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Volume 3:12 December 2016 _______________________________________________________________________

Tanisi. Hello again. Welcome the Mountain News. www.inewhistory.com/mtnblog.html Ranked the # 1 Aboriginal Website

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Name-calling is out of place. "Lock her up!" Come on folks. Stupidity is not a crime. Or else all those chanters, the entire Alberta NDP Caucus and the Federal Liberal cabinet would be in jail. Remember, over 1/2 of Canadians are below average intelligence. Worse than that, since 1980 the Average intelligence has decreased from an IQ of 115 to an IQ of 80. In other words, some 3/4 of Canadians are below what was the average intelligence in 1980. By definition that makes them stupid. Amazing how quickly a "People's Party" become hypocites once they get to belly up to the trough. With Allison Redford they squealed like stuck pigs about Redford spending $1,500,000 on advertising. Now they squal like pigs at a trough, and are spending $9,000,000 in advertising to tell us how good and brilliant they are, and how wonderful their Carbon Recovery Action Plan (CRAP) is. Nothing but Clowns.




Who? If they had Rona Ambrose as future leader they might actually have a chance at a comeback. I have been in contact with Rona about the Conservatives supporting a 50th Anniversary celebration of Diefenbaker's extension of Rights and Citizenship to the aboriginal community in 1968.


It took the Fed. Conservatives 10 years to descend into sleezeballs wallowing in the trough. It has taken the Fed. Liberals only 1 year to get back to the same thing that they were so good at before. The Liberals have a history of being two-faced, saying one thing for the News coverage, and then doing the opposite. They are not to be trusted. (At least the NDP plainly state that "We are Going to Screw You and You Will Like It!!!".) I see virtually nothing worthwhile that they have done so far. And what little they have done they have screwed up. They have abandoned or dropped almost every one of their campaign promises (see Trudeau) Trudeau is living high off the hog, traipsing around the world and handing out billions of dollars that could be better used at home. McCallum has his brain- freeze on Syrian refugees. They say that the average intelligence of a crowd is that of the lowest intelligence in the crowd. And here we have McCallum and Dion. These guys don't even have the guts to call Christmas Christmas. Jackasses. What more can I say?

Provincial LIBERALS



The only ones who are actually saying anything worthwhile and sensible.




Another Flash-In-The-Pan?


If you have any business ideas or interests, let me know. We can talk it over and look into it. See also Publication pictures


See the article attached below. The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs are organizing protests. Same is happening in B.C. See also Delgamuukw vs. Canada) Pipelines Pipeline Hearings Mountain News, November Mountain News, December Mountain News, January Mountain News, February Mountain News, May Mountain News, June Mountain News, July Mountain News, August Mountain News, September Mountain News, November


Directors of the Association are J. Fromhold, Ph.D., Darryel Sowan, M.A., Edward Cardinal (Enoch), Duane Kootenay (Alexis), Norine Saddleback (Maskwachis).


AWNTB is currently attempting to track the descendants of the Bobtail Band who did not enter Treaty or who withdrew from Treaty, as these would be elegibel for membership. About 30 interested persons are contacting me each month.


Oh Gee, they destroyed another burial. What a surprise. Of course the Province/Alberta Culture did not bother to do a DNA analysis to find out who these persons may have been. Guess what? Neither Edmonton nor the Alberta Government has contacted us even though they and EPCOR know that our clan has some 94 persons buried there, and I have on file the names and personal histories of over 150 persons buried there. This is nothing new. Six years ago they badly screwed up the 111 St. Burial. For more information go to Rossdale 111 St. Burial


Bombardier, that Quebec company that gets billions of dollars in subsidies, grants and bailouts from Canada operates a factory in Morocco that employs thousands of persons. How many of them are Canadians? Corporate Welfare Bums.


Good to hear that Donny is recovering well. Chris too. Best Wishes.


