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This page is posted by Heritage Consulting Maski Piton Social Breakdown on the reserve Native Issues Samson First Nation considers itself as a direct descendant of the ASINI WACHI NEHIYAWAK (Mountain Cree), and as the inheritor of the Mountain Cree tradition. This is incorrect. Although some members were from the Mountain Cree, most can not trace direct ancestry to either the Mountain Cree or other bands of the ASINI WACHI WI INIWAK (Mountain People). Samson First Nation lists the following as past Chiefs of the Samson Band: ==================================================================== SAMSON BAND CHIEFS (Samson Tribal Administration 2006 {07}) -------------------------------------------------------------------- 183--184- Louis Joseph Piche 184--185- none 185--186- Maski Piton 186--188- Bobtail 1879-1899 Samson Kanatakasu 1899-1942 Joe Samson 1942-1952 James Crane 1952-1953 none 1953-1955 Baptiste Saddleback 1955-1957 John S. Samson 1957-1959 Felix Buffalo 1959-1961 J.S. Samson 1961-1963 Felix Buffalo 1963-1965 Harry Rain 1965-1969 Jacob Louis 1969-1973 Norman Yellowbird 1973-1975 Arthur Potts 1975-1979 Frank Buffalo 1979-1981 Jim Omeasoo 1981-1983 Victor Buffalo 1983-1989 Jim Omeasoo 1989-1993 Victor Buffalo 1993-1996 Terry Buffalo 1996-1999 Florence Buffalo 1999-2002 Lena Cutknife 2002- Victor Buffalo |-------------------------------------------------------------------| | This chart is incomplete & has errors; see following | | (Fromhold 2007 {07}) | =================================================================== Neither Louis Joseph Piche, Maski Piton (Maskepetoon) or Kiskiyew were chiefs of this band. Piche, Maskepetoon and Kiskiyew were Chiefs of seperate Mountain Cree bands and Head Chiefs of the Mountain People. The band did not exist at this time. The Samson Band derived out of the MUSTUS SAKAHIKAN WI INIWAK (Buffalo Lake People) and were Mountain Cree by territorial affiliation. Samson Band claims to be the direct successor band to Maskepetoon's Band Piche's Band and Kiskiyaw's Band. This also is incorrect. On their website Samson First Nation state that "After the Death of Maskepetoon (Samson) in 1869 Kanatakasu was selected as inheritor of a group of plains crees..." This is incorrect. Up to 1869 Samson Kanatakasew was a minor member of various bands (mostly Nakoda). At this time he was a member of a small Nakoda band (4 lodges) under the leadership of his father-in-law Paul Chian attached to the Methodist Mission at Pigeon Lake. On the death of Maskepetoon Rev. John McDougall promoted Samson as the new local Head Chief of the Plains Cree - which was promptly ignored by one and all, Onacha Minahew Asis (Oonchaminahoos) becoming regional Head Chief of the Plains Cree. During the 1870's Samson was employed by Rev. John and his brother David, a trader. Samson spent the summers on freighting trips to Red River and back. In the mid 1870's the buffalo became extinct in central Alberta, and those Cree and Nakoda with the means followed Head Chief Bobtail (Samson's brother-in-law and senior) south into Montana in pursuit of the buffalo. Those without the means remained hunting into the Buffalo Lake area. Samson was one of those who remained and through this time he gained a following of those attached to the Methodists missions at Pigeon Lake and Victoria. With the absence of Head Chief Bobtail, in 1878 Samson signed an adhesion to Treaty 6 as a Headman to Bobtail's band. Through the influence of Rev. John with the Indian Department Samson came to be recognized as principal Headman in the area. When the people with Bobtail returned in 1881 they found Samson established as the local chief recognized by the Government agent. In 1886 the Government of Canada officially made him a Chief, along with Ermineskin and Louis Bull. In 1884 the Government surveyed seperate reserves for Samson and the other Mountain People bands at Hobbema (now Maskwacis, from MASKWA WACHI ASIS, "Little Bear Hills") - something that Bobtail had tried to avoid. This relationship with the Government was further enhanced in the 1885 Rebellion, where Samson was portrayed as a "Good Indian", being recruited by Rev. McDougall as a Government Scout, while Bobtail was protrayed (wrongly) as a "Hostile" for remaining neutral. In 1885 the Bobtail Band withdrew from Treaty 6 on the grounds that the Government had failed to keep it's part of the Treaty. This left Samson as the principal chief recognized by the Government and Ermineskin Band as the Cadet Branch of the Mountain Cree. Subsequently the Paspaschase Cree/Metis and Chipos Ostikwan Nakoda bands sold their reserves many of these families moved to the Samson Reserve. How to get more detailed information
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