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Volume 2:10 October 2015
Tanisi. Hello again. Welcome the Mountain News.


If you want to get the monthly Mountain News send me your e-mail. Let other family members know too.

ABC (Anyone But Conservatives)

So the Anyone But Conservative agenda came true. The Conservatives are gone from both the federal and provincial landscape. That does not mean it is time to celebrate yet. There is no indication that either the provincial NDB or the federal Liberals will be any better or even any different. So far all we have heard is empty words siging through the willows. Ruffles the leaves a little and is then gone. The provincial NDP have already shown themselves to be no different from the old Conservatives as far as aboriginal relations is concerned. The NDP - like their Conservative predecessors - will also not respond to my past letters of inquiry about our familial rights, our rights vis-a-vis the Rossdale burials, or to my inquiries about the god-awful job done by TERA consulting on the Archaeological Survey of the Trans-Mountain pipeline. Our findings have also now been confirmed from other sections of this pipeline by archaeologists who worked on other sections of this line. (see Pipeline and Archaeology information below). Federally, the NDP has shown itself to be no more sympathetic or willing to abide by the Supreme Court decisions than the provincial NDP. The NDP have shown no interest in investing in Aboriginal Economic Development, even though this would also be provincial Economic Development. For instance, in a recent inquire into the NDP position towards investment in a proposed major tourism development (similar to Head-Smashed-In and Blackfoot Crossing), for which several million in private funds have already been earmarked (the Province being asked to fund $200,000), the NDP could not even be bothered to make any further inquiries about the nature of the development. Economic Development and diversification - especially aboriginal economic development (aboriginal Tourism being the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry) - is of no interest to the NDP. As for the Liberals, they are still an unknown quality. Under the Libs there were 8 aboriginal Members of Parliament elected. This is more than all the other parties combined have ever had. It is a good sign that perhaps they are willing to listen. As I said before, the Liberals have historically been more willing to invest in aboriginal issues, concerns and projects than the Conservatives (the NDP don't count since all they have ever done is talk), but have been even less willing than the Conservatives to recognize Aboriginal Rights and Non-Status bands. So we have to wait and see.


