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Volume 3:04 April 2016 _______________________________________________________________________

Tanisi. Hello again. Welcome the Mountain News. www.inewhistory.com/mtnblog.html

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Lame Duck; Dead Duck; Dead in the Water. First, Kudos to Premier Notley for standing up to the idiot federal NDP LEAP Manifesto to do away with petroleum and coal production. If these enviornmental nut cases are so against the use of coal, oil and gas, then let them stop using consumeables that use coal, oil and gas in their production. And that includes plastics, metals, pottery, glass, paper and pretty well everything else that we use today. In other words, back to living in brush shelters and snaring squirrels (mind you, no wire snares). On the other hand, s we said before, the NDP as a provincial government have turned out to be duds and definately no better than the Conservatives. Still spending money like drunken sailors with a budget plan that no housewife could live with. Hiring $100,000.00/month consultants (no doubt NDP cronies). Tax the hell out of the ordinary person and throw the money away into the bottom- less pit of pet projects. Raised the taxation cost for the average Albertan by $1,000 per year. Added a Carbon Tax, and then give a $1.50/barrel subsidy to oil companies. The NDP can not help themselves. The NDP ideology is that We know what is best for you and you will like it - or else! You know the old Communist approach After the Revolution Everyone Will Be Happy - Those That are Not Will Be Shot! Disbanding of the Environmental Review Board to be replaced by political appointees. After all, what do the scientists know that the NDP ideology does not know better? The NDP claim to be the party with the interests of the the Ordinary Man, the Disenfranchised, and the Aboriginals at heart. However, they have shown them- selves to be none of that. The NDP have shown themselves to be no friendlier to aboriginal issues and concerns than were the Conservatives. They also refuse to respond to communica- tions from aboriginal groups regarding concerns raised. They also do not reco- gnize non-Treaty bands as being legal entities - even though the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that they are - and so refuse to deal with them. They have shown no interest in supporting aboriginal economic development initiatives. They have done nothing about the failure of the Trans Mountain pipeline to identify or protect First Nations Cultural Sites located along the pipeline route, including burials and medicine wheels - but have approved that work even though it is not up to professional standards - for which the Province has previously barred other archaeologists from working in the province. They have done nothing to protect aboriginal Cultural History sites. These are both in violation of Legal requirements, and Breach of Trust with the First Nations and the Alberta public to protect such cultural sites. Rather, they have acted no different than the Conservatives. Spending on rediculous projects. Creating new questionable positions. Hiring more staff at exhorbitant wages. Cronyism. Raise the costs for the citizen and channel more money to big business. They have done nothing to benefit the average Albertan, let alone aboriginal Albertans. Do not forget that the NDP are Social Democrats. These are the next best thing to Communists. Social Democrats believe that everyone is entitled to a fair wage, and that the government should tax the hell out of this to provide services that the Social Democrats think that you should have. God has told them what is best for you. Communits believe that the money belongs to the Communists, give everyone a minimum survival wage (except Communist functionarise), and spend the rest of the money on increasing the power and wealth of the Communist party. The Communist Party is God. Unless there is a micacle, there is no way they will not be re-elected. NoNDP. Anybody but NDP.


