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Volume 2:11 November 2015 _______________________________________________________________________
Tanisi. Hello again. Welcome the Mountain News.
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Dead in the water. There will be no pipelines built in the forseeable future. XL has been prohibited in the States. Northern Gateway can not get approval from the First Nations. Trans Mountain has also alienated the First Nation, as has NOVA, and Enbridge is well on the way to doing so. The only one so far that has not alienated the First Nations is Trans Canada, but since Trans Canada is also NOVA, that is bound to happen. It boils down to the fact that the pipelines have not been dealing in good faith with the First Nations, and is not implementing the Supreme Court requirements in good faith. Instead, they chosen to avoid their legal obligations and enter into a confrontational process that is guaranteed to lead to another Supreme Court hearing that will take years and millions of dollars to resolve. Too bad. First Nations were initially generally in favour of pipeline develop- ments. Since these companies have chosen not to act in good faith and to contest their mandated legal obligations, it is implicit that they are following the same practice regarding safety regulations, environmental protection and engineering specifications. Not a good scenario. See also pipelines See also pipeline hearings

NDP Trashes Indians and the Poor

As we said last month, there is no indication that either the provincial NDP or the federal Liberals will be any better or even any different than the Conservatives were. So far it does not look like it. The provincial NDP have already shown themselves to be no different from the old Conservatives as far as aboriginal relations is concerned. The NDP - like their Conservative predecessors - will also not respond to my past letters of inquiry about our familial rights, our rights vis-a-vis the Rossdale burials, or to my inquiries about the god-awful job done by TERA consulting on the Archaeological Survey of the Trans-Mountain pipeline. Our findings have also now been confirmed from other sections of this pipeline by archaeologists who worked on other sections of this line. (see Pipeline and Archaeology informa- tion below). The NDP have shown no interest in investing in Aboriginal Economic Development, even though this would also be provincial Economic Development. For instance, in a recent inquire into the NDP position towards investment in a proposed major tourism development (similar to Head-Smashed-In and Blackfoot Crossing), for which several million in private funds have already been earmarked (the Province being asked to fund $200,000), the NDP could not even be bothered to make any further inquiries about the nature of the development. Economic Development and diversification - especially aboriginal economic development (aboriginal Tourism being the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry) - is of no interest to the NDP. Now Rachel Notley (our Premier) has put the boots to the homeless, poor and aboriginal economic development. Our dear Premier has decided - all on her own - to follow the NDP ideological dogma rather than economic sense. In Her wisdom she has decreed that we are going to scrap the current economic model and become green (as in carsick?). New "green" taxes are to go on everything having to do with petroleum and coal extraction. In other words, on everything, since everything is either made from petroleum- based plastics or coal. So what does this mean in practical terms? Prices are going up. On everything that is produced with coal (electric power) and petroleum (gasoline, natural gas, plastics). Costs will go up for all utilities, heating and rent. Costs will go up for transportation and all things that are transported. Costs will go up on all manufactured goods. Costs will go up on all food and consumer products. How much? SHE says $300-600 per year. With the way government works to put out figures like that, you can expect $600-1,200 per year. For a start. Increasing every year. Food costs have gone up 30% in the past 1.5 years. Expect them to go up another 30% in the next year. That means if you spent $100 in food last year, this year it will cost you $130 and next year $175. What does that mean for you? If you are living on the lower end of the income scale - at or near welfare or minimum wage - you are going to have 30% less money to spend. If you made $15,000 last year, next year you will only have the equivalent of $10,000 purchasing power, not $15,000. In other words, you will lose $5,000. Notley says that some of the new taxation money will go to increased subsidies for the poor. Dream on. SHE will not give you an extra $5,000 for the homeless, welfare, working poor, or seniors. The money is already earmarked to be given to the big oil corporations. In other words, you will lose money by going to work. You will be better off on welfare than on minimum wage. This will largely affect First Nations people. What about the small investor, particularly First Nations? In 1994 King Ralph (Klein) shut down the Opportunity Corps Program, a second- chance employment entry training program. The program had a 76% success rate of getting the poor and disadvantaged into self-supporting employment. It was the most effective program ever undertaken in Canada. At the time I told Ralph that it was a huge mistake to cancell the program. It would set back First Nations economic integration into mainstream employment by at least one generation, and that at the end of that time another program of this type would have to be introduced. That generation is now gone, and forecast was correct. There has been no meaning- ful advances made in aboriginal integration into mainstream employment. A few years ago the Supreme Court ruled that First Nations were to be integrated into the economic development process engendered by land developments in First Nations lands. This opened up entry-level employment opportunities, mainly in pipeline developments, which were regulated by the Government of Canada. Here was the opportunity for jobs and for development of service companies to service the pipeline construction and maintainance. Most First Nations do not have the resources to set up major service companies. However, opportunities exist for smaller initiatives. I foresaw that I could create employment oppor- tunities for 30 or more people - about 15% of the family (close to 50% of the employable adults). Small investors saw the risks of investment recovery as acceptable. Our Savior's new tax regulations changed all that. Nobody is going to buy a gravel truck if there is no assurance of being able to recover costs or make a living. Nstead, small investors are turning to traditionally more secure investment opportunities. I doubt if I could foresee job opportunities for more than 10 family members at this rate. Other small First Nations face the same problem. It will likely set back aboriginal economic development another generation. Tell our premier@gov.ab.ca what you think of this.