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see www.inewhistory.com/warrior.rtf See also Bobtail Band What is a Chief What is a Warrior Cree Ethnography Maski Piton's Band publication Louis Joseph Piche publication Jacques Cardinal publication Mountain News, November Mountain News, December Mountain News, January Mountain News, February Mountain News, March Mountain News, April Mountain News, May Mountain News, June Mountain News, July Mountain News, August


I am still missing most of you so send me your birthdays so I can get them included. Sorry the ones I missed last month. Twin, Christopher Jan Fromhold-Mountain, Irene (dec.) Jan 10, 1956-Nov 24, 1994 Bone, Janice Jan 14, 1980 Mountain-Fromhold, Jennifer Jan 14, 1977 Fromhold, J. Jan 15, 1947 Bone, Clifford Jan 20, 1965 Mountain, Ruby Jan 22, 1964-Jan 18, 2016 Mountain, Jan 25, Bone, Joyce Jan 31, 1962


If you want to get the monthly Mountain News send me your e-mail. Let other family members know too.


Do Not Forget! This year I am offering to give a Graduation Gown to any of the girls in the family who graduate (matriculation/University Admission) from High School, from College (Certificate/Diploma) or University (Bachelor Degree). The offer is open to families registered with the family society. So register.


I would like to propose that next year the family sponsor an Honoring Ceremony and Giveaway in honor of all our family members who have died. I pledge $1,000.00 towards such a ceremony.


Start thinking about attending the Jasper Aboriginal Days in June. Drum groups (like the Mountain Drummers) are paid. For a background on the Jasper Aboriginal Forum, Jasper Aboriginal Days, Jasper Totem Pole Ceremony and Jasper Cultural Area see Nations of Jasper Nations of Jasper Jasper Nations of Jasper National Camp Back Issues: www.inewhistory.com/mtnblog.html


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"It is disrespectfull to lay a pipeline in someone else's back yard." (Trevor Noah, 2016) "And it's bound to piss him off."

So Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party Prime Minister of the Government of Canada has approved the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX) and the Enbridge Line 3 (EnL3) Expansion. Nothing surprising there. He will also likely approve the Trans Canada Energy East (TCEE) and the Enbridge XL (XL) pipelines. "In Canada today, just as it was one hundred years ago, there are established commandments of nameless, faceless mandarins in the federal government who dictate the fate of Indian people. From positions of complete isolation far removed from reality these high salaried, political appointees design government policies which govern the lives of people they have never seen. They relish the thought that they, and they alone, know what is food for the Indian and have all the answers to the Indian's problems." (Andrew Nicholas Jr., President Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada, 1970). (1) It is notable that these approvals fly in the face of the Law, as laid down by the Supreme Court of Canada. Rather, they are a sop to Corporate Industry demands for profits and Government's ever-growing addiction to more-and-more spending money. To understand this, we must look at the history of pipeline development, but first, in the interests of Full Disclosure, let me say that I am not against pipeline development; rather, I favour them over any other means of transporting petroleum products and other liquids. Pipelines are safer and than other means of transport, and there are few - if any - Canadians who are prepared to give up the lifestyle that (heating and travel, just two examples) that petroleum extraction gives us. I own shares in a pipeline company and recommend that First Nations become share owners. However, I am against the philosopy of "let's strip this country down to the bedrock and sell it as fast as we can" philosophy. I am against the way it is being done, and the disregard for law in the interests of greater corporate profits. History has shown us that any country that indulges in megaprojects has ended up bankrupt and has never recovered (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Spain). The financial and human costs were ultimately ruinous. Note that the Alberta - and Canada - economy is based on Commodity (Raw Resource) Export. Pipelines are a major part of this economy. Resouce Export economies are characterized by Corporate/Government demands for increased faster-and- faster resource extraction and export (sound familiar?) regardless of value returned Governments and Corporates don't care. Governments become addicted to tax income and Corprotates become addicted to greed. don't care - as long as they get their taxes. Dependence on resource exportation normally goes hand in hand with the decline (virtual destruction) of the manufacturing sector. Resouce Export Economy is characterized by Boom-and-Bust cycles. History has shown that this normally ends in a mayor Bust (an Economic Collapse) from which the country never recoves. The economy comes to a halt and stagnates. As for Pipeline vs. Native history: Pipelines, Native History and The Law First, let us understand that in Canada aboriginal peoples were not recognized as having any legal rights whatsoever, and that in the eyes of the law, they were not People. They had no protection or rights in Canadian Law. This was changed in 1968 when then Prime Minister Diefenbaker, of the Conservative Party, extended legal recognition to the aboriginal peoples. For example, they had no recourse to the courts (it was in fact illegal for them to hire lawyers). They were not protected from muder or assault. They were not permitted to live in cities. They could not enter into any contractual obligation. In 1965 I authorized the first bank loan to an aboriginal person in Alberta (to Chief Harry Chonkolay - and was reprimanded for it). Today CANADA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY in the world that is not a signatory to the United Nations Agreement on the Rights of the Indiginous. In fact, Canada has implemented all but one of what the United Nations calls the Indicators of official Genocide. That last Indicator is the acceptance of murder of the indiginous population without legal consequence. Given the sorry state of the Missing Women investigations and police shootings of aboriginals some people would question whether this last Indicator is not in fact in practice. 99% of aboriginal shooting fatalities are from being shot by Police, who face no consequences. For that matter, in Canada, Indians are still specifically excluded from Canadian Human Rights Act protection. In the early 1960's there was an oil/gas boom in northwestern Alberta. Along with uncontrolled logging, petroleum exploration and development pushed thousands of miles of cutlines, roads and pipeline right-of-ways into the lands of the Dene Tha Nation. The net result was the destruction of the the Dene Tha hunting and trapping lands, the destruction of their subsistence economy and the destruc- tion of their lifestyle. The Dene Tha lost their independence and means of being self-supporting and forced on welfare. The influx of foreigners (FERENGI Swine, in the terms of the Pashtun people) was exteremely socially disruptive to the Dene Tha. Dene Tha living in independent settlements were forced to abandon their homes and move into authorized settlements under threat of being burned out (as was my friend Joe Beaulieu and his family). The Dene Tha saw no (ZERO) benefit from the destruction of their