Talk, talk, talk; Blah, blah, blah. B.S., B.S., B.S. Same old, same old. As I have been saying, Prime Minister Trudeau has been saying all the right things. So far the Liberals has been mainly blah, blah, blah: Promises and Photo Ops, with little actual follow - other than the $4.8 billion spent over- seas and the money spent on Trudeau's travelling around the world . Like the past Conservativse, so far the Liberals have shown they have no interest in aboriginal economic development initiatives, which is the key to Aboriginal development and self-reliance. Their Obsessive Compulsive Dissorder fixation has been refugees, at a cost of $35,000 per refugee. They can now come into this country regardless of what health issues they have. They can come in to the country and be elegible for Canada Pension support, even though they never contributed a penny to the Canada Pension or the Canadian Economy. They can come into the country even if they have been involved with terrorist organizations. They have toned down the rhetoric lately (put McCallum back in a box?) but still plan to bring in another 250,000 over the next year. Another of McCallum's pet projects is the Automatic Citizenship Progam. If a foreigner brings $800,000 into Canada and buys a house, they get Landed Resident Citizenship and passport in Canada. Interstingly, those areas of Toronto and Vancouver where all these expensive house are also has the highest welfare rate in Canada. These folks send their woman and children to live in Canada in these multi-million dollar houses; and since these women and children have no income, they can collect welfare. At the same time they have spent $ZERO on Canadian problem issues - homelessness, poverty and aboriginal issues. (Except of course the $2 BILLION welfare package to Bombardier in Quebec). And we're talking about things like addressing the Residential School Issue; the Missing Women Issue; the 300 aboriginal communities without clean water; the 290 aboriginal communities without a school; the failure of the National Energy Board/Government to enforce the Supreme Court Duty To Consult rulings. Attawapiskat! Every two years there is another scandal in the news about the Fourth World conditions that aboriginal people are subject to in Canada. There is big outcry and the government promises to do something. They hire their buddies to do a study at a cost of tens of millions of dollars, and nothing is ever done. Four years later another scandal hits the news. Syrians are more important that Canadian aboriginals. An indication of how supportive the NDP, Liberals and Conservatives are for Aboriginal Development is indicated by the fact that none of them have any advertising or placement in the largest internet aboriginal website or abo- riginal papers. Of course, the same is true for the Oil and pipeline industries, who's Aboriginal Liaison/Specialists assure me that their company is "different" (yes, I mean you, Smith), and really have the best intersts of the aborignal community at heart. I am now on the verge of giving up on the Liberals. Everyone seems to have Native Liaison Specialists. Do we have any MONIYAW (White Man) Specialists.


Who? Idle Again? Yes, Idle They Are!! Protests and activism are too much bother, arn't they? What happened to Occupy The Land? Or Take Back The Land?


Every two years there is another scandal in the news about the Fourth World conditions that aboriginal people are subject to in Canada. There is big out- cry and the government promises to do something. They hire their buddies to do a study at a cost of tens of millions of dollars (conducted by MONIYAWS), and nothing is ever done. Four years later another scandal hits the news. Having said that, we must also address our own role regarding living conditions on reserves. I have visited virtually all the reserves and communities in our region, from the poorest to the richest. By and large homes in these communities are reasonably decent. Most are fairly average, some are excellent. However, without fail, there are also those that seem to be little more than garbage dumps, with heaps of trash all around the house. Let me say that the condition of a home and yard are a personal responsibility. Non one else is responsible for coming to clean your yard. It is not something that you can blame on Ottawa, the White Man or the Band Council. it is a personal responsibility. Take a bit of pride in yourself, your family, and your home.


A consortium including the Mountain Cree have begun the planning process to develop a $10 MILLION dollar development of the Cultural Heritage Temple Mounds site in central Alberta. This would preserve and protect the site, develop the site, and make it available to the public to visit and use the site. The site is 1,000 years old, an old First Nations ceremonial and farm- ing village. It has/had burial mounds, temples and temple mounds, a village with main street, ponds and farmsteads. We are currently undertaking fund- raising activity and have some conditional promises for some $3 MILLION. The government of Alberta, of course, has no interest. See also Publication pictures


Like I have been saying, the pipelines are dead in the water. There will be no pipelines built in the forseeable future. See also Pipelines Pipeline Hearings Mountain News, November Mountain News, December Mountain News, January Mountain News, February

ATCO Electric

I have had a meeting with the ATCO Aboriginal Liaison Specialist with regards to the new power line going in to Jasper, who indicated that ATCO is interested in involving us. By the way, can I call myself a White Man Specialist?