So Canada will take in another 25,000 Ferengi Swine (to use the middle eastern term) refugees. Brilliant. Bringing in immigrants has been such a success for the First Nations people and people of aboriginal ancestry. Not that we have anything against Syrians - or any other immigrants. Let us not forget that some of our own family are married to Syrians/Arabs, Black Americans, orientals and whatever. The Cree have always been cosmopolitan and accepting. Traditional Law has always had an open membership code - the crux being that those who join the community and adhere to and respect the rules and laws of the community are a welcome part of the community. As we know, the Anglos were not so good when it came to integrating well into the aboriginal community and culture. Nor have the successive immigrants shown much respect in dealing with the aboriginal community. As a matter of fact, these immigrants have insisted on getting their own way and imposing their ways, culture and law on the prior residents of this land. I expect more of the same from our muslim immigrants. On the other hand, had I the resources, I would sponsor a whole number of refugee families, to be integreated into the family or band. Firstly, if properly integrated, they would make a stong force within the family. Secondly, there is money to be made by providing services to refugees. Already Corporates are tripping over themselves to provide housing, training, teaching, medical services and transportation for them (at government - i.e. taxpayer's - expense).

JASPER 2016 National Aboriginal Day Celebrations

SIMPWEC volunteered to host the Nations of Jasper National Aboriginal Day event next year (2016). KISKA WAPTA volun- teered to have dancers and drumers if needed. I volunteer- ed us to again take an active role as may be needed by SIMPWEC. Here again is another opportunity for our drummers and dancers to take part. The first Registered drum groups will be paid. We will probably again host a feast at the Cultural grounds. There will again be opportunities for family participants to take part in activities and earn some traveling money. I will post these jobs later. I plan to canoe the Athabasca River. If you have any traditional knowlege, teachings or artifacts that you would like to share, Parks is interested in having you share them. Let me known. An invitation will be extended to all family members and friends to attend. Admission to the Park will be free and camping at the designated camping area will be free for members and guests.


Last month I wrote a short summary of the Mountain Cree history. In 1822 the main band of the Mountain Cree was Two Dogs' band. Around that same time another band began to form around Louis Joseph Piche, also known as PEECHEE and PESEW. This band grew into the main band of the Mountain Cree. In 1845 Piche and his son Charles were killed in a gambling dispute and the band split into several branches, the main one being under PIYESIW CHAK, oldest son of Piche. Another band formed around Alexis Piche, better known as KISKIYEW (Bobtail). PIYESIW CHAK died around 1856, at which time his band also dispersed, some joining Bobtail's band. Bobtail continued to attract more of the past members of PESEW's band, as well as new members. Bobtail's band now became the main band of the Mountain Cree. By 1876 Bobtail's band numbered over 2,000 persons, the largest band of the Upstream People. As such, Bobtail was Head Chief of not only the Mountain People, but also of all the Upstream People of the Cree, Nakoda and Soto. Bobtail's band now consisted of a number of sub-bands, including that of Chowek, Abraham, Wapus, Cayen, Chipos Ostikwan, Samuel (Meminowatow) Piche, the Buffalo Lake People (MUSTUS SAKAHIKAN WI INIWAK), Poitras' band from the Turtle Mountains, and others hunting west from Red River. Because of the deline of the Buffalo, Bobtail's people began hunting south into the Cypress Hills and Judith River area of Montana. Although Bobtail was the leading chief and Head Chief of the Upstream People, Bobtail was not invited to take part in the Treaty 6 Negotiations and was ignored by the Treaty Commission. Because of this Bobtail did not take part in Treaty 6. Along with Bobtail, numerous other bands did not take part in Treaty 6. Altogether, 2/3 of the western Cree were not represented at Treaty 6. In 1877 Bobtail attended Treaty 7 negotiations at Blackfoot Crossing but his request to be included in Treaty 7 was refused; he was forced to join Treaty 6. Bobtail signed Treaty 6 on behalf of all his followers, including the sub- bands mentioned above. The following year parts of Bobtail's band signed Treaty under Samson and Ermineskin, but neither of them were recognized as chiefs. Alexis, also affiliated with Bobtail's Band, signed Treaty 6 seperately on behalf of the Alexis and Paul bands. At least 1,000 members of Bobtail's Band never entered Treaty. A recent analysis of the families from the Bobtail Band that signed Treaty 6 shows that over half the family members did not enter Treaty, and that over 300 of those who should have been included were not listed or disappeared from the Treaty Rolls without explanation. In other words, most of the Bobtail Band remained a non-Treaty band and never took Treaty status. In 1885 Bobtail and most of the Treaty members of the Bobtail Band withdrew from Treaty, left the reservation, and returned to a non-Treaty status and the Government of Canada terminated the Bobtail Band as a Treaty Indian band. Today there are an estimated 30,000 descendants of the Bobtail Band who never signed Treaty.