lands and from the exploitation of the resources on these lands. The Dene Tha have never recovered from this cultural genocide visited on their people. I was there. I witnessed this. I have seen the same thing happen over and over again over the last 55 years. The same fate was visited on all other First Nations people who had the misfor- tune of having a valued resource on their traditional lands that White Society wanted: Lubicon, Athabasca Chipewyan, Mekesiw, McMurray, Fort McKay, Heart Lake, Kiska Wapta, Asini Wachi and others who's lands were usurped and plundered. (It is still going on full tilt.) Pipelines first became a political issue in the 1960's with the proposal for a Mackenzie Valley Pipeline from the Arctic. The first Nations along the route vehemently objected on the grounds that such a pipeline would not benefit their people, but rather, cause serious disruption to their people. Legal challenges held up the approval process, and Chief Justice Hawthorne was commissioned to carry out an investigation into the proposal. In the HAWTHORNE REPORT Chief Justice Hawthorn noted that the proposed pipeline passed through lands never surrendered by the First Nations, and that hence, these were First Nations Lands, meaning that a pipeline could not be built through these lands without First Nations approval. The Hawthorne Report established the Principle In Law that pipeline development in unsurrendered First Nations Lands must can not be done without the approval of the affected First Nation(s). This is Law, passed down by the Supreme Court of Canada, and can not be ignored or altered. It still stands. It is currently being ignored by both the Government of Canada and the Corporates. In an associated action, DENE THA vs. ALBERTA ground rules were established as to what constituted "Traditional Lands" and what obligations existed towards the Dene Tha and other First Nations with 'Traditional Lands'. Needless to say, the Government of Alberta and Corporates have consistently tried as hard as they could to circumvent or minimize these obligations. The Government of Canada, for it's part, claims that this is a "Provincial Issue", and has nothing to do with with the Federal Government. This is in flagrant violation of the ROYAL PROCLAMATION of 1763, which lays on THE CROWN and the Government the "Fiduciary Obligation" that THE CROWN/Government of Canada as the Obligation to insure that any and all laws and actions by the Government and it's subordinate agencies affecting First Nations are conducted so as to reflect the Honor of the Crown and in such a manner that are in the Best Interests of these First Nations, as would a Parent act towards the best interests of his children. The Government, of course, tries to minimize it's obligations, and has frequently had to be reminded of this obligation by legal action and the rulings of the Supreme Court. Since 1970 there have been numerous legal actions against the Government of Canada and the Provincial Governments that have continually reinforced the Supreme Court rulings on the rights of aboriginal peoples and First Nations. As a rule of thumb the Conservative governments in Canada have - if somewhat reluctantly and piecemeal - recognized and implemented these Supreme Court rulings; the Liberal governments have attempted to ignore or circumvent these rulings. (The Liberal Red Paper tried to do away with aboriginals and aboriginal rights altogether). In 1998 the Supreme Court DELGAMUUKW vs. BRITISH COLUMBIA ruling set down the definitive ruling about aboriginal rights. These were set down as Law. The overnments have been trying to sidestep these Laws ever since. DELGAMUUKW ruled that Aboriginal lands were never surrendered and are still the collective property of the First Nations, be they Treaty, Non-Treaty, or any other legitimate representative of the Nations who exist or existed in 1870. The First Nations have never surrendered either their property or the contents of these traditional lands. Hence all these original contents and properties are still owned by these representative First Nations. The First Nations have never surrendered any of their rights, and unless having entered into other agreements with Canada, still retain these rights as Sovreign Nations and Peoples. Canada still owes these First Nations payment for use of these lands and properties and for ussurpation of aboriginal rights. All Canadians of aboriginal ancestry share these rights. There can be no development that disturbes the ground without the consent and agreement of the affected First Nations. Development and use of aboriginal lands and resources must be negotiated with the affected First Nations. Aboriginal rights or assertion of aboriginal rights by any First Nation, as recognized under these rulings, is to be recognized as de facto existing in law. These rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada can not be ignored, done away with or modified by any agency or agent except by byparty negotiation between the affected First Nation and the Government of Canada or Challenge brought forward to the Supreme Court of Canada. An aboriginal right is deemed to exist in Law. The onus of proof that a right DOES NOT exist falls on the complaintant. Needless to say, these rulings are being flouted daily by all levels of governance and by developers everywhere. For example, urban development destroys huge swaths of land, without consultation with the affected First Nations. The Province of Alberta has the policy that 1. Aboriginal Groups have no rights pertaining to interests in cultural, historic or spiritual sites and burials. 