour would certainly be seen as a bit off the wall and funny if HE were still a mere reporter. RALPH has an un-enviable record during HIS tenure. Not only has HIS size and hat size doubled, the cost of living has tripled in his 10 year tenure. And this after promising "Rock Bottom" and "The Cheapest in Canada" "Made in Alberta"rates. They certainly are Made In Alberta rates. The only ones who live cheaper now are Ralph and his buddies, who get their costs paid by the taxpayer. Like RALPH says:

"Trust Me"

This is THE MAN who could not bother to fill out his Expense Claims properly required for all politicians. Something about $15,000 not being accounted for. When questioned by Auditing Branch Divine RALPH had one of his common tantrums, yelling "Are you calling ME a liar? Are you calling ME a liar? Are you? Are you?" This is THE MAN who, when something in HIS government comes out with a stink, blithely tells us that 'Gee whiz, guys, you know, I didn't know a thing about it.' The Alberta version of Corporal Schultz's "I KNOW NOTHING!!" Apparently RALPH also coached Chretien, Martin, Guitte, Galliagno and the other ADSCAM gang in how to say "I KNOW NOTHING!!" It is amazing how much RALPH never seems to know anything about. Maybe HE just never goes to work, or does not pay attention. This is the same RALPH who says "Trust Me!" Everything in RALPH's World is for sale at rock-bottom prices to cronies and for export so it can be marketed to the public a Premium rates. Environmental Impact Study? Who needs one? Go ahead, drill the Whaleback Ecological Preserve, drill the Cline Wilderness, expand Westcastle Development. 15% of gas/oil wells in Alberta failed to meet Alberta Energy Department guidelines for safe operations or residential protection. "Mistakes happen." said Energy Minister Greg Melchin, and he was not overly concerned. Province's Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) is not concerned. 60% of the EUB's $110 Million operating budget is paid for by oil and gas companies. This is RALPH's famous


("Trust Me")


So RALPH is giving back $400.00 to the gratefull unwashed masses. Big Deal. Just about pays for the increased costs of utilities and gasoline prices to get to work and back for one month - thanks to RALPH's kissing of Corporate Ass that allowed them to set exhorbitant rates thaks to Government approval and legislation. Turns out that the $400 RALPHBUCKS are nothing more than another planned cash transfer to the utilities companies. Here's a sample of Prosperity under RALPH Net Increase 1993 2000 2005 Heating/yr a 10-unit Motel in the north $900 a single trailer in central AB $1,800 10,000 sq. ft. in the north $900 1,600 sq. ft. in central Alberta $3,600 per 100 square foot $9 $230 350% Property Tax on a 10,000 sq. ft. lodge $450 on a 1,600 sg. ft. home $3,000 per 10 sq. ft. 45c $18 500% Driving to work; costs /yr. $1,200 $4,100 360% Tomatoes; each 38c $1 300% Potatoes /lb 30c $1 300%


Ontario and Quebec have lower utility rates than Alberta.


Being self-employed, my salary sure as hell hasn't gone up 300%. No Alberta Advantage for the small operator, seniors, of low-end worker. The policy of RALPH's government is 'Trickle Down Economics' - that is - as the rich get richer, more table scraps will be thrown out for those below them. Sure there may be an Alberta Advantage for RALPH and his Corporate and Political elite, but not for the 'Severely Average' Albertan who Ralph likes to claim he champions. Here is YOUR chance to get in on the Alberta Advantage. Click NOW -



Natural (Heating) Gas up 1000 % Gang Violence up 1000 % User Fees up 500 % Politician's pensions up 500 % Gambling addictions up 400 % Soup Kitchen Use up 400 % Electricity rates up 350 % Homelessness up 350 % Food Bank use up 350 % Politician's salaries up 300 % Drug/alcohol abuse up 300 % Drunk Driving up 300 % Police Violence up 300 % Gasoline up 300 % Child Poverty up 220 % Taxes up 220 % Killings by Cops up 200 % School Taxes up 200 % School Tuition up 200 % Property Taxes up 160 % Medicines up 120 % Cigaretts up 100 % Housing costs up 100 % Auto Insurance up 50 % Groceries up 50 % Medical Services slashed Government Services & Monitoring slashed Education funding slashed Child Welfare funding slashed Seniors Services slashed Mental Health slashed Environmental Protection slashed Protected Lands opened to exploitation Real Income down 20 %

This is the famed


RALPH likes to brag about having brought in a balanced budget (mainly by instituting User Fees in addition to taxes, and downloading costs to the municipal governments). The PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE PARTY ran it's election campaign with that slogan. In fact, the RALPH'S PC government was 2 BILLION over budget in this last year. This year (January 2005) RALPH's government has already authorized another $1.7 BILLION in spending by Special Warrants (i.e., not in the budget, and not subject to parliamentary approval). RALPH'S PC GOVERNMENT spending has balooned from 8 BILLION in 2000 to 16 BILLION in 2004 - DOUBLED IN FOUR YEARS. Alberta would have been an economic basket case were it not for WINDFALL PROFITS in the oil industry
. If oil were to return to $30/barrel (on which RALPH'S PC GOVERNMENT built it's budget) RALPH'S PC GOVERNMENT would face economic ruin. Alberta (and Ottawa) are receiving windfall profits thanks to price of oil - but none of this has had benefits for the average Albertan, Seniors or the Low Income Albertans. There has not even been a trickle-down effect, though the government boys have made sure that they get to feed at the trough. Both Ottawa and the Alberta Government are too addicted to scamming money off the taxpayer in any way they can to actually cut taxes or give back some. Instead, it goes to the poleticians, their cronies, and Big Business. Ottawa wants Alberta's oil money. Let them have it. The average Albertan may get more out of it that way than from Kline's Klique. Quebec - a supposedly Have Not Province - has lower Post Secondary Education fees, no Public School Fees, no Health Care Fees, lower School Taxes, lower Property Taxes and fewer User Fees than does Alberta. If they can do it by receiving Equalization Payments, why can't Alberta, who sends them those payments. Ralph may have broughtin a balance budget and paid down the debt, but at what cost? At a cost of infrasrtucture deficit that will cost billions to bring back up to grade. Destruction of hospitals that now have to be replaced (by private hospitals, of course), deterioration of school buildings that now require they either be scrapped or brought back to serviceable condition at a cost of 1 BILLION. Highway bridges that will either have to be closed as unsafe or replaced. A balloning of child welfare and homeless- ness, a balooning of homelessness, suicide, crime, gang activity and drug use that require BILLIONS in either remedial and treatment services, and a re-implementation of preventative and intervention services that were axed to save money. Hardly a laudable improvement on what there was when Ralph came along.


