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I am really impressed by this site

Francoise Wilcox - 01-2002

I have never enjoyed visiting a site as much as I have yours!
I have been doing genealogy and research for 20 years and 5 on the internet.
I have been reading on your site for 2 days and I can't get enough! :)
I have found many ancestors listed and love knowing about their history!
Thanks sooooo much for all the work and sharing it with those of us that have the same background! :)

Linda Louviere d'Amours - 01-2002

I sent your URL of your site to the Acadian-Cajun genealogy list I am on for all to enjoy.
You should be getting a lot of traffic today and the rest of the week.

Linda - 01-2002

Your site is wonderful.
Thank you for posting all of your work.
It will take me awhile to go through and read everything but I intend to do so.

Angela Bouchie Doucot - 01-2002

I read and printed out your Indian section 1880 to 1890.
In reading your section I became overloaded by one brutality after another resulting in a numbness in my mind.
I have to find a single event that crystallizes the emotion to be expressed poetically.
 At this point I have to let what you have expressed me to: sit and germinate.
An idea for a painting is evolving in my mind and I have put a quick sketch in my future paintings file.
Thanks for your help.

Keith O'Connor - 01-2002

I visit your site, extraordinary, but I noted some mistake.
It is hard for me to write in English.
If you want more details contact me please.

Raynald Garneau - 01-2002

You can't believe how excited I was to find your site.
It has answered many questions concerning my own genealogy.
By the way good job on placing this info on the internet!
You have already helped a younger generation keep their history accurate.

Steve Polzer - 01-2002

What a wonderful web site.
I enjoyed going through and well bookmark it, to continue reading the historical essays.

Karol Rosman-Hardt - 01-2002

Thanks your help was wonderful.
It helped me out alot now I might have a chance of passing my exam.
Thanks again!

Kristin Wilson - 01-2002

Wow! I've been looking at your site for hours tonight.
I am amazed at your site and intend to come back.
I was surprised about your "health" section.

Melissa Wolter - 01-2002

I am very impressed with your site.
I have reviewed your site and would like permission to use some of your pictures
 for a cultural education manual,
to help give people a better understanding of our history.
Keep up the good work and thank you for providing such an important service.

Doreen Commanda - White Dove - 01-2002

Thank you very much for posting your very helpful timeline.
God bless you.

Linda Fuchs - 02-2002

I am enjoying your site - what a compilation.
You have worked very hard and it shows!

Wanda Winch - 02-2002

Your Web site is outstanding.
Thank you for all of your hard work, passion and truth.

Berna-Dean Holland - 02-2002

I congratulate you for the work which you completed concerning the genealogy of Garneau..
It is a colossal work.  Once again bravo!!

Gervais Garneau - 02-2002

All of us wear glass which by them we read and see...
Sometimes it is fun to use someoneelse glass

Daniel Demers - 02-2002

I find your site fascinating and try to visit it frequently.
You truly "made the day" for my aunt and myself.
Thank you again so many times for your wonderful website.
Reaching middle age (hmmm) the importance of whom I am
and why settles into ones bones
and the need to find ones heritage becomes more important.
Many of the family stories I heard as a little girl seemed so foreign to me,
now seem to be more of a reality than I had thought.
Thank you again for all of the wonderful information 
you have taken the time to provide to all who are interested.

Barbara Sandell - 02-2002

Your site was awesome.
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your web pages on the Metis.
I lived that history time and again.

Maureen Hyde - 02-2002

Surely your history web site is a wonderful one.

I C Chong - Hong Kong - 02-2002

I am finding your web site very useful for some research that I am doing on the Sioux.

Thomas Myers - 02-2002

I am so glad and appreciative for all your hard work and your generosity to share it.
I'm having a blast reading the stories too.
What a lot of history absorbed through interest!
Very nice site, I've been recommending it to others.  You've done so much work.
It is happy hunting and a history lesson better than in school 

Jennifer Blocker - 02-2002

I am preparing a teachers resource list of interesting sites.
The list will not be sold but given to forty teachers.
Your site has useful information for them and their pupils research.
(Requesting permission.)
"I had no objection for this use of my site."

Mario Moison Quebec - 03-2002

I just visited your wonderful website.
Could you provide me an explanation of the term "engage ouest" Please?
Thank you for such a quick, excellent response.

Diane Szabo - 03-2002

I like to thank you for you web site.
It is very interesting and helpful

Sigfrid Trembley - 03-2002

I was given your Canadian History URL today.
Much to my delight I found your Garneau Info.

Linda Merle Shrewsbury. - 03-2002

I am currently working on a paper for Native Studies Class.
It's a thesis that proves that the Canadian Government
 used starvation tactics against the western Indians.
Your site has been very helpful!

