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Volume 3:01 January 2016 _______________________________________________________________________

Tanisi. Hello again. Welcome the Mountain News. www.inewhistory.com/mtnblog.html

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Ruby Mountain 1964-2016

Ruby was born January 22, 1964, died January 18, 2016, a few days short of the birthdate. Ruby passed away at Edmonton at the Grey Nuns Hospital as a result of some kind of "complication" from a routine medical biopsy for a kidney issue, resulting in a heart attack. This is actually quite common with kidney issues. Serious attemps at recuscitation - for about 1 hour - failed. At least two ribs were broken during recuscitation attempts - again, this is not uncommon when there is a serious attempt to resuscitate. Sad and distressing as it is, they tried everything they could and we thank them for that. A sad thing is that Gordon and Darlene were actually at the Grey Nuns Hospital at that very time but had no knowlege of what Ruby was going through at that very moment. The wake and funeral were held at Beaver Lake on the 23rd, 24th and 25th. We were blessed in that the Great Spirit gave us beautiful weather for these sad days, bracketed by two winter storms. The service was by Pastor Emmanuel Chiwele. As Pastor Chiwele said, there are the four seasons of life that we pass through. Though Ruby was not with us into old age, the tasks that the Great Spirit had set out for her were completed and she was called home. In our own belief we also understand the Seasons of Life, which we call the Circle of Life. Life begins and ends, and none of us know at which point of the circle we will pass from one to the other. There is no life without death. But life is a circle, and there is no real death, only a change of worlds. Those who pass on pass from here to there. I have been blessed by having been given the opportunity to see the world where Irene and my own father now exist (in whatever form). They have shown me a glimpse of their own world. I saw a land of beauty. It was a world that was in the form of what they themselves found beautiful in this world. Though saddened by their own passing from our world and families, they were at peace. I have no doubt that Ruby will also find a land that will being her comfort. I want ot thank all those who honored Ruby by coming to her funeral. Especially I want to thank all those family and friends who gave freely of their own time and skills to help out. When we arrived the first persons we found were our own Sheila and Tammy Cardinal already busy in the kitchen. Both Sheila and Tammy gave freely of their time for the next three days. I thank them for their kindness. But they were not alone, there were so many helpers who gave of their time in the kitchen that I can't even remember them all. Please let me know so I can thank each and every one of you. And thankyou to Christine for making sure that the ordinary little details that otherwise might have been overlooked got done. And thank you to Christopher, who as always around when something was needed. And to Odin, who took on the role of Firekeeper (he is also Firekeeper for the Nations of Jasper) for the entire weekend. And thank you to those who gave the blessings and smudging, indluding Donny, Mr. Bugle and Odin. And a thank you to Jim Walker who came from Medicine Hat, the farthest away. And thank you to Richard; you remained off by yourself most of the time and I apologize that I did not take the opportunity to talk with you more. Sad as the occasion was, it was good to see the family members. For many of us it has been 15 years or even 25 years since we had seen one another. Ruby's final act in this world was to bring us back together and strengthen family bonds. In this, she may have done more for the family than anyone has done in years. Rest in Peace Ruby, your passing was not in vain, and you will always be remembered.


Christine has suggested that we have a family reunion; perhaps this could be done in conjunction with the Jasper National Aboriginal Days (see below). Jade proposed that we again hold a Wilderness Camp at Lake Abraham. Both sound good to me. Let me know what you think.


