Heritage Databank Consulting and R.D. Antiques & Collectors Warehouse will carry your advertising on any of our pages you may wish to have your advertisement on. Rates vary by type of advertisement.


Links: Plain HTML Link to your site preceeded by an ordinary 'Bullet' Custom Button, about .5x.5" of your or our choice Business Card, Special or Custom picture, 3/4 business card size

Drop-Down/Pop-Up: Message about 3x3" as supplied by you


6 Months 1 Year Plain Button $40 $60 Custom Button $50 $75 Picture $60 $80 Drop-Down $100

Payment: Cheque or Money Order, payable in advance to HERITAGE CONSULTING per Fromhold Security Ltd. 718 T0M 0J0 CANADA 1-403-885-2991 Send a letter to: Heritage Consulting