$1.50 per barrel to the petroleum industry. Not to mention the $2 Billion to Bombardier $2 Billion in tax arrears written of for the cigarette industry $400 Million lost to the GM bailout For the average Canadian - Nothing so far but increased taxes. See also Mountain News, March


Traditional Lands are defined by the Supreme Court of Canada as those lands in which a First Nation Band excer- cised its rights to residency, use, enjoyment and occupa- tion prior to the time that it engaged with the Government of Canada at the time of adherance to Treaty. The Mountain People (ASINI WACHI WI INIWAK) first appear in history in legends harkening back to the days when spirits still walked this earth. These early legends place them in the foohills of southern Alberta. The first date- able legend dates back to around 15,000 years ago, and describes an event that took part in central Alberta, including the Medicine Hills, between Rocky Mountain House and Lacombe. Over the years we have developed a record of where the Mountain Cree were recorded. These records extend from northern California to Hudson's Bay and from the Yukon to Washington, D.C.. These lands include 3/4 of Alberta; southern Saskatchewan, portions of Manitoba and Minnesota; northern and western Montana; portions of Wyoming; northern Idaho; portions of Washington and Oregon; southeastern British Columbia. We now have a database of several hundred maps showing family ranges, spiritual and sacred sites, trails, campsites, burials, springs and so forth through this area. See also Bobtail Band Pipeline Hearings Maski Piton's Band publication Louis Joseph Piche publication Jacques Cardinal publication Mountain News, November Mountain News, December Mountain News, January Mountain News, February Mountain News, March


In the recent Supreme Court ruling (Congress of Aboriginal People vs. Canada) the Supreme Court ruled that both Metis and Non-Status Indians have Indian/ Aboriginal Status equal to that of Treaty Indians, and that this status extends to any person of aboriginal ancestry. Actually, this is a re-statement of an earlier ruling that was challenged by Canada, but is now a forcefull re-state- ment of same, as well as clearly stating that these people must be recognized as having Indian and Aboriginal rights, including rights to their Traditional Lands and to be included in the Duty To Consult legislation. However, the Supreme Court in previous rulings has made it clear that these are Collective Rights, not Individual Rights. That means, that in order to excercise such rights, a person of aboriginal ancestry must be a member of a legally recognized First Nations Band; the Supreme Court has also established what the rules are that constitute an First Nations Band that is to be legally recognized. This includes Treaty Indian Bands, Metis organizations, Indian organizations and organized Non-Treaty Bands. Recognized First Nations Bands can take in these new members if they meet the existing Membership criteria. Most Treaty Indian Bands have shown a marked reluctance to take in new members and C-31, C-62 returnees an have actively excluded persons due to descent. Several years ago the Government of Canada recognized the ASINI WACHI NIHIYAWAK (Mountain Cree) BOBTAIL TRADITIONAL BAND as a legitimate and legal Non-Treaty Band. The AWNTB operates under Traditional Law, and membership is according to Traditional Law. As such, AWNTB has broad membership rules and can accept members that have been excluded by other bands. In theory, it would now even be possible for transfers between existing Treaty bands and the AWNTB. AWNTB is currently attempting to track the descendants of the Bobtail Band who did not enter Treaty or who withdrew from Treaty, as these would be elegibel for membership.


Nothing new to report. Again, an indication of how supportive Edmonton is for Aboriginal issues is indicated by the fact it does not have any advertising or placement in the largest internet aboriginal website. For more information go to Rossdale DID YOU KNOW - There are about 200,000 descendants of Jacques Cardinal. About half are Non-Treaty.


Aboriginal Days celebrations at Jasper are scheduled to be held on Saturday June 18. As usual, Odin and I will be there on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and leave Monday. Plan to be there with us. Here again is another opportunity for our drummers and dancers to take part. The first Registered drum groups will be paid. Pay is usually $1,000 or better. Odin will again host a feast at the Cultural grounds. There will again be opportunities for family participants to take part in activities and earn some traveling money. I will post these jobs later.
I plan to canoe the Athabasca River and will probably do some storytelling. If you have any traditional knowlege, teachings or artifacts that you would like to share, Parks is interested in having you share them. Let me known.
Admission to the Park will be free and camping at the designated camping area will be free for members and guests. Previously Enbridge provided some funding. We hope to be able to obtain some events funding again this year from sponsors.