RALPH'S PC GOVERNMENT runs the biggest provincial government in Canada. The Public Relations/PC PROPAGANDA Department employs 280 people. George Bush's PR/PROGAGANDA department employs only 55!!! (with which he runs the biggest Disinfor- mation campaign since the collapse of the Soviet Union. RALPH'S PR Department takes it's orders from the PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE PARTY. It compiles data, runs polls, prints brochures and operates websites for the SOLE USE AND BENEFIT OF THE PC PARTY; Public scrutiny - even under the Freedom of Information Act - is not allowed.


They are the signs of a Keynesian Economy, the underlying platform of the
Trilateral Commission. For those of you not familiar with the Trilateral Commission philosopy, in it's simplest form it states that WHAT IS GOOD FOR BIG BUSINESS IS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY, and that large corporates and financial movers and shakers are members thereof should run government. It is considered as a Conspiracy Theory, and no such Conspiracy has been proven to exist (or has remained suppressed). It is ultimate DARWINIAN ECONOMICS. In it's ultimate form it states that THOSE WHO CAN MANAGE ARE JUSTIFIED IN MAKING OFF WITH AS MUCH AS THEY CAN REGARDLESS OF HOW IT IS GAINED, because the trickle-down economics effect will benefit everyone. Restated in pure Darwinian form, rather than in prettied-up economic form, it states that THOSE WHO CAN OBTAIN DESERVE IT BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SUPERIOR BREED, THOSE WHO CAN NOT WILL DESERVE TO DIE OFF. It is a version of the THUGS RULE principle and comes to the fore in times of anarchy. History has gone through this type of thing before. It is part of Cyclical History that normally ends in a rather messy resurgence of the Peasant Masses which ends with the establishment of a new power elite. Invariably the result of privatization and Darwinian Economics is a steep rise in prices, exclusion of the poor, and loss of the middle class. Note that the Peasants in BOLIVIA have just overthrown their government for privatizing public utilities! Taking Back The Land! Note that the Peasants and ex-Middle Class in ARGENTINA are now in a low- level civil war in rebellion to privatization of utilities! Taking Back The Land! Note that the Peasants and remaining Middle Class in VENEZUELA have been in a low-level civil war for the past year in rebellion to privatization of utilities! Taking Back The Land! Note that in SOUTH AFRICA the Peasants of Soweto are in rebellion again; it was here that the resistance to Apartheid began, but this time they are in rebellion to privatization of utilities! Taking Back The Land! Note that in FRANCE municipal governments are once again taking back privatized utilities. It was found that a public service would be 20-50% cheaper! Taking Back The Land!


Politician's salaries up 300 %

and to go up more!

Government Members get:

gold plated retirement packages gold plated severance packages when they quit gold plated severance packages when they get fired gold plated pensions packages gold plated perks while in office paid on-the-job training And now RALPH wants to give his favourite buddies in the ministries a 30% PAY INCREASE plus a 30% ANNUAL BONUS. And of course, the MLA's all need a 30% raise too - but only a 4% increase to the working stiffs in Government service. This is THE MAN who legislated for the importation of foreign workers to the Oil Sands so the companies would not have to pay higer wages. This is THE MAN who made it illegal for the workers at LAKESIDE PACKERS (a company that Ralph's Government has given BILLIONS to in the last few years) to go on strike for higher wages. This is THE MAN who is trying to force TELUS workers to accept a non-negotiated settlement from the company. This is THE MAN who has negated the Minimum Wage Law and Child Labour Law so that businesses can hire underage children at under minimum wage. Like he says, "They deserve it.""Trust Me!" This is the



Kelly Charlebois was given $400,000.00 to cover the costs of giving verbal advice to a Minister. No contract, no competition, no reports, no records.

Belly Up To The Trough Boys!!!




RALPH's favourite buddy, Rod Love, was given a $1,000,000,000.00 UNTENDERED CONSULTANCY to produce a report that was immediately shelved in File 13. And let's not forget that Rod also gets $150,000.00 plus perks for working for RALPH full time. In addition, Rod billed the Government of Alberta for another $1/2 MILLION for consultations and services for which no traceable results needed to be submitted. And now Roddie is a special consultant at $350.00 per hour on Health Care issues - something he suddenly knows more about than when he was acutally working for BIG RALPH. MRS. RALPH was appointed to the position of Chairman of the Centennial Committee without competition - and without credible qualifications. So far nothing even vaguely resembling a celebration has shown itself to be in the works. Instead $300,000,000.00 has gone into construction projects for PC-friendly construction firms. Maybe this should be investigated for kickbacks to the PC party too. Now RALPH tells us that the rennovation of the Jubilee Auditorium is the Government's gift to all Albertans. Yeah, right. Because we all go the Jube every month - with it's limted seating of 2,000. And because the good folks from Rainbow Lake, Fort McMurray, Foremost and Lee Creek drop into town for every event at the Jube. Maybe if it had seating for 60,000 I might be more ready to believe it. Truth is the Jubilee is used by a small group of wealthy elitists who would be appalled it the unwashed masses showed up for the Operas and Symphony orchestras. Whe was the last time Iron Maiden, Ozzy, White Snake or even Middle of the Road or Country Bands played there? Oh, not to forget, Doctor Klein (as she likes to be called since she's been given the honorific) also gets her 30% raise.


