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Mailing Address: Heritage Consulting, 718 CANADA TOM 0JO Ph: 1-403-885-2991 E-m: heritagedatabank@gmail.com HERITAGE CONSULTING is the Main researcher and information source on Western Canadian Native/Fur Trade History and maintains more informa- tion on file than any other source. We specialize in Western Canadian Native and Historical information, but maintain files on over 2000 tribes. Our files are the most comprehensive on-line files on the history of Indian Tribes, the Fur Trade and Aboriginal/Fur Trade genealogies and biographies. We maintain the largest electronic data files and research files on Western Canadian Aboriginal and Fur Trade history and Genealogies on the internet. To date we now have - over 1,000,000 pages of information - biographies/histories on 500,000 westerners from before 1890 - comprehensive histories of over 30,000 tribes and bands In addition, our files are expanding into broader areas of world history and tribal peoples. If you would like to see these BBS files available on internet ************************************************************* * * * We are honored to announce that we have been selected for * * the award of a Links2Go Key Resource Award for our site, * * as being in the top 20 Internet resource sites on Narive * * & fur trade history and genealogy. As we have never tried * * for any awards and are a simple text site without fancy * * graphics, we feel especially honored. The award is based * * on the number of users to the site. Thank you, to all our * * visitors. * * * ************************************************************* Because the Government of Alberta has in the past years has tried to to shut down our site by setting up a competing site with $10,000,000 in government funding (apparently to a Party-Friendly organization which, incidentally, has not been able to get off the ground to provide this information), your help is greatly appreciated in helping us keep this site on line and getting letting it grow once again. We are now also able to answer questions and inquiries on line or confidentially by e-mail. To help support our efforts to bring more knowlege of the early Aboriginal and Fur Trade History into the public domain, please see our Questions and Sponsorthip page. ************************************************************* The founder of Heritage Consulting is a descendant of Chief Pesew of the ASINI WACHI WI ININWAK ("Mountain People") division of the Cree Nation, Mountainman Jacques Cardinal, and fur trader Michael Klein (aka. Michel Cline, or Klyne). The family traces aboriginal ancestry in Alberta to Mountain Cree Chief SISIP PIMOTEWIW (c.1650) and Peigan Chief KUTENAE API. Grandmother never took Treaty or Metis status. Until the age of seven the family were homeless ('squatters', according to mother), taking up residence in two | Magloire Cardinal (L) and the rooms in an abandoned warehouse. | author (R) at the opening of At the age of seven the family moved | the 1980 Lac La Biche Pow-Wow west, living adjacent to the | of which the author was Peigan Reserve in a 2-room uninsu- | Director for 5 years. lated house. Here he first learned English. From there onwards, to a 1-room suite and then a 1 bedroom suite. Mom and dad built a house on their own - digging the basement by hand and then bought a farm in the old Metis settlement at Buffalo Lake (AB).
ASINI WACHI PIMI ('Fats Mountain') Mountain, originally from the ASINI WACHI Cree, was head ('War Chief') of a small Warrior's Lodge - the Buffalo Society - with Kehewin's Band. The Buffalo Society was found principally amount the ASINI WACHI WI INIWAK. Kehewin's Band was forced to join Wandering Spirit's (Big Bear's) faction during the 1885 Rebellion and Mountain's lodge was assigned the duty of looking after the communal cattle herd and the butchering and distribution of rations from this herd. He was likely at the Battle of Frenchman's Butte and Loon Lake (but not at Fort Pitt). After the rebellion Mountain was charged and convicted of being in possession of cattle "not his own" and sentenced to 6 months in jail. At the top is the musket (bottom) reputed to have been carried by Mountain; at right is a reproduction of the headdress reputedly used by Mountain when "dressing Indian". Mountain was Irene's Great-grandfather.