Jason Polowski - 03-2002

I have printed out and been perusing your material for some time now,
and find it well written and interesting.

Lori Gillespie - 03-2002

I like to thank you for sharing your work with me.

Kevin - 03-2002

We have been searching for a couple of years for information on the migration from Montreal area
to Louisiana (including Mobile).
Today I stumbled onto your site.  It is great!
Thanks so much for the big crumb on the trail.

Deanie Bahan - 03-2002

My thanks for your hard work in bringing Metis History to the web.
Your work is a godsend in understanding not only our chronology 
but the true spirit of our people's history.

Allen McLay - 03-2002

I have been reading all the data in your website. 
A great job.

Dale Atkinson - 03-2002

I was quite pleased when I ran across your website with the history of Lawrence Garneau.
He was my great great grandfather.

Teri Lynn Bougie - 04-2002

I have been studying your web site for the past day and a half,
and find it perfectly wonderful.
I have come to believe that the Illinois Country is very important 
and all but forgotten chapter in Metis history.
We are trying to establish a scenic-historic byway 
from Peoria (Pimiteoui) to Galena, Illinois and Prairie du Chein, Wisconsin.
Congratulations on your life's work 
and the wonderful resources that you have made available for all of us.

Patricia L. Goitein - 04-2002

I have been reading everything that you have on your site,
and I find it to be so fascinating, especially about the Metis stuff.
I am starting to understand a little more about Metis.
Well just thought I would tell you what a great site this is
and wow you must have spent years researching it because you have so much information.

Barb Toppozin - 04-2002

For quite some time now, I have viewed and reviewed the text contained within your web site 
with a great deal of personal admiration.
Thought it was time to just pass of a brief note regarding 
both the excellent quality and content of your work.
I have not found another site that contains the level of detail 
and clearly indicates the extensive research carried out on the topics covered.
If others took the time and effort you obviously have, in compiling regional history,
I have no doubt that the general population would have a much different outlook 
on the early development of the Edmonton area.

Jim Blower - 04-2002

I stumbled into your website last evening and wow, this is super.
Where did you find all this great information?

Judy Conrad - 04-2002

Thank you for taking the time to answer me.
I understand full well the extent of work,
and must say that your focus is really represented in your work.
I have never found a site so interesting.
Your site made me regret that I'm not part of the Great Metis Family,
they were extraordinary people.

Monique Daviau - 04-2002

Thanks so much for your wonderful site.

Ed Willis - 04-2002

I view your website, 
great history about who and how these people lived and were controlled.

Neil Chappell - 04-2002

Thank you so much for the information on your site.
I am amazed at the thoroughness and quality throughout.
You sir, are the absolute authority on the Metis.
Your work really should be published, it is monumental.
John de Montigny - 05-2002

What a site!
You have done a great job with the site. Very informative. Thank you.
Michelle Rachel Hamelin - 05-2002

I loved your site, my mom's side was Gareau, so I want to find the Indian connection.
Denise - 05-2002

Found your articles on the Metis
was very interesting reading.
In fact, not finished, still reading.
Anyways keep up the good work...very enjoyable reading.
Juanita Markovich - 05-2002

I have found your site which is very interesting.
Jean Pierre Raymond - 05-2002

French Canadians 
I am enjoying your research emmensely!!!!!!
Roxanne Andre-Steiar - 05-2002

I have just finished looking at your wonderful website on Metis history.
Catherine Collins - 05-2002

Howdy, this is a great deal of information. Excellant.
Dorman Nelson - 05-2002

Great site!
I'm really impressed by your site!
I'm taking a first year history course, Canada before Confederation. 
I am really glad to see something written by the viewpoint of Metis!
I think the Metis were (are) a Distinct Society, is Metis culture still alive?
And where?  What are some Metis cultural characteristics?
Andrea - 05-2002

I usually don't publish responses to questions but because this is one of my major target audience this is an exception.
"Thanks for your kind words!  
Yes the Metis culture is alive and well, from Texas to Alaska, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans.  Many Metis however are still in the process of searching for their cultural identity and many more are trying to verify their ancestry.  I am not sure you could clearly define North American Metis cultural characteristics as the Texas Acadian Metis for example with their Creole Metis mix are fairly closely aligned with the Nova Scotia Acadian Metis but because they have been separated so long there are significant cultural differences as there are to the Pacific Coast Metis.  Most however are based on the Indian reverence for Mother Earth, Womanhood, Children, as well as a 'Caring and Sharing' way of life.    Metis are noted for their great enjoyment of life, (songs, dance and general merriment) living (close to nature) and wonderment (they use the terms Great and Grand every where they went).   They are not noted for thriftiness, saving or glory seeking.  
Thanks for your interest."
D. Garneau

I have written to say thank you.
Thank you for your Metis history; I am awe of such a life-long labor of love.