So now the tabulation is in. Alberta's Centennial celebration was a collosal flop, left in the dust by Saskatchewan's celebration - and just about every other celebration going on. By the Government's reconning, 198,000 Albertans took part in celebrations held in 10 communities. Wow. Put that in perspective. 500,000 people attend the Calgary Stampde Parade 200,000 PER DAY attend the Calgary Stampede 160,000 attended the NRA Races in Edmonton 95% of the population did NOT take part 440 communities (97%)did NOT have any involvement An average of 19,000 attended in the communities where the Centennial Party was held And what was the marvelous and innovative "Centennial Party" that Mrs. RALPH came up with? Fireworks! Wow. Anybody ever seen fireworks before? I mean besides the ones that every community has about 3 times a year, not to mention those at birthday parties. Or maybe I'm just jaded, having seen the Calgary Stampede's nightly fireworkds display (sorry Edmonton, your's just can't compare watching Calgary's from Scotchman's Hill). And on this they spent $19,000,000.00? That's $100 per person attending. Wow. The Calgary Stampede entertains over 1,000,000 people with it's fireworks at a cost of 50c each. Hell, like I said, Fort Vermilion had a participation (not only attendance) rate of 90% in it's bicentennial, and was attended by 160% percent of the community (visitors from the surrounding area come to celebrate). At a price tag of less than Mrs. RALPH's salary. And now, having presented Alberta with the NON-EVENT OF THE CENTURY, RALPH has APPOINTED her (again no job competition) to head up the WAR ON CRYSTAL METH. I guess it pretty well had to be without competition, since MRS. RALPH has nothing that would pass as credentials and qualifications for this job either. And of course, RALPH's questionable use of the Expense Account reporting. Yes, $2,000,000 worth of land GIVEN AWAY FREE to a CONSERVATIVE BUDDY developer at Fort McMurray. And then there is the interesting land deal on Anthony Henday Drive where RALPH's government bought the land for $13 MILLION and a few days later sold it back for $1!!! And in a similar deal with TRIPLE FIVE CORP. (West Edmonton Mall et al), the corporate bought land at $26 million and sold it to the RALPH's government the next day for $92 MILLION. And possible kickbacks form Aon Corp. ? And let's not even mention the Multi Corp. pile. When Murray Smith, the past Minister of Utilites was fired by the voters, RALPH gave him a $1/2 MILLION severance package, a $1/4 MILLION job in Washington, with free housing (a mansion - an annual vallue of $100,000) and a $25,000 travel budget (including $500 taxi trips to Banff), $100,000 entertainment budget, and free flights home from Washington.. RALPH just gave his Chief Of Staff and old buddy, Steve West, a $180,000 severance package for 6 months of work. When questioned about the generous appropriation, RALPH shrugged his shoulders and said "He deserved it, he could have made more money by staying in the private sector." Maybe so, but why did he take the government job if he didn't like the pay? Do you suppose that that's a new principle that RALPH will have Alberta Labour will insist on when you get a job down at the 7-11? Not in your life!! Not from a government that refuses to allow meatcutters and TELUS workers to negotiate a contract, and undercuts negotiated pay scales in the oilpatch. Now RALPH'S good buddy, his current Chief of Staff, Rod Love, is retiring (for the second time, having already got one juicy severance package). Just Guess what kind of a package Love gets this time (and based on his new 30% raise). And there is Minister Guy Boutillier's ethically challenged government sale of lands at Fort McMurray at sweetheart prices (free!) to his buddies. And now RALPH wants the taxpayer to pay for Government Member's Insurance costs!!. Now RALPH wants the taxpayer to pay for the Conservative M.L.A.'s to go back to their ridings and campaign on behalf of the P.C. party!!! (opposition M.L.A.'s would not qualify). And this for Government Members who's average income before being elected was in the $45,000.00 range. Now they suddenly belly up to trought and complain that they just can't make ends meet on such a paltry salary - and at the same time tell us that they went into politics only because they want to serve the public. These are the same clods that get 'Consultant' and Lobbying jobs and Directorships worth hundreds of thousands of dollars after they leave the government. And now, to top it off, RALPH, the guy that has trouble showing up for more than 27 days a year in the Legislature, plans to go off on a RALPH'S WORLD TOUR Junket (at taxpayer's expense, of course) to take up some of the slack time now that he has been told to take a hike. And being the nice guy he is, he's also approved junkets for the rest of the cabinet, many of whom are off to a Folkfest in Washington befor joining RALPH'S WORLD TOUR and others who are off to Disneyland.

Child Welfare:

Alberta Child Welfare has the highest death rates in Canada. If you are placed with Child Welfare your chances are twice as high to meet an untimely end than if you were a street kid. 100,000 children living below the poverty line. 50,000 children (1% of Alberta's Population) in custody 30,000 disabled & temporary/emergency recipients denied or arbitrarily cut back/clawed back on benefits established by law. 10,000 homeless street kids. 23% of foodbank users are children. 18% of Alberta's children live in poverty. 1,000 % increase in homeless children and youths. In a Class Action suit the courts have found that beginning in 2004 (starting at the same time that RALPH went on a drunken rant against AISH recipients and the homeless) RALPH's government had unlawfully denied or clawed back full benefits to legitimate recipients and ordered the government to pay out $100 MILLION. And what was RALPH'S take on what occurred ?


Yeah. Right. And if you believe that, I have some nice lakeside property for sale cheap in Oyen. Apparently this man knows nothing about what is going on in his goverment that does not concern getting a pay raise or benefits. This from the same guy who appointed "Uncle Tom" Cardinal to be the (token Indian) hatchetman to slash (Aboriginal) welfare rolls. Alberta has one of the highest rates of Child Poverty in Canada. Ten years ago RALPH promised to do away with Child Poverty. This year he decided to make good on that promise. This year RALPH did away with Child Labor Laws. In Alberta it is now legal to employ children under 12 at next-to- nothing wages. The justification is that Golly-gee, businesses just can't make a big enough profit in booming Alberta.. This is coupled with the Social Service policy of forcing Welfare recipients to take below minimum-wage jobs (see below). Now kids on welfare can be forced to go to work at starvation wages. And with that, they will be off the Child Welfare rolls. Case closed - no more Child Poverty. At least on government account books.
Another example of the


Social Welfare:

Welfare Rolls slashed

(at least on paper)
Alberta has the second lowest assitance rate payout in Canada Alberta has the second lowest minimum wage in Canada Alberta has the lowest Handicaped rate payout in Canada 60,000 Welfare recipients removed by forced Work-for-welfare to transfer them to the federal U.I.C. books. (24,000 a year come off U.I.C. and return to Alberta Welfare
in this revolving- door program). 4,000 Homeless denied assistance because they have not residency address 3,000 people made homeless by releasing them from Mental Health and care centres onto the streets. In fact, Alberta now has the highest rates in Canada on all public services. Take a look at these: 500 % increase in homeless people, including entire families 1,000 % increase in homeless children and youths. 14 % of Canada's Food Banks are in Alberta Interestingly, the number of people on welfare cases and mental health case loads increases directly as the number of workers and bureaucracy increases. In other words, an Industry has been created that feeds on itself. It can not do away with itself, but must continually expand. In 1994 RALPH Klein instituted a Work For Welfare or a Training/Upgrading program. This was designed to make it look like welfare was being reduced when in fact the Government of Alberta was transfering them to a 'program' budgetary catagory (rather than welfare) and then to the Federal Government Employment Insurance Program, without ever getting them off assitance programs. It was slight of hand to make it LOOK like welfare rolls were going down, welfare costs were going down,and the government had actually done something positive. Actually, this was a revolving door system. As they had been warned, when the E.I. expired, these same people were back on Social Assistance. Today there are 50.000 Albertans on Social Assistance and 120,000 in various transfer payment programs. In the process, the government destroyed the OPPORTUNITY CORPS PROGRAM, which had a 70% success rate in getting welfare recipients into full-time employment. RALPH can find $100,000 to rename Highway 2, and SEVERAL MILLION for increased salaries of his favourites, but he can't find funding to help the poor or disadvantaged.


