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Volume 2:1 June 30, 2015


Well, National Aboriginal Day came and went in Jasper, attended by several thousand visitors and members from the various bands and groups affiliated with the Jasper Aboriginal Forum. The events were hosted by the Metis Nation of British Columbia (MNBC), organizer Lisa having done an amazing job. Yours truly was given the honor of leading the Grand Entry with our Eagle Staff, along with Edward Dumont of the MNBC, Chief Clayton Gladue of Samson, Chief Minde of Ermineskin and Councillor Terry Calliou of Sucker Creek and the Flag Bearer for the Alberta Metis Association. The Kiska Wapta Nakoda Nation presented a dance demonstration in the afternoon, with Admistrator (Chief) Barry Wesley as M.C. (the most I have heard him speak in the last ten years), with the Kiska Wapta Drummers. Laura Vinson performed several songs on stage, there were various games for young and old, and a demonstration of Metis Snow-shoe dancing. A number of food and crafts booths were on the grounds and seemed to have been quite busy. Visited a while with the contingent of Elders and Seniors from Beaver Lake who we had invited to the event. We provided overnight security at the sites and hosted a Feast on Sunday, where I was presented with sage and cedar by the Cardinal family from Saddle Lake, sweetgrass by the Dumont family of Edmonton and tobacco by the Parks Interpretive staff. Aslo met two gosts. Unfortunately few members of our family showed up. From Jasper some of us went on to the Sundance at Kootenay Plains. JOBS Well, nobody took up any of the job opportunities I arranged for this year. There may be more opportunities in the future. I am currently entering into negotiations with Enbridge Energy and NOVA for short-term jobs with those firms. I am still looking for a Secretary and Secretarial Trainee, but seems I will have to hire some-one from outside the family. BOOKS I have completed two more books so far this year. One on the history of MASKI PITON's (Maskepetoon, Broken Arm) band of Plains Cree and the other A TOURIST GUIDE TO TRADING POST AND FORTS OF ALBERTA. I am also just completing two books on the history of the ENOCH CREE NATION under contract for Enoch. That makes it over 30 books I now have published on Cree History.
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