Just got back from Jasper Aboriginal Forum meeting, so this issue of Mountain News is a little late. Several topics of discussion. Nations of Jasper Attraction 1. Ongoing discussion about an Aboriginal Symbol structure (e.g., the biggest tipi, mosquito, perogy, hockey puck, flying saucer pad, etc. in Alberta) to represent the First Nations of Jasper (sort of to counteract the Totem Pole in town). The design elements were again validated in a workshop, and are now being sent to develop an actual design that can be approved for construction. It has taken us 5 years to get to this point. Samson Cree & self have submitted a proposed design element. Consultation 2. The Parks role (Jasper Park specifically) in implementing and enforcing the Consultation laws passed down by the Supreme Court of Canada. This workshop was led by yours truly. Parks agrees. Pipelines 3. First Nations attending here, and in other areas of the country (B.C., Manitoba, Ontario so far), all seem to be moving towards rejecting the Pipeline proposals as they stand, mainly because the pipeline companies are not seen to be dealing in good faith in meeting the mandated Supreme Court and Government of Canada requirements of dealing with the First Nations. Alberta Nations are fed up with Northern Gateway, Nova, Trans Mountain and Enbridge. Nothing is happening with Trans Canada Energy East and XL is now almost dead in the water for now. An update was presented about the Trans Mountain Oral Hearings, and about the NOVA GAS TRANSMISSION LINES 2017 Expansion hearings. Better Integration with Parks Operations 4. Better updating and information required from Parks about issues that affect aboriginals and member first Nations. Jobs, interpretive programs, etc. Future Development 5. There was also some discussion on moving ahead with the Cultural Center, the Cultural Interprtive Center and family Cultural Use areas. 6. Julie (Parks) informed that requests are being prepared for aboriginal presenters of stories, crafts, cultural teachings, etc. These will be paid projects. If you are interested and willing to be involved, let me know. I am already 'volunteering' Crystal and Odin to do several workshops. More about that later. Gerald? Curtis? Theresa? Artists and Artisans Support 7. LIsa Shepard is going to look into a provincial Association of Aboriginal Artisans. Theresa ? 2016 National Aboriginal Day Celebrations 8. SIMPWEC volunteered to host the Nations of Jasper National Aboriginal Day event next year (2016). KISKA WAPTA voluneered to have dancers and drumers if needed. I volunteered us to again take an active role as may be needed by SIMPWEC. This led to discussion of some amusing anecdotes that happened in the 2011 Assembly. SIMPWEC, Parks & myself have undertaken to look into getting more community sponsorship for the events. Here again is another opportunity for our drummers and dancers to take part. Registered drum groups will be paid. I will again consider doing some Teaching modules and we will again consider taking part in putting on the Feast. Hunting In Jasper 9. There was some discussion about opening a limited hunt in Jasper. Archaeology and Historical Consulting Organizations. 10. In other meetings outside the official meeting, there is an agreement that several of us join forces to set up a First Nations Archaeological and Historical Consulting firm, which will include membership from some of the First Nations. We now have archaeologists a the Ph.D., M.A., B.A. and undergraduate levels, as well as experienced field workers from the different areas. A first step is to for an Association of First Nations Archaeologists and Historians. We have the we have the skilled people to undertake consulting contracts and work, and are now looking into acquiring the needed infrastructure. An office building/laboratory, library/central research and museum storage building is being looked at. Social Activities 11. We held our first Social Evening/Sharing Circle (i.e. B.S. around the campfire, as I prefer to call it) organized by Lisa Shepard (Metis Nation of B.C.) and Norien Saddleback (Samson Cree Nation). Lisa shared a story about her beadwork and mossbag; Barry Wesley (Bighorn Nakoda) told the Nakoda story of why geese make noise as they fly; I held a teaching on understanding the nature of rocks; Gregg Deagle (Jasper) shared some amusing anecdotes in the life of a Native Liaison Officer with the park; Ken Saddleback sang a traditional prayer song and a whole buch of good-natured kidding went on. Nations of Jasper Tribal Association ? 12. There was some discussion by non-Treaty bands about forming a Non-Treaty Tribal Association. This led to a discussion about forming a Nations of Jasper Tribal Association to include the various Treaty First Nations, Non-Treaty Nations and Aboriginal organizations and societies under the equal status. Meeting Attendance 13. In attendance were members from Kelly Lake, Shuswap, Sucker Creek, Swan River, Paul, Alexis, Wesley, Chiniki, Bighorn, Samson, Aseniwuche, Metis Nation of British Columbia and Little Pine. Because of a death in the family Foothills Ojibway (Jimmy O'Chiese) could not attend. Next Meeting 14. Our next scheduled meeting at Jasper will be in April (there may be another sooner). I can make arrangements to bring one more guest (at my expense). If you are interested in attending let me know. The Jasper Aboriginal Forum has now been active for 9 years. Two of the founding members were Chiefs Jimmy O'Chiese (Foothills Ojibway) and Barry Wesley (Kiska Wapta). Last year that the Foothills Ojibway entered Treaty, becoming a Treaty Indian Band. The Alexis Band and the Aseniwuche Winewuk non-Treaty band were the next to join the Aboriginal Forum, and then by the O'Chiese, Sunchild and Smallboy Bands. Seven years ago Sucker Creek joined and I joined the Forum. Together there are now 36 members. Of these early participants only Jimmy O'Chiese (Foothills Ojibway), Barry Wesley (Kiska Wapta), Howard Mustus (Alexis), Terry Calliou (Sucker Creek) and myself still sit on the Forum.


Last month I said I would include a reprint of the Mountain Cree History. I have not had time to get around to it, but here is a short summary. ASINI WACHI WI INIWAK (Mountain People) is a generic name given by the Cree to the various bands who occupied the foothills and montane region of Alberta and adjacent regions. Any one of these bands can legitimately call themselves ASINI WACHI WI INIWAK or Mountain People. The name ASINI WACHI WI INIWAK and YE XA YA BINE (the historic Nakoda name for the Mountain People) was also applied to the westernmost, or montane, branch of the NEHIYAW-PWAT (Cree-Nakoda) Nation. The ASINI WACHI WI INIWAK consisted principally of the ASINI WACHI NEHIYAWAK (Mountain Cree) and the YE XA YA BINE NAKODA (Mountain People Nakoda), Cree and Nakoda Bands, along with neighboring bands allied, affiliated and intermarried with the Cree and Nakoda. This included Flathead, Kutenai and Shuswap bands, several bands of mixed Iroquois-Cree-Nakoda descent. According to Blackfoot, Cree and Kutenai legends and mythology, the Cree have been in the foothills since the end of the ice age and some legends suggest that they were here long before that time. The first documented presence of the Mountain Cree in the area dates back to around 1650 A.D. It is recorded that at that time the Cree were already intermarried with the Kutenai, with Kutenai Head Chief ATSPU's band being a mixed Kutenai- Cree band. About this time a youth of mixed ancestry was born on the Oldman River and he rose to become a prominent chief (name withheld - read my books) of a mixed Kutenai-Cree band which continued to attract more Cree. We consider this to be the first known and identifiable band of the ASINI WACHI WI INIWAK/ASINI WACHI NEHIYAWAK. From that time on until the present we have a continuous listing of ASINI WACHI NEHIYAWAK bands and chiefs. Current chiefs of the ASINI WACHI NEHIYAWAK bands can all trace ancestry back to this youth. In the 1790's Iroquois moved into the area and in the the 1820's the ASINI WACHI NEHIYAWAK were joined by a group of Nakoda who eventually became the Chiniki, Wesley, Alexis/Nakoda and CHIPOS OSTIKWAN bands. These Nakoda and Cree became recognized as the ASINI WACHI WI INIWAK. In time they expanded to become other bands and were joined by other bands who today are all recognized as having originated in the ASINI WACHI WI INIWAK.