"Corporate Alberta"

This is RALPH's term for the province. There may be no Tri- lateral Commis- sion con- spiracy, but you couldn't prove it in Alberta where RALPH is be the biggest proponent of the philosphy: What is Good For Big Business is Good For everybody". Alberta is the most extravagant Province in Canada when it comes to Corporate Welfare Handout legislation for large Multinational Corporates. Look at these profit margins: Insurance Industry 1,000 % profit increase Logging Lowest royalties and stumpage fees in the world. Big Oil 600 % increase; lowest wellhead royalties and fees in the world Cigarette Industry 300 % profit increase Banking 600 % profit increase Meat Packers 300 % profit increase Foreign-owned feedlots 200 % profit increase Multinational Health Care proposed delisting of Health Care to channel profits into corporates Utilities removed from public ownership in a 'giveaway' sweetheart deal to be snapped up by multinationals RALPH made a name for himself withe the speech "the government is not in the business of business." In late October he again came out with the same speech. Guess it does not apply when CONSERVATIVE-FRIENDLY BUSINESSES are involved. Look for example: Attempts to destroy Thompson Consulting (for which the courts fined the Alberta Government $250,000). $7,000,000 given to an agency to compete with Heritage Consulting. Doling out billions to the Pulp and Meat Packing Industries. Rubber-stamping of obscene raises by utility companies (higher than elsewhere in North America) Refusing to get involved in investigating the ENRON/TRANSALTA scandal which has resulted in billions of dollars in fines elsewhere. Refusing to look into (whitewashing) the petroleum Industry's runnaway raising of prices. Giving the petroleum industry a $20/barrel subsidy on top of high gasoline prices. Approving 512 new wells to be drilled contrary to Supreme Court rulings in aboriginal lands.

Ralph is the King of Hypocricy

HIS record is worse than Paul Martin's
RALPH's government has doled out BILLIONS to big corporates:

Oilsands $uncounted billions Swan Hills $1,000 million Daishowa Pulp $800 million ALPAC Pulp Mill $500 million Meat Packers $400 million U.S. Packers $240 million Lakeseide $ 32 million Cor-Van $ 29 million Cargill $ 9 million Horse Racing $130 million Electric Co's. $ 50 million West Ed Mall $ 30 million Miller-Western $ 10 million Alberta Archives $ 7 million Pocklington $ 6 million Health Insurance $ 2 million

Daishowa Pulp Mill (since sold several times) was built at almost no cost to the investors - and only minimal costs to the purchasers, who received a government incentive to buy. The Alberta Government boasts that 6 of the biggest lumber & pulp mills in North America are in this province - for which the province has paid BILLIONS for bragging rights. One thing that RALPH'S GOVERNMENT does not brag about is the fact that the forest industry STRIPS 350 SQUARE MILES OF FOREST EVERY YEAR IN CLEARCUTTING. No doubt in a sensitive and environmentally friendly, sustainable way. If you havn't guessed it by now, it should be obvious that the Alberta Forest Service works for the benefit of the industy, not for Environmental Protection. There are in fact few areas left in Alberta that have not been logged - including Wood Buffalo National Park and Lubicon Lake Cree Tribal Lands and Bobtail Cree Tribal Lands which have never been settled for by Treaty. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION UPDATE Good Godling Ralph has decided that Alberta has too much Public and Protected Environmental preserves. First he opened the Wilderness Preserves and Environmental Preserves to petroleum exploration/ extraction, and now it is for sale. If you have ever traveled along the Red Deer River you will be familiar with this policy. Between Tail Creek bridge and Dry Island bridge is a large swath of Environmental Preserve - but not one single access to it or the river. Instead, public roads lead directly to and end at the security gates and booths of multi-million dollar estates of PC cronies built on the edge of and into lands that were formerly Environmental Preserves. The Alberta Advantage certainly does exist for PC Buddies, but is hard to find if you're an Alberta Peasant. Attaway to go Ralph. Who cares for preserving things for posterity; we'll never see it anyway. Everything is for sale to your PC budies, corporate elite and multi-nationals. Did you know that in 1995 Canada: only 1 % of Canada's arrable land base is still in a near- natural state, and is not yet farmed or exploited. This is owned 10 % by the Federal Government, 50 % by Provincial Governments, and 40 % by private interests. It contains 70 % of Canada's endangered species (Scotton 1995) Only 1 % left, in such a large country. What is the rest of the world like then? Did you know that most of this 1 % is in Northern Alberta and the Mackenzie Valley? Northern Alberta's untapped lands are equal to all the land that is already being farmed in Alberta Of course, that was in 1995. Since then we've lost 70 % of that 1% to clearcutting, resource extraction and sale. The Swan Hills Hazardous Waste Plant was given a sweetheart deal by RALPH's government. It is guaranteed to make a huge profit whether it actually does anything or not. PETROLEUM/GAS INDUSTRY Alberta has one of the lowest wellhead costs on petroleum recovery in the world, but producers are allowed to bill us at the Texas Crude rate - the highest rate in the world. Check these costs of gasoline in other countries (in Canadian dollars): U.S. (Montana) $0.84/litre Moscow $0.67/litre China $0.61/litre Venezuela $0.17/litre Iraq sells at $0.12/litre Saudi Arabia $0.05/litre Alberta has the highest domestic gasoline rates of any producer Alberta-supplied gasoline is 30% cheaper in Montana. In addition to paying at the pumps ALBERTA TAXPAYERS PAY A 25% SUBSIDY ON THE COST OF EACH BARREL OF OIL PRODUCED. Plus: the Petroleum Industry receives $20 MILLION in FREE GRANTS and forgoes $350 MILLION in Corporate Taxes through the Royalty Tax Credit Program every year. And they only have to pay 1% royalty. Wah-wa! Do you think you and I might get that deal? EXXON/ESSO made the BIGGEST PROFIT EVER RECORDED BY A CORPORATION IN HISTORY in the first quarter of this year. Shell Canada made a profit of $45 MILLION in the first quarter of this year. KETCH RESOURCES profits ar up 1,500% over last year. In the U.S.of A. an all-party committee is looking into possible collusion in the industry regarding these windfall profits. In Canada? Ho Hum. In Alberta? Blasphemy!!! As we know, in Canada any such investigation is nothing more than a whitewash. In the U.S., if you have not read up on ENRON, NORTEL etc., these investigations get results (much as I hate to admit anything good about the U.S. system). In Alberta Gregg Melchin, Minister of Energy, has just come out to assure us that he just completed and intensive in-house study of the Energy industry and that everything is just Hunky-Dory. No need to be concerned. Everything is just fine. Nothing needs to be changed. Why, the poor energy companies are just barely scraping by. Honest. Funny, all the other Cabinet Ministers who supposedly have a stake in this have all said they know of no such review being done. As it turns out, this is another one of those investigations and consulting reports that somehow never come up with reports, written documents or files, agendas or meeting timetables on file, for which this Conservative Government is famous. But Gregg will be more than happy to share the information with us. When the time is right. Or when necessary. Someday. Maybe. Trust Me. And when the Little Emperor RALPH was asked if there was such a review his answer was "I DON'T GIVE A TINKER'S DAMN. It's business as usual." And indeed so it is in the Alberta Conservatives government. And just to be clear on the point, when RALPH was asked if Albertans were getting short-changed by the Oil Industry royalties his answer was the same. And RALPH of course is the genius who sold of the provincial oil company just prior to the rise in oil prices. Who to? A U.S. conglomerate headed by Conservative friends. And just to drive the point home, the same day that the Federal Government cut the GST by 1%, which would save Henry and Martha 1 cent per litre at the gas pumps, the Petroleum Industry raised the price of gas 1 cent per Litre. UTILITIES: It was KING RALPH and Dinning who were at the wheel when the government sat down with ENRON and and consented to aid and abet the ENRON scam, in which ENRON made $44,000,000.00 IN 22 HOURS by price fixing, which left Alberta with the highest utility rates among the Canadian provinces. Now, of course, He is totally against an inquiry to determine what and how it happened. In fact, Don Hill, investigative reported for the C.B.C., was recently fired for pursuing the ENRON enquiry. (How many of RALPH's political cronies had shares in ENRON ?) The State of California, on the other hand, is pursuing prosecution of ENRON. ENRON, of course, was a follower of WORLDCOM - another Alberta Company with close links to the CONSERVATIVES, which set the standard for Corporate theft and irregularites in accounting. Ebbers, the CEO, in fact, has received a life sentence for fraud in the U.S.A.. But of course, the Alberta Government refuses to consider even looking into the matter. And Texas, Oregon and New York are now also prosecuting ENRON related companies for the same scam. But not RALPH! Wouldn't do to prosecute a crony. Besides, might be a directorship or two up for grabs. And now TRANSALTA, the company spawned by the Government from the former public-owned Alberta Utilities for which the Public paid the development cost prior to them being given away in sweetheart deals, is under investigation in the U.S. for it's partnerships with ENRON in price-gouging schemes. But not a peep in Alberta, home base for TRANSALTA. EPCOR will receive $80 MILLION NOT TO PRODUCE POWER in one of it's plants next year. Maybe Alberta Government members should be investigated to see just who had lucrative income from those companies or company stock. And by the way, what were those preferred stocks that RALPH Klein's wife got at such a bargain at the time ? Utilities have an interesting Sweetheart Deal with RALPH's Government : They are guaranteed to purchase the resource at minimum wellhead price, and permitted to sell at the highest North American Spot Price. (Lumber mills have a similar Seetheart Deal). Utility costs in Alberta are 17% higher than in other Canadian provinces. even though it has the lowest production costs in North America. These are the same guys that told the Seniors on fixed income and the poor to Put On Sweaters if their heating costs were too high. And we now find out that the Alberta Government has approved skyrocketing power costs for next year. And now in His Divine Wisdom, RALPH has decided that Alberta Taxpayers should shell out another $1.5 BILLION to build new transmission lines for the Electric companies so they can export electricity to the U.S. AT BELOW ALBERTA RATES. Oh, did I mention that when these utility companies were privatized, they did not have to pay for the exisiting infrastructure/plants/ delivery grids for which the Alberta taxpayers had been charged extra taxes? Did you know that the Energy and Utilities Board - the Government Watchdog on Utility Companies (but is paid for by the corporates) has NEVER refused a request to raise utility rates? RALPH has now

