Below are listed a number of reports available to the researcher and student on Military, Terrorist, Gang and Warrior Society issues.
STATUS REPORT ON NATIVE WARRIOR SOCIETIES 2004 $20Cdn WHAT IS A WARRIOR; reprint from the MOUNTAIN NEWS series $20Cdn ESTABLISHING A TRADITIONAL LODGE; reprint from the Mountain News series $20Cdn LUBICON LAKE, A History of Government Betrayal; Booklet by Lubicon Lake Band outlining government dirty deeds in an attmept to extinguish the Lubicon Claim $10Cdn SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 TERRORIST ATTACK: A Strategic Analysis; Civil Support Group, Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake; a 'Top Secret' Canadian Forces Evaluation of 9/11; the initial whodunit analysis done within a week of the event by the $20Cdn NORTH AMERICAN BALLISTIC MISSILE DEFENCE INITIATIVE - A Canadian Cost Benefit Analysis; Civil Support Group, Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake $20Cdn CANADIAN LAND FORCES T.O.E. TABLES $20Cdn CANADIAN LAND FORCES ORDER OF BATTLE TABLES $20Cdn SOLDIER OF FORTUNE Magazine;Fall'76, Spring '77, Winter'77; Ex+ $9Cdn ea. AYATOLLA KHOMEINI TARGETS, 10 sheets 8x10" $12Cdn IMPROVISED WEAPONS OF THE AMERICAN UNDERGROUND; DESERT PUBLICATIONS; complete with detailed plans for construction of an SMG $45Cdn CANADIAN IDENTIFICATION documents $100Cdn
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