The Alberta Utilities Commission has given us time for an oral presentation at the December 9 hearing on the proposed EPCOR expansion in the cemetery area. Gerald Delorme will be the Lead on this presentation. As I mentioned before, there are some 2,000 aboriginal burials in and around Rossdale. I have recently identified 94 burials at the area that are related to our family. At one time there were numerous grave stones and makers here that were removed by the city. and Edmonton continuously allows excavation and construction and desecration of graves in this area. Some of out ancestors were laid to rest here. For more information go to Rossdale Tell our premier@gov.ab.ca what you think of this. Gerald has been active in trying to protect these graves for over the past 10 years. Any volunteers to work with Gerald?


School started up again. This year I am offering to give a Graduation Gown to any of the girls in the family who graduate (matriculation/University Admission) from High School, from College (Certificate/Diploma) or University (Bachelor Degree). The offer is open to families registered with the family society. So register.


I would like to propose that next year the family sponsor an Honoring Ceremony and Giveaway in honor of all our family members who have died. I pledge $1,000.00 towards such a ceremony.


The offer from Jasper National Park for preferential treatment (waived fees) for members of the family is still open. To enter into an agreement with Jasper I need the participation of two family elders to sign the agreement. I am currently also trying to get the same deal with Banff National Park.


They are available from any bookstore, amazon.com or lulu.com. Lulu is cheapest. _______________________________________________________________________________

In Memoria

Sisip Pimotew O Koma (c1610-), Atspu (c1630-), Sisip Pimotew (c1650-), Ki Tonahew Api (c1715-1808c), Kona Wapa (c1715-1774c), Anthony Henday (c1735-), Ente Iskwew (c1735-), Ente Iskwew O Ka Sisa (1755-), Louis Joseph Piche (c1776-1843), Magdalene Apitas Iskwew () Piche, Ki Tonahew Wiyan () Hughes (-1819) Piche, Jacques Cardinal (c1777-1839), Piyesiwak Chak Petit Couteau (-1848), Pesew Iskwew (Piche) Cardinal (c1800-), Alexis Bobtail Piche (c1810-1900), Susanne (Cardinal) Kline (c1805-), Jean Baptiste Cardinal, Weasel Mountain (c1850-), Asini Wachi Pime, Isabelle Piche, Susanne (Dion) Mountain, Adam Mountain (c1850-), Pikwanis Bugle (c1867-), Magdalene (Klyne) Schock (-1952), Joseph Cardinal (1890-), Justine (Cardinal) Penner, Felix Cardinal, Isdadore Desjarlais (1903-), Mike Mountain (1908-), Julia (Cardinal) Mountain, Magloire Cardinal, Lawrence Mountain (1918-1988), Leo Mountain (c1911- 2005), Kathleen (Cardinal) Mountain, Elsie (Cardinal) Quintal, Willi Fromhold (1923-1993), George Mountain (-1994), Sam Bone, Maryanne Mountain (1944-1980), Stanley Ross Mountain (1938-1980), Noral Mountain, Philippe Mountain (-1986), Elizabeth Mountain (-2005), Adam Mountain (-2005), Ashley Mountain (-1993), Joan A. Mountain (1962-1995), Cory Mountain (-2005c), Edna Mountain (1960-2005), Irene Mountain (1958-1994), Jane Mountain, Lawrence Francis Mountain, Leo Mountain (-2004), Lester Mountain Cardinal, Norman Malone Mountain, Brian Bone, Carrie Bone, Ruby Mountain (1964-2016), Henry Bugle (-2016)
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