approved a 100% increase in utility charges

to customers for Home Heating Gas for this winter. Seems the gas companies wouldn't make their projected profits because the winter might be too warm.


Twenty years ago Usury - anything over 10% in increasing charges or profits, was against the law in Alberta. It was a crime normally carried out only by loan sharks and organized crime, and severely punished. By the definition of Usury and the old laws, these companies are guilty, and the Government of Alberta! is guilty of "Aiding and Abetting" and "Collusion"! Of course, the Usury laws were some of the first things done away with by RALPH's Government when he was first elected - on the grounds that this would lead to cheaper utilities for all. Liar! HE was warned of this the time, but it was more important to make open loopholes for exploitation by HIS corporate buddies.! INSURANCE: Same deal. Collusion, aiding and abetting. Auto insurance rates have been skyrocketing, the industry claiming poverty (the poor fellows only made $2.5 BILLION profit last year) so RALPH had his flunkies sit down with the Industry bigwigs, called it a Public Consultation, and rubber-stamped what the industry was doing. To get a 1-year rate freeze (effective in October - my insurance being due in September, I did not qualify), RALPH's Conservatives put a permanent cap on injury payouts and the industry gave a reduction of $12.00 in the average rate. Industry profits have doubled to $5 BILLION in the last year. Now RALPH is considering a mandatory a rate reduction (another $12.00?) for October of this year. No matter; I don't qualify. PRIVATIZED HEALTH INSURANCE: Good Old RALPH just paid Aon Corp. - a private Health Insurance Corporation (which has been indicted of illegal activity in a number of cases - $1.5 MILLION to $prepare a report for the Government of Alberta recommending that it switch to Privatized Health Insurance. Gee. Surprise surprise. Yes, this is the Aon Corp. that in the U.S. paid out fines or $160 MILLION to avoid going to court on Kickback charges. This is the same Aon that is being prosecuted in Manitoba for Fraud. And what does Ralph and his Minsiters say? You guessed it: "I know nothing!" HORSE RACING INDUSTRY - "THE SPORT OF MILLIONAIRS": Yup, Good Ol RALPH (and now Stelmach) had to give these poor folks $130 MILLION to make ends meet. That's for an industry that employes 7,000 people and generates at total of $230 million in income a year (apparently mostly from government grants). Now isn't that nice! That is $17,000 PER PERSON in the industry. Boy, I'm sure the stableboys and grooms will appreciate that. What? $450,000 of this goes to the Prez. and Vice-Prez. of this little club for "salaries" -- (NOT including their perks, expense accounts and expense-paid trips to examine horse racing in Kentucky, Mexico, Rio, Monacco and Casablanca. Oh, Trickle- down economy is it? The guys at the bottom don't get any? As it happens, 80% of the money goes to the 20% of the top guys in the business - that is, the horse owners. Let's see now, that means that about $105 MILLION goes to 34 guys - about $3,000,000 PER PERSON. Hey, not bad for a hobby that is indulged in mostly by politicians and their friends with money to spend. This, of course, will TRICKLE DOWN to the guys that are actually shoveling you-know-what in the barns. After all, these 34 guys will no doubt spend a good chunk of their $3 million on trips to Cancun, and new Masaratti, eating out and a good mess of furniture or new house, and probably buy another horse or two and hire another shoveler or two - at the same old wages. Another 80% of the remaining $26 million will go to capital developments and upgrading. Take away $10-15 million for the Prez and VP and for "administration and operating expenses". About 50% of the remainder will go to new hiring (110 new flunkies were hired), leaving about $ZERO for the remaining 6,966 employees in the industry. Sorry 'bout that. Shut up. Be happy. Now RALPH is talking about giving another 1 BILLION to the U.S PACKERS. This is at the same time they are clawing back aid given to farmers and ranchers for the Mad Cow thing - and the same time that Ralph has put in legislation that the workers of these packing plants can't go on strike for better wages and working conditions. All this at the same time as RALPH's Government was giving out $7 million to a government agency to duplicate and undercut work being done by a private entrepreneur in the province, guaranteeing the failure of his business and loss of 30 years work and $1 million investment. And if you were in doubt, these industries have annouced