Connie Lea Fredericks State - 05-2002

I just want to let you know how much I like your site.
Just chock fill of terrific information.

Sandra - 05-2002

I have come from your Metis site and found it fascinating.

Doug Schneider - 05-2002

Incredible site!!
Finally a GI index that lists more than 20 foods.
I've been following the same theories and diet plan and it worked wonders.

Anna Konfisakhar - 06-2002

As of receipt of this notice you must either remove three images by Eastman Johnson from your website 
or be in legal possession of a Use Agreement from this office.
Images have been removed.

 St. Louis County Historical Society

Bryan P.T. Lean - 06-2002

This is a great site.
The more that I get into my heritage the more I love it.
A proud Metis!

David Fournier - 06-2002

I ain't never seen nothin' like this.
Good lord. This is some piece of work.
Amazing. I especially enjoyed the pictures. I grew-up in St. Ignace.
Thanks again for all your work

Carol Ahlich Haege - 06-2002

Just been browsing through your Metis History.
Very impressed.

Dr V. Petch - 06-2002

I keep coming back to your site for the best reading and name searching.
We all are familiar with the rich history just beneath the surface of what is written by historians, 
we want the Metis legacy to be an official part of that history..

Jason Haney - 06-2002

I have just been exploring your site and 
I am very impressed with the amount of information you have discovered in these many years!
It is simply wonderful and so informative.
Thanks for all your efforts on this wonderful project, Dick.
It is truly wonderful to have access to so much information!

Donna Salter - 06-2002

Thank you so much for your work!
Your European History has opened my eyes to much that I had felt, 
but; was unable to prove.
I must say that I am surprised that your years of research are not copyrighted on your site at least, 
but; then at the same time I am thankful.
Thank you again for publishing your research on the internet.

Michael Bonewits - 06-2002

Wonderful Metis history material and records.
Your site information checks out as very accurate and truthful, a rare thing.
You did an incredible job with the Metis history and I am very grateful.
I have just started into your material and immediately found info of interest.

Ron Ohlfs - 06-2002

Every so often I just have to go back and look at your pages as 
I am always finding new ones I have not seen,
or old ones that I enjoy seeing again.
Thanks for your hard and dedicated work!

Roxanne Woodruff - 06-2002

Yours may be the most amazing web site I have ever come across 
in my search for ancient history in context with the world.
I don't know how you have done it,
but I will read every page with much anticipation and excitement.
I have my own theories on ancient cultures and diffusionism,
but the paultry research I have done pales against your quest.
That you have offered this free to the public domain
makes it only that much more credible.
My hat is off to you, sir, and you have my eternal thanks for this contribution. 

Jon Scott - 07-2002

I been reading and rereading your site almost every day for months.
Your hard work is appreciated.

Debi - 07-2002

Perhaps I missed something, there is so much awesome reading here,
I would like to know how LaPointe Wis. got its name. {I didn't know}:(
Absolutely wonderful site I sent it to 6 friends.

Linda - 07-2002

There are a few spelling mistakes on your site that you should know.
Before you put this stuff out there it would be very wise to have someone check 
to be sure the spelling is accurate, as well as appropriate for your meaning.

Donegal - 07-2002

Technical Community College, Raleigh, N.C. USA.
Permission to link to European History is requested and granted.

Robert Griffith - 07-2002

I most fortunately came across your Web site and was extremely impressed.
The content is is rich and your editorial approach is honey to my ears.
In these politically correct times, your explanations are essential 
and should be propagated in every North-American homes.
I'm obviously going to grab kilos of info from your Web site
and add it to the research document which we'll be using to write the script and do our movie.

Nelson Dumas - 07-2002

Just ran across your site. Very nice. Lots of work.

J. Fromhold - 08-2002

First of all, I love your web site!

Barbara Baumier - 08-2002

Thank you so much for your reply. 
It was good of you to take the time to answer my request. 
I am sure you get a number of them with that wonderful site you have.  

Delores Johnson - 08-2002

Fascinating web site!
Even more so for me since my family seems to be a part of it.
Thanks for the great work.

William (Bill) Schuh - 08-2002

I greatly admire the work you have done and 
the intestinal fortitude that you have shown in the length of time you have spent.---This is motivation plus.
I thank you in advance for your kindness, sincerely.

Lynne McGuire - 08-2002

It has touched my heart and my eyes for the injustices done to the native persons regardless of "blood amounts".
This is the native heritage I seek that is more important to me than the actual linage. 
Thank you.  

Shelly Mullaney - 08-2002

Your website is very interesting, and keep up the good work.
Thank you!

Marc Dulac - 09-2002

Looked at your website and I find it very interesting.
My mother was a Garneau; born in Quebec, you have her listed on your site.