The following Jobs are available to Mountain members ATCO Electric: Summer Student (Post-secondary): various positions Fundraiser Banff Lodges of Banff Park: Housekeeping, Maintainance Banff Springs Hotel: Housekeeping Cline River Resort: Housekeeping, Maintainance Jasper Brewster Glacier Icefields Tours: Maintainance Man, Driver Jasper Brewster Glacier Icefields Chateau: Housekeeping Jasper National Park: Summer Student (Post-secondary) Parks Interpreter Jasper Pine Cabins: Housekeeping Jasper Pyramid Lake Lodge & Cabins: Housekeeping Kider-Morgan Trans-Canada Pipeline, Edmonton District: Engineer Kider-Morgan Trans-Canada Pipeline, Edmonton District: Security Supervisor North Saskatchewan River Crossing: Housekeeping, Maintainance Social Media Blog Editor Aboriginal Days positions: Drum Group (June 18, Jasper; pay $1,000.00+) Cook's Assistant Guitarist (backup) Tourism Service: Sales Clerk/Booth Attendant Tourism Service: Photo Booth operator (posing in costume with tourists)


If you want to get the monthly Mountain News send me your e-mail. Let other family members know too.


Do Not Forget! This year I am offering to give a Graduation Gown to any of the girls in the family who graduate (matriculation/University Admission) from High School, from College (Certificate/Diploma) or University (Bachelor Degree). The offer is open to families registered with the family society. So register.


I would like to propose that next year the family sponsor an Honoring Ceremony and Giveaway in honor of all our family members who have died. I pledge $1,000.00 towards such a ceremony.


The offer from Jasper National Park for preferential treatment (waived fees) for members of the family is still open. To enter into an agreement with Jasper I need the participation of two family elders to sign the agreement. Back Issues: www.inewhistory.com/mtnblog.html


They are available from any bookstore, amazon.com or lulu.com. Lulu is cheapest. Tell our premier@gov.ab.ca what you think this.

KLASSIC KARS, Blackfalds

1977 Olds; G+; $7,200.00 1967 Cougar (early production; rare serial 900), matching #'s; VG; $14,000.00 1967 Cougar (early production/week 2; rare), matching #'s; VG; $8,000.00 _______________________________________________________________________________

In Memoria

Sisip Pimotew O Koma (c1610-), Atspu (c1630-), Sisip Pimotew (c1650-), Ki Tonahew Api (c1715-1808c), Kona Wapa (c1715-1774c), Anthony Henday (c1735-), Ente Iskwew (c1735-), Ente Iskwew O Ka Sisa (1755-), Louis Joseph Piche (c1776-1843), Magdalene Apitas Iskwew () Piche, Ki Tonahew Wiyan () Hughes (-1819) Piche, Jacques Cardinal (c1777-1839), Piyesiwak Chak Petit Couteau (-1848), Pesew Iskwew (Piche) Cardinal (c1800-), Alexis Bobtail Piche (c1810-1900), Susanne (Cardinal) Kline (c1805-), Jean Baptiste Cardinal, Weasel Mountain (c1850-), Asini Wachi Pime, Isabelle Piche, Susanne (Dion) Mountain, Adam Mountain (c1850-), Pikwanis Bugle (c1867-), Magdalene (Klyne) Schock (-1952), Joseph Cardinal (1890-), Justine (Cardinal) Penner, Felix Cardinal, Isdadore Desjarlais (1903-), Mike Mountain (1908-), Julia (Cardinal) Mountain, Magloire Cardinal, Lawrence Mountain (1918-1988), Leo Mountain (c1911- 2005), Kathleen (Cardinal) Mountain, Elsie (Cardinal) Quintal, Willi Fromhold (1923-1993), George Mountain (-1994), Sam Bone, Maryanne Mountain (1944-1980), Stanley Ross Mountain (1938-1980), Noral Mountain, Philippe Mountain (-1986), Elizabeth Mountain (-2005), Adam Mountain (-2005), Ashley Mountain (-1993), Joan A. Mountain (1962-1995), Cory Mountain (-2005c), Edna Mountain (1960-2005), Irene Mountain (1958-1994), Jane Mountain, Lawrence Francis Mountain, Leo Mountain (-2004), Lester Mountain Cardinal, Norman Malone Mountain, Brian Bone, Carrie Bone, Ruby Mountain (1964-2016), Henry Bugle (-2016)
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