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WELCOME TO THE HERITAGE CONSULTING information ordering page

HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more information on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 1000 tribes. Our Bulletin Board maintains the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes. In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples.
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How to get more detailed information:

1. Quick Facts & Information: discontinued for now

2. Obtaining Data files

DOS/TXT FILES Below is a listing of TYPE of computer files that can be ordered from HERITAGE CONSULTING containing further information on any of a number of topics (as described in the listins in our Contents page). Each file averages around 160,000 bytes (about 60 pages of printed information) containing concise detailed information. (For samples see 1. Files are shipped in 3.5" disk format or E mailed in text (.txt or .doc) format (as seen here), which is readable by all computer word processing programs, but does not contain variable fonts or graphics. DOS files are convertable to other word- processing formats. DOS files can then be uploaded and the data manipulated and added to as permanent computer files. We can convert such files to other formats (.pdf, .rtf) and to include pictures at extra cost. PDF/E-BOOK FILES
We now also offer our files in .PDF format. These are read- only files that can be uploaded into your computer or other reader as an e-book. PDF files are available directly from us and will be e-mailed to you for $30.00 per .PDF file. Some files can be downloaded directly from Lulu.com
COST SCHEDULE FILES DOS file on 3.5" disk $0.05 CDN/10 byte* (Averages cost of a DOS file is $250.00) see costs of Personages .txt files most files available through e-mail instead of disk PDF files are e-mailed $30.00/file minimum Note that some mailboxes may not have enough space for files containing pictures Histories of the various tribes and bands will often run into multiple files. PARTIAL FILES Information on individuals and/or families will normally take less space than full files, hence will have less cost. Note that our research is ongoing, new data is added daily and files updated and revised. Major analyis is occasionally done of particular research interest which will expand certain facets of this information in great and previously unknown detail. On request we can coallate cross-related information into existing files - the results usually doubling the size of the file. Go To Files List

3. History Scroll

A 1 page research report available outlining origins and history, persons or genealogies. Available about individuals, families, bands or places. Suitable for framing. $60.00 CDN (includes shipping & handling)

4. Personalized Research Reports:

---------------------------------------------------------- | | | HERITAGE CONSULTING will produce a 6-page professional | | report for you on any of the names or topics listed | | below for a cost of $250.00 CDN, including shipping | | & handling. | | | | HERITAGE CONSULTING | | 718 BLACKFALDS, ALBERTA, CANADA TOM OJO | | 1-403-885-2991 | | | ---------------------------------------------------------- Payment by Cheque, M.O., C.O.D., PayPal

5. Bulletin Board Access:

Not Currently Available We are currently working on making our databank internet accessable. Log-On to browse files lists is free. To access files rates are $1.00 per minute, 10 minutes minimum. This provides full access to all files, photos and documents stored on our databank (see descriptions of these files from our Home Page). Data can be copied or downloaded. We will also accept uploads from private researchers if the material is suitable and compatible with our data collecting policy. Contributors will receive credit towards research time in exchange. Submissions accepted will be added to our databank with full accreditation to the contributor. All submissions must meet Copyright requirements. All persons who sign up to search or download files from the Bulletin Board are also elegible for a $5.00 credit for puchases of over $10.00 from our Antiques/Collectables Price Guide and Books files for every $10.00 of research time spent on the Bulletin Board. (Shipping and Handeling extra). Log on to Bulletin Board


Downloads/e-m files vary in costs from Free to several hundred dollars. A rule of thumb is: Indexes, Lists Free (from our website) Pictures, maps $30.00 (from Databank) Data files $250.00 (from Databank) Log-on/downloading also gives you 10 min., 15 min., 100 min. etc. research time in the databank files, plus purchasing credit for the collectables.

6. Reports, printouts, disks

We can prepare disks and printouts of information on file, or prepare specialised reports for you. Payment by cheque or M.O. Call 1-403-885-2991. These are available at a rate $0.05 CDN/byte, minimum: $30.00

7. Faxed/E-Mail data

We will fax/e-mail single-page reports, data files and copies of pictures on file $30.00

8. Free services:

Communities: Heritage Consulting will place your community information in our files at no cost. Researchers: Heritage Consulting carries out certain free research service for users of our Databank. Families: You can upload your own research data. If it is found suitable we will incorporate it into our databank, fully crediting the author, and credit you with free research time on our databank.

9. Books

We have available a series of books. These are available directly from the distributor, Lulu.com, and can be ordered from lulu.com or our web page.


We accept: Cheque Money Order Trading Data ---------------------------------------------------------- | | | HERITAGE CONSULTING | | 718 BLACKFALDS, ALBERTA, CANADA TOM OJO | ---------------------------------------------------------- Orders are processed on receipt of payment. Paypal orders are the fastest as we can process them and send immediately on confirmation of payment. Note that with cheques we are required to wait 3 weeks before shipping to allow banks to clear the cheques. We no longer take C.O.D. orders.

Trading Data

We have an ongoing trading arrangement with some of our users. We will accept NEW data for trade - meaning data that we do not already have on file. Normally this means that we evaluate the data to see if it is new - as a rule, we will respond in kind. Once our BBS is functional, uploads will be automatically credited for further BBS research time.
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