As we said before, the NDP as a provincial government have turned out to be duds and definately no better than the Conservatives. True to NDP doctine (ideology) their approach is the Big Brother dictatorial approach. We know what is best for you and you will like it - or else! You know the old Communist approach After the Revolution Everyone Will Be Happy - Those That are Not Will Be Shot! Nothing appears to have changed. Witness the Farm Bill and the Transgender Bill, which they have been pushing down farmers' and schools' throats without consul- tation or consideration of and with the affected parties. The NDP historically are ideologically driven by what they believe is best - not by consultation with the public. The NDP have shown themselves to be no friendlier to aboriginal issues and concerns than were the Conservatives. They also refuse to respond to com- munications from aboriginal groups regarding concerns raised. They also do not recognize non-Treaty bands as being legal entities - even though the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that they are - and so refuse to deal with them. They have shown no interest in supporting aboriginal economic development initiatives. NDP raises in taxation have had a serious negative impact on aboriginal Economic Development potential - another kick in the teeth by governments intent on preventing aboriginals from becoming economically self-supporting. The NDP are intent on cracking down on the Energy industry (Petroleum and Coal) and shutting down Coal production. Yet at the same time, they have done nothing to protect the archaeological sites in the Coal Valley area that are to be destroyed by strip mining. These sites include sites of importance to our family, where our people once traveled, hunted and camped. It was one of ours (Louis Joseph Piche) who guided David Thompson through here on his search for the Athabasca Pass (1810), our people who were the packers and wranglers who supplied Thompson's party and the post he built in Jasper, and our ancestor who's hunting/trapping area this was, and has never been surrendered, and our ancestor who opened up the Yellowhead Trail from Edmonton to Jasper. There are archaeological sites in the area that date to earliest times of man in this province, and mentioned in the legends and myths of our people. To date they have squandered all the Goodwill they started with. Is it time to begin a NoNDP movement? And how about the Liberals? As I noted before, Prime Minister Trudeau has been saying all the right things and even taken some action on them. However, other than the Missing Women issue, the Liberals have done nothing to date. Instead, Trudeau appears to be kind of busy tripping around the world for photo ops. Like the past Conservativse, the Liberals have shown they have no interest in aboriginal economic development initiatives. Rather, they are more interested in bailing out people oversees. To date the Liberas have spent $4.5 BILLION overseas, including the Syrian refugees. At the same time they have spent $ZERO on Canadian problem issues - homelessness, poverty, aboriginal issues. An indication of how supportive the NDP, Liberals and Conservatives are for Aboriginal Development is indicated by the fact that none of them have any advertising or placement in the largest internet aboriginal website. And we're talking about things like addrssing the Residential School Issue; the Missing Women Issue; the 300 aboriginal communities without clean water; the 290 aboriginal communities without a school; the failure of the National Energy Board/Government to enforce the Supreme Court Duty To Consult rulings. And just yesterday the Supreme Court ruled the the Government of Canada has been discriminating (a pure case of Racial Discrimination) against aboriginal children in their failure to provide the same level of support for education and health to aboriginal children as to non-native children. I could go on and on - and probably will in upcoming issues of the Mountain News. However, I have to give the Prime Minister's office full credit on another issue. I have been in touch with the PM office on several occasion. On each and every occasion the PM office has responded with great courtesy and con- sideration, and appears to be giving serious consideration the issues that were brought to their attention.


A consortium including the Mountain Cree have begun the planning process to develop a $10 MILLION dollar develop- ment of the Cultural Heritage Temple Mounds site in central Alberta. This would preserve and protect the site, develop the site, and make it available to the public to visit and use the site. The site is 1,000 years old, an olde First Nations ceremonial and farming village. It has/had burial mounds, temples and temple mounds, a village with main street, ponds and farmsteads. Tell our premier@gov.ab.ca what you think of this.


Kudos for the Inquiry into the Missing Aboriginal Women issue that the Conservatives have continually tried to keep hidden. An Inquiry may not have any real results, as the Conservatives maintained, but it is a start. The real issue is the failure of the Police and Public to take any meaningul action. Let's not forget our own loss, Janie, two decades ago, about which nothing was ever done. Our Crystal has become involved in this issue. Nicole (Gladue) has been involved now for years.


As I said, dead in the water. There will be no pipelines built in the forseeable future. Trans Canada XL has been prohibited in the States. Northern Gateway can not get approval from the First Nations. The Mountain Cree and most other First Nations have now officially filed statments with the National Energy Board opposing Trans-Mountain (TMX) on the grounds that TMX has not been dealing in Good Faith with First Nations, has failed to implement legal obligations set by the Supreme Court, and is de- trimental to First Nations rights and issues. Too bad. Most of these Nations started out in favour but TMX actions and policies have alienated these Nations and turned them into opponents. There is now a First Nations Alliance forming among these Nations to present a united front and policy against Trans Mountain. Hearings for the NOVA pipelines and Enbridge are going the same way. If these pipeline companies are not implementing the Supreme Court legal requirements and not willing to deal in good faith with the First Nations why should we believe that they will deal any better with environmental and safety requirements? More Goodwill down the drain. An indication of how supportive these companies are for Aboriginal Development is indicated by the fact that none of them have any advertising or placement in the largest internet aboriginal website. See also Pipelines Pipeline Hearings Mountain News, November


To date we have compiled over 300 maps showing Traditional Land use by Mountain family members and ancestors in Alberta and Saskatchewan since 1600 A.D. These include hunting lands, spiritual sites, camping areas, trails and travels and so on.
There are an estimated 30,000 non-treaty descendants of the Bobtail Band. We are currently in the process of tracking and contacting them. See also Bobtail Band Pipeline Hearings Mountain News, November Mountain News, December


Nothing new to report. Again, an indication of how supportive Edmonton is for Aboriginal issues is indicated by the fact it does not have any advertising or placement in the largest internet aboriginal website. For more information go to Rossdale Tell our premier@gov.ab.ca what you think of this.


