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The most comprehensive compilation of ethnographic information and articles on the Western Cree. 374 pages Table of Contents 1. Simplified Flow Chart of Cree Subgroup Development 2. Simplified Flow Chart of Western Nehiyaw-Pwat Bands 3. Mixed Ethnicity Among The Cree 4. Interregional Migration 5. Population Reconstructions 6. Warfare 7. Intertribal Trade on the North Saskatchewan 8. Trading Posts Relevant to the Western Cree 9. Epidemics and Starvation on the Northern Plains 10. Blackfoot Population Table 11. Biographic Sketches 12. Western Cree Tipis 13. Cree Naming Practices 14. Cree and Nakoda Place Names of the Southern Rockies 15. Our Sacred Places 16. Identified Members of Two Dogs' Band 17. Founding Members of Pesew's Band 18. Founding Members of the Bearspaw's Nakoda Band Bearspaw's Band Membership 1838-77 19. Early Identifiable Members of the Tani Zibe Chage/ Chiniki Band 20. Asini Wachi Wi Iniwak Employees of the Fur Trade 21. West People Chiefs c. 1840 22. Asini Wachi Wi Iniwak Chiefs 23. Characteristics of Asini Wachi Bands 24. Probable Nehiyaw-Pwat Bands in the Hand Hills 1870/71 25. Treaty 6 Participation 26. Bands or Parts of Bands Affiliated With Mistahe Maskwa 27. 1879 August; Cree Band Distributions for Treaty Payment 28. Paspaschew's Band Members 29. Kinship Connections between the St. Paul des Soto band and the West People 30. 1822 Bow River Expedition Members 31. Asini Wachi Dress Style Influences 32. Tribal Camps 33. Trail Signs 34. NWC Men Stationed in the West 1804 35. NWC Men In The Columbia 1809-1811 36. 1810's Metis Born or Married into the Nehiyaw-Pwat at Edmonton 37. Starvation on the Northern Plains 38. Families Living or Hunting into the Jasper Area c. 1836 39. West People Literacy 40. A History of Early Firearms in the West 41. Poundmaker's Surrender Discussions 42. Cree Political Structure and Territoriality 43. Nakoda Origins 44. Bands Largely Based Around the Cardinal Family 45. Range of West People Bands 46. Early Swampy Ground/Chan Tonga Nakoda Chiefs 47. Persons Stationed or Resident on Lesser Slave Lake c. 1800 48. First Crossings of the Canadian Rockies 49. Mountain Cree Transportation 50. Western Cree Legends 51. Cree Bows 52. Burial Practices 53. Signal Hills 54. The Spirit World Now available from as BOOK or DOWNLOAD Available from www.lulu.com Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. Now available as a .pdf e-mail file through PayPal for $10.00
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