RECORD PROFITS IN THE PAST YEAR: Banks Insurance Industry Oilsands Petroleum Industry

(600% increase in PROFITS during RALPH's reign)

Meat Packers Utility Companies Alberta Archives

Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy that HIS EMINENCE has been able to see his way clear to help these suffering industries with your tax money? Oh, by the way, Utilities are 30% CHEAPER IN ONTARIO than in Alberta.


For Corporates, yes, but not for me and you, the 'Severely Normal' Albertan.
Rest assured, your $400 won't go far to cover the cost increases of the past year - let alone of the past 10.
ALBERTA PLANNING TO EXPORT WATER TO THE US PRIVATIZATION (PRIVATE OWNERSHIP) OF WATER DELIVERY, which has trippled the costs to users, and been such a public disaster in Europe, South Africa, Mobile, New Orleans and elsewhere that it is being outlawed. What do you think the Central Alberta Community Water Pipeline is all about ?


Ten years ago RALPH cut the Health Care budget by 30% and decommissioned 2 hospitals, mothballed 1, had numerous wards mothballed, and shut down rural services. He then used this as an excuse to claim that there were not enough hospital facilities to provide needed services and not enough money to pay for the needs. Canadian Health Care is now down from # 1 in the world to # 30. It is surpassed by ALL developed-world and some THIRD-WORLD HEALTH CARE. And ALBERTA's Health Care is only at # 6 IN CANADA, OVERTAKEN BY A NUMBER OF THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES. In the meantime RALPH's Health Care ministers give away $400,000.00 contracts at a time to buddies without the requirement of bidding or having to submit reports or accounting. (Not to be outdone, RALPH gave Murray Smith, the past Minister of Utilites who told Seniors and the poor to put on sweaters if the high utility costs were a hardship, a $1/4 MILLION job in Washington, along with a $1/2 MILLION severance package when he failed to get re-elected. In addition RALPH just gave his Chief Of Staff and old buddy, Steve West, a $180,000 severance package for 6 months of work. Yes, this is the same Steve West that in the early 1990's was laying off Provincial employees left and right without severance packages. This is the same Steve West that had government administrators lay off staff 1 week before becoming elegible for severance packages and pensions. Yes folks, like Paul Jackson said in the Calgary Sun, there IS a 2-tier system in Alberta; one set of rules for RALPH and his Conservatives, and one for the rest of Alberta. When asked about the apparent smell of this deal, RALPH used his stock response "I KNOW NOTHING!!. Like the man said, "Trust Me".) The only thing that RALPH's posturing has been consistent on for the last 8 years has been the privatization of Health Care. While RALPH has backed off from his posturing on every other issue He ever faced, not so with health care. RALPH is adamant that He will shove privatized health care down the public throat. So far RALPH's Government has spent around $1 BILLION in trying to ram it through. That could have paid for a lot of services and maybe saved a few lives. This raises the question of WHY is RALPH so adamant? Nobody is that adamant about anything unless there is some personal gain involved. Five years ago we warned that privatization was His agenda come hell or high water. This year, RALPH's first action after after re-election was to authorize privatization. This is The Man who gave us the Social Services Industry. "And of course, there is the Aon Corporation thing, noted above. Yes, this is the same company being prosecuted in Manitoba for kickbacks. Do you suppose there might be kickbacks in Alberta? Naw. Perish the thought. "Trust Me"


Taxes in Alberta have been steadily increasing, and are now approaching 220%
what they were before the election of the Klein Government. The Klein Government will of course point out that Provincial Income Tax has not risen substantially in those years, but conveniently ignore that things that were once covered by Income Tax payments have now been downloaded on the public in the form of user fees, or have been downloaded onto local governments who then have to raise Property Taxes and School Taxes. Your Income Tax now pays mainly for salaries and pension packages to the politicians. RALPH will take home a $1,000,000.00 seperation package when he retires, plus a $60,000 annual pension. No wonder He no longer gives a SH.T about the peasants.


We've been warning about this for years: A Red Deer Seniors couple committed suicide. Caught in the squeeze between a fixed income, escalating costs and reductions in health care and seniors services, the couple could no longer make ends meet. Beset by MS but still trying to work to make ends meet they found it no longer within their abilities. The other day they went out for one last picnic, to a beautiful and inspirationl spot along the Red River, and committed suicide. Thanks Ralph, for your 'MADE IN ALBERTA' 'Alberta Advantage'. This is your legacy.

Senior's Savings slashed 75%

Senior's saving have been slashed by devaluation of senior's retirement savings due to increases in the cost of living and the increasing implementation of user fees to pay for services for which tax dollars were to pay. This has marginalized a large percent of the seniors population, which will ultimately result in larger requirements on Senior's living subsidies payouts. And if you are one of the many seniors who'se live's retirement savings have been destroyed by the rising costs of utilities, services, taxes and user fees, and find that your saving's just don't cut it anymore, or won't make it to the next RRSP maturity, don't expect help from the province to get you over a hum. Here's what RALPH has told Social Services and Senior's services to tell you