2. Aboriginal Groups have no rights to object about potential threat or destruction of sites of Aboriginal spiritual, religious, historic of cultural importance (including graves), hence a. Aboriginal Groups have no rights pertaining to interests in such sites. b. Aboriginal Groups have no rights to object to the destruction of such sites. c. The Developer has the sole right to decide if Aboriginal groups have any rights pertaining to concerns about possible damage or destruction of such sites. d. The Defendant has the sole right to determine what groups have any rights pertaining to these matters. e. The Developer has the sole right to determine what groups have rights as Intervenors in development applications. f. The Developer has the sole right to decide who has the right to represent an Aboriginal group or Aboriginal Interests. 3. The Government of Alberta and it's agents (including Corporates) have the sole right to decide if Aboriginal groups have any rights pertaining to concerns about possible damageor destruction of such sites. 4. The Government of Alberta and it's agents have the sole right to determine what groups have any rights these matters. 5. The Government of Alberta and it's agents the sole right to decide who has the right to represent an Aboriginal group or Aboriginal Interests. 6. The Government of Alberta and it's agents have the the sole right to determine what constitutes sites of significant cultural, historical and religious interest to the Aboriginal community. 7. In the event that the Developer and Government of Alberta shall consider that Aboriginal concerns have any merit, the Government is the sole authority to determine what constitutes a site of Aboriginal spiritual, religious, historic or cultural importance (including graves) a. The Government of Alberta and it's agents have the sole right to determine what, if any, protection should be accorded to sites deemed to be of cultural, historical or religious importance or to historic/aboriginal graves. b. The Government of Alberta and it's agents have the right to over-ride any concerns that aboriginals or aboriginal groups may have concerning damage to sites deemed to be of cultural, historical or religious importance. 8. Sites of Aboriginal spiritual, religious, historic or cultural importance (including graves) are inconsequential to developmet, even if development destroys or threatens to destroy them. 9. Even if sites of Aboriginal spiritual, religious, historic or cultural importance (including graves) are deemed to exist in a site considered for development, the Developer is the sole authority to determine what consitutes a threat to or destruction of such a site. 10. Even if it is deemed that such a site is to be threatened or destroyed by development, Developer is the sole authority to decide whether the destruction will be of significant impact to the Aboriginal community. 11. Even if an Aboriginal party is deemed to constitute an impacted party, the Developer retains exclusive right to determine if the Aboriginal party that is submiting a brief is an Aboriginal party, and 12. if the Developer considers that the Aboriginal party may actually be an Aboriginal party, the defendant retains the sole right to determine who is a legitimate representative of that Aboriginal party, and 13. if the Developer considers that the Aboriginal party may actually be an Aborignal party, and the representative may actually be a representative, the Developer retains the sole right to determine whether said Aboriginal party has any actual right to Intervenor status. 14. Since the existence of Aboriginal spiritual, religious, historic or cultural importance (including graves) are not cause for denial of Develoment Applications, Aboriginal parties can not be considered to have Intervenor status on those grounds. 15. The Developer has the sole right to determine what, if any, protection should be accorded to sites deemed to be of cultural, historical or religious importance or to historic/aboriginal graves. It is endorsed by the Alberta Human Rights Board. Now tell me that is not a Colonialist policy and a Human Rights Criminal case. China - a country normally vilified by Canada as a Human Rights pariah - has a much more enlightened relationship with it's minority indiginous people. China has numerous ethnic Autonomous Regions (i.e., Tribal Territories), from towns (849), cities (20) counties (81) on up to states (Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang, est. 1955), that are internally self-governing. In Iraq the Autonomous Kurdish province receives 17% of the oil and resources revenue plus a share of the national budget. Perhaps Canada has something to learn here. (China also has a better petroleum extraction policy). So here we are, with Trudeau totally disregarding the legal rulings of the Supreme Court of Canada to do away with 40 years of legal rulings - to again deprive the aboriginal peoples of their rights. In fact, wilful disregard of the highest courts and laws of the country can be seen as being Treason. Actually, it is a classical Colonial move: "Do whatever it takes to retain political/economic control". Disregard of Law is a classic symptom of megaprojects and Colonialism. Let us understand that this is purely about money (the President of one of these companies makes over $64,000,000 a year; the Vice-Presidents over $48,000,000). The pipelines are being approved on the basis of the "Greater Good" of the people.

