Canada has 12,000,000 people of Aboriginal Ancestry This is 35% of the Population We are the 3rd largest ethnic group. We are the poorest, sickest, most oppressed of all groups in Canada. We have the highest mortality (average life expectancy for a female: 37; for a male: 34) rate (including Child Mortality) of any group in Canada. We are specifically excluded from Human Rights Protection. Our religion is the only one not not protected by law. There are special laws controling "Indians". The City of Edmonton alone has 3,000 aboriginal homeless people living on the streets summer and winter. 46 of these die on the street every year. This, in the City of Edmonton alone, is more than die in the Canadian Armed Forces every year including Afghanistan. Aboriginal communities in Canada live in Third-World Conditions; children here are dying there because of poverty, poor health and lack of clean water. Canada has the highest rate of Child Poverty in the western world. Canada's aboriginals have been referred to as "Canada's Niggers". Every four years the national media re-discovers this - as is currently the case in Attawapiskat, and for 2 weeks is filled with rightous indignation, before the issue disappears for another four years. And now our Dear Leader, Prime Minister has piously rushed forward to declare that it is his divine mission to bring an end to the world's suffering children and poor. Open your eyes to what is in your own yard, Mr. Prime Minister! You spend billions to rush to aid overseas with housing, fresh water and building schools, while there are communities in our own land where there are no schools, unsafe water and third-world housing. The only ones to rush in to help bring in these basic services are FOREIGN aid agencies. Candadians - especially the government - DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN. Canada was the LAST country to sign the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGINOUS PEOPLES - but is failing to implment it. Canadian governments, both Federal and Provincial, still treat the Canadian Indians/Aboriginals with colonialist and racist policies, studiously working to ignore, minimize, avoid or outright ignore the legal Aboriginal and Human Rights of the Canadian Indians - rights enshrined in Law and repeatedly supported by the Supreme Court of Canada. Shame on you and your crass opportunism Prime Minister Harper. Tell our Prime Minister what you think of this. ETHNIC CLEANSING AND CULTURAL COLONIALISM IN CANADA Perhaps it is time that we TAKE BACK THE LAND
Occupy Canada! TAKE BACK THE LAND. Too long those who have stolen our lands - the Government of Canada and it's foreign immigrants - have suppressed and ignored the legal rights of the aboriginal peoples. It is about time that aborignal peoples Take Back The Land and once again recover their legal rights and become the inheritors and rulers of their own country. There are THREE WAYS this can be done: ASSIMILATION POLITICAL ACTION CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE DIRECT ACTION Remember this: There is one lesson from history. ALL EMPIRES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN OVERTHROWN BY BARBARIANS FROM THE NORTH. Though barbarians have rarely founded empires, they have often taken over empires and built on them. The longest lasting empires were empires taken over by barbarians. The only barbarian threat to the Euro-American Empire comes from Canada. And Euro-Canadians are nothing more than part of the Euro-American Empire. That leaves only the Indians (and assimilated) who can wear the mantle of Barbarians. Indeed - that's what most of the Euro-Aliens think of them anyhow. Get it together, guys! ASSIMILATION Assimilation or (peaceful) extermination of the Indians was always the chief aim of the foreign immigrants, that alien Government of Canada. However, the ultimate Assimilationists in Canada were the Cree people. They more-or-less amalgamated every group who bordered them or moved into their territory. That is why there are 12,000,000 Canadians of aboriginal descent. That is why most of these aboriginals identify with the Cree. The Cree were the aboriginal BORG. 'RESISTANCE IS FUTILE' Since we have historically done such a good job of assimilating, amalgamating and absorbing, why is this no longer the case. Or is it? The aboriginal population is growing faster than any other segment of the Canadian population. We are 1/3 of the population. By 2050 we will be 1/2 the population. Be breed in large numbers. And they are mostly Cree and Cree metis. We we cheerfully marry into the alien white population (and into the black, arab and east Indian). So why have we not taken over? No Guts! A buch of pacifists and pragmatists. Want to be good citizens, not make trouble. Maybe it's time we stood up and resumed our historic role. We have (were forced to) assimilate and absorbe the alien/foreign/white culture. Maybe it is time these aliens began to absorb some of our culture and values. Come to mama. Resistance is Futile. POLITICAL ACTION One Third of Canadians have Aboriginal Ancestry. This is 12,000,000 people. That is one Hell of a large political constituencey. It is the single largest voting block in Canada. Whichever party clues in first to serve this constituency will have guaranteed parliamentary ascendancy forever. For that matter, whoever can first organize a Native Canadian party will be guaranteed parliamentary ascendancey. Listen up, political types. Wouldn't be that hard. Don't forget that the INEW ALLIANCE was in control of the Canadian interior from British Columbia to the Atlantic for 500 years. And in all that time there was no strife between the different ethnic, linguistic and cultural groups that belonged to the alliance. That is something no other State can lay claim to. In the 1880's under Chief Big Bear this alliance was further expanding to include the Gros Ventre, Blackfoot, Crow and Sioux. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE Okay, so nowdays we're not so good at getting oursevesl organized. We're better a complaining and waiting for someone else to do something. Well, take your complaints and do something about them. Protest. Get out in the streets. Get in their faces. Make your grievances known. Make your position known. Make your allegiances known. Civil Disobedience is the peaceful assembly (such as the Occupy Movement) and rejecting to be subject to unfair laws, illegal controls and unfair treatment. The rejecting of being conforming to unfair and illegal laws. The key word is PEACEFUL. If you don't mind being manhandled, thrown in jail and likely beaten and abused by the State Police who are paid to do this (they have long since stopped being there to Serve and Protect the public, and have come to more Harass and Oppress), this is the way to go. The classical case of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE is the Lieration of the colonies of India (and Pakistan) by Ghandi. The same laws under which India (and other colonies) were had to be returned to their aboriginal peoples also are still in action in regards to Canada. Thing is, Ghandi's movement was the only one that was ever successful. Other attempts at peaceful change were normally brutally suppressed. The reason Ghandi was successful was simply the overwhelming majority of people in India. They outnumbered the Colonialists by the hundreds of millions. More than 100,000:1. For a social change through Civil Disobedience to have a chance of success it has to have the active support of a ration of 10:1 against the Colonialists, or of over 50% of the population in the general population. Neither of these conditions are likely to exist in Canada in the forseeable future. That is why Civil Disobedience is usually one of the steps leading to DIRECT ACTION DIRECT ACTION is the not-so-peaceful stage of protest, where there is active confrontation with the Establishment and their agents of suppression. DIRECT ACTION also includes pursuing the legal channels to obtain change and redress. Truth is, Governments do not respond well to Civil Disobedience and to rational requests for Reasonable Accomodation. Attempts to change the existing Status Quo between two social groups is known in sociological and anthropological studies as CONFLICT THEORY. CONFLICT THEORY has shown that entrenched power groups will rarely willingly cede power or rights, regardless of how just or legal these demands are. Although logically such change is reasonable and justified, the ESTABLISHMENT will strongly resist such change regardless of court orders or consequences. They will ignore, minimize, avoid or outright ignore the legal orders from the courts, pass new repressive legislation, and respond with increasing violence to direct challenges. Failure to make accomodations is usually more costly and destructive to the ESTABLISHMENT in the long run. It is almost always in the best interests of the ESTABLISHMENT to reach an accomodation early in the process. Nontheless, they rarely do, and become increasingly suppressive. There is an escalation in violent response. This is known as Radicalization of the conflict (think Libya, Syria, etc.). Moderates (such as the proponents of Civil Disobedience and Legal Action) on both sides are increasingly sidelined as it becomes increasingly evident that moderate and legal actions DO NOT bring change. Almost inevitably this process leads to armed conflict and possibly a Guerilla movement. If you don't mind beatings, jail, torture, running around in the bush and in alleys, living with cold and hunger, risking your life, causing mayham, destroying stuff and killing people, this is the life for you. It has great romantic appeal to 98% of Native youth. Consider that a successful guerilla campaign can be maintained with the support of 10% of the population (disregarding certain other tactical and strategic requirements), as opposed to 50%+ for Civil Disobedience. Given that 35% of Canadians are of aboriginal descent, plus the support of dissidents from the 99% OCCUPY movement, a 10% support base would not be hard to maintain. But hold on a minute. The history of such Direct Action is mixed (see Rebellions. Canada has a history of brutally supressing rebellions with the application of massive force and, in the case of aboriginal peoples, then brutally suppressing them to the point of enslavement. In the 1885 Rebellion the General Middleton ordered the deliberate shooting of civilians, men, women and children and the massacre of an entire community. On the other hand, in the aftermath, the Government has normally made many of the changes that were originally asked for. The ultimate costs, in addition to the lives, were that with the military response and costs of implementation of changes, were many many times more than the original cost would have been. BUT THERE WAS NO CHANGE IN THE ESTABLISHMENT AND POLITICAL ELITE who were at the top of the Status Quo.
So, where does that leave an OCCUPY CANADA movement? Not nearly as complicated as it would seem. Get with it!!
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