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Volume 2:9 September 2015
Tanisi. Hello again. Welcome the Mountain News.


If you want to get the monthly Mountain News send me your e-mail. Let other family members know too.


This spring Heritage Consulting will be offering a 2-week Archaeological Field Technician Level 1 Training course. This will include 1 week of Classroom Teaching and 1 week of Field Study and fieldwork. This will be followed by 1 week paid work experience on a field project, after which the participants will be issued a Certificate. This will give certification and qualification for work on pipeline and energy company projects and preferred hiring. The course is open to family members and other First Nations persons. Costs but will be $1,000 Tuition per person, plus meals. Accomodation will be included. The costs of meals and accomodation will be covered for registered members of the Mountain family. Get your band to fund the course costs.


The live gig has been changed to the evening of November 5, still at Pallisades Center in Jasper. Rock On!!


Federal Election is coming up this fall; go out and vote. The main contenders are Harper Conservatives Trudeau Liberals Mulcaire NDP (New Democratic Party) May Green Party Harper's Conservatives have been in power for over 10 years. The Conservatives are riddled with Pork (that is, they award tons of money to themselves and their buddies - just like a Chief), they all belly up to the Public Trough to fill their own pockets with loot (like a Council), andt seems to be turning into a Kleptocracy (they steal what they can get away with from the public funds). Mulcaire and Trudeau do not appear to have much sense. Mulcaire is scheming and cynical and Trudeau naive. As for May and the Green Party, a bunch of nutcases out of touch with reality. Not a bunch that are really encouraging. However, a change of government normally cleans out the corruption, so vote for one of the others - even the Rhinocerous Party of there is one. Liberals usually shell out more money for aboriginal social programs, but Conservatives usually are more friendly to Aboriginal Rights and aboriginal issues. The Conservatives more-or-less accept the Supreme Court rulings on aboriginal rights, but try to distance themselves as much as possible from implementing them. Liberals have tried to legislate Indians out of existence. On the other and, Conservatives don't do much for aboriginal communities. Of some 600 aboriginal communities in Canada, over 300 of them have no clean drinking water and another 300 have no schools. In the 10 years that the Conservatives have been in power they have done nothing to change this. Under international law, this is a Human Rights Crime. Liberals as a rule run well-managed government finances with a balanced budget. Conservatives as a rule tend to get deeply in debt, with little to show for it except making their own buddies wealthy.
My suggestion, get out and vote


School started up again. This year I am offering to give a Graduation Gown to any of the girls in the family who graduate (matriculation/Univerisity Admission) from High School, from College (Certificate/Diploma) or University (Bachelor Degree). The offer is open to families registered with the family society. So register.


I would like to propose that next year the family sponsor an Honoring Ceremony and Giveaway in honor of all our family members who have died. I pledge $1,000.00 towards such a ceremony.


The offer from Jasper National Park for preferential treat- ment (waived fees) for members of the family is still open. To enter into an agreement with Jasper I need the partici- pation of two family elders to sign the agreement. I am currently also trying to get the same deal with Banff National Park.