What Is Greater Good ?

"Control oil and you control Nations." Henry Kissinger, U.S. National Security Advisor, 1970
Greater Good actually means the maximum financial returns to the establishment elite. The NEB sort of defines the term Public Interest (i.e., Greater Good) as on page 6 of the NEB Report on NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd GH-002-2015 as "...the public interest is inclusive of all Canadians and refers to a balance of economic, environmental, and social interests that changes as society's values and preferences evolve over time. The board estimates the overall public good a project may create and its potential negative aspects, weighs various impacts, and makes a recommendation and/or decision." (our emphasis) In other words, it is a subjective process with no rigid framework or measurable system. Such subjectivity hardly has any place in decision-making of this sort. A payoff benefit model can easily be applied to the net value of such projects, as any economist can tell you. Economists, however, deal only in cost-benefit factors, whereas Greater Good also deals in social/lifestyle/ecological and other non-capital issues, the greater SOCIAL good. Nontheless, social statisticians can also provide such a Payoff model. The basic formula is simply G = C+S+L+E Not nearly as complicated as the formula for inducing social change. By the NEB definition, Greater Good means the good of the majority. Interests of the minority are not considered or not valued equally with the interests of the majority. Therefore it follows that concerns of Aboriginals, Homeless, Disabled, Hutterite, Fishermen, Surfers, subsistence hunters, trappers, Dukhabors, landowners and other minority groups who do not share the mainstream value will have little or no impact on the decision. A comparison of the Corporate, American, Canadian and Aboriginal Values Map
The values of these groups differ considerably and can be considered as basically incompatible. Amercian values tend towards being Authoritarian and Nihilistic. Canadian values tend towards being very Idealistic, Individualistic and Rejecting Authority. Corporate Values are purely Financial and Authority. (as determined ENVIRONICS Measurement System, the polling firm) Chief among the Native values is The Land. "Without their land, the People would cease to live and be. Their land is more than a place to live and raise a family; it is an intimate part of their way of live.... "The land is their past, present, and future." "To deprive the People of their land is to destroy them." (Pratson 1970:18) Pipeline approval will prohibit the aboriginal peoples from Use and Enjoyment and hunting and gathering from the pipeline Right of Way. We have already lost the right to use 90% of or own lands. "...laws have been used...to deny the People full accessibility to those lands where hunting and fishing are vital to their way of life..." (Pratson 1970:23) In a society that places accumulation of money, wealth and capital as the ultimate achievement and good, the concept of Greater Good reflects that belief system. The decision is pre-ordained. As a matter of dogma it is assumed by the NEB/Corporates that the "need" and development are not only in the "Greater Good", but "inevitable and irreversible" (Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, 1981). Critical thinking or other opionions "sacraficed on the altars of accelerated economic development" (Octavio Paz, The Labyrinth of Solitude, 1985). The term "Greater Good" is a recent construct (as opposed to the Social Good), post 1970, and was instituted by economists to describe maximizing profits. The principle is that "What is Good for the Business is Good For The Country". This is the basic Trilateral Commission ( www.inewhistory.com/rklein.html) policy supported by the leading political leaders. To be sure, Economic Ideology/Religon (known as Economic Rationalism/Determinism) states that there is only one Good as far as Industrial and Corporate economics are concerned - maximization of profit. This is the ONLY consideration of the Corporate ethic. Ethics and Morals be damned. In fact, it is Illegal for a Corporate to use it's money or resources for any other purpose than to increase profits (Supreme Court, DODGE vs. FORD 1916). "To attempt to apply economic determinism to all human societies is a little short of fantastic." (August Strindberg, Commentary 3, no. 2, 1947) Corporate Economics and culture is far removed from the economic principles promoted by Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes. Corporate Cost-Benefit analysis will ALWAYS rule in favor of taking shortcuts or ignoring laws, rights and ethics if it is cheaper to pay the price and fines than the resulting profits (Greed, Inc., 2005; Wade Rowland, Ph.D.; The Collapse of Globalism, John Ralston Saul, 2005). In fact, corporates, by law, are exempt from having to have liability insurance for anything that goes wrong with the line (2). Rarely are corporates caught having to pay the full costs of their failures - the costs are passed on to the public. In other words, if it is cheaper to ignore the environment and pay the (possible) fine or costs than to implement costly environmental protection practices, it will be done. If it is cheaper to ignore safety regulations and pay the (possible) fine and cost than to implement safety equipment, it will be done. All the while they will pay lip service and engage P.R. persons (eg. Native Liaison Specialists) to mouth platitudes and tell us how serious they are about these matters. Projects justified on the basis of Greater Good have ALWAYS been detrimental to the First Nations economically and destructive of First Nations Rights. As we have already seen with these pipelines, they have no concern about the protection of aboriginal cultural, spiritual and historic sites or burials. Independent documented and published assessment (3) of their Heritage Resource Studies have found them woefully inadequate, failing to report 80% of the sites, including significant Medicine Wheel, Pictograph and other sites. As for The Land - or a Lake, as an example - it has not esthetic, ethical, moral