When PHAT RALPH was first elected his statements were that Well Educated Albertans were Alberta's Most important Resource; He promised that "Alberta will have the lowest - MADE IN ALBERTA - tuition rates in Canada" - and promptly slashed the Education budgets by 30%. The net effect was that Provincial schools could no longer afford to deliver the level of services they had; post-secondary tuition has climbed at an average of 8% per year. Alberta now has the highest post-secondary tuition costs in Canada. The Klein Government can give away $400,000 at a shot to buddies without requiring any noticeable service, but it can not find the $4,000,000 it would take to being down tuition costs. In this time overall litteracy has dropped and the number of young people in remedial 'Adult Education' is up 600 % from the time that remedial education was introduced to "stamp out" illiteracy. RALPH's Government still reminds us every other month that Education Remains is the Main Priority of the Government. Just don't ask to see them put in any money (other than to raise teacher's salaries, as if that would improve a collapsing infrastructure). To show how serious He is, RALPH's out kissing babies to insure them that their future education is important. In his great magnamity, he is giving EACH CHILD BORN THIS YEAR a $500 bank account for his/her future education. That's about the value of the first-term books at college. By the time these kids up grow up to go to college, it should cover the costs of a couple of the books. On the surface, this 'generosity' seems idiotic. Not so!. It's the best educational PR milage RALPH can get with $500,000.00. Such a paltry sum given to education would be swallowed whole without a ripple if applied any other way. The NAME OF THE GAME is OPTICS: Seem to be Doing Something and Get the Best Bang For The Buck.


Good Home-boy RALPH has consistently taken a strong anti-native stance. This in spite of - or maybe because of - the fact that the Kleins are of Native ancestry. In booming Alberta Native unemployment is higher than among any other ethnic group in Canada, and higher than unemployment in most other provinces. Off-Reserve Native uneployment 9.2% On-Reserve Native unemployment 79.8% Nor has RALPH's government shown any interest in developing plans to deal with this issue. Before RALPH there was the OPPORTUNITY CORPS PROGRAM, a very effective and successful program that was designed to deal specifically with this problem. It was so successful, in fact, that it was being expanded into inner-city and non-native areas. It was also the first program shut down when RALPH came into power. Instead of developing the Native workforce - the single largest future workforce and existing reserve of manpower, it has decided instead to subsidize importing of foreign labour from the Middle East and Central America. The United Nations has cited Canada as being a country that has one of the worst records internationally of failing to insure Human Rights to it's indiginous people - and ALBERTA is given as the worst offending Province in Canada. Not only has this government shown a total disdain for helping develop the Native workforce, it has taken active steps to hamper or destroy existing native businesses. The business mentioned above as being undercut by RALPH's sponsorship of a government agency to duplicate the work is Native owned and operated. (see also Theft Alert, below). Nor is this unique. Another example is the dealings the Government had in trying to destroy another Native-owned and operated company, Thompson Management Ltd. After 6 years of legal action, the courts awarded the company $265,000.00 in damages. Bets the Klein Government will pay up? RALPH's Government has a consistent history of trying to act as Intervenors in Aboriginal Rights and Treaty Claims to attempt to prevent aboriginal peoples from achieving recognition of their Treaty rights in court - to the point where the Supreme Court of Canada has told the Government of Alberta to Get Lost!. For example, RALPH'S GOVERNMENT has just approved drilling 512 new wells on lands belonging to the Lubicon Lake First Nation, who have never surrenderd their lands or rights in treaty (but have been trying to reach a reasonable deal for the past 100 years). RALPH'S GOVERNMENT refuses to recognize the legal rights of the Lubicon Lake AND a ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada.


Good Old Loveable RALPH told the Quebec Chamber of Commerce in January 2005 (ever notice that none of these guys can stay home when faced with taxpayer paid trips?) that Alberta has a thriving Francophone culture. True, but no thanks to RALPH or his cohorts. They were doing that quite well on their own long before Official Multiculturalism came along. The Dions were well in the forefront in the 1950's, as were the Saddlebacks for Native culture - back when Alberta was still an Apartheid State and attempting to prohibit Indians from leaving the reserves and Francophone Metis from living in towns. Alberta's Progressive Conservative Governments have been less than en- thusiastic supporters of both Francophone, French/Metis or Francophone/Indian cultural endeavors. In 2005 Alberta celebrates a major CENTENNIAL bash. Native Canadians are not invited to share in the celebration, other than to provide the usual colonial 'Local Color' background and trinket sales to tourists. Never mind that Cree and Blackfoot history is 70,000 years old and French history 350 years old in this province. Did I mention that MRS. RALPH was Chairman of the Centennial Committee ? To date, the ALBERTA CENTENNIAL PARTY has been the NON-EVENT of TWO CENTURIES. Fort Vermilion's Bicentennial Celebration (800 people and no tax base) was a bigger event than the ALBERTA THING to date. But then, Fort Vermilion's people have historic ties and a spirit of history and actually care; RALPH's cronies are mostly a bunch of recent foreigners with no historic ties to this province. But I suppose you can sympathise with MRS. RALPH. After all, what can you do when your salary isn't much more than Fort Vermilion had to spend on it's entire celebration? As part of the Alberta Centennial celebrations, the Government was approached for some financial support for two projects, that they might see completion for 2005. The Government of Alberta rejected funding the 2 projects featuring the Native and French history. 1. A study and documentation of the Colville Trail - the old French/Indian trail from Edmonton to Oregon Territory. In essence Canada's Oregon Trail - which predates the U.S. Oregon trail by at least 100 years. It was used yearly by the Indians, Mountainmen (of which Alberta had hundreds, largely French Metis), and French traders and trappers, was the main imigrant route to Oregon, and saw the first Cattle Drive in the west. Private research has already located some parts of the old trail that were cut into mountain ridges and cordueroyed in swampy areas. It featured the first bridge west of Red River. 2. Funding for the final editing and map preparation of a history of the French and Indians in Alberta - a manuscript accepted for publication by a major university publisher as being a major contribution to the knowlege of not only the French and Indians in the west (tracing Cree history to postglacial times and French history to 1650), but to our knowlege of Canadian history in general, as well as providing significant insight into the processes of a Nomadic society over a period of 400 years - which has never before been available anywhere to students in the fields of Anthropology, Archaeology and History. However, according to the Government of Alberta, Aboriginal History is not significant enough to the history of Alberta to warrant funding. In other words, the history of Alberta starts with coming of Anglo- European settlers. History in Alberta did not exist until 100 years ago. And truthfully, Indian history had little place in Alberta history in the past century. For the first part of the century they were confined to their reservations, could not leave without a day-pass. Indians and French-Metis were legally declared non-people, without benefit of rights or legal protection. It was illegal for Indians to question government actions or work for Indian Rights. In the second half of the century Indian and Metis activists began to work for - and achieve - individual rights and Native Rights - something that was generally fought tooth and nail by the Province of Alberta. Most recently Premier RALPH Klein passed legislation to prevent Indian Nations from protesting energy and resource extraction from aboriginal lands - legislation since struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada. No wonder the Government of Alberta does not consider Indian or French history in the province as being important - it has been a thorn in the side of the Progresive Conservative Government plundering of resources.

