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It is our aim to make Aboriginal and Western Canadian more available to a wider public. Unfortunately, due to the costs of research and development, it still means that we have to pay for the costs somehow, especially now that the Government of Alberta has undercut our efforts. To help us make more of this information available to the public, we are implementing a program of answering questions of interest and placing them in the Public Domain, and of accepting sponsorship for posting and maintaining information of special interest to our readers and researchers. We will be pleased to send you replies to your inquiries and questions, of to forward to you information from our files for the price of a donation to cover the costs of staffing our site and retreiving the data for you. Replies can be sent to you confidentially by e-mail at your request, or will be posted on an FAQ page. NOTE For those of you not familiar with Aboriginal society, it is a normal sign of respect when visiting or asking questions of an Elder, teacher, spiritual leader or respected person to bring a gift. Normally this is in the form of tobacco. Today it is normally a package of cigarettes that are offered. This is as a sign of respect for the Elder, and as an acknowlegement that the questioner is serious. The tobacco is then consecrated by the Elder to the Great Spirit and is used in a Holy Manner to offer prayers to the Great Spirit. Smoke from tobacco is said to be a message to the Great Spirit conveying respect and thank you, and the tobacco is offered by the Elder to the Great Spirit. The accepting of tobacco by an Elder is often followed with a ritual question: "What do you want to know?" Elders tend to think it a gross display of poor manners and ignorance if this is not done, and will often refuse to respond. If the learning and questions are not enough value to you to show minimal respect and manners, it is not worth answering. Because questions and learning in today's society are no longer necessarily face-to-face, sending of tobacco can be somewhat cumbersome. Like in many things, the tobacco has been substituted by money of similar value, along with a statement requesting that the offering be accepted in lieu of tobacco. The Elder then uses the money to purchase the tobacco for the offering. The justification here is (rightly or wrongly) that it is the intent and action that are the key ingredient, not the tobacco itself. Send your questions to: Heritage Consulting
Your donations are made through PayPal to insure security and proper accounting and recordkeeping. We can also send you more complex and involved information from our files at our standard rates or provide more extensive data on request.


We have in the past approached the Governments of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Canada for sponsorship to develop this site and being more of this information to the public. We have also approached the Hudson's Bay Company and the major Oil Companies. We have also approached the National Museum of Canada, the Provincial Museum of Alberta and the Glenbow Museum, the Smithsonian and the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre. We have also approached the Universities of Alberta and Calgary, and the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre. Quite obviously, promoting Indian history is not of any interest to any of these organizations. In fact, it would be fair to say that the main interest in Western Canadian Aboriginal history is not in Western Canada or among the aboriginal population, but in the United States and Europe, among descendants of some of the families associated with the west and - interestingly enough - the Lakota Sioux. So, to help continue building our site, we have to turn to sponsorship to our average reader and user - you. With your sponsorship and support we can put more information on Internet for the Public Domain, such as placing a "This Day In the Canadian West" file or family history files. Sponsors names can be posted with information and sections they have sponsored. Send your requests to: Heritage Consulting
Your donations are made through PayPal to insure security and proper accounting and recordkeeping. How to get more detailed information
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