or spiritual value. Corporate economics only look at issues in terms of dollars and cents. If it can not make a profit for the corporate it has no value. Corporates WILL NOT institute processes that impringe on profits out of the goodness of their heart or ethica/moral considerations. Not unless they are forced to bo so by law - and they will spend billions on court challenges of those laws if there is the potential for a positive economic outcome. Nor has there been a willingness on the part of the Corporates to Mutual Reasonable Compromise. They demand surrender to their operating policies, nothing less. Clearly, in Canada, it is cheaper to ignore aboriginal rights than to pay for use of the lands and resources. Especially if the Government is going to support you with a Colonial enforcement policy. There is no doubt that Canadian governments and laws are still Colonial and are institutionalized colonialism. Even though the Supreme Court of Canada continually enunciates the rights of the indiginous, these are continually challenged or ignored by the governing establishment. Where necessary, they implement a new program or process to "address" these iniquities, and then create a new process that makes it largely impossible to negotiate the new rules without further court challenges. Econmic Determinism - Corporate/Industrial Economics, is also known as Trickle -Down Economics. That is, all monies should go to the establishment elite, who will, out of benign self-interest, spend money that will "trickle down" to the ordinary peasants. Corporate Economics has clear winners and losers. The Corporate/Government elite are to be the winners, the disadvantaged, marginalized and minorities the losers. In the 1970 New Zealand was an economic miracle with less than 4% poverty. Then it implemented Corporate Economics. Within 15 years 20% of the population had sunk into poverty. It is a tenet of faith in Corporate/Industrial Economics that Corporates and the wealthy should not be taxed, taxes are to be paid by the workers. And this, in fact is the case. In Canada the lowest earners are subject to a 35% tax rate (closer to 45% when you counti in hidden taxes such as GST, gasoline tax, user taxes, etc., not counting "stealth" taxes). On the other hand, Corporates are taxed at a rate of 17% and, in fact, usually manage to pay much less. Exxon has not paid taxes in 20 years. Bombardier gets subsidies on the average of $1.5 Billion per year (more than it pays in taxes). The tobacco giant Philip- Morris was forgiven $2 BILLION in unpaid taxes. In Alberta the petroleum industry pays $1 royalty per barrel of oil - and receives $1.50 per barrel in subsidies. In fact, the top 20 corporates pay an average of 3.5% in taxes. And that is not counting Stealth Taxes. For example, in Alberta government income from gambling is greater than income from the petroleum industry. This concentration of wealth in the corporate accounts starves governments of monies for delivery of public services - highways, medical services, parks, utilities, and so on. To compensate, these must become self-supporting or are privatized - usually to be bought up by corporates with the intent of making profit. Corporate profitabily has skyrocketed in the past 30 years. The Standard of Living of the average family has not changed. Furthermore, employment certainly decreases dramatically under Corporate economics. In "primitive" economics there is no great difference between the relatively wealthy and the poor. There were no homeless and none living in $200,000,000 houses. Everyone was relatively equal. The most prominent Cree chief, Big Bear, was also in fact one of the poorest, sharing out his own assets to those he saw as more needy; in fact, he owned little beyond his lodge and clothes. Communal poverty was virtually unknown before the coming of the white man's economic systems. In Canada today every man, woman and child owes $30,000 in National and Personal debt (not counting mortgages), and this is being drive up at an alarming rate by the governments (the U.S.A., the epitome of a Corporate culture, is $2 TRILLION in debt). This money is owed to the Corporates. It is payable by the taxpayer - you and me. The Corporates will demand payment. Historically this has led to Work-For-Welfare, Guest/Foreign/Migrant Workers, indentured servitude, work camps, slavery, and "Residential School" institutions. The wealth accumulated by corporates generally do not go into increasing the Public Good, but into further Wealth Accumulation - such as buying up other businesses and "restructuring" (think "restructuring" from petroleum engergy industry to "green" energy industry). This normally increases Public Debt with out actually contributing to the economy - usually actually damaging employment stability (eg. part-time rather than full-time employment). With the National Energy Board hearings found to be a failure and the follow- up Crown Inquiry a whitewash, the government has now simply chosen to bypass the law and aboriginal rights. "The price of oil and the quality of freedom invariably travel in opposite directions. As the price of crude oil climbs higher in an oil-dominated country...that country's citizens will, over time, experience less free speech, declining freedom of the press, and a steady erosion of the rule of law." (Foreign Policy Review 2006) This is known as the First Law of Petropolitics in the study of Economics. There is an increasing tendency towards destruction of democratic rule and increase in autocratic and dictatorial rule. It is also linked with the increase in corruption. We already see this in the Government of Canada action. The Government has now revert to an openly Colonial and dictatorial process, pushing back aboriginal advances to the pre 1960 status. This is not Greater Good. It is not Public Good. It does not serve the Social Good of thePublic. It is certainly not for the Aboriginal Good. It is Neo-Colonialism/Imperialism. However, this is no longer 1960. It would be fair to say that the Pipeline (and tarsands) issue is a hot button issue for the aboriginal community. The treatment of the First Nations by the pipeline companies is