Gerald Delorme is now representing our people in the ongoing issues surrounding the destruction of the Rossdale Burial Grounds. As you should know by now, there are some 2000 aboriginal burials in Rossdale. At one time there were numerous grave stones and makers here that were removed by the city. and Edmonton continuously allows excavation and construction and desecration of graves in this area. Some of out ancestors were laid to rest here. Any volunteers to work with Gerald?


Crystal has been becoming active in the Missing Women movement. Give her what- ever support you can. We fully support Crystal's involvement. Crystal, get Nicole Jenkins Gladue to get in touch with me.


This spring Heritage Consulting hopes to be offering a 2-week Archaeological Field Technician Level 1 Training course. This will include 1 week of Class- room Teaching and 1 week of Field Study and fieldwork. This will be followed by 1 week paid work experience on a field project, after which the participants will be issued a Certificate. This will give certification and qualification for work on pipeline and energy company projects and preferred hiring. The course is open to family members and other First Nations persons. Costs but will be $1,000 Tuition per person, plus meals. Accomodation will be in- cluded. The costs of meals and accomodation will be covered for registered members of the Mountain family. Get your band to fund the course costs. A number of First Nations have now contacted me indicating that they are interested in participating.


School started up again. This year I am offering to give a Graduation Gown to any of the girls in the family who graduate (matriculation/University Admission) from High School, from College (Certificate/Diploma) or University (Bachelor Degree). The offer is open to families registered with the family society. So register.


I would like to propose that next year the family sponsor an Honoring Ceremony and Giveaway in honor of all our family members who have died. I pledge $1,000.00 towards such a ceremony.


The offer from Jasper National Park for preferential treatment (waived fees) for members of the family is still open. To enter into an agreement with Jasper I need the participation of two family elders to sign the agreement. I am currently also trying to get the same deal with Banff National Park.


are available on line


They are available from any bookstore, amazon.com or lulu.com. Lulu is cheapest. _______________________________________________________________________________

In Memoria

Sisip Pimotew O Koma (c1610-), Atspu (c1630-), Sisip Pimotew (c1650-), Ki Tonahew Api (c1715-1808c), Kona Wapa (c1715-1774c), Anthony Henday (c1735-), Ente Iskwew (c1735-), Ente Iskwew O Ka Sisa (1755-), Louis Joseph Piche (c1776-1843), Magdalene Apitas Iskwew () Piche, Ki Tonahew Wiyan () Hughes (-1819) Piche, Jacques Cardinal (c1777-1839), Piyesiwak Chak Petit Couteau (-1848), Pesew Iskwew (Piche) Cardinal (c1800-), Alexis Bobtail Piche (c1810-1900), Susanne (Cardinal) Kline (c1805-), Jean Baptiste Cardinal, Weasel Mountain (c1850-), Asini Wachi Pime, Isabelle Piche, Susanne (Dion) Mountain, Adam Mountain (c1850-), Pikwanis Bugle (c1867-), Magdalene (Klyne) Schock (-1952), Joseph Cardinal (1890-), Justine (Cardinal) Penner, Felix Cardinal, Isdadore Desjarlais (1903-), Mike Mountain (1908-), Julia (Cardinal) Mountain, Magloire Cardinal, Lawrence Mountain (1918-1988), Leo Mountain (c1911- 2005), Kathleen (Cardinal) Mountain, Elsie (Cardinal) Quintal, Willi Fromhold (1923-1993), George Mountain (-1994), Sam Bone, Maryanne Mountain (1944-1980), Stanley Ross Mountain (1938-1980), Noral Mountain, Philippe Mountain (-1986), Elizabeth Mountain (-2005), Adam Mountain (-2005), Ashley Mountain (-1993), Joan A. Mountain (1962-1995), Cory Mountain (-2005c), Edna Mountain (1960-2005), Irene Mountain (1958-1994), Jane Mountain, Lawrence Francis Mountain, Leo Mountain (-2004), Lester Mountain Cardinal, Norman Malone Mountain, Brian Bone, Carrie Bone, Ruby Mountain (1964-2016), Henry Bugle (-2016)
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