A question that has sometimes come up is the question of What Are Treaty My Rights? A. Treaty rights are a complicated and involved subject. As a Treaty Indian, including C-31 (this has now been expanded to include C-56, which promises to become ever more complicated), you have many rights - but don't expect that you will get a truthful answer from either the Government, Band, or Indian organization. They all will tell you what rights THEY think you should have for THEIR benefit - not yours. They all make mony on you. Because of the way the laws are, there are also some rights that these various govern- ments are trying to DENY you. Aboriginal Law is controlled mainly by 3 legal documents, the ROYAL PROCLAMATION of 1763, the TREATY (in this case Treaty 6) and the INDIAN ACT. To know you rights you have to know the details of these laws. The ROYAL PROCLAMATION states roughly that 1) Aboriginal occupants of any British Territory own the land and it can not be taken away without treaty 2) That the Crown (Queen) personally takes responsibility to see that all Aboriginal People are treated fairly. Recently the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA has ruled that because of this, all questions and disputes MUST BE INTERPRETED TO THE BENEFIT OF THE INDIAN PEOPLES. This is known as FIDUCIARY OBLIGATION. The TREATY spells out under what terms the Aboriginal peoples turn over the land to the Crown. The Government has usually interpreted the treaties in the way it wanted to BUT, the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA has pointed out that this interpretation is not always correct or legal - that the Government has been using it to it's own benefit, rather than to the benefit of the Native people. The Supreme Court has ruled that the NEGOTIATIONS and PROMISES made leading up to the treaties are as important - or more important - than what is actually written in the Treaties. The INDIAN ACT has made laws specifically for the control and/or benefit of the Indian peoples and controls some specific aspects of your rights (and life). It also controls the laws under which the Bands/Reserves/First Nations operate. These three documents run up to hundreds of pages. As a rule of thumb, any rights that are not mentioned or implied in these documents are disallowed by the various levels of government and have to go through the court process to the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA.. There have now been numerous Supreme Court Cases that have defined the rights. The Supreme Court has ruled that neither the Treaties or the Indian Act are legal, and that the government has been acting illegally and must settle this with the aboriginal peoples. As a rule, the Supreme Court states that No communal rights have been surrendered and and that all Aboriginal Rights are still in effect and apply equally to Treaty, Non-Treaty and Metis, and that Non-Treaty Bands have never surrendered any rights or property and are still a Sovreign Peoples whith whom the Government must reach a settlement. Bands now claim they own you, and even have control over you even off the reserve. Under the Canadian CHARTER OF RIGHTS, this law is probably illegal, but will have to fought in the courts. Indians are specifically excluded from the Charter of Rights. Thing is, by forcing you to remain a member of a band, it increases their finances and power. People leaving a band costs the band money - and weakens their power and authority. Chiefs don't like that. Bands now claim that they have control over you even off the reserve. Don't expect help from Native organizations on this one - though the government may be favourable to it. Under Traditional Law nobody 'owns' you. Bands have been unwilling and unable to deliver services to off-reserve members. It is expensive and a lot of trouble. Off-reserve residents were not allowed to vote and are were elegible for housing or Band services. The SUPREME COURT OF CANADA has stated that this is illegal - if residency is a requirement for voting, and off reserve residents are not elegible for housing then the Bands are discriminating. The SUPREME COURT OF CANADA has stated that off-reserve residents MUST be given the right to vote. The Bands and Chiefs, of course, are afraid of this, and are trying to refuse. In two Band elections off- reserve members have been allowed to vote, but only after having taken the Band to court. And yes, by law, no-one on a reserve can own property, even crops. It all belongs to the Band. I know that doesn't answer your question, but it does show that rights are what others want you to have for their own ends. Only when enough people begin to complain and take action are they given their rights. The Supreme Court is on your side, but it takes time and money. Find out what your rights are, not what you are told they are, and stand up for them. More info another time. Next Month: A Background on the Mountain Cree (reprint from 8M1)


They are available from any bookstore, amazon.com or lulu.com. Lulu is cheapest. _______________________________________________________________________________

In Memoria

Sisip Pimotew, Louis Joseph Piche (-1843), Apitas Iskwew () Piche, Jacques Cardinal (-1839), Pesew Iskwew (Piche) Cardinal, Alexis Bobtail Piche (c1810-1900), Susanne (Cardinal) Kline, Jean Baptiste Cardinal, Asini Wachi Pime, Susanne (Dion) Mountain, Adam Mountain, Magdalene (Klyne) Schock (-1952), Joseph Cardinal (1890-)-, Justine (Cardinal) Penner, Felix Cardinal, Isdadore Desjarlais (1903-), Mike Mountain (1908-), Julia (Cardinal) Mountain, Magloire Cardinal, Lawrence Mountain (1918-1988), Leo Mountain, Kathleen (Cardinal) Mountain, Elsie (Cardinal) Quintal, Willi Fromhold (1923-1993), George Mountain (-1994), Sam Bone, Ross Mountain, Noral Mountain, Philippe Mountain, Elizabeth Mountain, Adam Mountain, Ashley Mountain, Cory Mountain, Edna Mountain, Irene Mountain (1958-1994), Jane Mountain, Lawrence Francis Mountain, Leo Mountain, Lester Mountain Cardinal, Malone Mountain, Brian Bone, Carrie Bone _______________________________________________________________________________ MOUNTAIN CREE Home Projects Heritage Protection Events Jobs More Tribal Pages Cree Pages Mountain Cree history publications Master Index main Nations of Jasper page Continue to other Tribal listings Continue to Heritage Consulting homepage Continue to Canadian History directory Continue to U.S. History directory Continue to History Bibliography Continue to Eurasian Peoples directory Continue to Native Studies directory Continue to Western Cree History publications www.inewhistory.com Home Projects Heritage Protection Events Jobs ------------------------------------------------------------------- | COPYRIGHT 1994 HERITAGE CONSULTING | -------------------------------------------------------------------

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