seen as being nothing less than hostile and a flagrant disregard of the Law. Genocide is "the inevitable byproduct of progress" (Lindqvist, Exterminate all the Brutes: One Man's Odyssey Into the Heart of Darkness and the Origins of European Genocide, 1996). Genocide is associated with Economic Determinism. The fact that this is supported by a Colonialist government in flagrant violation of the Law now raises this to a new level. There is no doubt that the aboriginal community is restless and dissatisfied. It would not take much to gel into a rebellious movement. "You ram something down [their] throat and [they're] bound to throw up." (Marshall McLuhan) In fact, actions of the Corporates and the Government might be seen as a Declaration of War on aboriginal rights, aboriginal values and aboriginal peoples. Even our Elders - the most conservative element of aboriginal society - are saying that a moderate policy has proven to be a failure, and perhaps it is time for a more assertive policy and direct action. Instead of wasting millions of dollars in pursuing useless hearings and processes, perhaps this money could be better spent in other ways that have more effect. Direct Action would include Protests. The government has already threatened that it will invoke the full force of the law against protestors. Which Law would that be? The Law as already laid down by the Supreme Court? Or the ones that that the Liberals have a habit of invoking for political ends - the one ruled by the courts to have been illegal and violent arrest and detention? Third world or what? Minister Carr has actually stated that the Government would send out the Army to insure that pipeline construction was not upset. How more Colonialist can you get? But don't expect much indignation and action by the First Nations. Unlike in the 60's when there was the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.), there is no central or co-ordinated agent that can effectively speak up for aboriginal concerns (No Native takes the Assembly of First Nations serious). Nor are we noted for co-operating and co-ordinating with one another. (The exception seems to be the Missing Women's movement.) In other words, there would be no organized response to the Neo-Colonialism, other than to bring out a few more people to protests. However, this does not preclude independent action. We have already seen that individuals have taken the opportunity on occasion to fire on police vehicles; it would not be a far stretch to find individuals taking individual action against the pipeline facilities and construction. Not inconceivably this could gel into a larger and more organized movement. Typically what would happen if there was a general outbreak of resistance, the Government would mobilize the armed forces and ruthlessly crush the aboriginal community (back to the 1800's). And then enact the legislation that they failed to enforce in the first place and spend trainloads of money (mostly going to non-natives) to set it right. Historically, the Government of Canada spent more money in putting down native uprisings than it would have spent to have corrected the conditions in the first place. In both the 1870 and 1885 resistances the government spent enough money that they could have hired the aboriginal population as Govern- ment Employees for the next few decades - and actually accomplished something useful. It is also a historic fact that
History has shown that the only way to obtain decolonization and to get back lands and rights is though armed uprising (4). In the Social Sciences this is known as the CONFLICT THEORY. Unfortunately, armed uprising, even successful ones, have serious and unfortunate side-effects. But, like a Vietnamese aquaintance pointed out, perhaps there are no other alternatives left. In the U.S.A., after all, it was the Nations who mounted the strongest resistance (and were conquered) who ended up with the best deals in the end. Those who did not (like in Canada) got screwed). Perhaps a better - and more productive - option would be to take over the political establishment. After all, 1/3 of Canadians have aboriginal ancestry. These are the only true Canadians. By 2050 half of all Canadians will have aboriginal ancestry. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the political Establishment would permit this. Corporates, on the other hand, are noted for not caring who runs the country - as long as they can make a profit. They have a history of dealing with and financing dictators (Sudan, Panama, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lybia, etc.), human rights criminals (Sudan, Lybia, Angola, Uganda, Somalia, etc.), and criminal and terrorist organizations (Argentina, Afghanisan, Syria, Mexico, Columbia, etc.). Not Nice Guys. As Mr. Wonderful says, "Money only cares about Money". When it comes right down to it, they will cheerfully pay off hostiles if it promises to keep them making money. Perhaps it is time to take up an Autonomous Tribal Territory, as exist in China. Or maybe we sould claim to be refugees, and get a better deal. After all, we seem to be refugees in our own land. "Most levels of government have seen the pathetic conditions, the misery and the Indian's desire to play a meaningful role toward rectifying these situations, but they hae not listened...." (Andrew Nicholas Jr., President Indian-Eskimo Association of Canada, 1970). "Non-Indian society makes almost no attempt to learn and understand anything of [our] language or ways." "They make me feel like the foreigner who has just come over here on the boat...to a land that has belonged to us for thousands of years..." (Pratson 1970:60) Nothing has changed in the intervening 50 years. Except, of course, that foreign refugees get better treatment than we do. "slogans are a necessary response to an age which demands catchy on-liners"
INDIAN POWER REMEMBER WOUNDED KNEE CUSTER DIED FOR YOUR SINS "Economics boils down to being happy with your choices. Resources are scarce. Even choices can be limited. Yet happiness is the final product most people value." (Economics in Action: Scarcity of Resources; 2009)
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