Native Treaty Rights gone

The Klein Government has a long history of trying to do away with Native Rights, especially where it interferes with his corporate buddies making profit. This goes way back to trying to trick the Lubicon Lake people into giving up their rights. With Bill 41 RALPH made it illegal for First Nations to take actions against resource extraction companies in pursuit or defense of their lands and rights.The Supreme Court of Canada had to remind King RALPH that his Bill 41 was illegal. LUBICON LAKE; Government of Alberta continues to attempt to shaft these people. The Lubicon Lake Band has long ago reached a Treaty agreement with the Government of Canada. The Alberta Conservative government and RALPH Klein's government in particular have refused to approve it. Furthermore, they have tried many ways to get individuals to throw away their Treaty status and claims. On several occasions government agents told little old ladies that they would be glad to give them yearly supplies of firewood, all they had to do was sign an agreement. The 'agreement' turned out to be a deed to give away their rights to their homes and claims to the land that they were resident on and agree to pay Provincial Property Taxes. While Alberta witholds approval of a Treaty, they are not so reluctant to approve permits and licenses for logging operations and petroleum extraction on lands that are recognized by Canadian law, the Supreme Court, and International Law as belonging to the Lubicon Lake Band. Protests and challenges by the Lubicon Lake Band to this trespass and exploitation on Lubicon Land are treated as criminal offenses. If Lubicon Lake band members hunt, trap or cut wood on their own land they face prosecution by the Provincial Government. In 2005 the Government of Alberta approved the construction of 522 wellsites and access roads on Lubicon's land. This is the same compasionate Conservative Government that burned out Indian homes and shot their cattle if they refused to move off their Kootenay Plains homesteads so that Alberta Power - the fore-runner of ENRON - could build the Bighorn Dam and flood the valley. Similar things occured at Fort Fitzgerald. ALBERTA DUMPS ON NATIVES AGAIN - BILL 41 (This legislation has been ruled illegal by the Supreme Court of Canada) Ralp Klein has also stated that his government has no intention of upholding the Supreme Court decision that Metis have equal hunting/fishing rights as the Treaty Indians. Metis hunters and fishermen will be prosecuted by the Provincial Government of Alberta and will have to fight each individual case to the Supreme Court of Canada - at a cost of millions. And when the Supreme Court instructs the Government of Alberta to pay damages, do you suppose that they will ? And let's not forget the ROSSDALE CEMETERY, an aboriginal cemetery with hundreds of burials. This was the old Fort Edmonton cemetery. Names of some of those interred are known and research would likely find the names of others. RALPH and his cronies tried their damndest to have the site bulldozed and developed (even though it is on the floodplain), in the face of aboriginal and public protests, until finally the courts ordered a halt. Contractors had been ordered to dispose of remains in a local landfill. Remains of some 30-100 bodies are estimated to have been dumped in the landfill. Now RALPH's cronies want to build on the landfill. Predictably RALPH's government is in full support and stonewalling protests, to hell with the bodies.

We Include the following item by permission:

This site has contained original research and copyrighted material. The Government of the Province of Alberta (Canada) has recently given $7,000,000.00 to a competing Archives Network to gather this data and tap into our databank to duplicate our databank of their own use and disposition, including the charging of fees. The Government of Canada has given the Roots Project of McGill University and the University of Alberta $1,000,000.00 for a similar purpose. Consequently, we have removed this site from the Public Domain. Oiginal information research by our organization will no longer be available on Internet. Some of the Public Domain data from this site should again be available from a Government website in about 5 years - some will never be available on the Public Domain again. If you would like to see this site back on line, and find a delay of 5 years bothersome, contact any of the following to voice your request. The Premier of Alberta Ralph Klein Deputy Premier Ann McClellan Minister, Community Development Gary Mar Minster, Aboriginal Affairs Pearl Calahison Minister Mike Cardinal MinisterEd Stelmach Leader of the Opposition M.L.A. Alberta MuseumsDirector David Dusome However, since both of these addresses are filtered through numerous finctionaries, the message is not likely to get to the boss. On the other hand, the following FAX numbers go directly to the boss: Premier of Alberta 1-780-427-1349 Minister of Canadian Heritage 1-819-994-5987 Both levels of government knew full well that this would destroy the aboriginal business involved and cause a personal loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in development costs, not to mention the livelihood of the family. Ed.

Personal Rights gone

by making it illegal for individuals injured in traffic accidents from pursuing compensation from Insurance comapanies.

What Next ?

Look Forward to these next issues to be passed

Privatization of Water

(like gas and electricity)

Provincial Building Megaprojects for Private Industry

Fort McMurray Railway

to be operated by private interests for industry, funded by the taxpayer and guaranteed by the taxpayer

Privatization of the Highway to Ft. McMurray

and others

Privatization of Water delivery

including building a municipal water delivery pipeline to connect half of central Alberta for the benefit of private management

Water Export

Incidentally; some 10 years ago RALPH arranged for a developer friend of his to get permission to build on top of the abandoned coal mines at Canmore. (I assure you, RALPH got nothing for this, not even a free meal; I'll even swear that "I KNOW NOTHING!". That should make me at least Cabinet material in our government). In Trail and Sparwood (BC) they don't even let you walk on the old minesites due to danger of collapse - and those mines are in hardrock, not in clay and till. Well guess what. Parts of the Canmore mine shafts have collapsed under the development, or are in danger of collapsing. Guess who will be stuck with paying for the costs and damages ? You, sucker! (And speaking of "I know nothing", for those of you who remember the TV show STALAG 13 and the loveable Schultz, who's classic line was "I know nothing!" - sometimes expanded to "I know nothing! I see nothing!". Well our top government leaders and functionaries make Schultz look positively knowlegeable. A government of Schultzes ? Probably an improvement over what we've got.") Disclaimer: (of course, Corporate Welfare Handouts is a totally inaccurate characterization. I am sure that any one of these corporates and RALPH's flunkies can show you how they were sound business investments with immense long-term potential when amortized over 500 years calculated on the per capita potential demand and estimated calculatable potential reserves based on economic formula based on factors and values deemed to be sound projections for the long-term viability of the industry which vis-a-vis its competitors and relative international market positioning and pricing practices, which incidentally, is U.S. based.) NEW BOONDOGGLES (watch for them)

Water Export $ 25 BILLION

Proposed Ft. McMurray Railway $ 6 BILLION

(we had one but RALPH shut it down 10 years ago)

Privatizated Highways $ 4 BILLION

Privatizated Water Utilities $ 22 million

(homeowners to pay 1.30/l, commercial rates are .13/l)