If you want to get the monthly Mountain News send me your e-mail. Let other family members know too.


Do Not Forget! This year I am offering to give a Graduation Gown to any of the girls in the family who graduate (matriculation/University Admission) from High School, from College (Certificate/Diploma) or University (Bachelor Degree). The offer is open to families registered with the family society. So register.


I would like to propose that next year the family sponsor an Honoring Ceremony and Giveaway in honor of all our family members who have died. I pledge $1,000.00 towards such a ceremony.


As I noted, SIMPWEC volunteered to host the Nations of Jasper National Aboriginal Day event this June (2016). KISKA WAPTA voluneered to have dancers and drumers if needed (as they have always done). I volunteered us to again take an active role as may be needed by SIMPWEC. Make plans now to attend. Here again is another opportunity for our drummers and dancers to take part. The first Registered drum groups will be paid. Pay is usually $1,000 or better. Odin will probably again host a feast at the Cultural grounds. There will again be opportunities for family participants to take part in activities and earn some traveling money. I will post these jobs later. I plan to canoe the Athabasca River and will probably do some storytelling. If you have any traditional knowlege, teachings or artifacts that you would like to share, Parks is interested in having you share them. Let me known. An invitation will be extended to all family members and friends to attend. Admission to the Park will be free and camping at the designated camping area will be free for members and guests.


The offer from Jasper National Park for preferential treatment (waived fees) for members of the family is still open. To enter into an agreement with Jasper I need the participation of two family elders to sign the agreement.


Fundraiser Social Media Blog Editor Time to start thinking about the upcoming summer jobs in Banff and Jasper. Back Issues: www.inewhistory.com/mtnblog.html


They are available from any bookstore, amazon.com or lulu.com. Lulu is cheapest. _______________________________________________________________________________

In Memoria

Sisip Pimotew O Koma (c1610-), Atspu (c1630-), Sisip Pimotew (c1650-), Ki Tonahew Api (c1715-1808c), Kona Wapa (c1715-1774c), Anthony Henday (c1735-), Ente Iskwew (c1735-), Ente Iskwew O Ka Sisa (1755-), Louis Joseph Piche (c1776-1843), Magdalene Apitas Iskwew () Piche, Ki Tonahew Wiyan () Hughes (-1819) Piche, Jacques Cardinal (c1777-1839), Piyesiwak Chak Petit Couteau (-1848), Pesew Iskwew (Piche) Cardinal (c1800-), Alexis Bobtail Piche (c1810-1900), Susanne (Cardinal) Kline (c1805-), Jean Baptiste Cardinal, Weasel Mountain (c1850-), Asini Wachi Pime, Isabelle Piche, Susanne (Dion) Mountain, Adam Mountain (c1850-), Pikwanis Bugle (c1867-), Magdalene (Klyne) Schock (-1952), Joseph Cardinal (1890-), Justine (Cardinal) Penner, Felix Cardinal, Isdadore Desjarlais (1903-), Mike Mountain (1908-), Julia (Cardinal) Mountain, Magloire Cardinal, Lawrence Mountain (1918-1988), Leo Mountain (c1911- 2005), Kathleen (Cardinal) Mountain, Elsie (Cardinal) Quintal, Willi Fromhold (1923-1993), George Mountain (-1994), Sam Bone, Maryanne Mountain (1944-1980), Stanley Ross Mountain (1938-1980), Noral Mountain, Philippe Mountain (-1986), Elizabeth Mountain (-2005), Adam Mountain (-2005), Ashley Mountain (-1993), Joan A. Mountain (1962-1995), Cory Mountain (-2005c), Edna Mountain (1960-2005), Irene Mountain (1958-1994), Jane Mountain, Lawrence Francis Mountain, Leo Mountain (-2004), Lester Mountain Cardinal, Norman Malone Mountain, Brian Bone, Carrie Bone, Ruby Mountain (1964-2016), Henry Bugle (-2016)
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