Irene was born in a tent in mid- January between High Level and Fort McMurray and grew up on Beaver Lake Reserve. Like Mr. Fromhold, she did did not learn English until age 8. In her career Irene worked as an Addictions Counsellor, taught Parenting classes, managed a Home- maker Training program, was a business partner with her husband and a business operator in her own right. Irene was also one of the first aboriginal Archaeology Field Workers in Alberta. She was poisoned by the Government of Canada in the policy that allowed the use of Hep-C infected blood for transfusions. Today Mr. Fromhold holds a B.A. in Archaeology, an M.A. in Anthropology, a Ph.D. (pending) in Sociology, a Fine Arts Diploma and is a Certified Business Analyst. The family are absentee members of Beaver Lake Cree Nation. The family were the first members of Beaver Lake F.N.to attend University. In 1967 he was founder of the first newspaper to be established north of Peace River - which was also the first privately owned and operated Aboriginal Newspaper in Alberta. He was also a Bank Manager, and Area Manager for Northern Alberta for the Alberta Government Department of Advanced Education, supervising 3 campuses as well as other departe- mental services. In 1967 he opened one of the first Youth Shelters in Alberta. As an archaeologist he was one of the first archaeologists to do research in the Alberta Rockies, and was a founding member of the Alberta Society of Consulting Archaelogists. He was also a founding member of the Alpine Club of Canada's Banff Cross-country Ski Patrol and, as a mountaineer, has 43 First Ascents in the Canadian Rockies. For a number of years he operated a seasonal Outfitter and Guiding business in the Rocky Mountains and on the lower Peace River, and was a licensed Class A Guide. He was the founder of the Native Cultural Progam at what are now Portage and Bayshore Colleges in northern Alberta. These were the grandfather programs for most of the Cultural Programs that were subsequently established on the reservations in Alberta. He was Director of the Lac La Biche Pow-Wow for five years and President of the Lac La Biche Lions Club for three. The family founded and financed a number of dance groups and cultural events (Need Tipis?. He is a specialist in traditional Native arts, crafts, culture and law. The family maintains the largest collection of Native costuming and memorabilia in aboriginal and private ownership. The family has never received support from any government or native organization in their endeavors. Quite the opposite. The family has always had a dream to set up a Native Museum, Interpretive Center and Research Centre that presents history from the Native viewpoint, and have worked for years towards that end. The first Aboriginal| Cultural programing | In 2009 he located the first recorded burial mounds in at Fort Edmonton | Alberta, a culture from some 1000 years ago not previously Park, 1980 | thought to have been in Alberta. In 2010 he located the now-famous Donalda Buffalo Pound. In 2010 he began to publish a series of history books on Western Cree history. That year he also became a member of the Jasper National Park Aboriginal Forum, and advisory group to Jasper National Park, and Chairman of the Cultural Steering Committee preparing for the upcoming 2011 Nations of Jasper Assembly and Jasper Totem Pole Celebration, for which he will serve as Nations of Jasper National Assembly Camp Chief. Follow the link to see more. Hide Tanning We have been doing this kind of research since 1965. In 1994 we put up the original website, when the Internet was still a DOS-based Lynx system, on freenet.edmonton.com, which is long since defunct. From there we went to rttinc.com, which is also now defunct. Our handle was ASINIWACHI, from the Cree term ASINI WACHI, "Mountain". You will still find some sites that refer to information obtained from us at those addresses. In 2007 we went off line to reconsider our options because 1. The Government of Alberta attempted to cut off our site by giving a grant of $7,000,000 to a politically-linked group to duplicate our work, and who attempted to cut and past our work to their site. At the same time the Government of Canada gave $1,000,000 to an organization to do the same thing. Neither parties have succeeded in gathering the information or research that we have. 2. Problems with theft of copyright research material, which then began to appear on other sites (e.g. Wikepedia) under other people's names. We are now back in a somewhat altered form. Since we are still using some of our templates from 2007, please excuse us if there are sometimes connection errors or blank pages, as we get all this sorted out and updated.
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Publications Heritage Consulting has provided services to: Alberta Advanced Education and Manpower Alberta Career Development Alberta Environment Alberta Parks and Recreation Alexis Nakoda Nation American Indian Movement Archaeological Survey of Alberta Archon Consulting Asini Wachi Cree Asini Wachi O Kichita Bayshore College Bearspaw Nakoda Nation Beaver Tza Tinne Nation Beaver Lake Nation Blue Quills Cultural College Bow Valley Developments Calgary Friendship Center Chipi Sipi Cree Nation City of Edmonton
City of Fort McMurray * Cold Lake First Nations * Constance Lake Cree Nation Crow King's Hunkpapa Lakota * Dene Tha Nation * Donalda Community Development Donalda Museum * Edmonton Stragglers * Enoch Cree Nation Ermineskin Cree Nation * First Nations Wilderness Academy Society Fort Churchill Chipewyan Nation * Fort Normandeau Days Fort St. John Tza Tinne Bands * Fort Vermilion Cemetery Society Friends of the Medicine Hills Society * Glenbow Alberta Institute & Museum Hay River Deh Cho Nation * Heart Lake Dene Nation * High Level Auto Body High Level Chamber of Commerce * High Level Native Friendship Center Horns Society (Siksika Blackfoot Nation) * Imperial Oil Indian and Northern Affairs Canada * Indian Claims Commission Indian Legends Museum * Inew Development Society * Jasper National Park Kehewin Weavers * Keyano College * Kiska Wapta Band * Kwilakwa Shuswap Nation La Crete Sawmills * Lac La Biche Pow-Wow Association Little Red River Cree Nation * Long Lake Cree Nation * Luxton Museum Maskepetoon Historical Society * Moccasin Path Productions Mountain Cree Band * Mountain Cree Family Association Nordegg Heritage Society * Nova Corp. * Nu-West Homes * Old Fort Museum Omers Energy * Paragon Properties * Paspasche Cree Band Piikuni Blackfoot Nation * Plains Indian Cultural Survival School Portage College * Red Deer Museum * River Cree Casino Rossdale Historic Cemetery Society * Saddle Lake Cree Nation Saddle Lake Museum * Samson Cree Nation * Samson Nation Environment Saulteaux Nation * Spotted Eagle Sans Arcs Lakota Band Swan River Cree Nation * Town of Bentley * Tsuu T'Ina First Nation United Nations Human Rights Commission * Village of Cowley Members of Beaver Lake First Nation Member of the Jasper National Park Aboriginal Forum

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