Gilles (Bourassa) Auger - 09-2002

Thank you, for your great Website.

Lucy Krajna - 09-2002

WOW!!! and Thank You!, for your great site, and generosity.
Many of the names that are included in your great site are linked to me, some directly, some indirectly.
Keep up the excellent work.
May your path be long and smooth.
May the wind blow softly at your back.

Anne Anderson Moler - 09-2002

I just wanted to thank-you for making this marvelous body of work available to fellow researchers.
I am in awe of the volume and quality of the work you have produced.  Merci!

Tim Creech - 09-2002

Thank you for your wonderful history relating how bad, deprived and senseless were the French from New France.
Now I understand why the French from Quebec want to separate:
the propaganda against them and their ancestors is so horrible that they cannot desire to stay with people like you.
(It is noteworthy that the author has a significant French ancestry in New France from 1633 to the late 1790's)

Barbara Bergeron - 09-2002

I spent much of this Sunday enjoying my computer.
I came across your site while researching.
I work as the Metis Cultural Liaison for one of our school district's.
When I reached your site I was particularly interested in looking at
'European History-Principles-Beliefs-Values'.
Being a Metis person myself, this title had me curious right away.
Well, I must say, this article has generated so many wonderful ideas for me as cultural liaison.
I just couldn't carry on with my lesson plans today, 
without stopping briefly to let you know how much I have appreciated viewing your site.
Your efforts are worthy of positive recognition!
In the Spirit of Riel.

Cindi Ashbee - 09-2002

I thank you once again.
I appreciate the tremendous amount of work you are sharing with us.
What an interesting site.

Delores Johnson - 09-2002

Interesting site.
Just thought your website was full of great stuff.

Theresa Reimer - 10-2002

Hi, thank you for publishing your website.
I found my great-great grandmother there.

Kathy in Huston - 10-2002

On November 1 or 2, 2002 I inadvertently deleted 2 E-mails.
I was clearing out a large number of SPAM e-mails and deleted everything, Sorry!

D Garneau - 11-2002

You've put together a great site..
I am looking forward to looking at it carefully.
I am a retired history teacher and enjoy finding sites such as yours to provide information and links to aid my searches.
Jim provided a value add to the reference to the Slave cemetery in Priceville, Nova Scotia.

Jim Dawson - 11-2002

I have found your "site" to be very interesting and look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Kane - 11-2002

One way or another, I think your web site is very interesting.

E Holder - 11-2002

A suggestion for your site would be to place where you get your info from.

Arlene - 11-2002

RE: Multiple Sclerosis
Thank you so much.
My hubby has MS and I'm doing a paper for school.

I like your genealogy stuff too.
I showed hub a little of your page to get him motivated to do something like that.
He's big into history and has discovered all kinds of info. on his family.
What you are doing is fantastic.
Hannah - 11-2002

I have accessed your pages many times and know you have researched for a long while but 1953! Hell! I was 4 years old then!
I very much enjoy your writings and the sentiment they express.
I told my second grade teacher I was "Irish, English, German, French, Dutch, Scotch, and Chippewa Indian, 
not necessarily in that order"
I have since found that I also have Inuit and Micmaq as well.
I take pride in knowing that.

Larry Friend (Black Buffalo) - 12-2002

I am a descendent of John Sayer (1750)
So much of your material has been very helpful for my family research.
Wayne - 12-2002

I came across your website today and was amazed at the scope of your research. Congratulations.

Darcy Garneau - 12-2002

Good day to you!
I find your web site most helpful in searching my Cadotte roots.
I am very proud of my Metis roots as well.
For all the reasons you decided to post your historical results to the web, I am most thankful.

Gary Cadotte - 12-2002

Your History web site is fantastic!
Your website is so far one of the most interesting Canadian History websites I've run across.
Do you know that if I do a search for just about any Canadian explorer, you are always right near the top of the hits?
The Metis perspective is refreshing and very useful.
I'd like to write a story with Metis people on it.
Thank you for sharing your hard work with everyone.
Leanne Riding - 12-2002

Keep up the fine Genealogy work!

Mark Dulac - 12-2002

I would like to thank you for all your time and effort that you have put into this site.
It is incredible. I have learned so much. It is amazing all the history you have here.
And what is even more amazing is that you are sharing all your hard work with the world.
Thank you!!

Sarah Donelly - 12-2002

My Compliments!
I have been reading your Metis, Native and French time lines!
All I can really sat!
Childish reaction, yes but it is what comes to mind!
You have really helped me.
I am researching a special project - 
I am a 17th Century reenactor in Minnesota and 
I am developing a persona to help teach people 
more about what was going on in the Great Lakes in particular during the Fur Trade.
You did well with your efforts - I admire you work!
Personally, Thank you!

David Schmid - 12-2002